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Bed Boss Mattress Reviews

Bed Boss is a hybrid and memory foam mattress brand that is focused on doing social good. They support local charities that help childrens and families. Their mattresses are price competitive, while still being in the quality range. They use CertiPUR-US foams so they don't offgas nasty toxins, and most customers like their Bed Boss, but some had issues with durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.6/10

Price Value: 7.6/10

No Back Pain: 7.5/10

Price: $659-$1549

Trial Period: No Trial

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Bed Boss's Specifics

Bed Boss has a variety of mattresses that they sell online -- including memory foam and pocketed coil varieties. These mattresses come with a variety of foams that are CertiPUR-US certified. That said, there are some complaints from customers about early sagging.

Quality of Materials

Bed Boss has focused on providing mid-grade materials, but there are some complaints about early sagging from these mattresses. The pricepoints mixed with some of these complaints cause us to have some doubts about the quality of the foams used. Overall, smaller and average sized sleepers should find that they will have less problems with sagging, but those that are larger in body type may have problems.

Mattress Types

Bed Boss has 3 mattress lines: memory foam, pocketed spring, and The Bed Boss Korea brand. We'll go through each of these lines and discuss the pros and cons. Here are the details:

Memory Foam Mattresses

Bed Boss's most popular memory foam mattress is the Revolution mattress. The Revolution comes with 5 layers of foam including a bamboo-infused foam. The other layers feature progressively firmer foams so that you won't sink too far into the mattress. Most customers felt comfortable at first but some reported sagging over a quick duration.

The pros: Variety of memory foam mattress options for a competitive price vs in-store.

The cons: Some problems with sagging and better mattresses found elsewhere.

Final Score: 7.5 / 10

Pocketed Spring

The Bed Boss pocketed spring mattresses start at an affordable price with less layers of foam and more problems with durability. The Prestige mattress is our favorite with 5 layers of foam above the pocketed coil systems, including a highly responsive latex layer. This mattress has some issues with durability with some describing sagging issues.

The pros: Pocketed coil options for competitive prices.

The cons: Issues with durability for some sleepers.

Final Score: 7.4 / 10

Bed Boss Korea Mattresses

Despite the name, Bed Boss Korea mattresses are actually sold in the US. Their mid-grade line comes with the option of all-foam or pocketed coil hybrid. This line features generous layers of foam that are designed to run medium-firm to fit most sleepers. That said, there are some that have had problems with durability of the foam and complained about initial comfort.

The pros: Pocketed coil and memory foam systems for a competitive price versus in-store.

The cons: Some complaints about durability long term.

Final Score: 7.6 / 10

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Excellent mattress so far!

We've only had this mattress for a couple of months now so I can't yet speak to its longevity, but it seems extremely durable (we bought a king size and it's SUPER heavy). This is hands down the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned. It also does not seem to sleep hot, which is nice. It is definitely quite "cushy", but not overly so. My husband tends to prefer a firm mattress but loves this one. I couldn't be happier with it. Disclaimer- you will not want to get out of bed in the morning!!

Nice product, as advertised

Love it. Amazing how it is delivered so small yet grows to full size once opened. Definetely a firm sleeping mattress.

... into a well known mattress store and fell in love with a temperpedic bed

I went into a well known mattress store and fell in love with a temperpedic bed. However I couldnt justify spending four thousand dollars on a mattress. I started doing research and came across this bed and after further research on the brand we narrowed it down to this mattress. We love it! Great price and the bed is better than the one I fell in love with originally.

Love this mattress

I had purchased the Visco Heir ET, but found it to be to firm, the ET is a fine mattress, I just found when I first would lay on it it seemed soft and then it would compress and then it felt to firm. It also would compress and then it seemed I was in this pocket which made it a little difficult to turn over which I do a lot. I contacted Jeff at Mattressezzz and they were just great. They made all the arrangements to have the mattress picked up and after discussing it I decided on the Revolution mattress. Jeff kept in contact with me, sent me all the information I needed to return the other mattress and had the Revolution sent out which was delivered quickly. He did not even charge my card until I had gotten the mattress. I also ordered the sheets and pillows. I waited to write a review for about 3 weeks because it takes time to adjust to a new mattress. MY old mattress was an innerspring that was more than 20 years old so I really needed a new one. I would wake up every day with so much pain in my back and hips I had to get out of bed even if I had wanted to rest longer. I did have a topper on that mattress and I have put it on this mattress just to make is even softer and to protect the mattress. I absolutely love this mattress, it is soft but firm and I do not sink down in it so much that I am in a pocket and have difficulty turning over. I wake in the morning and just want to lay there and not get up and the pain in my back and hips is gone. The micro fiber sheets are so comfortable and fit the bed well. This company is just super, probably the best customer service I have ever received. Jeff even called after I had the mattress 2 weeks to be sure I was happy with it. I might suggest if you have any concerns before you order that you give them a call, they are so helpful and straightforward that they can help you make the right decision the first time. This mattress is comparable to the best Tempur Pedic that sells for over $8,000 so if you can afford this mattress I would recommend it. If the Tempur-Pedic is more comfortable I do not think I would want it, I would never get out of bed. Give yourself some time to adjust to it, when I first got it I was not sure I liked it, but now I love, love, love this mattress and the people at Mattressezzz were wonderful.

Great mattress

We've had this mattress for about a year and half now. I wanted to give it some time before I left a review. We LOVE this mattress. It has helped with my husband's back problems while he sleeps and it's just overall so comfortable. The only thing we regret is not uprising to a king size, which we may do in a few years and hand this one down to my son.

The Best Mattress I Have Every Had !

I have slept on very high end mattress's and have become very used to the way they feel. I have had 'PILLOW-TOP'S', I've had the SERTA Sleeper Captiva I used for 16 years - it was a very good mattress. My wife and I were ready for a new one, and the lady at store kept talking about the memory foam mattress's and how great they were, her husband and she sleep so much better now...yadda, yadda, wife and I were sitting on the Vesco Revolution mattress, and it just felt very different than the 'springyness' we were used didn't felt weird.

Because the sales lady recommended it so much and we were not ready to go shop 4 different stores, we bought the memory foam Vesco Revolution...we are now in week 3 of sleeping on it. IT IS AWESOME...ONE OF THE BEST BUYS I EVER MADE! My wife is happy because she doesn't feel me move through the night like she used to. I'm happy because i really feel I reach another whole level of sleep...great buy!

Not durable

Spent close to 2k for a king size mattress. Slept great for the first year. Year two however we found the foam to be worn and less firm and resilliant. Soon, my wife and I were sleeping in our own seperate bowls. It got so bad that we would wake up numerous times a night because our limbs were numb. Warranty wasn't recognized because it was not a factory defect but normal wear. So here I am, 2 years into a new mattress and I have to buy another one. These are cheaper than most, but you get what you pay for. I'll never do business with bed boss again.


I love this mattress!! I have pretty bad scoliosis and this bed is so perfect for it! It is supportive and yet so soft! It took a few nights to get used to it, but I LOVE IT. I feel like it stays warmer than spring mattresses, which is a plus for me! I also had surgery on my neck and have an artificial disc around my C5, and this bed along with a memory foam/latex pillow have been heaven for me! I have had the bed for over a year now and I still love it! I don't feel like there are any imprints in it at all!

This is NOT equivalent to TempurPedic

I bought a Bed Boss from Furniture Solutions on July 25th, 2016, and I'm sorry to report that I am thoroughly disappointed in this mattress. I wake up every morning in such severe pain, that I can't put on my own socks. When I lie down on the mattress, I feel the small of my back curve in an unsupported fashion - like I'm lying in a hammock. I don't know how it felt comfortable on the showroom floor for 15 minutes when I tried it out in person prior to my purchase.

I slept on a TempurPedic for 10 years from 2006-2016, so I'm no stranger to "memory foam" - I only replaced it when it reached the end of it's usable life. I wish I had not strayed from the major namebrand. The marketing claim that this bed and TempurPedic's GrandBed are similar in everything except price - is simply false.

I spent a lot of time and effort doing research prior to my $1,250 purchase, and I'm just thoroughly disappointed that I'm now going to spend $2,000-$3,000 with TempurPedic to avoid becoming disabled (I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it's pretty accurate to describe not being able to bend at the waist to put on your own socks & shoes). $2,000-$3,000 on top of my $1,250 purchase from Bed Boss under 6 months ago.

To my friends searching for memory foam mattresses, I'm advising them to a) stick with TempuPedic or b) Select from one of the dozens of alternatives that stand behind their products with 90- or 100-night Comfort Guarantees (e.g. Casper)

I'm uploading pictures to prove that I actually own this product. I have no connection or affiliation with TempurPedic or any mattress/bedding store or manufacturer.

The manufacturer ended up contacting me, but no resolution was ever reached. I ended up selling the mattress on Craigslist for $100, losing over $1,100 in this experience.

Visco revolution matteress

I was thoroughly impressed with Visco Revolution, it surpassed all expectations. It's a high quality product for a great price. The bamboo infusion makes all the difference. Definitely a good choice.

New Bed

I am happy to say that I am enjoying my new mattress. It arrived on November 20, 2012 and it is a great improvement from my old spring mattress. I was experiencing lower back and hip pain with my old mattress, now with my new mattress my pain has been relieved. I will keep you all posted on the comfort over the months to come.

It is now April 6, 2013 and I have been enjoying my mattress plenty! It is just as comfortable as I imagined, but I wish it would not get so hot. I am hot-natured and this may be part of the reason. I think if you are cold-natured you will be in heaven with a mattress like this. I may be looking into getting a cooling comforter of some sort.

Great Mattress

we have been using this mattress for last 4 days and this has been the best mattress we have purchased so far in our life. one of the main reason we were looking in the market for a new mattress was due to my back problems and waking up unrested. i have not felt this good since sleeping on this mattress. my back does not heart in the morning and i have not woken up in the middle of the night due to the same. feel well rested now in the morning when i wake up! This is a great value for money.


Terrible! I get worse sleep here than I did on a 10 year old inner spring. If this is how all memory foam is then it should be trashed. Takes an hour to get to sleep and wake up all through the night. Do not buy this.

Update October 2nd. Bed is still bad. I'm going back to inner spring. Once you wear in a spot good luck sleeping anywhere around it bc u will just roll back. A good example is go outside and sleep with half ur body on the curb and half in the street. It's about that good.

Amazing mattresses

Amazing mattresses at an affordable price!

Kristen is amazingly helpful

Kristen is amazingly helpful and a great representation of the store. The mattresses cannot be beat for comfort and value.

I've had mine for almost 2 years

I've had mine for almost 2 years. At first it was amazing. I'd never slept better. Within the first year I was sleeping in a crater. Trying to get up in the mornings looks much like a turtle rolled on its back trying to get turned over. My whole body hurts when I wake up!! I'd leave zero stars if I could!

I first purchased a BedBoss mattress

I first purchased a BedBoss mattress because it was the most comfortable mattress in an entire store. It was priced well so I took it home. I had the best sleep for more than 5 years before it started sagging. I eventually had to stop sleeping on it. Recently, I contacted the company and they promptly sent me a replacement and all I had to pay was shipping. I've had nothing but positive experiences with the company and they have outstanding customer service.

Bought it about 3 years ago and we are shopping again

Bought it about 3 years ago and we are shopping again for a new mattress now. We are waking up with back aches and unfortunately just don't think the bedboss is for us anymore. Had high hopes it would last us longer.....

My boyfriend had the visco crown

My boyfriend had the visco crown pt twin and we both loved it! Best mattress I’ve ever slept on. Now we’re just trying to find it in a queen. We don’t love the prices we’re seeing but it’s such a good mattress. Keeping our eyes out for sales!

Worst company ever.

Worst company ever. I ordered an adjustable base from them. Received confirmation, a tracking number, and notice of shipment. Two days later I get an email saying they miscounted their inventory and they didn’t even have the frame. Strange since it had supposedly already shipped. They said they refunded me. I have yet to receive my money. They were kind enough to suggest I purchase another frame that was four times the cost of the original. when I asked if they would give a discount since they made the mistake, I was told that wasn’t an option because of the price difference. So I should pay it, but they won’t. Ridiculous.

No pressure shopping experience

No pressure shopping experience, Amazing prices and great products!

Great mattresses

Great mattresses and customer service. I can’t say enough about how great the service is. We will soon have 2 of their mattresses and will definitely purchase from here in the future.

I highly recommend the Bed Boss

I highly recommend the Bed Boss. Their customer service is outstanding, Ms Tod and the whole team delivered fabulous service when I needed some accessories to refit my adjustable base to a new bed frame. The process took several days which was not an issue since I was not pressed for time and I was kept well informed along the way....their communication was also quite superior. Thank you; you all rock!!

I can't put into words

I can't put into words the level of professionalism I experienced at Bed Boss. I will never shop anywhere other than Bed Boss for my sleeping needs. Absolutely exceptional experience I will share with all my friends and family. Thank you so much Ben!

My husband and I

My husband and I bought a mattress 2 yrs ago. The worse sleeping mattress we owned. I had constant body aches. We bought a Bed Boss a week ago and its the best sleep we've had in 2 yrs. I am so glad the dealer had me to test it. After laying on it 30 minutes, I knew that was the mattress I would buy. I highly recommend it.

I ordered my Heir mattress

I ordered my Heir mattress from Brooke last week and it came in yesterday! Best night of sleep I have had in a long time. I am very impressed with the quick shipping and delivery, great customer service, and of course the mattress! I'll be spreading the word to all of my friends and family!

The Bed Boss has some of the most awesome mattresses

The Bed Boss has some of the most awesome mattresses I've ever seen! They put so much care and quality into how they're all made, and they last so long! Five stars for days!!!

I have had mine for about 3 years

I have had mine for about 3 years....we sleep in 2 huge craters. I have 3 pillows that go from below hips to shoulder to attempt to fill on my side plus a 4 inch other brand memory topper. I would love to hear from the company!

I've had a king and a full

I've had a king and a full Bed Boss mattress for four years and love them. We sleep better than ever and don't have back and neck pains when we wake up the next day. The pillows we have are wonderful too. Thank You

We have had our Bed Boss

We have had our Bed Boss for about a week now and have never slept better! Both my husband and I have back and neck issues and wake up every morning now completely rested.

A couple of years ago

A couple of years ago I suffered from a bulging disk. Since then I haven't been able to sleep on my back.....until now. The mattress from Bed Boss is the ONLY mattress that I can sleep on all night.

Love my Bed Boss

Love my Bed Boss its a Visco Heir ET and its the best Investment I ever made.I have slept on it for 4 years and it still feels as good as when I Purchased it new .Thanks for making a Great Mattress

Just ordered

Just ordered our 2nd set of bed boss contour pillows. Thank you andrea for being sweet and helping me with my order. These pillows are the BEST around. Cant beat them!!!!

Quality sleep products

Quality sleep products, great value and a wonderful support staff make The Bed Boss the perfect match for retailers who care about their customers!

My wife and I have the Hybrid Sleep

My wife and I have the Hybrid Sleep and LOVE IT! We have recommended it to several of our friends who have also purchased it and love it as well. We now have all Bed Boss pillows too. Have never slept better and we miss our Bed Boss mattress every time we travel... can't wait to get home and sleep in our bed.

I owned a tempurpedic

I owned a tempurpedic...was not very Happy with it..ended up purchasing a BEDBOSS heir et and four years later I'm still in love with it. Best bed at the MOST AFFORDABLE price out there folks.

Scott is amazing

Scott is amazing and wonderful to deal with. Bedboss is a good co. and has all the bed needs you could want.

Been sleeping on my boss for a couple years now

Been sleeping on my boss for a couple years now. .omg..I love glad I found ur products. .yes I have pillow to bed iv ever slept in..I hate when I travel cuz I can't sleep in another for life. .

The best customer service

The best customer service in the industry hands down!

Promt Customer Service

Promt Customer Service, quick resolution of my concerns, by Scott, and Steve.

Good people

Good people with fair prices and great products. I will go back again for sure...thanks

The best sleep

The best sleep me and my wife have had in years. Great product!

Ok Mattress, Horrific Customer Service

Had to replace my first mattress (prestige) after only 4 months because my wife and I, who are not even remotely overweight, had large body indention's. Even with craters 3.5" deep, I was forced to pay shipping or they wouldn't honor my warranty. 2nd mattress comes in and we laid it flat on a bed for the specified 24-48 hours. Nothing. After about a week, we sent pictures of it being over 3" thinner than our current mattress and they ask me to pay shipping again. I asked Chris (Customer Service Rep) to talk with his superiors because I was not paying shipping again. No response from him for over a month. After finally calling and talking over the phone and him making excuses and being rude, he said I need to send more pictures because the ones I sent were not accurate anymore. Worst customer service from Chris and a mediocre mattress at best.

Bed Boss Is Concerned Only With Profits Off Of Your Pain, Customer Service Is Non Existent

Beware of Bed Boss. I wrote the following letter to the alleged customer service representative Chris. Chris, A piece of plywood? Bring the mattress to you? Really? I've just spent a considerable amount of money on not only a new king size mattress, but also the headboard as well as a bunk bed and your solution is to buy a piece of plywood? It's not only disappointing that you appear to be selling an inferior product, but also have a lack of customer service and empathy, which should be more appropriately called "customer disservice". One reason, my wife and I chose to purchase a mattress from a retail outlet as opposed to a mail order mattress is that we would have expected to receive support after the sale. Apparently that is not the policy of the Bed Boss company. It's also quite interesting that you have no problem delivering and setting up the mattress, but seem to be unwilling or unable to send a representative to examine the mattress at my residence. You must really have some super human powers, to be able to evaluate a mattress by just viewing a few pictures. My guess however, is that you do not have these powers and that you are really just pretending to play the role of a customer service representative while allowing the company to stuff cash in it's bank account. Your claim of not receiving my initial emails is bogus, since I have the emails that I sent, which indicates your are either incompetent, or a liar. This brings me to your advice of bringing the mattress to you for an inspection. How am I supposed to bring you the mattress? It is KING SIZE MATTRESS! Should I fold it up and place it in the trunk of my car? Maybe I should rent a truck, and drive the 86 miles from Crossville Tennessee to Chattanooga? Yes, that would be a great idea. To throw good money after bad, just so you don't strain yourself providing customer service. My wife has not had a good night's sleep for months, due to the defects in this mattress. She wakes up every morning with back and hip pain from whatever defect is beneath the padding. This situation has prompted me to research Bed Boss on the internet. I wish I had done this before purchasing your product. Do you know why? Guess. The general consensus of reviews, is not only that other unsuspecting customers are having issues with defective mattresses, there are even reviews that have said that the customer service representative, Chris, is totally WORTHLESS! Imagine that? As I have stated, I wish I had found these reviews of Bed Boss and yourself, before I had spent a substantial amount of money at your Crossville location. You had better stash that money that you have scammed from customers that have purchased your garbage that is disguised as a premium mattress. Companies like yours don't stay in business in the long run. Mark

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