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Sleepy Panda Mattress Reviews

The Sleepy Panda mattress is a hybrid mattress that has a plusher feel, and zoned pocket spring system. Most customers like their mattresses, but some have described issues with being unable with returns and refunds. Please be aware of this before purchasing as there are many complaints about this. Most other mattress in a box companies we have reviewed don't have these types of issues, so please take a look at other options here.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.4/10

Price Value: 7/10

No Back Pain: 7.8/10

Price: $499-$1049

Trial Period: 100 Nights (*Read Terms)

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Sleepy Panda's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Although the Sleepy Panda has been designed in Australia, it is built elsewhere using low grade materials. This is one of the ways that the mattress price is so low is because the materials may not be the kind of quality that you may desire.

The Sleepy Panda mattress comes with 3 layers of foam and 1 layer of pocket springs. Here are the full details:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is made of knitted bamboo fibre that has been processed so it is similar to rayon, very smooth and moisture whicking.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is cool gel infused memory foam that contours around the body to relieve pressure point pain and is cooling due to the gel infusion.

Layer 3: The second layer is natural latex that bounces and is highly responsive so the mattress only hugs the right places as you roll about.

Layer 4: The following layer is a thin layer of 'Adaptive Foam' that is firmer than the above layers, evenly supporting the spine.

Layer 5: The last layer is 5-zone pocket spring array. Each coil individually reacts to the body seemlessly to keep partner disturbance low while still supporting the body properly.

Overall Comfort

Most customers find that the Sleepy Panda is comfortable and that it is softer than many others on the market. Some have experienced issues getting used to the mattress and experienced issues returning the mattress for a refund.


See the above firmness chart. Sleepers describe this mattress as having a medium-soft profile. It will do best for light to average sized side sleepers. Those that are stomach sleepers or larger in body size may find that it is too soft for them.

Back Pain Relief

For those that are lighter in body size, this mattress will contour to the body and may relieve back pain initially. There are, however, doubts about the durability of this mattress.


For most, this mattress will keep things cool due to the gel infused memory foam and the bamboo fibre cover. There are some that have described heat retention so if you have a warm bedroom during the summer months, you may feel some heat at night.

Who Are These Mattresses Best For?

Due to some of the reports about their refund policy and material quality, there are some doubts about whether this mattress is a good risk to try. There are plenty of other options with similar firmness profiles that don't have similar reports of refund issues.

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Not a bad mattress for its price

I have a curve of the spine scoliosis and this mattress is pretty good to sleep on with my spina bifida And gives you enough support when you Lie on your side of your body Does not give me a sore shoulder when lying on my side. I would have gave it five stars but I have a problem with the mattress the only problem I have is the sides sag so much it’s unbelievable when I set on the bed and try and get out of bed not happy about that The company needs to upgrade the mattress to version two need heavy duty sides want Don’t sag at all The rest of sleeping panda mattress is comfortable to sleep on It’s not too soft and not too hard just a little bit harder than medium hope they fix the problem of the sag side and I would replace my mattress to updated version if not I’ll look elsewhere when it’s time in years to come to replace

Do not honor their 100 night guarantee

These people are absolute fraudsters if you ring them they never answer it took me writing a bad review on both their website and Facebook to even get any sort of reply and then surprise, suprise both reviews and comments were deleted and I was blocked what a joke do not buy from these guys.

Amazing Mattress .....affordable price

The mattress is great, comfortable and also i have been sleeping really well, Exactly matches my requirements, Also saved me a lot of money The mattress is durable and also long lasting, unlike my previous one which became unusable after 6 months. Moreover, my wife is happy with it too ,is there anything else you can ask for when she is satisfied. :D

Heaven in sleep

Retain less heat and a quick sleep is guaranteed Generally more affordable and value for money Allow for easy movement and vey flexible Stress free feeling Opportunity to gain a great relief from physical pain

Exactly what I was looking for in a mattress!!

The mattress provides really good support without being too uncomfortably firm -- we love it! :) It's very durable! What I love about this mattress is also that it was sold very affordably. :)

Dishonest company with deceptive and misleading advertising

Avoid this website at all cost! We slept on the mattress for over a month and found it too soft and had no edge support so we decided to ask for a return & refund as per their "100 night free trial" offer. All they did was reply with a link to their terms and conditions page and didn't provide anymore information. According to their 'terms and conditions', the "100 night free trial" is only available to full paying customers so because we claimed a $300 discount code we were no longer eligible for the "100 night free trial". This is extremely deceptive and misleading as all their advertising material promote a discount and the "100 night free trial'. No where in their advertisements or on their website where the '100 night free trial' and discount codes is promoted has an asterisk * or reference to clearly state that terms and conditions apply. At no point in the online purchasing process were there any mentions of terms and conditions nor did I agree to any. All of this is illegal practice and I have taken screenshots and records of everything and will be reporting sleepypanda to the ACCC, NSW fair trading and the small claims court/tribunal. I am also in the process of disputing the transaction via paypal and would urge anyone else in the same situation to do the same. You can also lodge a chargeback with your credit card. Businesses like this need to be shut down. April 22nd 2018 Update: Do not buy this mattress This is a very cheaply made mattress from china which is already starting to lose it’s support and showing signs of sagging after only 2 months of sleeping on it. It’s too soft and has zero edge support which means you completely sink into the mattress when you sit on the edges, making it very uncomfortable getting in and out of bed. It also has a lot of partner disturbance as we’re constantly waking each other up whenever one of us moves. There were already a few stitches coming out of the mattress when we first got it. Worse of all the 100 night free trial is a complete lie as they’ve refused to honour it because we used one of their discount codes which they constantly promote to lure customers in and trick them.

more than pleased!

I finally can get a good night sleep.. super comfy, great quality matress. We bought the queen size one and cant get enough of it. My back feels great now!

Best sleep ever!

I got the best queen mattress ever ! My girlfriend is so happy with this one. My back is very thankful. Great comfort! Great costumer service, delivery on time! Totally recommended.

Perfect Mattress -best sleep ever !

So impressed with my panda mattress purchase! Fast delivery, super comfortable and very supportive Best sleep we have had, just want to sleep in everyday, Highly recommended! Thank you sleepy panda

Quality sleep and warp speed service

I highly recommend these Sleepy Panda mattresses. The service from the team is brilliant, with fast delivery, easy installation and the best of all is that the mattress is comfortable and I've been sleeping deeply and waking up feeling energized.

Very comfy! I love it

I ordered it and got it the next day in the morning, th mattress is fresh and provides me th support I need for my back. I just love it. Thanks!

perfect, love it

Received my mattress within days of ordering it. love this mattress, so comfortable that I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings. Would definitely recommend this. Best purchase I've ever made.

No Hype! everything they said is true. Their service, fast delivery and most importantly comfort I'm

Great comfort and really durable it's the perfect medium firm mattress. I was having back issues for a couple of months and I guess that'll be solved now. Thanks to sleepy panda.

Love, love, love this bed

I was sceptical at first, but after sleeping on the mattress for 2 months now, my wife and I are definitely 100% happy with our purchase. We wish we had bought this years ago. The mattress is not too hard or too soft, but just perfect for us. All this for just $749 delivered to my house. Very happy!

Best sleep ever!

We purchased this mattress a couple of weeks ago and it is the most comfortable bed I've ever had. I haven't slept this good in years! I would definitely recommend purchasing one!

The beat mattress ever

The most comfortable affordable mattress ever. . My back was a total mess the day I collected it and the next morning I woke up pretty much back to my old self. . Total support . . Fantastic value. . Thoroughly recommend it to anyone who's bed shopping . And it's firm to sit on also.

OMG Best sleeps ever since sleeping on this!!!!

OMG Best sleeps ever since sleeping on this!!!! Do not know how I slept before I had this I never want to get out of my sleepy panda!!

Awesome mattress!

Got this mattress a few days ago and couldn't be happier! Way better than my last one and it's a third of the price. To anyway looking to buy a mattress, would highly recommend this one.

Best night sleep

I actually look forward to hitting the sack at night. It supports me perfectly in all the right places. Thank you for offering an affordable mattress that does it’s job.

Amazing comfort and excellent service

Already reviewed on the quality of the product as excellent. This is my second review because I wish to share that I am very impressed with the customer service. I had an issue and it was quickly resolved without any problems.

Highly recommend

Hands down the best mattress I have slept on. Not too hard and not too soft. Quality fabric. The staff were friendly and efficient. I can highly recommend Sleepy Panda!

Amazing mattress at an amazing price!!!

I never had great night sleeps until I got the sleepy panda mattress. Everyday I feel refreshed. The sleepy panda mattress is super comfy and super cheap. Great buy!!! Love it!!!

Best nights sleep you will ever have!!!

I bought the Sleepy Panda mattress after it was recommended to me by a friend who absolutely raved about it. I suffer from a really sore back and had needed a new mattress for ages so I figured I would give it a go. I can honestly say that this mattress is life changing. I no longer get out of bed stiff and sore in the mornings. I sleep through the night and no longer toss and turn trying to get comfortable for hours. This last 7 days that I’ve had the mattress I actuallly feel more rested then I have in years. I can’t recommend it highly enough and if I could give it 10 stars I would. This is an absolute must for the best nights sleep. Thanks Sleepy Panda, you’ve got a customer for life!

highly recommended

i could have said good value for money... however having a back injury i was checking lots of mattresses... this mattress was by far the most comfortable... finally I can have a good full night sleep highly recommended.

Awesome - kicking myself for not buying one earlier!

So happy with this Sleepy Panda mattress, it is so comfortable! Firm, supportive and I look forward to jumping in of a night. I was really impressed with the service, from enquiry to purchase right through to after sale communication.

Great Matterrass, great service

i just received my Materrass after ordering a week ago, i was satisfy with the delivery time. even if i only slept one night so far on the matterrass ,i had a great sleep it felt so confortable, that it was hard getting out of bed . i m very happy with it and looking forward to go back to bed tonight...

Top mattress

I’m so impressed by the quality of the mattress, it’s so comfortable, I love it !! The delivery was super fast, I got it the same day. Great service !

So glad I have this mattress!

This mattress is great! A friend of mine has had one for a while and loves it too. Delivery was the following day! I am very happy. Great mattress Great service

Great Product

I had a great experience dealing with this company , the Matterass is great quality and very confortable and was delivered on time as promised i m very happy with Sleepy Panda. Thank you

The best mattress, Fast delivery

I’ve had back pains and tried a few mattress’s and they were all the same, since sleeping on the Sleepy panda I can now enjoy a pain free and comfortable sleep. Thank you Sleepy panda I will recommend this to all my family and friends.

Very comfortable mattress, and very affordable.

I used to have back pains through out the day, now I no longer get them. The Mattress is very comofrtable, supportive on my body. The price is super cheap compared to others in the category. Good customer service, and turn around time.

Pleasantly suprised!

When I ordered the mattress it was delivered within a few days. I was amazed by how something so big could fit in a small box. Once I unwrapped it I watched the transformation. I was pleasantly suprised how comfortable it was.This mattress is for one of my children and they have been sleeping great! Well done Sleep Panda, another happy customer!

Quick Service,Quality product.

Once ordered we were pleasantly surprised the mattress arrived a day later to country Victoria. We opened up and thought the mattress may be a bit firm for us but was soon surprised after 1 nights sleep how soft but firm the mattress was. It would become a little softer if you wanted a mattress topper but that would be a personal decision.We had a follow up email the day after the mattress arrived and received 2 bonus pillows which was greatly appreciated and again with prompt delivery.We have found the customer service excellent to date with also a follow up phone call. We have no hesitation in recommending Sleepy Panda Mattress to anyone who was looking for a quality mattress at a reasonable fair price compared to other retailers for the same quality.

I sleep like a baby!

I was recommended this mattress by a friend because I used to get regular backaches with my old mattress. I have been using this mattress since 5 months and the usual backaches, I used to get before have been reduced dramatically. This mattress is very comfy, just the right firmness for my back. I sleep like a baby after a long and tedious day. I would recommend this mattress to everyone, as the quality is top-notch and their service is amazing.

Great service, very good mattress

I ordered mattress in the morning and it was delivered before 6pm on the same day. Mattress is extremely comfortable and durable. It got a special fabric that doesn’t absorb any spills or sweat. 7 month into using it it still looks and feels brand new. Big thanks to sleepy panda team!

Very Happy Customer

Been looking for a mattress for a long time. Endless sleepless nights however since getting this mattress I have been sleeping much better. If only I found this product earlier.

Sleepy Panda

The mattress I purchased in May this year now has a big dip in it. I wake each morning with a sore back. I have tried contacting them both by email and phone, have had one response by email from a lady called [Name Removed] saying she was sorry to hear I was having problems and asked me to send her a photo, which I did. I was initially happy with the mattress, until waking with a sore back and noticed the dip in the mattress. Have heard nothing else back from them, so much for their 100 day guarantee. I have also left a suitable comment on their Facebook page which they have removed.

Great mattress

I've been using the sleepy panda for about 3 months now and am really happy with it. Being a shift worker and putting my body through all the day to day challenges my work presents it's great to come home knowing I'll get a good day or nights sleep. I'm very happy with it and wouid recommend anyone looking for a good nights sleep and not looking to pay the rediculas prices in stores.

Champagne quality on a beer budget

I honestly cant believe what a good quality mattress this is. This is one of the one's you'd pay thousands for in the store, but at a fraction of the cost. My fiancé is pregnant and was having issues with her back, Sleepy Panda has helped her no end! Top quality mattress delivered right to your door with a guarantee. I've recommended this to all my mates.

Amazing mattress

I found this mattress through Facebook and bought it back in December. Love it. Firm yet soft and comfortable. Received it the same day and fit perfectly on my bed frame. Unbelievable for my back. I’m a tall guy and this mattress fits my size and moulds to my body perfectly. I haven’t had a better night’s sleep and for the price, it’s totally worth it. Would highly recommend it to everyone. The only downside is that I paid full price but can’t complain. If you do one thing this year, buy a Sleepy Panda!

Best Decision Ever

Originally had a Sealy that lasted for 7 years but it started sagging and started discolouring. Started to affect my sleep so looked around. A friend bought a sleepy panda and bought one in February and haven’t looked back. It came in a box which was awesome and since the first night haven’t looked back. It is very comfortable and supportive. I’m pleased with it and have no hesitation in recommending it to friends. The 100 night trial is great as well but doubt I’ll be returning it. Will certainly recommend it to other people if they’re hunting for a new mattress!

Love this so much!!! Best Sleep of my Life

I've had sleep issues my entire life. I was reluctant at first to by a mattress from Facebook, however with the 100 night guarantee I thought I'd give it a go. I couldn't believe how easy it was and how great the mattress was. Not only did I have the best night sleep but my back pain has gone.

Would NEVER buy from this company again

I tried to give a zero star rating but it is not an option. We bought our mattress in Feb with the 100 day promise and are still trying to get a refund from this company. As posted in other reviews they do not respond to phone calls emails or messages. They seem to think that if they ignore people for long enough then they will get tired of trying to contact them and go away. We have left our claim with our CC provider to fight for us. I will never deal with them again..

Very comfortable

Love the mattress very comfortable best mattress I've ever had. It came with 2 free pillows, they arrived a little late but there also very comfortable and I'm very happy with the support I got back from staff with the pillows being late. I work nights and sleep days so I like to have a comfy bed to sleep in, and now I'm sleeping like a baby with my new mattress and pillows.

The mattress that saved our backs, and improved our sleep

Our mattress is super comfortable, exactly as described and has made a MASSIVE difference to our lives, all for under AUD$1,000. We ordered a King sized Sleepy Panda mattress 6 months ago after doing lots of research. The order process was flawless and our mattress was delivered well within a week of order date. At first I was sceptical of the 'mattress in a box' concept but OMG! it's easily the best mattress I've ever slept on, and I've slept on a LOT. In the past I've paid up to $7,500 for a mattress and been disappointed as time went on. I've also stayed in a lot of hotels while travelling and nothing beats the comfort and support I get from our Sleepy Panda! A few weeks in, we had some questions regarding our mattress so we messaged them via FaceBook. They got back to us promptly and their advice was great. My husband has sleep apnoea and I have had sciatic and back pain in the past, but with the Sleepy Panda mattress my husband is far less disturbed at night and my nerve and back pain have gone from a 9/10 to 1/10. We've recommended Sleepy Panda to friends, who have also bought one and been equally as happy with theirs and the service they got. I hope I never have to sleep on anything other than a Sleepy Panda for the rest of my life!

bad aftersales

have tried many times via phone ,email,and their own contact email on there site, NOBODY gets back to you. Mattress ok but to firm.We were promised a mattress topper over a month ago but still nothing .

Fraudster company!

Purchased a sleepy panda mattress about 2 months ago. On the day of delivery, I noticed 10cm long cut in the thread, so I took a few photos and sent it to the customer care email straight away. As you can imagine it took nearly a month for them to get back to me, only to turn it around and blame me for the damage. I've tried ringing them and emailing them but no luck. Do not buy anything off these people! They have the worse service I've ever seen!!

Extremely Unprofessional, Uncomfortable and a Scam

I wouldn't even give Sleepy Panda a rating, however that isn't an option. Purchased this mattress, slept on it for 2 weeks, found it extremely uncomfortable and rock hard. Phoned and emailed Sleepy Panda multiple times, to only discover that they don't honor the '100 night risk free guarantee'. They avoid calls and emails to all measures. The mattress threading on the side was coming apart and the mattress was discoloured. We have had nothing but trouble dealing with Sleepy Panda and organising to have the mattress collected and our money refunded. Not happy at all! Their customer service it poorly as is their product!

100 Night Trial is a Lie

We ordered this mattress because it stood out from many of the other 'in-a-box' mattresses, which looked too soft. The order was shipped quickly, but the box was absolutely mangled. We tried the mattress for a month, and both agreed that it wasn't working for us, so we decided to utilise the 100 night trial (you know, the "risk free" trial that allows for "seamless returns", advertised all over their website). Well I sent an email, then two, then contacted them via social media (where I could see they were reading my messages!), all no reply. I tried to phone them, and got a message that their phone line was disconnected (!). A week later I called again, and got voicemail. Called the next day, and finally someone answered. Cool, now they could finally arrange the return, right? NOPE. They started telling me this mattress was valued at $10,000, and that they are sleep experts (still not sure how this was supposed to change my personal preferences). They then told me I had to try a mattress topper before I could return the mattress. I said no, and insisted they initiate the return. I was then told that because I bought the mattress through one of their own sales, "special" terms and conditions applied. None of this is listed on the terms and conditions on their website, which clearly stated I was entitled to a refund. Eventually I had to go through my CC provider to get my money back. These guys are scammers, don't even consider buying from them.

Ok mattress terrible after sale service

We purchased a mattress and need to return within the trial period as it doesn't suit us. Sleepy panda have not responded to any phone calls, emails, online messages, Facebook messages etc for over 3 weeks!!! Terrible customer service and we want our money back! Do not buy!!

Good mattress for now and kinda-OK service

Had been looking around for one of those mattress delivered in a box from online sellers. Heard a lot about Ecosa, Koala etc. But decided to try something not explored by others (reviewers on this website). So this sleepy panda does draw my attention since 1) I am Chinese and like panda bears, 2) it seems to be a not-so-big company and I had bad experience with big companies not caring about small customers, and 3) it has pocket springs, which I believe is good for support, in addition to the soft layer of (presumably) natural latex and memory form, and 4) the mattress was on sale. Placed the order on 13th Feb 2017 8:30 am, a Monday morning and hoped they would ship as they promise on the website "within four hours". Yet this did not happen and I had to start a very long chase with several phone calls, online messages, and numerous emails. BTW, I can see that this company is still new since my order number is 1933, presumably the 1933th order they have. Long story short, they did not ship my order until the end of that week, citing issues with their moving office and warehouses, etc. And it's been painful for me to sleep on the floor for several nights... The mattress finally arrived one week after placing my order, but it's not in good shape. The package box was broken, yet luckily there is a plastic cover to protect the mattress. It took some effort to bring the king-size upstairs, and upon opening, I found the top surface was tainted with yellowish/brown spots and stripes. Having slept without a mattress for a few days, I can't wait to sleep on this mattress, although I did put on a mattress cover. After several times of complaints in the following week or two, they finally agreed to offer me compensation for the late delivery and stained top surface, which I finally received on 7th Mar 2017. I have to say it took a lot of effort and time to pursue this compensation! Regarding the mattress itself, it is not perfectly comfortable but does have good support (for now) and very little disturbance when my wife moves on her side. No back pains for now. It does get hot when the ambient temperature gets beyond 27 oC ish. And the material feels like it will eventually go out of shape after long-time use, and I hope this company will still be around to fulfill their warranty after a few years. Note that their warranty term does not seem to be as good as the others in terms of covering "depression deeper than two inches from the surface of the mattress" (over 5 cm ! ).


I just have this lately of this mattress as I observation it is really soft and love to sleep this for now hope it will last long Its not really expensive but good quality.

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