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Badcock Mattress Reviews

Badcock Furniture & More sells a variety of mattresses such as Serta. Although some of their mattress choices are unbranded, it is likely that they come from a big box mattress manufacturer and may be clearance product. Although this means that you may find a good deal on a mattress, it doesn't always mean that the mattress you choose will be a great pick. Oftentimes deep sales prices, like those from Badcock may mean that these are hard to sell elsewhere. We strongly recommend taking a look at our Top Mattresses as you can find options in your price range without having to take the risk with clearance items.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7/10

No Back Pain: 7/10

Price: $223-$5799

Trial Period: No Trial

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Badcock's Owner Satisfaction

Understanding how customers feel about mattresses can be a great guiding force for shoppers. Customers, unfortunately, don't always enjoy these mattresses. Some are content with the feel and comfort level, but others are not so much. There are more details below to study if you are considering buying.

Badcock's Supportiveness

There are some customers that don't feel that these mattresses do well supporting them. Though some folks are happy with these mattresses, if you have a wide frame or shoulders, do some added research before buying.

Edge Support
For customers looking for good edge support, some describe these mattresses as having lacking edge support over the short term.

Badcock's Durability

Customers find that durability is one of the most important attributes to finding a mattress. We all want to find a mattress that is just as cozy as it was day 1 on day 1001. Unfortunately, not all customers regard these mattresses highly overall on durability, and some have had some problems over the short term. If you are considering purchasing as your full time mattress, make sure to review the specs against your body type to make sure it will work for you.

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I gave it two

I gave it two because of the delivery guys. I went once before and got some fairly decent customer service. The bed had problems from the beginning and when the part came in the store was going to just drop it off at my house. I said NO; you need to correct the issue. Just recently I got a washer and dryer set from the back. Had to pay $100 for delivery but not setup cause I didn't pay the hoses from Badcock. The set was drop in my living room. The staff even removed the free little box of wash soap. I will never use Badcock and have 3 different friends change their mind about using them too. Mike is new and he will make you think he is giving a great deal....yea right! Oh and the dryer was not new. The filter has lint in it. WOW

customer service

WORST customer service ever in a business!!! Do not attempt to purchase anything from them, and whatever mistakes they make, they try to cover up and refuse to contact their corporate office to resolve, since they will get in trouble due to their shady business. Treat their current clients (whom paid their bills) as new clients and provide terrible service. Never again! And if you don't go their way, they try to ruin your credit account.


I got Bedbugs from Badcock!! I purchased a Serta Indigo from Badcock for my daughter as a birthday present. Same mattress I have. She received what I believed to be a brand new mattress from Badcock on Saturday! She woke up Sunday morning with bites all over her legs. We thought nothing of it and figured a mosquito got in the house. She woke Monday with more bites in other places. Tuesday we began to get suspicious and did some research and grew weary of the mattress. Today we called Badcock and told them what was going on and to come get the mattress. We got nothing but the run around and after a goat rope of phone calls we called corporate. I find out not only will they not do anything about the situation but they won't even exchange the infested mattress they delivered! They basically blamed us and said maybe a guest brought the bugs into the house and that they spray there warehouse. The mattress was delivered late afternoon and my daughter didn't leave her house or have anyone come over. I asked the customer service rep to let me talk to their manager and he told me he would get back with me within the next 48 hours. I cant leave that mattress in her house for another 48 seconds let alone 2 days and still unsure if they will do anything about it. *note: She has no pets. Nor has anyone been in her house in the last 4 days. I payed a thousand dollars for my daughter and 9 mo old granddaughter to be feasted upon!

A family member

A family member who lives 40 miles away asked me to help her search for a twin size bed she needed to purchase so I was saving her a trip by looking for one for her. I got to the store on Beach Blvd., found one and went to the counter while I was face-timing her to see if they would take her card over the phone. (She is elderly with a recent pacemaker) Heidi behind the counter did not greet me, just looked up from the register. I asked, she said no they don't, so my caller asked if she can check to at least see if it was in stock, so I took 18 steps to the bed to get the name, when I walked right back to her to give her the name, even spawn looks up & smirks, "I'm already helping someone." Why didn't she just get someone to help me in the beginning?? She didn't have to be so rude, since I'm also looking for items as well. We took my business elsewhere. If I'm giving my money away, at the VERY least make it a half ass enjoyable experience. Maybe she isn't cut out to be retail anymore and at her age, should do a job that doesn't require smiling and being friendly to customers, like maybe a cemetery security guard.

The WORST furniture I have ever owned

The WORST furniture I have ever owned!! If i could give zero stars, i would because one star is giving this place way too much credit. We bought a table and a bed from this dive and both creak like they've been sitting around since 1976. Loudly. If you ever plan on having sex on your bed, do NOT consider Badcock for your furniture needs. Not only did the plywood platform creak so loud it woke you from your slumber every hour, the posts going up the middle of the frame holding the mattress up were so poorly put together they just fell out making you feel like you were about to fold up into a king sized burrito. I call Badcock customer service to have someone come out and fix the junker we now call a bed. In the meantime, my husband straightened the posts under the platform so that we could at least sleep without fear. Service man shows up, looks under the bed, says the posts look straight and there's nothing he can do. He suggests I go out and buy the mesh liner you put in drawers to keep the main posts from slipping.....what? He also suggested taking the bed apart every time we wanted to move it....what? Are you guys hiring?! After that fiasco, my husband bought lumber from our local hardwood store and rebuilt the entire platform from scratch. It is now the bed that fine American craftmanship dreams are made of. If you're not married to or personally know Crafty Crafterson, I suggest you get off your wallet and buy your furniture elsewhere. This place reeks of cheap and sleezy nightmares.

I bought a bedroom set and mattress.

I bought a bedroom set and mattress. They boast a lot about there mattress warrantees; however, after purchase three months out, the tone change. There mattress look appealling, but the rest is not up to par for my standard. Within a three month period, the mattress has a sunk in it, but not deep enough for them to allow an exchange or upgrade.. I feel the service is flaky, product misleading, quality sup par.

My wife and I bought a bed

My wife and I bought a bed and chest of drawers from this store a couple years ago and it was delivered late and damaged with the wrong cheap mattress. They took advantage of my wife who was trying to repair her credit and offered discounts on the total, but nothing to solve the problem. They offered more furniture and mattress to help satisfy us, but only dropped off a 12 year old stained mattress instead. These people will rip you off and make promises they never intend to keep. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

Terrible Customer Service

Terrible customer service. Order arrived incomplete with pillows missing. Called multiple times customer service, every time I spoke with the operator, he put the phone down and didn't listen to what I was saying at all. Never buying from this place again, they can't even sort out themselves their own structure. Still haven't received our order and have been calling about it every day. Can't even learn WHEN it's going to be delivered.

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