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Sleeping Giant Mattress Reviews

Sleeping Giant is an Australian online store and online retailer with over 25 locations. They specialise in both bedroom furniture and mattresses, with 4 brands to choose from including both budget friendly brands like Dreamsuite and higher end brands like King Koil. Their mattresses are mostly well regarded for inital comfort, but there are some complaints from customers about durability and returns.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.6/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 7.8/10

Price: $179-$1899

Trial Period: Depends on the Mattress Purchased

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Sleeping Giant's Specifics

Sleeping Giant is a widely popular mattress store and online shop. Their big differentiator is their competitive prices and full selection of bedroom furniture to go with their mattresses. Overall, customers have good things to say about mattress comfort, but there are some complaints about durability, shipping, and initial comfort in some cases.

Read on to learn more about the offering from Sleeping Giant...or take a look at our top rated Australian mattresses for competitive alternatives.

Sleeping Giant Mattress Brands

Sleeping Giant sells mattresses from both high end and less expensive brands, including recognisable labels like King Koil and Art & Science.

We'll go through the options, the details of their offering, and what customers have to say:

#1 AHB Domino / King Koil

King Koil is a reputable global mattress brand. In Australia, AH Beard owns the King Koil label, bringing its 120+ year legacy of mattress making. Sleeping Giant offering includes reflex coil, aerolatex, and aerofoam with custom firmness options available to align with sleeping style. Customers report happy experiences overall, but there are some complaints about sagging middles in some cases.

#2 Art & Science

Art & Science mattresses offer both budget choices and higher end options at Sleeping Giant. Some of the features that differentiate this brand include firmness options, gentler springs in some models, and pillow top varieties. These mattresses get decent customer ratings for initial comfort, but some complaints about sagging.

#3 Dreamsuite

Dreamsuite also has a wide selection of comfort options and price points. Their high end Dreamsuite 7 offers three firmness options and 7-zone pocket springs. Buyers like their Dreamsuite mattresses overall but there are some doubts about longevity.

#4 SG3

SG3 is Sleeping Giant's discount brand and offers a rolled up Balanced Comfort mattress that features 3-zone pocket springs and comfort foam layers. Customers appreciate the price point, but there are complaints about initial comfort and durability.

Online Mattress Alternatives

Right now is one of the best times ever to buy a new mattress. There are many online Australian mattress brands that have come to market over the past few years to sell directly to customers. By selling direct from the brand, there are higher value products to be found.

We've analysed the mattress designs and customer reviews in our guide to Top Rated Australian Mattresses.

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Two beds and mattresses

Bought two beds and mattresses today. Staff are extremely friendly and provided great customer service. Great prices and quality products.

I had ordered this bed...[Talia King]

I had ordered this bed in black in Sept 2020 for my daughter's room. I was told that this would be delivered in 2-3 weeks. 4 months have past and they have neither made any contact with us nor the bed has arrived. We have been waiting and had given out our previous bed to make room. They are neither refunding our money so that we could go elsewhere nor are they delivering the bed. It has been a very poor experience so beware of ordering if they dont have it in stock.

Really sad...

Really sad to have received such terrible customer service

Art and Science

Bought Art and Science Gold Balance Mattress from Maria and Joe at Auburn. Great service and love the Mattress Best money ever spent.

Absolutely fantastic

My daughter needed a new bed and mattress. We had been to all major stores and noticed Sleeping Giant. Lesley came to our rescue. She had fantastic knowledge of all the mattresses and bed frames and showed us all the options suited to our needs. Jaz chose the mattress in a box...fantastic product and I must say more comfortable than my overpriced mattress from a major competitor! They also had a great selection of frames and bedheads. She also chose a bed head and frame which she loves. The bed was easy to assemble and and the quality excellent.

Rude and obnoxious sales rep

Bought a mattress and paid an $80 delivery fee and when the truck showed up to drop off mattress they told me they couldn't gain access to my property due to low hanging trees which is fair enough so they said I would have to organise for it to be delivered another day. I call the store to try organise another day it can be dropped off in a smaller truck and spoke to halina the lady who I organised the original delivery with. She was rude off the bat and tried telling me I would have to pay another delivery fee which I said I did not feel I needed to do considering the delivery I paid for was not completed. She was totally dismissive and downright obnoxious over the phone so I asked her for head office number and when I phoned them it was sorted put quickly professionally and without having to pay any extra fee. Then when the mattress did get delivered the second delivery guy came in the exact same truck as the first and came right up to the house no problems at all. The sales rep halina from the hornsby store needs to be taught how to speak to customers properly She was totally unprofessional and I will now make sure I don't ever buy furniture from that store again out of principle

I have purchased...

I have purchased a Gold Balanced Comfort mattress from the Penrith store before. I purchased it when I moved out of home for University. I have had it roughly 13 months now and have had no dilemmas at all! It still feels the same as when I purchased it! The only issue I have had with the mattress is I wish I had actually purchased the Extra Comfort, plush feel. I didn't realise I could swap it until the 30 day return policy was over. From what I was told by the saleslady, the Gold range doesn't have a pillow-top, just some type of cushioning so it isn't too firm? I do know that they have a 10 year warranty and even a 30 day return policy if it is too firm or too soft (they make an extra firm in the Gold+ and Platinum range) It is an important investment but from my experience, I've had/slept on Sealy, Koala, AHB mattresses and Art + Science and although it is set at a cheaper price point, there really isn't much difference between quality. Although SG seem to get negative reviews, I have never had an issue with them and I continue to shop there!

Great Mattress and Base, Excellent Customer Service.

Bought a mattress and ensemble base and headboard from the Lawnton store. It was a great price, was given excellent advice and customer service in store. Paid approx $1400 for all and very happy with my purchase, very comfortable. Was delivered the day after purchase and assembled for me, excellent communication regarding delivery and they took away my old mattress and base free of charge. Very happy with the whole experience.

Terrible decision!!

I recently decided to invest in a king size mattress and bed frame since we have a 5 month old daughter and wanted her to sleep on the bed with us. When we looked at Sleeping giant, we were told multiple lies about the actual product which I found out were not true after later investigation. I was also told that sale prices which were listed on the website were discounts that the salesperson was giving me if I buy on that day. Please don't make the same mistake of purchasing. Make sure you do your research before you purchase.

great service

Went mattress hunting yesterday and after 24hrs of contemplation I keep circling back to your company because of the lovely sales lady we encountered. After several stores I entered your store in pain (back issue) and honestly over it. The woman didn't waste my time or ignore my stated budget as many had I found her genuine, factual and well mannered. 10/10 for customer service.

A.H. Beard.

VWe bought a Sunset mattress in late Feb 2019, not an expensive mattress but expensive for us at the time. Far from providing the comfort expected, it was totally hellish with us both waking up crippled every morning. The mattress developed significant sinkage on both sides and a hill in the middle, in spite of us following the wearing in and rotation advice to the letter. After realizing something was very wrong, we first contacted AH Beard in June 2019 with our concerns. These reviews make for very interesting reading, with many of you experiencing the same abysmal customer service and communication that we have received. Nearly 2 years down the track, things are still not resolved. I urge anyone thinking of buying a mattress from this company to steer well clear!!! How they are still in business is complete beyond me.

Dream bed

We chose the A & S Gold extra comfort pillow top queen bed and base. The bed itself is superb quality, so very comfortable we sleep like babies. No interference in the mattress when the other gets up out of bed. Our aches and pains have improved dramatically.

Worst mattress I have EVER slept on!

We have a King Koil Manhattan Plush Queen Mattress bought in Feb 2020. We originally sent it back under warranty (after only 8 weeks) as it felt like we were sleeping in a coffin with sagging in the middle on both sides and a hard hump in the middle. AH Beard consider this 'normal' and tell us it's our body signature. My point to them is that a mattress should not hurt the consumer. I have pain in my hips each morning and wake with pins and needles. We have just had the mattress inspector out again (the mattress is now 12 months old) and they won't even take it back to the factory for a look this time. I'm really upset that we are stuck with this awful product and very disappointed too with the salesman at Sleeping Giant who recommended this product to me after being told that I had a pre-existing back condition. I hope other consumers do their due-diligence before buying any mattress from AH Beard. I wish I had.

Excellent Service

Lorraine helped us make an informed choice as we needed 3 new mattresses for our growing children. The art and science range is good value and excellent quality. I highly recommend the service at the Caringbah store.

poor customer service

10 weeks on they took payment in full then delivered a damaged product and incorrect colour to what selected in shop? I have been contacted twice by their customer service department who read off the script and still they have not replaced damaged goods. I would not recommend purchasing from this shop many similar shops at Home Base that will provide you with better quality / service. I have now had to engage legal services to try and get my money back and have damaged goods removed from my property. 10 weeks!

poor customer service

10 weeks on they took payment in full then delivered a damaged product and incorrect colour to what selected in shop? I have been contacted twice by their customer service department who read off the script and still they have not replaced damaged goods. I would not recommend purchasing from this shop many similar shops at Home Base that will provide you with better quality / service. I have now had to engage legal services to try and get my money back and have damaged goods removed from my property. 10 weeks!

Great in-store customer service, but dealing with malfunctioning products and cumbersome claim processes can be frustrating when it comes to customer support.

I made the purchase of electric bed, mattress, delivery and assembly from Sleeping Giant Alexandria on Wednesday 7 June 2023. The electronic bed and mattress was delivered to my residence on Saturday, 10 June 2023, but unfortunately, it is already experiencing a significant issue with the motor, as advised by deliverer/assembler whose has advised that the motor is malfunctioning, rendering the bed unusable. Friday, 16 June 2023, a technician/representative from Sleeping Giant visited my home in response to my complaint. I had taken a day off from work in anticipation of the technician's visit to address the issue. However, to my dismay, the technician did not bring a replacement motor to address the issue. This lack of preparedness and failure to promptly resolve the problem has further exacerbated my dissatisfaction. I reported a significant issue with the motor of the bed shortly after the technician visit. Another technician/specialist was sent to my home on June 17However, to my dismay, the technician discovered that the problem was not with the motor but rather an incorrect mounting during the initial installation by the previous technicians/representatives. This lack of attention to detail and failure to rectify the issue in a timely manner was highly disappointing. Additionally, on June 21, 2023, I experienced another malfunction with the head side of the bed. I promptly contacted the Sleeping Giant Alexandria branch, attaching a video of the issue, and raised a warranty claim with ticket number 255216. I was informed that I would receive a response within 3-5 business days. However, to my surprise, I have not received any contact or updates regarding my claim as of today, July 3, which is well beyond the expected response time.


Received a damaged bed frame that I ordered from the online store. No help from customer service. DO NOT BUY!

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