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Sommuto Mattress Reviews

Sommuto makes its mattresses in Australia from Australian-made and certified foams. Although this is more expensive than buying from overseas, they still sell their mattresses at budget conscious prices and offer a great deal to customers. They have 2 mattresses in two firmness options. Most customers love their mattresses, but there are some durability concerns long term.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.5/10

Price: $699-$1049

Trial Period: 100 Mornings

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Sommuto's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Sommuto offers 2 mattresses -- the Sommuto and the Sooma mattress. Both of these mattresses feature Australian made foams rather than imported versions. These foams are medium grade overall and should be more durable than lower quality foreign foams.

We'll go through each of the options. The Sommuto mattress features 3 layers of foam. Here are the full details for the Sommuto Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is machine washable and breathable to keep things cool on the surface.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is high grade memory foam that is open cell to facilitate better airflow and eradicate heat. It also helps with pressure point relief and contours gently to the body.

Layer 3: The second layer is high resilience foam that is firmer than the above memory foam, but still helps relieve pressure points and help with airflow with its convoluted surface.

Layer 4: The last comfort layer is high density foam core that supports the entire spine evently and reduces partner disturbance.

Next we'll go through's Sommuto's firmer cousin. Here are the details for the Sooma Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is machine washable and and regulates body temperature so that things don't get too warm.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is high quality memory foam that features open cell technology to allow heat to escape. It also contours around the body to relieve pressure points.

Layer 3: The second layer is high density support foam that cradles the spine and provides a firm feel for the sleeper above.

Overall Comfort

Most customers find the mattresses by Sommuto to be comfortable. There were some that disagreed with the firmness and some that felt that the mattress was warmer than expected.


See the above firmness chart. The Sommuto mattress is best for those that have lighter body sizes or are side sleepers. For those that are stomach sleepers or heavier in body size, the Sooma mattress may be better for you due to the firmness rating.

Back Pain Relief

There were some positive reviews from customers that found the Sommuto mattresses helped with their back pain. Make sure to select the right firmness of mattress for your sleeping position and body type.


Many did not mention any problems with heat retention. However, based on the foams used, this mattress may sleep warm for some sleepers. If your bedroom gets warm during the summer months, your risk of heat retention increases as well.

Who Are These Mattresses Best For?

Sommuto's mattresses are very budget friendly while featuring foams that are higher quality than foreign competitors. If you are on a budget, don't get warm at night, and desire a foam mattress, a Sommuto mattress may be a good choice for you.

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So far so good...

Overall, I am very impressed with this mattress. 1) As per most of these styles of mattresses, the zero disturbance from your partner has been great and both my wife and I are sleeping better. 2) The biggest concern I had was sleeping hot...a lot of reviews for other brands mention this as a negative and having used a memory foam topper this was a non negotiable. I slept terribly on the memory foam topper but this mattress is very neutral to sleep on. Not exactly cool but definitely not overly warm. 3) Firmness is higher than expected but not uncomfortably so. As a side sleeper, I notice any pressure. This mattress is at a nice balance of firm and comfortable. Overall, I rate this mattress highly and only factor will be longevity but at this point in time its a bit soon.

Still getting used to it,

Still getting used to it, but so far so good. Great company to deal with. Received it in country area of South Australia within 2days.

Best EVER!

Great mattress staight out of the box! But we felt it was just a little bit too firm for us after the first week, so we just put a 8mm visco memory foam topper on it and it is now absolutely the best night sleep ever! Thank you Sommuto!

Super happy

What a great bed. My husband and I are so happy with the new bed. It’s firm but the memory foam holds and supports the body.



Somuto mattress

I have had this mattress for a couple of weeks and we are very happy with it. My husband and I no longer disturb each other getting out of bed in the middle of the night. I/we recommend this mattress to anybody who is thinking of buying one. Cheers

Sleeping well

Sleeping well finally thanks great mattress

Incredible Service

We had some troubles with our delivery but the sommuto staff were always more than happy to help. Excellent mattress and pillows, we are enjoying peaceful nights sleep.

My second Sommuto mattess

This is my second Sommuto mattress, as I wanted to upgrade to a king size. My original queen is now being used in the spare room. Absolutely love this mattress

Love it

Absolutely love this mattress, great support and the edges don’t collapse like other foam brands.

Its good

Its good

Love my Sommuto mattress

Buying Sommuto was my husband’s idea and I was a little worried about this different style of mattress, but from the very first night I have loved it. I feel fully supported (I have always liked a harder mattress) but the nestled in feeling is beautiful. We don’t feel each other move around and our shoulders and hips (side sleepers) don’t hurt anymore. Best decision; good one, hubby!

Good mattress

No bouncy. No more back pain. Very good

Excellent choice

A good nights sleep

It feels like sleeping on

It feels like sleeping on a cloud.

Best pillow I've ever used.

Best pillow I've ever used.


We have slept on our Sooma (Med-firm) mattress for 2 weeks now. It has taken a bit to get used to as we have had a soft inner spring for many years. We found the ‘cosiness’ Level not great so have added a mattress topper which has made a big difference and now sleeping well. One big positive is there is almost no partner movement disturbance which is a huge improvement!

Great pillows

Great pillows


Personally I don't enjoy these pillows. They aren't high enough for me. We got them free when we bought our mattress and are using them on the guest bed.

Memory Foam Pillows

The pillows are the right "consistency", but I feel that they are a little "low" for my likeing. I have gone back to a firmer latex pillow that is a little higher for my head angle. I do use the memory foam pillows when I need something "different" .

Quick delivery

Quick delivery

Reviewed again after 10 months

OK, so my mattress was delivered in Jan 2017- I have to say that this was one of the best buys I've made. I still love getting into bed, and find it as comfortable as the day it was delivered- maybe more-so. The sleeping temperature (having been through a summer and winter) is fabulous. It warms up nicely in winter, and summer is not an issue. It far surpasses that luxurious feeling of a top hotel mattress, and is a pleasure. Cant recommend it enough, and happy to do so personally. So really the question is not am I happy with it, but with the benefit of hindsight would I change my purchase or do it differently... when this finally wears out, there is no question that I would replace with the same again.

Very well made

Great service,prompt delivery and excellent packaging.Very easy to 'install'. Extremely comfortable and l will recommend,5 stars! Thank you Sommuto.

Best mattress i've ever had!

My partner and I sleep separately due to the way I sleep (thrasher!) as any movement i made work him up. I'd bought toppers for my bed, etc etc trying to make my mattress comfortable. Since getting this mattress, i have slept like a baby and that cozy feeling in the morning when I wake up is like nothing i've experienced! Also, for those who like to sit up and read in bed, your bum sinks nicely into the mattress and supports you while you read... was NOT expecting that. It's comfortable, cozy, everything... i've even been waking up with my pillows thrown off the bed and the mattress alone being so perfectly comfortable. Don't hesitate, get one. You'll love it!

Mint Mattress!

Thank you for the new mattress. One week on and I haven't slept better! Super quick delivery time and easy to set-up. I can no longer feel Bobby the cat jumping on the mattress to awake me from my slumber at 5am. Excellent product.


We took delivery of our King Size Sommuto mattress with some trepidation. It looked so different to our old one. The first two nights did not impress us. It just did not feel "right". We decided to stay with it and give it a longer trial. After about 8 days we were sleeping soundly. We have been sleeping on this mattress every night for the last 7 months. We love it. It has spoilt us for travelling and sleeping on different mattresses. We have recommeded SOMMUTO TO FRIENDS AND RELATIVES. One of our daughters has recently purchased a Sommuto. The company was great to deal with. Ten out of 10 for comfort.

Very Pleased

As expected due to a recommendation from a good friend we have had great nights sleeps on our mattress. I have always struggled with sleep and right at the moment this mattress seems to be my answer!


We actually don't have one of these yet but spent a week at a friends house recently and had to ask what the mattress was in their spare room as we loved it so much. We are off travelling now for 12 months but this mattress is the first thing on our list to buy when we settle back down somewhere!

Best sleep in years

When the mattress arrived I was thinking what is this thin rubbish I purchased and then bam, removed plastic cover and it expanded amazingly. I have had serious sleep issues since my wife passed last year and been relying on medication to help me sleep. Since my new Summoto arrived I am sleeping so much better, it is comfortable and amazingly supportive. I couldn't recommend it any more if I tried, I looked st so many in store mattresses but nothing came close to this and in store mattresses can be 5 times the price. Best thing I have purchased ever!!

4 or 5 months sleeping on our Sommuto

We have had our mattress for a while now and we genuinely love it. Both my wife and myself have never slept better. We both were getting some slight lower back pain on our old mattress so knew it was time to change. Have never looked back since this mattress arrived. We have been recommending it to many of our friends.

Super impressed

I have an airbnb and needed to replace our queen size mattress that we were getting some negative feedback on. We replaced it with the sommuto mattress. I tried the first few nights to check the comfort and it was heaps better than I was expecting for the price. We've had it in our airbnb for about three weeks now and so far feedback has been great. Mostly people have been really positive about how comfortable it is. Not too hard but also firm enough to support your back. We'll definitely be looking at sommuto when we have to replace our kids beds.

I can now toss and turn without waking my partner up!

My partner and I are both light sleepers and every time one of us moved around during the night on our old spring mattress, one of us always woke up. Tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep was a nightmare so we decided to ditch the springs and buy a king Sommuto purely because it was 100% foam with no springs. The first night we both slept on it neither of us woke up until the sun came through the window! The mattress is absolutely amazing and the memory foam is only one of the great features. If you have a worn, spring mattress, it's time to upgrade, you will not be disappointed!

Quality in a box

Got the mattress. Opened it and pretty much went to sleep straight away. Have slept well every night since so you've got a customer for life here!

Great nights sleep

Unboxing and placement was easy, it was lighter than we had imagined. The bed is so comfortable, giving us a great nights sleep, no aches and pains in the hips so far.

All Australian product, impressive quality in so many ways, awesome to sleep on!

We had appreciated a very good solid foam mattress for 25 years which we decided would be our comfortable bed when visiting a friend in the nearby Barossa - SO an excuse for a new mattress & I began my homework! Sommuto stood out over the other 'boxed' mattresses, all with similar guarantees & money back offers. Solid foam had served us well so looking for something in that range (but not Latex, too hot friends told us) - very impressed by the cross section view of layers & all Australian components. So our decision was made - helped by the very friendly service on the phone. Unboxing was fun, especially shared with little neighbours - box not as it looked in video, that was bit confusing but we had help & coped! No odour at all, and it looked SO impressive. As I had hip problems at time of new mattress arrival I took a week to be convinced BUT since physio sorted that problem I have been a VERY, VERY contented Sommuto sleeper & that's six months ago. That's saying something as a Fibromyalgia sufferer for 20 years - need a mattress that is supportive but not uncomfortably firm. I now sleep soundly for at least 8 hours every night, if I haven't asked to be woken earlier - I don't hear our dogs, thunder, noisy neighbours etc! My husband has always been a lighter sleeper but settles more quickly now than he used to, if he's disturbed. Our old dogs LOVE the bed - NOT when I need my sleep!!!! But they happily enjoy the comfort during my husband's Siesta or at many other times during their day! We are ALL agreed that our change to Sommuto has been an excellent decision & GREAT value, in so many ways!

For our daughter

We bought this mattress for our daughter. As per an increasing number of people we were sick and tired of buying mattresses the normal way! We did it recently for ourselves and didn't want to go through the hassle again for our daughters mattress so we looked online! There are a few companies out there and we went with Sommuto even though the price was higher then some. For us that was a sign of a better quality product. Turns out we were right. Our daughter loves it. We will be getting one for our son in the coming months and might even find an excuse to upgrade our mattress soon as well!


I have been sleeping brilliantly since I have had this mattress. I have been looked after brilliantly from the moment I jumped on the site to ask some questions. More then happy to recommend this mattress to everyone I know. It may not suit everyone but it absolutely suits me.

My Experience

OK, Im not going into the invoking experience, as that is not an important part of this to me. I have been looking to get a new mattress for some time. My partner is quite slight and lying on the old Posturepedic was causing her to wake with aches and pains. I looked at several in store mattresses and basically gave up very frustrated. That was the start of a search for a mattress in a box. I read review after review for what seemed like weeks. I read comparisons with the Koala, the Greywing and the Ecosa. Frankly the name of this one put me off without looking any further- [as a Chinese import] . I called the 3 previously mentioned to ask if they could give me a comparison to a shop stocked mattress so that I could get one idea of what theirs would feel like. After about 3 weeks of waiting I gave up. The phone staff had no answers and putting it bluntly couldn't be bothered. I gave up the search and came back to the Sleeping Duck and Sommuto. As mentioned, I actually thought that the Sommuto was Chinese until I read about ti and found it to be one the most Australian brands possible - right down to the box! With that I contacted them and asked my question. Not only did they listen to my question, but they had an answer. So off we went to H.N and tried the Tempur Cloud series. This was described as "being similar"- so I ordered a King size mattress. Delivery was made after about 10 days. Do not be fooled, this thing is heavy- very heavy. I am on a second floor with a flight of stairs and it was a struggle. Mattress in place and plastic cut it did unroll and start to 'puff up'. Although it seems a few minutes, the thing got thicker for some hours. Incidentally, unrolled, it is easier to move around than in the box. There was very light odour, but nothing like the commercially available ones from shops. First night was a different sleep to our old bed. The Sommuto is firm, but very comfortable. Now having used it for almost a week, I can say the following. It is not the cheapest out there, in fact it is at the upper end of the foam style "mattress in box" scale. The service level from Sommuto is personal and high-- very high. The delivery is a bit longer than a day like some of the others, but in my opinion it is a wait worth while (allow 10 days to Perth). The quality of the item is good and the changeable cover I see as a good thing should it wear and require replacement. Comfort is very good, but please understand, everyone is different and selecting a mattress is very subjective decision. There is no such thing as "one type suits all". If you hear it, you can be sure that the sales person has no clue. For us this mattress has been a great buy. The question should be "Would you do it again?" My answer is yes. With the clarity of hindsight I would buy this again with out regret. My details for confirmation are available upon request.

Highly Recommended!

l have multiple major reconstructions through motorcycle accidents everyone stationary at a red light ? Sleep is difficult until sommutomattress arrived which has doubled my sleep times instantly anyone out there with sleep deprived injuries best advise grab @ sommuto u won't be disappointed in charge l'd scrap da 100 night trial for all those scammers l use to sleep on wooden floor boards high density foam waterbeds air etc: u pay 4 what u get this matteres so is worth more & then some 10 year warranty says it all l have 2 bamboo waterproof covers on a wooden slats frame for airflow can't go wrong 3 construction phases excellent result choice quality durable the best thing l have ever bought l highly recommend this product

Like sleeping on a cloud

Delivery was fast, very easy to unpack, ready to sleep on straight away. Most comfortable mattress ever owned and for this style of mattress doesn't make you feel hot, definitely would recommend to friends and family.

Mattress review

I absolutely love it i have had a sore hip for months didnt think it could of been my old mattress. Now pain has gone should of tried sommuto sooner. Not good on change as i am in my 80's recommend to older people very highly.

Hard to say less than perfect

I was struggling with restless sleep and often waking with a sore back in the morning with our old mattress. I had never had back problems or soreness previously with the same old mattress but decided we need to change. I have not had a sore back since purchasing our Summuto and I now sleep soundly through the times a little too much so.

Fresh, light weight, easy to lift and move, soft to feel but firm to lie on

It unboxed itself really, but I carried it in without help and it sprang out onto the bed frame from its polythene bag. Lucky you supply the tool so as not to damage it. The box was very battered and torn when the mattress arrived, but it was intact Big improvement on old mattress which was only 6 months old but too heavy for me to lift so I could not tuck the sheets under it


We have had our mattress for several weeks now and are loving it. My husband and I have a different view of mattress comfort, he prefers firm I prefer soft. This mattress caters to both of our preferences. We love it!

Comfort with support

This is our second Sommuto mattress. We have been sleeping on one for a while so we bought one for the bed in our guest room. We have found it extremely comfortable with very good support. Our dog likes it too. We were a little disappointed that this one came in an ordinary carton instead of the fancy shaped one that our first one came in.

Easy to love, great product, happy with purchase

Have been sleeping on this for 3 weeks now and it's been very comfy. Nice and cool, just the right firmness. Our bed hasn't come yet, so we have this mattress on the floor, but it's still very comfy. Great price, great customer service, and just all around easy.

Very comfortable and cool

I was a bit sceptical at first having trialled a very expensive Tempur mattress in the past but we thought with a 100 night trial we have nothing to lose in trying it. We had spent $3000 on a sprung mattress recently and it became noisy and lumpy after 18months so we didn't want to waste more money. We ordered the mattress and it arrived in a few days. We found it very comfortable and surprised how cool it was. My wife is very wakeful but with this mattress, I don't notice her moving around and remain asleep. Very pleased indeed with the mattress and will never go back to a sprung one again.

Perfect to sleep.

I am recommending Sommuto to everyone who is looking to buy a mattress. I did enjoy unpacking it, and it unfurled just like the jack-in-the-box I expected. But most of all, the mattress, with its layers, gives me the much needed support for my spinal injury (car accident), while the softer upper layer prevents sore joints. I would never ever ever ever sleep on anything else again. I have my 8 hours of sleep back, which I didn't get for almost 2 decades after the accident. I can thank the Sommuto mattress for all the newly found energy for getting into the garden again, going bushwalking with hubby (in January I finally walked to the Tasman monument on the top of Forestier Peninsula where in 1642 Abel Tasman landed. I wouldn't have had the energy to do that even a year ago.) Go Sommuto! Cheerio from Tassie -Marlies

Nearly a year and still in love.

Every night it's still a pleasure as I get into bed. So comfy and welcoming. Mattress has been fantastic through summer as well as cooler months. I highly recommend Sommuto.

Best nights sleep in a long time

Totally recommend, but definitely better on a sprung rather than slat base.


I purchased a single and double mattress for my two teenagers and they both love their new mattress. I too will purchase a king size for myself in the near future.

Loving it!

We were wondering whether we received the right mattress, as it was not boxed as per the website. However, once that was established, it was evident right from the first lie down that this was going to be a welcome purchase. As we only use this mattress intermittently (due to travelling between 2 states of Australia), I am hoping that the first impressions last - even though I really have no doubts. If so, I would not hesitate to buy a second mattress for the spare room. I can certainly recommend this mattress and would say that, even though we only have slept on it for a week or so in total so far, I am already looking forward to getting back to it! :-)

Comfort without the ridiculous cost

I've had a Summuto since August last year and its been awesome. Perfectly balances the line between super soft comfort and good support.

Super comfy

Super comfortable mattress. Great customer service too. Was worried it might be too soft but it's perfect and was from day one - no gettibg used to it period at all. Was also worried that it might be too hot, but it is only very slightly warmer than my older innerspring.

Best value, most comfortable mattress we have ever bought

We love the mattress, we have recommended to friends and they have already bought one. Great that the cover is washable. Love the fact that when I get up or move around i don't disturb my partner. We will replace all our mattresses over time.

Great Mattress

I would recommend this mattress as it is very comfortable. I received as much information as I needed prior to purchase. I asked lots of questions so I was pleased that I could do this research before purchasing. The service was great and the mattress very good. I love being able to use standard size sheets!!!

Great comfort, supportive

This is our first latex mattress and won't be the last, a bonus was it came in a box and we were able to get it up our awkward stair case with ease. Probably the sales experience was pleasurable, I work away a lot (half the year) so my wife has to source items for the house, so we went around numerous mattress shops upon my return and the last thing I wish to do is such for a mattress, and I dislike pushy sales people or they have zero knowledge or passion for what they are selling. Sommuto Brisbane CBD was different, very easy, very simple, clean, non pushy, informative, we laid down, asked questions, observed my wife smiling, she said yes, I agreed, 15 minutes later, we were the proud owners of a king size mattress, it was delivered that evening. Great sales manager. A strength sommuto should embrace. We also do let out puppy sleep on the bed, hence the King size bed, she's spoilt.

Best mattress I have ever slept on.

I just hoped the mattress was as good as the reviews and it certainly was. Everyone in the family fights to sleep on it it's that comfortable. Believe what you read because this mattress is amazing and so well priced plus you can pay it off �😊

Extremely comfortable

My wife and I wanted 2 different mattresses. I wanted a firmer mattress with great back support and my wife wanted a light fluffy mattress as if she was sleeping on a cloud. We both got what we wanted! Amazingly, this Sommuto mattress gives awesome back and full body support yet you also feel as if you're sleeping on a cloud. That is how comfortable it is. My wife and I have been extremely impressed with our mattress and highly recommend Summuto. We also found that the customer support was fantastic.

Perfect comfort level

I love sleep, this mattress makes me love it more.

Soft but very supportive

Mattress unfolds quickly and is ready to go with no "production" odor. Keeps it's shape very well and is so much nicer than sleeping on springs. .


Can't say a huge amount really other then I love it. Sleeping really well and always looking forward to going to bed! Great service all round.


Thanks Sommuto. Couldn't be happier. Great service great mattress. Happy to buy online any time after this experience.

A cloud of sleep!

We ordered this mattress with trepidation - I mean, who seriously buys a mattress without testing it out first...? No, wait, I remember, the last 4 mattresses I have tried in store have lead to terrible sleeps and a sore back - oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound, why not test out this mattress that actually offers to refund, in full, no questions asked if we don't like it.... Geez, it must be great! YES, YES INDEED - BEST MATTRESS I HAVE EVER SLEPT ON! The sommuto was so soft to sit on, yet hugs me when I lie down. I suffer with a bad back and after a week of sleeping on my sommuto, I woke up daily feeling refreshed and pain free. I really do feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. 3 months on, I still love my sommuto, my Husband is a lot larger than I, and when he comes to bed late, I don't even feel him get into bed. I wake up every morning feeling fantastic after a solid 7 - 8hrs sleep. All I want now is them to make a pillow (please!!). Thanks sommuto for literally changing my sleep... PS: If anyone thinks this is a paid review they are wrong, I just totally LOVE this mattress. I'll be ordering one for my 7yr old when he needs a replacement!

Very comfortable sleep

Very comfortable sleep . Matresse is good quality compared to other online companies. I would happily recommend this product


From the minute i tried it out in store i knew i would love it. Got it home unboxed and lied down happily!! 4 weeks on or there abouts and my wife and i couldn't be happier. Highly recommend.

The Summuto claims are all true!

The comfort this mattress delivers is amazing, it is so soft but also very supportive. It's like sleeping on a cloud. It is not hot to sleep on and neither is it excessively heavy, both common issues with foam & latex constructed mattresses. Our previous latex mattress (Making Matress brand) was really heavy as are many of the other mattress in a box competitors. The Summuto's simple layer design using very good quality materials just works brilliantly. if everyone knew how good this product was every other matress store selling products for 4x the price would go bust. Highly, highly recommended.

Best Mattress in The WORLD

Unboxing was easy, did it on my own. Was concerned about smell, there was NO smell. Made it. Slept in it. Seriously the best night's sleep in a long time. We forget how important sleep is until we get a good night of it. If you aren't sleeping on a sommuto you are missing out on life! Best nights sleep, best service, best price. Best everything. #sommuto4lyf

Best Mattress EVER!

I ordered the sommuto after my Husband and I getting sore backs on our old mattress, after a couple of days on our sommuto we both felt fresh and revived! It's been hot here in Perth, however I haven't noticed sleeping hotter than usual at this time of the year. The big test will be in a month or two! Give it a go, we did and will never go back!


The mattress was easily unboxed and sprung up instantly. It took a little getting used to, as it is soft but firm (confusing I know), but I now love it! My husband is still getting used to it, but he regularly loses his spot to our 5 year old, who loves the sommuto! Think I see another purchase in the future for the 5year old!

Not for me but 5 star service

I bought a summuto after comparing the various mattress in a box brands. To me, sommuto seemed the best quality and most reliable. I am glad I chose sommuto. The mattress wasn't for me, as both my partner and I are extremely hot sleepers. I called sommuto to arrange a return after two months. The service was excellent. I had no difficulties in getting a full refund. My mattress was collected by a local charity and will furnish a home for a family in need. I have given a five star rating not because I loved the mattress - but because the service met the promise.

Better than I thought

I went to the showroom in Alexandria to test. My initial thoughts were that the mattress was too soft. I still bought it anyway knowing that I could trial it for 100 days and return. They had 1 queen size mattress in stock so I took it home straightaway. It took 2 nights to adjust to the new mattress. After 2 days the mattress felt perfectly normal. I have tried pillow-top mattresses and memory foam in the past. I find them too hot. The Sommuto is comfortable in terms of its warmth. It is now 3 weeks after sleeping on the mattress and I have not experienced any lower back pain when sleeping on my back. My previous mattress use to also cause numbness in my hands when I slept on my side. All gone now. I would definitely recommend trialling the Sommuto mattress if you are still not comfortable with you old mattress. Oh and the wife is not complaining either.

The Summuto single mattress.

Easy to unbox & did not experience any difficulty. The mattress is absolutely fantastic to sleep on & my back pain has been reduced to a more tolerable level. I have no hesitation in recommending this mattress for a very restful sleep.Thank you staff member Brendan for being so courteous & obliging.

Sleep in Australia

I tend to research before buying and I love buying Australian products actually made here. There was a stuff up with delivery (the courier not sommuto) yet found their customer service genuine and personal and the issue was resolved. I've never had a mattress MAKE me take notice of how great it feels. Sommuto has done that from day one and I now ALWAYS look forward to going to bed or sleep. The mattress is insanely comfortable!! Soft yet supportive in any position. I kid you not, just sitting on it brings a smile to your face. I find myself asleep within minutes, never wake to roll over with that "gotta move feeling" and wake refreshed. Seriously great quality for a great price! I bought it untested and never looked back!

Sensational mattress at a very competitive price

We bought a king Sommuto mattress a few weeks ago. I was nervous about buying a mattress online but figured I really couldn't go wrong with the 100 nights guarantee. It's a fabulous mattress - before I bought it I thought I liked a soft mattress and my husband preferred firm - and somehow the Sommuto manages to be both ... it's soft but very supportive. Fantastic from day 1. I tried a super expensive mattress (6 times the cost!) just for fun and I really can't see why you'd buy it instead of a Sommuto. The customer service experience was really good too, this is a great Australian company with a product that's sure to disrupt the mattress industry.

Lived up to every expectation

I am completely satisfied with my Sommuto experience. The level of comfort is better that I could have wished for abc my sore morning back issue has complete disappeared. I rarely feel the need to promote a product on social media but this is a stand out product from a fantastic company. The old fashioned customer service is a credit to the team and the fact that it's made in Australia and ethically made this the obvious choice for me. Congratulations Sommuto, expect more orders soon, your product is A+!

Soft but supportive

Sad to say, I did NOT enjoy unpacking my mattress! Our experience was not like the one portrayed on the website! We were looking for the decorative hexagonal box UNDER the plastic wrapping inside our white, rectangular delivery box, only to have the whole mattress pop out - and into the corridor OUTSIDE of our apartment! We managed to get it into place however and have enjoyed sleeping on it ever since. I have already recommended it to friends

Comfortably moulds to my body

The mattress was easy to unbox when instructions are followed closely. I noticed the immediate sleep comfort from the first night and have been enjoying a better sleep now for a month. My wife sleeps on her back and finds it more comfortable than our old conventional mattress.

Great Balance of Pressure Relief & Comfort

I am writing to tell you that the Sommuto mattress is absolutely great. I am a C5 Quadriplegic and I sleep for 9-10 hours on my back every night. Once I am in bed I can’t turn or roll, I just have to stay in the one position all night. I have been sleeping on my back every night now for approx. 2-3 weeks and so far I have had no problems with any redness on any of the pressure points on my backside, heals or shoulder blades. As soon as a Carer comes into work in the morning I get them to roll me onto my stomach and check for any pressure areas, and so far there has been no redness on any of the pressure points where I have been laying all night. I only weigh approximately 50-55kg’s and I have to be very careful about getting pressure sores, but the Summuto mattress seems to be working well and giving me the right amount of pressure relief when I am in bed asleep. Pressure sores are a big problem among people who are disabled or bedfast and finding a mattress that delivers good pressure relief and is nice and comfortable is not easy. There are companies that specialise in making alternating air cell mattresses and other pressure relieving mattresses, but these are only available in single bed sizes. The beauty about your Sommuto mattresses is that they come in all different sizes, from a single bed right up to the king size. People working in the disability sector seem to forget or overlook the fact that a lot of disabled people are married and want to be able to sleep comfortably with their husbands or wives, which is extremely important. My fiancé has slept on my Sommuto mattress and she is really excited about us having such a comfortable mattress, which gives me the right amount of pressure relief, for us to sleep on together when we are married. I am not sure if the Sommuto would work as good for other people as it does for me, but I think that it is certainly worth giving it a trial. We are very happy with it.

Comforting and Supportive Sleep Partner.

I am pinching myself right now! My new Sommuto mattress is by far the best sleeping companion I have ever had. There is so much quality and value packed into the Sommuto box, it is like a Genie when it unfurls into a full size bed, granting the wish of a good nights sleep, every night. I have owned a few different beds over the years, but did not realise what good sleep was until I slept on this mattress. The sales team at Sommuto are friendly and responsive. A Sommuto mattress represents excellent value for money especially with the interest free payment option. This is a superior product which I would recommend to anyone seeking a new bed.

Absolutely wonderful every night

Who would have thought buying a mattress on the internet would be so simple and so successful. I suffer from fibromyalgia and my old spring mattress was making it even harder to sleep. The Sommuto mattress supports my body but also cocoons my body and allows my body to lay in a position comfortably. The added big bonus of the guarantee is wonderful but I don't think I'll be using it.

Completely amazing !!!!!

I am completely in love with my mattress. I have quite a lot of joint pain and usually wake up in more pain than when I went to bed, however this mattress relieves all the pressure points and I'm sleeping so much better. I would recommend this mattress to anyone and everyone! !!!

Blissful dreams

Absolutely love this mattress ! As a FIFO worker and working shifts I usually have a hard time of returning to a normal sleeping pattern but not so on the Sommuto ! When I do awake during the night ,I'm quick to return back to a blissful dreamlike state ! And I never used to remember dreaming but now I do ! It's so completely enveloping In a comforting ,snugly way and I'm only sorry I hadn't heard of the Sommuto years earlier ! I also have had a bad lower back after having seven kids and couldn't ever lay flat but on this mattress I honestly can ,pain free ! Love ,love ,love it ! The customer service is also exemplary and the entire experience from the purchasing to the delivery ,outstanding !

Excellent mattress for the price

Great mattress. Very comfortable. Easy to unpack. Great process to buy from website through to delivery. Looking forward to sleeping on it for many years to come!

Like sleeping on a cloud!

I bought this mattress for my daughter as she was always complaining about her very expensive department store bought pillowtop mattress and now she tells me she's sleeping on a cloud. Now she wakes up happy and rested and she's a teenager!


We own a furniture business and we would stock this mattress in a heatbeat. Great comfort for both of us and the 3 dogs all love it as well. Best mattress we have had and we cant buy anything even from our wholesalers for such value. We are over the moon.

No more pressure point pain

I had to change mattresses but did not want another coil mattress with puffy uneven pillow tops that dig in to all the wrong places and cause pain . I wanted a flat mattress that supported my body. I'm a side sleeper but not by choice, I have an umbilical hernia and weak core after 4 children which causes lower back pain when I sleep on my back..... But I've slept on my back on and off with this mattress and I've had minimal pain . I have also noticed that my hips do not hurt when I sleep on my side either . It's still early days but I'm very impressed , I decided on this mattress because the evo foam had me interested and the approval by the National Asthma Council Australia was a big draw card and not something I noticed on any of the other online mattress websites. If things continue as they have I will be buying a single mattress for my 2 yr old son who is ready to fly the cot. I would recommend this mattress to anyone who suffers from lower back or hip pain as it has definitely helped me . Happy snoozing!


It was great openning the mattress.We got it on video.One of the dogs was really excited too!

Very comfortable

Takes a little bit of time to get used to the mattress but now loving it - great balance between comfort & support

Very pleasant surprise

Seeing a box with a mattress compressed inside I expected it to be soft. After the fun experience of "releasing" the mattress out of the box and seeing it spring out onto the bed I still felt it was going to be too soft. But my first sleep on this mattress proved me wrong. It was softish but still very supportive and more importantly comfortable. Every nights sleep just gets better. Had previously an expensive latex mattress which was very comfortable and have been pleasantly surprised to find this Sommuto is, in my opinion, even better than my old latex mattress and a lot more affordable. Would sure recommend this Australian made mattress and Australian owned company to anyone.



Sommuto Mattress

If you enjoy a snuggly bed then this is it. Firm enough to lie on, this mattress definitely takes the spring out of your sleep. I bought with sciatica and back problems. The Sommuto was not the "fix-it", but even so, continually gives a good nights sleep. Recommended.

I get excited to go to bed.

I read every review of beds in boxes, did spreadsheets on costs benefits and went to all the bedding shops and tried all the different types of mattresses. I am very happy with my purchase and quality of sleep...

Fantastic Purchase

I've had back pain for years and since purchasing this mattress it's improved out of sight. My other concerns were overheating as I previously had a latex that I paid way to much for and this is no longer a problem either. I've never been a huge fan of online shopping but these guys put my mind at ease with great customer service, quick delivery and what's to not like about that guarantee! Very happy customer!!

So far so good

Had the mattress for a couple of weeks now. So far so good! I purchased a slightly cheaper online mattress and it gave me lower back pain and was a little too firm. The Sommuto has relieved my back pain and I sleep really well with it. I'm a very wrestlers sleeper and for a couple hundred dollars more the Sommuto is well worth it for a better nights sleep

Very happy with the mattress

As I have some hip pain, I found that the top foam layer helped to reduce the pain considerably. We bought two single mattresses, the first one we opened at the front door, then realised it was much easier to take the mattress still with the plastic covering into the bedroom! Wouldn't go back to innerspring now. It was very important to us that it was made in Australia.

Minimal disturbance

My partner and I received a great sleep, partner disturbance was minimal.


This mattress has just the right amount of give and support. Wherever I turn it accommodates me comfortably so I can forget about it and go to sleep.


After only the first night being a bit iffy, as expected, it has been incredible! I can't believe how absolutely luxurious it feels. I have a back problem so I look forward to being horizontal every now and then. Also, my hot water bottle is almost redundant! I will certainly spread the word about this wonderful mattress. I can't thank you enough Sommuto!

Imagine sleeping on a cloud

I needed to buy a new mattress after putting up with an old one for 20 years. This mattress was incredible soft and I feel warm and comfortable sleeping on it. I loved it so much a bought my daughter one too.

So comfortable!

Unfortunately we were still awaiting a bed frame, but couldn't wait to use the mattress, so set it up on the floor. Very easy, and it took shape very quickly! I like a softer mattress, husband prefers firmer, but we both love the Sommuto. It was lovely to be able to get comfortable when I had awful aches with a bad cold recently.


The guarantee was impressive then ease of purchase. Delivery to the country was only three days. The greatest bit was the comfort. Very impressed! Australian made too! Andy


Well after 10 nights sleeping on my Sommuto mattress I must say I am very impressed. Gone are the mornings of waking up with pins and needles in my arms that I used to experience with my old inner spring mattress. I am having long uninterrupted sleep with this mattress and it has made my recovery from recent shoulder surgery no much easier. It does take a little time to get used to after sleeping on an inner spring mattress, but after a week it all falls into place. A big thank you to Mal and Brendan and all the team at Sommuto for their help and information which enabled me to make the decision to purchase their wonderful product over other simular mattress's in the marketplace. Being Australian Made was a major factor in my decision as opposed to almost all the other mattress's being made in China. The high quality of all the materials used it it's construction, and once again all Australian Made to the highest quality and safety made my decision ultimately a "No Brainer" !. The combination of Soft Comfort combined with Incredible Support really does make old, conventional inner spring mattress's seen last century technology. I highly recommend the Sommuto Mattress for anyone looking for the best of todays technology and comfort in an Affordable High Quality Australian Made and Produced Product... Hugh Hornsby.


All good. I like my new mattress. I think sleeping on this kind of mattress is an acquired taste. Luckily, my taste buds work perfectly!

Sweet relief

I was so excited to unbox my mattress I made the mistake of doing so down stairs and on my own. It was no fun task to get the soft flexible beauty up the stairs but collapsing on it at the end was like sweet relief. I am a shift worker and work in a phsycial job as a nurse manager and this mattress is what I look forward to most about coming home from work! I found it firm at first but once my body sunk in it just felt perfect and so supportive of all my sore spots! I highly recommend and the delivery and support post purchase has been nothing but 5 star! Thank you sommuto!!!

A revelation

we do go from side to side or back during sleep . I think Alan does because he dreams a lot. We were impressed by a review that stated how easy tucking in sheets had become. We had the struggle with a comfortable mattress that was really much too heavy at our age (only our age?). The Sommuto satisfies both comfort and weight issues. We are very satisfied and will have no problem recommending your mattress to anyone else, and are looking forward to many happy sleeps.Thank you for forethought, prompt delivery,and the fun of trying to stop the mattress unrolling too soon!!!

Just love it

4 nights with my new matress. It gets better every night. I can not believe how differently I feel in the morning. I Just love it


Wow... What do I say. Was a little dubious about buying a mattress on line. I was so wrong. The process from start to finish was incredibly easy. Now to start on the mattress. Unbelievable!!! First night I thought mmmmm good second night was great... From then on, it just got better. I've never had such a good nights sleep. It is so good to wake up with no back pain. Thank you Sommuto. The only pain I now have is I think I have to buy another for the spare room!!!

Best investment I ever made

Well ... it's true! Give it 4 nights, and a miracle happens! After 2 decades (!) no back pain (fractured spine from car accident); no hip pain (getting on a bit), no painful stiffness in my legs when getting up first thing - I don't know myself. I still wake up a couple of times during the night, but that's a routine that will slowly change, too. I should have had a Sommuto in 1995, when I had that dastardly accident - but it's never too late. Short story: My father, may he rest in peace, was one of the founding members of DeSede, a prestigious Swiss leather furniture company. He was in charge of the timber frames, and experimented with many things, including foams, combining different densities, etc. Of course, no memory foam back then, but still, our family ended up with beds made from foam blocks of different densities - hard on the inside, 'just right' soft on the outside - all upholstered in leather, (of course!) - best sleep ever. When I emigrated from Europe, I found that 'springs' were the go - yeiks - not happy sleep Jan. And when I got that bad flu and chest infection in June of this year, I realized that I needed a new mattress, and I said to hubby 'I know what type of mattress I want, the question is, can I get it in Australia', and I described a layered foam mattress, and was about to embark upon my odyssee of finding one, and the first one I stumbled over was Sommuto, and the chat opened before I even had a chance to look at it properly. So there you go - circles kinda always close. Best investment I ever made!

Extremely comfortable

Great service and easy decision. A month of brilliant sleep!

Extremely comfortable

This is a great mattress that comes in a box with an opener to remove the plastic that holds the mattress for boxing. It springs to life on the bed, making it easy for one person to place on the bed. I suffer from several auto immune diseases and sleep apnea. I find I am sleeping much deeper and not waking during the night. The fatigue I normally feel as part of the autoimmune diseases has been decreased and I am able to stay up later at night. I also do not have the same amount of pain in my shoulders. This mattress has made me a very happy little sleeper. My dog loves it to as when I move he doesn't roll over th where I was. He's a little chihuahua, who could get easily squashed. Excellent service and mattress made to fit my electric bed. I would certainly recommend this mattress. The money back guarantee if not suitable, means you cannot lose. Thank you so much to the whole team, the relief is palpable.

Comfort plus!

Awesome experience to recieve a mattress rolled up in a box - easy to take out and place on our bed! First couple of nights sleep was an adjustment for myself and my partner but now 2 weeks in we love it! So comfortable, enjoyable to sleep on and feel so much more rested when we wake in the morning than we did on our old mattress. Can't recommend these enough!

Plush dreams

What an amazing mattress! Soft yet firm! Absolute luxury! The purchase and delivery were brilliant as well.

OMG Awesome Value

The mattress we purchased from Sommuto is for our spare room. I tried it out one night and now find myself sneaking back in there! My night sleep on the Sommuto is absolutely first class and amazing! We have a top of the range ensemble bed in our main bedroom but I've got to say the Sommuto blows it away. I am going to upgrade our main mattress with a King Sommuto in the next couple of months and it is way less than half price of what we paid for the ensemble. Wish I had have found Sommuto earlier. Better late than never. Awesome website, awesome customer service, awesome delivery and parcel. Don't hesitate. Do yourself a favour!!!!

So comfortable

We have had our Sommuto mattress for 11 days now and right from the first night I have loved it. As I've aged it's become harder to find a comfortable position for sleep. Often i would toss and turn for ages. Then in the morning i would get up with a sore and stiff back. Now i settle down straight away and every position is comfortable. My body feels supported but not hurt or pressured. Would definitely recommend it!

Love it!!

We love it! Soft but firm at the same time, took a few days to get use to it but it's perfect now! Highly recommend


This mattress offers firm support but is soft enough for old old achy bodies.


After 5 years with back pain, now I can say I'm getting better every day.

soft but firm

Easy to unbox, great service and delivery. Soft at first but found it firm after a couple of days. Extremely comfortable with absolute no aches or pains. Highly recommended


I would recommend this any day to anyone!!! Beat my innerspring $$$$$ mattress 100% Wish I found this the 1st time round

the best

Without a doubt the best mattress I've ever had.I feel hugged! All the reviews are justified. Superlative customer service as well. Thanks for taking the care to make a great product I don't have to feel guilty for purchasing.

Absolutely Love It

We purchased a King and Queen mattress and have not regretted it one bit. My husband and I both love the king mattress and find it is very comfortable and soft while still being supportive. I suffer with Sjorgrens Syndrome and find the mattress great for support and comfort without being to hard on my joints, which in turn helps me not toss and turn during the night. We recently had a friend stay and he enjoyed sleeping on the queen mattress so much he slept in for the first time in a long while! I would highly recommend anyone to try this mattress and know you wont be disappointed. I was told it may take a few days to adjust to it but I have had great sleeps since day one.


Have been a long time restless sleeper, Now I find this matress very comfortable. A different feel to anything else I have slept on . Feels like it wraps around you but not to soft. Extremely happy with it so far..

Sommuto is best!

We took delivery of our beautifully made, fabulously designed and wonderfully comfy Sommuto back in March. From day 1, we have blessed Google for steering us to the Sommuto website. My son and his wife have also purchased and both love their Sommuto. Even their toddler loves it. When he visits Grandma (me) we have to lay on the "comfy bed" ! A friend of mine wanted a new mattress and she wanted to compare Sommuto with Sleeping Duck and Greywing. We visited the latter two showrooms, after she had tried our bed. Firstly Sleeping Duck...for a start there were springs (meh) and an upper layer of foam. The cover was inferior to the Sommuto and the feel was nowhere as exceptional as the sommuto. Unfortunately it's made in China. My friend thought the mattress was just ok. Sommuto still Number 1. On to Greywing. Oh dear. Very shabby in all aspects and as hard as a rock. Their cutaway sample was dreadful and a clear deterrent. We only spent about 3 minutes there. Result is that my raving accolades have proven to be true and my friend has eagerly placed her order. Don't accept imitations. Sommuto is the best!

Sommuto has helped with post op recovery

Realising I would be in bed quite a lot following a hospital stay, I wanted a new mattress as my old one was so uncomfortable. I've really tested the Sommuto out over the last couple of weeks and I have to say that this is the best mattress I have ever had. It's the perfect combination of luxurious softness on top but still providing good support underneath. And the customer service was great. Knowing I needed the mattress asap, the lovely young man in the showroom arranged to deliver himself the next day. Very happy customer.

Really comfortable

Really pleased with my new mattress, much more comfortable than my old mattress. I play a lot sport and feel a lot fresher in the morning , but it is hard getting out of my new bed to go to swimming training in the morning. My parents ordered my bed and it arrived the next day. Sommuto made in Oz great!

Just right

After quite some time on a Japanese thin futon, I was worried that the mattress would be too soft but it is absolutely perfect. It keeps you still in a position without feeling like you are sinking. Great job on the materials. No chemical smell. Great service too. Cheers, Max

2 very good mattress and at very good prices. Best we have ever had

We needed to replace our Queen size bed and mattress as my wife Judy has severe pain from her right hip which will be replaced shortly. The mattress was very good quality but weighed about a 60kg, and was 340mm thick. Only I could make the bed. We decided on 2 AH Beard adjustable king size single beds and found the Sommuto mattress, also made in Aus by AH Beard seemed to be suitable. My wife has always liked a very soft mattress, I can sleep on anything. Delivery was prompt and the mattress where easy to carry and unpack. The feel of the mattress was firmer with bedclothes on & for the first 2 days Judy thought hers was to firm. Now she finds the mattress very comfortable especially with the head and foot of the bed in a slightly raised position. We will be replacing the other mattress on the spare beds with Sommuto mattresses

Best ever

Convenient delivery and easy to move around house to desired location. Mattress more comfortable than any other I've slept on which surprised me as I was pretty keen on existing coil mattress with latex pillow top. But this one beats it! I get sore hips and shoulders on most mattresses but not this one.

Sleeping really well

After testing out mattresses in stores a few years ago and buying a well known brand, my wife and I were disappointed and not sleeping well. We made the decision to buy a new mattress but were putting it off not wanting to try out mattresses in bedding stores and repeating our previous mistakes. Then I saw an ad in the Brisbane News for Sommuto. I Googled it and thought the technology made sense. We went to the Sommuto showroom in James Street, liked what we saw and had all our questions answered. The mattress arrived a few days later. Now, two weeks later, I look at the clock in the mornings and marvel at how I have slept so soundly. Sommuto is a brilliant concept, providing the benefits of memory foam without some of the drawbacks. I wondered who Sommuto were and was reassured to find that they are a major mattress manufacturer who have developed a revolutionary concept for selling mattresses online. There are no choices other than size. It seemed a bit soft until I woke up and realised how well I had slept. Well done Sommuto.

Great sleep, less snoring

Such a great sleep, funny enough my husband is not snoring as much. Now I wake up and don't have aching hips and legs. We did find the mattress a bit hot, but after talking to the friendly people at sommuto, we removed the mattress protector and it is not hot. Very comfortable , great sleep. Thank you for your customer service

love my new mattress

I hated my other mattress which I only had for a few years. I cannot say enough good things about my new Sommuto. I just love it. The only bad thing is that I find it too hard to get out of bed in the morning. I would just like to stay there forever.

Great for Allergy Sufferers

I wasn’t sleeping well because my old mattress was sagging badly but my wife wanted to hold off buying another to save money. I showed her an article about how much mould and dust mites are in most old mattresses and as she suffers from allergies she was horrified. I found the Sommuto when searching for mattresses with the Sensitive Choice Blue Butterfly tick from the Asthma foundation. Dust mites and mould can’t live in it so it’s great for allergy sufferers. We live in a really humid place so we needed one that has good air flow too. We’ve only had it for 2 weeks but I’m sleeping so well and my wife’s hayfever has improved. Win-win!

Awsome for adjustable bed

We recently bought a second hand motorised adjustable bed. You can raise the back and legs to get really comfortable for reading in bed. It came with 2 inner spring mattresses that were hopeless because they did not bend with the bed base. My wife researched mattresses and liked the look of sommuto. Sommuto were outstanding with their customer service making sure the mattresses were the right fit for the bed. We even sent photos of the bed base in different positions so they could see the range of adjustment. When the mattresses arrived they fit perfectly. The bed is now 100 times better than it was before. The sommuto mattresses follow the contours of the bed perfectly allowing me to sink into the bed. I like to have the back raised fairly high and the legs raised a bit when I'm reading. This allows a very comfortable curve for my back. Of course once I'm ready to sleep I lower the bed and it's just like a normal bed. I'm a side sleeper and I like how me hip is cradled and supported when on my side. My wife has an hour glass figure and the sommuto supports perfectly as well. We are extremely happy with sommuto.

Better than the competition

I firstly bought a GREYWING mattress, due to seeing alot of their advertising however this mattress was too firm due to the top layer latex. As a side sleeper, there is still too much pressure on my shoulders, so I gave it to my parents which they were fond of firm mattresses. I looked and saw Sommuto and thought I'd try a softer alternative. Since I received this mattress, it has given me the most comfortable sleep ever, like sleeping in a 5 star hotel. I was really impressed on the first night so I keep sleeping on it for a few weeks. My girlfriend wouldn't sleep on her bed anymore. I then went to sleep on a cheaper spring mattress and it just feels like you are sleeping on a concrete floor. My naps use to be 1 and half hours and 2 hours at most on my previous mattress. With Summoto, my naps were 3hrs plus without any disturbances or tossing and turning. Usually I would toss and turn due to the mattress not being comfortable, but with Summoto I did not toss and turn at all. A real comfy sleep. I would recommend this mattress to anyone with body pains and sleepless nights which help improve neck and hip pains for myself. Waking up in the morning feeling fresh and painless is what I value most of this mattress.


You don't know how bad you've been sleeping, until you sleep on a Sommuto! Impressed with the Casper mattress in the US, I was looking for something similar in Australia. From the moment I first lay on it, I was totally sold. I've woken up totally fresh (not aches at all) and the best of all, a fraction of the price of "good quality" mattresses on the market. Shout out to Malcolm for the great service! Now you need a range of pillows to match the mattress ..... Will definitely be buying again.

The Best Mattress Around

This mattress is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I am very particular about mattresses but I wouldn't hesitate recommending this product to anyone. Even though I have had a back problem most of my life which the mattress cant fix, it certainly is very supportive and I have got a better night's sleep this past week than I have had for a long time. Cheers to you !!! Ann

Very Comfy!

My old mattress was dying in a big way and I was getting hip and lower back pain. My wife and I took a risk and ordered a Sommuto mattress because of the great online reviews. I got GREAT customer service with Hamish. He rang me within 5 minutes of ordering my queen mattress. Hamish delivered the mattress the next day himself, which was quite impressive, and set the mattress up for us. He also gave me contact details for someone to take away my old mattress for recycling, who came the same day that my mattress arrived. We couldn't be happier. My wife wanted a soft bed and I wanted a more supportive, firm mattress. We got the best of both worlds. The mattress feels incredibly soft yet also gives great support with no sagging, even at the sides of the mattress. I'm quite a big guy so I really wanted that support during my sleep which I have got loads of. There is very little partner disturbance. We are both very impressed and very happy with our new Sommuto mattress. Even on the first night, I felt the difference straight away the next morning. It's now been 3 weeks and no more hip/back pain at all. I highly recommend Summuto not only for the sleep experience but also for the awesome customer service. Thank you Hamish!

Finally - a cure for my aching back

I work as an aged care nurse and was suffering back pain from heavy lifting. My old inner-spring mattress didn't help. So I took the plunge and bought a Sommuto. When it first arrived, I thought it looked a bit small - was worried they'd sent the wrong size. The delivery driver saying "oh it's one of those mattresses which explodes when you take it out of the box" didn't make me feel a whole lot better! But it was actually fun taking it out of the box. Once you get it halfway out of the plastic, it starts to expand. (Gently!) And sleeping on it has been a joy. After the first few days, my back pain disappeared - I felt better than I had felt in years. So yes - this is definitely a mattress I'd recommend. Couldn't be happier! And the follow-up from the company has been extremely professional. From the first morning, when I got a message asking me how I slept, to today's follow-up call when I offered to write this review. You're a class act, Sommuto. Full marks for an excellent product at a reasonable price (about half what others told me I'd have to pay) and an attitude to product testing which is exemplary.

Little red box of goodness..

We love our Sommuto. Loved the service team, website, efficiency, practicality, price, and the product. What isn't to love about a mattress like this? So much fun to unpack!

Mum loves it!

I purchased a Sommuto Mattress for my dear Mum who is 82 years young, her first night’s sleep was great & after a week she is very happy :) Congratulations on a great simple concept, coupled with a quality product that offers a very comfortable sleep option at no risk to the purchaser.

Haven't slept this well for decades!

Bindi and I have been using our new king sized mattress for one week and are delighted with our purchase. Being a little older we have a few aches and pains and a comfortable mattress is a very high priority. Haven't slept as well for decades!

The best I have had so far. Tried different mattresses over the years.

Although i was excited, i did not enjoy the un-boxing - found it a bit weighty for one person, because the box was not in great condition when it arrived! BUT, the mattress is fabulous and so easy to move (for making the bed), once installed!! Sleep quality is much, much better! Glad i found this online and took the chance with buying it!

Fantastic product

I loved the packaging the ease of transportation to my new split level townhouse and the service. It's a great mattress at the moment it's on the floor until my bed base is ready so I am sharing it with my two French Bulldogs (not a permanent arrmagement!) and it's absolutely fine. I sleep generally 5 to 6 hours solid and wake early - the mattress makes it hard to get out of bed at my usual hour it's so comfortable.

Deeper & Better Sleep

Each night I sleep on my Sommuto my sleep seems to be deeper & better & tonight will be my first week on this mattress. I have no complaints, the only trouble I have is getting out of bed in the morning, I just seem to get half way out then fall back in. I would like to give a wrap to Hamish Long at your Alexandria store in Sydney, his service was excellent.

Excellent support

Surprisingly comfortable. I was skeptical at first,(Its weird coming in a box and it is so inexpensive), I figured it wasnt going to be too good! It is also quite soft when you first sit on it. I was very pleasantly surprised. I sleep as well on this mattress as I do on my $7000 one at home. So I wont be paying that kind of money for a mattress ever again.

Never knew comfort till Sommuto

Best mattress I've ever slept on! Would highly recommend Sommuto to anyone who enjoys a comfortable sleep.

The wifes happy! (Both are really!)

I felt a bit wary buying a mattress over the internet, relying on reviews from people not known to us, and not knowing how "real" they were. I spent time on the chat line and phone to Brendan mostly, and he was very helpful and reassuring. We were looking for a new mattress primarily because the old one (which was not a cheap one) had sagged to a point that my wife in particular could not sleep comfortably on it - waking up with sore hips and back and tired because she could not sleep well. She also was aware of when I moved. We have had the Sommuto now for about 3 weeks and it has been great to sleep on. Both of us are getting much better sleep, and my wife does not have the hip/back issues. Easy to unpack out of the box, and ready to use in a few short minutes. The only slight negative has been the foam rubber smell - but this has not affected our sleep at all. I assume this will eventually leave. Mattress is quite soft when pressing down with hand, but very supportive when lying down on it. I am confident (at this time) that the mattress will last us many years.

Best sleeping for years.

Have now had over a week sleeping on it and every night it seems like it's getting better and better. Super comfortable - outstanding service and delivery - and made in Australia!


The Mattress is extremely comfortable and supportive in the right places. Very happy I have made the right choice what more can I say, Recommending to all of my circle....+ Very helpful chat support, Super fast delivery, Super easy to unpack....LOVING IT :)

A flat mattress

I was amazed at how the box unpacked. I was not expecting the same box for a single mattress as a king mattress. As you cut the plastic, the mattress just unfolds and lies flat on the bed. It's fascinating. It made me smile as it was effortless. I am sick of huge, heavy, cumbersome mattresses that cost a fortune. This one does none of that. Then as you lie down each and every night you just lightly sink in at the appropriate areas and feel relaxed. My husband and I have bought 2 mattresses throughout the last 8-10 years and I have not felt fully refreshed when I have woken. Over the last few years I have been going to a chiropractor as my back feels out of place. It use to crack continuously as I got out of bed and reached the ensuite. Now however, I get out of bed with no cracks, just a great strong relaxed back with no pain and no vertebraes having to get back into place. I have been telling everyone about my new mattress, which I can lift so much easily as I change my sheets. My husband has sleep apnea and my dog snores but now I do not hear them often and I don't think they make as much noise as they too are sleeping in a much better position. This is the best mattress I have ever bought. Thank you Sommuto!

Liked it the first night, LOVED it the second night!

The whole process to buy, deliver and unpack was super easy - it was on my doorstep in two days and was on my bed ready to sleep on in two minutes! After waking up with sore shoulders and back for months, i was less sore after one night and woke up feeling totally fresh after the second. My partner and i both love it, we've had the best couple of nights sleep in ages. We'll be telling all our friends about it. Awesome mattress - thanks Sommuto!

Excellent, firm yet so comfortable

We thoroughly recommend the Sommuto mattress, it is so comfortable and supportive. Partner disturbance is non existent and it is so much lighter than our old latex matress which was a back breaker to rotate. There was a slight smell from the mattress for the first couple of days however this has now gone. I would definitely advise you to try one, the staff are so friendly and helpful as well.

Amazing !!!!!

After we unboxed the mattress (which was pretty cool). Laying on it was like laying on a cloud. Every part of my body felt supported including my feet is like it completely moulds to your body!! Best mattress I have ever slept on would recommend !! Don't be scared of buying a mattress online!

Very modern, Packaging dream, great Sales manager who was proud of his product,

After having our same mattress for nearly 7 years, we finally decided to purchase a new one, after lengthy walks around numerous mattress places, my wife stumbled upon your web site, so we visited your brisbane city show room, we met a fantastic manager called Brendan who was very proud of his product & informative, he was not pushy or invaded your personal space like other sales personnel when you walk into a shop and a quick lay down on the sample king size bed, 5 minutes later we had brought a king size mattress on the spot and it was delivered that evening. It took a few nights to adjust to what we were used to, but from that point onwards it is great, very comfortable, moulds to you and you are not disturbed if your better half leaves the bed. I highly recommend this product and the company

Damn that is comfy!!!

My wife and I have been looking for a new mattress for some time, then I came across Sommuto’s article in the Courier Mail. I was instantly hooked and wanted to buy the mattress and two days later we did. We can’t be happier, the mattress is so so comfy and the price was amazing. If you want a good night sleep then Sommuto it is!!!!!

An amazing product backed by amazing service

I can genuinely vouch for this product and the people behind Sommuto. Firstly, the mattress is a dream to sleep on! My wife and I have struggled to get out of bed over the past week or so, simply because the mattress is so comfortable. I was initially reluctant to purchase this product considering I hadn't inspected the quality or comfort, but the reviews and money back guarantee had me sold. Also, the team at Sommuto went above and beyond for me. I spoke with Hamish and Malcolm on the day of my big move and mentioned I was going to be sleeping on an air mattress until my Sommuto was delivered (mind you I was happy to wait for next day delivery), but instead, Hamish arranged for the mattress to be delivered within hours of placing the order. I highly recommend this product to anyone in the market for a new mattress.

Cosy and comfortable

We bought our Sommuto for our spare bedroom and not for us at this stage. It was very easy for my husband and I to get into the house and get on the bed base. My sister came to spend the night so she was actually the first one to sleep on it. When she first lied down she thought it would be too soft. After a nights sleep she woke up very pleased. She found it very comfy. We haven't slept on it yet but have had a few nanna naps and we will be buying one to replace our mattress in the very near future. Fantastic service from every person we spoke with!

Magic Happens

Never thought i would ever do a review on any product but this mattress deserves my attention. What a brilliant mattress i have a bad back and do have trouble getting to sleep at times but besides being the softest mattress i have ever lied on it doesn't skimp on support. It moulds to your body everytime you move and it isn't something you get stuck in. A magic product that i can and will recommend to everybody!


I’m generally not one to make purchase decisions after only reviewing a product online, however I found that all of my mattress questions and concerns were addressed comprehensively by Sommuto. It became clear very quickly, Sommuto only offer one product – the best – without the confusion and model uncertainty I’ve experienced with previous mattress purchases. The mattress truly speaks for itself, it’s up there with the best night’s sleep I’ve ever experienced. Daily I wake feeling utterly refreshed after having slept soundly. The Sommuto team truly went above and beyond my expectations, my customer experience was exceptional and an absolute credit to the team. I now understand their passion for this brilliant product. I am proud to have made this decision, and recommend this mattress without hesitation. Well done Sommuto!

Once you go Sommuto, you won't want anything else!

Customer service is impeccable and Sommuto go above and beyond to communicate with you. Even at 9pm at night while browsing the website, someone was there to answer my questions. Delivery was super quick - 3 days to a semi regional area, and delivered straight to your door. As it's delivered in a box, it's easily transported to where it's needed. I highly recommend getting the mattress to it's ideal location before taking it out of the box as it still behaves like foam while trying to transport it around the house. The box itself is an added bonus, especially if you have young kids!! The first time I tried the mattress my body literally sighed with relief. Every part of your body that is in contact with the mattress is supported, unlike other mattresses, which just support the heaviest areas. As there are no springs, there is no bounce! And if you live with a shift worker this is BRILLIANT! I have tried other mattresses that claim to have 'minimal' bounce but I was still woken up. I have honestly not woken up once when my partner has got home from work since using this mattress. If you are anything like me and live in an area that is notorious for its heat, then you will be wondering how this foam stacks up in terms of heat. The cool touch cover is fantastic. I get more heat from my body pillow than I do from this mattress. In fact I don't think I've noticed any heat at all. I'd like to say I was surprised at just how comfortable this mattress is and how refreshed I feel after sleeping on it, but I'm not because this is one of the claims Sommuto make. It's nice to see a brand follow through on their claims. I was surprised to see how thick the mattress was, the same thickness as a conventional mattress but certainly not as heavy. While I did win this mattress in a competition, I'm a mattress lover and have literally tried every type of mattress on the market. Without a doubt this would have to be the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on and would not hesitate to buy one in the future.

Fourth time lucky!!

We have had 4 mattresses over 10 years....from mid price range pillow tops to very expensive latex split king on motorised base. All failures. The last one - inner spring - was rated for heavier people (150kg) but it lasted approximately 1 year, 10 months! My husband is a bigger guy but not that big, not even close! The Sommuto mattress gives instant gratification and that's what we all want these days. No sore hip, not tossing and turning. In fact, when we awoke from the first night, my very skeptical husband ("You haven't bought a mattress ONLINE have you??") said that I made a wise decision buying the Sommuto and he had been wrong to be doubt! It was very easy to unwrap and very easy to maneouver on to the base. And just the right weight to easily tuck in the sheets, but not so light as to slide all over the place. Perfect! Customer service and logistics were of utmost importance to us as we live in remote Far South of Tasmania. True to Sommuto's promise, it arrived just as we had hoped. Hamish kept us informed every step of the way. I unreservedly give highest rating to the the buying process, the delivery, the customer service and of course, the star of the show - our lovely Sommuto mattress.


I entered a competition to win a mattress, however it I was unlucky. I was offered a discount on one though. I never thought I'd buy a mattress without trying it. There was a few issues with the truck driver misplacing my mattress but thanks to the amazing Customer Service by Hamish I received it. I love the Mattress and was given 2 pillows to try also. I love the Mattress its like sleeping on a cloud. The pillows are hard to get used to, they are great but they are much more firmer than I am used to. I am willing to give them a try for 4 nights to see how I go. Over all, best mattress I have ever slept on. Would recommend it highly.

We love our Sommuto!!

After numerous spring mattress fails my wife and I decided to look at other options. We both LOVE our Sommuto mattress and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a good nights sleep (i.e everyone!). My wife in particular has ongoing back issues.. or should I say used to have ongoing back issues. We are both waking up happy and refreshed wishing we could stay in bed longer! It might be soft to sit on (lucky we have chairs for that!) but lying down it feels like we are floating. Also worth mentioning was the outstanding online, in-store and delivery service. The whole experience has been fantastic. If you are thinking about getting a Sommuto.. JUST DO IT! Sweet dreamzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Absolutely fabulous

I have owned and operated a bedding shop, I have also been employed as a merchandiser/rep for a large mattress manufacturer. I have suffered from a bad back for years, I had tried everything to get relief from the back pain nothing worked. As a last resort I decided to buy a new mattress, what a great decision this was I settled for a Sommuto, my back pain was gone after only 4 nights sleeping on this terrific mattress. I can't praise it enough, not only do I have a new mattress but I feel like a new person. Thank you Sommuto, and thank you to the great salesman at Sommuto, (Brendan) no pressure just the necessary information to make an informed decision, and what a great decision it was to purchase a Summuto mattress.

I'm sick of buying mattresses

I 'm sick and tired of buying mattresses over the years. The trouble is that we try them in the shop and they seem great. Once we get them home it all changes. Not long ago, we gave away a $3000 mattress to a friend for their spare room. I found you company and thought I would give it a try. Having slept on it now for a few days I do not seem to ache as much. Our old mattress did not mould to your body shape like a Sommuto. I think it has provided more even support and relieved the stress points that are causing my body to ache. Hopefully this will be the end to my mattress purchases for some time.

Instant comfort

This is my first new mattress for 30 years, I am a creature of habit. There were many things that drew me to Sommuto. The ease of handling, the cost, the fact it is all Australian, memory foam. We both have had better sleep time since we have been sleeping on our new Sommuto. Myself and my wife are extremely happy with our Sommuto mattress, and more than happy to recommend it to anyone.

I am in love!

I absolutely love my Sommuto. Outstanding customer service. Thank you!

Go Aussie Go!

Super happy with this Aussie product. Easy to order online and delivery was very prompt. Getting lots of sleep on my Sommuto, just love it! I will be ordering more Sommuto mattresses in the future.

Spring free heaven!

It's like sleeping on a cloud! My partner no longer gets back aches and I LOVE not having springs dig into me all night. We would 100% recommend to anyone and everyone! Our 3 cats also love the mattress (but loved the box more).

Great mattress.

Loving my new mattress. I find it moulds to the body and is more giving than my old one which I found a bit too firm. Fascinated by the way it arrived in the cardboard box and opened out straight away when placed on the frame.

Until I found the Sommuto

I'm not usually one to write reviews, but in this case I love this mattress so much I had to. I had been waking up with such a painful back every morning I decided to start shopping for a new mattress. The only problem was that all the ones I loved were so expensive and as I am saving for a wedding at the moment I kept putting it off. That was until I found the Sommuto. I couldn't believe it, I laid on it and loved it more than any I had laid on before. I was almost too scared to ask the price! I could not believe how well priced such a luxury mattress was. I've had the mattress for 3 weeks now and it's amazing. My back is so much better. It is soft, yet so supportive. I am very happy.

Sommuto arrived in a BOX

I was surprised when my Sommuto arrived in a BOX! I kept asking if it was true that a King Size mattress could fit in there. We have had our Sommuto for a week now and I cannot believe the difference straight away.  My back is not sore now and I am able to walk up hills again without pain. The other thing I love about my new mattress is that it is light to lift which makes it easy for me to make the bed.

i had that ahhhh moment!

I ordered my Sommuto as I have no interest in wasting a weekend at department stores being fed a spiel by someone on commission. Being so busy it was a bonus that it was delivered to my door. I thought it was all too easy until it turned up. Yep, unwrapping it was fun, it looked great, ticked all that sort of stuff. When I went to go to sleep on it that night, I wasn't impressed, it felt too soft, so different to my other mattress. I slept on it for 4 nights until I had that ahhhh moment, now I can't believe I was being such a sook! Perhaps if I had changed my mattress a bit sooner I wouldn't have been used to such a crappy specimen. I had to retrain myself to be supported. Now I don't want to leave it!

it arrived in such a beautiful box!

I bought a double mattress to go onto my 9 year old daughters bunks, she was so excited, it arrived in such a beautiful box and was not too technical for us girls to open, the three of us managed to open it, which made us gasp as it came to life so quickly. After a quick session of lounge to mattress gymnastics, we were able to carry it into the girls room. WOW! So pretty! So soft! Glad we bought.

Happy after some adjusting

I rated the Sommuto 4 out of 5. We are happy now but I have to admit it did take me a while of adjusting to the new feeling compared to our old mattress. It took probably 2-3 days in reality to get adjusted but after that we were very very happy and sleeping well.

sleeping very well!

To be totally honest it took me a while to get used to the mattress. It was very very different to what we slept on previously. I gave it a few weeks and really couldn't be happier now. We were used to a very firm spring mattress so this was a different feeling totally! But certainly happy we purchased this mattress now we are used to the feel.

Mattress fantastic, delivery & service very poor!

Mattress is great and as described, really love it. The mattress was just left on my doorstep leaning up against my door so upon arriving home I could not get into my house (it is very heavy), even though I specified via the website not to leave delivery unattended. Also no fancy orange box like shown on the website which made the whole experience of getting my new mattress rather unpleasant in conjunction with the poor delivery & service.


If you purchase a queen or king size mattress don't unroll it unless you have help. I am a small woman and found it difficult. Great mattress, will made, value for money. Would definitely buy another. Don't wake up with aches or pains. Very comfy.

Sommuto Mattress.

I find the Sommuto Mattress very comfortable. It did take a few nights to get used to it. 100% better than my last mattress which was too hard and uncomfortable. For me, it was reasonably easy receiving it in a box, and it saved me chasing around from shop to shop. I was very happy with the service. I received it within 2 days of ordering! I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Very pleasant

Have been very happy with our purchase of this mattress. My wife did the research and we were looking at a more expensive model in the shop. We gave it a go knowing we could send it back if we needed! Very happy and won't need to make use of the return offer!

Comfy Mattress

I have enjoyed the mattress from day one and very happy with the comfort factor. I have found it slightly warmer than my old mattress but it was a spring mattress with a soft topper to it.

very good mattress

have been sleeping on the sommuto mattress for about a month now have had no problems with it so far, it is much better then a spring mattress that we've slept on in all our life, i don't think i'll ever go back to spring one ever. thanks sommuto for making our sleep more comfortable


Didn't have a great experience with star track but that wasnt any surprise. The mattress took us some time to adjust. It did have that foamy smell upon opening but it certainly disappeared in a few days. It was softer then i was used to and initially i thought too soft. After i had given it a few nights i had totally lost all concerns. Very comfy and cosy but it seems to still support me as i am not waking up with a sore back or anything.

Not bad

First I was very impressed with how easy it was to unbox and set up the mattress. I have had back problems for 5 years now and really needed a good mattress to help me sleep. now I gotta say it's not a miracle mattress for my bad back but it has help me sleep better then any another mattress I had in the past. So far I've been happy with my purchase.

Comfortable and easy to unroll on the bed ready for sleep

He process of in boxing was easy and kids loved seeing it unfold before their eyes. The comfort of the bed is second to none and really happy with the mattress so far. The mattress had a new smell aroma that took a week to air out but wasn't an issue and now is a clean new comfortable mattress that has given us a number of great nights sleep. Recommend a Summoto to anyone looking for a new good value mattress!

Returned Sommuto

My wife and I have different sleeping comforts, so I purchased the Sommuto knowing the mattress came with a 100 morning guarantee. Unfortunately we had to return the mattress as it just didn’t suit my pregnant wife. The Sommuto team made the return process hassle free and refunded my money very quickly. The team provided fantastic service and I would recommend Sommuto to anyone.


Unboxing was fun! Had my old mattress for 15 years and love the new one!! I'LL recommend!

Quite impressive for the price

Yes I would recommend it. The delivery of the mattress and the simple packaging and installation was excellent


The service was good, I was informed at all time of when it was dispatched to delivery on the day. The mattress is very comfortable, and firm at the same time. Much better than my old one. I only have one concern, it seems to be hotter than my old one. Summer isn't here yet? We will see how it goes over the next month or so?

Well made mattress

Mattress is well made with great quality. Unfortunately we find it too soft, not as firm as other memory form mattress. Trialling out for a month and finally decided to return it. Refund process was smooth and quick. Thank you Sommuto team for the refund!

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