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Bear Mattress Reviews

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+3.1x better cooling

+2.1x back pain relief

+2.8x side sleeping

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Summer 2024 Updates: Bear's mattresses continue to receive positive feedback from customers. They added a new Bear Natural latex hybrid mattress. Their Elite Hybrid is still their top-rated.

Bear offers 5 top-rated mattresses. Their Bear Original memory foam has won acclaim with athletes on a budget. For those looking for a pressure-relieving feel, the Star Hybrid and Pro Hybrid are great options. Sleepers looking for the responsive feel of natural latex will enjoy the Bear Natural hybrid mattress. Lastly, their Elite Hybrid, features both cooling foams and zoned support to provide sleepers with a luxurious sleep experience. From the Celliant® fibers to copper cooling, customers love these mattresses for their superior cooling, muscle pain relief, and balanced back support.

Mattress Score

Overall Score 9.5/10
Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10
Price Value: 9.4/10
Back Support: 9.5/10
Price: $786-$4996

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Longevity: 9.5/10
Body Conformability: 9.3/10
General Support: 9.5
Softness: 9.6
No Motion Transfer: 9.5
No Odor on Delivery: 9.5
Good for Hot Sleepers: 9.9
Sex / Bounce: 9.4
Good for Heavy Folks: 9.4
Silence: 9.6
Warranty: 9.5

Get 35% Off + Gifts | Code slumber35

Bear Mattress Specifics

Bear Mattress brings innovative cooling technology to sleepers with their addition of Celliant® technology in their Bear Original, Star Hybrid (formerly known as Bear Hybrid), Pro Hybrid, and Elite Hybrid mattresses. For those that sleep warm, live in a warm environment, or are athletic, these mattresses are shown to help relieve muscle fatigue and regulate body temperature. Additionally, if you sleep particularly warm, check out the Star Hybrid and Elite Hybrid which both have the addition of copper infused foam that cools even more. Their newer Bear Natural mattress features an organic cotton cover that's breathable to help with airflow. Read on to learn more about what's inside their high quality mattresses...

Quality of Materials
Bear makes five high grade mattresses: The Star Hybrid, Elite Hybrid, The Bear Original, Pro Hybrid, and Bear Natural. Below, we'll go through each of these mattresses in depth.

First up, we'll take a look at the Star Hybrid (formerly known as the Bear Hybrid):Layer 1: What sets Bear's mattresses apart from competitors is their quilted, cooling covers made with Celliant®. Celliant® is a very special material that reacts to your body heat to create infrared light and clinically has been proven to help promote cellular oxygenation and circulation.

Layer 2: A layer of copper-infused memory foam helps to remove unwanted body heat. Copper has naturally antimicrobial properties which to help provide a cool and clean sleep environment.

Layer 3: The following layer is a premium comfort foam that's highly adaptive to all body types and sleep positions.

Layer 4: The main support layer for the Star Hybrid comes from the pocket coil system that consists of independently wrapped coils that cut down on motion transfer while supporting the body fully and providing superior edge support alignment.

Layer 5: The bottom is a high-density support foam layer that provides lasting resilience while supporting the mattress above.

Next up, if you're looking for the most luxurious sleep experience Bear Mattress has to offer, look no further than their Elite Hybrid, which is their only mattress available in 3 different firmness options (soft, medium, and firm). Let's take a look at what's inside the Elite Hybrid:Layer 1: The quilted cover features a phase change material (PCM) fabric and Celliant fibers to provide an ultra cooling and soft sleep surface.

Layer 2: A layer of memory foam that's infused with copper provides a naturally antimicrobial element while also preventing heat retention for a cooling sleep.

Layer 3: Next up is a layer of dynamic transition foam that gently contours to your body. Working with the layers above and the coils below, this layer provides balanced support for your whole body.

Layer 4: Similar to the Star Hybrid, the Bear Elite Hybrid's main support comes from individually encased pocket coils that react independently to your body's pressure points to provide relief while minimizing motion transfer. These pocket coils extend to the edge of the mattress and along the perimeter to provide superior edge support.

Layer 5: The base of the mattress is a layer of high density support foam which helps to provide support and durability to the layers above.

Next, here is what's in the Bear Original:Layer 1: The first and most important layer is the breathable, quilted covered with Sleep Recovery Technology™ powered by Celliant. Celliant® is a very special material that reacts to your body heat to create infrared light and clinically has been proven to help with oxygenation and circulation.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a cooling, gel memory foam that keeps the bed cool as its top support layer.

Layer 3: Next is a layer of responsive transition foam that provides sleepers with balanced support while also offering pressure relief.

Layer 4: Lastly, the Bear Original has a layer of high-density support foam which gives added support to the layers above while also helping to provide long-lasting durability to the mattress overall.

Up next, let's take a look at their signature Pro Hybrid:Layer 1: Similar to the all-foam Bear Original mattress, the Pro Hybrid starts off with their breathable cover featuring Sleep Recovery Technology™ powered by Celliant. The Celliant® material used in their cover reacts to your body heat to create infrared light that helps to promote recovery.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a cooling, gel memory foam that keeps the surface cool while also providing cradling support.

Layer 3: Next is a layer of dynamic foam that provides sleepers with responsive and balanced support while also offering pressure relief.

Layer 4: At the base of this mattress is a layer of individually encased coils that reacts to the body to further relieve pressure. These pocket coils also help to reduce partner disturbance by minimizing motion transfer while also providing sleepers with reinforced edge support.

Finally, we'll go through they layers of their newer, 13'' thick Bear Natural:Layer 1: The Bear Natural features a GOTS certified organic cotton cover layer that's breathable and quilted to provide a soft to the touch top layer.

Layer 2: A layer of natural, sustainably source Talalay latex makes up the first comfort layer. This latex layer has a responsive, bounce-back feel that helps relieve tension while also providing a medium-firm support.

Layer 3: A comfort foam layer helps provide airflow to the mattress while also responding to your body to relieve pressure and reduce motion transfer.

Layer 4: The main support for this hybrid mattress is a breathable pocket spring support layer that helps isolate motion. These individually encased coils are zoned to provide enhanced support in the lumbar region and exceptional pressure relief. The perimeter features reinforced coils that provide the Bear Natural with edge support.

Layer 5: A thin base layer helps with overall mattress durability and shock absorption.

Overall Comfort
Each of these mattresses provide customers with salvation for back and pressure point pain while providing a greatly cooling surface layer.

FirmnessOverall, the all-foam Bear Original will run medium firm. For those that are used to Tempur-pedic style mattresses that may have a cradling feeling, this bed will be firmer and could take about 1 week to get used to. The hybrid Bear Natural also has a supportive medium firm feel due to the latex comfort layer. The Star Hybrid and Pro Hybrid will be a bit softer -- for those sleepers that are side sleepers or smaller in body type, these mattresses should work better for you! The Bear Elite Hybrid is available in 3 different firmness options, allowing sleepers to choose the comfort level that works best for their body and sleep position.

Back Pain Relief
All of Bear's mattresses should help with back pain for back sleepers. Reviewers altogether are over +2x more likely to mention positive experiences with pain relief from these mattresses versus the average mattress. Stomach sleepers may do best with the firmer Bear Original, Bear Natural, and Elite Hybrid (Firm) options, while side sleepers should consider the Star Hybrid or Elite Hybrid (Plush) options. There are many positive reviews from sleepers about back pain and muscle relief that they have experienced because of the beds offered by Bear.

From the materials to the design, these mattresses are all about staying cool, and reviewers are over +3x more likely to mention a cooler sleep experience with these mattresses versus comparable ones. For one, the Celliant® mattress cover converts body heat to infrared light, which lowers the temperature where the body is making contact. Additionally, the foam layers below are infused with cooling properties (such as copper and gel) that help even the hottest sleepers stay cool.

Who Are Bear Mattresses Right For?
These mattresses are some of the top rated overall by sleepers and have great reception when it comes to overall comfort, and with Greenguard Gold certifications across all their mattresses, customers can feel extra-cozy in these mattresses!

Browse Bear Mattress Reviews

Sleeping like on a cloud!

This mattress is simply amazing! I immediately fell asleep and woke up nice and rested, no back pain what so ever! Like I said - amazing! I recommending this to everyone!

Perfect fit for me, maybe not for others

Took me a week to get my body use to the new bed, now it is amazing, I would suggest giving this bed some time before you make a final decision

The best!

My girlfriend and just got a Cal King and love it. Shipping was fast and the mattress is amazing. I should have done this years ago.

Great for her/bad for me

I was so excited to get my new Bear mattress, I know 2 people who have them and so I thought if they love them I'll get one. Worst 2 1/2 weeks ever. Woke up all night with a sore back and pain in my hips. But on the other hand my wife loved it. That's why I'm giving this a 3 star and not a 1, because I guess I like soft mattresses. This has about ...Read Morea 6 1/2 out of ten on the firmness scale which I thought was soft (it's not). I'm returned it and exchanged it for a softer mattress... Which I love. Best night sleep I've ever gotten, and she still loves it too. Read Less

Best Mattress for Anyone

My fiancé and I are not athletes by any means, but I'm a light sleeper and he moves around A LOT. We loved the fact that this bed had almost zero motion transfer. It's done wonders for me in getting a full nights sleep, and my fiancé loves it too. The only thing I'd say is that we wouldn't have probably found this company without watching review videos first. They seem to market to athletes a lot, but honestly this will work for anyone. Also the upgrade from a queen to a king is incredible. Thank you bear! We are customers for life.

Don't know that I believe in the Celliant technology

But after owning this for around 3 months, I have to say that this is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. I used a Tempurpedic for a while, and I find the firmness of this mattress to be much better. This mattress may be too firm for some and too bouncy for others (I wouldn't want to try the bowling ball and wine glass test), but for me it seems to be just right.

Best sleep in months

We were hesitant to try the box memory foam mattresses at first, but after doing some research we decided on the bear mattress. The purchasing and delivery process was informative and quick. Setting up the mattress and foundation was very easy. My husband and I have slept very well since getting the mattress. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and toss and turn for hours before falling back asleep. I have slept through the night in a deep sleep for the entire month that we've had our bear mattress. We are very satisfied customers!!

Great nights sleep!

I am so glad gave this mattress a try! It took me about a week to adjust, but have been sleeping better than I have in a long time. Just the right blend of firmness, support and it really does conform to your body.

Good night sleep

As advertised this is a very comfortable bed. The only thing I have trouble with is that I lay too long in one position on my back it can be uncomfortable but I don't think it is the bed

Very comfortable bed! Relieved my

Very comfortable bed! Relieved my shoulder and back pain within a month


Great mattress! Especially for the price. Sleep soundly and can’t tell when my husband gets out of bed. Mattress is firm yet molds to your body! Love it!

Ease and comfort

Bear mattress has been a great experience. It was so easy to order, came in just a few days and was very easy to set up. Now the mattress- super comfortable - just the right firmnes. I would definitely recommend and buy again!


Love this mattress. I am a very warm person and I have to say I love being cool all night long. We even bought the pillows and they are amazing. I would have to say I feel the mattress for me is a bit on the firm side, so it did take some getting used to. But overall it has exceeded my expectations. And what's even better is its wife approved..... She loves it!


Great mattress, comfortable and supportive. I love it

Great mattress

Great, comfortable bed.


To be honest, after the first night I was ready to get rid of it! It was extremely firm and my husband urged me to give it time. Now after a few weeks, it’s great! I didn’t think a mattress that came out of a box would be that comfortable. It feels firm to the touch, but once you lay down you’re transported to a cloud. Love it!

Supportive nights sleep!

I've loved my bear mattress! It does not sleep warm at all. Sleeps cooly like a traditional mattress. The mattress is soft to the touch but very supportive and firm. I have not woken up aching since I got my Bear. Worth every penny!


exceptional mattress/foundation. Has helped my sleep immensely

Bear Mattress

I bought my son the Bear Mattress and he is so happy he hates to get out of bed to start the day. I think the bed is amazing also and may get one for myself.


Great mattress! Sleeps really well and I love how cool it sleeps. I hope it never wears out but if it doesiwill buy another Bear!!

It's a little firmer than

It's a little firmer than I expected at first, my wife too. But after a few days you adapt to that and it really is a comfortable mattress. Love how it give that memory foam contour without that memory foam grab.

Bear Mattress- King

We love our Bear Mattress! It was super easy to set up, and super comfortable. It took a week to get used to, but after that we have never slept better.

New Mattress

We were looking for an affordable memory foam option mattress and wanted to upgrade to the king size! Definitely very happy with our purchase! Easy to set up and comfortable from the first night. My husband I noticed we slept a little “hot” the first few nights we had the mattress. We got use to it in about a week or so and have been enjoying it s...Read Moreince! (we live in San Diego so the weather doesn’t change too much) Good price and great quality! Read Less

Too firm for me

If you like a firm mattress, this one is for you. I was very pleased with the price and delivery. The mattress is also very nice, it's just too firm for me. Unfortunately, I will be returning it.

Very impressed with my Bear Mattress

The mattress has been great. The best mattress I've ever slept on. My big thing was the ability to dissipate heat while I sleep. if it could live up to that promise, I knew it would be perfect for me, and they actually pulled it off. Who needs a $3-5k Tempur Pedic? Get a Bear and you will not regret it. Evander Smart Founder of Bitcoin University

Hibernation Station

I used to prefer sleeping on a rock hard Select Comfort mattress. The Bear Mattress felt a little soft initially, but I got used to the memory foam feel. It provides good lumbar support and sleeps relatively cool.


I don't really know what I expected honestly, but I'm not disappointed! For the first time in years I woke up and walked to the bathroom. I didn't hobble. I didn't take a few minutes to work through the soreness. There was no soreness!! I've also been on the hunt for a good pillow for years and this is it! No neck pain and keeps me cool. I have a very physically active job and crossfit at least 3 days a week. This mattress totallt aids in recovery

Great Mattress

Found this mattress by luck online. Purchased it for my son after many failed attempts and he loves it; hasn’t slept this comfortably in a while. Highly recommend the company and the mattress, trying to convince my wife to get one for us.

Love it!

I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for a month or so now, and I love it! I originally got it for our spare bedroom, but we loved it so much that we moved it into the master bedroom! Very easy delivery, fun to open up, and the mattress is awesome! Did I say that I love it?

Bear mattress review

Love it!!!! Haven’t slept this great in a long time!!

Sleeping Great

We're very happy with our bear mattress so far! Sleeping great and it doesn't hold the heat like our old Tempurpedic did.


I haven't had an amazing experience, but I'm still hanging on. My other mattress was giving me back pain every night. Since I have slept on the Bear it has only slowly been getting less painful to sleep at night. I don't love how the edges completely sink when I'm sitting on the edge of the bed -I practically slide right off. I'm still waiting thi...Read Mores one out to see if it holds up or improves more long term. ??? It's fine, but not great. Read Less

My Bear mattress is the

My Bear mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. It definitely helps with my chronic lower back pain. The price is also so much less expensive than comparible mattresses

Sleeping Cool Now

I purchased the king size Bear mattress and have been sleeping cool. I have always been a hot sleeper. Wake up sweaty and hot. Restless nights as a result. Not anymore. Since getting the Bear I have slept cool! Sleeping cool means better nights sleep for me. Very comfortable too. A great product at a great value. Sleeping cool and sleeping longer now! Loving it!!

Believe it's a nice mattress, although perhaps not right for me

The mattress seems to be of high quality and good feel. I would put it in the same class of other mattresses of the same type (Casper or Leesa). While I'm not sure it's working for me (personal feel only), there is nothing about this experience that was particularly negative up to this point; I knew there would be a chance for this to happen buyin...Read Moreg a mattress sight unseen. 3 star rating simply because I don't believe I will be keeping it, although I think I'd have similar results with the other ship to home style foam mattresses. Read Less

Firm yet comfortable!

This is the first mattress I’ve ever invested in. It took me a couple days to adjust to it and now it feels like a perfect match. I’m use to mattresses being really bouncy so it’s a nice change. Definitely worth it. I also purchased the bear box and mattress protector.

With minor customization it’s perfect for me

I love my bear! As a side sleeper I determined I needed a bit more cush so I added a 2” foam latex topper and a quilted mattress pad. With these minor adjustments I now have the bed perfect for me. The firmness level of the mattress is probably perfect as-is for back and stomach sleepers. With this purchase I upgraded from a traditional spring, queen size to the Bear cal king. I’m tall - 6’2” - and I am celebrating that my feet no longer dangle over end of bed. I find the foam technology far superior to the spring type. I made my own platform out of pine boards.

We like our new mattress.

We like our new mattress. However it says its a queen size and it is smaller than our queen bed frame fairly significantly. It is comfortable and a little softer than I thought.

Great bed for in between

Great bed for in between soft and firm!


The bear mattress is extremely comfortable. I have no complaints so far. It’s a perfect mix of firm and plush. Before the bear mattress, I was waking up with backaches. These backaches have completely disappeared and I look forward to a great night sleep every evening.

not an athlete, but and an active 61 year old....

I had all of my pre-purchasing questions answered using your chatline on your website. The person was very polite and informative. My work is very physical for a woman and I wondered if a Bear mattress would be a good choice for me. I decided to give it a try after much reading and comparing mattresses online. Your mattress is very well made and your company shipped promptly. The first few nights on my mattress were not good...but hold on....I stuck with the adjustment my body needed to make. After night three, I thought I would have to take pain meds my body was so sore. That was about a month ago. Now when I get home I find myself crawling into bed early to watch tv. The firmness is perfect, the heat generated by the foam is comfortable and my body is no longer sore from sleep! If you're reading my review, try a Bear. I would definitely buy it again. Read the reviews online about how it rates against other competitors. That is how I found them in the first place. I love supporting companies who make their products in our homeland and especially when it lives up to the standard they claim. You don't have to be an athlete to be a good candidate for a Bear. I am proof of that. It may not be the mattress for everyone, but Bear was right for me!

Bear mattress and protector

I’ve had the bed for a month now and I’ve really enjoyed it. My back feels much better in the mornings

firm but not too firm

Some reviews say this mattress is on the firm end of foam mattresses. I have not slept on many foam mattresses but I find it just right. You don't have to fight to roll over as with some memory foam and you don't feel like you're sleeping on a 1" thick mattress as with others. No complaints here.

I love it

I love it

Bear Mattress Review

Maybe foam just isn't my thing, but I didn't really enjoy the mattress. Returned it and went with something more conventional.


Excellent bed, no complaints whatsoever!


We were unsure about ordering a mattress online, but my girlfriend and I love this mattress! It's soft enough for her, but firm enough for me. Great support, and we have slept great every night on it. My quality of sleep is definitely the best it has been in a while!

Heaven Sent - Replaced Custom Mattress

Slept on by two generations (at different times); could have slept forever; no issues with rolling in the center; back pain has disappeared; was looking for a bed with some firmness with some padding; this bed was perfect. Replaced expensive custom handmade mattress with springs that last well over 20 years. Will soon be purchasing a second.

Best Mattress

I've owned this mattress for about 2-3 months now. Probably the best mattress I've ever owned

Love this mattress

I ordered the Purple mattress first, and was not a fan. It was way too hard for me and my girlfriend , so we decided to try the bear and we LOVE it! I sleep all throughout the night which hasn’t happened in years.

Back pain

Hello, I really have back problems make my life difficult, so i was looking for a good mattress that helps me to sleep well. After I bought my bear mattress I really sleep comfortably. Thank you for your quality.

Best purchase ever

I can’t say enough about how incredible this mattress is! These guys are best in the business. Amazing customer service, on time delivery was icing on the cake! You won’t regret a Bear mattress

Great mattress

My husband and I love our bear mattress! We upgraded from a previous queen foam mattress to he king brea mattress and love the extra room we have! Both my husband an I love sleeping when the room is very cold and this mattress has lived up to its claim of keeping cool. Would highly recommend!

Bear Queen Combo

I ordered the Bear Queen Combination (mattress, two pillows, and mattress protector). This is the best sleep I’ve ever gotten. You get great value for your money and can even check out the mattresses in their showroom in Hoboken. Highly recommended.


All is well. Feel refreshed in the morning. Positive customer service experience.

Simply amazing!

This is hands down the comfiest mattress I've ever slept on. It's the perfect balance.

Great for Athletes!

My husband and I are triathletes, runners, and CrossFitters. Prior to sleeping on our Bear mattress, we woke up with aches and pains. I was also having to go to the chiropractor multiple times a month to help with low back pain. But since we started sleeping on our Bear mattress, we wake up with feeling refreshed and pain free! My husband also raved about the great design of the bed frame and the ease of putting it together. We will definitely recommend to others! Thank you, Bear Mattress!

Very nice, low-no odor

Very comfortable, with little to no noticeable odor upon opening. My husband and I wake without back pain, which is lovely.

Exceeded my expectations

I was always weary if the boxed mattresses because I need a firm mattress. After lots of research I settled on Bear and it's wonderful! The price was perfect and it's the perfect firmness and softness I need. I would definitely recommend.

Never going back!

After a short adjustment period, this is the most comfortable mattress I’ve even owned. Worth every penny!

Comfortable and relaxing

Ever since I bought the bear mattress, I have been waking up with so much more energy. Maybe it’s because I am now getting quality sleep as compared to my old spring mattress. Thanks a lot bear!

Bear Mattress

We purchased a King size Bear Mattress about a month ago. My husband is very restless sleeper and has a bad back. Our last mattress was a conventional one and only 3 years old but it was making our backs hurt terribly. We wore both a little skeptical about a memory foam mattress but I have to say we both love and have already given our other mattress away. That would have never happened if my husband was not already convinced that this Bear Mattress was for us.. Best purchase we have ever made on a mattress..

Great Mattress, After Adjustment Period

My wife and I bought this mattress in August after researching the online mattress market. Delivery and set up were easy, but my wife and I were initially disappointed with the comfort level. We had been sleeping on a pillow top mattress and this is a medium-firm foam out of the box. But I’m happy that after a few weeks, the mattress became more comfortable for us and now we love it!

perfectly firm

Love the support the mattress gives me as I am 6’2” and 230lbs with back pain from years of concrete and block work. yet its still comfortable to my girlfriend who is 5’4” and 105lbs. All around an EASY, FAST, and SATISFIED buy!

Great matress

Perfect firmness and comfort. We are glad we bought it and sleep very soundly each night.

Pleased with mattress so far

My partner LOVES the mattress. Her sleep has really improved since we got our new mattress. It has taken me a few weeks but it feels better each night. I can sleep comfortably on my side again. This is good mattress for older people with a lot of joint issues.

Skeptic no more

Was initially unsure about committing to a bed folded into a box and not being able to try it first, but this bed has exceeded all expectations. Having the 100-day test phase was re-assuring, the bed was sent directly to my door for convenience, when opened the bed took shape and form with in seconds and has not disappointed. I wake up without body pain and in true comfort.

Looooooove this mattress!

This mattress is amazing! We tried the purple first and it was way too soft. Like we sank and could feel the box spring underneath. So we wanted something firmer. This is really firm. Like really firm. When I run and jump onto it it doesn't sink. It doesn't have a lot of give, which is really perfect for us. There's some motion transfer, but not a lot. If I move, it doesn't really move him. Not enough to be noticeable. All in all, I love this mattress. Super happy with our purchase.

Great Choice

I was a worried about buying a mattress online and it not being what other people said it would be. I read tons of reviews and settled on the Bear Mattress. My husband and I have been sleeping on the mattress for about 2 months now and we both love it. My husband likes a more firm bed and I like a bed that is a little bit softer. Bear mattress has the best of both worlds. It hugs you in just the right places to make you feel cozy while still receiving support. Both my husband and I were having back issues with our old mattress but now we both feel great when we get out of bed.

great mattress

I've really enjoyed my bear mattress so far!

Love it!

My husband and I both love the bear mattress! We're not super active people so I was curious whether this was the right mattress for us. And it is! we both like how firm the mattress is. We wake up feeling refreshed. But it's not a luxurious mattress

Bear Mattress King

I have never purchased a bed through the mail before, but Bear delivered in so many ways! I was having back issues from my old (and very expensive) hybrid mattress. Once I made the switch to Bear, my back issues resolved. I now wake up without having to use an oil can to get me going. My stiff joints and back have improved as a direct result of switching my mattress to Bear. Amazing!!!...and so much fun to unpack and watch "grow" too!! Great product. Thank you Bear.

Sweet slumber

After years of enduring the tropical sweatbox that was our previous memory foam mattress, relief FINALLY arrived from Bear Mattress. All the claims of not being hot to sleep on are true. Once in bed for a few seconds, it warms to your body temperature and then...stays there. No gradual build-up of heat but a constant, just-right temperature that you'll really enjoy all night long. It is exactly medium-firm a perfect mix of comfort and support for us; firm enough for the back-sleeping wife yet soft enough for side-sleeping me. From day 1, it's been great.

The best mattress I have ever used.

I would rate this to be slightly above medium on firmness; (6/10) Before writing this review I've been using the mattress (queen) for about 60 days. Absolutely wonderful for me sleeping on my back/side and for my partner sleeping on their stomach. I have recommended this to everyone I know who is looking for a new mattress. Strongly consider this mattress. Mailing back a mattress is a pain in the backside, but do yourself a favor and try it! I've also spoke with customer service before buying the mattress and they were very knowledgeable, answering ALL of my questions/cold-feet-concerns.

Great Value and Sleep Quality!

I have had my mattress for a month and a half now, and it has been a really great replacement for my previous inner-spring mattress. My previous mattress was only about a year old, but I was starting to develop some serious back issues. I also spent over $2000 on that mattress, so I kept trying to tough it out, thinking that I might just need to break it in further. Since getting the Bear, my back feels completely normal again which makes my life way better. There are only 2 small drawbacks for me: 1) I am heavier than my wife, so she ends up kind of rolling into me sometimes when she gets too close 2) It's 10 inches thick, which isn't bad, but I'm used to a taller mattress which makes it easier for me to reach items on my night stand

LOVE IT - Better than Casper

This mattress has been the best investment I've made in....30 years? After owning a Casper mattress for over 2 years, moving, then switching to a Bear - I will never go back! The firmness level, the cooling factor, and the overall comfort of this mattress is unbeatable.

Great Mattress

Very comfortable. Would recommend.

So Comfortable!!!!

After reading numerous reviews on this mattress, we decided to purchase one. It is exactly what we were looking for in a mattress...very firm. My husband and I are both back, stomach and back sleepers. It is so comfortable for all three. Glad we decided to go with the bear and I am trying to convince my parents to purchase one as well.

Great mattress

It took me about a week to get used to this mattress...but mostly because our last mattress was soo awful. This mattress is amazing. My husband does a lot of physical activity, and he thinks this bed is so comfortable. He wakes up in the morning with minimal soreness.

Exactly what I expected

the perfect middle ground of comfort, my back and neck pain are long gone! thank you !

Bear Matress

This matress is amazing!

Great Value and Comfort

Our entire family has slept on this mattress and we think its wonderful!

Bear matress

Love it! This is the second Bear Matress we've purchased. We liked our first one so much so we bought one for our guest room.!

Very supportive

Keeps your back and hips alligned and supports your whole body very well.

Took some getting used to - but worth it

The first couple of weeks my body and the mattress were getting used to each other but now I love it.

Great customer service!

The Bear Mattress arrived with no problems and was a breeze to set up and ready. I also ordered the bed frame… which the quality is super nice. One of the bed frames was damaged in shipping, and I’d have to say that the follow up from Bear Customer Service was fantastic. How often does a company support actually reach out and call you? (never)… so I heard from support on two separate calls and they were fantastic and the problem was solved (new side rail shipped out). Great experience!

Great mattress & customer support

We were looking for a new mattress but were unsure about buying one online. Thanks to the customer service at Bear we decided on the Bear Hybrid mattress and we are extremely happy with the choice! It is very comfortable, the in house set-up delivery was great, and sleeping has never been better. I would recommend this mattress to anyone looking for a a truly remarkable sleep experience.

No more back pain

I’m young and before this mattress, I was struggling with a lot of back pain that would be so bad sometimes that it disrupted my daily life. I have had this mattress for almost 2 months now and feel amazing. I’m normally a hot sleeper, and this mattress is the perfect temperature. It also has really good edge support.

Amazing Mattress

This mattress is pretty amazing! My wife and I have been enjoying the mattress for a few months now. We've, truthfully, never slept better.

The BEST Mattress

The most comfortable mattress! I have been sleeping on the mattress for about 3 months and it’s the perfect level of softness while still offering support. I would buy this mattress over and over again. Fast shipping and easy set up. The surprise bonus were the cloud pillows that came with the mattress! They are incredible.

Best Mattress Ever!

I will begin this review by saying that I am a bit biased. I "inherited" a well-worn queen mattress that my parents had had since they were in college. This bed was at least 25 years old; it could vote and legally drink before I could. It ended up traveling to attend college with me freshman year, and it became pretty obvious as I prepared to graduate this year that I am more than ready to leave the old family keepsake behind. As I had just left my long-term relationship with my old bed, I decided to ease back into the mattress market slowly, spending a lot of time scoping out my options. After reading countless positive reviews about the Bear Hybrid mattress and further reassured by their return policy, I confidently ordered the mattress. I eagerly awaited its arrival and when it came, I gave my old friend a final hug and watched as the delivery team removed and replaced it with the Bear. Since that day, I have not looked back. Now, it may be argued that after spending so much time sleeping on an "antique" mattress, anything would be an improvement. I would definitely agree, but this mattress goes above and beyond a basic upgrade. I have always been a side sleeper, and this mattress is the perfect firmness to accommodate me. It stays cool throughout the night, and is super snuggly and comfy. I am so happy with my purchase, and would highly recommend taking the plunge with Bear as you will not regret it!

Bought for back

Wife and I are both side sleepers, purchased Bear after reviewing multiple mattresses online. So far so good, back pain for both of us has resolved. Bonus pillows are excellent as well.

Bear Hybrid

Since I have purchased this mattress, I have not had any lower back pains and have been sleeping great. Very comfortable. My wife says it’s to hard for her but we added a memory foam topper and now she loves it. Highly recommend this mattress.

Best Mattress I have ever had

Do not hesitate over buying this mattress, it is the best mattress I have ever slept on.

Great mattress

The mattress and foundation were delivered and installed quickly with no issues. We were sleeping soundly the same night.

Great mattress!

We love our new bear hybrid mattress! It's like a big hug every time we get into bed. The mattress is a perfect combination of support and comfort. I did a ton of research before making this purchase and could not be happier with our decision.

Bear hybrid queen mattress

Love this mattress! It was super easy to order and they delivered it to my front door. And the pillows are amazing!!

What a difference a mattress makes

I've had trouble falling and staying asleep for the past few years. I always assumed it was due to my back pain issues. Turns out, my old matress was to blame. I still have back problems, but I have slept through the night more in the past two months than I did the previous 2 years. Best use of my tax return I've ever spent.

Wanted to love it but...

We were really excited about our bear mattress. We had searched and searched for over a year and finally got our list down to our top 5. Bear was our #1 choice. It was an easy set up . The mattress does a great job of keeping you cool. It's probably not a great choice for heavier people. It tends to sink a bit. It did relieve my hip pain but we started waking up with back pain and honestly we tossed and turned a lot. We really wanted to love it but for the money we paid, we decided we needed to love it not just like it. We have started the process through email to return the mattress.


I love this bed. The best sleep I had in a long time

Great purchase

Really happy with this product. I've had back pain on and off from cycling and it truly helped me sleep at night and stop tossing and turning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bear Mattress

Is the Bear mattress good?

Bear mattress is one of the highest rated mattress brands with happy customers over +3x more likely to mention a positive cooling sleep experience versus the average comparable mattress.

Which Bear mattress is best?

For those looking for a well balanced mattress with reinforced, ergonomic support, the Star Hybrid offers a wonderful option. The Bear Elite Hybrid is the best for side sleepers looking for more pressure point relief. Those looking for something firmer may do well with the original Bear mattress.

Is the Bear mattress toxic?

Foams in Bear mattresses are all CertiPUR-US® certified, a low VOC (volatile organic compound) standard. Also, they are made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Bear mattresses are also GREENGUARD Gold certified, which is one of the most stringent VOC certifications available and certifies that it is acceptable for use in health care environments. Those that have chemical sensitivities may want to consider a Bear mattress.

Does Bear Mattress need a box spring?

No. Bear mattresses actually do best with solid foundations like those with slats that are no more than 5 inches apart.

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