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Bear Pro Mattress Reviews


+3.1x cloud-like

+2.8x side sleeping

+1.8x back support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Product Update: The Bear Pro is no longer available as of November 2022. Take a look at our top rated mattresses for competitive alternatives.

The Bear Pro is Bear's answer for those searching for a cooling, contouring all-foam feel. With copper-infused foam and Celliant® cover, this mattress sleeps extraordinarily cool. With its superior pressure relief, the Bear Pro is ideal for those that are side sleepers or have slimmer or performance athlete body-types.


+3.1x cloud-like
+2.8x side sleeping
+1.8x back support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.6/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

No Back Pain: 9.7/10

Price: $1265-$2730

Trial Period: 365 Nights

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Bear Pro's Specifics

The Bear Pro mattress features copper infused foam, which helps to promote cooling while being antimicrobial for a refreshing sleep environment. In addition to the cooling properties, the Bear Pro is one of the most pressure relieving mattress options offered by Bear. Overall, those that love the Bear Pro most are side sleepers, slimmer folks, and performance athletes that have aching joints and muscles.

Quality of Materials

The Bear Pro mattress has four layers of foam and a softer feel than the Bear Original mattress. From its thoughtful design with copper-infused foam and added cushion, this all-foam mattress provides sleepers with unparalleled cooling and comfort. Here is what's inside the Bear Pro:

Layer 1: The top layer is the proprietary Celliant® cover that helps speed up muscle recovery and cools the body. This breathable cover made with Celliant® works with your body heat to create infrared light and has been clinically proven to help promote cellular oxygenation and circulation.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is made of a copper-infused foam that is antimicrobial and helps keep things cool by pulling away unwanted heat from your body for a refreshing sleep.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is a gel memory foam layer that further dissolves pressure point pain and wicks heat away from the body. These top two comfort layers combined help to give the Bear Pro unrivaled cooling that's hard to find from an all-foam mattress.

Layer 4: The third comfort layer is a transitional foam that further relieves tension, while providing equal support to the spine. This layer provides balanced support by aligning the spine while adapting to the natural curves in the hips and shoulders.

Layer 5: The last comfort layer is a thick, high-density support foam layer which helps support the layers above while also giving the Bear Pro lasting durability.

Overall Comfort

These mattresses are reviewed highly for comfort being ideal for side sleepers and those that like more pressure relief.


The Bear Pro does an excellent job relieving pressure around the hips and shoulders. This makes it especially good for those that are slimmer, fit, or desire a softer, yet supportive mattress.

Back Pain Relief

If you are average sized or smaller, this mattress will do exceptionally at aligning the spine, relieving back discomfort, and relieving pressure around joints.


With the addition of the Celliant® cover, copper infused foam, and gel memory foam, this mattress provides an incredible amount of cooling that will sleep cool even for the warmest sleepers.

Who Is The Bear Pro Right For?

This mattress isn't just for pros -- it's for anyone that wants superior pressure relief and ultra-cooling in one well-made package.

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Bear Pro Review

We have no shortage of positive remarks for Bear Pro. It very well could be the nicest bed that the company makes.

Great At Pressure Relief

The Bear Pro is meant to be a gentle mattress, so is built with thick top layers of memory foam over a foundational support system of poly foam. This design allows for plenty of sinkage, which could be especially good for folks after pressure relief at the shoulders and hips.


Amazing mattress, absolutely loved it from the first night

Best sleep

We have had the bed for over a month now. We have been sleeping on this bear pro bundle and have no complaints. The bead is comfortable and has just enough edge support when sitting on the edge.

First Mattress I've Ever Liked

I sleep all the way through the night almost every night now. It's also great that it doesn't transfer motion very much.

Great mattress!

This mattress is excellent for back and side sleepers. As someone who has a physically demanding job and loves to exercise, this mattress is great for helping me get a restful night’s sleep every night to wake up recharged for the next day.

Very comfortable

What a huge upgrade we’ll worth the money and it’s made in the USA 🇺🇸

Life changer-No more pain

I’ve owned a tradition spring mattress for about 2 years. Prior to purchasing the Bear Mattress, i’ve suffered of neck and upper back pain. I started researching on new mattress since we were upgrading to a king size bed frame. After almost two months of research, reading reviews, comparing prices, etc. online, we decided to purchase the bear mattress. The prices was not too high but it was not the cheapest compared to other mattresses. So we chose bear because of the good reviews, the copper foam layer added which other foam mattress did not have. We have owned the mattress for about two months now, and i have not had pain since then. I’m not a big fan of the pillows but the neck pain is gone so yay! I’m a side sleeper and i feel this mattress is best for back those who sleep on their back.

So Far So Good!

I was really excited to get my Bear mattress. It doesn’t get too hot at night (although I do feel a tad of it from the foams) and it’s really comfy to just get into! The mattress holds itself really well, has just a slight bit of bounce and I definitely feel like I wake up with less muscle soreness and back pain from working at a desk all day.

So glad we purchased this mattress

After doing a LOT of research, my husband and I decided to go with the Bear Mattress due to the fact that we both struggle with back issues. I had been eagerly awaiting the mattress after a back injury. Upon delivery, the mattress inflated to its typical form after just a few hours and did not have a smell. We both slept so well the first night and continue to do so. In fact, I woke up without a sore back for the first time in years and my back injury recovered quicker than usual. After taking a vacation and time away from the mattress, it is clear how much of a difference this mattress makes in sleep quality. We're very excited about this product!

Back pain much better after just one month!

I was in a car accident five years ago and have woken up with a stiff back every morning since. I’m in my thirties and just thought I’d have to deal with it forever. Since I purchased the Bear Pro I’ve been sleeping more soundly and waking up without needing to take any pain medication! I am amazed!

Like a cloud

I absolutely love this amazing mattress ..its like sleeping on a cloud ..I have no backaches soreness or any other ailments since buying this mattress..

Fantastic mattress

I typically have hip and some back pain. This matteress has helped so far. I am noticing lest aching in the morning. My boyfriend doesn't snore as much either, thank goodness.

Love this mattress!

As a retired ballet dancer with hypermobile joints I struggle to find a mattress that suits my needs. BEAR PRO has been wonderful since day one. I was a little skeptical from buying a mattress online without laying on it because I'm definitely one of those people who goes in a mattress and laid on every single one and ends up with an overpriced mattress that doesn't support my hips. However, BEAR allows my structure stays in alignment yet I still feel supported and able to lay on my side without shoulder problems. I wake up in the morning with no aches or pains. It's fantastic!

Great purchase

This mattress is great. I do martial arts and my back is constantly hurting, but this bed has really helped me and overall am in less pain. It also keeps me cool plus you don't feel the person next to you move. I was skeptical at first and never write reviews but I honestly love this mattress

Snug as a bug in a big Bear hug!

My partner and I have been really pleased with our new mattress. We like a firmer mattress and the Bear Pro has it dialed. I am 175lbs and my partner is 150lbs. It is firm enough to make it very comfortable for back sleeping and yet still soft enough to allow a cozy side sleeping experience. The edges are also quite supportive and the mattress does a great job preventing motion transfer. I sleep hot and I find this mattress does a great job of dispersing the heat. I do not feel as if I’m stuck or sinking into the mattress and it remains temperature neutral through the night. Very pleased and would definitely recommend this mattress.

Bear fan!

Replaced our worn out Tempurpedic with a king Bear mattress and are very satisfied. Plan to purchase more for a new home.

Couldn’t be happier!

Since buying this mattress, my sleeps have improved dramatically and I no longer wake up with back pain. Worth every penny, wish I made this purchase years ago. Thanks again!

Great mattress

This mattress has been fantastic. Quality is top notch and aside from If you sit on the side of it or anything, it’s very supportive. Would highly recommend it so far. I’ve had it about 2 months now.

Best mattress ever

I can’t say enough about this mattress best thing ever. My quality of sleep has drastically improved.

Very comfortable!

This is a great mattress. My wife and I have different firmness preferences, but this mattress works great for both of us. We’ve been very pleased. The purchase process was easy. It’s a great price. Shipping was quick, and the unboxing was simple. I’d recommend this mattress to anyone.

Sleeping on a dream

I’ve been married 20 years and have never had a great mattress. Finally we went shopping for one this year. Heard about Bear and wondered if it could really be as good as it sounds. Glad we did. It has offered the best night sleep in like forever. It’s not too soft or too firm. It’s like a happy medium. I don’t ache when I wake up and when asleep I stay asleep. It is a miracle worker.

Love it!

Perfect combination of firmness and softness. Supports well and has helped improve my sleep.

I finaly wake up without pain

This bed is so comfortable and has helped with the pain I was used to waking up with. I did find that I had to change pillows. It sound strange, but I had used a tempurpedic pillow to help my neck. However, I found that this was uncomfortable with the new mattress. We received two pillows from BEAR, and I sleep really well with the pillow and the new mattress.

bear pro mattress

we really like the mattress. Not as cool as we thought it might be but very comfortable

Better than Casper

I’ve liked my Bear Pro mattress better than my Casper

Both my husband and I

Both my husband and I love our Bear mattress! Highly recommend.

Bear Pro

The most amazing mattress we’ve ever owned. Not too firm or too soft, it’s just perfect. The bear cloud pillows are amazing.

Great mattress

Very comfortable for all types of sleepers!

This mattress is absolutely the best

I recently purchased a Bear Pro after debating for weeks over which mattress to buy, and then deciding between the Pro and the standard Bear mattress. It came down to side sleeper support. The Bear Pro is like having a bed that supports you while none of your shoulder and hip issues from your last mattress bother you. You might sink into the first inch or two, but the foam is so responsive it snaps back the second you move. I've never liked sinking into a mattress but that was the only way I didn't wake up with aching shoulders. But now, no sacrifices have to be made either way.

Too soft for me

I sleep on my side for most of the night and only after dawn I sleep on my back. The mattress was super comfortable for most of the night but the few hours I spent on my back were enough to bring my back pain back. The Pro is significantly softer than the Regular mattress. I called them and arranged an exchange for the regular mattress. I had a new mattress 4 days later.

We're Happy!

For the 1st time in 10 years my husband has been able to sleep, in the bed, all night. He was getting up in the middle of every night and moving to his recliner, where he could sleep fine. So the Bear mattress is working for us.

My best ever sleep

As an active side sleeper my shoulders can wake up sore, but after almost a month with Bear I haven’t woke up once with soreness. It’s an excellent mattress!

Ended side pain in hip and leg after two nights

If you are a side sleeper and experiencing soreness look no further than the Bear Pro it was a game-changer for me!

Great Purchase

I'm a side and stomach sleeper. My previous mattress wasn't awful, but I always felt pressure on my hips and shoulder when sleeping on my side. With the Bear mattress, that pressure is nearly completely eliminated. I've never been a terribly sound sleeper, but at least I'm much more comfortable now. Another big positive is that my spouse and I can move around and the other doesn't feel the mattress move at all. We are both very happy with the purchase.

Best decision of 2019. Getting

Best decision of 2019. Getting 7 hours of good sleep and no more lower back pain.

extremely comfortable mattress

recently added to our vacation home in NC mountains. supportive and very happy with the mattress


I have been contemplating the idea of getting a new bed for a while. I need my space while I sleep and do not want to be touched, while my boyfriends feels the need to sleep in the middle of any bed he lays down in. It got to the point where our queen bed was just too small. I looked online and investigated the type of bed we wanted and finally settled on the BEAR PRO and boy am I glad we did. I have pretty bad issues with carpel tunnel that wakes me up several times a night and since getting this mattress that has significantly been reduced. I also love this mattress because I enjoy a softer matress while my boyfriend enjoys a firmer one and this seems to give us both what we are looking for. Not to mention the military discount they offer. HUGE shout out to the company for that. Way to respect our Vets!!

Firm but Satisfying

Took a few nights getting use to but woke up with less and less back pain

Bear pro mattress

Super comfy! I love going to sleep at night and wake up refreshed!! Thank you 🙏

Really love it

Noticeably cooling. Perfectly firm yet feels comfy. After being in a hotel a few days I couldn’t wait to get back on my bear pro. Easily the best mattress I’ve ever owned. Even after little sleep due to long night shifts as an RN I wake up feeling oddly energized.

Bear Pro Full Size Mattress

I love everything about this mattress except that it gets fairly hot which is a downfall of most all memory foam mattresses, so it didn’t really come as a surprise. As far as comfort it is really great. I’ve had zero back pain from sleeping (side sleeper) which is something I have struggled with in the past. Really my only complaint is the heat factor, but if that is something you like me can deal with then I highly recommend this mattress.

Amazing Mattress!

I was skeptical when we got this mattress. It felt like it was going to be too firm. However, this mattress molds to you (without feeling like you are stuck in the mattress) and helps you sleep so much better! I used to toss and turn all night, but with this mattress I sleep more restful. My husband and I are both nurses who work 12 hour shifts on our feet, and this mattress has been perfect for our backs!

Quick delivery. Easy to move

Quick delivery. Easy to move upstairs

Loved it

Great mattress.

Never slept better

This is by far the best mattress I have every owned.

Great Mattress

From the first moments that I laid down on the bed, I could feel my back loosening up and relaxing. I have had solid nights of sleep since I got it, and my back pains have all but vanished after 2 months of owning it.


I love our new Bear Mattress. It is firm and supportive and I don't feel every move my partner makes on his side of the bed! We have different sleep schedules and it is wonderful not to wake up every time someone gets up or comes to bed. I have been sleeping deeply on it from day one.

From Tempur-pedic to Bear

After sleeping on a Tempur pedic mattress for over 6 years I knew my wife and I needed something new. My back would constantly hurt and I hardly ever slept well. Then I came across Bear. We have not had one problem with this matress. I sleep in all positions and I haven't had any aches and pains from this thing. Plus, it's made in the USA and I wanted to be able to support a good company stateside. Thanks Bear!

Sleeping better

I have noticed that I have been sleeping MUCH better since I started sleeping on my best mattress. Very satisfied with my purchase. I wake up feeling recharged and don’t get tired through out the day


My partner and I love this mattress! I like firm and she likes super soft! It’s right in the middle and PERFECT for us!

Solid mattress, great support.

Overall, I'm enjoying my mattress. I did have to get use to the firmness of it, as there is very little "give". But once I did I've enjoyed it. This is not a mattress that you want to flop yourself onto, if that's what you're looking for, this mattress is not for you. My child did that when it was laying on the floor (after we first got it) and she was not happy with the fact that she didn't bounce. However, this has been great for me because I hardly notice if my husband moves during the night and I don't sink into it so I don't have to worry about getting hot!

Best Bear

Just purchased our 3rd Bear Mattress. 1 King and 2 Queens. Wife and I and all of of guests love ❤️ them. Firm and medium options are great and they keep you cool all night!

Bear Pro

I’ve had the Bear Pro for a few weeks now. I really like it. I sleep on my stomach and side so it’s the perfect firmness for me. I’m very happy with my purchase!

Great mattress

Love my mattress. Haven't had this good sleep in years. A lot of my back pain has also gone away.

Loving it

We have been thrilled with our new Bear mattress. Prior to ordering it we were both having back issues when we woke up in the morning and it felt like our bed was always 1000 degrees. Since we first laid down on our Bear we've noticed a difference.

Bear Pro mattress

Love love love this mattress! Replace our 20 year old pillow top mattress with a bear pro. Could’t be happier with it. Bought an adjustable base for the Split king twin xl mattress. Works so well with the mattresses. Had surgery weeks after purchase and it was so helpful having the adjustable base. Definitely was nervous about purchasing online vs trying in store but because they have such a great return policy we thought we would try it out! I also suffer from lower back pain and the new mattress has not caused any flare ups. Would totally recommend this mattress!

Bear Pro

Wer love the new mattress. Coming from a Tempurpedic that wore out after 10 yrs.

Awesome bed

Way better than Casper bed (it was too hard). This one is softer and doesn’t hurt my bones!

Good mattress

Good mattress, well built and comfortable. The all foam feel didn't do it for me so I ended up exchanging it for the hybrid model. Great service, no question asked. Extremely satisfied with the hybrid model!

Incredibly comfortable/quiet

This mattress is incredibly comfortable AND quiet. It’s the perfect firmness. Assembly was fairly easy and I haven’t heard a sound from the frame yet! The pillows that came with it aren’t my first choice but they’re still comfortable. I’m a combo sleeper (side/back) and workout 7 days a week, this bed is absolutely perfect!

Bear Mattress Pro Sleep

Hello! Since I have gotten the Bear Pro mattress, I have noticed a major change in my sleep. I wake up and feel refreshed and awake every morning. I will even wake up feeling in a different world, like I just awoke from a deep slumber and need to get my bearings. I love my mattress, and I also love how it contains copper which is a healthy, antibacterial material which keeps my mattress clean, and thus keeps me clean as well. I would definitely recommend this mattress if you’re looking for an extremely comfortable, form fitting mattress with a slight firmness to provide support. You can’t go wrong!! Go Bear!

Back pain resolved

So I have suffered chronic back pains my entire life due to scoliosis. I would wake up constantly throughout the night in pain with my prior mattresses. Now I wake up with no pain!!! It took a week for my body to adjust to the Bear Pro mattress. Within that week, I saw massive results. Day by day I would wake up with less back pain until I woke up with none. This mattress also has technology that aids in muscle recovery. As many doctors have told me to maintain a strict workout routine to help with my scoliosis, I find that after an intense workout, I fall asleep better on this mattress. Muscles wake up the next morning feeling recovered and I’m ready to take on the next day. This mattress is money well spent! I even love their pillows! Overall, my purchase with Bear has changed my life!

We love it!

We love it!

Great night’s sleep!

Great night’s sleep!

Oh Bear it’s good!

I finally can sleep, no back pain and tossing and turning. Bear isn’t trying to complete monopolize the prices either and take advantage of people in need of a good mattress. Ya baby!!

Love it so far

My husband is a hot sleeper and he still gets a bit sweaty on this, but the mattress definitely doesn't hold heat. We let it off gas for a few days. Will see how it holds up but so far has been great and would buy again.

Best Mattress Ever

I am a firefighter paramedic and am always pushing my body to its limit. I’ve had consistent back pain for about 5 years but it went away after the second night on this mattress! I’ve never slept better in my life! I’m seriously debating getting one for the fire station too. Highly recommend this to everyone I talk to. Comfortable and helps with workout recovery!

Bear Pro 3 month review

Mattress is great. Sleeps pretty neutral, isolate motion very well between my partner and I. I'm a combo sleeper and never have any issues with numbness while sleeping like I have from other foam mattresses. The foam is very responsive and doesn't have the dead memory foam feel. You do not sink into the mattress at all or feel like you are sleeping in a pit. The Bear Pro mattress has been a very great upgrade indeed. Highly recommend it.

good mattress!

works for me and my partner, im a combo sleeper & partner is a back sleeper.

love it

First night I slept on the bear mattress it was an unbelievable feeling. I immediately fell asleep and woke up with no aches or pains in my back or sides. Thanks you

Great for my back

It’s a little stiffer than I thought it would be but it helps my back!

Perfect for the Teen Athlete

We bought this mattress for my son when he moved from a twin to full size bed. He plays competitive soccer year round and wanted to be sure he got the best rest/recovery possible. I was skeptical buying online. The customer support chat helped me make a choice. The mattress arrived timely. It was so easy to unbox and set up instantly. He has had the best night sleep. We have joked that we might kick him out of his bed to try it. He is a side and stomach sleeper. The mattress is supportive and soft at the same time. I was worried about it being hot, but not one concern. I will be looking to this mattress company for future purchases.

Bear Pro is a Winner!

We were skeptical at first but after receiving our new Bear Pro mattress I just couldn't be happier. This mattress is just the right firmness and we are sleeping much more comfortably now. We are combo sleepers and this mattress works for us.We are very satisfied with our purchase.

2nd Mattress

This is my 2nd bear mattress. My first Queen Bear mattress was purchased almost two years ago. It is now my guest room mattress. When I upgraded to a King bedroom set recently, I had to purchase another Bear. I went with the pro as I wanted a thicker mattress and I love it. I slept on a pillow top previously and it was too soft for me and gave me lower back pain. Lower back pain is gone and I love my Bear mattress.

Love at first sleep

This is the perfect sleeping setup for me, it too firm and not too soft. My body hasn’t woken up this happy in years :)

Bear Pro

I’ve had this mattress for about a month and I have slept great every night since! Definitely would recommend

Great night's sleep again

Used to wake up tight and creaky--sleeping better and waking up refreshed and ready for my next workout

Bear Pro

The Bear pro is fantastic. The added layer is perfect for comfortability. I particularly don’t like firm beds and feel that the Bear Pro has the proper amount of softness. If you want to sleep like a baby and wake up a King, then I would buy this mattress. Good work Bear mattress, #Bearnailedit

Good product

I bought the Bear Pro, pillows and mattress protector. I am very happy with the pillows, protector and speed and ease of delivery! My husband loves the bed and seems to snore less (Big Win!) I am still adjusting however. It is very firm, a little too firm, but I think with more time my body will get use to it. I’m 110 pounds and when I lay down on my back, it feels like I’m laying on a carpeted floor. Firm. In hind site I think the lux would have been a better Choice for me.

Best mattress ever

Buy this mattress !!! You will not regret it. I sleep like a baby and I’m picky when it comes to mattresses. I also workout daily and the Bear pro is fantastic for my sore muscles!! I’m in love with my Bear mattress

Completely changed my sleep

I was very skeptical about a memory foam mattress, but man was I wrong. This is the most consistent sleep I’ve ever had. It also sleeps extremely cool as well. If you are hesitating for any reason just remember they have the no questions asked return policy!

Most of the soft side

I like really firm matters when i sleep so i had to by wood to put under the whole thing with helped me a lot

Great Matress

I little warmer that I expected, but the most comfortable matress I've slept on

No more nevk pain

Between the bear pro and cloud pillows my neck and shoulder pain is no more. If I knew it was as easy as upgrading my mattress I would have done this years earlier! Just make sure you get a breathable plush mattress topper- you can get pretty warm.

Fantastic Mattress

I've always had a hand me down traditional mattress my entire life. After waking up with my back and side hurting I figured it was time and I'm old enough to afford one. After finally deciding to buy a mattress I looked at dozens of other mattresses before coming across Bear. I almost purchased Casper and other non-bear on Amazon but the chemical smell reviews were very off putting. Luckily I found Bear. There's zero chemical smell on day 1. Plus its extremely comfortable compared to my old mattress. The edge support isn't so great but honestly I do not see why that's a big deal. Setting it up was easy. Initially the mattress is a little tough the first two weeks but it softens up. If Bear is still around the next time I need a new mattress I'll definitely buy from them again.

Our bed

We love our new bed. Wake up feeling so good!!!

Rolling out of bed is now a reality

This mattress has made it so much easier for me to hop out of bed in the morning and get ready for a pain-free day. After three knee surgeries I have had chronic back/hip/and knee pain. This mattress has most definitely helped decrease my morning pain and increase my morning mobility.

Comfy Find

We found this mattress at 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of similar products, plus it had infused copper which competitors did not have. First time we have ever purchased w/o trying first, and working out great!

My 2nd New Mattress, Still Amazing!

I now own a hybrid and a pro Bear mattress, and I honestly can't decide which one is more comfortable and reinvigorating to sleep on. My house guests and I are extremely impressed!

Beyond Pleased!

Over the last few years after my teens and roaring 20's playing sports, I noticed I was never feeling recovered after a "good" night's sleep. I've always been a light sleeper, and while that has not changed; the quality of my sleep has. No longer do I wake up feeling sore and tired. I no longer feel the dog move on the bed or when my significant other leaves for work. I sleep on my side and this bed allows for that without constant tossing and turning from pressure. I would recommend this mattress to anyone. Definitely worth a shot.

Bear mattress

Its amazing! It took a few nights to get used to after having had an old and soft mattress, but I could never go back! Perfect support!

Great mattress!

My body took a beating when I played college soccer and as a result I have lasting soreness in joints and in my back flare up often. I did my research when looking for a mattress because my shoulders and hips would be major pressure points when I would sleep on my side, but also needed something firm enough for when I slept on my back. Bear mattress pro did not disappoint. I no longer wake up with soreness in any of my joints or my back. I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend

Rested & Refreshed

We purchased our Bear Mattress Pro in May and have been enjoying peaceful sleeps ever since! I’m a side sleeper and DH is a back sleeper. It is comfortable for both of us. We barely feel the other person move or get out of bed. The mattress is soft and pillowy, yet firm and supportive. It is so nice to lay down at night to fall asleep. We also love the Bear Pillows! They are extremely comfortable. We are very happy with our purchase.

My Bear Mattress

Read the reviews. Didn't see anything negative. Then went and researched best mattresses and Bear kept coming out on top. So my wife and made the purchase. So far we don't regret it. Our Bear mattress is one of the best mattresses I've ever slept on. We are very satisfied withe our purchase.

Bear Pro

Very comfortable mattress. Keeps me cool at night.


Great price, easy to assemble and love sleeping on it!!

Dogs and wife love it

I pulled the trigger and went with the Bear Pro. My wife and two dogs have been sleeping on a dated, 10-year box spring pillow top for about ten years and We all experienced restless sleep and tired mornings. The Bear Pro appeals to the active lifestyle and claims to help with active recovery. The bed is soft but on the former side. We don’t feel like we are sinking into it too much, which we like. Overall, we are happy with the purchase. I can not compare to competitors, but I thought the delivery speed and quality of product are extremely solid. Customer service is very prompt, as well.


I love this mattress.

No more lower back pain

I chose the Bear Pro primarily because I wanted to try a Celliant mattress and felt Bear made the best quality. It has exceeded my expectations. I am more rested when I wake up and I don’t wake up with aches and pains. The combination of all their efforts to make an exceptional mattress has made me a Bear mattress fan for life! I miss my bed when I travel. I wish I could pick a hotel based on which mattress they use. I would search for one that had the Bear Pro

Great night's sleep

I have a great night's sleep waking up with no pressure points. Ithe only thing I would like to see different in this mattress is the sides are soft when you sit down on the edge. I am very happy with much purchase and would recommend it to others

Great Mattress for anyone

Very comfy such a nice transition from my old mattress! Highly recommend Bear!


Great bed for an affordable price!! Definitely worth it! Customer service works quick and hassle free! Bear company has a good thing going.

Bear with me

I love my Bear Pro, its great, I first sleep in it after hip replacement surgery and it was just what the doctor ordered. Good job.

Sleeping Like a Baby

I bought the Bear Pro a few months ago to replace a boxspring mattress. I was hesitant to buy a bed in a box, but I am so happy I took the plunge and bought the Bear Pro. I work out regularly and often times woke up stiff and achy from sleeping on my old mattress. Now I sleep well and comfortably and wake up without aches and pains. I am a combination sleeper and highly recommend the Bear mattress. The Cloud pillows and Bear pillow are great as well. I also bought the foundation and base. Quick and easy assembly. All around great purchase and experience.

Great mattress!

Really love this mattress — was worried about it being too firm but it cushions my entire body perfectly. It’s almost perfect — I wish it would do a bit better job cooling me down since I live in a hotter climate.

Bear Pro

Great Mattress, feel refreshed every morning.

Happy Camper

The best bed I have ever owned! I have had all brands through the years. Love my Bear Pro!!

Bear Pro Review

I had my previous mattress for the better part of my life and this mattress is amazing! I prefer a firm mattress and at first I thought this was a tad to soft but it's just so comfortable and hugs your body that it changed my mind. I was so impressed with it that 2wks later I bought one for my father who also loves it! Keep on doin you Bear.

It's been great

Still getting used to the mattress, my last one was so bad it really popped my alignment off. But this mattress has been slowly working it back into place. I've woken up feeling better than ever lately

Comfy and Cool

My previous foam mattress was comfy, but soo hot. The Bear is even more comfortable and I haven't woken up sweaty since we got it. I was skeptical, but this mattress is great.

A Fantastic Mattress at a Great Price!

I searched high and low for the best "boxed" mattress and I have to say I found the perfect one. This mattress provides the perfect combination of firmness and comfortability. After 2 months I could not be happier and am getting the best sleep of my life. You will not regret this purchase!

Skeptic at first, sold now!

First two nights on the bed were tough. But after my body got used to it I have had no back pain whatsoever when i wake up and some of the best undisturbed sleep I have ever had!

Great mattress just a touch firm

We love the Bear mattress. My husband and I are very active and we both agree that we are less sore. It would be a five star if it was just a little softer. I am hoping it will break in a little more.

Great bed

Great bed

Better than Tempurpedic

We recently upgraded to a king size bed, and although we had been sleeping on a Tempurpedic mattress for years and loved it, we had a hard time swallowing the price tag for a King. So, we looked for some alternative options. After significant research, we gave Bear a try and we LOVE IT. I move from my back to my side throughout the night, and I think this mattress is even more responsive than our old Tempurpedic. It's perfect and I'm so glad we gave it a try- HIGHLY recommend.

The bed is great

My sleep has improved a great deal since buying my Bear Pro. I sleep on my side and back for the most part and haven’t found an uncomfortable spot and I wake up feeling like I really slept

Best Mattress Ever

First time owning an actual mattress and soooo glad I finally switched!!! Ive slept amazing and ill never go back to a regular low quality mattress again!!!

Great purchase! After the adjustment

Great purchase! After the adjustment from the first night it’s been smooth sailing from there.

Bear pro

Probably the best sleep I had in a long time. I would say it sleeps a little on the firmer side but I seem to wake up refreshed and well rested every morning.

Best Mattress I ever owned

I am an athlete and have woken up stiff and sore frequently with other mattresses. Since switching to the Bear Mattress I very rarely wake up feeling like I have to stretch before I can get going.

Life Changing!

This bed has greatly improved my quality of sleep! I use to always get woken up by my girlfriend when she would shift while sleeping. Now, I don’t notice her movements and my tossing and turning has vanished! Highly recommend.

Very satisfied customer

This mattress is so comfortable! It comes conveniently packaged in a cardboard box and fully “pops up” to its natural size very quickly. I am so happy with the choice I made to purchase this mattress! Bear is also really great about having sales often so look at for those! And their customer service is excellent.


Great nights of sleeping, and no more issues being groggy or fatigued when waking up.

I am enjoying my bear

I am enjoying my bear pro mattress.

Took the leap and couldn't be happier

We looked at a handful of mattresses in local stores and couldn't make a decision. After perusing a number of big brands, I decided to look at what US made options are out there. I came across Bear and saw that they also cater to the athlete community. My partner and I are both amateur competitive athletes, and that along with being made in the US made me want to take the chance. It's our first new mattress as a couple and my first new bed in a decade. It's SO comfortable and so obviously well made. Customer service was excellent and they worked with me even when I accidentally ordered the wrong size. Thank you!

!!Great Mattress for the money!!

I bought the Bear Pro with the foundation and frame and couldn’t be happier! It was a real simple set up once everything arrived and although sleeping on it for the first couple nights took some adjusting to it, I’ve been sleeping like a “bear” ever since. The military discount was also an added bonus! Thanks Bear!!!

Love the bed

We love our new bed. Our Bear Pro is super comfortable and we’re having great sleeps. I’m actually thinking of ordering another for our guest room!


This is the best mattress I've ever had. Shipped quickly. It's supportive and still soft. It dissipates heat really well. I love it so much, I've already convinced one of my friends to order one (he just got his yesterday and loves it too!) And my roommate ordered the pillows as well and plans to get the mattress soon. My cat is also obsessed and rarely leaves my bed now. I'm 1000% satisfied and will continue to recommend bear mattresses to my friends and family!

Great matress!

This is the best mattress I've ever owned, no question!

Nice and and very comfortable,

Nice and and very comfortable, my wife suffer of back pain and always was complaining of that with a previous mattress, now she sleeps very well and in the morning they are not complain at all.

Learn to Sleep all over again!!

I will be honest when I first laid down on my new Bear Mattress pro it was strange to the touch, not bad, just different. I’ve never felt a mattress like it and it took me a couple nights to really adjust to this newness. However, once my sleep posture adjusted slightly and I found my groove after only a few nights, my life changed. It has been years since I had slept through the night completely without waking and now it is a regular occurrence. It has taught me that any sleeping problems I thought I had were actually resulting directly from my old pillow top. Go GET a Bear Mattress Pro and try for yourself, you have nothing to lose, except more sleep. I combined it with one of their cloud pillows and I’m in sheep counting country!!!

Great mattress. It's the best

Great mattress. It's the best mattress I've owned. Great sleep.

Bear Pro - An excellent way to show how much you love yourself

An excellent way to show how much you love yourself. It is my first time I bought this brand and it is WONDERFUL. My nights are so comfortable, I wake up renew and fresh, so glad to have my Bear Pro mattress. Best investment ever

love it

night one we were skeptical but since then, every day we can't wait to go to sleep. also: the pillows are fantastic. we're going to ditch all the other pillows and stick with these. thanks!

My first experience

This was my first experience with a bed in a box mattress and I am very happy with it so far. The mattress came with 2 free pillows that are for lack of better words awesome. It was delivered faster that I was expecting and the box was in excellent shape. I cut the wrap and it immediately expanded to full size but I let it set for 48 hours just to be safe before sleeping on it. Like I said, first experience and extremely happy with it so far. If I would have any slight complaint it would be that it is just ever so slightly too firm. But I tend to like firmer mattresses so it’s not something I would return it for.

I like it!

For the price it is amazing. I like that when my partner is rolling around at night I don’t even feel it!

Bear pro. Dewey

The low motion transfer when i move is great doesn’t disturb my partner at all.

Great mattress

I purshased my mattress 6 weeks ago and I’m truly pleased with it, I was skeptical at the beginning for checking so many other mattresses on the market, but I’m glad I went for this one. I really love it and I’ll buy it again.

Very satisfied with Bear PRO!

After seeing and reading countless reviews on all mattresses, am very grateful I chose Bear!

All I wanted and more

The mattress immediately helped my lower back pain and is clearly a cooler design, which is helpful in Atlanta. What really impressed me is the pillows!! A perfect mix of support and squish!

Love our mattress!

We recently replaced our mattress and are loving our new Bear mattress. It's a pretty firm mattress, but that's our preference. I have already recommended this mattress to several friends. We also received two pillows and they are great!

Right decision

A little worried about buying something online. I read the reviews and compared with other makers. This time it played off. Very comfortable and with enough support to soothe my aching body from a day at work. Very, very pleased

Great choice!

The Bear Pro is a comfortable mattress at a good price. One of the reasons I chose it was for the promise of cool sleep, and it has not disappointed.

Awesome Mattress= Awesome Sleep

I'm a sleep tracker. Before purchasing this mattress my sleep numbers were horrible. Always seeing compromised or poor. I was trying to keep my workouts intense but always noticed I was pretty tired or the weight always felt a little heavier. I wasn't feeling like I was working out well. We started researching mattresses. This was our first "box" mattress. It was really nice not going to a mattress store- I'd almost rather go to a used car dealership then another mattress place. We compared almost all the box brands and watched other's videos and reviews. We ended up with this one due to price for both the adjustable bed and the mattress, the fact it was designed to help recovery, and the fact that it didn't sleep hot. We've been very pleased with our purchase. The numbers speak for themselves. I feel better working out and I'm sleeping a ton better. I get consistent numbers like this every day now. We both used to wake up on our other mattress and had shoulder pain from sleeping on our side. Neither one of us has had any shoulder or body aches waking up on a Bear.

Bear Mattress

I have really enjoyed our mattress. Highly recommend!

Research Paid Off

I wasn't easy to choose a mattress yet after reading plenty of reviews and looking at reviews on Youtube - I was able to feel good about making the purchase for a Bear Mattress. I can say that after having slept on my decision for some time now, I'm happy with the decision. I can tell it is a quality product. Thanks Bear Mattress people for working hard to make such a great bed.

Simply Amazing

I was recommended Bear by another mom online with similar concerns. It is simply amazing! Its soft yet firm so you feel snug and supported. I can barely tell that my partner is in the bed. My back ache is GONE! I haven't slept this well in years.


This is the best mattress I’ve ever owned! The frame had a boxy/wooden smell to it, but after a couple weeks it’s gone. The mattress itself is great! I’d highly recommend!

Love this mattress!!

So comfy. Great balance of firm and softness. Will be using the bear pro for a long time.

Treat Yourself

When we moved into our new place, we decided to treat ourselves to a new, bigger mattress and this brand came highly recommended. We couldn’t be more pleased! Both sleeping soundly, and the dog loves it too!


We slept on a very worn out pillow top mattress; I couldn't rotate it because of the divet on my boyfriends side so it was time for a new one. It has taken us a while to get used to but I think I am sleeping better and my back feels better. It is most certainly way more firm than I thought.

It's worth it

I am a tall athletic 23yo guy who has played many contact sports over the years and along with that came lingering injuries. I tend to get very sore from just being on my feet all day let alone working out. Nowadays I go to extensive efforts to recover from workouts and I can tell you one thing, by no means do I regret buying this mattress. I thought I had a decent mattress before but decided to upgrade and I was quite surprised at the difference in quality of sleep I was getting, it was near night and day. I hardly wake up throughout the night anymore, I don't roll around to find a comfortable position as much and I fall asleep much faster than before. Not to mention how much cooler this mattress feels than my previous one especially in combination with the Cooling pillow Bear offers. When I wake up I feel much less groggy, more energized, and on my days off I find that when I do wake up I don't stay in bed to get those few extra minutes to sleep in; when i wake up, I'm up and ready to go about the day. My favorite part though is in the few weeks I've owned my mattress, I haven't woken up with muscle soreness even once which happened regularly with my previous one. If you are looking to get a new mattress don't look at any other brands because I can promise you that you won't be disappointed with the Bear Pro

Great Comfort

Great comfort, firm but great sleep every night

King Bear Pro

I am currently in progress of moving & when we tried it out on our last day In the place we’re moving out. It was a fantasy come true! Honestly I got this mattress from watching you tubers mention it’s best for athletic individual and my recovery from the gym has gotten better. You definitely can feel it. So far, it’s been overall great, my wife loves it and my 7 months old daughter sleep better now.

Lives up to High Expectations

This was my first new mattress ever, so I put a lot of thought and research into the purchase. I'm pleased to say that this Bear Pro is everything I was hoping for! I'm able to sleep on my side again without pain. I wake up refreshed and well-rested. My wife wishes that it was a little firmer, but I think it's just about perfect.


Wish we’d have bought a bear mattress sooner. My husband had back surgery and I’m 7 mo the pregnant. We are both in love with our mattress.

Incredibly comfortable

This mattress has helped a ton with my back pain. It’s the perfect firmness and it’s incredibly comfortable. I love it!

Love this bed

After trying and returning the purple original and the tuft and needle mint, the bear pro has been a great fit for us. We also both really like the cloud pillows that came with it

Finally waking up rested again :)

I researched many companies and read reviews - my decision was the right one to go with the Bear Pro. I have had a back injury 15 years ago and need to have a good mattress. My back pain is less and I feel rested in the morning. This is the one - it really works for me. One more thing: I never write reviews but this one is true and genuine - this company held their promise in delivering a great mattress!

Happy Customer

The customer service for Bear is second to none. Literally the easiest company to speak to and so responsiveness! LOVE THEM AND THE MATTRESS

Best sleep ever

Sleep so comfortably every night

Best Ever

Excellent Mattress, Got the Bear Pro Bundle, USA Made, Fast Shipping, Best Sleep Ever the Very 1st Night. And yes, it does sleep cooler even with the topper.

Best Mattress

My husband and I sleep great on this mattress. I no longer have hip pain from sleeping on my side. Overall, amazing mattress.

best sleep I’ve ever had

I have never slept well. I used to sleep for about 4 hours and woke up every hour during. I did extensive research for two weeks on the best mattress for my lack of sleep. I now sleep around 7 hours and it is a VERY deep sleep. This is the perfect mattress.

Worth the investment

When I started waking up with back pain and knots I knew it was time for a new mattress. I decided with bear pro and I couldn't be happier. It's firm but also gives me enough cushion on places like my shoulder and hip as I sleep on my side. I'm not sure who likes it more; me, my girlfriend, or German Shepherd as it's nearly impossible to get them out of bed now

Great bed

I’ve had my Bear Mattress for over a month now. Runs cool, is highly comfortable, and my average sleep has increased by 3% when pairing with my WHOOP strap. I feel like I recover from working out and don’t toss and turn as often. I was originally very skeptical spending this much on a mattress, but as my sleep numbers have increased, I feel the purchase has helped with my daily recovery!


I'm loving my new Bear Pro mattress. I suffered from back pain previously and it completely vanished after a couple nights sleep on this new mattress. It is comfortable but supportive, exactly what I need.

Love it

Went from a sterns and foster to the bear pro and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made

Firm and took a while to get used to

on the firmer side thanwhat were used to. But growing in us. Been about 45 days now. Coming from a king size, this queen is an adjustment,spacetime. But overall satisfied. Looking for it to lasts at least a decade. We will see

Best Mattress

This is my favorite mattress I have ever slept on. I spend a lot of time on my feet during the day for work and regularly workout so when I found the Bear Pro bed, I thought this is perfect. Besides helping with muscle recovery, the bed is extremely comfortable. I like to sleep on my side so I don't like when beds are too firm. The Bear Pro is the right amount of softness and firmness to be comfortable but not sinking into the bed. I am so happy to have found the Bear Pro Mattress.

Great Mattress for Him&Her Athletes

We were looking for a new bed as we were getting married and needed something that would work for him (ex-collegiate basketball player) and her (runner who completed 2 marathons in a year). With all the mattress options out there we focused on what would help us recover fast, keep us cool, and above all, be comfortable. We both had never experienced memory foam mattresses and we will literally never choose anything other than a BEAR MATTRESS. IT . GETS. BETTER. EVERY. NIGHT. We thought we were getting great sleep, now we realize how much more energized we can be each day for work, work outs, etc.

Mattress Magic!

After much research, we finally decided to go with the Bear Pro mattress, and we're so very glad that we did. It's firm enough to give support while also feels like it's cuddling you. As a distance runner and yoga instructor, I'm very active, and part of what drew me to Bear and the Pro was the support for physical recovery...and it has certainly delivered on that front, too. My legs have felt fresher and I feel like I sleep more deeply overall. Very comfortable, and we're really glad we made the purchase!

Bear pro mattress

5 star Best mattress ever

Bear Pro mattress

My wife and I have been sleeping on horrible beds for the last 2 years. The bear mattress was a good choice. The first night I could feel back problems starting to go away. The cooling gel in the memory foam was amazing. We didn’t get to hot during the night. I highly recommend the bear mattress pro


I’d had the same ‘Euro plush’ mattress for 20+ years and needed a change. After much research Bear stood out. It took a little getting used to but I didn’t need the 3” latex topper I’d been using on the old mattress anymore. So glad I got the foundation which I use as a base. My dogs and I have been enjoying the Bear Pro for a few weeks now and I’m so glad I got it. Set up of the base was very easy, and the mattress didn’t need to off-gas, we slept on it the same night. This mattress has absolutely improved my sleep quality.

Bear Pro Mattress

Mattress is awesome. Had instant relief. Only took one night for my back to not hurt anymore. Amazing what a good quality mattress will do for sleep quality. Well worth the money. I’d recommend these guys to anyone. I’m on the firm side for mattress preference and was surprised that this foam mattress exceeded my expectations. I’m a side/back sleeper and my wife is a stomach sleeper and it’s great for both of us.

Bear Pro

I love my new mattress. After one night of use I noticed my neck and hip pain nearly went away. I feel asleep quicker and woke up refreshed. Very satisfied with my purchase. I only wish I did it sooner.

Amazing rest on this mattress.

Amazing rest on this mattress. Firm, but it cradles my body and I fall asleep FAST. I would recommend to anyone I could. Also, I run hot and this cooling technology helps regulate my core temp. Best sleep ever.

The best mattress!

We've had our Bear for about 2 weeks and love it! My favorite aspect is the zero motion transfer. My fiance tosses and turns throughout the night which usually wakes me up. I can't feel him at all on our Bear mattress (king size). Highly recommend!


Very good

Great Mattress!

Mattress is firm, yet soft. As a side sleeper, I get the support I need without the pressure points at my hips and shoulders. I like it a lot, and have recommended it to several friends.


I have the queen Bear Mattress with the foundation. I used to wake up every morning with back pain, but since I got this mattress a couple months ago, I've been waking up pain-free!

very good

very good

Cool, comfortable sleep.

I'm just over 150lbs and 5'10. My hips are the heaviest part of my body, and my upper body is starting to settle into the mattress. It does have that initial gassing smell for a while, goes away after a week or two. I was looking for the softest mattress that Bear had to offer and chose this one for this reason. I think in the future I might go for something SLIGHTLY softer (or maybe start working out my upper body more) Otherwise, it's a great sleep. Would recommend it to most people around my body type but if you're a lean athlete with more lower body mass than upper, you may find a little more curve in your spine than you would like.


My wife and I used to have a ton of back problems, we're both musicians and I'm into gardening, so this mattress is an absolute life saver! We were skeptical at first because it came in the mail, but setup couldn't have been easier. Now we sleep all the way through the night without waking up! We also appreciate the financing option! You guys rock! Thank you!


Had a different brand before getting this one and it’s like night and day! Works fantastic with my partner who is a side sleeper and myself who is a back sleeper. We love it!

memory foam for old guy

when i moved in with my son, he insisted that i get a memory foam mattress. i am in my late 80's and didn't really care what i slept on. but i have to tell you that i haven't slept this good in decades. it takes a little maneuvering to get situated. when i wake up, i like to just stay there for awhile. it is so comfortable. thanks


Great sleep every night 💤!!

Bear PRO!!!!!

I'm so glad I purchased the bear pro! I've had the bear pro almost two months now, and I'd purchase it again. I'm a combo sleeper. Mostly back and side sleeping. Rarely, I'll sleep on my stomach. I have some lower back issues from old injury. I think this mattress has helped me sleep better. It feels like, I toss and turn less. Which in turn, helps me sleep harder than I used to. I honestly feel like I need less sleep. It's wild!!! Sometimes I get the night sweats. BUT with the bear pro, I think it has happened less. I dare suggest that the coolness factor, from the infused copper, may actually work. It's like the cool side of the pillow if I move. **I do sleep alone on a queen, I have room to roll around as I please.** Sometimes I have to share with my dog. She appears to love bear pro as well in her old age. The delivery was quick. Set up was pretty easy as a single person. I had my bed frame ready to go before opening it. I did sleep on it the same day it was delivered. Wasn't mad about it.

Love jt

So far bear night sleep I've ever had on a mattress!

We love it!

My man and I absolutely love this mattress. Firm but not hard! We both can get up out of bed without the other being woken up, it’s great!

Really firm!!!

I was looking for firm and I found it! Great mattress for people who like that. The package deal with the cover and pillows was a great deal!

Very pleased

It’s hard getting out of bed, because I never want to leave. I wake up in the mornings feeling very rested. Excited to go to bed at night.

Best Pro

I was sleeping well on this mattress, but had a rash on my arms and legs. Hubby felt it was hard, so we added a foam topper and now we both sleep great and rash is gone.

Best one so far

This mattress is for my wife and and. We prefer queen size, medium firmness , and one that will work with our new high-end adjustable frame. Our Bear Pro replaces a 9-year-old Tempurpedic Cloud. We also had an opportunity to try a Bear Hybrid. The Tempurpedic Cloud was too soft, the Bear Hybrid was just a tiny bit too firm and had a ”speed bump” issue when the frame back was up. We did a lot of research and picked the Bear Pro. Couldn’t be happier. I would do it again!!

Bear Pro

Good mattress, ended up not keeping however. My theory is that at 160 lbs, my weight ended up putting pressure on my hip and shoulder (side sleeper) right where I would have been laying on top of the 7" core base layer of the mattress.

Amazing mattress

Amazing mattress

Almost perfect

This is an almost perfect mattress. I wish is was a little softer. I use to have back pain every morning but it’s not nearly as bad now. I have only had the mattress for 2 weeks so I will give it a little more time.

Very comfortable!

I like it! At first I thought it may be a little too firm for me, but I've grown into it and notice the bed does conform to my body curves. My boyfriend loves the bed! He prefers the more firm feel and feels this bed is the perfect level. Temperature is good, not too hot. This was my first memory foam mattress so that was an adjustment for me. Also went from full size to king- huge bonus! I've absolutely been sleeping better since I got the bed so I am happy overall!

Good nights sleep

After having slept in a waterbed for the past 30+ years it was a steep transition to a foam mattress. My wife loves it tremendously, and it is okay for me. I do miss my waterbed though, but a happy wife is a happy life.

Love this bed

Love this bed

Best sleep I have had in years

I always wake up with lower back pain. Never hurts during the day but when I went to bed at 10pm it would wake me up by 530am never failed. First night with the bear pro slept to 830am and been great ever since! Do it! You spend half your life in bed it's worth being comfortable!

Love my new Bear mattress!

Love my new Bear mattress!

Requiem for a dream

We couldn’t be happier with this mattress choice. We feel completely supported but still get that soft touch feeling when laying down. It’s the best of both worlds. Back pain has decreased immensely. The shipping was shockingly fast. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Easy set up.

King mattress

My husband and I ordered a king Bear mattress and were shocked at how quickly it was shipped to Alaska! Our mattress and pillows were here within a few days and shipping wasn’t astronomical. I am 9 months pregnant and have been experiencing terrible hip pain while sleeping. New bear mattress surely didn’t hurt but I can’t wait to sleep on it when I’m no longer pregnant. I am a runner and my husband is a firefighter and we purchased this mattress because of our active lifestyles. So far, my husband has slept fantastically. My only complaint is that the mattress DID have some off gassing and smell that lasted a while. I definitely would have opened it and let it air out for a few days in hindsight. We’re about a month in now and so far we’re happy. Mattress fits nicely on our king frame.

Best Mattress & Pillows

After years of being uncomfortable and loosing sleep, I finally decided to look at different mattresses on-line and I liked the reviews on the Bear mattress and decided to give it a try (the 100 day trial period was a bonus). I ordered the Pro-Bundle package so I received 4 pillows as well (2 cooling pillows & 2 regular). Let me tell you, I have spent hundred of dollars on different pillows and I have not found anything that compares to these, they are wonderful! Best decision I have made was to purchase this mattress, I fall asleep easily, sleep all night, and wake up rested and with NO stiffness or aches, I absolutely love my Bear mattress & pillows!!

Best Foam Mattress I’ve ever Had!

I had the Cocoon by Sealy for less than 90 days and returned it. I got the regular Bear mattress instead and instantly loved it! I didn’t think it could get better. But then I got the Bear Pro! The firmness is perfect and so comfortable. It’s hard to get out of bed each morning but not because I’m exhausted. Best sleep I’ve ever had.

Good Mattress

Loved the mattress, but the top two comforft layers were a little short, cold feel my feet off the mattress when sleeping on my stomach.

Nice purchase

We don’t have any complaints about the sleep on this mattress. Just wish it was organic :)

Happy sleeper!

I’ve been sleeping on the bear pro for three weeks and zero complaints! Was easy to unwrap, slept on it the second day out of the box, best night of sleep in a while! I researched heavily before the purchase as it was my first mattress investment-as a side and back combo sleeper I’m impressed for the price!

Solved my problem but transfers movement

I purchased the mattress because I was waking up with back pain for months prior to changing it and it definitely helped with that and now I wake up with no back pain. It is very comfortable. We did notice thought that it transfers movement a lot and I can feel when my husband moves even if it is a minor movement.

Excellent mattress at a good price

I’ll start by saying I absolutely love this mattress. Why the 4 stars then? Well I was specifically drawn to the pro because of its “cooling” feature, but I think once I put a mattress protector on that cooling doesn’t really work. I still get pretty sweaty at night similar to previous mattresses. I’ve considered ditching the protector but I have small kids that occasionally sneak in at night so I don’t feel comfortable doing that yet. :(

Game changer

Both my husband and I get very hot during the night and specifically chose the Bear Pro for the cooling technology. We were skeptical that it would actually work for us. To our surprise and delight, it actually works. I wish we would have purchased this mattress when we were living in Houston, Texas, but am happy to have it now. I have one issue. I can feel every movement of my husband which was never a problem with our old memory foam mattress (hence 4/5 stars). All in all though, I'll take getting woken up a few times a night to being uncomfortable.

2 Months In

New baby has just arrived and our new Bear mattress has been a dream for getting the much needed 30 minute power naps!

Best Night Sleep Ever

My husband has the original bear mattress which he loves. I like the original bear mattress but I wanted something a little softer. I am more of a side sleeper than a back sleeper so I wanted something a bit softer. This mattress was the perfect combination for us. It was firm enough to support my husbands back but soft enough for me since I sleep on my side a lot. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone that l has back problems and sleeps on their side or back.

Arrived so quickly and is incredible!!

We moved into a new house and ordered the Bear Pro Bundle. It showed up in less than 24 hours, which is incredible! I’m used to a pillow top mattress so this took some getting used to but I’m so glad we tried it out. I used to wake up with back pain and this mattress has completely eliminated that. Definitely would recommend!

Best Mattress - Period!

I am one of the OCD types that researched everything before buying. I must admit that the military discount played a big part in making my final decision. After deciding on a Bear Mattress and foundation, I elected to pay extra for the white glove service since I had no way of disposing of the old mattress and box spring. Initially, my wife and I found the mattress too firm and we experienced back pain every morning. However, upon calling customer service, they sent out a foam topper at no charge and my wife and I could not be happier. Customer service was A+! I highly recommend Bear Mattress!

Great Mattress

I love this mattress! It feels like sleeping on a firm cloud. I love I don't have that stuck in mud feeling, and I can roll all over the bed easily.

Best. Mattress. Ever.

This is the first mattress I’ve every bought, AND LET ME TELL YOU. I was terrified buying a mattress, but after some research, I chose Bear and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve slept on a lot of mattresses just from my time in the military. I’ve never slept on a better mattress that supports my body. I love my Bear and can’t wait to go to bed every night.

Best Experience

Best online purchase we have ever made! Ordered on Tuesday and received on Friday. Super easy to install. No complaints at all, would and have recommend to anyone looking for a new mattress.

Great mattress

Very good for my bad back!

Best sleep of my life!

Worth every penny! I’ve never slept better!

Great Pick

I'm a combo sleeper and my girlfriend is mainly a side sleeper. We both love this bed! The side support of the bed is much better than my last. If your looking for an affordable bed and is a safe pick look no further!!

Super impressed

When selecting a mattress it's always been a debate with my partner and I. He likes a support firm mattress and I a soft one. Based on the reviews we decided to give it a try. Somehow this mattress satisfies both of our sleep needs. Its firmer than I expected but soft where it is needed. My hips dont hurt anymore either when I sleep on my side.

Very Comfortable!

We love our mattress so far! It is super comfy and just like we hoped. I do feel like it sinks in a little bit towards the middle, but I'm not sure if that is because of our bed support or the mattress.

Best mattress ever

This mattress is even better than I expected. Firm but not too firm. It supports fully and is totally silent. My last mattress was a pillow-top and it was hot and too soft. This mattress makes me happy every night and every morning.

Firm yet soft

We’ve had our Bear mattress for over a month now and really like it. It is firm, but as soon as you lay down it feels perfectly formed to your body. I am a side sleeper and my husband a back sleeper...we both are sleeping more soundly than we have in years.

Best Pro Mattress

We are very satisfied with our purchase. The ease of assembling and dressing it up with Cool bedding is very satisfying. Thank you

Perfect Fit!

Love this mattress! Best night’s sleep ever - if only I could get the dogs on their beds! 😉

Firm mattress you sink into

Went from a pillow top SOFT mattress, so felt like I was laying ON TOP of the mattress, but once you lay there for a minute, you sink in just enough. Don't wake up in pain every morning any more! #win

Bear pro

I absolutely love this band. My quality of sleep has gotten much better!


I was a collegiate cross country runner and my husband is in the US Air Force and thus matress has been amazing! 10/10!

Best decision ever

This purchase of the bed, bed frame and base has been a Dream. This is my first time purchasing a mattress in box and wow! With being a mom of 1 recently I ended up having really bad back pain and also I recently started working 12 hr shift all day on my feet! I can honestly say my body actually feels rested and full of energy when I wake up! For now on that all I think about at the end of The night, me and my bed!

Best Mattress

I was long over do for a new mattress. I like most did a lot of research on all the new mattress there are on the market and something about the Bear Pro really appealed to me. It's hard making a large purchase without being able to try it out first, but I have no regrets! The Bear Pro was a perfect fit, the firmness is great and it truly does help keep you cool. AND the pillows are the BEST!

Love it

its so nice to sleep 8hours and not have lower back issues. I work out at the gym at night and do construction work during the day.

Best mattress I’ve ever purchased

Sleep like a pig on this mattress

Even a sleep snob is happy

My wife and I sleep differently, and with different body shapes and desires. We each different preferences for a mattress, and this one has delivered beyond expectations to keep us both sleeping well each night. It feels like there is a thin layer of foam on the top that receives your body into the firm, supportive cloud that hugs you while you slip off in to dream land. (Lay terms: a thin soft layer over a firmer layer. Real nice.) I’ve honestly had some of my deepest, most restful sleep on this mattress. Including naps. If I was hibernating for the winter, this is the mattress I’d want to be on. With the sheets. And the pillows.

Great mattress!

I have been having issues with my shoulder and my hip for some time. We decided to get a new mattress to see if it would help with my night and morning pain. Initially, we ordered another foam mattress with a brand name that suggests it to be very soft and pillowy. We kept that mattress for a total of one week and absolutely hated was like sleeping on concrete. After searching through websites and reading reviews we decided to try the Bear Pro. Wonderful! We have been sleeping on it for 90 days and absolutely love it! It is firm enough for my husband and yet soft enough to relieve the pressure on my shoulder and hip. I am usually only a side sleeper but with this mattress, I am able to be comfortable in any position. My shoulder and hip pain are gone and I am not hobbling to the bathroom in the morning. We have decided when the time comes to replace our guest room mattress it will definitely be a Bear Pro!


LOVING BEAR! It's a cool mattress and not heavy at all! I do feel that the pillows were a little soft for my taste but They were a gift with my purchase so I cant complain.

Solved my neck pain!

I’m a 28 year old female weighing around 140 lbs. this mattress is the perfect amount of firm and comfortable. I no longer experience the neck pain that I would get periodically from my old mattress. I highly recommend this mattress to anyone who prefers a firmer mattress and/or needs more support. The original price scared me a little, but now I am happy that I invested in better sleep!

Good mattress

So far we've been on the Bear Pro for about a month. I think it's a quality product and as expected. The communication throughout the purchase was great, from order to shipping. I would say that so far the mattress has been an improvement over an older style spring/pillow top that was needing replaced, but it is not (so far) a magic bullet for all my back soreness/etc. I would also say it is not uncomfortable, but runs a little warmer than our previous mattress. again, not deal breakers but just things I noticed. the lack of edge support is well documented, but more noticeable than I thought it might be. I would buy it again though.

Great customer service

Great customer service

Excellent Bed

Have been sleeping on the Bear Pro for two months now. Has helped a ton with my back pain. I have two damaged disc in my lower spine and I do believe that this bed has helped tremendously. I also sleep very hot and I have found that this bed keeps me comfortably cool at night. It has been well worth the price

Love it

Perfect balance of support and cushion.

I was skeptical...

After a long day of cycling my muscle fatigue seems to actually be less the next day compared to my old mattress. I would highly suggest the bear pro for anyone who lives an active lifestyle!

Amazing mattress - definitely for an athlete like me.

I work out 5-6 times a week lifting and doing cardio. So my body needs time in the bed and optimal recovery for my fitness goals. I felt an immediate transformation and effect my first night. My back was no longer very tight, my muscles have recovered much quicker than before and I feel so much more refreshed. It’s hard to leave the bed in the morning!

Bear Pro

I purchased the twin size and am loving it. Totally experimenting with stress relief these days, happily added to my wellness regimen.


I love it. So glad I didn't purchase a purple mattress. My friend has one, heavy, hard to move, doesn't keep it's shape standing on its side.

Highly Recommend.

This mattress is great! I felt immediate relief from back and sciatica pain with in a few days and getting much better sleep.

Very comfy.

Very comfy.

Loving our Bear Pro!

My wife and I decided to upgrade our mattress to the Bear Pro and we have been extremely happy with it. After having it for 2 months, we've put it fully to the test with my wife 6mo pregnant and myself having surgery. This mattress has passed with flying colors and we both find that if we are traveling, one of the things we look forward to most is coming home to our mattress.


It’s amazing how just changing your mattress and going with a product that isn’t your normal preference can make a difference in your life. Honey!!!!!

Great so far....

Easy to set up everything; besides the Bear Pro mattress, I also got the base and the cover. The mattress felt a bit firm at the beginning (my wife didn't like it as much), but over the last few weeks, it seems to have broken in. The mattress could be used for side or back sleeper, as it definitely pushes back into you in lighter regions of your body (such as arch of back). I don't wake up as much now with this mattress and seem to sleep deeper. It is not an overly soft mattress, but it definitely has give to it. I am a side sleeper and it works very well.

Bear Mattress

We have had our Bear mattress for 3 months. Love the comfort of the mattress. But it does not cool like suggested.

Love it

Love it

125lb wife and 165lb husband LOVE this bed

After countless reviews on multiple types of foam beds, my husband and I choose the bear pro mattress. We let the mattress rest for 3 days prior to sleeping on it. Right away we were impressed with its firm-yet-comfort level. As I had read, if you are a primarily side-sleeper and under 130lbs you may not like this bed - well I LOVE it, and my husband who is a primarily back sleeper loves it as well. We have had the mattress for about two months now, and we still say "I really like this mattress..." as we climb into bed at the end of the day. We are looking into buying a queen mattress for our guest bedroom, and a twin bed for our kiddo! Thanks Bear Mattress for making such great beds, at such a GREAT price.

Bear Pro

Ever since I got my Bear Pro, I feel more refreshed and ready to go the next day!! I love everything about it.

Love my Bear Mattress pro!

The most comfortable mattress I've ever been on!

Very Supportive and Comfortable Mattress

Initially I thought the mattress was too firm for me, but after giving it some time and breaking it in, I have to say that I'm very satisfied. I'm sure it will serve me well for years to come.

Bear Mattress

Great mattress !!!!!!!!! Am sleeping like a rock. Very comfortable. I am a happy camper.

Best sleep ever

I can't recommend this mattress enough. I know its advertised as a mattress for athletes but that should just be changed to the mattress for people who sleep.

Dah Bear

We purchased a Bear pro. It was delivered promptly and was super easy to set up! I can say it's already worlds better than our previous [box] matress. My ruling doesnt disturb my partner and our different sleep-styles are both considered. I definitely reccomend. Plus- it was a fraction of the price for purple. WINNING!



Very good

I found the mattress to be excellent.

Bear Pro Review

I'm giving the mattress only 4 starts at this point. It has taken a bit to get used to, but I assume that's to be expected. I was a little unsure at first, but I think I'm getting used to sleeping on it. Hopefully my body will adjust to it and I'll start getting the best sleep ever. :)

The Best

I have always had trouble sleeping. The past month I have slept the best that I have in my entire life. The second I lay down I am completely out and I don't move the entire night. It is truly amazing. Got the Bear pillows as well and they are essential

Look no further - this is the mattress you need

Health is important to me. As a person who runs regularly, sleep is a key component in my recovery when I train. A good night's rest is also important so I can focus and just feel well during my days. This mattress is SUPER comfortable. It's supportive, yet not so firm that it doesn't bend to my curves (I'm a side sleeper). I literally feel like falling asleep within 10 minutes of laying down. It also is great with keeping temperature down. I wish I had upgraded to this mattress years ago. Worth every penny!

A bed with a learning curve

I am in my third week sleeping on my Bear Pro. The first week it seemed that the bed adjusted to me nightly, settling and shifting. But now we have adapted to each other well. This week I bought bunkie bed slats to go over my wooden platform and now my sleep is perfect. No small feat during these COVID times!

Great Mattress

We purchased the Bear Pro mattress and it has been perfect for us. The softness/firmness is just what I was looking for. I also did not notice any off gassing/chemical smells that I’ve read about with other mattresses. We were able to unpack it and sleep on it that same night. I would recommend this company to others!

Decent Mattess-in-a-box

We've had the Bear Pro for a couple months now and I'd say it's doing is job. We bought it to replace a Tomorrow mattress which felt a little too firm. This one feels a bit softer. My fiancee says that her side sleeping is more comfortable with this mattress compared to the previous one.

Helped with back problems

As a stomach sleeper, this has provided the support my back has apparently needed for a long time whilst still being cushioned and comfortable. I have had back problems for about five years. After about a month of sleeping on this, along with exercising and stretching, my back problems have largely abated. Could not be happier with my purchase and love the celliant technology!

Best Sleep

We suffered from sleep deprivation for years not knowing the cause! We flipped the mattress put extra toppers and nothing worked! It took a toll on our mental health! During the Memorial Day weekend we just thought let’s surf and see what’s out there for reviews on mattresses and compare! We read up on all different types and got bored until this one popped up! And that ended the search! The price was great , reviews were great and they made ordering extremely simple! The also honor our military! Win Win! I received the product and I can truly say if you suffer from any aches and pain or sleeping issues this is the mattress you need and want! Absolutely not one regret! I would buy this again and again! The service is fast, CustomerSupport is A+! Thank you Bear Mattress, this saved my marriage!

So far so good

Will do how it holds up but as of now we are pleased. I would never pay full price for this bed in a box but we got it for 20% off so it seemed reasonable. Free pillows that came with are very nice!


I put a lot of research into finding a new mattress and Bear was a new company to me. I was looking forward to trying out the BearPro and it did not disappoint! The mattress is super comfy and does everything it claims to! I would definitely recommend this mattress.

Great Mattress

My pregnant wife really appreciated the upgrade from our old mattress. She sleeps a lot better now than on our old pillow top mattress. The upgrade was good for me, too. I was a little scared after waking up sore after the first night. Did I spend all of this money for a mattress that would hurt my back? Those thoughts were gone after the second night (and every night after that) when I woke up refreshed and pain free.


I used to have a lot of lower back pain plus major neck pain. Sometimes I would sweat because of how bad it hurt. After sleeping on this mattress the first night I automatically felt improvement and a week later I no longer had anymore pain. The only thing that makes me mad is that I waited to purchase this when I should’ve got this long ago.

Great nights sleep

After the first few weeks we adjusted well to this new mattress. I am now sleeping better through the night and waking up pain free in the morning.

Love this bed!

This was such a skeptical purchase for me because I have never done a bed in a box. It has been great and I sleep way better.


Great customer service easy delivery and pick up, I ordered a Queen on accident the next time and they had it picked up and refunded my money all within a week so I was able to order the king and not be out any money!

The pain is gone

The box was easy to unpack and assemble. The moment I laid down, my pain was gone! I haven't had a good night rest in years and I'm so grateful I got this mattress. You won't be disappointed.

Super comfortable - Best Sleep I've Ever Had!

We have loved our Bear Pro mattress! It's amazing because we don't even have to use a mattress topper since it's so comfortable as is. I usually have back pain when I wake up in the morning, but since we got our Bear mattress, I haven't woken up with back pain.

Solid purchase

We were very wary of a mattress in a box before our purchase. After reading countless reviews and watching multiple YouTube reviews, we decided to make the purchase of the Bear Pro. After a couple of months of sleeping on the mattress I can honestly say I am fully satisfied with our purchase. The Bear Pro is an amazing mattress for the price and we highly recommend if you are on the fence as we were.

Bear Queen Pro

I absolutely love this mattress. It is exactly what I was looking for. The mattress is more on the firmer side and I love it. It helped me to sleep deeper and get a full recovery every night. It arrived vacuum sealed and easy to move around my house. It’s light and easy to set up. We spend a 3rd of our lives in our bed so it is easily one of the best purchases I have made!!

Bear Pro is very good

This is the best mattress I saw in a long time. It is firm and very supportive. Very comfortable.

It’s incredible! I haven’t slept

It’s incredible! I haven’t slept like this in years!

bear mattres pro

best mattres for people havin issue with pain in shoulder and back best decission ever made its medium firm .firmness for all sleep position.

Da Bear

Great mattress delivered on time and as described via the website.

The bear pro is great

The bear pro is a big upgrade from what I had before- old futon. I wanted a firm memory foam mattress and the pro is just that. It almost feels too firm but I think that sensation is my spine actually getting aligned straight, or into a more natural sleeping position. I've had the pro now since the new year and I've had great sleep on it. When I wake up I feel rested and ready to get out of bed. I'm a morning person so I rarely sleep in, but I have found that on the weekends the bed is so comfortable that I'll sleep in a bit more.

Great Mattress

My fiancé and I love this bed! It’s been comfortable since day one and we’re glad we got it.


We love the Bear bed! Plain and simple. My hip hasn’t hurt since we bought it. My boyfriend and I are both sleeping better. Going from a queen conventional spring mattress and box spring to this is night and day. My boyfriend was a bit skeptical at first but now he wouldn’t go back to the old mattress and box spring for anything! And now with the king size We have plenty of room. If you are undecided, go Bear. You won’t regret it.

Long time sleeper first time buyer

The king size bear pro is your own personal island where its always cool and the sapce is plentiful. Its amazing not feeling the bad warm up after rolling around in it. Also you don't ever feel your partner moving next to you

Life changing

Veteran with disabilities that are physical, including sleep apnea, and the Bear Pro has helped tremendously. Not only with getting to and staying asleep, but getting quality rest. As an older athlete, this has helped with recovery and being able to train harder and for longer. One happy Navy veteran!

As advertised!

My wife and I both love our Bear Pro. We expected to have an adjustment period but instead started having improved sleep the first night.

Bundle of dreams!

We have a bear at home but recently purchased one for our vacation home and, oh my, we never slept so good! I thought nothing was wrong with the old mattress but what a difference, like sleeping on a cloud! So easy to setup as well!

Best mattress I’ve ever owned

My back pain is gone and I’m sleeping all night long.

Perfect Fit

If you’re looking for a mattress in between firm and soft the Bear Pro is perfect.

Bear Pro

Overall very well made mattress. More firm than reviews let on (Im 180, my wife 120lbs) and we both find it quite firm. That suits me fine. If you want a softer mattress the original Bear mattress is ratef as softer. I sleep much better now - no interrupted sleeps. I will definitely be keeping mine.

Awesome mattress

I actually sleep on my back now. I was having shoulder pain from sleeping on my side so much.

The bed is great but

The bed is great but the customer service is fantastic. Bear was there for me when I wanted a delayed shipping date and when my mattress pad shipment temporarily went MIA; supportive (like their mattress) and with great follow-up.

Amazing bed

Best mattress I have ever slept on. Great support and very comfortable.

Exceeded expectations

After deliberating over what mattress to purchase, we opted for the Bear Pro and couldn't be happier. From the very first night, my wife & I both realized what a better sleep we had with the Bear. The jury is out on the claims of Celliant and Copper as far as I'm concerned..all I know is that I get a great night's sleep. This has been quantified by the sleep efficiency on my Samsung smartwatch. The only thing I would say is that it was a bit firmer than I expected.

Great mattress

We like it a lot. Right amount of firmness and sleeps cool at night!

The bed is very comfortable

The bed is very comfortable and supports the back and sleeps cool. My wife walks with a walker and has trouble getting in and out of bed, once she is in bed it’s totally comfortable. The downside there is no is the edge support. The sides give away when getting in bed and out of bed I can see it’s wearing on the slip cover, which will be an issue in the years to come..

Second times a charm

My husband and I tried another brand that ended up being way to firm for me but ok for him. This mattress is more medium firm soft and is working for both of us.

The most comfortable mattress i

The most comfortable mattress i have ever owned

Great for the back!

The first night I laid down on this mattress(after a year of having a pretty worn out mattress), my back literally cracked and re-aligned into place. NOW, this did come with some growing pains. For the first probably 2 weeks I woke up with back pain. But stick with it, you will not regret it. The mattress itself is very firm but I found it comfortable as someone who had always chosen cushy/pillow top mattresses. Which was interesting to me. It's very supportive and comfortable. I would think this would be great for more than one person because you can't feel the other moving constantly. Also, the cooling feature is legit! I used to be hot every night and I'm not anymore!

Sleep like a Bear

I have had this mattress for a couple months and now that my body is adjusting, I have to say this was a great purchase. I am sleeping through the night and my back is feeling better and better each morning. I'm excited to continue my sleep on this mattress and feel well rested and better everyday.

Thank you!

We were in the market for a new bed for several months. I’m an ICU nurse and the long hours and demands on my body were making it difficult to sleep comfortably. I wasn’t resting and waking up in pain. I also have issues with my shoulder and hip pressure points. After a lot of research, we decided on the Bear Pro and couldn’t be happier! Our sleep quality is better and we are waking up pain free! Thank you. I am very grateful!

Pretty good

I’m not sure I can recommend this for a side sleeper. It’s much firmer than I expected. But it’s great if you are a back sleeper.

First mattress in 30 years.

First mattress in 30 years. We love it because it has no movement when someone gets out of bed. Had hip aches but they are better now. Would highly recommend this mattress.

Great mattress - wouldn’t recommend for light weight side sleepes

My husband has loved this mattress and I have loved the quality and how cool it is. My struggle has been that I sleep on my side and weigh less than 140lbs and at that weight the mattress is too firm for me. I have some pressure points it bothers in my shoulder, and I don’t seem to sink in enough to get mid back support. It is a very nice, well made bed though.

I have a bad back

I have a bad back and needed a new mattress. I purchased the Bear Pro based on the good reviews. I was skeptical at first as I’m not used to a mattress that was this firm. The first few night my body needed to adjust but by the 4th night I finally had a great night sleep. Now having the mattress for about a month I no longer wake up in as much pain as I did with my old mattress. I am quite happy with my purchase and would recommend this mattress to anyone with an achey back.


Exactly what I was looking for. My sleep has improved drastically.

Great Sleep!

Been having some issues with insomnia. Got rid of an old mattress and got the Bear Pro. So cool and great!!!

Worth the investment

Go with the bundle. The pillows make a huge difference.

Incredible Mattress

The Bear Pro mattress is an absolute joy to sleep on each night. What I like best is it sleeps so cool that I don't have to turn the temperature down at night. Already had celliant sheets but I sleep so well and wake up each morning refreshed. Wished I had bought it a lot sooner.

Bear Pro mattress

My back was killing me when I woke up each morning... that is, until I got my Bear Pro Mattress. I am a personal trainer, yoga teacher and nutrition coach, so I understand how very important a good nights sleep is for daily performance. I bought the Bear Pro for it’s built in celliant technology and overall reviews. I have not been disappointed. My body feels better when I wake up and I feel alert and ready to face the day. Never underestimate the power of sleep and a mattress that aids in rest in recovery. I recommend this mattress to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their overall well-being.

Obvious Difference!

I can't say enough about the comfort of my Bear Pro. The quality of sleep can't even be compared to my previous mattress. I am a very hot sleeper and the Bear Pro helped to eliminate some of that excess heat for a great nights rest.

Sleeping much better since I got my Bear Pro Mattress

I had been sleeping on an old Sleep Number bed that had started feeling like I was sleeping on an air mattress all the time, which I was. I got my Bear Pro and immediately started sleeping much better: falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. I've been feeling so much more refreshed. Great product! I would recommend to anyone!

Worth the Investment

The mattress is awesome. It completely got rid of my back ache. It's been just over a month and I have no complaints.

Waking Up Refreshed!

I bought a Queen Bear Pro for 817.50 (includes tax) and have been waking up feeling great each morning. The mattress has good support which I think is important for a good night's rest. I'm 170, 5'10'' and think it's a bit firm, but I prefer this over too soft. The real test is to see how it handles the heat.

So far so good

We got the Bear Pro. We wanted a medium-firm that wasn’t going to have us sleeping on a rock but also wasn’t going to sink in. I’d say it definitely is on the more firm end of the spectrum. It is great with motion control and it does sleep comfortably (not to hot). You will sleep more on top of this mattress unless you are pretty heavy. Overall recommend if you want a firmer mattress as it’s good for back and stomach support.

Best sleep

Actual get a great nights sleep

Love it!!!!!

Really love our bed!!!! It arrived quickly, set up the foundation in minutes! No tools required 😊 sleeps GREAT!!! I actually do wake up in less pain than with my old bed! I'm a Bear Believer

Love, love, love this mattress!

Love, love, love this mattress! It’s firm enough to give you support, but hugs in all the right places. Love it. Never going back.

Refreshing mornings

My wife and I love our new Bear Mattress, the firmness is just right, no more back or body aches, falling asleep after a hard days work is fast and refreshing, she falls asleep quickly, almost as soon as she lays down, we love, looking forward to a long lasting relationship,

Saving my Body

recovery and longevity have been a huge roadblock to me. after training twice daily and traveling to races/competitions my body is constantly tired and sore. since starting with bear mattress ive been able to sleep better, compete and preform on a much higher level consistently. i'm never going back to my old mattress!

Comfortable and sturdy

Very supportive bed with good temperature regulation.

Hip and neck pain GONE

We love the Bear Pro! It has alleviated our back, hip, and neck pain. The only change I would make is edge support. It really doesn’t have much, but other than that we really enjoy it!

Very cool at night 10/10

Very cool at night 10/10

LOVE my new mattress!

I love my Bear Pro! Perfect firmness, not rock hard, but very supportive. Both the Bear foundation and mattress were put together and ready to go in under 15 minutes. Delivery was super fast. I had a few questions, as this was my first “mattress in a box“ and customer support was extremely kind and helpful. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

Bear Bundle

Great investment. Awesome sleep!

First time buying a foam mattress

My husband prefers very firm mattresses and I prefer softer ones. This was our first time purchasing a foam mattress and I was very nervous. But I love it! We both sleep well, and so does our 14-year-old pit bull who shares the bed with us :)

Saved my back and hips

My husband and I are aging athletes. I was suffering with back and hip pain each morning after sleeping on a traditional coil mattress. I researched for quite a while. The Bear has more than lived up to my expectations.ost comfortable sleep I’ve had in a long time! And the pillow extras have also become my favorite!

Bought my Mother a Bear Mattress for her night sweats

We tried everything to help her over the years with her bed sweats, Now she goes to bed early and sleeps in nice and dry.. Thank your. She doesn’t like her free pillow but I sure do like mine..

Great so far. Glad we

Great so far. Glad we did it

What a difference!

We purchased the King Bear Pro bundle about a month ago and we couldn't be happier. My partner is a firefighter with sleep apnea, so he needs the best sleep possible and this mattress has made a huge difference in his sleep quality. We love that the foundation and frame were so easy to assemble - it only took a half hour and we didn't even need any tools. The mattress is not too firm, but firm enough for each of us to feel supported (I like a very firm mattress and he likes medium firm, but we are both happy with this one). The entire bed is quiet (so essential when you have kiddos sleeping next door!) and the mattress doesn't sleep hot. We also love the Loft pillows that were included. Our new Bear Pro mattress wins on every level. I would seriously give these people a Bear Hug, I love our new mattress and bed so much!

Good mattress, great price

My wife and I purchased the Bear Pro mattress after many weeks of searching for a new bed and we've been very happy with our purchase. It was slightly firmer than we expected it to be, but we got used to it after about a week of sleeping on it. A lot of reviews mentioned the edge support not being that great, but we've had no problems sitting on the edge of the mattress when getting dressed in the morning. It was much less expensive to go with the Bear Pro compared to other mattresses of similar quality, and we're very happy with our choice. We don't see another mattress purchase in our future for a long time, but Bear will be our first choice when we do.

This has made all the difference!

I was having trouble sleeping. I had pain from shin splints; I had a hard time finding a comfortable position in bed. Then in the morning, my back hurt. NOW, I rest! It's wonderful. The mattress conforms to my body without sagging under the weight; it feels heavenly. And, no more trouble with trying to find a comfortable position. It's all comfortable! I highly recommend the Bear Pro.

Bear Gives Good Back!

Love my Bear. My back does not hurt anymore when I wake up in the morning. Love to lie down on it at the end of the day.


Very good quality and comfort so far. Hoping it will last.

Feel Rested Every Morning

It feels comfortable, but not like the “cloud” feeling in a soft hotel like bed. Sometimes I question if I’m comfortable. But I fall to sleep quick and I wake up everyday feeling rested and don’t get groggy throughout the day. Less pain in my back and hips since I’ve slept on it.

Best sleep ever

I purchased the pro for the price and that's it's geared toward athletes and people who live active lifestyles. On my old mattress and boxspring, I would wake up with aching in my hips. I've only been sleeping on this for a week and I already notice a difference. I've never slept so well in my life.


Great mattress

Just what I needed

Perfect level of firmness and very cool. I use it with bamboo sheets. Recovering from hip surgery and am able to run again - good sleep helps!


I bought this bed because I’m constantly on my feet for over 16 hours a day and my old mattress just wasn’t cutting it so I started to look around and I found your mattress I tried it and never looked back

The Best mattress ever!!

The Best mattress ever!!

The best decision I've ever made in a bed.

This mattress has literally changed my life. When searching for a new mattress I googled which mattress would be best for people with fibromyalgia. Bear Mattress was 9.7 out of 10, the highest rating from the ten mattresses they reviewed. The bed arrived within three days of ordering it. The very first night of sleeping on it was wonderful, I woke up with much less pain in my hips and back. That pain has completely gone since I've slept on my Bear mattress. I would recommend this brand to anyone and have mentioned it on my fibromyalgia support groups.

Most favorite mattress thus far

We bought the king size Bear Pro mattress and absolutely love it. It keeps both of us cool at night as we are hot sleepers. It isn't too firm but firm enough. We have it sitting lower to the ground and I have no problem getting up in the morning.

Best Mattress

I like this mattress so much that I bought two.


While far more firm than my previous mattress, the Bear Pro provides more than sufficient support while not sacrificing comfort.

Sleeping has never been better!

We fall asleep faster. We sleep better. Everything is great! The mattress took a little getting used to because it was a little firmer than what we are used to, but it is so comfy now!

Almost Too Comfortable

This bed was marketed as being for athletes. I disagree. My wife and I got this bed about a month ago and we used to get up early to workout or run before work and now we can't get ourselves out of bed. It is just far too comfortable and supportive. For real though, this bed is a really good firmness and we love it. It does seem to be good for all sleeping styles, too (neither of us are stomach sleepers, though). We highly recommend Bear!


This bed is amazing! The worst part is no one wants to get out of it, even my cats have tried to claim it

Best Sleep Ever

As someone with joint and muscle issues, I find that this mattress has improved my sleep greatly!! The mattress combined with the bear pillows makes for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Great Mattress

I have really been enjoying my Bear Pro Mattress! Because I am so active and also a stomach sleeper, I often times wake up with back pain. Although I still sometimes wake up with a stiff back, there is a vast improvement from my old mattress. This mattress is a really nice balance of firm but also soft and comfortable.

Good quality just not for me

I purchased the Bear Pro. I would put the Pro at a Soft to Medium Soft for feel. I am someone who prefers firmer feel, however this is a quality mattress. Runs a bit warm. Customer service was awesome in helping me with my return!

A Game Changer

We took a chance on Bear after sleeping on a mattress that was long overdue to be replaced. This mattress is comfy! Soft in the right places and firm in others. We’re sleeping much better since this mattress arrived. No more back or hip pain like we were getting from our nasty old mattress. I do wish there was a bit more firmness to the sides of the bed, but otherwise this bed is a dream. Highly recommend for the price and comfort.

Great mattress

Love it

Great Mattress

Best nights sleep ever!

Best mattress

You get all the firmness of a traditional mattress but to contour of a foam mattress. We haven't noticed much of a difference in temperature but we sleep more comfortable. It is cooler than other foam mattresses I have slept on.

Best mattress I’ve ever used

The bear pro is the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. It Is firmer than I first thought it would be, but once I adjusted, it was perfect.

Pretty perfect

This mattress is pretty perfect. My hip pain hasn’t completely gone away but it’s immensely better. I’ve never been able to sleep on my back in my life and now that’s the most comfortable position for me, as someone who’s usually a side sleeper. I’m grateful for this mattress!

Perfect Mattress

Love everything about this mattress! I have now been falling asleep faster and waking up much more rested. Perfect amount of softness and firmness.

Excellent Matress

My first Bear mattress was ruined when a tree fell into my bedroom. When reordering my mattress I wouldn't even consider another mattress. First of all for comfort, it's the best I have ever slept on, cool, firm but not hard, and I don't wake with aches and pains. Dealing with the company is wonderful as well, easy as pie...and I received a healthcare providers discount! Delivery was prompt, directions for expanding the mattress were clear and setup took only five minutes. Thank you Bear!!! You are my number one choice!

Great mattress

I bought the queen bear pro about two months ago, and I absolutely love it. It took me maybe a week to adjust to it, but I no longer wake up with back pain, unlike with my old crappy mattress. This mattress is high quality and super comfortable for a side sleeper like me. Especially for the price. Very happy with my purchase which should hopefully last me years to come.

New bed

My husband and I love our Bear Mattress. Our rest has truly been improved.

Luxurious Sleeping

The convenience of having a mattress shipped to my home in itself was so easy. I was able to unbox my new mattress, watch it rise, and lay on it within a few short minutes. I was coming from a very loved full mattress.. Now my bedroom feels as if I am entering a luxurious hotel! I fall asleep faster & wake up feeling refreshed morning after morning. You'll sink in the slightest amount - just enough to feel relief in the areas that you've been working all day. I LOVE my new mattress!! Bear is worth the investment!

Really good for me

It’s is really good for me because I am 240lbs but my wife is 125 and it is to firm for her


Did a lot of research and happy with our purchase. No more waking up with dead limbs.

Great nights sleep

I served for 5 years, which led to a lot of back issues after rucking packs all over. This bed helps me solidify my posture while going to sleep. When I wake up, a lot of that tension and pressure is gone.

Worth the Money

My honey was leery of me spending more than twice what another mattress cost. This is not your $500 mattress. He didn't understand why we should get a copper infused one either. He thought it can't be that good and that it would take time to adjust to it. We opened it in our sunroom to allow it to expand. It took one day. There was no unpleasant odor either. That night he slept better than he had in MONTHS. No overheating either. Oh happy day! I heard him telling his son about it and the great night's rest. We'll be buying one for him and our guestroom.

Desperately needed!

I purchased the Bear Pro and their foundation along with the mattress topper and two pillows. I am blown away at the comfort of it. The cooling really does work. My AC broke the days ago (I live in southern FL) and I still didn't have a problem sleeping at night, that's how well it works. High recommend!

My Bear Mattress

My bed is very comfortable. I'm going through menopause and it helps me sleep very comfortably at night when before I couldn't sleep a wink with my old mattress. I love my mattress!!

King Size Bear

I never thought a mattress would make such a difference in how well I sleep. I fall asleep faster and sleep through the night more now than I had previously. Just wish I bought it sooner!


My boyfriend and I love our Bear Pro! He has Rheumatoid Arthritis and he grinds his teeth in his sleep but ever since we invested in our sleep health with a Bear mattress, he hasn't ground his teeth once and his joints hurt so much less. Our back and our neck are not aching the next day like they used to. We love our Bear. THANK YOU BEAR!!

I finally invested in my future

I work hard, play hard, train hard and love hard. Why was I still sleeping on a terrible mattress that didn’t care about my well-being? Not anymore. After much research and debating I found a winner. Bear Mattress pro is for people who are serious about life. The people at Bear know you deserve to rejuvenate and have a clear mind when you need to perform. I can only give my complete gratitude to those at Bear Mattress for setting the standard on what a good sleep really means. If you want to invest in your future and finally wake up ready to live hard, work hard, love hard... choose Bear Pro. Thanks guys!

Best Sleep Ever!

This bed is like being hugged by God. I sleep so much better now than I did on my old spring mattress. I often sleep too well, the the point of almost over sleeping

Best Mattress EVER!!!

Super excited when I received my Bear Pro. Being in the military I get a lot of aches all over and this mattress has most DEFINITELY made a difference in my life as far as reducing pain and soreness. Sometimes I just don't want to get out of bed! 10/10

Bear pro

A very nice mattress that fits nicely on the bed. It holds its shape well and is nice and cool to sleep on.

Great mattress!!!

Great mattress!!!


I read many reviews on different brands and decided to go with bear. I am glad I did. I am a side and back sleeper. I've been sleeping so good. This mattress is thick and not too soft or firm.

Loving our BEAR Pro!

My husband and I both are very active. He has had back issues and trouble sleeping comfortably for years, he has been sleeping like a baby since receiving our new mattress. I can’t put a price on the comfort, the sheets and pillows are also great quality, he prefers a former pillow but is loving the quality of sleep!

Amazing & Convenient

Incredibly comfortable mattress with a superbly convenient shopping and delivery process!

Great mattress

Great mattress

Great nights sleep

Amazing mattress

Great mattress!

Great mattress!


Best sleep I've had in ages. very comfy, love it.

I hope people will try this mattress

Sleeping well thank bear mattress

my pro bundle

I love the bed and the pillows. Sleeping better already!

Love it!

Me and my wife got this we had a sleep number bed before and this bear mattress is soooo much better! I love going to sleep I wake up with no back aches at all which was a daily thing with the sleep number. Thank you guys so much for making this bed!

Great mattress, great value.

Super comfy. Only took a couple days before it really responded to me. Worth every penny.

Life changing!

I never write reviews, but have been so thrilled with our Bear Pro King Mattress that I had to write this one! I sleep hot / am a side sleeper (which usually calls for a medium/soft mattress), and have a history of back pain. My partner likes a firm mattress and is quite tall/170 lbs, so used to make our old bed cave when we slept. The Bear Pro helps us "meet in the middle" and has been amazing for both of us. It reminds me of a better version of my parents' (much more expensive) Tempurpedic mattress, for half the price! Other notes: no motion transfer/can't feel partner tossing and turning; sleeps cool.

Great Mattress

Very low odor when I took it out of the plastic. First few nights I had to get used to it, but now I sleep great.


the only mattress my husband can sleep on!

Easy and comfortable

This was our first Bear Pro after having a traditional mattress. We are very pleased. The set up was easy and the mattress is very comfortable. We are pleased to not need a box spring, so we got a taller frame and have extra storage underneath.

Bear pro mattress


Best sleep I’ve ever had

I am only 28 years old and was waking up hardly able to walk. Since starting to sleep on my Bear, it’s been a different world for me. Highly recommended.


I wish I had bought this mattress years before I did. I simply love it! It is perfect and my husband and I sleep so comfortably and wake up without aches and pain. We are customers for life!

Absolutely love my Bear

I searched around for months exploring different mattress options. I ended up with a bear+, and cannot express how different I feel waking up in the mornings. I absolutely love this bed. LOVE IT. It’s so comfortable and cozy and perfectly strikes that balance between soft/firm. I’d absolutely recommend this mattress to anyone, and I’m a proud owner.

Fantastic bed!

The best bed I have ever owned for my sleep style and athletic pursuits

Nice and firm

Soft covers and a good firmness for back, side and front sleepers. Replaced a 15 year old TempurPedic and it feels great. The cloud pillows are cool, as advertised, but too high loft for me.

Great mattress

This is a wonderful mattress. Extremely comfortable and supportive with the perfect balance of firmness and softness. Ordering and shipping were very smooth and timely. I highly recommend.

Worth every penny!

Before purchasing a Bear Pro, I had a soft pillow top mattress. It was extremely comfortable when first crawling in, but I was waking up sore every single morning. Knowing I needed something more firm, I looked into Bear mattresses. I had heard great things from my brother, so decided to give it a go. I've had my mattress for almost 2 months now, and haven't woken up sore once! It's firm, but soft enough to allow for some give. It was easy to assemble the entire bed set, & didn't give off any weird emission smells that a lot of furniture sets seem to do. Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase.


Love our new Bear Pro! I would rate it as medium to medium firm. We bought this for our RV to replace the original mattress. We had previously bought the original bear for our home. The pro is much taller, cooler sleeping and a little more firm. Love them both. Also prefer the cloud pillows over the gel pillows. They give me more neck support, which is what I need.

Bear Pro Mattress

Amazing mattress highly recommend! We purchased this one for the recovery side as my husband is a professional baseball player and his sleep is extremely important. Best purchase we’ve made!

Floating in the clouds

Holy cow. I have never been this happy with a mattress. In my life. The sincerest thanks to BEAR. my husband and I are former athletes and know how important sleep is for health. Prior to the bear purchase I was having debilitating back pain. Finally I realized the mattress could have been the culprit. I feel so good. Thank you thank you!

Great product, price and assembly

Super fast shipping, East to our frame together and unpack bed. Mattress did have slight odor for 1-2 days even after letting it air out. One of the most comfortable beds I have ever had! Perfect price point as well.

We absolutely love our new

We absolutely love our new mattress.

Great Bed

Perfect for my back! Firm yet soft, giving me the sleep I’ve been missing!

I love this mattress!!

I am a big runner so I was looking for a mattress that was really comfortable!!

5 stars

This thing is mint!

Best Mattress We've Ever Had

My three kids are competitive athletes and we bought them each a mattress to help them heal faster. They all swear by them, and so do we!

Fabulous night's sleep and pain free mornings

Best decision I ever made was to purchase a Bear mattress!!! I get a full night's sleep and wake up refreshed and pain free.

Fantastic bed!!

This is one of the best beds I’ve ever slept on and the most comfortable bed I’ve ever owned. It feels a bit squishy if you are sitting on the edge but once you are laying down there is consistent near perfect support. As a side sleeper with neck and upper back pain this bed has been ideal and I’m sleeping better and waking up pain free.

The mattress is very comfortable,

The mattress is very comfortable, and the assembly of the bed was straightforward. It would be nice if the mattress had handles on the sides to help with moving it around, because it’s very heavy, and its outer material clings to bed skirts. Plus, handles will make the job easier for single people.

Bear Pro Queen

We love our new bed!

Fabulous For Fibromyalgia

I’ve spent an extensive amount of time reviewing and comparing different beds. Specifically ones that indicate they are good for fibromyalgia with migraines and chronic pain sufferers. My findings brought me to three different beds. I then went over the thousands of individual reviews about the three beds and I determined that the Bear Pro mattress was going to be the best choice for my hubby and I. We have now had our Bear mattress for almost two months and I am sleeping better than I have in years. My hubby agrees with my review of our new mattress, as he has chronic joint pain and tension headaches. He also made note that the pillows were a fabulous perk with the mattress. He’s finally sleeping better now, as he hasn’t slept well in roughly 10 years. Please note two things: 1. We’ve tried out two other new mattresses over the last three years (the Purple and the Helix). Both of these provided little to no relief after a couple weeks and created more symptom flare up after several months of use. 2. I’m a combo side and back sleeper and my hubby is mostly a stomach sleeper. So this bed is great for any position.

Better sleep, better life!

I love my new Bear pro mattress. They were delivered before the scheduled delivery date. They came packaged so that I could carry them and put them in place on the bed. I am sleeping better and that has changed my life. Thank you Bear Pro, I would recommend you to all my friend.

From insomniac to sleep addict!

My Bear bed is so comfortable, I can hardly get out of it. I learned to be an insomniac through my military career and raising five children. I am now retired and the kids are grown enough that I don't have to be available 24/7. I purchased my king size Bear two months ago, and thanks to the Corona and everything else, I have spent more time in bed than in the past twenty-five years, and enjoyed every second of it. Totally awesome. Highly recommend!!!

I love this mattress and

I love this mattress and would recommend it.

Soft, But Good!

I definitely thought that this mattress would be firmer but I’ve been waking up rested and without any soreness — it’s 32°C here right now, but I *think* I’m sweating less too.

Love it

I was skeptical when my husband wanted a new mattress he had seen on runner's world, but was sold by the ability to return it if we didn't like it. It did not disappoint! Somehow it's soft and form at the same time and I can roll around in bed and not wake my husband up. My back has definitely felt better after using this mattress.

The Reviews Don’t Lie

During the pandemic it was hard to decide on a mattress without going into the stores and testing them out and seeing how firm or soft they were in comparison to the reviews or the website. I will say that this mattress is fantastic! I have had such a better night sleep since I got it delivered and set up. The experience of online ordering was great and updates throughout the shipping process. How the mattress is described and reviewed on the website is accurate. I would say if you are looking for a medium firm mattress that provides support this is the one for you! I sleep so many different ways during the night and am comfortable no matter which way I fall asleep. So far it is great!

No more night sweats

I absolutely love the Bear Pro. My last memory foam mattress slept super hot, but I haven’t had this problem once since I’ve gotten the Bear Pro. I think it’s just the right amount of firmness. I sleep in all different positions and have been comfortable in all of them. I also love that I can’t feel any movement when my husband moves on the other side of the bed. I use the Bear Protector with it and love that, too. Customer service has also been wonderful. Thanks Bear!

Excellent Purchase

Well worth the price. The mattress is the perfect firmness for my side sleeping and my partners back sleeping.

Very Satisfied

I love my new Bear Pro. It is very comfortable and is the right amount of firmness without being hard. I would recommend this bed to anyone. Oh, my dogs would too!

Takes some getting used to

My wife has struggled a bit because she doesn’t feel like she’s created her ‘divot’ yet. It has taken awhile to break in, but it gets more and more comfortable everyday.

Amazing Mattress

We started comparing mattresses and ultimetly decided to settle on this one, BEST DECISION EVER. This mattress is amazing for both my husband and I. He has intermittent back and neck pain and I am a distance runner and both love it. Its the perfect amount of support and softness.

Amazing comfort

Best sleep I've had in a long time. Easy install took me all of 5 minutes. 10/10 recommend.

Best Mattress

We have only slept on Tempur-pedic mattresses for the last 15 years. We never thought we would sleep on anything else...until we tried BEAR. It was instant relief from back pain in one night. We now wake up rested and ready for the day! Love it!

Finally, a good nights sleep!

We love our Bear Mattress Pro~ I spent hours painfully reading reviews and information on different mattresses before finally decided on the Bear Pro. We are elated with our decision. The Bear Pro was a great choice for us, firm but not too firm. We also purchased the Bear mattress cover - just in case.

Fantastic shoulder sleeping a

Fantastic shoulder sleeping a

Love the Bear

Our first encounter with the BEAR was at the IMG Sports Academy Hotel in Bradenton, FL. Their beds felt so comfortable after a long day on the tennis courts that I did take note of an advertisement in the room suggesting we "take the Bear with you" ... we ordered the newest BEAR and after 60 weeks are still happy with it. My husband felt at first as if the edge is too soft and he will roll out but it hasn´t happened, yet. We think, it will be a non-issue in the long run. - Glad to have met THE BEAR.

Bear Pro

Love the Bear Pro. Sleeping better already! Had some bumps with delivery but customer service got it resolved. Only real disappointment was the free pillows - would have been much happier to be able to upgrade them to the Bear pillows.

FDThompson’s review

I love my new Bear queen mattress! It gives great support, and when I get my new guest room cleaned out, I am going to buy another Bear mattress for it. I wanted to try it first before committing to two. I’ve tried it, and I am good to go!

Great mattress

This is a great mattress and I was impressed with the delivery speed and the customer service. It is a little firm, but if you add a pillow top cover they can give you a little bit more comfort. However lower back pain has gone away.

Great mattress but firm

Decided to purchase this the best pro due to the advantages for athletes. I am a professional golfer and my lower back can sometimes cause me some pain. So far the bed seems to be helping my back but I do not like how firm it is. I thought it was going to be much softer according to the 6.5 rating on the website. May return it before the 100 days are up due to the firmness. Was looking for something a bit softer.

Best mattress I’ve ever slept on.

I bought this mattress to replace a, not that old, but beat up Hybrid mattress that gave me and my girlfriend some pretty awful back and joint pains. It took about a month for us to get used to the Bear and for it to soften up. Since then, it’s been like sleeping on a cloud. Even from day one, it’s been a million times better than any mattress I have owned or even tested. Bottom line, it’s a fantastic mattress at a reasonable price.

Almost perfect

The mattress has gotten a little softer over time, but still just a touch too firm for me. I do not weigh a lot, so would not recommend for children. This is a great bed for the average adult, and does not retain as much heat as a typical memory foam mattress which is great! Overall great mattress, just wish it was a bit softer.

Asleep at last!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mattress! I’ve had years of bad sleep, and I mean years. This mattress is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. And it was also very reasonably priced!

Bear Pro

After looking at several mattress online we went with the Bear Pro- ever since we ah e been sleeping on cloud 9

Beary Good Mattress

I am a very hot sleeper and conventional mattresses were not helping. I started researching mattresses for hot sleepers and found Bear. I decided to purchase the mattress after talking to costumer service. They were able to answer all my questions, helping with my decision. I am very happy with my Bear mattresses, I am sleeping much better. It is well worth the investment. When I am able to, I plan to purchase my kids a Bear mattress.

Love it

Best mattress ever!

Bear pro review

Got the king size. It is working very good for us. So far so good.

Amazing Mattress!

We bought a King Bear Pro and foundation set and got the two free pillows too! We absolutely love it! This bed is so comfortable we can't stay awake in it! I have a really hard time sleeping and I always pass right out! I highly recommend this bed! I was skeptical ordering online but the reviews are true! This is better than anything you'll find at a mattress store hands down!!!


Wow, really ... wow, never ever slept better

Amazing and Highly Recommend

It is the best mattress I ever had and I love it. It makes me sleep so much better and I actually sleep through the night. Everyone should have this mattress.

Beautiful experience

Great experience all around. Easy to order. Frequent shipping updates and the ultimate prize is the sleep And comfort. Worth everything

Great Buy

The only way to improve the mattress is to make the Queen mattress a bit longer.

Bear Mattress

I can't say for sure if it has helped with the recovery from training. However, this is definitely a comfortable mattress at a great price point.

Found what we needed

Reading reviews led us to Bear and it is exactly what we needed.

Never knew we needed a new mattress

We were waking up several times a night and always got ho then froze when we kicked off the covers.  Now we sleep all night in total comfort without getting overheated.  We wake up much more rested.  I guess it was time for a new mattress.

Pleasant Suprise

I was sleeping on a 7 Y.O pillow top. It was to soft. Nothing but back problems. I decided to take a leap with America Made Bear Pro. Had it for 40 days now, and no more back problems. The most comfortable bed I've ever felt. And the pillows are actually great too.

Love this mattress

So far, we are loving this mattress!!! Time will tell if it starts sinking in the middle. We have had this issue with most mattresses in the past, even our Temper-pedic. I’m a back/side sleeper and it’s super comfortable in either position.



Fast delivery and easy set

Fast delivery and easy set up. I love the bed due to the fact that I don't wake up with a stiff back and back pain anymore. The wife love it because she is a back sleeper and the med-firm is good for her.

Love our new bed!

We love our new Bear mattress! My husband has back problems and it has definately helped his sleep. Additionally, we are both runners and athletic and over 50 and this is the mattress for us. Thank you Bear!

Love, Love, Love

My husband and I both have back problems and this bed allows you to sleep great. You can't go wrong with this mattress at all. We love it.

Comfortably numb

I’ve been sleeping on the Bear pro for several weeks now and Can honestly say That I do not regret this purchase. I’m primarily a back/ side sleeper and I get just the right amount of firmness without feeling like I’m sleeping on a rock. I use to wake up with a sore back on my memory foam mattress but have not experienced that at all with this mattress. I highly recommend.

Best bed for a sore back

I work in construction and get sore muscles easily. The mattress is firm enough to help my back recover while being soft enough for a comfortable sleep.

Everything it’s advertised to be

Top-notch comfort and support. We wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

After years of hurting, back pain is gone for both of us!

We have one back sleeper and one side/stomach sleeper so choosing a mattress has always been challenging. I heard about the Bear Pro while researching mattresses and we decided to give it a try. Within days, we were hopeful and by the end of the first week, we were convinced it was the best mattress we've ever had!!! It has been 6 weeks now and the happy feeling is still the same. The mattress lives up to the hype. Pain is gone, no pressure points no matter how you're laying. The only regret we have is not choosing a Bear sooner!

Bear Pro Love

Upgraded from my college mattress and absolutely love our king sized bear pro. I'm usually a stomach sleeper and realized how much better I'm sleeping. With my work in professional sports, I put a toll on my body. The mattress has helped with my recovery and makes me feel better than before

Amazing bed !!!

This bed is amazing,it checks ✔ all the boxes . I switched from a high-end sleep number and was shocked at the luxurious comfort. I have Fibromyalgia and Rumatiod Arthritis and this bed gives me the right amount of support and pressure relief I need to feel rested with a good night's sleep.The bear pro sleeps cool and has great motion control,even the edge support is great for a foam bed. Worth every penny !!! I would recommend and buy this bed again.

Best mattress I have ever owned!

I loved sleeping on this Bear mattress from the beginning. I wake up refreshed and pretty much ache-free,(I am 77). I like the way the mattress forms to my sleep positions. I would consider the mattress to be medium firm and absolutely does not sleep hot as other foam mattresses do.

Great Purchase!

My wife and I recently switched from a Sealy innerspring to the Bear Pro. We’re both excited that we did. Our joint pain has gone away and we haven’t slept this well in years.

Firm but Good

This bed is harder than I would normally like, but my husband loves a hard mattress and because it’s memory foam despite the firmness I wake up with my body feeling really refreshed!

Best sleep ever

The bear pro mattress was just what my wife and I were looking for. It has just the right combination of firmness and softness to allow for a restful night of sleep. Definitely recommend trying this mattress!

Bear pro twin xl

I bought this mattress mostly because of the coolness factor. I am a hot sleeper and need to keep cool! 30 days in I can't complain, except that 1 of the 2 twins we bought didnt have the cover on completely straight which places the zipper in an awkward place but not enough to notice unless you are on the edge. So far it's the perfect amount of firmness for a combo sleeper!

Game Changing

It took me about two weeks to fall fully in love with the mattress but to be fair it was replacing a 13 year old beloved mattress. I am now totally sold! It feels "soft" but give a very nice level of support and i like that I don't feel my partner moving around really. I was able to put the mattress and the support (I forget what it's called) together by myself fairly quickly. It would have been a bit easier with a second person.


The Bear Pro is very comfortable and has alleviated most if not all our back problems. It has even helped my husband sleep all night in the bed, no more getting up because of snoring or indigestion.

No regrets!

Love this mattress. I purchased the king size bear mattress pro and just love it. I was having so many back issues and it's already helping. I wake up feeling much more rested and not in as much pain as before. I've had it about 30 days so far.

Bear Pro

After the 3rd night of having it I began sleeping like a baby. The Mattress adjust to your body. So far it’s been a month and I absolutely love it. I believe the bear hybrid will be better for support because of the coils but other then that perfect mattress for an athlete or gym member who’s constantly active throughout their day

awesome mattress

My son, a 6’2”athlete thought he loved his old mattress which was thin and did not hold up well as he grew. However, he did not want a new mattress as he doesn’t like change. When he was out of town, re replaced it with a Bear mattress. He was not happy until he slept on it. It helped his back issues and he now sleeps in when he can which he never did before! He loves it!

Helps pregnancy aches and pains!

I have been having severe hip pain due to being pregnant and having to sleep on my left side. I did lots of middle of the night insomnia research on mattresses and read all the great things about the Bear mattress helping joints and muscles. From the first night I had zero hip pain and now I am 9 months pregnant still sleeping comfortably. I cannot explain how much this mattress made my life better!

Great for me but not my husband

I slept the best I have in many years. Unfortunately my husband developed some new back pain so we had to get a new mattress to try. None have worked for me so far like the best did. I would definitely go with the Bear mattress if it wasn’t for my husband.

Absolutely love my Bear Mattress

After researching for a new mattress I decided on the Bear. I have trouble sleeping on my sides because of my old hips. Sleeping on this Bear has helped my stay asleep! Now I don't toss and turn trying to get comfortable. Thank You!

Awesome Mattress, muscle tightness gone in the morning!

My husband and I both agree that this is the best mattress we have ever slept on. We have been doing a lot of yard work lately and while we feel tight/stiff muscles going to bed, we wake up mobile and refreshed! Mattress is firm, but at the same time soft.


It was great to get all the pieces needed for the new mattress. Pillows are soft and stay cool, the mattress pad is as well. More economical to buy the bundle than seperate pieces! Great idea!

Very comfortable mattress

Firm enough that it supports my back and soft enough that it allows me to sleep comfortably on my side. Very happy with my mattress!

Just great

Old foam mattress had been leaving my back sore every night. This Bear Pro has been amazing, sleep has been great and I wake up sore way less. I also love that there’s firmness all the way to the edge, which other foam mattresses don’t seem to have.

Great product

Purchased for my athlete son. He said he noticed a significant difference between the Bear mattress and his old one. He sleeps better and is more rested. Great product!

Bear Pro Review

I love this mattress. Was having back trouble before and it disappeared after a week on this mattress.

Haven't slept this well in years!

We absolutely love our Bear Mattress! Everything arrived promptly, setup was a breeze, and I love that we were able to sleep on it the very first night. No weird odors, it looks very nice, and is extremely comfortable. I honestly haven't slept so well in years. We were also very pleased with the military discount. Thanks for taking care of our vets/active duty! We cannot recommend Bear enough.

Great Mattress

This was our first experience buying a mattress online. I did a lot of research and finally decided on the Bear Pro. Sleeps cool and both of us get better sleep, toss and turn a lot less and even love the Cloud pillows so much that we plan on getting a set for our guest room. The ordering and delivery were perfect. Thanks for a great experience.

Best mattress ever

So soft and comfortable!

Good sleep

Trouble finding a good mattress but this one worked

Bear Pro Bundle!

We purchased the Bear Pro Bundle and are very pleased with the quality and comfort of this mattress!

My sleep has significantly improved

My sleep has significantly improved since purchasing this mattress. All of my joint pain has decreased and I wake up feeling completely refreshed.

I an finally sleep!

I’ve got fibromyalgia and severe arthritis in my spine, making sleeping a challenge. We first had our Bear mattress in our rv on a platform. It was good like that, but then we put in on a frame with box springs, and it’s perfect now!

Some of the best sleep

Some of the best sleep in months. Always wake up refreshed even when I don’t get a lot of sleep

I kept waking up on

I kept waking up on my old mattress with hip pain and barely sleeping through the night. Ever since I switched I have been sleeping through with no pain. I’m waking up feeling energized. It took a solid three weeks for me to get used to the firmness when drifting off. I had looked into this mattress and have been planning on purchasing a BEAR for a few years now, as a RN I need something that helps me to actually recover overnight when I get off shift. So far so good! (The cloud pillows have been a nice addition)

Never Going Back

Love this mattress. Having more restful sleep for both myself and my spouse. It is showing in other aspects of our lives with improved focus to our day. Love our Bear mattress.

Solid mattress

Pretty great value

Best Pro Matrress

Best Pro Matrress

No More Back Pain

I have had my Bear mattress for a few weeks now, it took some getting used to but I no longer have any back pain! As a nurse, it is so important to get good, quality sleep. Even the dog has started sleeping on the bed and doesn't want to leave. I would recommend Bear to anyone.

Mattress review

After purchasing an expensive store mattress not even 2 years ago my wife and I weren’t overly impressed with results. We also found it very high where are dogs had trouble jumping in bed. So we switched it in my daughters room who was in need of a mattress and we decided to take a chance on a box mattress. After reviewing several, Bear came highly recommended from a friend. The holiday sales made it very affordable plus the sales rep even gave me an additional discount because they didn’t take our old mattress away. We’ve had it about 2 months and are extremely pleased with the comfort. The dogs are happy too.

Medium Firm

Bear Mattress is sure a pocket friendly mattress which competes with the well known brands and specifically for those who sleep sideways and face down. In first couple of weeks, my body needed to be get use to the mattress; once my body was familiarized with the mattress, I have been sleeping great, without pain and wake up less times then i did prior to purchasing the mattress.

Good sleep

An upgrade from the old matress I had been sleeping on for years.

Cooling mattress = Better sleep

Proprietary layers of foam with the gel married together equate to better nights of sleep. Waking up in the same position you fell asleep is a great sense that your body actually came to a restful stop.

Excellent quality

The mattress is excellent in quality and not too soft or not too firm. It’s excellent. Very enjoyable for couples as well.

Bear mattress

The mattress is great. Really like the feel. My back is still having a hard time catching up with the rest of me. Still aching.

Love the mattress so far

I'm a bigger guy, and was worried this would be a plush mattress that I just sink into. And while it does have a little bit of sink, it's just enough to give a little to prevent pressure points when I want to sleep on my side. But it's also firm enough that laying on my stomach, i don't end up bending backwards because my torso sinks in too much. So far I have loved the mattress here in the first few weeks. It's definitely on the firmer side of some of the other mail order mattresses, while still giving a soft top. This to me is the most versatile mattress I have tried out when it comes to doing a great job of giving you plush and firmness right where you need it whether your a side, back or stomach sleeper.

Phil's Pro Review

Being an athlete who spends most his time traveling. Coming home to the mattress I know I will no longer be waking up with any back pain. I am also sleeping cooler than with my previous memory foam mattresses.


Bed is very comfortable, however it took me at least 3 weeks to get used to this bed. The adjustment led to less sleep during that time. Once I finally got used to it I became hooked! Love this bed!

Back to Sleep

Our daughter has scoliosis and had been complaining about how badly her mattress was sagging and causing her back to hurt, which in turn affected her night’s sleep. Since her Bear mattress has arrived she, her back is not hurting and she has been able to get back to sleep!

We are happy

We are happy


Seriously the best bed I’ve ever slept on. I was skeptical at first because of how firm it is but honestly both me and my husband love this bed. Both our backs stopped hurting and we will never chose another bed again. Even our 1 year old daughter loves this bed!

Why didn’t I get this sooner?

My parents and brother both had gotten Bear (one original and one the hybrid) and loved them so when. It was time for me to upgrade to a King size I checked them out first. I got the Bear Pro and so glad I did. My previous mattress was also copper infused but it still slept hot and was too soft. The Bear is the Goldilocks of any mattress I’ve ever had - just right. Assembly was super easy. I also purchased the Bear Foundation. It was set up in a jiffy and I love that if I move I would be able to take it apart and reassemble. Unassembled it’s super compact so not more bulky box springs to deal with every time I move - which is often. I’ve had other mattresses in the past purchased online and they all have had a off gassing sent when unpackaged but this one did not! The firmness is just right and I’ve had better nights sleep than I have in a while. I don’t notice any pressure points that usually cause me to tense up and wake up stiff In the morning so I actually feel like I got quality sleep. I also sleep all over, side, stomach, back - the firmness has been great for any position. The copper infusion is not a gimmick either. I suffer from psoraitic arthritis and have noticed significantly less inflammation and achey joints. And it sleeps as cool as the flip side of the pillow. If you are looking for a new mattress look no further. Bear runs some great deals and they support our military personnel too!

Finally, sleep.

For the first time in years, sleeping through the night and waking up without back pain.

Bear Pro! Best Mattress Ever!!

I was skeptical about purchasing a memory foam mattress. I did lots of research before deciding on the Bear Pro. Absolutely love this mattress! I have always had cold feet but for some reason my feet stay warm. I sleep warm but not hot. No night sweating either. I tell everyone how much I love this mattress. I get in bed every night with a smile on my face at how nice this mattress feels. The pillows sleep great also. Great combination. No regrets about buying the Bear Pro.

Bear Mattress Review

I replaced a 2 year old Amish mattress with a Bear. I am a side sleeper, and due to firmness of Amish mattress, I was waking up 3-4 times a night with left or right shoulder pain. The Bear mattress has reduced the amount of shoulder pain

My new favorite mattress

Extremely comfy. My partner and I are both sleeping well with the new bed.

No more back pain

I used to wake up everyday with back pain. Not anymore with the bear pro. It has done wonders for my back and gives me the great sleep I need. Worth every penny

Great mattress

Best sleep I have had in years. I would recommend the bear mattress to everyone I know.

It is a good firmness

It is a good firmness for me. I am very happy with our purchase

Best Mattress EVER!

We upgraded big time with this mattress. Our old mattress was so hot and lumpy and I didn’t realize how terrible my sleeping habits were because of our mattress. I now sleep all night and don’t wake up sweaty and gross anymore!

Bodybuilder APPROVED!

I am an IFBB Pro Figure bodybuilder and I encountered some back issues. Long story short - it turns out my mattress was no longer what my body needed. Bought this off reviews only and I AM SO HAPPY! It’s firm but back has never felt better! Thank you!

We love our Bear mattress!

We sleep so much better with our new Bear!


After months in pain this mattress has stopped my shoulder from hurting. Highly recommend!

Sleep all night!

I do love my Bear Mattress. My husband and I notice the better quality of sleep that we now have. We don't always wake up to our alarm clocks though! The pillows are wonderful and soft. The mattress cover does leave a few wrinkles which bother me a little. Also, I've noticed I'm hotter than usual and wake up sweaty a lot. We're enjoying trying it out and hope to thoroughly fall in love with it.

Life changing mattress

After a year researching mattress, I decided to stick with Bear Pro. I really gravitated towards the celliant covers and various layers to provide a cooling feature. After setting up the mattress I instantly fell in love. The medium-firmness really catered to my pressure points as I'm a frequent side sleeper. I'm currently 40 days in my 100 night risk free trial period, but I have no intention sending this mattress back.

Bear pro matress

It is helping making a difference with my husbands back and hip issues

Best mattress!

I’m finally pain free at night!

Went to bed skeptical, woke up in bliss

This mattress was honestly a lot better than I expected. I had high hopes but I was worried it would be too firm for me--I like a softer mattress to sink into. Even though this mattress is firm to the touch, it's got such good components all the way through it that I'm supported and cushioned just how I like. I wake up feeling like I'm made of jello every morning!

Best mattress ever

Bought this bed when I recently moved. Had been dealing with chronic back pain for the previous 6 months. Within one week I noticed it had all gone away. A little on there plus side but super comfortable

Best sleep EVER!

I have lower disc problems in my back and hip issues. I have finally found a mattress where I can sleep in all positions. I finally sleep through the night. I use to wake up a coupe times to stretch because if my back issues. Not no more! So glad this mattress lived up to it's standards and description.

The mattres

I love the mattress I don’t think I have slept bad at all since I had this mattres

Great night's sleep

I feel great all night and especially at wake-up.

Comfortable, great price, quick shipping

Bed arrived fast. Sleeps amazing. No more back pain! We were hesitant that such an affordable mattress could really be good, but those concerns were totally unwarranted. This is the mattress we've been looking for. Thank you Bear!

Bear Pro

Bear Pro

Sweet Bear Mattress

I ordered my bear mattress because I was tired of my last 2 mattresses either getting too hot, or not offering enough support. I researched bear for a long time, and finally decided to purchase it. I'm about 2 weeks in, and i love it! it's the absolute perfect firmness and I haven't woken up sweaty yet. Love this mattress!

Bear pro

I love my new bed! Sleep has been great

Love our Bear Pro Mattress

We were sleeping on a tempur-pedic for a long time that was no longer comfortable. My husband and I are both cyclists and mostly side sleepers. We are finally sleeping well again. The Bear Pro mattress is very comfortable. Waking up with a lot less aches and pains.

Best sleep I’ve had in years!

I’ve had trouble sleeping since my brain injury and my first night on this mattress I slept the whole night through, completely sound. It was beyond comfortable. I don’t even want to get up because I just want to stay cocooned in bed now because of how comfortable it is!

Awesome Mattress

Awesome Mattress

Best mattress I’ve had

This mattress is incredible - comfortable, firm and keeps me cool at night. I’d recommend to anyone wanting to sleep better

Didn't think I'd like it

It didn't cost enough and I thought it would be a mattress that would be kind of okay and I'd only keep until I moved in a year or two. I actually really like it and still can't believe it didn't cost more, especially compared to some of my friends mattresses that are way more expensive but don't feel like it. They don't feel any better than my Bear. Pillows are awesome too!

Successful Sleep 😴

Finally!!! We are getting good, sound SLEEP!! The mattress took a few nights to get used to but we (my husband & I) absolutely love it! Best decision!


Mattress is a good height with the box spring. I am comfortable when I sleep. If the mattress was a little more softer it would be perfect.

Immediate improvement!

Getting this mattress made an immediate improvement to my sleep! No more over heating at night and I didn’t notice just how bad my old mattress was until I slept on my new Bear Pro. Absolutely love this thing.

Bear Delivers

Did a ton of research looking at reviews, online forums etc. My wife and I are primarily side sleepers so I didn't want to be sleeping on a block of concrete. No issues with pressure points for the hips or shoulders. Extremely pleased with choice

If you're thinking about it...

GET IT! This is a product feels and looks that of a luxury mattress. The Bear Pro was a great choice for my wife and I. We're both under 5"4 and weigh less than 130 lbs. We considered the Bear Hybrid (also an excellent mattress from when I have tried it in the showroom) but the Bear Pro was perfect for our bodies. The 12" of height gives us enough cushion for our petite bodies. Not to mention the Queen size is more than enough space for us to have a comfortable sleep (no more getting pushed of the bed from the wife during her slumber). The mattress has also helped with my morning "numb arms" pains. The mattress provides this softness for a side sleeper's blood to move around the arms. Thank Year Bear for making a mattress in the middle range from the hybrid and original. It is both affordable and worth it.

First King Mattress

Wonderful first King mattress. Ample support and cooling feature.


This mattress is probably the best mattress in the universe (if you believe in aliens), but certainly the best in the world. If you’re a hardworking, double loading, aggressively charging person, this is for you. OR if you just like sleeping on a comfortably soft YET supportive mattress, then this is for you and the third of your life you surrender to rest! This is the meat and potatoes of mattresses. It’s the end of your day when your weary and the fresh start of your new day. It’s even got a little rebound, so you won’t be sacrificing performance points, if you know what I’m saying.


Nights before this matress were unbearable, but since I've got this mattress, sleep is sound, cozy and I wake up refreshed. Quite frankly, I couldn't bear to sleep on anything but the bear!


I absolutely love this!!

Love my mattress and bundle!

I purchased the Bear Pro mattress with the cooling pillow and protective cover bundle. Matress feels great! It's a medium to firm feel which i needed, I may add a topper latter but it's not totally necessary. I have it on an electrical adjustable base and it work great. The cooling pillows are nice, feels like a satin material which has that initial cooling feel when touching. I haven't added pillow cases yet, but I have a feeling they will lose that cool feeling when I do. The protective cover fits well and seems like good quality. If you like medium to firm mattresses, I think you will enjoy this one. Oh and I don't get hot at night on this one. I've heard that traditional foam mattresses can have that effect.


We were skeptical , and the price point was a bit high, but the reviews seemed promising and with a 90 day trial, how can you NOT try? We are SO happy we did. It is literally the BEST bed on the planet. The Bear Pro is a but more on the firmer side, but it is perfect for us. If you are on the fence, just do it, you won't be disappointed

Night Sweats GONE!!!

I had been on the hunt for a mattress that would combat my night sweats and stumbled upon this one. Despite the good reviews, I was still hesitant on its effectiveness. I’ve had it since December 2019 and can confirm it works! It’s incredibly soft, but with enough firmness so that you don’t feel as if you’re sinking into the mattress. The best part is that my mattress always feels cool to the touch, so my night sweats have decreased drastically.

Great service

For the last 30 years I have suffered with a bad back- mattresses in general are not my friend- I was hoping that the Bear would be different but it wasn't. The mattress did not help with my back pain. However, I will say that I could feel a cool sensation with my mattress (Bear Pro) so it might be great for hot sleepers. When it came time to return the mattress the Bear team was beyond gracious and helpful in coordinating everything. I would recommend this company without hesitation.


Went to bed in a food coma and slept like a baby on this mattress. Woke up feeling super refreshed.


My Husband has been had back problems for a while and our new bear has been allowing him to get the rest he needs(I also think its comfy too). We love our bear mattress and would buy again!

Love my Bear Pro

Love it. Totally worth it!

Love the firmness

Before sleeping on the Bear Pro my husband and I had a really soft pillow top mattress and we would both wake up achy every morning. But ever since sleeping on the Bear mattress we’ve yet to have an achy morning! It’s firm in the best way & we absolutely love it!!

Great Nights Sleep

We love our Bear Pro! So glad this was our decision!

Great mattress!

Never slept better.

Worked great for my D1 college athlete

Back problems significantly improved. Provided great support while still being soft enough to be comfortable

I had the best sleep of my life

I feel like it cradles my body perfectly and it’s not overly soft

Wonderful bed


Best mattress, best quality, best price

We researched a lot of mattresses and this kept rising to the top for the quality, material, earth & animal friendly. We were not disappointed. As athletic people we feel less sore and are not disturbed when one gets out of bed early or comes in late. It is comfortable and we have never slept better.

Bear Pro

I thought the mattress was great. It definitely took some time to get used to how firm the mattress was, but when I finally adjusted to the mattress, I noticed I felt more well rested than my previous mattresses and did not need nearly as much time to rest. I also noticed that the mattress truly does keep you cool.

Best Mattress Ever

Best Mattress ever! It is wonderful, comfortable and just what we needed!

Bear pro

The bear pro was great, and it really helped with my lower back pain. My only complaint was that I kept waking up in the middle of the night with a sweaty back.

Bear pro !

Well so far! My back feels less achy when I first wake up! The bed could be a bit less firm though! still trying to figure out if it is the right fit maybe If I was heaver guy! I would recommend it highly for people 150 to185!

Love this mattress!

I did a lot of research before I landed on Bear. Super happy with the quality, firmness - am getting great sleep!


Oh. My. Gosh. This is my dream mattress. I am SO happy I took the plunge! I love that the mattress is soft enough on my shoulders when I sleep on my side but firm enough on my back to fully support me and all my muscles. Amazing for side sleepers, amazing for back sleepers, amazing for all!

Love At First Lay

I was so excited for this mattress because I had not been sleeping for a long time. As soon as I laid down I could feel the support come up to hug me and fell asleep within minutes. Everynight after I am getting a full night's sleep because I am no longer tossing and turning. I like to sleep on my side so this mattress is perfect for my preferred position.

Love it!!

Absolutely love our new Bear mattress and box springs. Fast shipping, easy to put together. Sleeping cool and comfortable :-)


I bought 2 pro mattresses for my daughters and both of them are loving it and sleeping great.

Changed my life

My old memory foam mattress had turned into a pile of hot moosh after just a couple years. I would wake up drenched in sweat and sore rarely sleeping more than a couple hours at a time. I thought this was just because of my age. First couple nights on my Bear Pro I thought I had made a mistake getting something so firm. On the 4th night I was asleep as soon as I laid down. Now I sleep cool all night and have no pain! I am 150 lbs with shoulder and back injuries. I am also of a certain age that night sweats are normal....or they used to be!


i am glad i choose this mattress over some of the competitor ones. I had a cheaper 'online order' mattress for a few months before this one, and I can clearly feel and experience a difference. I also like that bear feels medium-firm to me, where most other online mattresses seem to be medium. I would recommend it.

Excellent Pillows and topper

The bundle of pillows and topper was an investment in quality of life. The pillows prevent neck stiffness. Everything in the bundle helps my body to relax and sleep well.

Great sleep!

Supportive sleep.

G'bye aches!

After only 4 nights on our new Bear mattress, my neck pain is gone. This mattress is awesome. Comfortable, roomy.. 5 stars for sure! I run and swim a lot and hence need proper recovery time, finally getting it!


I was waking up really sore every morning and definitely needed a new mattress. BEAR is comfortable for sure and we sleep well, but I still have achy mornings some days. Hasn’t totally solved that problem.

This mattress is awesome!

So far we absolutely love it!! Have been sleeping so much better & waking up rested!

Love love love my bear mattress

I love my new mattress. It is so comfortable and keeps me comfortable and no sweaty at night. My husband and I are so happy with our choice and purchase.

Great bed for awesome recovery!

Great bed for awesome recovery!

Best Mattress

Seriously, it was our first bed that was bought without trying it first. It’s the best bed we’ve ever slept on. Seriously.

Best purchase of our move

I put my girlfriend in charge of picking our new mattress as we were moving out of her parents house and didn’t want the one we had. She immediately decided on this one. I was a bit skeptical because I’ve never bought a mattress online. Anyway, we ordered it and it came really fast. Like faster than we thought. We thought we were going to have to sleep on the floor of our new apartment for a few days before it got here. But no, great shipping. Fast forward to 3 weeks into having the mattress. We are over the moon with it. We have not woken up in pain or end up sweating at night. It’s has been hands down the best purchase we’ve made concerning everything we’ve bought for the new place. Highly recommend :)

Solid sleep

Easy set up! Solid sleep for both me and my St Bernard (she still hogs the bed).

Very Happy

I am very pleased with my new mattress. My sleep quality has drastically improved and I dread having to leave my bed in the morning

Very comfortable mattress

Very comfortable mattress

The Perfect Mattress

This was our first time stepping away from a traditional spring type mattress and going with a layered foam one. What a difference it has made! We Love our Bear Mattress and will never consider another!

Great mattress. would buy again

Most reviews said that this was about a 6 in firmness. I would put it more of a 7.5 compared to others. I like a little firmer mattress, my wife is still on the fence as to whether it is too firm. My wife sleeps on her stomach so it should be ok. I was surprised at how heavy the box containing the mattress was. Really need 2 people to move it.

Great first mattress purchase!

First mattress I bought for myself and only 3rd ever I’ve owned. Looking forwarding to using it for a long time!

Love our Bear Pro Bundle

As active individuals, a good night's sleep is key and since we've switched to the Bear Pro mattress and pillows, that's exactly what we've got. The mattress is great and arrived just as described in a very timely fashion. Set up was super easy and peace of mind has continued since day one. One of our favorite things is the pillows. Both the cloud pillows and the Bear pillows are phenomenal. My girlfriend prefers but cloud and I prefer the Bear but we both find our selves switching back-in-forth. We've already shared our experience with many of our family members. We're happy to be Bear customers!

Best purchase I’ve made in a while!

I love this bed. It leaves me feeling refreshed and my back no longer hurts getting up in the morning.



less pain

When I purchased this mattress, I was looking for medium-medium firm. It delivered. I'd say this mattress is the type that you sleep on top of rather than sinking into it. Yet, it seems the longer you lay on it, the more your body heat softens the foam a bit and you get a little body contouring. I sometimes wish it had a little more give under the hips, but I really can't complain. I have 4 bad disks in my lower back (as well as stenosis and arthritis). I'm no longer groaning in pain when I roll out of bed. Can't ask for more than that!

Love Bear mattress

We sleep better and quieter. The mattress is huge improvement to our ivrsll sleep patterns and health.

This is the best mattress

This is the best mattress I have ever slept on

Amazing mattress

Tried some others and was not pleased. Gave Bear a go and I have been sleeping better than ever.

Best decision we made

We researched so many mattress and read pros and cons and reviews. Finally we reached the Bear Mattress and it rated above all else. The Bear Pro mattress is so comfortable. Its not too soft and not too firm.

Great for Military

After sleeping on this bed for over a month, I really do enjoy every night's rest I get. Being in the military, there are days I am not home and I can definitely tell the difference in my performance between the days I am sleeping on my bed and the days I have to sleep on other beds. I was able to convince another soldier to purchase a Bear Mattress and they are eager to sleep on their new mattress.

Loving my Bear Mattress

Easy to buy, shipped in a timely matter and super comfy. Extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Bear Mattress Customer

I was looking for something to relieve lower back pain. The reviews seemed to align with what I was looking for. The Mattress came when they said it would. Easy to set up - unbox and roll out. I have been sleeping on it for about a month and my back pain isn't completely gone, but it is a lot easier to get out of. The only thing I would say, sides are not firm. Very squishy if sitting on the edge.

Great quality!

The Bear Pro is actually a little more form than I expected, but it doesn’t sink in on the sides which was a concern of mine. Great nights sleep! I can actually sleep through the night now!

Bear pro Mattress

Bear pro Mattress

Firm mattress

We purchased this mattress for a second bedroom which is not used daily but we tried it and for me personally it is too firm so I decided to return it as I was concerned about our guests who would use this bed. However my husband who does like firm would have probably kept it. For those who like firm this might be a good affordable mattress for you. Great customer service! No issues with delivery and so far no issues with returning it.

Best Sleep Ever!

I love my bear pro mattress. I find it hard to sleep 8 hours now, usually about 6 hours of sleep and I am fully rested and ready for action thanks to Bear.

I can finally sleep!!

Living and training at altitude was made even more difficult by tossing and turning at night, unable to get comfortable or sleep. I would wake up feeling like I was hit by a train, so my running would suffer. After one night with the Bear mattress, the difference was night and day! Thank you for giving me my life back, I’m a new person!

Restful sleep

Very comfortable. Restful off gassing. Great for side sleeping. Recommend.

At Last!

I’ve tried various mattresses, including an adjustable model, to deal with lower back issues. Prior to acquiring the Bear Pro, I had tried to sleep in a recliner for the past year. I can’t emphasize enough the comfort and support provided by this mattress. I can now sleep on my bike—something I have been unable to do for many years. My endorsement of the Bear Pro is unqualified. All I can offer are my congratulations and gratitude.

Best decision ever!

I am delerious at how well this bed suits me. I have been sleeping soundly since night one on this matress. Just enough give to cradle my aching body and I have stopped waking up soaking wet since the Bear came into my life. My only hesitation in buying this bed was reviews implied it had a soft edge so you could not sit on it. I disagree. I sit on it every morning and have not lost balance once. I have been using a device that records the quality of my sleep and the scores are way healthier than my old bed. No joke, I am going to bed earlier because the Bear is so comfortable.

Todd enjoy sleeping

I really enjoy sleeping again. It is very nice to sleep on my BEAR Mattress. Very happy that I chose my BEAR. Thank you 🙏🏼

Best mattress of all times

Best sleep I have ever had. Feels so wonderful getting into bed at night. No more morning back ache.

100% recommend, combo sleeper w/ back pain

I am 24 years old and have had chronic back pain since I was 16. This mattress is awesome! I only have pain every once and while upon waking up. When mattress shopping online, I was looking for one that would be on the firmer side because I don’t like the feeling of sinking in and soft mattresses without fail make my low back hurt upon waking. The firmness is great! I sleep alone on a full/double but I will agree with others that the sides are not so sturdy and you’ll slip down if you try to sit directly on the edge. I try to sleep on my side or back (as per my chiropractor) but I am most comfortable on my stomach and will do that every once in awhile and it’s even more tempting on the Bear Pro.

Best Sleep

Love this bed. Sleep great and wake up with no pain.

Great Mattress

Love my new mattress and new pillows. Sleep really good!

Great bed!

Bed is great! Was easy to set up. It is quite a bit taller than our old bed so that’s been a little bit of an adjustment but not an issue. Took a couple nights to get used to but is great. Husband actually sleeps, he normally has a terrible sleeping pattern and he’s only had one bad night since we got it.

Lives up to its reviews

The bed has been everything we hoped it would. It’s comfortable, relaxing and satisfying.

I am pro Bear Pro

Great bed and service, very comfortable and COOL which has always been an issue with other memory foam mattresses

Excellent mattress. Very comfy but

Excellent mattress. Very comfy but firm.

Bear Pro

We went from a sleep number to the Bear Pro and I LOVE it! Both my husband and I are active people who were constantly in pain every single morning. The Bear Pro has helped with both our backs and my hips. Highly recommend for people with active lifestyles.

Love this Mattress!!

Our very expensive big box mattress had lived a good life and it was time for it to retire. After tireless hours researching online mattress company’s we settled on Bear Mattress Company and we are so glad we did. The mattress is more comfortable than the one it replaced, th pillows are amazing and the protector is awesome. Thank you Bear!!

Everything else is un-BEARable!!! Great company too!!

Wanted to say thank you. I shopped and looked and reviewed a lot of brands before deciding on the BEAR pro. -Now I state this; as I am sure many others have done the same but I am sure they too were harassed by all the others with a barrage of emails, ect. , everyone telling why they are the best what is wrong with the others products........everyone single one ......except BEAR!! Buy the mattress...get two guys on the phone- both nice- second guy - he should be teaching the other - he was big daddy smooth - Know what I am doing and get you taken care of guy WITH a smile on the dam phone!! So pillows and mattress come ..quickly...... must thank you adding to the 'cats' box collection - FIRST time laying on mattress an back cracks ....ohhh yes... Now must move the 'cat' to get into queen size bed... Not even a couple weeks and I want to order the cooling pillows too!! It has been so long since I got real REST I had forgotten what it means and the energy . no back pain - literally sleep like BEAR- thank you! As well I wanted to thank you simple follow up and not assaulting new Bear customers with marketing garbage---- Thank you letting us hibernate in peace!! Seem I made a great choice in the BEAR pro mattress but a better choice in the company!!

Love my mattress

So comfortable! Everything I wanted! I had a Nectar mattress which I trade back to get this mattress and so glad I made the change!

Best sleep in years!

We were suffering nightly on an old mattress. My hips, back, shoulders all ached and a good night's sleep was just not happening. I researched TONS of beds that would be good for my husband and me, as he is a stomach sleeper and I'm a side sleeper. I thought when we found the Bear Pro that the reviews were too good to be true. They were right! From the first night we received our new mattress, my sleep and life have changed. The pain is gone and I'm discovering what a great night's sleep can do for my life. We're also thrilled with the sustainable aspects of the mattress and your company. We'll be recommending the Bear Pro to our friends and family. Thank you!

so comfy!!

This is the most comfortable mattress!! I wake up and don't feel sore. I highly recommend it!!

Bear Mattress

I did my homework looking for a mattress that would fit all of my requirements. Bear mattress hit it out of the park. Love it!

Took some getting used to, but am overall happy!

We replaced a 15-year old Sealy Posturepedic. It has taken about two-months for me to get acclimated, but I finally feel like it is making a big difference in my sleep.

Bear mattress

Love my hybrid bed it feels amazing on my back I’ve been sleeping wonderfully!

Better than expected

It gives so much more support than I expected. I am very happy with my purchase.

Great bec

We got this bed because I am a side sleeper with hip and shoulder issues from running and swimming. The old bed was making my pain worse. Now, I sleep through the night again. I even go to bed at times with my back sore and it goes away laying on the bed. It is great because my husband tends to like a firmer mattress than I do but yet this one has worked great for him!!

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