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Bedmart Mattress Reviews

BedMart has locations across the western United States, including Hawaii. They sell name-brand mattresses to their customers, including brands like Sealy, Stearns & Foster, and Tempur-Pedic. BedMart has some good reviews from customers about their 'low pressure sales experience.' However, there were also a few reviewers that complained about the value of their purchase and their exchange policies.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8/10

Price Value: 7.8/10

No Back Pain: 7.7/10

Price: $69-$4999

Trial Period: Exchange (Restrictions Apply)

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Bedmart's Specifics

BedMart was founded in 1992 in Oregon and quickly grew to 30 across the western US in Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii. They focus on providing their customers with personalized service in their retail locations, while offering a variety of name-brand mattresses.

In terms of their mattresses, they have both popular high-end brands like Tempur-Pedic and Stearns & Foster and discount and mid-grade brands that are less popular and less well-known. This enables their sales people to serve the needs of most budgets. However, some of these brands offer more value than others. Additionally, due to needing to pay their salespeople, operate their retail locations, and pass on profits to the mattress brands, there may be better value to be found buying from an online brand. Learn more about our top rated mattress brands or read on to learn more about BedMart's offerings.

Quality of Materials

BedMart has a variety of budget-friendly and higer-end name-brand mattress offerings. Some of these are definitely reviewed better by customers than others.

We'll go through their mattress options below. Here are the details:

Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic made the original memory foam mattresses and are known for their high-end foams. They have also released multiple enhancements to their line-up including gel-infused foam and pocketed coil systems to some mattresses. Most customers like their Tempur-Pedic products, but there are some concerns around their high pricepoints.

Corsicana: Corsicana is a Texas brand of mattresses that focuses on mid-grade price and a higher than average quality. They do a good job at this overall, but there are some that still experienced some durability problems.

Sealy: Sealy is a famous mattress brand that has been around for generations. Their Posturepedic line is one of the most popular with a focus on zoned support with innerspring designs. Most customers like their Sealy mattresses at first, but there are some complaints about durability over a shorter than average period.

Stearns & Foster: Stearns & Foster is a luxury innerspring brand with high profile (thickness) mattresses with luxury materials. These mattresses are high priced, but with good initial comfort. The downside is that there are reports of them not lasting as long as hoped.

Kingsdown: Kingsdown makes a variety of mid-priced pocketed coil mattresses with lots of comfort layers. These thick mattresses come in multiple firmnesses and feature a variety of foams (such as memory foam and latex). Overall, customers like their Kingsdown mattresses at first, but there were some that had problems with sagging over a shorter than average period.

BedTech: BedTech focuses on budget offerings for innerspring mattress shoppers. These mattresses aim to provide the most value for the materials. Though they do a good job with initial comfort, there are some concerns about overall quality and durability.

Eastman House: Eastman House is a traditional innerspring mattress company with competitively priced products. They have nice features like pillow tops and multiple firmness options. They get some mixed reviews from customers when it comes to comfort, however.

Budget Brands: BedMart also carries a variety of budget brands, some local, some not. These brands may offer a good bargain versus many other options, but look out for durability complaints and make sure what you are buying is brand new as some customers have reported problems.

Overall Comfort

Depending on which brand you select, there are reports of customers having good experiences with initial comfort. Also, most customers felt that the customer service was not too pushy. However, there were some customers that had some problems with durability, quality, and experience.


BedMart offers a variety of mattress options in a variety of firmness preferences. The above chart is a representation of the range of selection you can expect to be able to find.

Back Pain Relief

Some of these mattresses do a good job at helping align the spine properly. However, beware that sagging mattresses can undo the progress done. See our top rated mattresses for back pain.

Who Are BedMart Mattresses the Best For?

Those that are looking for a personal experience and help selecting a mattress will do well at BedMart. However, be ready to haggle as some customers have reported. There may be better value found online -- see our top rated mattresses.

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We received great service...

We received great service from Melissa. She was very nice and helpful. We got to try out many beds that went up and down, what a freaking high tech world we live in you can fall asleep to a bed that gives a massage. Unreal.

They have many selections that you can choose from, from soft to firm. They also have a machine that tells what kind of bed suits you. They have free delivery! Which is pretty awesome.

Dale served me very well...

Dale served me very well great guy. I have a list of everyone that sold mattresses on Maui. I went there first because I had met the manager from Oahu who was very kind. I'm glad I did that I told him what I wanted the price I was looking for and he backed me up perfectly with what I wanted. And the darn thing rose up and I could put it in my car and take it home

I had started mattress...

I had started mattress shopping online only to realize a majority of places did not ship to Hawaii or if they did the shipping charges would be exuberant.

Luckily, we came across BedMart and one of the most pleasant sales person to ever work with, Dale. Having lived in NYC for quite some time, I get a bit suspicious when someone is overly nice. It's common to assume there's a catch somewhere but not here. Dale genuinely tries very hard to work with you to help you find the product that meets your needs and budget. Truly touched by the service received at BedMart. Thank you for making furniture shopping less stressful!

My husband and I recently purchased...

My husband and I recently purchased a new bed from BedMart and couldn't be happier with our experience.

We walked into BedMart (a quiet, calm and incredibly clean environment, the complete opposite of a nearby competitor that we'd come from only minutes before) and were immediately greeted by Dale, who spent a lot of time with us, asking questions to better serve us and meet our needs. Dale was super friendly, polite and professional, and also gave us his personal cell # if we had any questions, concerns or issues with our purchase. We scheduled a date for delivery and were told we'd receive two follow up calls to confirm; the day before and the morning of delivery. Both calls came as expected.

On the day of delivery, Nalu and Darrel arrived 15 minutes into the 2-hour delivery window. The weather was less than ideal (it was raining and gross out), but they didn't let that bother them; they were happy, friendly and quick to get our old bed out and the new bed set up.

This has been a great experience; it's refreshing to receive stellar customer service from start to finish. And the sleep we've had in a long time!

Mahalo, Dale, Nalu and Darrel!

I went in there...

I went in there to help my brother find a bed. But as I was testing out beds myself Bill helped with my questions and hooked us up with awesome deals.. I walked out with a King size Torrey Pines mattress that reclines. I'm excited for my bed to come in next week. =)

Great service.

Great service. The sales people actually listen to your needs and work to find a solution for you; I was very impressed. We purchased a mattress and frame and received next day delivery. Items were in stock which is not the easiest to find on Maui. I recommend this place!

I just had my brand new bed...

I just had my brand new bed delivered moments ago and I have to say how extremely happy I am with the entire process. From the beginning, Dale & Bill were welcoming, sincere, non-pushy-sales-kinda-guys. I felt that they genuinely took an interest in my bedding needs and provided me with all the options based on what I was looking for.

The delivery gentlemen Jason and Keali'i were also very accommodating, friendly and such hard workers. I appreciated that they wrapped my old bed in plastic as to not cause any damage while taking it away. Their flexibility with scheduling multiple deliveries to two extreme locations in the same day is greatly appreciated. The only thing left is my leg extensions which are on order and I look forward to receiving them.

I am a very happy customer and will be sharing my positive experience with everyone!! Mahalo nui!!

Pleasurable experience

Pleasurable experience with Mr Dale Kreps. Explained every detail of its products, informative, welcoming, pleasant costumer service, and a gentleman. If you need better sleep, we highly recommend you to see Dale.

We just bought our second bed

We just bought our second bed from Bedmart. The first was for our guest room and the second for us. Our experience has been so comfortable and relaxed. The salesmen take their time explaining each bed and answer every tedious question we have without any irritation. They make you feel that you are number one on their day. The first bed we did not have delivered however, this time we did and I wish we had the first one delivered as well because the delivery men are SO wonderful! We had our mattress delivered and we had decided we didn't like the style boxsprings we picked out. The men gladly put them back in the truck and returned them. We went in to the store and picked out a platform. They delivered it the very next morning. They assembled the whole thing for us. They were respectful, polite, and friendly. They have great communication and they are very punctual. Aside from their top notch service, their prices are more than reasonable. They are comparable to mainland pricing and they offer price match. We have one guest room left to update the bed in and I look forward to our shopping experience:)

Buyer Beware...

Buyer Beware

I recently was convinced by Dale to purchase 2 beds from Bedmart made by Northwest Bedding. He took my credit card and charged 20% of the purchase with future delivery. After reviewing Northwest on the internet 3 hours later I found this company makes a questionable product and has bad service ratings for warranty. I called Dale the same day to cancel and he stated he would credit my card. After a week and 3 more worthless promises no credit has been received. I had to contact my credit card company to cancel this transaction.

Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time, buy only name brand products from nationally known suppliers who do large volumes and can give you a real warranty and quality. Also take note of the negative reviews of warranty of Bedmart and Northwest Bedding and read the fine print before buying anything from this company.

Gabby was phenomenal...

Gabby was phenomenal with not only helping us pick out a mattress but also letting us exchange our mattress and having it delivered in a timely matter. Outstanding customer service and we will definitely recommend him to others!

Thank you Gabby...

Thank you Gabby for being outstanding! From the minute I walked in the store - he greeted me with kindness and was extremely helpful. He was not pushy but down to earth and extremely knowledgeable. The whole transaction was seamless and he made buying a mattress easy and refreshing. A very kind and professional man - a huge asset for the store I will say!

I got a pretty sweet mattress...

I got a pretty sweet mattress during their year end sale.

However, they don't seem to have the best training program. The poor person was on their own, they were new, and called their boss to help them. The boss seemed rather useless. It made the purchasing process rather difficult.

However, I'm happy with my mattress/low profile box spring set. We also bought their mattress protector, which is required for warranty or return issues. They hauled my crappy old mattress and box springs for $10/item.

I had a fantastic experience...

I had a fantastic experience at Bedmart with Judy, who works Thursday - Sunday! She took a lot of time with me, which really means a lot these days directing me to the perfect pillow. Also showed me some really great beds that I will consider buying when I need a new bed!! Kudos to this store, and a great sales person!!

From the moment we walked in...

From the moment we walked in, we knew this would be a better shopping experience than all the other places we had been to. Steve is so friendly and knowledgable. He didn't push us on anything and gave us a great price on a bed set and frame. Plus a lot of their beds come from Spokane, which we really liked. Thanks Steve!!!!

We recently bought our Tempur-pedic...

We recently bought our Tempur-pedic mattress from here. The service was good and straightforward. We didn't get as much B-S as we did from other mattress stores, but then again Tempur-pedic mattresses are the same prices no matter the retailer.

What pushes them to 5 stars for "Excellent" rather than 4 for "Good", is we received a mattress with what seems like pink/orange ink-stains on the cover. We only noticed this after the delivery guys left. The mattress was sealed in plastic, so it was most likely the factory's fault. We called the store, and they sent guys to replace the mattress with another new one a few hours later. They didn't have to do that (since we signed off that the mattress was all good before noticing the ink-stains), so it was pretty cool of them.

Having read a lot of online reviews...

Having read a lot of online reviews about horrifying experiences with almost every mattress store in Portland metro, I walked into America's Mattress after stopping by several locations with a bit of caution. However, I walked out satisfied and relieved my mattress hunt was over.

Salesperson John C. was friendly and respectful. I expressed what I wanted in a mattress (student budget: ~ $200), and without pressuring me to make a purchase, John patiently walked me through several options. Very knowledgeable about mattresses. He also made sure I knew everything and laid down all the info to ensure that if any complication were to arise later, I would not be caught off guard. This might have been possible only because the right questions were being asked, though. I also really appreciated his honesty and the efforts made to confirm that the info he was feeding me were correct (i.e. referencing his policy book and showing it to me).

Mattress came as expected--good condition and on time. Delivery fellows were courteous and friendly. Happy with my deal.

I'm always hesitant about raving reviews because each person's unique shopping experience cannot be replicated for another person. The reason for the 4 and not 5 stars is because i believe there is always room for improvement. John C had the skill to build great rapport in our interaction, the minor thing was just the minimal enthusiasm in his greeting. Again, minor quip.

Overall, I would recommend this store to a friend.

At BedMart, it appears it would be wise to negotiate

At BedMart, it appears it would be wise to negotiate on price for most mattresses (except Tempur-Pedic or iComfort mattresses).

Here's a sampling of why: BedMart offers a 10% discount to AAA members in-store as of 2017. BedMart also offers up to a 40% discount if the OSU Beavers win in football the previous weekend (discount depends on the Beavers' margin of victory). You can search the internet for evidence of both of these discounts. As of this posting, both pages are visible on BedMart's website. If BedMart offers this leeway on price, shouldn't you also get what you negotiate?

That said, BedMart has a great selection of mattresses, and its sales staff are kind, knowledgeable and no-hassle. I have bought a mattress (floor model) from BedMart with which my gf and I are quite happy, and I would buy from BedMart again--but please keep the above context on discounts in mind, and do your research before agreeing on a price for a mattress.

Comfort guarantee: You are allowed to get a refund on your mattress before you take possession of the mattress. After that, you can only exchange for something of equal or greater value within 90 days of taking possession. This comfort guarantee is typical of brick & mortar retail shops in the area. Online sellers typically offer refunds within 90-120 days if you aren't satisfied.

Rude employee....

Rude employee. Plus it smells inside the material of the bedding is so cheap. I would not buy any mattress from here at all.

I love excellent customer service

I love excellent customer service, so I wanted to leave a review of this spot. I think how a store treats you when you are not buying something says a lot.

I came in trying to match a Tempurpedic pillow. They did not have any in stock, The person helping me called around to other stores and checked their warehouse. Come to find out it was a discontinued style. The person helping me said they could not help but suggested two other shops in town that may still have some in stock. She even hopped on the Tempurpedic webpage to see if something was available. Anyway, even though I did not make a purchase through them, it was clear they were focused on the customer.

Absolutely fabulous service

Absolutely fabulous service and honest salespeople who let you know if the online reviews for a given mattress are less than radiant. Great experience, both times I came. No pressure, even when I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy and just wanted to lay around on a bunch of fancy mattresses in my winter boots and dream of the day I could afford one. Finally bit the bullet, bought a brand new, discontinued Tempurpedic Choice for half off, and couldn't be happier. 0% financing for 36 months means I get to sleep on a cloud for less than I pay my CSA for vegetables in a month.

I purchased a mattress that was discontinued...

I purchased a mattress that was discontinued, and my partner and I were told there was one left that was brand new, which the salesperson reserved for us. The mattress we received was not new, however. It was visibly dirty, likely a former showroom model. The salesperson informed me that it is legal to sell showroom models.

I had given away my old mattress so I was forced to sleep on this disgusting bed for a few days. The managers then tried to bargain with me in an effort to persuade me to keep the mattress.

Overall, my experience with this company was poor.

I recently had a flood...

I recently had a flood in my apartment which destroyed my mattress, so I came to Bedmart to replace it. The sales associate Bill was very helpful, but also gives you plenty of space to explore the mattress. The atmosphere in here is perfect for mattress shopping. It is a relaxed environment with no pressure from the sales staff that I've experienced in other mattress venues. I found the perfect mattress that felt like laying on a cloud. It was delivered the next day and I've been happy ever since. I'm finally getting some good sleep after being stuck on the floor for a month!

I was looking for a mattress...

I was looking for a mattress for a month when I found myself at Bedmart NW. I had a specific idea of what I wanted and was having a hard time finding what I wanted in the price range I had budgeted.

I was the only customer in the store and Sara took her time in showing me the beds she had to offer that fit my wants. I found exactly what I was looking for and to my delight, it was on sale for President's Day. Not only did I get a super comfy bed at the price I wanted, it was also delivered to me in 3 days at the exact time they said they'd be there.

I'll be going back there for sure when/if I ever need a new mattress again. Gotta love their 100 day money back guarantee and 20 year warranty!

Excellent service...

Excellent service, display of many products to choose from, in the end perfect bed, it was easy, agree with previous reviews listed.

What a great experience.

What a great experience. Customer service was great. Leah, our sales associate, was very helpful and able to answer all of our questions, and the delivery was very fast.

I recently found the perfect Serta mattress

I recently found the perfect Serta mattress at this BedMart after spending a lot of time with Eric testing them out in the store.

He answered my questions about wear and warranties and offered a fair deal.

Like I said the mattress is PERFECT for me and my spouse. How perfect? So perfect we almost died! Our apartment building caught fire and everyone on our floor had to rush to get to safety! Except us, we slept through it!

When I told the salesman

When I told the salesman I was looking for an inexpensive mattress he grunted and pointed. I went next-door and the salesman kindly walked me to the inexpensive mattresses and took time to show me the stock and I ended up buying one there.

Just walked in...

Just walked in since the open sign was on and the guy working told us he wasn't open is a very annoyed tone. He then asked if we wanted to buy something or just had a question-also annoyed. We just left. Lock your door and don't turn on your open sign if you don't want customers shopping. We were prepared to buy a expensive king sized mattress after a sleepless night. Pretty crappy customers service if you ask me, I've been in sales for over a decade so I should know. Don't waste your time here.

I gave one star because no stars wasn't an option.

My husband and I were looking for a new bed...

My husband and I were looking for a new bed, but everywhere we went was outrageous, unwilling to work with prices, and kind of slimy. When one of our family members called us to let us know they were at Bedmart and found the bed we were both looking for at the lowest price yet. Not only did the salesperson/owner of the store keep the store open for an hour so that we could drive to the store and purchase our bed, he also added several items to mattress package. When we left my husband reminded me that we had purchased a bed frame from the same store a year prior, and that when one insignificant piece broke off Bedmart had exchanged the frame no questions asked. A few days later we went back to purchase a bed for our guest room and were given a great deal! We will never go to another store for our mattress needs and send all of our friends and family to them as well. The store front may not look like much, but their mattresses are well priced and their customer service is superb. Go to Bedmart you will not be disappointed.

I have never bought a new bed...

I have never bought a new bed. Wasn't looking forward to it. They're expensive, I've heard horror stories of other peoples' bed buying experiences. Not so here. James assisted us and after talking to us for a couple minutes he had us try out one of their best sellers. We tried out a dozen but that first one was it! He gave us a really good bargain for the set, frame, and mattress cover and it was all delivered right on time the very next day. All with a 10 year guarantee. Thanks for making our experience so painless. We are sleeping great btw! Best sleep I've had in years.

Everything was really good until...

Everything was really good until I tried to return some sheets to them that were damaged right out of the box. I called them the day I got them and they told me it would take a week. So I waited and came on the day to pick up my sheets. They didn't have them, and they sent me to another store to get them. I went to the other store but they didn't have them either they guy said that he would just upgrade me to some better sheets that he did have. I said ok, but then he asked for my credit card, it wasn't free. He was just trying to sell me them. He said he didn't have the sheets and told me I needed to go to Wilsonville to get my sheets. I told him no and I would need to have them delivered. He then told me that this would be $75 dollars. On my way back I stopped by the original mattress store and gave him a chance to do anything before I go to corporate. He told me that my sheets came in magically right after I had left. He then made me sign something saying I would not return the ones he was giving me and that they were as is.

They are good when getting a mattress and better then sleep train but if you have any problems with your mattress or any other things you are SOL.

Have never bought a bed in my life...

Have never bought a bed in my life. Tim was very knowledgeable and not pushy at all. He understood what I was looking for and I loved everything he showed me! It was tough to decide, but his detailed knowledge of the differences in the products really helped. I highly recommend this LOCALLY owned store, which is flanked by big chain bed stores. Thank you Tim for making my first ever bed buying experience a great one!

My boyfriend and I were out shopping...

My boyfriend and I were out shopping for a new mattress last Saturday and went into Bedmart (we were the only people in the store). We of course had been to the other two mattress stores since they are all three in a row why wouldn't you go look around- jantzen beach). I was in this store for less than five minutes total. Of the mattresses I saw they were brands that I had never heard of and very expensive. Then the sales guy came over to us and my boyfriend was wandering the store and he said very rudely "I guess I am only talking to you" as the conversation went on he asked me what my mattress preferences were and when I said "not a pillow top or memory foam" he almost started arguing with me saying that those are 90% of what he sells. As the conversation ended he said "you know they sell mattresses at costco" and left the store to go outside and smoke with the other worker. We immediately left the store and as we left we heard him say something like "oh there they go". I have never been treated so badly in my life. I will NEVER recommend this store and to you I suggest staying as far away as possible. If I could give them 0 stars I could!!!

I would not recommend buying from here...

I would not recommend buying from here, is a complete scam. Prices are way to high and when you get product it is not what you ordered. There is no return policy for anything either, which was not stated before I made my purchase. The only good thing was the workers who delivered my mattress were very sweet.

We initially saw the bed we wanted at Sears...

We initially saw the bed we wanted at Sears (of which we have never had a bad experience with their products or services), but we saw the same bed at Bedmart a few days later. We decided to give this new-to-Hilo company our business instead of Sears. So we made our purchase on Monday, and our bed was delivered the very next day, for FREE! Unfortunately I wasn't 100% sure I needed the box springs for my bed but purchased them anyway. We did not realize that sales were final at the time of our purchase. Because we didn't put it all together until I got home from work yesterday, by the time we unwrapped the bed and put it on our platform frame, Bedmart was just about closing for the day, so we didn't get a chance to discuss our issues with the box springs we purchased. So I will update you all on the outcome of my situation after we speak to them today. Stay tuned.....

UPDATE: My husband was able to return the boxes we didn't need without a problem. It was a misunderstanding of our needs as well as their return policy and Bedmart staff was very understanding and courteous. Their delivery people were also awesome (did I mention their delivery is FREE!? You have to pay for delivery at Sears, Slumberworld, and not sure where else). Anyway, I'm changing my rating from 4 stars to 5 for the excellent response of their staff to our predicament. Thank you!!

had a great experience here...

had a great experience here. no preasure from the sales lady. she gave us our space and answered all questions we had without hovering over us.

Worst customer service...

Worst customer service Ive experienced, took my mom there to exchange her bed, there was only one sales person working, he was defensive and told us if we weren't happy then he will recommend someone else to help us at another time, i had to ask him what he means by that comment. My mother is 85 and was just trying to explain why she didn't like the bed she purchased and wanted something firmer that didn't have any foam in it. Apparently the exchange is only good for the mattress. My mom had to buy a different box spring with her first mattress purchase and couldn't return it, they said the box spring has to be defective in order to return that. So she found a bed she liked, comes with a free matching box spring, but since she already purchased a box spring with the first mattress she can't get the matching box spring with this new purchase, said it's not allowed, what a rip off, she ended up paying an additional $1000 dollars on top of what she already paid for this new mattress, with no matching box spring and $99.95 cost for return, pick up and delivery. I've never been so disappointed in their customer service or their return/exchange plan and will never recommend my friends or family to this place. Maybe that's just how they are in this particular store. Shame on you bed mart for taking advantage of an 85 year old.


Kudos to Chris & Rudy for the excellent service they provided. Chris worked with me on getting the mattress of my dreams within my budget. Plus he didn't try to sell me on a pricey bed set just to make a sell. He was straight out honest and isn't the typical pushy salesman. Rudy searched the warehouse to make sure it was in stock. Put in a rush order to get it delivered and BAM there it was. Also props to the guys for letting my friend demonstrate the comfort of the bed for nighttime activities. I'm sure they get that a lot right?


Overpriced and Matress sides buckled less then 4 yrs old. Stay away. The Matress brand Comfort Creations Turnberry model isn't even listed on the Warranty complaint page. The set was over $1,000.00 and isn't lasting 4 yrs. Unbelievable.

I went with my friend to check out mattresses...

I went with my friend to check out mattresses and there were 2 men working in the store. We had gone to a couple other stores before coming here and were appalled by how rude the salesman was. Because we are women in our 20s, I believe that the people working in the store didn't think that we had money or that we were worth their time. The salesman even seemed to chuckle when we thanked them and walked towards the door (who's going to buy a $2000 mattress from a jerk?)

We would never go back to this store to purchase or even ask more information about their products. Very disappointing.

Horrible experience!

Horrible experience! One of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. My fiancé and I were shopping for a new king mattress. We only saw one older guy in the store. He greeted us and that was about all he did. I started asking questions about prices and firmness and he treated me like I was retarded and acted like he it was an inconvenience to help us. We ended up walking out after a couple minutes of being treated poorly by the salesman. Save your money and go a half a mile down to sleep country by the target. They were wonderful and helpful and deserve to have business. I would suggest no one step foot in this location!

Zero Return Policy

All of the mattresses are firmer than what's in the store . this is my second upgrade and I can hardly walk . there is no such thing as a softer mattress in this store ! We decided to try an adjustable base and were told only the most expensive base would fit inside our expensive log frame . Well guess what it didn't fit and the store would not return the base or mattress . I am in such pain I don't know what to do . I am out 2400.00 and cant get any relief . This is a misleading company with a zero return policy !!! You are able to do one upgrade if your wallet can be opened far enough


My husband and I recently purchased a Tempurpedic king mattress and should have read the fine print, because the salesperson sold us a firmness too hard for side sleepers. It was only when we exchanged the mattress and paid the $159 return fee that we learned about the no refunds policy resulting in an almost $1,000 in-store credit. The sales guy was new, and the manager told us when we returned the Tempurpedic that we had purchased the wrong bed; however, the no refund policy still held.

Outstanding product/Outstanding Service

I received excellent service at the Bed Mart on HWY 20 East in Bend, Oregon. The Tempur-pedic we purchased has been wonderful for our backs. The salesman was honest, knowledgeable and friendly. The delivery guys were quick, proficient and friendly as well. I highly recommend using this store for your future mattress needs!

Excellent service

Thomas at the Walker Center location was courteous and willing to answer all of our questions. He was very knowledgeable about the products and led us in the best direction for the needs my husband needed. We were able to try out several of the mattresses and Thomas demonstrated the elevation of the head of the bed and the foot. He spent several hours going over everything with us.

Lumpy Mattress

I bought a new mattress at Bedmart five months ago and already is has a lump in the middle. The customer service was excellent but for $1200 I expected more from the mattress.

Unhappy with our mattress/experience

My husband had been diagnosed with Parkinson's and was having trouble sleeping so we went in to a local Bedmart to have him lay on their advertised smartmatch bed to find a mattress that would work for him. He was paired with a Tempur-pedic Lux Firm king mattress with an adjustable base. It was delivered on 4/12/22. It was like sleeping on plywood. Neither of us could sleep on it. We went back in to ask why it was so hard, and were told it needed to break in and to give it more time. After developing shoulder and hip pain ( I'm a side sleeper) we said no, this isn't working. We wished we had our old mattress from Costco back. So we were able to get it exchanged for a Kingsdown mattress. After trying to sleep on this mattress, it is hard and lumpy, which still hurts me sleeping on my side and forces me to sleep on my back. My husband isn't sleeping on it at all. He sinks down in the mattress and cannot move when he needs to. So I went back in to Bedmart, and the gentleman said I couldn't exchange it. To get a 1 1/2" mattress pad to help with the lumpiness. We paid good money for a mattress that not even I cannot sleep on.

We received great service...

We received great service at the Bedmart on SE Causey From Brian who is extremely knowledgeable, not pushy and personable. Delivery of the new mattress came the next day with no hassles and at a great price! Thanks Brian!


Excellent courteous service from John and Tony

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