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+2x better cooling

+1.3x firm support

+2.6x love it

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Summer 2024 Updates: Avocado continues to ship their mattresses from their Los Angeles based factory, typically taking about 1-3 days to ship for most mattresses. Recent reviewers have mostly good experiences with rare complaints about delivery and feel over time.

Avocado is a high quality organic and latex mattress brand. Their flagship Green Mattress is an organic latex hybrid mattress that doesn't skimp. For chemical sensitive folks or those that suffer from airborne allergies, having an all-natural mattress is a must, but Avocado goes a step further. They are certified organic, going through a stringent process to have their source materials, factory and products certified GOTS organic. They also offer a Certified Vegan Mattress, a firmer organic all Latex Mattress, a Luxury Organic Hybrid Mattress, and their new, competitively priced Eco Organic Mattress.


+2x better cooling
+1.3x firm support
+2.6x love it

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $777-$9398

Trial Period: 1 Year

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Avocado's Specifics

The Avocado Green Mattress is one of the best organic hybrid mattresses available. With its inclusion of organic materials, from GOTS certified organic wool, GOLS certified organic latex, a high Consumer Reports rating, and a very similar certified Vegan Mattress option, this brand is not messing around when it comes to providing high quality, all-natural, sustainable, eco-friendly, and anti-allergen mattresses. Take a look at all of their certifications and how they are different, including their Climate Neutral certification. For sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress, Avocado has even created a certified organic, all foam Latex Mattress, which offers firmer support.

For side sleepers that are concerned about the firmer latex feel, Avocado has built a thick, medium-soft Luxury Organic hybrid mattress, with thick layers of high-end materials like alpaca and silk. It also comes with an optional pillow-top addition with microspring technology for a plush feel, or thick layer of latex in their ultra plush box-top option for truly sumptuous, soft comfort.

Quality of Materials

Avocado offers MADE SAFE® certified latex and latex hybrid mattresses that use only eco-friendly and green ingredients. They use GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic wool, and organic cotton to make their mattresses from their factory in Los Angeles. In the Avocado Vegan Mattress, they offer 100% USDA organic cotton batting in replacement of the wool layer. While this may cut down on the temperature regulation, it means no animal-based products are used in the mattress, while still meeting federal flammability standards.

We'll walk through what is inside their mattresses, and which options will work best with your body.

Avocado's popular Green mattress and Vegan mattresses are similar in layers, with both having an optional 2'' added pillow-top. Additionally, the Green Mattress was recently updated to have an optional 3'' plush box-top layer as well for those who want an even more pressure-relieving feel. Here is the full break down of their Green Mattress (and Vegan Mattress):

Layer 1: The cover is hand-tufted, 100% organic cotton stitched into a lining of temperature regulating GOTS certified wool in the Green Mattress, or a layer of organic cotton batting in the Vegan Mattress.

Layer 2: 2'' of high response GOLS certified organic latex provides a supportive and responsive feel combined with subtle joint and pressure point relief.

Layer 3: 8'' of tempered steel pocket coils provide even weight distribution and support for the spine. Avocado's pocket coils are arranged in 5 distinct ergonomic zones that contours to your body while reducing motion transfer.

Layer 4: 1'' of high density latex foam gives the mattress a foundational structure.

Next, their all latex mattress comes in at 9'' for a slim but responsive feel. It's ideal for stomach sleepers and those that prefer a firmer, supportive profile. With organic and Greenguard Gold certifications, it offers the same high quality materials as other Avocado mattresses.

Here is what's inside their firmer Latex Mattress:

Layer 1: The 100% stretch organic cotton cover offers a soft and refreshing feel. This layer has wool hand-stitched in for additional temperature regulation and comfort.

Layer 2: 2'' of contouring GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex provides subtle pressure relief and response.

Layer 3: 3'' of GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex, which is naturally supportive, responsive, and firmer, acts as a transitional layer providing quick response and a very subtle give with a thin layer of 100% organic cotton beneath.

Layer 4: 4'' of GOLS organic Dunlop latex base provides an exceptionally supportive and firm base to the mattress.

Sleepers looking for the most luxurious sleep experience Avocado has to offer, their Luxury Organic Mattress fits the bill. Available in a 13.25'' thick 'Standard' option and a 17'' 'Plush' option, this hybrid mattress is perfect for slimmer side sleepers and those that want plenty of cushioning around pressure points. Just the same as the other Avocado mattresses, it offers organic and Greenguard Gold certifications.

Here is what's inside their superbly plush Luxury Organic Mattress, which is available in a standard medium option, a plush option with added microcoil pillow-top, and an ultra plush option that comes with a 3'' latex box-top:

Top Panel: The top panel is made from GOTS organic cotton, natural ethically sourced Alpaca fiber, and ethically sourced, OEKO-TEX® & GOTS certified wool. There are 4 layers of cotton and wool in this top layer with sourcing from Canada, Himalayas, the Netherlands, India, and South Carolina. An additional 2'' thick layer of Alpaca fiber helps to provide exceptional pressure point relief. This fiber may adjust and compress somewhat over time and require a bit of fluffing and rotating.

Comfort Section: The comfort section includes 2'' of soft, GOLS organic Dunlop latex featuring 3 contour comfort zones to provide your body with a body hugging support. A layer of GOTS organic certified fiber blend of cotton, wool, and silk and a layer of GOTS organic certified cotton canvas rounds out this section.

Support & Base Layers: Featured in the core of the mattress is a 2'' layer of GOLS organic Dunlop latex over an 8'' layer of individually encased pocket coils. Made in their Los Angeles factory, these coils feature 5 different zones of support, including a strengthened perimeter for edge support. A layer of GOTS organic certified hemp provides firm support for the pocket coils. Additional layers of GOTS organic certified cotton canvas, wool, cotton jersey, and fiber blend help hold the mattress layers in place. The Plush pillow-top mattress option includes an additional 3'' layer of micro-coils that contours to the body and relieves pressure as well as a layer of GOTS organic certified blend of wool, cotton, and silk. Combined together, these layers will provide loft, a subtle bounce, and back support.

Lastly, we'll take a look at what's inside their 10'' thick, competitively priced Eco Organic Mattress:

Layer 1: The top cover is a soft, GOTS certified organic cotton and wool quilted layer. The organic wool acts as a natural fire barrier while also helping to regulate temperature.

Layer 2: 2'' of GOLS certified organic latex acts as the main comfort layer for this mattress. Latex has an open-cell structure which helps to dissipate heat in addition to providing a bouncy, medium feeling support.

Layer 3: The main support for this hybrid mattress is 8'' of individually encased pocket coils made with recycled steel. The 3-zoned pocket coils are reinforced along the sides and head/foot of the mattress to provide proper edge support.

Overall Comfort

Avocado's Green Mattress gets the highest marks from customers for their materials, support, and price value for the exceptional organic construction. Its firmness is great for back sleepers and combination sleepers. Side sleepers will do better with the pillow top or box-top options available in the Green Mattress, Vegan Mattress or the Luxury Organic Mattress, which provides exceptional pressure point relief. Many report that these mattresses sleep cooler than memory foam, which is an added benefit for those that sleep hot. Also, the Vegan option for no added cost is a wonderful option for animal-conscious sleepers.


Avocado's Green Mattress is on the firmer side of medium-firm with customers being +1.3x* more likely to mention good firmness and support vs. the average comparable mattress. It is great for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and larger side sleepers. The Latex Mattress offers even more support for those that need it. Average sized side sleepers should consider getting the optional pillow top or box-top additions found on the Green Mattress and the Luxury Organic Mattress.

Back Pain Relief

Based on the firmness, Avocado's Green Mattress and latex mattresses should provide a good amount of back pain relief for those that are back and stomach sleepers. For side sleepers, the Luxury Organic Mattress will provide exceptional initial pressure point relief. Make sure to rotate the Luxury Organic Mattress to cut down on compression in the top layers.


Customers report good experience with cooling, with customers +2.1x more likely to mention positive cooling than the average alternative.

Who Are Avocado Mattresses Right For?

If you are looking for an eco-friendly and organic mattress, Avocado's mattresses are a very high quality, great option to take a look at with a range of options to fit any sleeping position and preference.

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Love my Avocado!

I absolutely love this mattress! I have never experienced this degree of comfort from a mattress before. It took me several months of researching and reading every review before I made the decision to buy an Avocado! I am so glad I did! It's been a life changer.

Great family bed

We got the avocado green king size mattress without the topper. It's comfortably firm for me as a side sleeper and good for my partner as a back or stomach sleeper. We also have a newborn that we are bedsharing with, so having a firm on-toxic mattress is essential! We love it.


This mattress is comfortable I have terrible sensitivity to odors and chemical type of smell I used it without encasment and I did not feel any thing . I did extensive search on buying mattresses and I found thi one on Facebook friend I immediately googled and ordered that same day . I am happy with the purchase and I will replace the whole family mattress with this one .

Cool & Comfy

Way cooler than our old foam mattress. Love the bounce - feels like sleeping on a cloud.

Best Mattress Ever!

I was up late one night researching the many brands of beds that you can buy online. I am in my 50's, a large person, and didn't want to pay the marked up price at the local store. I decided on the Avocado full mattress with the pillow top. I've had it a week now. First, it really did come decompressed in a box, and it was fun to watch it "grow". From the time I bought it to the time it arrived took about 11 days (I'm in CA). It's has a beautiful look to it. It's clean, solid in design, and super comfortable. I got an excellent financing rate from the company that works with them. If I pay it off in six months--0%! I also caught a sale and got an additional $100 off. They say it takes 1-3 weeks to break in, but I was happy the first night I slept on it! I'm very lucky to have found such a great product and for a great price!

Comfort & Quality

The Green Pillow is great. I love the no VOC aspect and the eco-friendly filling. The pillow is very soft especially if you choose to remove some filling.

Slice of heaven

These pillows are out of this world. If I wasn't already married, I would marry my pillow.

Hass pillow

I love my pillow. No more memory foam sweating. It conforms to your sleeping style wonderfully.. I didn't have to adjust the fill but love the option to do so. I highly recommend it.

Don't Hesitate - Avocado Green Mattress

I wanted to give this review to help others searching for a great mattress who have similar issues and provide my experience. 1. It sleep COOL!!!! This is one of its best points. I sleep in the day, in the desert where 105-112' is most of the summer, have hot flashes and couldn't take it anymore. This mattress for all of the summer has not been a disappointment it really does sleep cool. 2. Easy to Move On without Sinking. I have MS and my husband suffered a stroke leaving him paralyzed on his right side. We really have difficulty moving on memory foam because it sinks and traps you like quick sand making turning over horrible. You will not have this problem here, you can easily get up, turn or scoot around easily. 3. Can take the Weight!! We are working on the weight issue but this bed can take it and provide all around support to back, hips and shoulders. My arm would become compressed and go numb in my 3 year old extra firm memory foam mattress. My first night my backache, hip and arm pain were gone. 4. Minimal Motion Transfer. I took off my old boxsprings, followed the recommendations to lay the mattress on a platform and I don't notice my husband getting up and he because of limited mobility moves around quite a bit to get up. 5. Topper or No Topper. I think that if you have sore shoulders from arthritis, the topper might provide extra cushion if they are sore. If your not sure I would talk directly to the people at avocado green mattress and get their opinion. 6. Customer Service - Fantastic!! This companies customer service is second only to their products!! I had many questions, chatted many times and even asked them to call me. They answered right away, were very patient, answered all of my questions and were always understanding, knowledgeable and patient. Their customer service is how it should be! My recommendation is to give them a try, sleep on their mattress for the whole trial period and I think you will be very happy. I hope my review helps. I hope to try some of the pillows in the future and hope they are as cool and comfortable as their mattress.

Absolutely love it

I've bought so many pillows even more expensive than this one and they have not lived up to the price or comfort. This is a great pillow. Does the job and I can rest comfy knowing I'm not breathing any harmful chemicals every night. Get it !

Best. Mattress. Ever.

Our new Avocado is simply the best mattress we've ever slept on. Supercomfy, yet firm and supportive. It feels so warm and cozy, yet highly breathable. And it smell so good compared to conventional mattresses :-)

Great pillows!

Supportive and cozy. Does not trap heat. This is the firt time my husband has loved a pillow.

After years of searching

So far I LOVE my Avocado. For years I have been frustrated by the "tricks" of the mattress industry and the hidden chemicals in many mattresses. I have only had my Avocado for a week, but so far, so great. I am a mid-sized, middle-age woman and did not order the extra layer of latex. My mattress sleeps cool and I do appreciate the inner springs. The foam mattress I tried just did not cut it. Also, customer service has been amazing. Thank you Avocado!

Pleased with purchase

Firm, well-made mattress. I searched all over for a high-quality eco option that wasn't made with memory foam I would sink into. It's VERY firm, but comfortable. We opted for the pillow top option, but I may look for a mattress pad that adds a little more cushion. The mattress arrived in a small box in the time they estimated. I nearly broke my back getting the mattress on my bed frame since it's SO heavy! I feel confident this is a solidly made mattress that will last for years. Pleased it was made in the USA. Thank you for offering an alternative to the many chemical-laden products out there.

King Pillow Top

I decided sometime last year I wanted to upgrade my queen mattress to a king and I knew I wanted something that was as close to organic as I could afford. I drove an hour away to try out different organic mattresses but the cheapest one I could find was well over $3k. I heard about Avocado mattresses but was reluctant to purchase a mattress online. I waited until I couldn't wait anymore and decided to go for it during the Memorial Day Sale. I'm so happy I did! The mattress is beautiful. The cover is a soft organic cotton. I thought the button tufting was going to bother me but once I put a fitted sheet over it, I didn't notice it all. If you've never owned a latex mattress or topper you might be wondering about the smell from the mattress. Its a very subtle natural "nutty" smell from the latex and it dissipated fairly quickly. The pillow top was a little more firm then I expected. Its definitely more of a 7 or an 8 on the firmness scale in my opinion. I contacted the company and they were so amazing and helped me find a topper for it to soften it. The mattress is perfect now! I do want to point out that my husband and my grandmother both laid on the mattress and thought it was perfect. They said they didn't feel it was too hard and thought it felt great on their back. I'm a side sleeper and light in weight and prefer a very plush feel. If you're like me then it would be worth investing a talalay topper. Even with the cost of a topper and the mattress you're still saving about a thousand dollars! Totally worth it! I would definitely purchase from this company again. The customer service was excellent and the product is great! I will update my review if anything changes but so far so good! P.S. I forgot to mention I also got the organic pillows and they're heavenly! So squishy!

Love it!!!

Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it!!!

Better sleep

My energy has improved since we got this mattress because I'm getting a better sleep. It also reduced my back pain to nearly non existent

Amazing pillow... sleeping like a baby

This is one of the best pillows I've ever had. The organic cotton cover is soft and I love that it has a zipper so I can adjust the amount of filling. The pillow was a little firm for me, as I am a side and stomach sleeper, so I removed some of the filling and now it's perfect! It cradles my neck beautifully and I love that the latex and kapok is all natural and organic. I am slowly converting all of my bedding to organic and will start saving now for one of your mattresses. They look heavenly! Thank you!!

Avocado is awesome!

It's the best mattress ever. I wish we could give one to our entire family. Great product for a good nights sleep.

Avocado Gold

To mattress shoppers - I have recently started using a "Standard" Avocado green mattress and have been thoroughly impressed. My bed search began by going to Macy's due to this seeming to be a good option for actually testing beds despite all the modern advances/options in mattress products that arrive by mail. This turned out to be a mistake. The mattress brands carried by a department store like Macy's do have nice options, but personally the experience is not my style. This is the way of doing things decades past… an awkward showroom with florescent lighting, top 40s music, and a brochure reading salesperson telling you there’s a sale…I realized that I needed to do more research. I spent 2 hours laying on floor model mattresses for 30 seconds at a time, then hopping up and going to the 'next one’. *I in fact bought a $1k Serta during this ordeal due to a feeling of anxiety, which is no way of buying something you will use EVERYDAY. Onto the good. The green. Moral of the story // Experience in today's markets is key. Avocado showcased that. My further researched unveiled Avocado as one of the top 2017 “Green” mattresses which was another big draw to the brand. By spending so much time in your bed, I believe that it is worth treating yourself. The mattress arrived at my doorstep a few weeks later. Selecting the white glove delivery service, two movers brought the joyous, dubiously small box up to my 7th floor condo where they cut the packaging and let it unfold. Moments later, I had a full mattress which looked and felt lovely. Again, experience is key. The mattress, which is likely to be hid most of its life, looks great. It is made from quality materials that can be seen and felt. My family is a large advocate for green products and the backstory of Avocado is soothing to the mind and the body. I got the Standard type mattress which is firm enough without being too stiff. I have noticed enhanced restful sleep between myself and my partner. It has stayed relatively cool during the warming of the spring months this year and Im looking forward to seeing how it performs in the summer. Bedding will likely enhance these conditions if you sleep warm, which is true of any mattress. Overall, Im thrilled. I appreciate what Avocado is doing to bring an enjoyable sleeping experience to consumers while they’re shopping. I run a small luxury furniture business myself and believe this brand is one to help ring in a new generation. Simplicity and quality are becoming the mainstays and I recommend Avocado.

Best Pillow, for the Best Mattress, EVER!

We love our Avocado Mattress! Purchased the pillow-top option, and love the gentle support. But our old dodgy pillows with this new mattress weren't cutting it so we added Avocado's Green Pillows. They come almost over-stuffed, but you can remove stuffing to personalize them. We left them as is, however, and sleep better than ever. Wonderfully supportive and huggable. Highly recommended on one and all!

Perfect firmness!

I love that it feels firm, soft, sturdy and pliable all at the same time. I know that sounds like an impossible combination, but somehow it works!


I have had neck issues this past year with my old mattress and after just a week with my avacado I have almost all my range of motion back. Love everything about it! And especially love that I don't have to worry about anything toxic in my mattress!

Now I want to stay in bed all day

I was a little uncertain since some of the reviews I read said that this mattress was on the firm size and might not be good for a lighter-weight side sleeper. Well, I weigh 130 pounds and sleep on my side, and I found it delightful! My husband is heavier than me and sleeps on his stomach and he also finds it comfortable. We do tend to prefer a medium-hard mattress (I don't like to feel like I'm drowning in my bed), but even so, it was not uncomfortable at all; it has just the right amount of give. I got the queen size with pillow top option and now it is even harder to get out of bed in the morning... I want to stay there all day! There was a *very* faint smell to it for the first couple of days, but nothing I found unpleasant, just something I noticed; certainly not as bad as the offgassing you get with so many other things! I love the fact that it's made of completely natural materials; I try to be conscious of what will happen to my "stuff" once I'm done with it, and it is important to me to find things that can biodegrade and go back to the earth. One thing I was not prepared for was how long it would take to get the mattress. They say 7-10 business days, but that's how long it takes to *make* it... then they have to ship it, and I selected the scheduled delivery option so that took a few extra days to arrange. From the day I placed the order to the day it arrived at my home was about a month. As you can see I didn't deduct any stars for that, it's just something to be aware of when you're ordering. Overall: definitely worth it!

A box a skeptic and a tried believer

I had been looking for a bed for almost a year. I wanted great support for my lower back and a good rest for my body. I also wanted a bed that was healthy with natural materials that did not have chemicals and off gassing while I slept. and fit into the waste stream on the very earth I walked and slept on. And I also wanted the advancements of sleeping afforded to people without paying $3-$10 k. Which you can with a Duxiana a beautifully made bed yet no wool or organic cotton. Support your earth support yourself. Went for it received the box and was completely surprised how it came. WHAT!!?????! oh man, my boyfriend immediately told me "oh your nature ways. You can send it back right? well opened it followed directions and I am impressed. The firm which I needed , the guidance support of the ENTIRE crew at Avocado made it worthwhile. The sleep sealed this. If you need a good bed, you have come to the right place. Try it as the 90 day guarantee proves it.


Zero adjustment period for this mattress. My husband was a little hesitant to order a mattress online because he was concerned about not trying it out first. From the first night, we both slept like a dream. We got the King size with pillow top and it fit our Pottery Barn headboard/frame perfectly. Our only issue with our purchase was with the shipping. They shipped it super fast and provided a tracking number. We were contacted by the delivery company and set up a delivery time. The gave us a 4 hour window and never showed. We called them and they were quite rude and hung up. They called to set up another time a few days later after being contacted by Avocado on our behalf. They again gave us a 4 hour window and arrive an 1.5 hours later than stated. The delivery people were unprofessional - only one guy showed up at first so there was an additional 20 minute wait for the other guy, they asked to use our bathroom, and also asked my husband to help remove our old mattress because the other guy still hadn't arrived. I don't blame Avocado for the unprofessional delivery company. They actually get good reviews online. I think Avocado did everything they could from their end. They even waived the shipping fee for us without us even asking. Hopefully, Avocado does not use this company in the future. Overall, we love our mattress and can not believe how well we sleep on it. We would definitely purchase from them again.

avacado mattress

simple, clean and comfortable...i need a firm mattress and got one with out the pillow top and it is perfect! many thanks for a good nights sleep!

Best Mattress Had My Doubts

If your not sure and thinking about it dont.. Just Buy It.. I have never considered buying a mattress on line before I researched Avocado. Maybe Im still old school thinking there are just certian things you dont buy on line could not be happier we put our trust in Avocado company. We placed our order and had a few questions along the way while the matteress was being made. There was always someone available to help and answer any questions we had.. Staff was great.. No smell and the quality is hard to match these days and dont think it can be done at this price point. When you have such an amazing product that is healthier than anything out there there really is no reason to choose anything else. We will be purchasing 3 more beds from Avocado.. Dont even get me started on the pillows yes amazing.. Thank you everyone at Avocodo our son now refers to the mattress as the magic bed..

WAY better than our old Mattress, obviously.

So we've been sleeping on the cadillac Ikea latex mattress, WITH a 3" memory foam topper for years and we just couldn't take it any more. Aches everywhere! We bit the bullet and got Avocado, compelled by the mix of springs, latex and organic fibers. I was concerned about side collapse, but this isn't a concern. We got a King sized pillow top, and I invested in a merino wool topper (from Amazon) for extra warmth and protection. I guess you just get used to sleeping very warm on the memory foam, and I was pretty cold the first few nights. After adding the wool topper I'm all set. Best combo ever. Very pleased with the fabrication and shipping speed, and delivery, and the financing option was very convenient. Decision and payments were handled in just a few clicks. Great experience all around.

Worth the investment

We bought this to replace our 5 year old memory foam mattress, which we put in our son's room. Cons of the memory foam : initially gave off a strong smell, slept hot (even with a "cooling layer"), wasn't as supportive over time. I wanted to give the Avocado a fair chance before reviewing, and I'm ready to proclaim my love! No more overheating, feels extremely supportive (but comfy-we got the pillow top), and I feel great about the materials (NO CHEM SMELL). We had a promo for free pillows as well, and I'm a total convert. Bonus - the customer service is stellar! You can tell the CS reps are invested in the mission of the company. LOVE all around, and hope the best for Avocado Green.

Great pillow

Been trying all different sorts of pillows and have been having a bit of a Goldilocks time of it. So far, this one is just right!


If you like your mattress really firm, do not get the latex top. We thought we did, but then opted to buy a latex top from another company (recommended by avacado) since they don't sell it separately. In a day when customer service is typically disservice ... this company is outstanding. Love the mattress and everything the company represents. I will buy again. Amazing experience. T

Great Bed

We have now owned the bed for 6 months. It is a joy to sleep in. Steve. Los Angeles, CA


Love my new Mattress, I've been sleeping great!

LOVE IT, should have bought this a long time ago!

I just sold my home and decided to treat myself to a new mattress since mine was ancient! I read reviews online for organic mattresses on and off mattress websites. I narrowed it down to 3 and then after talking to online reps I went with Avocado. Their rep was most helpful answering all my questions in detail and was not pushy. When the box came I almost cringed, it was small for a queen mattress. I took it to my new place and with friends opened the packaging and we laughed with amazement as this grew into a huge plump substantial queen mattress! A thing of beauty and obvious good quality! So I've been sleeping on it for a week and love it. Its so relaxing and its firm but you can also feel the bounciness inside. Far better than any regular mattress and I feel like I did a good thing for myself and the planet going organic. I was lucky to catch them having a sale and used my VA status for an additional discount on Memorial Day weekend. I got the pillow top because I didn't want to miss out on the added treat of that plus I figured I am not buying another mattress for years and years. Its really thick and only needs a platform. Its really is a unique and luxurious gift to yourself. Lastly, the return policy and test time for satisfaction is good but I know I wont be returning it.

Avacado time

This mattress has saved my life. Everyone wants to sleep with me on it. Buy one, more people will sleep with you.

Wonderful Mattress

We recently purchased three Avocado green mattresses to replace well-used, well-worn conventional mattresses, at least one almost 20 years old. We were very reluctant to buy most of the new types and/or brands of mattresses, because they incorporate so many synthetic substances; and we really wanted mattresses that were excellent for use, durable, and environmentally friendly. Based on reviews, we bought from Avocado, and our experience of the mattresses has far outstripped even our expectations. The mattresses are wonderful, truly. We purchased two mattresses without pillow tops for the teenage children, and one queen mattress with pillow top for us adults. We are mightily, mightily pleased.

I was a little skeptical

I was a little skeptical takinga chance on a mattress that I never saw in person but I'm so glad I did. I read many reviews from different brands but decided to take the leap of faith with Avocado. I bought 2 twin pillow top mattresses which my kids are currently sleeping on and will be buying a queen soon. I'm so happy I read so many reviews because one of them led me to this company and saved us from living a mattress horror story. Thank You Avocado for being the perfect fit for our family:)

Best mattress we ever owned!

My wife and I recently sold our house and the buyers wanted to buy out furniture. This left us on a hunt to find a new mattress. When we started looking around we found that a toxic fire retardent was sprayed on our pillows and mattress. Being that we spend 1/3 of our day sleeping on it my wife and I did not think it made any sense to buy a mattress with toxic fire retardent. Our research quickly brought us to the Avocado mattresses. After further research and seeing that this company was the real deal and focused on creating a quality mattress and done with the consumers health and well being in mind we decided to order one. It was a little like going out on a limb because we were not sure of the quality and comfort having not seen one in person. We were so pleasantly surprised. The mattress was even better than expected. We sleep great! So glad we got the pillow top. That is certainly the way to go. We also got the Avocado pillows whIcheck are great. I am so glad we made the choice to get this mattress. We are going to order the twin one for our son as well. It just makes sense to spend 1/3 of your time (8hrs sleeping) on something that is healthy to be on and not sprayed with a toxic substance. The price was very reasonable and less than some of the other toxic mattresses we initially looked at. Investing in your health and well being always pays off.

Awesome mattress

I did a lot of online research and chose avocado because the materials were such high quality and natural. The bed came in exactly the timeframe I was told and it was easy working with the company. It looks and feels like a very high quality mattress. At first I thought it was a little firm when on my side, but I gave it a week and I love it now! Just enough give, but still excellent support. The bed also doesn't get hot. The pillows are the best I've ever had, seriously.


I'm surprised how much I love this pillow. I guess because I've never felt anything like it. It's not what I expected, but that's not a bad thing. I have literally slept like a baby EVERY night for the past several weeks I've owned this. I've recommended it to family members who recently purchased it. Worth every penny!



In love

These pillows are finally the holy grail. They meld perfectly to your neck/head, stay plump and easily fluff. Plus they're free of toxic junk! Perfection.

The most comfortable mattress I've ever owned!

I couldn't be happier with my Gwen mattress. It's incredibly comfortable, soft yet supportive, and I feel at peace knowing that I'm not inhaling any toxins. I'm so happy with my decision to buy from Avocado. And the customer service was great!

The most comfortable pillow ever!

Best pillow I have ever slept on. Extremely comfortable and super super cool. The outside material surrounding the pillow is very high quality and I can tell that this pillow is built to last. The customer service was excellent and the product arrived just in time for me.

Great, not amazing.

The bed is what I expected. Medium to firm support and no weird smell that you get from other mattresses. Sometimes I feel the "buttons", but it doesn't bother me. It's just something to be aware and of.

Great mattress

After sleeping on a Select # Bed for 20 yrs., this bed gives us more stability and comfort. I love that the materials are all organic. Side handles make it easier to move. Craftmanship is excellent!

I like it.

My Avocado mattress gives me a great night sleep. Love the fact that it's made with natural materials. Thanks!

Great mattress

So far I have really enjoyed my Avocado mattress. I am sleeping much better than the foam mattress that I purchased and returned earlier this year. The Avocado mattress is fairly firm so I sometimes wake up a bit sore if I don't move positions in the night but overall I have been sleeping well on my new mattress.

Firm yet comfortable

The mattress I ordered is a pillow top and I really like it. It feels good to know it is organic when you spend so much of your time sleeping! I sleep comfortably and am very satisfied. I also purchased a platform and that works out well. The pillows took much longer to arrive than stated, but now that they are here I like them a lot. When I called to inquire as to where the pillows were I was told the pillow machine was broken. I guess that happens and is understandable, but It would have been nice to receive a call or email instead of having to track down the answer.

Very comfortable!! I’m happy with

Very comfortable!! I’m happy with my new mattress. So is my back! Just not quite as cool as I had hoped. Otherwise a 5!!

No options

The bed absolutely needs a pillow top, however, the only one they offer isn't very plush compared to other toppers -and it cost more than other toppers. Overall the bed is a bit too firm. Also, the delivery guys tried to leave it in my driveway, I had to explain white glove delivery to them.

New Experience

I have never ordered a mattress on line before. So far I am still getting used to the mattress. It was a bit smaller than advertised (the foundation recommended is larger than the mattress) but that is minor. I am cautiously optimistic that we have done the right thing by ordering on line.

Comfy! But wish it had a washable cover

It’s so comfy! Love the natural materials. However, I’m a warm sleeper and tend to sweat a lot and wish it had a washable cover to protect the filling since I can’t wash the entire pillow. I’m afraid I bought an expensive comfy pillow that won’t last very long!

firm and supportive!

I love our pillows! We both are new to Avocado and got the king pillows and king pillowtop mattress. We love both. The only reason I gave it 4 stars - I feel like the pillow loses firmness/settles where it meets my shoulders which is where I'm used to the most firmness (I had a contour pillow before). But still it's a great pillow!

Love, but not quite a queen

Love the feel, but it's about 2 inches smaller than a queen. You'll know the first time you put your sheets on it.

Pillows and mattress

I was looking for a mattress that wasn't a type of foam. I was almost going to buy a coil mattress online that was within the $1000 price range when I found avocado. I liked the idea of latex which is said to be more cooling than foam. I also liked the idea of an all natural product, and the fact that avocado had reinforced coils was great. I noted people did say it was a fairly firm bed. I bought the bed when they had a promotion (I think $100 off) but opted to get the free pillows instead. I liked that there was the option for regular delivery vs white glove delivery. That allowed me to save in delivery. I was surprised the bed came in a box and was vacuum packed much like a foam bed. The package seemed a little larger than a foam bed but that was pretty clever. My boyfriend could lift it up the stairs by himself and I could drag it to the bedroom and place it on the bed myself. It's been about a month and I've been excited about the bed. Overall I do love it but it is quite firm. I am a side sleeper and find that my arms go numb a bit more than usual overnight. Whether it's because I now cuddle a queen size pillow, or my partner occupies a lot of the bed that I don't have enough room, of if it is a firm bed, I am not so sure. I didn't get the topper but I have my own which is pretty soft and think I'll try it out. Not quite sure if the fitted sheet will fit though. I do like the latex/kapok pillows. They are quite fluffy and soft and get fluffier and softer with time. It does have a smell of you bury your face in it but not overpowering. I have a pair of wool pillows too but prefer the avocado pillows.

Not quite as firm as

Not quite as firm as I wanted,

Queen size bed?

Queen size bed, I thought the queen size bed was a little bit two small, when I received the bed, I was doubting whether it was a full size or queen size, So I was pretty disappointed. I was hoping avocado would make a queen size bed slightly larger

King size with no topper

I was super excited to get our avocado. All reviews I read were so good. I'm sad to say we have been disappointed. Maybe too much hype? It's been too firm. We were looking for firm, but I think it's just too firm. We're giving it more time, as we read it can take 30+ days to adjust to a new mattress. If you have thoughts or suggestions, I'd be interested to know. Thank you

Poor Sleep & Sore Back

I purchased a king Avocado mattress on 10/26/17. I have been sleeping on it for almost 4 weeks and have been miserable. I have not slept this poorly in over 10 years. I toss and turn most nights and have awoken with a sore back. I had a queen Tempur-Pedic GrandBed prior to the Avocado. I am 6'3" and 225 lbs. My wife wanted a king and we decided to try a all natural bed. I am regretting the purchase due to the lack of quality sleep and back soreness. I would like to request the Sleep Trial Return.

Surprising Service

We read the review in a consumer magazine but we had never heard of this small company before. The review was very positive from an outfit that tends to be conservative about praising new start up manufacturers.

My wife was sold on the eco balance and all natural materials because of her allergies.

Avocado Green is a small company so they seem to work much harder to satisfy their customer. Our contact at Avocado Green was Eleanor. She has great personal skills and will do her best to keep her customers happy. We arraigned for a local delivery and installation and everything went well.

Great mattress

We have purchased two Avocado green mattresses, a queen and a king. We absolutely love them. The customer service is outstanding, and responses are quick. The mattress keeps partners from rolling to the middle and sinking. I would say it is firmer than medium support but not the fairest. If you are only used to a conventional mattress and box springs set it might take a couple of days to adjust and then like it.


I adore this mattress. I tend to prefer a firm, supportive mattress. This is the first organic mattress we've found that fits this description.

Easy delivery. Easy installation. Took

Easy delivery. Easy installation. Took maybe 5-10 minutes to get it unboxed and set up. The additional topper makes a very nice difference!

I’ve had custom made organic

I’ve had custom made organic latex mattresses I loved but the Avocado mattress is truly exceptional. Ordering another one!

We Love it!!!!!

Hands down we love this mattress. We got the King pillow top and its perfect ! Money well spent!

Avocado California King

It's so hard to decide on a new mattress these days but the natural products used in production drew me to Avocado. Love this mattress after using it 5 months now. We got the sewn in topper and it has been comfortable since night one.

super mattress

very comfortable - great mattress; love it

Our Avocado Mattress is perfect

Our Avocado Mattress is perfect for us!

Very happy with this mattress!

Investment: very happy with this purchase and would definitely do it again. It’s very comfortable, had zero toxic smell from day one and I’m getting fantastic sleep on it, which is a godsend because I’m a very light sleeper and have suffered from sleep deprivation in the past. Been sleeping very well on this mattress. Quality: super high...Read More quality. I think that has to be as high quality as you can get, especially if you care about sustainability and natural/organic materials. The way it is crafted and the attention to detail is incredible. I think it will last longer than any other mattress I’ve ever owned. Ranking: for me and my preferences of comfort, craftsmanship, durability and quality materials, this is the highest ranking mattress I’ve ever owned. Read Less

a bit too firm for

a bit too firm for my liking

There is a button or

There is a button or something hard on the middle center of the mattress. What the heck is it? This makes me hurt and I need to know what it is and why it is there?

Doesn’t live up to the hype

I wanted to love this mattress, but 3 months in, rotating every month as directed, this mattress is so FIRM that I am waking up each day with hip pain (I’m a dedicated side sleeper, average body habitus). We purchased the Avocado Green without the pillow top. We had done extensive research on mattresses and were encouraged by all the reviews (incl...Read Moreuding Consumer Reports) stating this mattress was great for larger bodied, back sleepers (husband) as well as side sleepers. Simply not true. Now I’m looking to purchase an additional mattress topper in an effort to alleviate my pain, while considering whether or not to send this item back. Although, how we get it back into a 1x1 box is beyond me. Read Less

Excellent mattress love the soft

Excellent mattress love the soft feel , it is soft but not too soft

Excellent mattress love the soft

Excellent mattress love the soft feel , it is soft but not too soft


My mother absolutely loves her new Avocado mattress. I wish I would have purchased one for her many years ago.

Been really happy with it

Been really happy with it so far. Have had it about 2 months in our new, to us, winter home in Fla. It sleeps a lot cooler than the foam type we have back home in Mich. It's nice & firm and I find that I sleep without tossing & turning. I wake up a number of mornings in the same position I fell asleep in. That almost never happened before....Read More I don't get so hot that it wakes me up and I have to turn over. So far very good. Read Less


I highly recommend an Avocado mattress! So comfortable!! Great sleep!! And so happy to find an eco-friendly product!!

Thankful for a healthy mattress!

I’m torn on what to write for this review. I was so happy to find a natural mattress that is made in the US and safe for my family. I love the concept, size and it is very comfortable. (I ended up purchasing a king size, pillow top after reading the reviews last min and it mentioning that the mattress without pillow top is more suited for back and...Read More stomach sleepers..which neither my husband and I are.) I do sleep hard since getting the mattress, but I tend to wake up sore sometimes. Maybe it’s related? Anyways, that’s really my only complaint. I think the price is completely suitable considering you get a 1 year trial! 🤯 and with the warranty. I would buy again and refer others. I love the peace of mind that there are no harmful chemicals where we sleep. Read Less

Very nice


Great feel while you're sleeping,

Great feel while you're sleeping, but when someone gets on the bed, the person already in bed really feels it.

Great bed!

We are very happy with this bed. We got it for our sons bedroom. It’s comfortable and good quality.

Well I want to love

Well I want to love it but quite honestly it's way to firm for me. I just read another review where someone else felt the same way, they added the extra Plush topper and were very happy so that is my plan

Totally pleased. This the best

Totally pleased. This the best mattress I have ever purchased. And my wife agrees. We are grateful.


My husband and I are both very happy with our new mattress. I went back and forth about whether I should order the pillow top or not and I'm glad I didn't. The mattress is very comfortable yet firm enough that you aren't sinking into the mattress. For me the biggest plus was the fact that they don't use any chemicals in making the mattress. Defian...Read Moretly worth the money! Read Less

We love our mattress it

We love our mattress it arrived before schedule so that was a plus! Our mattress is so comfortable. Love the fact that its natural and don't wake up at night hot like the memory foam we had. The service was great especially answering all the questions before we purchased our mattress! I would highly recommend this Avocado Green Mattress.


Avocado Mattress is a scam. I ordered my mattress on 9/28/20 and was told 4-6 weeks. We are now at 9 weeks with zero response from their team as to when my mattresses will be coming. They have attempted to scam me for over $6,000. I have emailed them numerous times. We receive the same "Thank you for contacting us. Someone will be with you shortly." Yet no one calls or emails back. Have a good day and you will be paying back every dollar you stole

Okay but not great

We bought our Avocado mattresses (2XL Twins/Split King) in October 2020 after having tried the Purple and four other mattress brands in the last seven years. The Avocado is more firm than I like, but my husband is fine with it. I think he is just tired of trying to find a good mattress for both of us. However, my reason for the three star review is that now in June 2021, eight months later, the mattresses still smell like a goat farm! I change the sheets and mattress pad every week. I put clean, fresh sheets on the bed in the morning and by the time we get in bed at night they smell like the organic material the bed is made from. Like a goat farm. Or sheep farm as the smell is wool and lanolin and like a barn. It's awful! Still!!! I am looking for another mattress once again. IF the mattress was especially comfortable I could probably put up with the smell, but it's not comfortable, it's hard and it smells bad and I want a different mattress now! We bought the two twins to alleviate the hump in the middle of every king size mattress we've had. These mattresses don't fit together like split king mattresses should and it's obvious even when the bed is made that it is two mattresses. It does somewhat keep my husband from rolling onto my side at night but then he gets uncomfortable and moves around even more, keeping me awake. I cannot in good conscience recommend the Avocado mattress. It is just not for us and we would have returned them but we were worn out from the hassle of returning all the others. Buying a mattress in a box is not what it's cracked up to be.

Return process

The review is not about the mattress which is wonderful but for the harasment and non responsive money returns. There is over a month from the time the mattress was returned and I did still not received the purchase amount. I am told every few days a different story and I did not receive the purchase amount. I am disapointed

Return claims a scam, read 60+ page warranty policy before buying Avocado Mattress…terrible mattress

After 1 year, we were sleeping in trenches. Requested return and confronted with 3 page warranty claim form and 60+ page warranty policy. Know it is very, very difficult to return, particularly if you were unlucky enough not to buy the full package including the bed frame, etc. Check for yourself before buying. Gee, are any of their other claims true? We wonder if this site will publish this review or just bury it?

Good Luck getting your bed set up

Although the bed is comfortable, getting it was a pain. First, the sales woman put the wrong address in. When I noticed it after getting my receipt via email, there was no way to contact the company. By the time the BOT returned my message, the bed and topper and everything else get delivered to my neighbors house. What they don't tell you is that the bed comes rolled up in a huge box which is impossible to carry. The topper came rolled up and after getting unrolled, it was super lumpy. Who rolls up a bed? The customer service is non existent. What a way to run a business! Good Luck!

Support gave out after 3.5 years. Warranty request denied

Currently at 3.5 years with my Avocado Green Mattress (queen). Noticed in last 3 months or so a fair bit of squishiness developing below my hip (side sleeper), which led to back pain. I am 6'2" and 185 lbs. I took a few measurements to try and quantify this and this is what I got: When I put a 40lb kettlebell down where my hip normally sits while sleeping, it sinks 3 inches into the mattress from the plane of the bed. When I put the kettlebell in the middle of the mattress between where my wife and I sleep, it sinks down 2 inches. The overall sag of the mattress where I sleep is 1 inch when unweighted (line across the bed measurement). Basically the mattress has stopped supporting where I put weight on it. I think the measurements when weighted are a more accurate reflection of structural support than the unweighted sag line measurement. Thinking this mattress should remain supportive for more than three years, I submitted a warranty. Only took me 45 minutes to move the mattress to the floor, disassemble the foundation, and do all the measurements/pictures/forms they require! I was unfortunately denied since my sag was not 1.5 inches. The avocado warranty rep was not interested in my kettlebell measurements showing that the mattress stopped supporting weight. They said they would keep it open in case the unweighted sag gets to 1.5 inches. Well unfortunately my back health won't wait... So I went and bought a serta today from my local mattress store. Will not be buying Avocado again, and suggest you do not either.

Love the Mattress but Nightmare Delivery

What a wonderful mattress but delivery is chaos. There is no coordination. What goes on behind the scenes is devoid of any organization or common sense. Instead of spending time trying to schedule "Zoom Experiences", logic would be the most practical. Will never buy anything from Avocado again.

Hurt My Back

I bought the luxury organic mattress, and fell in love with the ultra plush version at the store. After several months, I started to get back pain but didn't think it was the mattress. A little over a year after purchasing the mattress (they're return period is EXACTLY one year), it crossed my mind that maybe the bed was giving me back pain and I tried sleeping on the floor. My back pain immediately went away, and I called Avocado explaining what happened, fully expecting that (given the price I paid and mantra on the store's website) they would have compassion for me and trade in my bed for something firmer. I would have been happy with someone else's trade-in! The customer service agent was terrible to talk to, would not shop there again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avocado

Are Avocado mattresses worth it?

The Avocado Green Mattress is a highly rated organic mattress. For those that are looking for a fully certified mattress, most customers find the price is well worth it versus many other competitors.

Does Avocado mattress need a box spring?

No. The Avocado mattress does not need a box spring and actually Avocado recommends against it as improper box springs can void the warranty. The Avocado mattress does well on a solid foundation with slats that are less than 5 inches apart.

Can you flip an Avocado mattress?

It is not preferred. Neither Avocado mattress is designed to be flipped. For those adventurous types that don't believe us, the Latex Mattress flipped would be quite firm, but may still be usable, though it is not recommended and may void the warranty.

Is Avocado mattress good for side sleepers?

Yes, but with one major caveat. For average sized side sleepers, the Green Mattress is the more pressure relieving option between their offerings, but needs the optional pillow top addition to really relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders. The Avocado Luxury Plush Mattress offers the best pressure relief for side sleepers, but comes at a higher price point.

Where to buy Avocado Green Mattress?

The best way to buy an Avocado Mattress is direct through their website for their trial and seasonal discounts. Also, Avocado Green Mattress can be found in branded retail locations across the USA.

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