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Beautyrest Recharge Mattress Reviews

Recent Updates: The Beautyrest Recharge line has absorbed into the Beautyrest Silver offering. To learn more check out our full break down of the Beautyrest Silver offering.

Beautyrest Recharge mattresses are Beautyrest's budget offering, sold at popular retailers across the country. They are comparable to Beautyrest Silver products sold elsewhere. These mattresses come in multiple firmness options and feature both foam and pocket coil support systems as features of their designs. Overall, these mattresses get good ratings from customers overall, but there are some that had issues with durability and initial comfort.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8/10

No Back Pain: 8.3/10

Price: $699-$1599

Trial Period: Depends on Retailer

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Beautyrest Recharge's Specifics

The Beautyrest Recharge mattress line is Beautyrest's budget friendly mattress collection, that is comparable to Beautyrest Silver sold in some retailers. These mattresses focus on layers of foams above pocket coil support systems. One thing to like about these mattresses is that they come in multiple firmness options. However, there were some complaints about these mattresses around initial comfort and sagging in some models.

Quality of Materials

Beautyrest Recharge mattresses utilize mid-grade foams and pocket support systems. Due to the pricing model of these mattresses, with both brand and retailer marking up the mattresses, the value for the materials is often much lower than buying from an online brand that sells direct to customers.

Beautyrest Recharge has multiple mattresses to choose from with some slight differences with their comfort layers so they can tailor to firmness specifications.

We'll go through the layers and call out the differences:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is made of Surfacecool™ fabric that works to diffuse heat away from the body.

Top Comfort Layers: The first comfort layer depends somewhat on the model. This is either a layer of Aircool™ foam or gel infused memory foam. These layers do well with cooling and also are tailored to the firmness rating of the mattress selected.

Support Layers: Individually wrapped coils act as the primary support features of these mattresses. They work independently to cradle the spine. Around this layer is foam encasement for extra comfort along the sides.

Overall Comfort

Most customers find these mattresses to be initially comfortable. Some of the benefits of these mattresses is motion isolation so you won't disturb your partner and the firmness options. However, there were some complaints about durability with this brand.


The Beautyrest Recharge mattress line has a wide range of firmness options, which is ideal for those that are looking for something besides a standard medium-firm mattress. Those that are smaller and side sleepers may prefer a softer mattress, while those that are stomach sleepers or larger will desire a firmer mattress.

Back Pain Relief

Although there is a large customer base that has found good initial comfort with these mattresses, there are some concerns about the durability, which may hinder long term relief.


Most sleepers will find these mattresses suitably cooling for them due to the top airy comfort layers and cooling cover. However, some in warmer environments may need something more specialized.

Who Are Beautyrest Recharge Mattresses Right For?

Those that are looking for a range of firmness options other than medium-firm can find something initially comfortable here. However, there are some doubts about the longevity and value for the materials of these mattresses.

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Mattress is great now that the lift is gone

So far i have been satisfied with this mattress i purchased Labor Day week . This was the second matress i purchased since July 4th sale. I had terrible back pain from the lift. Returned the soft matress for a firm matress. I did not recieve relief from back pain until i had to purchase the box spring that matched the firm mattress. I have been very displeased with how the salespeople would not accept my problem with the lift. They just kept saying oh give it more time, you will love it! Well my pain increased each time with both mattresses after about three weeks. I couldn't even walk, take a step without excruciating pain. This problem was finally resolved after i had to purchase a box spring. And get off the lift. I wish they would come and remove this lift from my home as it is just sitting here in my way. No one wants it. The mattress so far has been very good.

Love our Matteress and our service!

Love our mattress and the service! Hope you can work out the company's financial woes. The color-coded selection assistance was a big help.

Mattress for grandson.

Says comfortable so all I can attest to. He seems sleep quite well.

Please don’t buy this mattress it’s not firm at al

This mattress was the worst investment I ever made in my life I now have a neck and back problems I’ve had it not even a month I have neck problems back problems it says that it’s firm but it sags and sinks in please do not buy this it’s a waste of money and now in order to get a new one which I’m totally skeptical from buying from mattress firm now it’s going to cost me extra money at least $100 to exchange and if I don’t want the mattress it’s gonna cost me 80 bucks to restock it please anyone who reads this is not a hoax please believe me don’t buy this mattress not worth it absolutely sucks

Great features

We're so happy with the product and services we received

So far like the mattress not to firm not 2 soft

What this mattress month ago and I so far satisfied

Worst mattress I’ve ever slept on

I bought this about a year ago. I paid a ton of money for it and I already need a new one. It sinks in on one side and when we moved houses it was literally impossible to move because there’s no support to it whatsoever. I will never buy a mattress here again.

Satisfied Guests!

I bought this bed for one of my spare-bedrooms and my guests have expressed how comfortable they sleep at night. I recently slept in my spare bedroom to test out the bed for the night and it's absolutely comfortable. I am super pleased with my purchase.

perfect mattress

Bought this mattress about a month ago. For me it has the right amount of padding on top with right amount of firmness of the springs, makes for a great sleep.

Very Supportive and Comfortable

I bought this mattress last week and it has been a great mattress. I am a 400lb retired football player and it fully supports me and my wife.

Noisy and lumpy

I have had this mattress for 6 weeks and plan on returning ASAP!

Restful comfortable smile .

I buoght my mattress on 8/ 29 really comfortable nice to move and not disturb my partner .

Best sleep I've had in years. Will buy another one when needed.

Very saisfied

We visited the Mattress Firm store about a month ago to purchase a new mattress and box spring. We chose a medium firm Beautyrest and have been very satisfied with it. The salesperson knew what she was doing. Price was fair, and delivery was quick and without glitches. The company took away our old mattress without charge--very glad we didn't have to deal with this task. Overall, very happy with the company and product.

Pretty good!

I moved from out of state and needed a new mattress ASAP. At home I was sleeping on a memory foam matress, so I was nervous to make the switch. I wanted something soft within an average price range since I’ll be moving home in 2 years. The first couple night I woke up with a stuff neck. That has improved, not sure why. Then the past few nights my lower back has been achy. Not sure if it’s the new mattress or me.

Completely satisfied

I really love the feel on plushness of this mattress!!

New Mattress

New Mattress is good. It seems to sink down around the top where I lay my head so still trying it out.


I bought this mattress 2 years ago. It was on sale, then went on sale again after I bought it. Customer service was nice and refunded the difference. However, I totally agree with other 3 star reviews. This mattress does not feel like the one in the store. I kept checking the tag to see if they delivered the correct one. Then after only a few months it started to get lumpy or bunch up. Never had a mattress do that. Nos after 2 years I totally forgot about the cooling part inside. I don’t think that feature ever worked.

really nice mattress

very happy with this mattress.....shoulder and neck pain is going away.....would recommend this bed for side sleeping people.

Happy night sleep

We purchased this mattress for my 90 year old mother. She said it was one of the best nights sleep she had.

Very comfortable and supportive

The first time I bought this it sagged really bad in the middle but I got the warranty and now it is all better. I would recommend this bed because of the comfort and because of the warranty that comes with it.


Very nice sleeping very well really like the new mattress

Just What We Were Looking For

This was the king version of the Beautyrest mattress we have slept on for years. We were not disappointed. Mattress Firm had a very fair price and their service and delivery were top of the line. Highly recommended.

Love it

Very happy glad I got my bed from your store. Great

Incredibly comfortable!

This mattress combines comfort and affordability in one! I always thought that a quality mattress was out of my price range but that was before I found this one. Now, I have major back, hip, neck and knee problems and haven't gotten a good night's rest in years. The first night on this mattress and I slept for 9 hours straight. I woke up refreshed and without pain! The top is plush but you don't feel like your body is sinking in. When side sleeping, my hip dipped in softly and comfortably a bit but my body was aligned perfectly. A must have for people like me who have back and neck issues.

Great deal

I bought this mattress today and I’m loving it, first time ever buying a mattress in my life it’s super comfortable not regretting it at all went to the store on my lunch brake just to get it out the way and the sales guy Andrew was super helpful with getting me a good deal and a great mattress thanks you!!

Very comfortable

I bought this a month ago for my son. He loves it sleeps like a baby now

First new mattress purchase in years A+

I recently purchased a new mattress for my little boy which was the first mattress we purchased in years and we have been very pleased with mattress firm as well as the mattress itself. The mattresses is a nice size and is extremely comfortable.

Love this BED !!!

After a month of trying out the new bed, every time we sleep on it, it just feels so comfortable.


Bought a Beauty Rest full size mattress for our guest room. It looks great and most of all its comfortable for my guests.

Love it!!

Like this mattress as soon as I laid down on it in the store. My sister though it was too soft and purchased the same type but firm. Not 3 weeks later we're back in the store, I'm getting a queen size (initially purchased full) and my sister is getting the "medium". We love the comfy*ness of it! And let's not forget the wonderful sales person, Fred!

Nice mattress

Purchased this mattress and still trying to get use to it. MAy still have to exchange foe a softer mattress as back is really bothering me. Know if I decide this is necessary the staff will be very kind and helpful. This far I have been back to the store twice and all have been very kind.

So comfortable

I purchased my mattress because of bad back. I have not had a bad night sleep. Great purchase.

Extremely Comfortable

I've been using this mattress for two weeks now and it is amazing. It's extremely comfortable and I sleep incredibly well. It's soft, but its got a nice firmness to it so that you do not feel like you're completely sinking in. Finally, it adjusts well to my back when I lay on it, which usually hurts when laying on a surface that's too firm. I got the mattress on sale, absolutely worth the sale price, can't speak for the base price.

Great Job

Bought Ashaway adjustable queen size bed. Excellent!!

very comfort and slept well.

I brought the bed several weeks ago and finally put it together. I slept like a baby no aches and pain when I got up the next morning.

Great mattress & great customer service!

We found my daughter the perfect mattress it was firm but with a pillow top and best of all, it was on sale. Thomas was very patient and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Mattress Firm in Hamilton Marketplace!!!!

Love it.

I bought this Matteress about a month ago and I just Love it is so comfortable.

Not the same as store model

This mattress is much harder when you get it home than the floor model. I've had it over 30 days and my arms are still going numb, I toss and turn and can't sleep, my neck hurts. They said I could return it for a more expensive mattress and no delivery fee when I bought it but now they say I have to pay the price difference PLUS a delivery fee for another one. The only reason I bought with them is because I thought I could get at least ONE exchange if it did not work. Bad cust service, don't like the mattress at all. If you like a firmer mattress and don't have joint issues this may be OK.


I LOVE my new mattress! It is perfect! I am so happy I bought it!

I bought this Ashaway mattress I’ve been sleeping on it now for 30 days or more I love it it’s wonderful to sleep on

Great features and awesome salesperson!

We bought this about a month ago for my husband who recently had back surgery. He loves it and I wish I could afford to get one in twin XL for my hospital bed!

Great service and Great mattress

I came in asking for a firm mattress and William Recommended I try a plush. Best advice I ever got. Wish I met William 20 years ago. I’m sleeping better and my back pains have gone away

Best Purchase

I am really very happy with the purchase of my mattress. I am sleeping better and my back is even feeling more rested when I awake in the morning.


I only bought this a month ago but since it was delivered I've had no back pain . It is firm yet comfortable for sleep.


It's a comfortable matress. The pillow top has quickly broken down, though.

Better firmness

The matress is so firm on the sides it doesn’t sag

very well made and comfortable.

I am very happy with the mattress and glad I made the purchase.

Very comfortable and knowledgeable ataff

Really enjoyed my experience and love the mattresses. They were very helpful in getting us what we want and at the right price. Bought these for a lake home and my husband said the mattress are so comfortable that he feels like he is staying in a very nice hotel when he sleeps on them. Thank you!!

comfortable yet firm

we've had this mattress for 3 weeks now and its every bit as comfortable as the most expensive mattress we've owned

I brought this a week ago.

I exchanged for an extra firm mattress and its feels much better.

Very comfortable mattress

I am really enjoying this mattress so far, it is right level of firmness for me.


It is a great and comfortable mattress. I am glad I bought it.

Great purchase!

Buying new mattresses, box springs, and pillows was a big decision. So glad we did!! Mattresses give us a solid sleep, very comfortable!

Wonderful and happy

Wow , so so happy , what a mattress . Very happy .

Horrible Quality

Purchased in September of 2017 and not slept on full time until April of this year by two people weighing under 200 pounds. The loft compressed creating wells that could be seen and felt. Without the loft it was very hard and we woke up with soreness every day. It had a mattress cover on 100% of the time and the mattress pad we added didn’t even help.Today I bought a new mattress and had it carried off as garbage. Do not buy.

Great Mattress / Great Service

From the moment we walked into the store and worked with Logan, our mattress buying experience was great. Our mattress is great and we’re very happy with our purchase.

Very comfortable

This mattress is firm, but still plush and cushy. Great support and comfortable!!

Gear mattress

I now have had this for a month and so far it is great

Happy Camper

Purchased about a month ago. Great mattress. I would definitely recommend mattress firm

Fabulous solution to back problems.

I’m sleeping so much better. I also believe that I am doing something to keep my body in alignment every night as well.


I love this mattress it’s very comfortable . And firm

Simply soft!!

Love it!! The mattress is soft but also supportive.

120 day change

The 1st mattress just didn't work for us. Went to the store to exchange it. Will Truman was the salesman who helped us. He is a great, informative employee. If we had him the first time, we would've gotten it right than. He is very knowledgeable about you products. He's not a pushy salesman, he simply talked and listened to us and we got the perfect mattress! The two men who delivered the mattress were great. They stayed off our grass and had me rolling with laughter! Overall ot was a great experience and will recommend this location and Will. He is a definite asset to your company!

Best of both worlds

Firm and soft enoug at the same time. Love the kings size also.

Firm yet comfy!

I love my new mattress. I sleep better and with less back pain. I waited way too long to buy a new one,

Ive never slept so good!

Best sleep plus my back hurts less. I look forward to getting back in bed everyday


We now have a much better mattress set and boxspring! We kept the old set for much too long. My back thanks me everyday, it is so great to have a good night sleep. Hopefully, no negative issues will come up in reference to the mattress set., or the bedframe. My son's old set was terrible! It actually was sunken in the middle of the mattress, I do not know how he was able to sleep on it ! Hopefully, he will not have any problems either. So far, so good!

Not what I expected

The Ford week was ok, but now is not as firm as I thought it was. I still have pain in my back since it is not firm enough in my back.I may have to change it

Very Thorough

The salesperson had me try laying on multiple mattresses until I found the one that felt right for me.Then it was delivered with a box spring later the same day. Because of where I live, the delivery truck could not get all of the way to the house, so the driver and his partner carried the mattress and box spring at least 100 yards to make the delivery.

Too hard

My mattress is too hard. Uncomfortable to sleep on

Too firm

My upper back hurts when I sleep on this mattress. It felt great in the store, but now, it is not comfortable. It is not the mattress for me.

Very comfortable, good value!

Bought this mattress for my daughter’s room, she’s very happy with it.

Just what I wanted. Not to hard and not soft

It has really helped my back. Sleep all night. Great mattress

Just ok

It’s been about a month now. The mattress seems softer than the one on display. I do seem to sleep cooler though. But still waking up with back pain.

5 stars !

Excellent ! I sleep like a baby. Highly recommended.

best sleep ever

I enjoy the mattresses. They are very comfortable. I don't wake up in pain.

Great mattress, nice and firm

Kenny in Hingham was great at showing us all the different styles of mattress.

Just what I wanted

Hold on to this one...this is the third review I have done for you..I am enjoying my mattress totally, and had very good service in the store, and with delivery.

Great product

Bought this for a guest room and the couple visiting loved it compared to the other mattress I had (which was new also). They said it was as good as or better than there expensive mattress at home.

Firm and comfy!

My back had been sore, and as soon as I got this mattress, it started feeling better!

Quality great

I am very pleased I purchased the hart field beautyrest mattress. There was no smell as some reviews have stated and the quality is super. As the mattress is located in a guest room no one has slept on it but it is comfortable to lay on. The service was superb and the price was competitive. Thank you Rhonda O

The Best!

I bought my new mattress after 22years on my old one. Have slept with no back pain since my first week on my new mattress

Mattress Recharge

Love our new mattress we are sleeping so much better and the quality is great. I never realized how much it helped to sleep better and get the rest we deserve.

Feels too good to be true

The mattresses was delivered and promptly set up, but we have not moved in yet to be able to try it out. Sorry, but the review will have to wait for now. I hope that all will be fine.

I bought this mattress...

I bought this mattress in March and it's already dipping where my middle body sleeps. I have rotated 2 times already so dips on both sides. Not happy with the quality of this product.

soft but firm

so far so good. too firm at first but we were told to walk on it a little. seems to do the trick. hope consumers report` negative review (which i didn`t see til after purchase) doesn`t hold up

it's fine

Bought a twin bed for my brother. He said it's fine. Mattress Firm has been relentless with calls and emails.

Good mattress - a little less firm than expected

Bought the mattress a month ago and am generally pleased. It is not quite as firm as I expected. A very good value for the cost. Purchase, delivery and set-up were all very smooth.

Good quality matress, firmness is questionable.

Had the matress now for roughly a month. It is a comfortable matress, but the overall firmness seems to be lacking, compared to a different model of firm matress we have. It could do with being firmer.

firm, but not too firm

I bought this mattress for guest bedroom. I slept on it to make sure it would be comfortable for my guests. I found it to be as expected.

Very comfortable

We bought this bed this is the third one for different locations the price is reasonable for the quality

Great product & service.

Our second mattress of this type. Very happy with quality. The sales person at Bell location was the best.

Great experience. Well pleased with purchase.

Probably the best mattress I’ve ever slept on! The whole experience was very informative.

Great Quality

Purchased the mattress for my mom ... while firm for support it yields just enough for the body to remain comfortable

First Impression Was Deceiving

I bought this mattress less than a month ago, first morning after sleeping in it gave me so much back pain, I ended up sleeping on the couch. Couldn't exchange it because the it was an outlet store. #Disappointed

The luxury firmed bed is very comfortable

My son is enjoying the bed and happy about it an the adjustable frame that comes with it is very convenient.

Still Deciding

I bought this mattress a month. We were gone for 9 days on vacation so I havent been sleeping on it long. Im still undecided about the mattress. I like the firm feel, it's definitely what I needed but I think I need a litle softness on top. I have scholiosis and my husband has back issues as well and Im really leaning toward exchanging it for something just as firm but with some sort of pillowy top.

Comfortable mattress

I bought this mattress about 2 weeks ago, and was pleased with my purchase.

Just Right

It's hard for my husband and I to find a mattress that works for both of us because he needs a firm mattress to support his back and I like a softer mattress. This one is actually firm enough for him and soft enough for me. It's such a fantastic mattress that we're buying a second one.


Was on the fence whether or not to get this or the less firm mattress which I also have in a guest bedroom and it is also amazing.


This bed is ridiculously comfortable! You can’t feel your partner move around at night at all, so it helps you get a better nights sleep. The installation took them 15 mins and everyone at Matress firm was amazing!

It's great

I bought it a month ago and we love it we will be back


I sleep well on this mattress. I like the firmness with the soft top.

Pillow top not too soft or bouncy

Has a softness with the pillow top, and supports my spine pretty well. Although soft top, not too soft to not support the body joints. Actually a sturdy firmness below. Springs seem very supportive. Overall, feels quite balanced to me. Not too soft, not too firm. Actually returned the first bed as we found it too soft and bouncy. It was easy as pie, as I was told it would be.

Love this bef

I am sleeping like a baby. The bed is so great to put up back and read or watch tv

Very comfortable

I've been using this mattress for 3 weeks and love it. It's just the right firmness (of course this is personal) and extremely comfortable

Love it

This mattress has a soft top and a firm base, so it is the perfect combination of comfort and support.

Great comfort

Bought this mattress for our Block Island house. Loved it so much we bought another for mainland apt. Great service; loved Ken, our sales person.

Sleeping so well!

Thanks for helping us find the perfect mattress! Not too hard and not too soft!

Satisfyingly comfortable

Great customer service and the mattress met all my needs. Great product overall

Beautyrest Recharge King

This mattress was OK at first but quickly lost function. After about two to three years now, my lower back is sore in the morning, and there are pressure points on my hips. I think this has caused the numbness and nerve sensations in my legs and feet for the last year. I thought I purchased a good mattress but now find after research that it is a low quality one with lots of complaints. ALL OF THE GOOD REVIEWS MUST BE FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVENT HAD THEM THAT LONG, OR FROM BEAUTYREST COMPANY FAKE REVIEWS.

Beautyrest Recharge Mattress failure

Bought a Beautyrest Recharge mattress from HBC in Dec. 2017. By Aug. 2019 the Mattress was lumpy, edge guard failed and and was non existent! Applied for the ten year warranty with both HBC and Simmons and they rejected it! The Boxspring is in perfect condition and the Mattress is complete garbage! I supported the Boxspring with 3/4" plywood across each boxspring support and it does not flex at all but the Mattress pocket coils have completely failed in several sections leading to dead zones and a totally lumpy mattress. So now I am stuck with a completely useless $2600 mattress and Simmons has just washed their hands of it! I, my family and friends will never buy a Simmons product again and through social media I will make sure as many people I can contact know this lack of customer service!

It has given me back pains

I bought this king sized beautyrest recharge ultra about 3 and a half years ago. I have not been slept on it too often but every time I slept on it, I got back pain, not just slight pain, but very bad back and neck pains. A few times my daughter came to visit, she complained about back pains every time she slept on the bed. It may be too soft, but I even suspect bigger problems, such as the materials used may be toxic. I’m going to investigate.

look elsewhere not a great bed

we have had this bed for 3 years and it is complete trash, in the middle of the bed you can push down nearly feel the bed frame. the top looks nice and at first it seemed ok (we had a extra firm) but did not hold it firmness.

Loses function after 3 years

I have had this mattress for 5 years and the past 2 years have been uncomfortable. I wake up with pain in my shoulder and my husband in his hips. The pillow top lost is softness. We tried to move the mattress to at least flip sides but it is so heavy the straps started ripping. I am now in a position to move and will probably not be taking it with us but will purchase a new matter. I do not recommend this mattress.

Worst Bed Matthress Ever

First of all this mattress doesn't deserve any stars. It slops on edge in the middle. I am actually sewing it up right now until I can afford another mattress. I am only 135 ps and have complete back aches every night. I assume the fabric they use is cheap and causing the slop. My advise ... DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Not worth the money

We could not sleep on this mattress because it sags in the middle. Received no satisfaction with the warranty. Had to put it into the guest room. Would never buy another mattress from this company.

Worse mattress

When we first bought the mattress it seemed the perfect mattress, out of so many out there, however, my husband's side of the bed sunk in. We tried to exchange it but the technician they sent out did not see anything wrong with it. The worst mattress I've ever purchased. Would not recommend this mattress at all. Only six years old and already needs to be replaced. Paid a pretty good price also.


Way too soft, no support, lumpy, I was told it was because of the way it was packaged, it will work out, well 2 years later still no improvement. Its not nearly worth the price I paid from Mattress Firm. Don't buy unless you want to lay in lumpy liquid cement !

not worth it

I originally bought a cushion firm. By 6 months it had flattened 2 inches. I used the retailers swap plan. I then got an ultra firm. It is now 3 years old and gives me backaches. I have rotated every 6 months. This last time I checked the box spring. The center support in both box springs has separated from the rest of the box spring frame. I can't believe they want a fee to inspect it, and I have to pay shipping for this sub par product.


I owned this bed for 6 years. In 6 years it broke down twice and was replaced. We are smaller people and this bed began to sag where we both slept in a matter of 18 months. The retailer I bought it from replaced it only to have it do the exact same thing again. I can not recommend this bed, and caution anyone buying it to STAY AWAY, you will love it for a year and then notice the sag. When I told the retailer again that the bed was falling apart they told me sorry, we replaced it once, nothing we can do. SO I suffered till I bought a new bed. Construction is poor, and and retail location should be avoided as well.

Two Years In, Time to Replace

My wife and I bought the Beautyrest Recharge about 2 years ago but have begun our search for a new mattress. My main issue is that it is already sagging beyond comfort level - my wife who weights 165lbs and sleeps curled on her side sleeps in a crater/pit, I weigh 195-200lbs and sleep on my back/side but already have the sagging occuring on my side as well. Over the years we have added a 1-inch foam cover to combat a secondary discomfort source - the hardness of the mattress itself. We've been able to remedy that issue, but between the short lifespan of this mattress along with the foam accessory we purchased, we should have expanded our budget the first time. This time we know better and will be paying up accordingly.

Review of Durability, Comfort and Warranty

We purchased this brand of mattress less than 6 years ago. In year 4 the mattress sagged where we slept. Checked our 25 years warranty and it was useless. Had to spin mattress 90 degree to reduce the sagging. Do not let first impression convince you to buy. This is a terrible mattress to buy!


After 1 year, this mattress started getting so uncomfortable, lumpy, & no support. Really disappointed I spent so much.

Extra Firm

This mattress was perfect for my daughter whom was 2 at the time we purchased it. She is now 5 and it is still very comfortable. It is right in between comfort, a plush feel, where here is enough support but will allow your hips and shoulders to sink a little. It is great for any type of sleeper. I recommend this to anyone!

Beautyrest Quality

We purchased our Simmons Beautyrest Mattress several years ago. The first couple years it was fine. But then it started to go downhill quickly. The springs or something, started to sag on each side which left a hump in the middle of our king size mattress! The store we purchased it from said it was out of 'warranty', then they went out of business! We added a $200 memory foam pad to the top to buy some time, but it has become so bad that we are going to have to buy a new mattress! We should have a couple years ago, but just can't find a way to make sure that we buy a good one! Hopefully this site will help us.

Excellent Mattress

I bought a Beautyrest Recharge Ultimate firm mattress 15 yrs ago. I had back problems and it has been so amazing. My back problems went away and the mattress stands firm up to now, I've never had to flip it. My mattress is like new, no slopes, just straight and firm. I highly recommend this mattress.

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