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Aviya is a hybrid mattress on a mission. Its story starts with the traditional innerspring mattress. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel like other foam only mattresses, Aviya decided to make a more comfortable mattress with coils. Making waves on Amazon and on their online store with affordable prices, this is definitely a brand to look into!

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

No Back Pain: 9.1/10

Price: $849-$1549

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Aviya's Specifics

Quality of Materials

The Aviya mattress is a hybrid mattress that comes in multiple firmness options - plush, luxury firm, and firm. This will fit the needs of most folks. Aviya also uses CertiPUR-US foams in the top layer, which are certified as low emission and don't offgas toxins. Here is the full breakdown of what's inside:

Layer 1: Aviya's quilted cover has a traditional feel with a foam layer for comfort.

Layer 2: The next layer is high density foam. Unlike memory foam, this is generally a more firm and durable foam. This won't contour to your body, but it won't sag either.

Layer 3: The third layer of foam provides more cushioning and support for the spine where you need it. It also acts as a transition layer that will keep you from feeling each individual coil below.

Layer 4: Wrapped around the bed is another layer of high density foam to provide good edge support and resistance to sagging on the side of the bed.

Layer 5: Individually wrapped innerspring coils use 15-gauge-steel, which provide deep support and fight against sagging.

Layer 6: The last layer is a 1'' thick layer of base foam that gives the mattress lasting structure.

Overall Comfort

Aviya is definitely supportive with the use of high density foam throughout. Most folks think it is comfortablle, and the durability is definitely a plus point. However, some have found that it is too firm. Beware and possibly get the next softness level if you are a side sleeper.


Aviya's mattresses run firmer than most, which is a desired feature for those that are stomach sleepers are have larger body types.

Back Pain Relief

For those that are back and stomach sleepers, Aviya provides great back pain relief. For those that are side sleepers, you may want to opt for a soft version to ensure your pressure points are relieved.


Aviya will sleep nice and cool for most. For those that are extremely warm sleepers or live in a hot climate, you may have to get a cooling cover if you experience heat.

Who Is It Good For?

Aviya is perfect for those looking for a durable mattress that runs a bit firm. With a great 100 day trial period, if you want to try this mattress, you definitely should!

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A great buy. Fits my wife and me perfect.

I purchased my mattress on Amazon because I had an Amazon gift card. I was really happy to find out aviya sells on their website and amazon, too! The mattress has been perfect for my wife and me. She sleeps on her stomach, and I'm more on my back, but the luxury firm is ideal for both of us. Super happy we made this decision!

Big Guy

So after having four mattress sets in 8 years of marriage my wife and I were at our wits end! Tried the memory foam fad, innersprings, then even individual side firmness innerspring. I began looking online at the Saatva mattress. Then looking at the Ghost Beds. But after weeks of looking and researching I settled on the Aviya and am so glad I have. I am a big guy 325-350lbs stomach sleeper and the king size luxury firm is the best bed I have ever slept in hands down. My wife (140lbs) back sleeper loves it just as much. Cant speak to the longevity of the mattress yet but expect it will hold up well as it is clearly made very well. If you go elsewhere to buy a mattress I really feel you will miss out on something really great so do yourself a favor and at least try it! Troy, OH Actual customer

Quick & Comfortable

I jumped on live chat to ask some questions before ordering and was pleased to find out that aviya recently switched to a shipping company that was super quick. I ordered my mattresses and had it in 4 days (I'm in CO). It's super comfortable. I'll buy another online if I need one knowing it'll get to me so quickly! Easier than the store, that's for sure.

No Regrets, Sleeping Well!

I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I did my research and decided to buy an aviya. It's well made (you can tell sleeping on it) and has great support and comfort. Super happy with my decision!

Five Star Mattress, Three Star Price!

I highly recommend Aviya mattress. More companies should be like them - high quality mattress, low overhead, fair price = happy customers. It's not brain surgery! Thank you Aviya.

Incredibly easy to find mattress information and purchase online - free shipping is a bonus.

Researching this mattress online was very easy. Shipping was awesome, delivered in a truck by a delivery service and it was ready to go immediately - no down time for the mattress to expand or any of that other online mattress crap. Very happy to purchase a real mattress at a fair price. More of the online companies should look at Aviya on how to compete in the online mattress industry!

Unbeatable price for a mattress of this quality.

Last year we purchased a latex mattress that was over $2,000, which was nice but simply not worth the money. I will admit that my husband absolutely loved his latex mattress but my body never truly adjusted to it. This year we needed a new queen size mattress for a condo that we rent out in the summer. Decided to do extensive research and our goal was to find a quality queen sized mattress for under $1,000. Since this is for a rental property we didn't want something super expensive and we also didn't want a specialty bed - we basically wanted something with ""mass appeal"" like you'd find in a hotel.Somehow, we stumbled on Aviya. Since they had some good reviews and offered an innerspring hybrid for under $1,000, it seemed like a perfect fit. The 100 day trial sealed the deal, a lot of the other companies offer a similar trial but most of them are memory foam mattresses. We have a lot of different people staying in our rental, sometimes four or five different families in the same month during busy summer tourist months so we just wanted something simple, comfortable, reliable and durable. We pulled the trigger on the Aviya due to the price, 100 night trial period, and innerspring construction.The Aviya mattress is so comfortable that my husband, who previously swore by the latex mattress, just ordered a California King Aviya (he's 6'6"") for our master bedroom. He is going to give our $2,000+ latex mattress to our son and daughter in law. "

This is an extremely comfy bed. Can't remember the last time I slept this well.

The mattress is EXTREMELY comfy. I literally can't remember the last time I slept this well. Delivery was quick and easy. I recommend Aviya to anyone looking for a high quality mattress for under a grand.

Excellent choice.

It's been two weeks that we've been sleeping on the Aviya and it's been a wonderufl transition. We were kind of concerned about ordering online because we weren't sure which of the three firmness options to get, but after talking to the girl on the phone we went with the luxury firm, which most of their customers end up ordering according to her. Was very surprised at how strong the outside edge of the mattress are, clearly very well reinforced and you get to use that much more of your mattress. We were on a Queen before and ordered a replacement Queen but it feels much bigger due to the fact that we can utilize the entire surface of the bed. Be aware that if you need them to remove your old mattress you will need to opt up for the "white glove" delivery but its not a bad price considering they also will bring the mattress into any room in your house. We're very happy. Will buy an Aviya again next time we need a mattress for whatever reason.

Couldn't ask for a better mattress at this price

Amazing mattress. Delivery and setup went very smoothly. Very comfortable bed and I love that this mattress uses Certipur foam and doesn't offgass like most of the all memory foam mattresses (google "offgassing memory foam mattress")

Super comfortable, more than fair price

Quite comfortable mattress, very affordable price. You can tell it is a quality mattress from the weight of it and the weight of the optional foundation - was very, VERY impressed with the quality of wood and workmanship on the foundation. Was able to easily move the mattress and foundation, just me and my husband. Very good customer service, I asked a question via email and had an answer less than 20 minutes later.

Switched from Tempurpedic Mattress to Aviya - much more comfy and making the bed isn't a pain in the a$$ anymore!

We were sleeping on a Tempurpedic and find the Aviya to be much more comfortable (not to mention it doesn't kill your back to make the bed!). We are very happy with our Aviya and have been recommending them to all of our friends.

Unbelievable mattress!

The entire purchasing process, from initial research to delivery of my mattress could not have gone more smoothly. After doing a bit of research, it was clear I wasn't going to find a mattress of this quality for >$1000 anywhere online. The website is very informative, is easy to navigate, and it was simple to checkout. I did phone Aviya before making my final order just to be sure as this is a big purchase to make online from a new company. Very quickly, a very polite young woman was very eager to help me with any final questions I had, and she sealed the deal (I think her name was Allison? - Whoever she is give that girl a commision check! I got an email immediately following my order letting me know when the mattress would arrive and was kept in constant communication with throughout the process. I've now been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks and absolutely love it, planning on ordering a full sized Aviya for my teenager's birthday.

The price can't be beat for this quality.

Normally I might not take a chance on a newer mattress company like Aviya but after staying the weekend with my daughter and son-in-law, I had to know what kind of mattress I was sleeping on. After they informed me it was an Aviya (never heard of it prior but glad I have now) I did some research and found some very positive reviews. That combined with the price point and the 100 day trial was enough for me to give it a try - boy am I glad we did! I knew I would love it since I got to try one at my daughters house, but i was still a little skeptical. It's nice to see more online mattress companies popping up that don't sell foam-only mattresses for those of us who still prefer something with springs. If this sounds like something you're looking for I highly suggest you give Aviya a shot.

Awesome mattress!

Terrific value for a mattress of this quality, you can feel it the second you lie down on it. Even the material on the top of the bed (below where your sheets cover) feels very soft, you could probably sleep on it without sheets if you had to. Very nice attention to detail, doesn't feel like this mattress cost less than $1,000 but I'm not complaining!

Enjoying our new mattress!

Great mattress. We are both sleeping much better. I would give it a full 5 stars but my wife thinks it's a little too firm. We ordered the firm though, so I'm thinking about ordering the luxury firm option and if she likes it better and I can tolerate it I will just move this one into the guest bedroom. Overall, this mattress is well made and is a great deal for the money. I can proudly say I will never step foot into another mattress store ever again!

Very Happy with the mattress

After hours of debating and time wasted in mattress stores, I decided to try out the Aviya. Reasonable price, 100 night trial, I decided to put this mattress on one of my "extra" credit cards and take a chance. Very happy I did. I have suffered back problems for years and while this didn't get rid of them, I do feel like I am getting more support and the pains definitely gotten better since after a few weeks of getting adjusted to the Aviya. Four stars.

Great for the price

For the price, this is definitely a solid mattress. I recommend getting the foundation as well because it is a very nice for the money and I figure it might not be a bad idea just in case I ever have to file a warranty (you don't have to use their foundation to make a warranty claim but it has to be "comparable"...for the price though you probably can't find something comparable, it's very well built foundation). Overall I would reccomend this mattress to those looking to get a higher quality mattress at a reasonable price. There are probably nicer mattresses out there, but you have to spend quite a bit more.

The entire shopping experience was awesome.

Shipping was super easy, showed up in a truck and the delivery drivers were very pleasant. I opted for the white glove delivery which was a little bit more but well worth it as they brought it up to the second floor of my house (it's not easy getting up there as the stairwell is kind of short) and wouldn't even accept a tip! As far as the mattress goes, it's by far the best mattress I've ever had, even though I have paid almost twice this before from those sleazy mattress stores...We went with the "luxury firm" option as my partner prefers a firm bed but i prefer a really plush one. We're happy and I think the "luxury firm" is a great compromise for those looking for something that feels soft but also offers support. We've been sleeping like babies since the Aviya arrived! Highly recommend.

This bed is very comfortable!

This mattress is extremely comfortable. We spent all last year sleeping on a cheaply made mattress and suffered constant back and neck problems. Sleeping on an Aviya mattress has left us with literally no pain (both of us). We had entered the wrong street address for shipping and didn't realize it until the day of delivery...luckily we made a quick call to Aviya, a real person answered, and within a half-hour the mattress was delivered to our correct address. How's that for customer service? We bought the foundation as well, which seems like a great deal considering how heavy it is and that we didn't even have to pay any shipping charges whatsoever. This is a great bargain, we are both very pleased with our purchase and will be buying an Aviya for our guest room next fall.

If you don't know what to get, get this

Online mattress shopping is pretty difficult too, so if you don't know what to get, get this. I look all over and finally just pulled the trigger. It's awesome!

Dorm livin'

Unfortunately I had to get a twin because I'm in a dorm, but that's the only negative thing about this! Couldn't be happier with the mattress.

What's not to love?

A great price and my twins love it. Can't ask for more than making the kiddos happy and not spending too much doing it :)

it's a real mattress only online

This is definitly the real deal mattress. it's not rolled up, it's like a mattress you'd get in a mattress store, except you don't have to go to the store. To me, that's a plus. I'd add an extra star just for that if I could!

Very well constructed

It was delivered to my door in a box (a mattress sized box, not condensed). The top seems to cradle me but I'm still getting support (not just sinking) I haven't slept this well in years! I wanted to take off work the next day.

Fits Us Both

I generally prefer a firm mattress and my partner likes a soft bed. As it turns out, we're both very happy with this mattress. (we got luxury firm, middle option)

Check box spring height!

Mattres is perfect. Only thing I didn't realize is I should have got a 5" box spring not a 9". I put the box spring and mattress on and now my bed is really tall... to the point where it's funny to look at. Anyway, I'll probably switch it our for a 5" box spring and I'll be sleep at normal person heights again.

Better than my Saatva

My first question was "what is the top layer made of" because I swear on my Saatva is made of concrete. lol. I have to pay to return that one (they don't offer free returns) but I got this instead. It's comfy for sure and I got plush just to be sure it wasn't too firm.

The real deal

My friend got one and was talking about it. I just moved to a new apartment after graduating and thought I should get a king bed to treat myself. Very satisfied.

Foam wasn't good, this is

I had this foam mattress I bought on amazon for a month. First few weeks were fine then my back hurt. I've never had back pain. Basically it was a foam piece of crap I was sinking into. Luckily amazon gave me all my money back and I did research to know I needed springs, not just foam in a mattress. Got this one, back pain gone and sleeping well. Really glad I got my money back from my last mattress disaster to get a great one here!

Budget luxury never felt so good

I've been having a hard time pulling the trigger on a new mattress and I didn't want to spend thousands, which I figured it cost. Every one I try and the store and like is that price. So I saw Aviya is suppose to be just as nice but half the cost. Give it a shot, its true. I really am happy sleeping in mine.

Glad I went with Aviya

I ordered a Firm California King mattress from Aviya 2 months ago. My experience with customer service was great, the bed was delivered on time and it was ready to go in 5 minutes upon delivery to my home - which was free. The quilted top is really comfortable and I really like the edge support of this mattress - you can tell that a lot of thought went to the design of this mattress. 2 months and it still feels great!

No more back pain

My old mattress sagged so much and it was less than 5 years old. I needed a replacement that wasn't an arm and a leg since I already tried that. Can't believe how much nicer the Aviya is! I love the feel of the luxury firm - its a perfect medium between plush and firm. So comfy and I dont wake up with back pain anymore

Sleep at last!

I hated my old mattress! Even more so now that I have my Aviya mattress! They don't lie when they say its a good balance between comfort and support - I sleep so much better now

We absolutely LOVE the mattress

We couldn't be happier. We love it!

Comfy and Supportive!

I needed to get a new mattress because my old one started to sag and was really uncomfortable. I did a lot of research about what mattress to get next and it was between the Aviya queen mattress or a Saavta mattress. I decided to go with the Aviya because of the price, longer in home trial and i liked having 3 options. I like a softer bed so I went with the plush - its is super comfy and you definitely feel in the bed  but it is still really supportive and feels great on my back! Really glad I went with the Aviya!

I wanted firm, I got it

i wanted a firm one and ordered the firm. here is the thing, it's firm, as expected, but still comfortable. It's not a "rock".

Amazing price

For how well built it is (you'll know when you get it) it's a super price. I can tell really well constructed and put together, not cheap at all.

Perfect In My Loft

I was suprised free shipping and brought it in my build (I did have an elevator). Perfeft in my NY loft.

My wife sleeps like a queen

I wish we had more room for a king, but a queen had to do it. I could use a little more room (that's not the mattresses fault) although my wife has no problems sticking us both in a queen. Just go bigger if you can!

So happy I ordered!!

To start with I wasn't even sure I needed a new mattress but my son said there is no way my 25 year old mattress was still good. I guess I had just got use to it. This is the best thing I ever bought! Can't believe I waited so long.

Best Queen Mattress

I didn't believe that such a comfortable mattress could be mine for $799 - yet here it is! Great service, great price and amazing mattress! Never slept better!

Supportive and quality

I received the mattress a few weeks ago. I'm a bigger lady and needed support, so I knew innerspring was the direction I needed to go (5'4 225). I tried a few in the store but this seemed to be just as good and half the price, plus I could return it anyway if I didn't like it. It's great. Support meets comfort just as advertised.


I didnt know what to expect with this being my first online mattress purchase, but I am so glad I found the Aviya! It is way better than the last mattress I bought at the local mattress store - and cheaper!

I'm A Happy Sleeper

Laying down at night never felt better!

Online chat good service

Online chat talked to me for 15 mins and answered tons of stuff. Helped me make right decison. I got luxury firm and am happy!

Just a TINY too firm

I'm still giving 4 stars. I'm sleeping great, but the initial feel is just a TINY bit too firm. It'll break in though and be perfect.

My old was a black hole

After my last mattress basically become a black hole with me inside of it after 5 years I got a new Aviya. Sag free so far and feels great.

The Great KING

A perfect king mattress for the price. Couldn't expect anything more!

Great Mattress!

I couldn't believe how nice this mattress is for its price! I would have paid $2000 for a mattress that feels this comfortable!

Wonderful Product

I was at a hotel and reliazed how much more comfortable it was sleeping there than at home so I knew I had to do something. I got the plush and it definitly has that "hotel", sink-into-the-bed feel. Much better :)

Look no further

I did a lot of research and landed here. Trust me, don't waste days of your life like I did! Give Aviya a try.

LOVE this

This mattress exceeded my expectations and my wifes. I bought it, she was skeptical, no she's out like a light. And we are both sleeping better since we have my space in a king.

Sleeping better

I can't say I've ever slept perfect so maybe reviewing mattresses isn't my strong-suite, but I'm sleeping better for sure and its very well constructed. A good product.

Best I've Sleep On

Best one i've ever slept on. I guess I can't say I've tried them all, but I'm more than happy and sleeping great!

I sleep great!

I've had my Aviya California King for 2 weeks now - so far so good! I hope it continue to feels this great for a long time!


OK, finding a mattress has been a pain the a$$. I'm glad I made the right choice... this is the one!

It Will Last

I can tell this will last our kids a long time. I'm going to get another for the guest room, too.

Four (and a half) Stars

Just took a couple weeks to get use to it, but now that I have I'm very happy to picked Aviya.

Best King Mattress!

I ordered my king mattress because we recently moved and felt it was time to upgrade our old mattress. The Aviya King mattress had a great price point, good reviews, and I didn't feel like the other all foam mattresses were going to cut it. 2 months in and I love this mattress! its comfortable, responsive, and I sleep better than ever on it! Thanks Aviya!

Ordering process was smooth

We have had this about 2 weeks and can't complain. Daughter loves it.


A simple, comfortable mattress at a great price.

Kids sleeping like babies (well better, babies don't sleep!)

My 2 kids love thier new mattress! Good for sleeping and apparently jumping on, too.

Incredibly comfortable mattress!

We bought our Aviya California King mattress because the price was incredible and we figured that at the very worst, we could take advantage of the 100 Night Trial. I used the live chat feature to ask questions about delivery and the trial program - the customer service rep was helpful, nice and let me know everything I needed to know. Our mattress arrived on time and was ready for sleep in 5 minutes! We love the feel of the mattress and sleep soundly on it. We ordered the luxury firm - I would say it is a perfect medium - not too hard and not too soft. Its been a month and the mattress still feels great! Thank you Aviya for such a great mattress at such a great price!

I'm a sleeping machine now

I may never get out.

I couldn't say more great things. They sent me WINE

OK, the mattress is awesome. But even better, I had the slightest problem and they sent me a bottle of wine for helping them out. Zappos-like customer service!

I Needed Springs

I had a foam better and felt like I was sinking all the time. Couldn't "move" well in it either... (that's a downside). This is a real mattress, as advertised, and is perfect! Easy shipping, too.

The "firm" is too firm

OK, I did buy the firm (that's why I'm giving 3 stars) but it was too firm. Thinking of switching it out. Maybe it'll break in... they say it takes some time.

Great bed and affordable

Affordability brought me here but now I know its even better because its super comfortable. Highly recommended.


Good mattress. I'm happy.

Set Up Simple, Because You Don't Have To

Set up is simple because there isn't any. It get delivered to your door and pull it out of the box, throw it down. Love it.

Easy Experience and Comfortable

Easiest mattress buying experience ever. GREAT price. Great comfort!

Five Stars

Great customer service and support with an awesome mattress. Was delivered right to my door.

I Like, My Wifes Likes

I'm a back sleeper and the luxury firm is perfect for me. my wife flips all over, so she's on her side a lot and still loves it. It's firm enough to say its supportive, but still comfortable. Good balance.

Should have got one a long time ago...

I had my previous mattress for way too long and was long overdue to get something like this. I should have a LONG TIME AGO. Feels great, sleeping great. Invest in a good night's sleep!

Working Out

I started working out a lot this summer and realized being sore that a good mattress could really help me out. Feeling much better now and waking rested and ready to hit the next day.

3rd Floor Delivery

Great mattress and I have to say, I was impressed that they brought it to me door on the 3rd floor. Great service!


Amazing. My sleepless nights are over.

Sleeping on the edge!

So nice to be able to use the whole mattress and sleep all the way to the edges! No more rolling off... never knew how important that was until I got this.

Good price and durable.

I was looking for the perfect beds for my kids. These ones would be their first real beds and I wanted to get something that would last. They have been sleeping on them for 6 months already and after countless juice spills and jumping on the beds, these things still look brand new. I am happy with the purchase.

Perfect for tall kids

I ordered two of these along with the foundations for my sons. They are both teenagers and are over 6' tall. I ordered the XL hoping that their feet wouldn't be dangling over the end of the bed and these did the trick! Free shipping worked for me because I had them to help bring them upstairs and set them up. I would highly recommend for any family, seriously

Happy wife, happy life!

My wife put me in charge of buying a new mattress. And me being lazy, I figured I would just buy one online lol. There's actually a lot of companies that sell online only, but the reason I chose Aviya is because it was the only one that I could find that used both the old school mattress and new foam in one, there's probably others but they stand behind the product with the 100 night trial period. I chose luxury firm after reading some of the other posts and chatting with customer service. The bed is here and so far so good! and most importantly, wife loves it :)

Jury Still Out

I bought the luxury firm king size selection. Initially I was ok with it and thought it would take a minute to adjust to a new mattress. Well, adjustment didn't happen and have had issues that has resulted in needing to return it - too firm. At this point, I can't say that their customer service isn't any better than my 3 stars - can't get a call back after leaving messages requesting one. We will see how the return process goes.

Just a TINY too firm

I'm still giving 4 stars. I'm sleeping great, but the initial feel is just a TINY bit too firm. It'll break in though and be perfect.

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