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Bear Star Hybrid Mattress Reviews


+2.5x soft comfort

+2.1x back support

+1.7x love it

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: The Bear Hybrid was rebranded as the Star Hybrid. It was upgraded to include a layer of copper-infused foam for an enhanced cooling feel and is still shipping as usual, typically within 3-10 business days.

The Bear Star Hybrid mattress comes well-crafted with a medium-firm, balanced support, resulting from its high end pocket coil system and exceptionally relieving memory foam layers. Also, new in its 2022 design, copper-infused memory foam adds enhanced pressure point relief and superior cooling. For warm sleepers, this mattress also features a cooling Celliant® fiber quilted top that keeps the surface degrees cooler than other mattresses. With its high ratings from customers, this mattress is a top contender for those looking for a refreshing sleep night after night!


+2.5x soft comfort
+2.1x back support
+1.7x love it

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

No Back Pain: 9.7/10

Price: $1298-$2796

Trial Period: 120 Nights

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Bear Star Hybrid's Specifics

The Bear Star Hybrid mattress is a high end mattress that provides the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam with the deep support of pocketed coils, and the cooling of Celliant® fiber. This is a great option for anyone looking for a balanced hybrid mattress, but specifically those that need deeper muscle relaxation and recovery, these mattresses are built for you.

Quality of Materials

The Bear Star Hybrid comes with multiple layers of foam and supportive pocketed coils. Here are the full details:

Cover Layer: The top layer is made with Celliant® fibers which provide superior advantages when it comes to muscle relief. Celliant® reacts to your body heat to create infrared light and promotes cellular oxygenation and circulation. The FDA calls out Celliant® fibers as a medical device for general wellness. Combined with Feran Ice Fabric, this quilted cover layer provides optimal cooling for a refreshing sleep.

Layer 1: Their recently upgraded first comfort layer is a copper-infused memory foam which is naturally antimicrobial. This layer helps to remove unwanted body heat while also providing contouring comfort for a cool and refreshing sleep environment.

Layer 2: The second comfort layer is a responsive comfort foam that further cools things down by promoting airflow. Adaptable and pressure relieving, this layer helps provide support for all body types and sleep positions.

Layer 3: The main support for the Bear Star Hybrid comes from edge-to-edge coils that are individually encased. This support system has stronger coils around the perimeter of the mattress for reinforced edge support. The coils respond to the body independently to cut down on partner disturbance and to provide superior support and spinal alignment.

Layer 4: The last layer is high-density support foam that provides deep support to the coil matrix above and provides long lasting durability.

Overall Comfort

These mattresses get great reviews from customers when it comes to overall comfort. Happy customers describe a cooling sleep with a cozy firmness and rejuvenation to the body.


The Bear Star Hybrid comes in a medium firmness profile, which is ideal for average sized sleepers as a versatile option for multiple sleeping positions. Those that are very slight in body size may find it too firm while side sleeping, but this is a rarity.

Back Pain Relief

From the Celliant® layer on top to the edge-to-edge coils, this mattress is designed to support the back and spine while also providing relief to your muscles. There are multiple customer accounts of immediate support and pain alleviation with this mattress.


One of the things that the Bear Star Hybrid does supremely well is cooling. The Celliant® and Feran Ice cover layer provides significant cooling and customers report it regulates temperature very well. With the 2023 addition of copper-infused foam, even warm sleepers will be refreshed with the cooling ability of this mattress versus other foam hybrid options.

Who Is The Bear Star Hybrid Right For?

This mattress is a great option for most average sized sleepers! Additionally, anyone that has achy muscles and need extra rejuvenation while they sleep should pay this mattress extra consideration.

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Exactly what I was expecting

Amazing quality and best night sleep I have gotten in a long time. Holds you like a firm marshmallow but not too soft that you get aches.

Great mattress!

The mattress came packaged very nicely. I was able to easily drag it up the stairs to my son’s room. My son loves the mattress and said he sleeps much better. I would recommend this mattress.


I love my Bear Hybrid

Sleeping Beauty must of had this bed

My wife and I started out with a five hundred dollar mattress and one year later found out that our purchase was a mistake. We were both skeptical of the bear mattress since we couldn’t do a pre-test but found great comfort in the fact that we could send it back if we found it to be uncomfortable. After further research and comparing them to competitors we agreed that this mattress would give us the most bang for our buck and we couldn’t of chosen a better bed! The purchase, shipping, and setup process were pleaseny smooth. So far my wife and I have been using the bed for 2 months and couldn’t be happier/well rested!

Best Sleep in Years

Been researching beds for the past few years and decided on a temper pedic when I came across the Bear mattress. What did I have to lose for $1500 and a full return guarantee? NOTHING I haven't slept this well in years. It took about a week but all back pain is gone. I have Chiari and used to wake up daily with bad headaches, now I rarely do. Best decision we made.

Bear hybrid

Honestly it’s a great bed. I was looking at reviews if I was going to sink or if I was to heavy for the bed. But honestly I feel so comfortable for being a big guy. I weight at 244 and this bed is perfect those coils are amazing! And the bed doesn’t even heat up! Love it! Ima buy another one for my parents soon!

Awesome bed

I had the bed for almost 3 months. Best sleep I have ever had and it feels very comfortable to sleep on. When it comes to softness is about a medium, which is perfect. After a lot of youtube videos and research about different mattress companies, I ended up buying the bear mattress hybrid. I highly recommend it

Happy wife, happy life.

We both love the mattress. It sleeps like a dream. And while I can admittedly fall asleep anywhere, my wife is pickier. But she hasn't stopped raving about this mattress, and all of the sudden, my life is 10x better!

Comfy nights packed in a box!

I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoy sleeping on my Bear Hybrid! I love how thick the mattress is! Amazing how much it expands after opening! No regrets! Thank you Bear!

Very happy

Great mattress

Bear Hybrid Matress

This mattress is a perfect combination for those sleepers that are coming from a traditional mattress. It's comfortable yet sturdy for those heavy weight sleepers. I'm very satisfied with my Bear mattress

Good mattress

This mattress is very well made and cooling, I just have many disabilities and this mattress has a little too much support for husband loves it though!!

We Actually love it!

I shopped online for 2 months - reading and watching many many YouTube reviews. I had never purchased begin box and was a bit skeptical. I always thought you needed to “ try out” a mattress before buying. My husband prefers a firmer mattress- I prefer on the softer side. I decided on the bear hybrid. The easy return policy helped a lot in my decision. The mattress showed up in a box - my husband and I easily unpacked and set up. I am extremely impressed with quality of this mattress. I still can’t believe it came out of a that box. It has now been just over a month and we are both extremely happy. The mattress has honestly gotten better each night. I no longer need or want to add a foam mattress topper - my husband and I always disagreed on using these - too soft for him. All my friends and family that visit our home are made to lay on and see our new bed. I think I need to purchase another one for spare room - but afraid the guests might never leave ;) If your on the fence like I was - go for it!

Best sleep I've gotten in a really long time

I rarely leave reviews but I have to say this mattress is amazing, I do not wake up to change positions like I used to, has the perfect support for your heavier areas like butt and waist if you are a side sleeper and over all I must say I believe the celliant technology really works, I wake up super refreshed even if I get 5/6 hours of sleep. I wake up and do not have that drowsy feeling of wanting to go back to bed. Take my advise from a person who did hours of research and went all in with the love it or leave it trial period that this is the mattress you are waiting for

Buy one now!

Best purchase we ever made. Buy a bear mattress.

New Mattress, New Back

I am an amateur rugby player and I struggle with finding a mattress that will give me the support I need to recover from a rough training session and wake up ready for work the next morning. The Bear hybrid mattress does that and so much more. I fall into bed and I am off to a restful night of sleep within minutes. I know this mattress is marketed for athletes, but anyone would benefit from it. I'm so glad I chose it.


I had given up finding a mattress that wouldn’t hurt my back... this was it! Best $ spent on mattress!!!

Better than Puffy and Purple!

We went on a crazy adventure of finding the perfect bed for side sleepers. We were so sad to get rid of our old bed. We tried Purple.3, Puffy Luxe, And Bear Hybrid. The Purple felt like I was sleeping on a layer of bouncy balloons on top of cement. Very bouncy and so uncomfortable! Then was the Puffy Luxe, surprisingly very hard. Not a lot of movement but just very stiff. Finally the Bear Hybrid. Has a “just right” bounce to it. Poor side support when you sit on the edge of your bed. And I wish it was softer, but it was definitely the softest and most comfortable of the three we tried! If it doesn’t break in anymore I may put a memory foam topper on it and then it will be Perfect for this soft side sleeper! I’m 130 lbs as a reference. So it’s hard for me to “sink” into a bed.

Excellent bear hybrid

We have been sleeping on our new mattress for almost 2 months now and it’s perfect! Still noback pain when we wake up! It was more then we wanted to spend on a mattress especially been skeptical coming from a box..on the internet! We are very glad we did and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a firm but comfortable mattress while saving money compared to big box stores!

Not like other online mattresses

We tried several of the other competitors to find a mattress that worked best for us. We tried other “sleep trials” before being excited to stick with the Bear! Two different body types with two different views on what is the ideal mattress. The Bear exceeded our expectations. Firm but not too firm, cooling technology that basically cured my sleep apnea and the list goes on...We upgraded from the the queen to the king and the customer service was phenomenal. Thanks Bear!

Bear Hybrid Mattress

Highly recommended! This bed, very comfortable, you don’t sink, it does not feel hot, save your money and purchase this bed, no off smell emissions!!!!!

A great night's sleep

We did a lot of research prior to purchasing the Bear Hybrid Bed and ultimately chose Bear because it had the features we were looking for and is made in the USA. We have been sleeping on it for a few weeks now. Typically my husband is a very light sleeper and rarely makes it through an entire night without getting up at some point for a couple of hours. Since our Bear he sleeps through the night until nearly dawn! I think the mattress is a perfect firmness, not too soft which I was worried about. The only thing that I wish was a little better is the temperature factor. I am a very hot sleeper and it really isn't much better than our old mattress, even with the Bear Mattress Cover. But otherwise we love it and highly recommend it. We plan to get another Bear for our guest room. Mahalo Bear!


The bed is awesome. Very comfortable. Happy with the purchase.

Excellent mattress, no more back pain!

The mattress was delivered on time and easy to install. We have been sleeping much better since we have it. It is very comfortable and we don’t have back pains anymore when waking up. Thanks!

Great matress!

Really fantastic, soft but not too squishy. Highly recommend.

Bear review

Mattress is very comfortable and I have no problem falling asleep. However, I do wake up every morning with some lower back pain. This was the main reason that I chose this mattress, to alleviate that type of back pain but it hasn't worked yet. I hope that it improves over time.

So far, so good.

We have been sleeping on our new BEAR mattress for a couple of months and are still most pleased. It is firm, but not too firm -- the softer side of firm if there is such a thing. The only thing I don't like about the mattress is that the sides collapse a little too much while sitting on the bed to put on shoes, etc. However, since putting on shoes has nothing to do with sleep quality, the mattress cannot be responsible. I would recommend this mattress to anyone not wanting the hassle of going to a conventional brick and mortar store and hauling a mattress home on top of your car or any other way possible.

Not for us :(

I think it’s a great mattress but sadly is not our fit. We were expecting more firmmness

Life changing!!

My husband and I, both runners, have never experienced recovery like we do on this mattress! We are side sleepers and do not roll into each other despite sleeping close together. We actually think something magical in the mattress makes us fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer feeling more well rested by the time our alarm sounds. Aches and pains we have seen physical therapists for for years are completely eliminated. We don’t know how they did it! Our only complaint is no handles on the sides to make it easier to lift. It’s heavy. But, the best mattress we’ve ever owned or slept on by far and our preference to the Westin Heavenly Bed, the Ritz Carlton’s mattress, Serta Perfect Sleeper, Hilton, etc. Truly the very best! Can’t wait to try the sheets!!

From Couch to Cloud

I definitely go into a deeper sleep on my Bear Hybrid. I also don’t get so hot while sleeping anymore.

Great Mattress

Love this mattress. No longer wake up with a sore back. Edges are a little soft, but I knew that going in. I like having the Celliant fabric as well. I can't say that I know it helps, but I still like the fact that its there. Arrived faster than expected. Easy setup. Would easily recommend to anyone looking.

Great quality

Overall the quality of this mattress was really nice. Hardly had a smell to it when opening it up from its package. Definitely a more firm type of mattress if that’s what you are looking for

Best Sleep Ever!

We’ve had our Bear Hybrid for about 2 months now and it has been the best sleep we’ve ever had. The hybrid is the perfect blend between firm and soft, as it hugs your body and relieves pressure on your back and joints, while not feel like you’re sinking in quicksand.

Bear Hybrid Mattress Review

We received our order immediately. Bear is really on top of its shipping and customer notifications. The mattresses set up easily. Our experience so far has been great. Both my wife and I are sleeping much better. She likes a warm bed and I am just the opposite. The cooling features for me are great. We did a lot of research before purchasing Bear mattresses. In our opinion, they beat their competitors hands down. If you decide to purchase, you will not be disappointed with the quality, the fit, and ease of sleep you will experience.

No more painful morning shoulders!

I have a history of back and shoulder pain. The fact that I sleep on my side doesn’t help my shoulder pain at all. Since sleeping on the bear hybrid (after trying out competitors) I have woken up with zero, literally zero pain. The mattress is former than I was used to prior but after a couple nights of adjusting and realizing how much better my body felt in the morning I was hooked!

My Bear Hybrid

I love it! Most comfortable night sleep in years. I no longer wake up sore. My husband loves it as well. Best investment.

Very pleased

Huge difference from our last bed, helped with lower back pain and sleep has much improved

Best Sleep EVER!!!

Can't express how great it is to be in bed and not feel like you are rolling out of bed or surfing on a tidal wave when someone gets in or out of bed! My husband and I haven't slept this soundly since before our son was born!

Exceeded expectations!!!

This mattress is everything we were hoping for and more!!! So so comfortable. High quality. Keeps us cool at night. We’ve had the best sleeps of our lives on this and don’t ever look back! We would buy this over and over again. Don’t hesitate, buy this amazing mattress and you won’t be sorry!

Give it 30 days

To be honest, the 1st couple weeks my back was really killing me sleeping on this mattress. I really wanted to like it considering it had the salient technology and was good for recovery. Add about the 3 week mark it started to feel better and at the 30 day mark it's awesome. Give it some time let your body get used to it and you will love it. Also, I got the bear pillows. At 1st I really didn't like them. They seemed not high enough for side sleeping considering I'm a bigger guy. But once I got used to them I realized I had been sleeping with my head too high on traditional pillows and was out of alignment. Now I love my bear pillows and they're really really cool. No overheating

MOST bang for your buck!!

We absolutely love our Bear Hybrid mattress. I shopped around online and in store and simply could not find a better deal for this quality of bed. Now after sleeping on it for two months I can honestly say it's the best sleep I've ever gotten and I would pay twice as much for the next one. Highly recommend for side sleepers, especially!


The first 2 days sleeping on it I told my husband “I hate it”! And he happened to enjoy it... so I let it go and from the third night until today I have loved it! I guess my body was just too used to the old thing but Now it feels like a perfect slice of heaven. Hashtag blessed.

I was having back pain

I was having back pain and now that I have my bear hybrid mattress most of the pain has subsided

Compared to the three others we tried...Bear WINS!

We tried 3 other mattresses before landing on this Bear Hybrid. Others were much harder and hotter and caused body aches. This mattress is just the perfect blend between support and cushion. My wife and I don’t have any issues with it being too hot or any mattress sag. From a value perspective, several of the other mattresses that we tried cost more than the Bear. Overall, so far after 60 days we like our choice.

Amazing mattress!

We were skeptical but with the return policy we didn’t have anything to lose. It is absolutely wonderful!!! We don’t hurt in the mornings anymore and sleep all night long. Best investment we’ve ever made.

Sleep in any position

Comfortable however you feel like sleeping. This bed has some weight to it and stays in place. Very good purchase.

Bear Hybrid

We love it!!! I now realize how bad our mattress was. From the time of ordering to the time it was delivered we have had a great experience. If you are in need of a mattress I would highly recommend it. I know it’s hard to spend the money but in the long run it’s well worth every penny. Thanks

Bear Hybrid

I am quite satisfied and intend to keep it. The more I sleeep on it the more comfortable it gets. Is it at the level of a $4k temper or Sterns I’d say no and given the price difference it would be unreasonable to think that. However value for the money it’s far better and more than adaquate. I would disagree with some reviews that say it’s like sleeping on a cloud. I would not say that at all. It’s more firm than soft more a six on a 1-10 scale All in I’m satisfied and find it a great value but don’t think you’re buying the $4k mattress for $1200 and getting the same thing that’s not reality but if you want a good quality mattress for a reasonable price that won’t leave you with aches and pains in the morning you are in luck

100% would purchase again

The title says it all. Best bed I’ve ever owned, and I sleep well with no low back or shoulder discomfort, which was something I’d typically always had.

We love our new bed

We find this bed very comfortable and well made. We've had the bed for a couple months now, and so far, we sleep great, and wake up with less back pain.

Best sleep ever!

I purchased another highly rated bed-in-a-box and had to return it. Then I bought a bear hybrid and knew I found my match! The coils and memory foam provide a perfect blend of support and comfort. I have back, hip and knee pain and this bed minimizes jostling yet conforms just enough to my body position. I would recommend the bear hybrid to anyone!

Best Mattress Ever <3

After lots of research and reading reviews, we decided on a Bear Mattress. We’ve had it for a few months now and I have to say it’s awesome!! We are thrilled.


My partner and I like different kinds of mattresses. He prefers firm and I prefer soft. This bed is the best of every world, both of our back pains have dissipated. We wake up happy and refreshed every morning.

An Athletes's Dream Mattress!

I recently bought a Bear Mattress to ail my sore body. I am a Physical Education teacher and avid runner and mountain biker and my old mattress was not helping support my back or aid in recovery. After only three weeks sleeping on the Bear mattress, I am pain free most mornings and feel my workout recovery is much faster on this soft yet firm mattress. I would highly recommend this for athletes who have tried everything to aid in sleeping, back support and recovery from exercising.

We are really enjoying the

We are really enjoying the Bear Hybrid Mattress. Absolutely no hot spots and plenty of comfort. We consider this medium firmness which is perfect for us. It does not sink yet we feel hugged. Our aches and pains have decreased. We have had this mattress for 2 months

Good compromise

It’s a little softer than I would like but firmer than my husband would like so I think it’s a perfect compromise. I do find it quite comfortable and my activity tracker watch shows I get better sleep.

Best purchase

Coming up on 30 years old, I thought that insomnia, aches and pains in the morning were just part of the deal. Turns out I needed a new mattress! I bought a bear because of the reviews and the fact that it's good for athletes. My 8 mile bike ride to work has been taking a toll but i've been sleeping better than ever since we got our bear mattress. Even our corgi loves it!

Great Sleep

Purchased our King hybrid in August. Very comfortable and supportive.

Vicki Kline

I have had a bit of a issue getting used to the bed but now- - -I really love my Bear Hybrid.

Best bed ever

We were skeptical about buying from a "bed in a box" company and did A LOT of research before we finally settled on a Bear Hybrid mattress. Our expectations were blown out of the water by the comfort and quality of this bed! We have never slept better. It's the perfect balance between soft and firm and are so happy with our purchase!

Love it

We got the king hybrid as it’s awesome!


I am surprised and very pleased with my new BEAR mattress. It is the most comfortable and best back support mattress I have ever experienced. Thank you, BEAR!

Bear for the win

This mattress is extremely under rated great support and just soft enough

Comfortable for the price

In a nights sleep definitely sleep like a baby. The hybrid design that this mattress has does well to disperse the pressure and give a firm enough base to support someone of average weight. Threading does work as advertise. Only downside is if you’re injured and be ridden for about a solid week you do get a bit sore. But most people I’d assume won’t be.

Great Mattress

I'm ~200lbs and the mattress is comfortable on my stomach, back, and my side. More edge support would be nice, but the comfort and temperature regulation are great!

Super comfortable

Coming off a serta Icomfort and really like the micro coil springs in this hybrid. Love that I am comfortable sleeping on my back or side. The only real complaint I have is that the edges don’t really have much support. Only noticeable when I go to sit there or get out of bed.

Just what we needed for a Goodnight Rest!

The mattress has to be the best mattress we had ever had. It has so many benefits. It’s quite, soft yet firm enough and the quality is top notch!

First “adult” mattress

After moving to a new state my bear mattress helped me sleep amazing. I look forward to going to sleep every night!

Bear Hybrid

Absolutely love our mattress so far! It's hard buying a mattress without trying it first, but we took a chance and are very happy. My wife is very picky about it not being to firm and I cannot stand a super squishy bed. One of us was determined it would not work for one or the other. However, we both love it and are getting much better sleep. It's nice when you lay your head down and you fall asleep quickly. If you want that feeling... try the bear hybrid!!!

Now a believer

I've had back problems for a while, and I was surprised this bed helped my back. The first several days my back was sore from adjusting to the new mattress, but after that my back pain has been gone. The bed is hard to describe - I agree with all the reviews that it's soft yet firm. The first layer is very soft while the second layer has great support.

Bear Bed

This was the best choice I made. Having this bed for about a month I have not slept warm. My body took to the bed and did not go through a break in period. And of course my dog loves it so he tries to kick me off the bed!

Pretty great

Our backs don’t hurt and my husband can sleep on it through the night. It’s a little hot for me but my husband is fine.

Glad I Ordered

Sleep better with way less lower back pain.

Great Product... Great price...

My second month on my Bear Mattress.. it's AWESOME.. competitive price and great quality... Not to mention wonderful customer service.

Best Mattress We've Owned!

We absolutely love our new BEAR Hybrid mattress. It is soft, yet firm enough to not give us muscle aches. WE've owned the mattress for about 1 month. Time will tell if the infrared technology works. There is at least a placebo effect. I never notice my husband moving, and we bought a queen size mattress. I would buy this mattress again. My only complaint is that the BEAR sheets are not sewn deep enough to properly fit the deeper BEAR Hybrid mattress. We did stretch them to fit, but I don't know how long the seams will stand the stress.

On the fence

So overall comfortable until 1.5 months in and one side of the bed was not as firm as the other side. So that's that, called out to bear and the customer service was great, was sent out a replacemnt top layer to try out. Did replace myself which is really easy and bed is as good as day 1. We will now play the waiting game and see if the same issue occurs.

Great Matress

I've never slept so well.

Had such high hopes!

After much research and comparison shopping I decided on the Bear Hybrid mattress. The setup was easy and fascinating to watch it unfold. After over a month of trying to adjust to the density and firmness of the mattress I’ve decided to return it. I have not experienced the benefits marketed for this product and it’s celliant technology promises. After workouts and long days of activity or even low activity days, I would wake up in the middle of the night due to the mattress being so warm and pain from pressure points due to the extreme firmness of the mattress. The celliant sheets were not worth the spend because I did not receive any benefits that were claimed on the website. I am not impressed with the sheet quality for the cost. They are also being returned. I purchased the mattress protector and they will not accept the return beyond 30 days on it so I’m stuck with it.

Very supportive bed - firm out of the box

The Bear Hybrid is a great bed. After sleeping on it for months, I can see why it is recommended on lists for people with back problems. It is very clear the bed is made of quality materials when you sit on it and your body is very evenly cradled when you lay down. Note: this hybrid has more of a "memory foam" feel than other hybrids I've tried. Not bad, just a preference to be aware of. It does not sleep hot, but there is a bit of sink. Other note: We very nearly returned the bed after 30 days because of how firm the bed is, but when I called in, the rep offered to send a softer top layer of foam. I was surprised because THAT IS A CHOICE?? I don't know why this is a secret because if I'd had that option to begin with, I would have ordered the bed with the softer top from the start. To my delight, the softer foam was a perfect solution as we loved the support of the mattress but wanted a more plush feel. The rep sent me a video on how to swap out the top layer of foam and, once the foam arrived in a vacuum-sealed roll, it was very easy to do. The softer foam does lend toward a more "memory foam" type feel and you can feel more of the depressions when you change positions, but it's not bothersome.

I love my bear hybrid

I love my bear hybrid mattress. My back and shoulders don’t hurt like they did with a standard mattress

Amazing Night’s Sleep

We made the decision to go with a Bear Mattress after many months of research. Buying a mattress online was a bit daunting at first, but we couldn’t be happier with our purchase! The mattress is firm, but cozy, and you can’t feel the other person shifting or moving around through the night. We have slept soundly since getting our Bear. Quick delivery, and easy to set up.

Great Mattress

The Hybrid Mattress is a great fit for us. It is soft but firm at the same time. It sounds impossible, but its true. We have tried other mattresses, but they were either too soft or too hard. The hybrid is a perfect match!

Relieves Back Pain

I definitely noticed a difference from the first night with fewer back pains. Bed is very comfortable, but I was hoping it would lessen the restless leg movements I would feel from my spouse.


We love this bed. I haven't had as severe lower backaches since having this bed. It feels firm but soft. Great bed thanks so much!

Great Mattress

I must have spent months researching mattresses. We seen countless reviews to the point we became overwhelmed. We happen to come across Bear, and compared it to the rest of mattresses on the market and pulled the trigger. Couldn’t be happier with our decision. We’re so happy, when it's time to move to our new place, we’ll be upsizing to the king size model.

King and Queen Hybrid Mattress

The Bear Hybrid is offered with only one firmness level, which I consider to be medium. The amazing quilted top is a soft sleep surface on a mattress that boasts universal-comfort for a person who lives an active lifestyle. What finally sold me on a Bear Hybrid mattress, was they use performance foams, coupled that with cooling gel memory foam, helps the Bear Hybrid to create a heat dissipating system and comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Solid Mattress

Bought this about 5-6 months ago. I can say that I love it. It’s firm enough for my liking, but still contours to my body well. I would suggest it to anyone who asked.

Sleep longer and wake up refresh

Going 2 most sleeping on Bear Matress we enjoyed the benefits of sleeping longer and waking up refresh ready for the day's activities and works.Thanks Bear Mattress!

No more backpain!

Recently I have been experiencing some back pain when i sleep more than 6 hours on our memory foam mattress. I bought the Bear Mattress hybrid in the hope that it can support me better (i normally sleep on the side). After 2 or 3 days i can nor sleep 7 or 8 hours without pain!

Unfortunately not my type of bed

I really wanted to love the bear mattress bed - But, unfortunately, the support lies too far below the comfort layers, and therefore caused lower back pain for me. It's too soft, and it may actually have a sag in the middle.

I was a skeptic! Best sleep I've gotten in years.

I'm just an average Joe. I was in the marketplace for a new mattress and intrigued by all of these online retailers. Spent a lot of time researching many of the leading companies which led me to Bear. I spent many many hours reading reviews and struggled to make a decision. I thought it might have been easier to just to go the traditional route and head to the local store. One day, I just decided to pull the trigger and ordered a queen mattress from Bear. 4 days later it arrived. Note that the box was 110 pounds, so make sure you have a dolly or some help! It took me about a week to get fully adjusted, but I have been sleeping better than I have in years. It's extremely comfortable, lives up to all of their claims, and was the best purchase I've made in a long time. Give it a shot! You won't regret it.

Very comfy

Never tried buying a mattress online so I was skeptical from the beginning. The mattress cake quicker than I anticipated. After opening, I could feel the difference than my current mattress I was on. The quality was a pleasant surprise. No trouble falling asleep even on the first night. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who may be unsure about purchasing a mattress online.

Our mattress is so comfortable

Our mattress is so comfortable and so cool. Both my husband and myself were hesitant about ordering, but we are obsessed. And the customer service has been incredible. We didn’t need a piece of our mattress, and instead of going through the headache of us returning the big, bulky piece, the customer service department told us to donate it to someone in need and they would still give us our refund. I would recommend this mattress to anyone, but the 10/10 customer service is just the cherry on top. Cannot speak highly enough of them!

Bear Mattress Hybrid

Love my Bear Hybrid! It's perfectly firm and soft at the same time, providing great support for my back.

Love it!

I did a *lot* of research before purchasing. The Bear, and one other brand, made it to my top two list and the fact that the Bear is manufactured in the U.S. was the deciding factor. The mattress is both cushy and supportive. I would consider it medium in firmness, slightly more towards the firm than the soft, say a 6 out of 10 with 10 being the firmest. You sink in just enough to be in cloud-like comfort, but you very definitely can feel the support. The edge support is good, too. It does compress quite a bit when you sit on the edge but I don't generally sit on the edge because my feet don't reach the floor. With my year old mattress I was waking up with backaches constantly. I'm happy to say that my back has been behaving itself since I started sleeping on the Bear. My husband is happy with it too, and he's persnickety. There was no off-gassing at all and it was cool watching it go from nothing to a full size mattress. Shame you only get to see it once. In conclusion, we are very happy with the Bear and glad we made this choice.

Deep Sleep

Best sleep we’ve had in years!

Best mattress ever

I’m so in love. I had lower back pain from my job for the past year. Nothing I did helped. Then I got this mattress and 6 weeks later NO MORE BACK PAIN. I cannot thank bear hybrid enough.

Love it

No too firm, not too soft, not too cold, not too hot. Just right ... Thanks Bear! Andrew and Janene ...

My husband and I love

My husband and I love our Bear Hybrid! He works a physical job and raves about not being sore when he wakes and how well rested he feels.

The Bear hug...

I love this mattress, it is the seventh mattress I have bought in less than 10 years in order to find comfort. The feeling of the mattress is that of a hug, which everyone knows is the ultimate . I think you ought to use this in your advertising of the mattress. Loving my mattress and loving my Bear hug... . . G.T.

Bear mattress

I purchased the bear mattress hybrid and I got the top customized soft. You can do that just have to call. I didn’t know that at first and had the topper replaced. After that I haven’t had any issues so far. My boyfriend loves it.

Love it!!

We really love our Bear hybrid. So far, it’s very comfy and no issues with lower back or hip pain!! Very happy with our purchase!

Finally a great night's sleep!

Best of both worlds with just the right amount of firmness and softness! Couldn't be more pleased!!!

Solid comfort!

This is a solid mattress. The first month it felt a tad too firm but has softened up perfectly. We are mixed sleepers and are comfortable on this mattress in many sleeping positions. I no longer wake up with aches and pains. No off gassing smells whatsoever. Appears it is well made and will last a long time.

Lovely ZZZZs

This bed is heavenly! So comfy with the right balance of soft yet supportive. Love it!

Much Softer than Advertised

Buyers beware! This mattress softens up significantly just past the trial where they allow a refund. I'd highly recommend searching for a different mattress, especially if you suffer from back pain.

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