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Beautyrest Silver Mattress Reviews


+1.2x better cooling

+/- firmness

+/- lasting support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 100 For The Price

Top 150 Overall


Spring 2024 Updates: Beautyrest Silver is currently being sold at popular retailers like Costco, Walmart, and elsewhere. There are some reports of limited availability in certain models. Recent customers are mostly happy with mixed reviews about durability.

Beautyrest Silver is one of Beautyrest's most cost-effective mattress lines. Sold at Costco and another major discount retailers, Beautyrest Silver focuses on low cost mattresses without skimping on the mattress thickness. Overall, these mattresses are well regarded by customers, but there are some complaints about durability.


+1.2x better cooling
+/- firmness
+/- lasting support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 100 For The Price
Top 150 Overall

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8/10

No Back Pain: 8.3/10

Price: $549-$1721

Trial Period: Depends on Retailer

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Beautyrest Silver's Specifics

The Beautyrest Silver mattress line is one of Beautyrest's discount mattress offerings. With a focus on layers of foams above pocket coil support systems, they offer low costs for thick mattresses. While you may have to shop around for availability, there are multiple firmness options available, from plush to firm. However, when it comes to comfort, there are some mixed customer sentiment about these mattresses with some describing sagging and durability issues in some models.

Quality of Materials

Beautyrest Silver mattresses utilize mid-grade foams and pocket support systems. Due to the pricing model of these mattresses, with both brand and retailer marking up the mattresses, the value for the materials may be much lower than buying from an online brand that sells direct to customers.

Beautyrest Silver has multiple mattresses to choose from with some slight differences with their comfort layers so they can tailor to firmness specifications.

We'll go through the layers and call out potential differences:

Cover Layer: The cover layers are made with DualCool™ Plus that diffuses heat away from the body and wicks away moisture.

Top Comfort Layers: The first comfort layer depends somewhat on the model in terms of firmness. However, it features cooling foam and pressure relieving foam layers, sometimes with airy channels in the foam for better circulation. These layers do well with cooling and also are tailored to the firmness rating of the mattress selected.

Support Layers: The last layer is a pocketed coil support system with springs that adapt independently to the body's curves. This layer supplements the supportiveness of the layers above depending on the firmness selected.

Overall Comfort

Most customers find the Beautyrest Silver mattresses to be initially comfortable. One of the benefits of these mattresses is less partner disturbance, the firmness options, and also pressure relieving comfort layers. While most customers had good things to say at first, some mentioned firmness and durability concerns.


The Beautyrest Silver mattress line has a wide range of firmness options, which is ideal for those that are looking for something besides a standard medium-firm mattress. Those that are smaller and side sleepers may prefer a softer mattress, while those that are stomach sleepers or larger will desire a firmer mattress.

Back Pain Relief

There were some mixed reviews about long term back pain relief with customers mentioning positive back pain relief less than average*.


Most sleepers will find these mattresses suitably cooling for them due to the top airy comfort layers and cooling cover. However, some in warmer environments may need something more specialized.

Who Are Beautyrest Silver Mattresses Right For?

Those that are looking for a budget-friendly mattresses and need a wider range of firmness options can find something initially comfortable here. However, there are some doubts about the longevity from some reviewers.

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Long for bedtime all day long...

We just received this week and it is perfect! I have to say it is hard to buy a mattress online but this was a great deal. We were looking for firm but nothing rock hard since I like to sleep on my side and I have hip issues but my husband loves to sleep on his back. So we compromised with this. We looked at Necturs and Tempurpetics types but they made me weary. Plus you have to have a certain bed frame (which we do not right now). We did not want a pillow top which did that before and that was mistake. Of course we were way overdo for a mattress but this was exactly what we were looking for. I am not sure it is real Plush..might be a little more in the middle. But everyone has different opinions. I went off the reviews and other research and it worked for me. A little soft but firmer. Setting delivery was a nightmare with XPO but hey, it was free. it got here in one piece.

Wonderful Mattress

We have had the mattress about one week and I have finally started to sleep through the night again! It is a little firmer than I thought it would be since we purchased the plush version, but still feels great. It is almost like you can feel the mattress contouring to your body. Also, I never feel the bed move when my partner turns.


Good support. Cool top.

Beautyrest 14.5 Silver Dual Cool Plush Mattress

No box spring and the mattress is so very thick, I need a boost to get into bed!

Great mattress

A great night sleep

Beautyrest 14.5" Silver DualCool Plush Mattress

Love it

Happy with this Mattress Pad!

Just what I wanted! Soft, cushy & well sewn!

Great mattress

I thought the top was going to be a bit more plush, however, the mattress is fantastic. Great buy.

Beautyrest mattress

This arrived on time and in good shape. It has good support but is plush enough to help eliminate my shoulder and hip pain. Our old mattress was over 10 years old, so this was an easy comparison.

So far so good!

So far so good. Only had it for a week but sleeping great and sleeping longer than usual. Previous mattress was waking me up early and often during the night.

Dips on both sides

I bought this King size mattress 2 weeks ago hoping it would be as good as the Queen size equivalent I already own. I am a side sleeper so as soon as I slept on it the first night, I knew something felt odd... my body was just uncomfortable. I soon realized that the mattress didn't need more time to adjust, it was simply dipping. I would expect King size mattresses to dip after a long time of wear but not on day 1! I asked my husband if his side was the same and sure enough, both sides did not have the support that I expected. Then I positioned my body in the center and realized that area was nicely supported. If this was done on purpose, this is one weird design. I am glad Costco has a good return policy because I would not find use for this mattress in my house.

Beautyrest Silver Plush

Nice mattress but firmer than I thought it would be. I will be ordering a 2.5 inch foam gel top mattress topper to make it a little softer. I would prefer a firmer mattress to one too soft. It appears to be made very well.

Guest room comfort

Great product. Very comfortable bed for the in-laws bedroom

Beautyrest plush mattress

I have only had this PLUSH mattress for a couple of weeks but I already sleep better. This mattress is the only one that doesn’t seem too hard for me. The only thing I don’t care for is that it is higher than a standard mattress...I guess that if for the extra cushiness. Also, delivery was great!

I like it

comfy and not so heavy

My new mattress .

I just received my new mattress and I am very very impressed!

Beautyrest Matress

Delivery was a week late, but wasn't a problem as this was a replacement mattress. Mattress is as expected.


Very comfortable mattress...exactly what we wanted. Shopped mattress store beforehand to compare and tryout. Our 900.00 mattress was comparable to a similar one priced at 3600.00 at the local mattress store. We are very satisfied


Very nice mattress

Dual Cool Plush Mattress

This mattress is so comfortable, firm and supportive. Great purchase.

King Mattress Is Perfect!

Beautiful, sturdy, and a perfect fit!

Not as soft as expected for a "plush"

This mattress is more "medium" than plush.


It’s more firm than you would expect a plush mattress to be. However it has been quite comfortable and we’re sleeping on it just fine. We both get shoulder pain if sleeping on the wrong mattress. I’m 5’3” and 110 lbs. husband is 5’7” and 160 lbs just for reference. We prefer to sleep on our sides.

Mattress review

Mattress was good. However they refused to take old mattress away which was reason I bought from Costco. The add clearly said old mattress would be removed.

Mattress review

Great mattress. It is not plush. I now sleep on my back. I hope it does not develop sags. I’m only 2 weeks into this mattress.

Delivery and Mattress - A+

So comfy - awesome delivery service!

I would not recommend it

It’s hard as a rock. It hurt both of our backs

worth it

switched from a firm to a plush. and no more back ache

OK only

The mattress itself is fine, but without a set of springs, sits very low in most bed frames. That is a problem for the overall height of the bed (too low) and makes tucking in sheets and blankets more difficult.

Good buy

Soft topper but it does have good support

Beauty rest Mattress

Have only had it for two weeks. So far, it feels great.

Firmer than expected

It's nice, but not plush (imo). I would say more like comfort firm.

Restful and longer sleep!

So far, after two restful nights, we can say we're happy with this mattress. As advertised, it is plush but with great support.

Cozy cozy marshmallow fluffy dream cloud

Ive tried four other mattresses (all much more expensive) and this is my favorite!!! love this mattress. I wanted a plush bed and it is definitely plush! So soft and cozy, yet supportive too. I’m so happy with this mattress.


This mattress doesn’t keep you as cool as I thought but it is quite comfortable. I would recommend.

It’s a miracle... hallelujah!

If firmer mattresses have made you regret buying them and given you nothing but back pain and sleepless nights... and an expert like a chiropractor has recommended you find a more plush mattress... this is a great choice. Both my husband and I suffered from back pain and had trouble sleeping. My husband tends to be very warm and I am going through menopause... so we needed cooling down to be able to get some sleep. This mattress has made A-L-L the difference. I have always been a light sleeper and every little noise or movement would wake me. I now sleep during the whole night and don’t even feel my husband get up early in the mornings. I am so much more rested and refreshed in the mornings... I am a morning person again!

Best Sleep in a Long Time

Firm but comfortable mattress. We couldn't be happier with our choice.

Good buy

It’s quite comfy. It’s a pretty tall mattress. I wish I had gone 12 instead of 14 inches.

Comfort level of Beautyrest

After years of sleeping uncomfortably on a mattress that was too firm it was a welcomed relief to find a mattress that was not to soft or too firm to sleep on. Very pleased that I found a mattress with the desired comfort level that I was searching for.


It’s Comfortable for the first couple nights then it Sinks to the middle, I don’t know think you can retune this items.

Beautyrest Silver mattress

This is a very firm mattress

Not plush at all, started sagging after a few days

I was hopeful about this mattress. It wasn't to be - from the first night it was uncomfortable and I started having terrible aches and pains. It is not very soft - there is a soft layer on top, but underneath that it is hard. Even my husband said that it is a firm mattress. It started having an indentation after a few days - we are not large people. I am 5'2" 135, My husband is 5'10, 150. I returned it an purchased a mattress elsewhere. I love Costco and their return policy, but it seems that they do not sell high-quality, well made mattresses that are truly soft.

This is the mattress we were looking for - Plush

This was the feel we were looking for. At first we purchased a Firm mattress, but felt like we were sleeping on a board. Yes, we gave it a 4 week trial. Now we exchanged it for this Plush mattress and have been very satisfied. The was the supported, yet soft feel we were looking for.


Very supportive. The 'new' order of modern mattress. good balance of price/value.

Beautyrest silver Mattress

Bed is very comfortable, not sure what the cooling part is because I don't notice that but it is a nice mattress and I'm happy with it.

Great bed

Very comfortable. I ordered plush it is very plush. Does not smell. Edges have good support. A little bit warm but it's not bad. I would recommend this.

Don't buy bed without touching it

There was nothing plush about this bed

not something i would order again

Mattress says plush its more like medium to firm. It also took costco 5 weeks to get it to me

Very firm, not plush.

This mattress is not plush. It is very firm. It appears to be well made.

Plush Mattress

Purchased the queen size mattress. It wasn’t as ‘Plush’ as I expected, i.e. a bit firmer, but surprisingly comfortable. Just bought another one.

Great mattress

Very comfortable and came earlier than expected.

Comfortable mattress

Comfortable mattress.

Comfy but warm

This is a very comfortable matress, but it is warm. It would be nice if it had the cooling gel.

Beautyrest Mattress

We purchased from Costco and returned after one night sleep. The bed looks great and I’m sure comfortable for some, but this mattress is not plush, it is pretty firm. Returned and purchased a medium firm with plush pillow top mattress. Huge difference.

Very supportive mattress!

It’s definitely one of the most back supporting mattress we’ve ever owned. It’s feels more like a medium soft with plenty of back support. It did take three weeks to get, thanks to COVID 19.

Great Purchase

We bought this bed for my brother who is disabled he is in the bed about 1/2 of the day. He said his body feels better and that he sleeps so much better. It defiantly is getting 5 stars from our family


It is extremely firm, not at all plush! Unfortunately we had to returned it.

The more I sleep on it, the more I like it.

I have slept on three beds for the past eight years and all of them hurt my back. I finally decided that I had had it and got on and found this Beautyrest mattress. I was nervous to order it online without having had an opportunity to lie on it, but I'm so happy that I just went for it. For the first time I don't wake up with back pain and I am even able to lie on my back without pain if I want to. Before I could only tolerate side sleeping. I sink in to it, yet it offers support. This mattress is your favorite comfy couch in bed form.

King size plush mattress

Comfortable and works well for me

Excellent purchase

Great value. Comfortable mattress with a nice pillow top. Perfect compromise between firm and soft. You will not sink in to this mattress but soft enough for a good night sleep.

Feels good to me

I tried the Stern & Foster Kirkland mattress but found it too quilted making it feel lumpy. This mattress feels good to me.

Best invesment

Great product

Beautyrest Silver 14.5

All is well and enjoying the Beautyrest Silver 14.5".


The pillow top is just plush enough to hug my body and the springs are firm enough to feel like I am being supported, it is kind of the perfect in between. As a bonus the dual cool definitely works as this thing actually breathes, and I don't sweat nearly as much with this as I did with my old mattress.

Comfortable mattress

So far it is just fine. Was hoping for a bit more softness but have been sleeping comfortably.

Like a Dream

I earlier reviewed this item negatively due to factors related to delivery issues related to the Coronavirus. We have now slept on this mattress nightly for almost three months and absolutely love it. It comfortably supports my husband’s bad back with its firm foundation yet the plush upper top gives an inviting comfort that invites sleep. We have spent much more on previous mattresses yet none has given the same level of satisfaction than this.

Just too insubstantial

I feel badly returning this mattress during COVID. I have tried and tried to adjust to it. I spend a great deal of time in bed because of a dumb chronic illness and it just doesn't work for us. We both always roll to the middle. And he snores.

Nice bed just not what we were looking for

For us the mattress was just not the right fit. We were sleeping on an older Tempur-pedic and when we put the new Beautyrest on the box springs it was too hard. We took it off the box springs and it still was a bit too stiff for us. It is a move bed just not what we were looking for.

Great Mattress

The mattress is just awesome and I love it

My pregnant wife and I...

My pregnant wife and I selected this mattress, on sale, off due to its affordability, name brand, and features of inner spring coils and foam layers. The right side of the mattress slept quite firm, like a new mattress would be expected to sleep. The left side was oddly unsupportive, completely different from the right side. When sleeping on the left side, you sank into the cushion layers down to the coils, but the coils were still extremely firm. Very very uncomfortable to say the least. Overall, this was more of a firm mattress rather than a Plush mattress.

Great Mattress

Comfortable and cooling

Beautyrest Silver

Excellent sleeping experience.

Very happy!

Very comfortable, good middle between soft and firm.

As Expected ...

This product was exactly as I had expected ...


Incredibly comfy mattress

Says plush in description. Its not.

Our old plush mattress was lumpy and uneven, so we were looking for something with a little less give. The description says medium mattress. It is firm. Very firm. We had hoped to get rid of our foam topper, but after 2 nights, we added it back on. Other than the extra height, it seems to be comfortable with the topper. If you want plush, this is not the mattress you want.

Beauty Rest Mattress

Outside of it being a one sided mattress it’s a very good mattress.

Cloud in Heaven...

I Love My New Mattress!! To Me, I’m sleeping on a cloud! Thank you!

Great Mattress

This mattress is great! It’s very comfortable, and I would definitely recommend it.

Awesome Mattress

This mattress is wonderful. I took a chance on this and it payed off. I would buy it again!

Not plush - too firm

This mattress is well made but it was too firm for me. If you are a back sleeper it is more comfortable but for me being a side sleeper it wasn't.

Doesn't Last Long

Bought this mattress in 2020 right after pandemic. Probably stayed in it more than usual but it was the worst mattress. Started to sink in spots and springs started to poke. My husband and I are at slim build so this shouldn't be any issue but just not durable at all. Dont buy if you have back, neck or hip pain. Maybe for a slim teenager or something.

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