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Avocado Mattress Topper Reviews

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Avocado has become a popular mattress in a box company with its organic, latex, and vegan mattress options. They also have a mattress topper (that comes in both firm and soft levels), which is ideal for those that want greater support or plush comfort on the top layer, but can't spring for a brand new mattress. Avocado's firm mattress topper gets good ratings from customers when it comes to firm support -- those that are side sleepers prefer the plush topper.

Mattress Topper Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Comfort: 9.5/10

Support: 9.6/10

Cooling: 9.3/10

Price: $349-$649

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Avocado Mattress Topper Details

Avocado's mattress topper comes in two firmness options -- plush (softer) and firm. Those looking for more support (like stomach sleepers) should choose the firm option, while side sleepers will do best with the plush version. Both toppers use all-natural ingredients and have a subtle bounce, which most don't find bothersome.

Quality of Materials

Each topper is 2.75'' tall and is made of organic cotton, New Zealand Joma® wool, and Dunlop latex. Each mattress topper is GREENGUARD Gold certified, which is one of the highest third-party emissions standards available, which means that you can rest assured that you are not going to be breathing in toxins while laying on your Avocado topper. We'll go through the layers below and discuss the differences between the firm and the plush version.

Here is what's inside:

Cover Layer: The cover is made of 100% organic cotton and is GOTS certified organic. This layer is soft and cozy without diffusing or retaining much heat.

Layer 2: The second layer is a thin layer of New Zealand Joma® wool that acts as a natural fire barrier and neutralizes heat from the top layer, providing a bit of air-flow as well.

Layer 3: The primary comfort layer is one layer of 100% Dunlop latex that either comes in a soft or a firm profile. The plush version is less dense for more give, while the firm has more density and more responsiveness.


The Avocado topper comes in both a plush (soft) version and a firm version. The soft version is best for those that are primarily side sleepers or looking to soften up a firm mattress. The firm version is more supportive and best for those that want more support and a refreshing bounce.

Back Pain Relief

Many reviewers describe sleeping well throughout the night with these mattress toppers. For stomach and back sleepers, the firm version should provide the kind of support needed for spine relief. The soft version is best for side sleepers that require more pressure relief in the hips and shoulders.


Although these mattresses shouldn't trap heat and most don't describe them as sleeping warm, there are a few warm sleepers that describe feeling too warm.

Who Is The Avocado Mattress Topper Right For?

The Avocado mattress topper is for anyone that wants the benefits of organic and all-natural certified products. With both a firm and a soft version, most customers can find what they are looking for!

Browse Avocado Mattress Topper Customer Reviews

Mattress - Thomas H.

At age 75, not big on ordering over the internet. Based on top rating by “Consumer Report”, we took a chance. The mattress with the additional firm version topper feels perfect, with uniform support for back or side sleeping.

Love the topper! - Mindy W.

Love the topper!

WOW - Dave K.

I was skeptical at first buying a $500 plus mattress topper, but after looking at all the reviews decided to give it a shot. The money back guarantee made it a proverbially "no brainer". Although it took almost two weeks to get receive the topper it was well worth the wait. My wife & I noticed the difference immediately. I'm a side sleeper so would always have issue with my shoulder and arm falling asleep. But on my first night with the Avocado there was no pain at all. I highly recommend this topper. There is no reason not to try it!!

Amazing - Judith L.

After sleeping in a hotel on a pillow top mattress, I knew I wanted something more comfortable than my very firm bed. I debated about buying a new mattress, but my old one is in perfect shape. Therefore I decided to buy the Avocodo Green topper. Simply put, I love it. It still provides support without being too soft.

Good enough - Derek B.

Had a Tempurpedic that was pretty old and would change conditions throughout the night from cool and supportive (perfect) to saggy and hot by morning. The Avocado remains supportive and cool all night. Great. My main gripe is the tufted buttons are super super annoying — I miss the smooth, consistent surface of memory foam. I was surprised I didn’t read anything about this ahead of time. Do these not bother people? They seem more obstructive than normal mattresses. It’s also an extremely hard mattress. A softer version would be welcome. We got the soft topper and it’s much better, but still I can feel the buttons and the extreme firmness sometimes creates pressure points that disrupt my sleep after a few hours. We ended up adding a thicker mattress cover and got some extremely soft, smooth and plush sheets (bamboo) and now it’s pretty good. Don’t get me wrong. We sleep far better than with the hot, saggy old memory foam, and we’re probably extremely particular, but, it’s not perfect for us.

Great topper for my tempur - Desek G.

Great topper for my tempur pedic, which was too soft

So far so good. - THOMAS J.

Have had the mattress a few weeks and find it very comfortable. Seems to help with my chronic back pain. If I feel the same way in another month or two it will be a total success.

A good night’s sleep is well worth the cost! - Ede w.

After 30 plus years of my husband and I being aware of each other’s changes in sleeping positions during the night, this bed let’s us sleep soundly.....almost like sleeping alone. My biggest hesitation in purchasing this bed was that I thought it would radiate my heat back at me and make me too hot the way foam mattresses do. Glad to say it does not. The all natural fibers must be the reason why. I love my bed!

Mattress Topper - Michele T.

This worked great as an addition to a mattress that was too firm and giving us back pain. We love it! It fixed the problem from the first night. Thank you.

Mattress, Topper, and Pillows - Phillip T.

We are very happy with our mattress and topper. It took a bit longer than expected for delivery to the east coast, but besides that, a completely predictable and enjoyable purchase. I was somewhat concerned about getting the mattress box up my stairs, but the boxes have hand notches that make lifting a breeze. Our king was easily manageable up a tall turning flight of stairs, so unless you have no helper or are aged, I'd recommend you not pay for set-up. We bought a "box spring" from US Box Spring and it was a breeze to assemble. As for comfort, the bed is wonderful. We were happy night one and each since. Our pillows are a different story. They are SUPER heavy and very thick. We have adjusted them several times by removing fill, but are still trying to find the right adjustment. We may return them. The Avocado team has been a joy to work with. Would absolutely recommend.

I love this mattress topper - Pamela A.

I have had it a month & have never slept better!

Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Margaret Y.

Best night of sleep ever!!

's wonderful! - Susanne S.

We do love our Avocado mattress with the separate "plush" topper, even if it does smell faintly of avocados. :)

Excellent mattress topper! I would - Mark T.

Excellent mattress topper! I would definitely buy it again.

It Helps - Brian M.

I am a side sleeper, and would have too wake up to change from side to side or try to sleep on my back. since I bought the Topper I still have to roll over from time to time but I am sleeping about an hour longer per-night. So there you have it; It Helps ! I am looking forward to the time I can get the Queen size mattress.

We ordered the topper to - Charles A.

We ordered the topper to relieve hip pressure when side sleeping on the standard Avocado mattress. The topper added enough extra cushion to relieve the pressure (got the plush version). The topper is very well made. Absolutely zero order. I think the wool layer is a benefit for sure. We previously had a latex topper that was too thick to allow periods of stomach sleeping. The thickness, density, and wool combination seem perfectly balanced.I am 155 lbs, wife is 125 lbs. This was a great purchase.

Outstanding product and customer service! - Molly B.

Outstanding product and customer service!

Mattress topper - Diane C.

It only took a couple of weeks to become acclimated to the new topper and now I’ve not had any more back discomfort. I love how it helps regulate body temp, too. Like how the mattress is holding up, as well. It was just too firm for me, but topper has definitely helped. The pillows are not mine nor my husbands favorite. Too firm and heavy. Even after taking some of the stuffing out. But overall avocado green products seem to be a great alternative to what else is out there on the mattress market.

5 stars!! - Jenny H.

We have been sleeping on an Avocado mattress for almost 2 years now and love it. We recently purchased the mattress topper and love it even more!! It’s soft and comfortable but yet still maintains some firmness. My husband prefers a more firmer topper and I prefer a bit softer and somehow this satisfies both of us and we sleep great. Would highly recommend!!!

Finally, a mattress & topper to celebrate! - Denise M.

We've tried a number of mattresses over the years, and nothing was ever quite right. We most recently left behind a far-too-soft, over-glorified 'air mattress', and therefore went with the Avocado with no topper. While it was a vast improvement, we still struggled to get as comfortable as we had hoped. So after about a month, we bought the soft topper, to provide a little extra give (albeit a supportive give!) This was particularly beneficial when we wished to sleep on our sides. (I'm a back & side sleeper; hubby is a stomach and side sleeper.) It seems to be the ideal solution for our needs. It's been approximately another month, and we're both happy to report the best sleep we've ever experienced! (Yay!) Also *love* knowing we aren't subjecting ourselves to the harmful chemicals found in most other mattresses. There was no smell from the mattress or the topper (outside of a very light and almost sweet, natural fragrance that has dissipated already. And I have a very sensitive sniffer.) Can't say enough good things! Grateful. We've been diligently roatating as suggested, and it only seems to get more comfortable as it 'settles'.... Hoping it continues to woo us over the next decade+!

Avocado mattress topper - Janice L.

I received the softer topper vs. the firm and really love it. It arrived in just a couple weeks. I did not notice an earthy odor like some other reviews. The quality is superb! I’m thinking of ordering the mattress now. Thank you for a comfy sleep!

Love it - Erica B.

I’ve been sleeping well and don’t wake up with back and shoulder pain anymore. Well worth it!!

Topper makes it 5 stars - Heidi S.

Love how earth-friendly our Queen mattress is, but it felt a little too firm for me (back sleeper) & hubby (side sleeper). However, we added the topper & now it’s perfect. Recently tried out a family member’s memory foam topper which made me feel like a bug in the jaws of a Venus Fly Trap. No sinking feeling w/ Avocado Green’s topper, just a heavenly cushion.

Fantastic - Sharon L.

I can’t say enough positive things about this topper. I have been sleeping on it for about a month and I love it! I have purchased several other toppers for this hard-as-a-rock mattress I purchased about 3 years ago and none of them worked until the Avocado Mattress topper. I love the pillows too! The king was over stuffed for me, but I made a toddler-sized pillow out of some of the excess filling. I use this little pillow in all sorts of ways. I plan on buying the full mattress set for my guest bedroom.

So comfortable! - Susan M.

We even use it as a second mattress when guests come. And, we put it over a cheap IKEA mattress and I now love sleeping on it! Si comfortable and mine had no smell like other people complained about.

Love it - Rae N.

I love the pillow top mattress+second topper. Love the safety of it (the no offhassing). It’s a 5 except my tired old bones wish for even softer.

Queen mattress and firm mattress topper - Karen C.

I like it but feel that I am sleeping a little hotter now. It did help some of the soreness that I was having in my hips.

Mattress topper - Karen B.

Thus far, even though I have a very expensive mattress, the topper has added much to our comfort in sleeping. I was happily surprised

Lovin’ It - John N.

Our new mattress topper is just what we needed. It’s very comfortable. I would highly recommended one.

We are loving our mattress - Christine W.

We are loving our mattress and the topper, which I would highly recommend getting . We started with just the mattress then decided that we needed to try the topper, it made a big difference for our backs. Our experience with avocado was perfect, I received very quick response to all of my questions , I highly recommend this mattress and company. Thank you for all your help. Christine.

Very comfortable! - Elisa B.

Our favorite mattress!

Wonderful mattress topper - Veronica G.

I ordered the topper for my Avocado mattress for more softness on my shoulders. It has been great. It keeps my back straight, but allows my shoulders to sink in a bit so they don't hurt in the morning. Love it!

The. Best. Mattress (and topper). - Cheryl K.

The Avocado mattress is simply the best. I love the company philosophy, the customer service, the natural materials, and the guarantee. It is the most comfortable mattress that I have ever had the pleasure to sleep on. After months of suffering from back pain due to an old mattress, we first tried going to a brick-and-mortar mattress store. Little did we realize that selecting what SEEMED comfortable in the store would commit our money to that store forever. From the first 15 minutes of resting on that mattress (supposedly hybrid memory foam and spring) after it was set up in our home, I knew that it wasn't right. My back actually felt worse. Too bad for us. No refunds. We were allowed only one other chance to "get it right," and selected another mattress. We haven't even slept on it because the Avocado is so wonderful. The mattress store told us (horror of horrors) that they were going to "destroy" the mattress that we rested upon for 15 minutes. They wouldn't even donate it. My extensive research and discussions with Avocado customer service paid off so many times over. No more back pain, and nothing but comfortable, restful sleep. Thank you!

Great mattress; great service - Edward R.

Mattress with pillowtop was a little too soft for me (but fine for my wife). Service rep offered to switch it out for a mattress and a firm mattress topper. Complimentary white glove delivery was added. Fabulous customer service, fabulous delivery and setup, and now a fabulous mattress that my wife and I both love. Happily will purchase from Avocado again.

Avocado Mattress Topper - John M.

My Avocado Green Natural Latex Matress Topper is superb! It provides for me warmth, extreme comfort, and a glorious feeling of sleeping in a completely toxin-free bed! I am so happy to have the very best!

Latex Mattress Topper - Claude C.

Both the mattress and the Topper are excellent. Very comfortable, feel great to a side sleeper and very glad we purchased Avacado mattresses for all of our three bedrooms.


I have a Temper-Pedic bed that was fine for me until I lost a lot of weight. Then, I found myself tossing and turning a lot throughout the night (too firm). I did a lot of research before I bought my Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper. It arrived in a timely manner and it is AMAZING to sleep on! I used to toss and turn like a shish kabob all night -- on my side a lot most of the time because of my bad knees and arthritis, but not now. I am a 'back sleeper' again and am so very rested when I get up. This topper has just the right support for me. I am a very, very satisfied buyer. Worth every penny.

Avocado King and Plush Topper - Robert T.

Great sleeping mattress that should last for many years bc of Dunlop latex and high quality US craftsmanship.

Plush topper heaven - CHRISTINA H.

We ordered the plush mattress topper after we received the avocado green mattress to offset the firmness of the mattress. It is the perfect combo for us. We now have the excellent support underneath with just the right amount of plush on top. So incredibly comfortable even for my husband who has broken hardware in his back and bad arthritis multiple old leg surgeries. He is big and tall side and back sleeper and I am a petite side sleeper and we both agree this is the holy grail combo for an amazing night’s sleep!

Heaven - Stephen H.

Added plush to firm Green mattress. Perfection. I’m asleep within 5 minutes of jumping into bed. The best.

Bought a firm top but - Tim S.

Bought a firm top but still too soft for me.

Topper - Deborah

Love what I’ve read about your product. As a retired couple and on a tight budget your product is to costly.

Not as amazing as we expected - Anne S.

Not quite what we were hoping for. Very firm. We bought the topper for $500 extra at first but realized it didn't make a huge difference and we preferred it without. Does make you wonder if shelling out the extra $$ for "organic" ingredients and premium marketing makes a huge difference in your life.


Love the mattress topper! Highly recommend it. I love everything about this company!!

Topper - Cindy S.

Was beautiful. Did not fix the issue we had with our mattress but the topper was top notch!

The Big Switch - Robert S.

I have had a water bed for the last 30 plus years. It never entered my mind to change. However, the Avocado mattress was recommended and my husband and I thought it was time for a change. And, what a change it was. Wonderful!!!! It is all they said it would be and more. We are both HAPPY HAPPY

Topper is great - Richard R.

I’ve been using the topper for several weeks now and love it. It’s tough to get out of bed in the morning!

Plush topper - Jaclyn S.

Perfected our avocado mattress. Thank you.

Avocado Mattress topper - Jill D.

Love the topper. It was a little firmer than I thought it would be, but my back issues are 90% resolved. I'm very pleased with the product. AND, it's all natural!

mattress topper - Nancy R.

Recently I had kind of a Goldilocks experience. I bought a plush topper from Avocado as my Avocado mattress was just a bit too firm. With the plush topper it was now a little too soft. I contacted Avocado and they let me exchange my plush topper for a firm one and now everything is "just right". Thank you Avocado for your caring and great customer service.

Everything Tempur-Pedic is not - Steven S.

Hallelujah...I can sleep again and walk normally in the morning.

Great Addition - George M.

The topper has certainly met our high expectations.

avocado topper - Valerie M.

Not quite sure yet, so may be in touch. Thanks

Perfect solution - Nicolette H.

While saving for the mattress of my dreams, this new mattress topper is exactly what I need. I love it! It has the support I was looking for but balances with comfort and softness. My back no longer aches in the morning. At long last, a great night’s sleep.

Love!!!!! - Maaike M.

This mattress is simply amazing. I have had this mattress for about 3 months now and I couldn’t be happier. My only complaint is that I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning because I wish I could just stay in bed all day. My only advice - If you like a softer, more plush mattress, skip the built in pillow top and order the plush topper seprtely. The plush topper is a lot softer than the pillow top that is built in. I purchased the built in pillow top and ended up going back and purchasing the plush topper which makes the mattress a little too bulky for standard depth sheets.

loving it - Leddy R.

We have both a plush mattress and an avocado firm mattress plus plush topper combo and we actually like the mattress plus topper option better than the plush tufted mattress. Delivery even to our hard to reach place was even seamless. We ended up ordering like that to make shipping to our rural location easier and we love the combo.

Very comfortable mattress topper - Courtney C.

Made our hard mattress comfortable to sleep on. No off-gassing, stays put, and still comfortable after over a month of use. May get another topper for our other bed.

Queen Plush Topper - Thumbs Up!! - Linda W.

The topper feels great over the Avocado mattress, making it much softer yet keeping the mattress firm. We’ve been using it for a couple of months and have noticed a dramatic improvement in our sleep. It doesn’t sink in and keeps us at a comfortable temperature overnight. It also seems to be well made with quality materials. I wish they carried a 3 inch thick topper since I prefer more padding over the mattress.

It took a few nights - Amy C.

It took a few nights but my husband and I are both very happy with our Avacado mattress.

love the mattress once I - Heidi S.

love the mattress once I ordered the firm topper

Love my avocado mattress and topper. - Kenneth V.

Quality products and service, shipping is always on time and good shape upon arrival. Trouble falling asleep is all but gone with new mattress.

Love my bed! - Gina G.

I’ve had my Avocado Green matttress for a couple months and can never go back. It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made. I look forward to going to sleep every night and keep telling my friends the6 have to try one.

Sleeping better - Mark W.

can't quite tell if I would have slept just a well without the topper or not. I'm sort of left with the question of: If the mattress is suppose to be so good, why do I need the topper?

Nice - Nancy K.

The topper is nice, but not great. We were hoping for that, “ahhhh” experience, but it did not happen. Not disappointed enough to return it, just wishing for more.

Avocado mattress - John F.

The Avocado far exceeded our expectations. I am sorry that we didn't do it twenty years ago.

Great mattress topper - ANNA F.

I purchased the plush mattress topper because my new expensive matress from another company was too firm. The Avocado mattress topper made it very comfortable. It is extremely well made and arrived quickly. I would definitely buy another.

Avocado Mattress and topper - Maria W.

Love it! Best sleep in years, especially since adding the topper (thanks to your helpful staff!)

Can’t feel a difference - Josh C.

I think the best complement I can give the mattress is that I don’t notice it. I go to sleep, I wake up in the morning. It’s comfortable and I feel good about how it’s made. I definitely recommend the topper – ours is firm and it’s very comfortable.

Finally happy - Hilary C.

I bought the mattress with the pillow top and found it a bit too firm. A rep from the company talked me into adding a separate pillow top before giving up and it's perfect now! It's quite high, which is not what I wanted, but it's worth the comfort.

Greatly improved our Ikea mattress - Linda K.

Our Ikea mattress was as hard as a board. Our two twin XL toppers greatly improved it. Wish the toppers (firm) were just a little thicker. Overall, really appreciate them.

Love it! - Ashley P.

We absolutely love this mattress topper! We've got a regular IKEA mattress but wanted something on top of it as it's a bit too hard. This topper made all the difference! I love that it's eco-friendly and made without harsh chemicals. My only complaint is that it tends to slide down on our mattress a bit; I wish it had straps to somehow attach to my mattress. Other than that I absolutely recommend!

Mattress Topper - Michael E.

I got the topper because the mattress was a little too firm for my liking. The mattress topper definitely helped.

Excellent mattress pad - Janet N.

Very cushy--like having a new mattress.

Great bed! - Lisa F.

I initially bought the mattress without the pillow top. I like a firm mattress. After sleeping on it for a couple of weeks, I decided to add the pillow top. I’m glad I did. This is a very comfortable mattress. I really like that it’s made with natural, sustainable materials. I am so happy with the mattress, that I added a pillow too! Great green products and helpful customer service!

Pretty good - Ryan T.

I think I expected it to be a bit softer and I was hoping to sleep a little cooler. My husband stated that it was cooler for him. Other than that, I am happy with the quality and hopeful that it will last a long time.

King Size Plush Mattress Topper - Marjorie H.

As per previous reviews product and customer service are flawless. The only exception I would make is that I am a little old fashioned and like to actually speak with a human when considering a large purchase and outlay of money. But e-messaging seemed to be effective enough, no real issues. The product is great- however the first 2 nights I could not sleep at all. I have no idea why Maybe just something was "different" and my body knew it. I am a creature of habit. There was no smell although I did drag it out to the deck and let it air in the sunshine for a few hours. So far so good. I do worry about wear down on the edges where you get out of bed, etc. I have recommended Avocado to friends and one has bought a mattress with plush topper and is thrilled with it.

Avocado topper - Marcie B.

I️ love my avocado topper! I️ was very skeptical before I️ ordered it and did a lot of research. I️ did not want a product that would leave me too hot or in a ditch. This product was perfect! Very happy with my purchase. Thank you Avocado!

Love it!! - Laura T.

I'm so glad I purchased this mattress topper. We love it!!

Great purchase - Ross H.

I like that I have the option of taking off the topper and rotating it or airing it out if I feel like it. Or if a guest stays over I can always remove it if they prefer a less plush feel.

Mattress topper - Meg P.

Was not at thick as I thought. Improvement over nothing. The smell took time to go away which also had me concerned about the off-gassing. The price and easy delivery was helpful. Overall, we are happy to have the extra support.

My back feels better - Habiibah P.

I support the product. I support the mission. Also, when you open it up for the first time it smells like lovely, sweet hay and it reminds you of all the goodness that the mattress comes from.

Love my mattress with the pillow Topper - Margaret T.

We want to thank you for your excellent customer service all the way through our purchase. After trying our mattress for less then a month I was convinced it would not work for me, too firm. We did purchase the mattress with the pillow top option. When I called customer service they were so attentive and let me know I was welcome to send it back but would I first like to try the mattress with a pillow topper added. We did, and love it, it was just the additional comfort I needed. Thanks for a great, clean, mattress. Peggy T

Too hard - Beth

I bought this two years ago and it’s been hard from day 1 but now it’s rock hard and I’m searching for something else.

Nice but not worth price - Gloria S.

Price is too high. After you have sheets and blankets on it doesn’t matter what the topper cover is made of. So why pay for organic anything. I Have other toppers that are just as nice and cost far less.

Mattress topper sags - Karen M

I purchased an Avocado mattress and topper separately so I could rotate both. The mattress sits on top of a sheet of 3/4" plywood that fits inside by bed frame. While the topper does provide good support for my arthritic hips, it sags terribly. I rotate and shake it each time I change the sheets. Visually, it sags in the middle. I've tried sleeping on both sides of my bed, even turning the topper over to sleep on the bottom side. (Is it different than the top?) This is really disappointing, especially because it cost some $400. I wish there was more research on Avocado when I bought these items two years ago. All reviews are glowing, but I wonder how many were given after months of use. There wasn't much Avocado could do because I removed a tag on the topper. I've been trying to sell it with little success. I'm reading that ALL mattress toppers sag after time. I think I'll look at other solutions.

Like sleeping on a rock! - Joyce H

We purchase this mattress topper because my husband and I both have back pain, but this made it 100 times worse. We bought the plush-soft, but it was as hard as a rock. When we contacted Avocado, they said we had to sleep on it for 30 day. Their representative told us that because neither my husband nor I are heavy, that it will never be soft and comfortable, but more "like we will be floating on top of a cloud" I have contacted them 3 times now and now that the 30 days are up, they don't even bother to return my email or refund my money. Guess its time to call my attorney. Maybe I can get them for false advertising too!


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