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Bed In A Box vs. Verlo

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Bed In A Box

BedInABox® is one of the original trend-setter brands to sell mattresses to customers in a box. Having started with a small selection of all-foam mattresses, they have added mattresses in a variety of design options and firmnesses over time including pocket coil hybrids and all-foam choices. With 6 mattresses to choose from, their mattresses range from 9'' to 13'' thick. Overall, most customers report good experiences, but there were some complaints about durability and firmness for some.


Verlo is a midwestern mattress company with big nationwide plans. With their Verlo-to-Go mattresses in a box and wide selection of online mattress options, they are quickly becoming a popular choice. They are known for their innerspring mattresses in a wide variety of pricepoints and qualities. Their midgrade options are perfectly suited for most sleepers, but some of the top and low-grade lines may leave something wanting for your money.

Based on our aggregated reviews and our scoring method, we recommend both Bed In A Box and Verlo in this match up!

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Mattress Score

Overall Score:
Bed In A Box: 8.7/10
Verlo: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction:
Bed In A Box: 8.8/10
Verlo: 8.8/10

Price Value:
Bed In A Box: 8.6/10
Verlo: 8.4/10

No Back Pain:
Bed In A Box: 9/10
Verlo: 8.8/10

Bed In A Box: $399-$2598
Verlo: $79-$4,229

Bed In A Box:
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Bed In A Box's Owner Satisfaction

Getting input from customers is a great way to shorten your list of potential mattresses to look at. These mattresses are rated very well by customers, but there were a few who didn't feel as happy. Found below are customer reviews and more specific information on the feel -- read on!

Bed In A Box's Supportiveness

Some customers describe feeling good support in these mattresses, but others have been disappointed with the quality. For those with achy backs that need spine alignment, make sure to read the reviews to make sure the mattress works for you.

Edge Support
Reviewers have mixed concerns about edge support. Some feel positive about the mattress supportiveness across the surface, but others had problems with dipping along the sides.

Bed In A Box's Durability

All of us wants a mattress that really lasts, but some brands are not as focused on it as they should be. The nice thing is that these mattresses are better than average when it comes to durability. Most folks are still comfy in their mattress after 5 years, but some heavier folks may find that it breaks down faster for them.

Verlo's Owner Satisfaction

Sleeper satisfaction isn't simple to get to the bottom of with plenty of brands doing work cleaning up their online reputation. That said, customers report feeling comfortable with these mattresses overall. However, there were some complaints from sleepers that didn't feel as comfortable. so look below to see if the mattress specifications will work for your body type!

Verlo's Supportiveness

Most customers describe these mattresses as supportive, which means they egonomically work to straighten the spine for most sleepers. That said, there are a few customers that have complaints, so make sure to check out whether your purchase pick is right for your sleeping position and body type.

Edge Support
Overall, these mattresses are reported as having good edge support, which means most don't experience any issues when sitting on the side of the mattress.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests
In bowling ball tests where the firmness is measured across the mattress, there is solid support throughout. That said, some reviewers complained about support issues over a long horison, so make sure it works for your body before purchasing.

Verlo's Durability

We all want to find a great mattress that offers good durability and lasts forever, but that is sometimes easier said than done. That said, data on materials, customer reviews, and tests make things a bit easier. These mattresses are more durable than average and should last over 5 years for most sleepers, but some heavier folks may find that they lose some of their durability.

Browse Bed In A Box Customer Reviews

Too firm
I had great hopes for this bed; however, it is just too firm. Our former memory foam mattress lasted about 7 years, and my husband and I were beginning to have lower back pain because the bed had broken down and was too soft. Prior to that happening; however, we were very happy with the bed. Unfortunately, the manufacturer was no longer in business or we would have just purchased another.

After lots of research of reviews, etc., on the internet, I settled on the pacbed original 11." I was a little concerned about the only complaints being that the bed was too firm, but I thought we would try it and we could also buy a topper if it was too firm. First, the gel memory foam on the pacbed is different from our former bed, which conformed to your body. The gel memory foam simply depresses where you lay, more like a traditional spring form mattress, instead of enveloping your body. In addition, the three inches is not sufficient because you end up depressing through to the support foam, which is very hard. For reference, I am 5'7" and 145 lbs. Both my husband and I have had hip pain since purchasing this bed, and I can no longer sleep on my stomach. I have forced myself to sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs, which is the only way I can sleep comfortably and not wake up in pain.

We bought a 3" memory foam topper that was returnable (through another vendor) to get us through the 60 trial period, but it has made our bed ridiculously high (14") and while it does help relieve the pressure points, it just does not measure up to our old bed as far as comfort goes, and I still have issues with my arms falling asleep when I sleep on my stomach. Sigh. Unfortunately, this is going back when our trial is up in 30 days.

I also find it odd that I cannot figure out how to leave a review on their site. Perhaps they don't let you review until the full 60 days has past.

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I researched the best I could online
I'm giving this product 3 out of 5 for now. I suspect it will go down to a 2 unless it miraculously improves in comfort.

I researched the best I could online. appears to be, purports to be, a non-biased review organization. They rate this product higher than any other. And report 380+ customer reviews in part of their opinion.

"The ratings – based on 380+ consumer reviews gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology – show how Bed In A Box mattresses compare to the average mattress."

Problem is, I can't find any customer reviews on the BedInaBox website. I can't find anywhere to leave a review on their website. I can't find any ling on the SleepLikeTheDead website to provide a review. So, I'll leave it here, with the other 5.

I purchased a twin for my son and a king fro myself. My son's mattress has no "off-gassing" smell. My mattress smells like it became moldy in the air vacuumed packaging, and is going on 5 days of a smell I can't sleep with. The smell has permeated my down comforter and I suspect I'm going to need to replace it.

My son says his mattress is fine and has no issues with comfort.

I have issues with my L5/S1. My previous mattress caused me discomfort. This mattress makes my back pain unbearable. I can't sleep through he night and have pain all day long. I am resorting to sleeping on the couch while I wait for the 60 day trial period to end.

The bed does not give in enough. My hips are raised while my L5 is forced down. It's basic physics. Even if you don't have L5 issues, this mattress will certainly encourage it. If I slept on my side, I'm sure it would not be an issue. I don't sleep on my side.

Not impressed. Not impressed with SleepLikeTheDead or BedInABox.

I can only hope that they don't expect me to ship this thing back to get the money back guarantee. I don't have the equipment to make it compact and vacuum packed that they do when they shipped it to me.

I LOVE this bed!!!!!! While shopping for a new mattress I wanted to try a non traditional online mattress retailor. I first tried CASPER beds and that bed was so uncomfortable I could only sllep on it for 4 nights before my wife made we change back to our spring mattress. This was our next bed and after a week we decided we would keep it for good. The customer service during ordering was great . I really liked the try in home no risk policy but dont worry you wont need to use it cause this bed is amazing. It is just as comfortable as the Temper-pedic beds I tried in stores. Give this bed a try whats the worst that could happen.

Very satisfied.
Arrived in a very manageably sized package, I didn't have any off gassing issues, and the bed is every bit as comfortable as I'd hoped so far.

Excellent.. just what me and my wife needed
Excellent..just what me and my wife needed

Three Stars
Not as comfortable as I imagined

We recently ordered the PacBed Original...
We recently ordered the PacBed Original and a foundation, King, online. Ordering was straightforward and easy. Communication from Bed-In-A-Box was timely and done via email. Our mattress and foundation arrived within four business days. Set up for the foundation took about 20 minutes - directions were easy to follow and assembly was without hitch. Unboxing / unwrapping of the mattress was quick and again, easy, taking about 4 minutes. This king size mattress is a bit heavy and unweidly to move into place on the foundation but with two people it was done within 30 seconds. Total time to set up: 30 minutes! Note: There was no smell to the mattress.

The mattress feel is firm. You can barely feel another move, toss or turn, or get in or out of the bed. It did take a few days to adjust to the feel of the mattress and getting a quilted mattress cover helped in adding a bit of 'cushion'. The first few days my husband and I woke up stiff...though we believe that was due to staying in one position rather than tossing and turning or lack of support.

After two weeks sleeping on the mattress...we love it! It's comfortable. Neither of us toss or turn anymore. It provides quality support. When we need to replace our other mattresses, this will be the one we buy!

Bought this mattress to replace
Bought this mattress to replace a pillow top mattress that was showing some wear and not very comfortable any more. Very pleased so far. Our son recommended bed in a box after he bought one for himself 2 years ago.

Bed in a Box
We recently purchased a 'Bed in the Box', everyone thought I was crazy, but the online research and reviews were great so we decided to give it a try - we are very happy with the mattress, the ordering process and delivery.

King size Pacbed
Great price. Quick delivery. Super comfortable ! My husband is up by 6:30 AM having never slept better!! Customer for like!

The best!
My husband and I love this bed. It is extremely comfortable and supportive, without being too soft. The warranty plus the 120-day money back guarantee are unheard of and excellent. I am so excited to have this bed for a long, long time!

happy back
Our 8 year old Tempurpedic no longer did the trick. Sore backs for both of us every morning. Our new mattress is great, easy to move and unpack, no off-gassing, and so comfortable.

Good Buy
Been sleeping on the mattress for several weeks now. I would call it firm. It's very comfortable for me as a stomach/back sleeper. I thought it might be too firm for my wife as she is a side sleeper, but she is happy too.

So Far So Good...
I'm not sure what I was expecting at first, my initial shock was that it was literally a bed in a box. From visiting with others about a foam mattress, we were told to 'break' in the bed by walking/jumping on it. Now the bed has settled quite nicely. We are sleeping much more comfortably and soundly. I truly wake up with few to zero aches. Overall, BedInABox was extremely easy to purchase from, quick to ship and so far a great product! I only hope it continues to get better through the years!

Love it!
Very firm, very comfortable bed! No backaches! In fact, I like it better than our tempurpedic!

Nice mattress and cover, but it's firmer than I expected.
Comfortable, but a little firmer than I expected.

New Bed
Have only slept on it 3 night due to being out of town. Seems good so far. It is an adjustment from sleeping on a inner spring mattress for 50 years. The mattress was a little firmer than I expected. I want to give it a good month before I can truly give it a thumbs up or thumbs down.

I bought this to replace
I bought this to replace my old mattress. It is a little firmer than I expected but overall nice mattress. I do sleep better.

Too Early to tell
initially my pacbed felt far firmer than my tranquility I had before, and its supposed to be the softer bed. after 1 week I think I like the bed but I really need more time to know for sure.

Pretty Darn Good!
We've only had our mattress for 8 days, so it's a little difficult for me to give it a full 5 stars. I bought this mattress over my husband's mild objections, really worried it wouldn't work out. So far, it has. I'm sleeping much more comfortably than I have in a year. I'm a side sleeper and can only sleep on left side due to medical issues. I've developed arthritis in left hip. Happily, I'm not waking up in the night because of pain in my hip and feel rested and ache free in the morning. My husband is feeling more rested, too. The 2 things I'm not so happy about are the mattress seems concave. I actually feel like I could roll over to the middle when my husband gets in bed. I don't like that; what will happen in the future? Also, I can feel him move around. I was counting on this being motion free. I should have gotten a king and or a higher quality mattress. I've already recommended Bed in a Box to a friend.

Sleeping much better than before.
My wife and I are sleeping much better since we got this bed. I haven't had any of the neck pains I used to have with our old bed. Setup was pretty easy and was accomplished without problem.

Very firm
The bed came and was easy to assemble. We also bought the box spring which was fairly simple to assemble. The bed is firmer than I am used to

Extremely Firm, No Warranty
I explained that I was waking up every morning with back pain. For giving a company $1500, I would expect some kind of customer support. Instead I was told my mattress was past it's "try period" therefore there was nothing they could do. Many mattress companies offer a comfort guarantee. Not these guys. Regret my purchase 100%.

Tranquillium Mattress
The Tranquillium mattress is not at all a firm mattress, I strongly advise against it to those who really want a firm mattress. I can honestly say that is more near a medium -soft mattress . I don t understand why is a mattress #firm# I have to leave with that piece of crap since I can not returned because I have opened it when my furniture came after 3 months. That was my 4 a mattress( and last) bought from this Company. I am so disappoint when a company try to sell something that is not even closer at he reality.

Great buy!
I recently bought a King Original for home after having a Queen size for our travel trailer for 10 years. The one in the trailer is still doing great and looks new. We are Very pleased with our King at home. The Bedinabox replaces a Tempurpedic we have had problems with for a few years now. Back pain is gone and this bed feels great in whatever position I sleep in. The Bedinabox costs a fraction of what the Tempurpedic does. There is no chemical smell when first opened. The Tempurpedic stunk bad for over a week! Really. Very, very pleased with this purchase.

Truly satisfied AirBNB guests!
I run an AirBnB out of my home. I rent 4 rooms and every room now has BedInTheBox mattresses. Many guests have gone on to order their own for themselves. I ordered this Azul bundle for my last room. I always sleep on new mattresses before my guests do to be sure they are ok. This one may be my favorite yet. Always fast shipping and great customer service as well.

Mattress exchange
The first mattress I got was uncomfortable. But they made it right by sending me a different one and it's very comfortable. They even threw in a mattress case and a pillow. This is my second purchase with them. The first mattress lasted 20 years. Thank you

Browse Verlo Customer Reviews

[v1 Plush Top Queen] A good mattress makes a difference
Didn't realize how big a difference a decent mattress can make to get as good night's rest. I think it's great that you let customers know how to take care of their mattress to get the best out of it.

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[v1 Pillow Top Queen] Heavy To Flip
Weight. Really heavy to flip

[v1 Pillow Top Queen] Support is wonderful
The support is wonderful. Both my husband and I have bad backs, so good support is very important. Thank you

[v1 Gel Top Queen] Wouldn't Change A Thing
I wouldn't change anything.

[v3 Firm Queen] Bought for our son-- he now has the best bed in the house!
We bought this mattress for our son and now we say he has the best bed in the house

[v3 Gel Foam Queen] Thank you for the best nights sleep
Just thanks for the best night sleep I have had in years, should have changed sooner.

[v3 Gel Foam Queen] Mattress matches my body
Mattress matches my body. Make Handles on sides to help rotate, move.

[v3 Pillow Top Queen] Can the Pillow Top be more Squishy?
WIsh the pillow top was a little more 'squishy' like the Sterns and Foster we used to have.

[v3 Pillow Top Queen] Right amount of firmness
Right amount of firmness. The box spring didn't fit down my stairs. Maybe ask customers about where the mattress is going so a split box spring can be recommended

[v3 Pillow Top Queen] Right amount of firmness
Right amount of firmness. The box spring didn't fit down my stairs. Maybe ask customers about where the mattress is going so a split box spring can be recommended

[v3 Plush Queen] Falling asleep is a now a dream!
Easier falling asleep and staying asleep

[v3 Plush Queen] Insomnia is getting better
My insomnia started to get better. It is generally super comfortable to sleep on. I still am a habitual stomach sleeper, but it is easier to sleep on my side now. Good night!

[v5 Firm Queen] No more rolling in to my hubby!
Perfect firmness. Not rolling into hubby (I mean, I love him, but...)! Pretty heavy (kinda hard to put on the fitted sheet). Great customer service!

[v5 Firm Queen] Thanks for making a great product
good things happen to good people, thanks again for making a great product

[v5 Gel Foam Queen] Best Mattress I've ever owned.
I purchased this mattress over 2 years ago now and it is still as comfortable as the day I bought it. I really love my Verlo! I looked at the competition and didn't feel comfortable spending the money on something I didn't know. I have only had Verlo mattresses in my lifetime and refuse to get anything besides. I am currently looking to see if the V7 or the V9 would be the next upgrade for me, since I am thinking about using my current for my spare room.

[v5 Gel Foam Queen] Worth the money
The mattress was worth the money. We fall asleep quicker and I am waking up pain free. I'd go as far as saying it's therapeutic. We purchased a memory/gel foam mattress and I'm a little concerned it might be too warm in summer.

[v5 Pillow Top Queen] Mattress is too Firm
Feel mattress is too hard for my back. Make it softer for my back

[v5 Pillow Top Queen] Most comfortable
This is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on!!

[v5 Pillow Top Queen] Mattress is perfect
The mattress is perfect. We've gone from restless sleeping to hours of deep, peaceful sleep- and no more aches! Thanks! For the first time in ten years we don't want to get out of bed in the morning!

[v5 Pillow Top Queen] First night a bit rough, but I love my bed!
The first night was a little rough because it was so new but I love my bed! I think I would have spent more on a higher V series but I am satisfied with what I have. Thanks for a great nights sleep!

[v5 Pillow Top Queen] No more sore backs.
Both of our back's are not sore anymore like they were on our old mattress. I notice I'm less tired in the mornings due to not tossing and turning all night which is great! Very satisfied with our purchase and would return for all of our mattress needs :)

[v7 Gel Foam Queen] Great Mattress
It's a great mattress and we love it

[v7 Gel Foam Queen] Foam Offgassing?
It is taking quite a long time for the new smell it dissipate

[v7 Pillow Top Queen] No more tossing and turning
I don't toss & turn anymore and my back & neck don't hurt anymore! It's hard to find quality affordable sheets that fit well.

[v7 Pillow Top Queen] Don't wake up achy.
Don't wake up achy. Keep up the great work. You definitely have a wonderful product!

[v7 Pillow Top Queen] LOVE, LOVE our new bed!
LOVE, LOVE our new bed!! Restful sleep! No more waking up with a sore back or shoulder anymore! Thank you!!!!

[v7 Pillow Top Queen] Thank you for a good nights sleep
Thank you for a good nights sleep

[v7 Pillow Top Queen] Less back pain, more energy
Less back pain on the morning and more energy. Soften up the over all mattress....more 'cloud like'.

[v7 Plush Queen] I sleep so much better
I sleep so much better on my Verlo mattress than I did on my old mattress. I get deep, relaxing sleep that has been very beneficial to me. I am worried about the handles sewn in to the sides of the mattress. The mattress is fairly heavy, so moving it puts a lot of force on the handles. I try not to put too much force on them because I am afraid of ripping them.

[v7 Plush Queen] My back no longer hurts!
My Back does not hurt any more. I'd like it to be self-rotating. Let me know when you figure out how to do that. :)

[v7 Plush Queen] Worst part is getting off of it in the morning!
The worst part of this mattress is getting off of it in the morning simply because I do not want to! It's amazing. The edge support is not outstanding.

[v7 Plush Queen] Should have bought one sooner!!!!
Should have bought one sooner!!!!

[v7 Plush Queen] No more shoulder pain
No more shoulder pain. It must have been a pressure point on the old mattress.

[v7 Plush Queen] Pillow top is too soft
The pillow top is just a little soft for me.

[v7 Pillow Top King] Great Combo - Soft and Comfry
Great combination of being firm but soft and comfy.

[v7 Pillow Top King] Worth the money
Would like it for less than $1,000, but it is worth it.

[v7 Pillow Top King] So comfortable!
So comfortable! Very satisfied

[v7 Pillow Top King] I love it
Nothing, I love it...never slept better

[v7 Plush King] Help our bed is too firm!
Bed is too firm. We will need to make it softer (more plush)

[v7 Plush King] Made a world of difference
The new Verlo bed has made a world of difference. Both are sleeping much better.