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Beautyrest Black

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Beautyrest Black is the highest luxury line of Simmons Beautyrest. These mattresses feature luxury materials, such as high end foams and 'Blackice™ cooling technology.' In addition to foam, they come with pocket spring support systems that independently respond and support the spine. These mattresses come in a variety of firmness options and designs and are well received by customers. However, they have some issues with durability and sagging in some models and also value for the pricepoint is called into question by some.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.5/10

No Back Pain: 8.5/10

Price: $1999-$6999+

Trial Period: Depends on Retailer

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Beautyrest Black's Specifics

The Beautyrest Black mattress line has won recent acclaim with its advertisements and celebrity endorsements. As the luxury line of the popular Beautyrest brand, it markets itself as the sleek high class sleep system for those that know how much sleep matters to productivity and an elite lifestyle.

However, the truth about the Beautyrest Black mattress line is somewhat more grey. There are some customers that report getting a good night sleep on these mattresses, but there are many that complain about degrading comfort and problems with the initial feel. Despite the hype and high ratings from some, a sizeable chunk of customers describe regret about their purchase.

If you are looking for long term comfort, consider taking a look at our list of top hybrid mattresses, specifically the Dreamcloud mattress that facilitates high end cloud-like comfort for a competitive pricepoint.

Quality of Materials

Beautyrest Black mattresses come in a variety of mattress firmness options and pricepoints. Generally, the thicker the mattress, the higher the price. Also, sought after features like the 'pillow top' that provides added cushioning on the top layer can add to the price.

We'll go through the materials that make up the Beautyrest Black mattresses. Depending on the model selected, some of the comfort layers may be slightly different. Here is what's inside:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is made of Surfacecool™ Plus fiber that is designed to whisk away heat on the top layer.

Top Comfort Layers: The first comfort layer depends somewhat on the model. But, it is generally made of Airfeel™ foam that is open cell foam that is customized to the firmness and is airy to facilitate air movement, or Dynamic Response™ memory foam that is ventilated for air movement while contouring to the spine and alleviating pressure point pain.

Bottom Comfort Layers: The following comfort layers are made of various memory foams to both support and melt away pressure point pain. Some mattresses also utilize latex foams that are more responsive or the proprietary Blackice™ memory foam that includes infusion of micro diamonds to diffuse heat and provide a luxury feel.

Support Layers: The support layers are made of Advanced Pocketed Coil™ systems (either with or without supportive nanocoils above). These spring systems act to cradle the spine independently.

Overall Comfort

As there are multiple firmness options to select, customers have greater flexibility to find a match for them and report good initial comfort overall. However, there were some caveats with some sleepers reporting unexpected discomfort and longevity problems.


The Beautyrest Black line has mattresses available from very firm to very soft. Those that are side sleepers and smaller sized will appreciate plush and pillow top options, while those that are larger in size or stomach sleepers will do better with luxury firm or firm rated mattresses from this line.

Back Pain Relief

These mattresses get mixed reviews when it comes to back pain relief. For those that found lasting comfort, there are reports of sleeping through the night and a happy experience. But, there are a sizeable group that reported having issues with comfort and durability.


For most sleepers, these mattresses should sleep cool. There were a few reviewers that mentioned feeling warm from these mattresses.

Who Are Beautyrest Black Mattresses Right For?

For those that regard their mattress as a fashion statement, these mattresses have a high end reputation and most feel initially comfortable. However, for those that ask 'are they worth it?', some sleepers think better value is found elsewhere.

Browse Beautyrest Black Customer Reviews

The best sleep

We bought this bed a few weeks ago and I can’t put into words how amazing it is. The price tag is high and completely worth it. Previously we had a very nice hybrid bed but I kept having back issues. Since we bought this one, my body’s never felt better. I would recommend at least laying on it in the store.


Very firm and not comfortable dont waste your money!

Cradles My Body

I love my bed & the adjustable bed for changing positions & pressure points. I also love the gentle massage. I hardly use my couch anymore.

Not a lasting bed

We have had this bed for just over a year now. We bought it a few weeks after the store started selling it. The first 6 months were amazing and so comfortable. The bed learns your body shape and doesn’t always come back like they said it would in the store. So now, even after rotating multiple times this last year, it offers minimal support. I end up sleeping with a flat pillow under my hips to help alleviate some pain. For the price tag, this is definitely not worth it. Both husband and I wake up each morning with low back pain.

The best

My wife states this the most comfortable mattress we’ve ever slept on. Our last mattress was a Tempurpedic Cloud which we bought 9 years ago, and it was always too hot for her. She was forever moving around on the bed too stay comfortable. With the Black Ice Mattress staying comfortable and getting a good nights’s sleep is now an every night occurrence.


I bought this a month ago and not really worth the heavy price tag.

Marshmallow Bed

I feel like I am sleeping on a marshmallow. Too soft and it makes my back hurt! Sadly this is my second bed trial so I am stuck sleeping on a bed I hate!

Very Comfortable. Excellent Support. A+

I really enjoy the quality and comfort of this Simmons BlackICE Mattress. We negotiated a great deal from our local MattressFirm, and our delivery guys were friendly and did a great job setting it up. All in all, a great mattress for a good price. Thanks!

Total comfort

I have been sleeping on this mattress for a few weeks now. It is unbelievably comfortable. I no longer wake up sore or aching! The best purchase I have made in a long time.

Very comfortable and cozy.

Comfortable and feels good sinking into mattress. Still trying to train myself to sleep on back with this adjustable frame. Husband no longer keeps me awake snoring since our heads and backs are elevated. My sinus headaches have almost gone away. Feet feel better with knees elevated because it takes pressure off of our heels.

Very very happy!

This mattress is soooo comfy. It really is expensive, but this is so worth it. I would like to sleep in more often these days!

Soft yet supportive

We have had this mattress for a little over a month and it has been nothing but fantastic! It is plush like a 5-star hotel mattress, yet firm and supportive like the older style Tempurpedics. The mattress took a couple of days to soften up to the level of comfort that we experienced with the demo on the showroom floor. Using the adjustable base, my wife and I have been able to position the mattress to mitigate snoring as well as alleviate the common aches we previously felt with our old Simmons mattress (10+ years old). We both have noticed positive changes to our sleep habits and energy levels. We do not toss and turn as much as we did with our previous mattress, and my wife stays cooler through the night thanks to the "phase change" material on the top layer of the foam. We both wake up earlier than we used to, without the usual pain in our lower backs and necks.

Unfortunately not for me

I originally bought this bed in medium firmness about two months ago. It caused my arms to go to sleep and my hands and arms tingle every morning. So I traded for the soft version, plush as they call it. This version caused me to wake up with my back in such pain that it literally burned. The difference in medium and soft is huge. From rock to quick sand. Both mattresses are very difficult to turn over in. It feels as if you are stuck to the bed. I have decided to return the mattress all together and try something different. Life is too short to wake in pain or discomfort every day.

Wow...What Comfort

My wife and I have always had high end inner spring mattresses. We had read over and over how a foam mattress offers more uniform support. We purchased a Beauryrest Black Ice Scarlett 14” foam mattress. The support and sleep is perfect and I t fits every curve in our tired old bodies. The experience at Mattressfirm was awesome with no pressure to purchase. Delivery was a very pleasant experience as the personnel were on time and curteous. I’d do it again.

Above average

Mattress is comfortable and it is not warm/hot when sleeping on it as previous memory foam mattresses. However mattress is far from cool and it is much firmer than store display.

Example: Great features!

Example: I bought this a month ago and am so happy that I did...

Very Happy1

I have had this mattress for a little over a month and a half. I think I am still breaking it in but it is, hands down, the best mattress for me. I have tried MANY mattresses. My latest was the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe. I think this mattress is very similar to that one but much nicer and more of a quality product. You won't be sorry if you try this mattress.

Good service, but mattress...

Turning on this mattress is like moving cement. It it very warm & doesn't give easily. I would not recommend it. This is the worst purchase of an expensive item I have ever made.

The best bed

I purchased this bed 2 months ago after exchanging the first bed after 3 wks thanks to the manager Zach who was awesome and made our purchasing stress free this bed is just like they say feels like sleeping on a cloud

Great mattress

Bought it about a month ago and it is super comfortable

Awesome mattress

I didn’t think I would like another mattress as well as my old one but my new one is awesome!!!! I highly recommend this mattress and our salesman Garret!

Insane comfort!

I love this bed! Living in South FL the heat is such a pain plus I am currently 7 months pregnant so my hormones make me even warmer especially at night and this bed is ALWAYS cool!!!! I am a larger woman (compared to my husband) the bed isn’t too soft by any means it truly molds to your body!!! I had initially had the McFarland Firm which felt like I was sleeping on the tile floor - I was thrilled when they were able to exchange it for me even though it was clearance and had no returns or exchanges (I purchased the 3yr warranty separately in case of defects) I tried so many soft, medium and firms mattresses - the soft were WAY too soft - even some mediums were... this bed was more of a molding support - very soft but doesn’t fold over me it is like literally sleeping on a cloud!

Super comfy!

We tried 2 other mattresses before getting to this one. So comfortable that I no longer toss and turn from aches and pains. My husband loves the way it "gives" so that there is no pressure on his shoulder when he sleeps on his side.

Extremely comfortable and sleeps cool

We absolutely love this mattress and are very happy with our purchase.

Sleeps really good

This mattress is very comfortable, but the ice doesn’t work if you ask me.

Worth the $$$$

I bought this mattress a month ago. I couldn't be happier! I also purchased the adjustable foot and head base. I no longer feel stiff in the mornings with back and leg pain. I suffer with over eating while I sleep and this mattress keeps me cool and comfortable.

Still testing

My wife and I bought this mattress about a month ago and we’re still testing it and breaking it in because the sales person said it will take a couple months for this type of mattress to breakin. I’m very comfortable on it and sleep well. My wife is still unsure if she likes it or not.

Very Comfortable!

We love the Scarlet memory foam mattress very much. Will never go back to the old-fashioned Spring mattress again. It hugs your body and gives you the most comfortable night sleep.

Finally, no back pain

The Black ICE Scarlett is the answer to my prayers. I've had chronic back pain for many years, and spring mattresses have never supported me well. It took two weeks for my body to adjust, but once it did, my back pain has disappeared. I highly recommend this mattress for anyone suffering.

This is the one!!

My husband has fought a bad back and lack of activity for months. The first night he slept on this mattress he woke up with no pain. If you have any doubt about a mattress buy this one. You will not regret it.

The most comfortable bed

It’s a total dream! It’s super comfortable and I look forward to getting in bed every night!

Very comfortable!!

My husband and i bought this mattress about a month ago and we love it!!

Great and comfortable

Climbing on this mattress is a sheer pleasure. My first 3 nites were a leaning experience but by the 4th nite slept great no pain anywhere in my body

Great Bed

Took a little getting used to but great matress. Should get one if You have back problems.

Major issue w smell

From the time they delivered it to when they removed it(almost 2 weeks)the mattress had a terrible distinct odor that permeated our entire a chemical or plastic resin of some sort. Needless to say this made it very difficult to sleep and was extremely frustratong!

Incredible level of comfort

After having a dealt posturpedic for 10+ years, it was time for an upgrade. After spending close to 2 hours in the store, we settled on the Dreambed 670 mattresss with the foam coils. I had my heart set on the Black Ice but my wife thought the dream bed was a little better. After owning the dreambed for a month, we just weren’t happy. Our backs were sore and it was just too firm. We took advantage of the 120 day Mattress exchange and got the Black Ice and we’re totally thrilled with it. Out back pain went away and I’m getting some of the deepest sleep I’ve had in years. When you spend 8 hours of the day sleeping on a bed, spending a little extra is totally worth it!

They have a great process to fit you , and it works!

Awesome mattress

We bought a king BlackICE Nadia a month ago and we have been sleeping amazing. I used To sweat every night with my older memory foam mattress. Since sleeping on the BlackICE, no more nightly sweating!! Nice comfortable sleep instead!

Perfect Mattress for Us!

My husband and I attempted several new mattresses before finding this one and I could tell after the first night that we will be sleeping in bliss for many years. Kristina Brown spent an incredible amount of time with us determining what our needs were and it turns out we each needed a different level of firmness. We opted for the split King and it was the best decision we could have made. She has changed our lives!

Not Convinced That It is Worth the Money.

I recently purchased this item and do I feel I am sleeping on a $4,000 mattress? No. I feel like I am sleeping on the same mattress I paid $800 for. The mattress feels much different than the in store model. In the end, I am not impressed. The middle part sinks as well which really surprised me. So if you plan to take a nap with three people and you are in the middle, prepare to not be comfortable.

So Comfortable

My husband and I purchased this bed after having a traditional box spring and mattress. We were not sure how we would like laying on a "hybrid" bed with memory foam. When the delivery came and the bed was set up it had a smell to it that made us a little nervous. The smell has since disappeared and all we are left with is a great night sleep and no back issues.

Great Mattresses

We purchased our mattresses almost a month ago ang we are very happy with both of them.

Love my memory foam mattress

I love my new mattress and black ice pillow! I no longer have back pain with the adjustable base. My wife is so happy with her’s that it has become a challenge to get out of bed. Wonderful product. Would diffinitly recommend it.

Best bed ever!

Not only amazing comfort but I always get hot during the night, I don't know how it works but I'm sleep cooler.

Amazing comfort!!!

Purchased these mattresses a month ago and have had the best sleep ever. Wish I would have purchased them much sooner.


im a disabled vet who has woken up with back pain since I got home in 2004. I have had several mattresses and had no luck. Litteraly has 4 warranty exchanges. Well we had our most recent exchange a few days ago and went with the Nadia which is the medium in the line of black ice. Let me tell u in the past few nights it’s the first time I get out of bed and don’t need 10 minutes to “warm up”. This is obviously not a long term review but I also sleep on one side and usually can only stay on side for a little while before the burn sets in,well not anymore. Hope this helps anyone who reads this.

After 4 months of usage, this mattress bends

I’m not waisting your time with unnecessary words. Mattress looks cool and feels like heaven the day you try it at the store.

Comfortable mattress

We bought this mattress about 3 weeks ago and so far it has been great. The mattress has "black ice" which helps keep you cool. I feel it still gets a bit hot if you lay too long in one position; however, a slight move or change in position and you can feel the coolness again. I was not in the market for a "memory foam" mattress, but ended up deciding on this one after trying it at the store. So far it has been a great purchase.

Amazing bed

We bought the bed around a month ago and it took a few nights to get used to it, but now that we are, wow! What an amazing nights sleep! I really didn't ever think I would be saying this about a memory foam bed, but it is very true!

Quality Mattress, exceptional craftmanship

I bought this mattress over the weekend along with an adjustable base to go into my low profile platform bed. Slats were removed so base can replace it. I had the adjustable base installed without the legs being that the mattress is 14". Since it was placed on top of the base I must say it was VERY firm. Obviously it was not going to feel like the showroom and I was aware however I woke up with shoulder pain and my back was a bit sore. I can definitely tell the mattress is a medium firm and is absolutely comfortable however I suffer from two herniated disc and sciatica for years. I could not withstand waking up every morning sore until after the breaking period and finally feel comfortable so next day I picked up a 4" memory foam and a 1.5". I placed the 4" in between the base and the mattress and the 1.5" on top of the mattress and OMG!!! absolutely heaven!! I slept like a baby with no aches or pains, so refreshed, best sleep I had in a long time. No sink-age, no feeling of being "trapped" no over heating, the black Ice technology really does work! The height of my mattress appears taller and throws off the look of my low profile platform bed but the comfort out weighs the aesthetics of it. I will be sleeping like a baby for years to come. Very happy with this purchase. Also I did not experience any funny smell coming from the mattress at all.

We Like It (However)

This bed is hard. But after saggy pillow tops not even holding up for 3-4 years, we wanted something firm. This is our first memory foam mattress. The bed is not broken in and as others have stated, it is much harder than the store demo. This is what we have done to make this bed heaven. We used our old Bed Gear 5.0 and covered the Nadia. Then we placed a 3 inch LUCID Gel Memory Foam Topper. Over the Topper we placed a Sunbeam Selecttouch Heated Mattress Pad dual control. We love this mattress now, but unfortunately had to customize it a bit. It beats our old Kings Down by a mile.

I Love my new bed!

We bought it a month ago and I was desperate for a new bed. It is wonderful to go to sleep every night.

Best Sleep

We bought this bed about a month ago my wife has been able to sleep in bed every night since she use to sleep on the recliners because of comfort now she is getting a better nights sleep

Never better sleep!

We have been sleeping on our new mattress for three weeks now and have the best nights' sleep in years! This is the most comfortable mattress we have purchased in our 49 years of marriage.

Excellent Service

Been sleeping on this mattress for about two weeks, still have trouble adjusting to a good nights sleep.

2nd Mattress sags

i am in the process of lodging a complaint to beautyrest 2nd mattress sagging after 2months so not worth the money .. so so disappointed . you get up feeling tired from a bad night sleep ... you get up in the morning and you can see where you both have been sleeping, bed does not bounce back ... as it is supposed to .. Harvey Normans just palm you of , as they don't have a responsibility for the product they sell ..

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