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Avocado Bed Frame Reviews

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Avocado has five different types of wooden bed frames in addition to their adjustable bed frame. Their beds are made in Los Angeles from 100% solid, sustainably sourced woods. With carbon negative production and shipping and a strict focus on low toxicity, these beds are top contenders for discerning shoppers.

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Material Quality: 9.5/10

Design Options: 9.6/10

Ease of Assembly: 9.5/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

Price: $695-$2805

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Avocado Bed Frame Details

Avocado offers a few different types of bed frames made from reclaimed wood (solid, not particleboard), that have high ratings from customers when it comes to style and quality. However, these beds come at a high price point, especially versus price competitive options. However, for customers with high standards and who are environmentally conscious, the quality of craftsmanship of these beds means that they will be a high quality investment for a life of restful sleep and beautiful design.

Avocado's Bed Frame Materials & Quality

Avocado's bed frames come in five different options. Below, we'll take a look at their different options to see which one is right for you.

First up, let's take a look at their City Bed Frame:

Available in a brown and a blond wood color, the City Bed Frame is one of Avocado's more affordable bed options. The bed platform is 11'' off the ground with a 5'' clearance underneath. With an optional headboard add on, this bed also features a book nook and / or shelving add-ons to help maximize storage and functionality.

Next, we will take a quick look at their Natural Wood Bed Frame:

The Natural Wood Bed Frame is one of the more expensive beds made by Avocado and features beautiful, solid reclaimed wood with a simple, minimalistic platform bed with headboard. With a tall, 46'' headboard, this bed sits 5'' off the ground and comes in a rustic stain that enhances the look of the natural wood.

For those who love the look of reclaimed wood but prefer no headboard, the Eco Wood Bed Frame might be what you're looking for:

The Eco Wood Bed Frame features the same solid reclaimed wood as the Natural Wood Bed Frame without the headboard. Sitting just a bit higher off the ground, the Eco Wood Bed Frame also allows for more storage under the bed while maintaining a simple design.

Up next is one of Avocado's newer options, the Malibu Platform Bed Frame:

The Malibu Platform Bed Frame features a modern, very low-profile design. This solid wood bed is available in a lighter maple color and a darker walnut, the Malibu Platform Bed also comes with an optional headboard, available in a 41'' or 46'' height.

Lastly, we have Avocado's Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame:

The Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame features a solid wood design with supportive and stylish angular legs. Available in either a walnut or reclaimed wood and no headboard, this beautiful bed can elevate the look of any bedroom.

Ease of Set Up

The Avocado bed frames have a simple set up, with the City Bed Frame, Natural Wood Bed Frame, and Eco Bed Frame not requiring any tools for assembly. Made of solid wood, some of these beds can be a bit heavier and may require two or more people to move.

Who Are Avocado Bed Frames Right For?

Avocado's bed frames are perfect for the environmentally friendly, chemically sensitive, and eco-conscious shopper. However, they come at a higher price due to the high standards of craftsmanship and materials.

Browse Avocado Bed Frame Customer Reviews

Just what we wanted. - Lydia L.

Just what we wanted.

The Real Deal - Marc C.

Real. Simple Design. Solid. I love this bed! perfect and not in the overdone reclaimed wood way. Solid, simple design that up-cycles and goes with virtually any decor. Very pleased. There were some shipping issues, but Avocado does what it does best, customer service! Made everything right.

Love it. Natural outdoor look - Don B.

Love it. Natural outdoor look

Beauty & Strength Naturally - Ceci B.

Looking at my bedroom fills me with such joy. Truly. All of my adult life I've wanted an elegant and simple, wooden bed frame. I struggled finding one that was all wood, no metal as that element doesn't feel good to me in the bedroom. And then, I was worried about deforestation. That this is reclaimed wood seems nearly impossible because it simply looks so beautiful. And it is solid, I feel I'm held in beauty and strength all night. And - again - it just LOOKS so good. It feels good to look at it. It feels secure to be in it. Thank you

Bed frame is perfect! - Rhonda O.

Bed frame is perfect! just what I was looking for

just as described. Great set - David S.

just as described. Great set up.

Great looking frame - M D.

We love the way this frame looks and the headboard included. It is also the perfect height (my 2 year old daughter really appreciates being able to climb up on it too). WE got it in king size gray and it came much quicker than they said. The mattress was delivered first and the frame delivery guys helped put the mattress on the frame for us. We are very happy with our purchase.

Happy as can be! - Christine W.

We were reluctant to buy a mattress online. It turned out to be one of the best mattresses we have ever laid on. Avocado green is a fabulous mattress. All of the good reviews you will read, are true! We have no complaints at all. It sleeps cool, and no body aches. My husband and I are tall, medium frame individuals - average weight. We highly recommend this mattress!

Beautiful! - Andrew C.


Even better - David S.

Based on the quality of other Avocado mattresses that I purchased, I expected very high quality. The bed frame was even better than I expected. It is the perfect match with my mattress and is a great looking piece of "green" furniture.

Nice frame - Sue e.

Frame arrived and was assembled with no problems. I like the look of the headboard. Love that the wood is recycled. The Avocado Greed mattress we bought does not completely cover the slats in the frame corners. It is not a big issue for us since the bedding covers up most of of the exposed area

Not sure. House not done yet - Ralph P.

Mattress and frame still in garage, not set up....please resend me this email in 3 weeks, I will know better then. Thanks, sorry

love it - Debra G.

I love the new bedframe, it's perfect for chemically-sensitive me.

Fell in love - Mary F.

....with my avocado mattress and handsome frame. And so did my friends!

Happy Customer - Pamela G.

I bought this bed because I loved the clean lines and I loved the fact that it was made with recycled wood. It took longer to arrive than I anticipated but it is beautiful. It is solid and heavy and well made. I am very happy with this purchase.

Beauty and comfortable support. Excellent - carol m.

Beauty and comfortable support. Excellent products!

Loooooove it! - marisol m.

Loooooove it!

Love the Look - John F.

We love the look of the reclaimed wood. It complements the beauty of our new house.

Beautiful & functional! - Christopher C.

Beautiful & functional!

Good Mornings - Anne M.

I got the Avocado mattress and natural wood bed frame. Love them both! I have never slept better. The bed looks great, it helped me transform my bedroom into a more relaxing space. Thanks for making it environmentally sound.

Beautiful - Rene M.

I was concerned this wood frame was going to be way too simple and not enough character...I was totally's just so gorgeous in a very "simple" real way. I love it and it awesome to be environmental friendly with this purchase. DIG

Amazing bed frame but difficult delivery - Diane S.

We had a fantastic experience with our Avocado mattress so decided to purchase our bed frame through Avocado too. The purchase itself went well and it was fulfilled in the time frame advertised. Our only problem came with delivery.... Avocado delivers to a regional delivery company who then delivers to you. We had major issues as this company relayed they only travel to our city (Albuquerque) every other week. So our shipping time ballooned from the advertised 10 days to 30 days. We contacted Avocado who apologized and provided us free pillows which was amazing customer service. But to add insult to injury the regional delivery company only offered to deliver on one specific day with a four hour window (9:30-1:30) which was a work day. They offered to call one hour in advance to allow my husband time to drive home from work but then only called 10 minutes out!! Avocado should look at a different regional delivery company. As for the frame itself, we LOVE it. It is beautiful and so well made. I was worried it would be too low but it’s the perfect height! We could not be happier with the actual product and would definitely recommend to others despite the awful delivery experience. I know this furniture will be a beautiful addition for years to come!

Well made - Sean K.

Really well made bed frame. Very happy with the quality of construction.

Beautiful bed frame - Sheryl A.

It's gorgeous and solid. I was afraid to buy really nice furniture since my cats have the ability to quickly destroy nice things, however the wood is so hard they can't get their claws into it to scratch it so that is great. I love that it is simple and will go with all my brightly colored and patterned decorations and linens. It seems versatile, like it would go with just about anything. The wood smell is great.

My bed is beautiful but..... - Sarah S.

I absolutely love my bed and would 100% buy it again. It’s substantial. It’s sturdy. It provides a bunch of support. Love it. Word of warning though — when we first got the bed frame it SMELLED. It was brought in all wrapped up in plastic. When I came in to see my bed frame I was HIT with a SMELL THAT JUST SLAPPED YOU UPSIDE YOUR HEAD. Like really bad BO. Like zoo animals in July. It took me a couple of days before it dawned on me that this is reclaimed hardwood. My wood must have come from a pig farm. I had to run an oil diffuser for a couple of weeks to cut through the waves of ode de pig. After having the bed for about 2 months, we will occasionally get a whiff of unpleasant swine essence. But like I said, I would buy it again!!!!

Beautiful! So didn't need the - Kelcey K.

Beautiful! So didn't need the set up guys though. Easier than Lincoln Logs!

Beautiful the wood and - Laurie L.

Beautiful the wood and the simplicity

Beautiful bed - Brian M.

Great aesthetic and solid construction

Simple, well-crafted and beautiful as expected - Jim P.

We wanted simple, clean and rustic and this fit the bill. Well-made heirloom piece at a fair price.

too soon to tell - Alison M.

too soon to tell

Love Avocado Green!! Great mattress - JAMIE V.

Love Avocado Green!! Great mattress !

Frame is perfect - Chandra C.

Frame is perfect

Avocado Natural Wood Frame Bed - Elizabeth G.

I haven't bought a new bed in many years so when I bought my Avocado Natural Wood Frame Bed it was an investment for me. I love the color and everything about it. I love that its wood that has been recycled so I'm not cutting down new trees and helping to save the environment. It fits perfectly with my new mattressin my room!

Love our new Avocado - Domenic P.

Best mattress we have ever had. Super comfortable.

Reclaimed wood bedframe - lisa B.

I purchased the king pillow top mattress and reclaimed wood bedframe and I absolutley love them both! I live in a small town in Western NY. I was a bit apprhensive buying on line with out seeing it, but it's beautilful and true to advertising they set it all up for me.

Bedframe - Zachary H.

So sturdy, elegant and beautiful!! The best bedframe I have ever owned. I love that it assembles with no tools.

Expensive but worth it! - Stella M.

This bed frame is handmade. Rustic look, study, no chemicals nor fumes, simple yet elegant. Highly recommended.

Love the mattress love the bed frame - tobias s.

Bought both from Avocado and I think our long journey to a good night’s sleep is over. We tried another e-Com mattress provider (cough, Helix, cough) and were almost turned off to the ‘fold it and ship it’ concept forever. But Avocado had such great reviews that we tried it. And we love it. The mattress is much firmer than that competitor and we are sleeping hard/good. Great for big/tall like me. And knowing that you’re not sleeping on a pile of 9000 chemicals is a great bonus. Frame is solid wood and perfect, installs very easy.

Bed Frame is so beautiful and solid - Kimberly S.

My husband and I really love our bed frame. It is so beautiful because it is reclaimed wood and is so interesting to look at. It has modern, straight lines which we love but the wood gives it such a warmth and uniqueness that I haven’t seen in any other frame. It is solid and simple—-just the way we like it.

Not sure yet - Steven

After unpacking the frame it had an odor similar to the barn we had growing up. Apparently this is not the first time it's been noticed. I'll give it a couple of weeks and then it should be gone, according to customer service. Otherwise, the frame is quite nice.

Love our Avocado mattress! - Andy F.

Love our Avocado mattress!

Beautiful Bed - Georgia L.

This bed is not only well-built, but it is also lovely, which adds to the enjoyment of the sleeping experience. I like that it is crafted so that it can be put together without tools.

Worth the Wait - BrownSwanson

I waited a long time to buy a new mattress. I wasn't sure what brand to get and went to Consumer Reports to get more data. Which led me to Avocado. I could not be happier with my purchase. I bought the mattress with a separate topper. I'm a slide sleeper who usually has pain in hips and lower back - not with this mattress!

bed frame - Bruce N.

Love the reclaimed wood! Hoped it would be gorgeous and certainly not disappointed. Oh and customer service.....amazing! Leah went above and beyond.

love it! - Cary M.

It's Beautiful! But I've already jammed a splinter under my fingernail in reaching for my pillow. Ouch! Also, since you can see the slats around the edge, they should be stained the color of the bed. It's great to have handles on the mattress. I love this bed!!! It's so very beautiful and comfortable!

Natural Wood Bed Frame - David L.

The frame is beautiful and very well constructed

One of a kind mattress - Carla G.

It is so unique and absorbs my body like a pillow. I don't know it's there, what a lovely way to sleep.

Sharp Corners - Jeremy B.

Well constructed of best of woods, but sharp corners at foot of bed pose a hazard. We have had to safeguard with protective covers.

Reclaimed Awesomeness! - Oscar R.

This bed is built like a (wood) tank, with big, beautiful, thick, reclaimed planks of wood. Real wood, with a tight, old wood grain you can see. The rustic raw finish is so awesome, and the headboard looks great as a contrast in minimal home. Did I mention this bed is built like a tank? Definitely is. Even the slats that support the mattress are super sturdy. No way you could ever break this thing. The whole family could jump on it together. It will outlive me. And look darn good doing it. Wish I could post a picture.

Head board on both of my city bed frames warped badly and Avocado ignored my request to fix it. - Keith L

Like many of the reviews I was satisfied however after a couple months the headboard warped to a dangerous degree, Avocado mattress INC ignored my request to fix it. So frustrating to pay a high premium from supposedly a quality brand name only to learn you were ripped off.


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