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Sleeping Duck Mattress Reviews


+1.2x back support

+1.3 back pain relief

+/- temperature

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 10 Overall



Autumn 2024 Updates: Sleeping Duck is currently offering next day delivery to customers in select metro areas free of charge. In some cases, recent reviewers have brought up issues with firmness and durability.

Sleeping Duck is an innovative mattress company that was founded in 2014 for the Australian market. Over the years, they have worked on improving their original designs and have launched their SD Mach II mattress, which includes firmness customisation options including a half-half option for couples. With happy reports from many customers, most Sleeping Duck reviewers have good things to say about their experiences overall.


+1.2x back support
+1.3 back pain relief
+/- temperature

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 10 Overall

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $999-$1999

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Sleeping Duck's Specifics

Sleeping Duck offers a hybrid mattress with a range of customisation options, including a medium or firm version. Additionally, their half-half option is a good fit for partners that have different preferences.

When it comes to customer feedback, most sleepers have good things to say about Sleeping Duck's comfort and customisation. Rare mentions of negative feedback mostly describe choosing the wrong firmness and durability concerns with older models. But, with 100 night trial and top marks for customer service, customers can rest easy with a Sleeping Duck mattress.

Quality of Materials

Sleeping Duck uses only foams that are GECA certified, which will give those concerned about chemical sensitivity peace of mind. In terms of quality crafstmanship, most customers have good things to say about the design and feel of the mattress, with the foam layers seamlessly working with the supportive pocket spring system.

The Sleeping Duck Mach II offers a wide array of advancements, from zoned coil support to ultra-breathable 'Antigravity foam'. Here are the details of what goes into a Sleeping Duck Mach II Mattress:

Cover Layer: It all starts with the high performance bamboo yarn that offers a supremely cool and soft cover layer, which is machine washable and moisture wicking.

Layer 2: The top layer is Sleeping Duck's revolutionary Antigravity foam, which is more responsive than memory foam, while providing more pressure relief than latex. This layer also has been developed to offer more airflow by being 8x more porous than memory foam while maintaining high levels of durability.

Layer 3: The third layer is customised based on the firmness option selected with medium or firm, or half-half options. This layer is developed with 'Airgrown' technology for enhanced cooling while maintaining high density response.

Layer 4: The final layer is a matrix of pocket springs that adapt to the body's natural curves with tailored support zones and enhanced perimeter support.

Overall Comfort

Sleeping Duck customers widely report happy and refreshing sleep experiences with the Sleeping Duck Mach II. Rare complaints mention choosing the wrong firmness, but with highly regarded customer service, free firmness adjustments, and free returns, shoppers can feel confident with Sleeping Duck's offerings.


Take a look at the firmness chart above. The customisation options in this mattress allow for a firm, medium, or half-half version of the mattress. Those that are lighter in body size and side sleepers will likely prefer the medium version for the mattress as it adds additional pressure point relief. Those that are back sleepers or larger in body size may enjoy the firmer option.

Back Pain Relief

To relieve back pain, the most important decision is on the firmness and supportiveness of the mattress in relation to the sleeper. Customers commonly report spine support and relief, with some customers describing a short adjustment period before enhanced sleep quality.


Sleeping Duck's bamboo cover, Antigravity foam, and Airgrown foam each offer a significant amount of cooling. Customers have good things to say about cooling and temperature regulation in these mattresses overall.

Who Are Sleeping Duck Mattresses Best For?

These mattresses offer innovative and highly rated mattress designs, with a split firmness option that is ideal for couples.

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Love this bed!

I hate buying a bed - it’s confusing and expensive. With a 100 night sleep test, how could you go wrong with Sleeping Duck? This was one of my best decisions EVER. Love this bed :-)

Really happy

Was a bit dubious about the support from a mattress in a box but couldn’t be happier

Great mattress

I was waking every morning with a sore back I’ve had issues with a long time. Although I still have some niggly hip pain I’m no longer waking in pain. We love this mattress, especially my partner. We went for a medium but thinking I could soften my side a little.

Loving sleep again

I am loving my new mattress. It has been easy to fall asleep without endless adjustments to find a comfy position.

Very Happy

Happy with our sleeping duck. Telling our friends about our cool new mattress.

Very happy with the duck

Great mattress. Both of us are very happy with it.

Good duck!

Overall, very good.

New mattresses and bases

Great customer service guys, a stand out from the rest, pretty much what we had expected and researched about Sleeping Duck. The side by side 2 king singles and bases are so far providing a very comfortable, spacious experience...Thank you Sleeping Duck team.

I Love My Bed Time

My daughter recommended Sleeping Duck . She had a Firm Duck - I tried it one night and thought it was a bit firm but liked it. I bought a Firm Duck and thought it was a bit too firm - I gave it a few months then Sleeping Duck contacted me and asked me how it was and I admitted I should have ordered Medium. They sent me Medium Firmness Layers and voila! bliss! Perfect. Best nights sleep every night! I can't wait to get into bed each night - thanks Sleeping Duck!!

5 Stars

I have Parkinson's and was having terrible trouble sleeping/resting on my old mattress since I got my Sleeping Duck I am sleeping 100% better and feeling rested after my sleeps. Thank you Sleeping Duck for helping my health & wellbeing!


Excellent product

The best sleep ever

Very happy with the purchase. The mattress is firm but comfortable. I used to move through the night and really interfere with my husband sleep. That stopped. If I move he no longer wakes up. Don’t even know if that happens. Wake up without any muscle pain. My Fitbit says I have a great sleep every night. Should have done this purchase many years ago. And I am not the only one. My husband feels really good since we have this mattress. It took us about 3 days to get use to this mattress. I would recommend to everybody. Five stars and not expensive for what it is. Well done sleeping Duck.

We have the most comfy mattress now!

If I could I would never leave my bed, now that my mattress is so comfortable. My partner and I feel like we're sleeping on clouds and both get excited to jump into bed of an evening. I breathe a sigh of relief throughout my entire body each and every single night!

Happy purchaser

Our mattress was over 10 years old and my partner was complaining that he was uncomfortable.

Comfy bed

Bed is great value. The bed base is a good height and quite stylish.

Roasty toasty Duck

Wow! Just unravelling the mattress was an adventure and a thing of inspired wonder! My neighbour (who was helping me) and I couldn't believe that this HUGE mattress came out of that relatively small box.

A little hot

I bought the single mattress for my 9yr old son, however while the mattress is undeniably comfortable, he does become quite hot.

Happy Camper

You guys are amazing. SO impressed with the packaging. We videoed the mattress growing..... SO comfortable and no more bad back !!!! Thank you

Seriously impressive

We have a split mattress (firm and medium). It suits us down to the ground. It did take a little while to get used to how firm the mattress is - especially compared to our previous mattress. My number one reason for getting a new mattress was to get better support for my back. Sleeping duck provides this. I have no hesitation recommending them. Impressive customer service, great product - compelling price. What more could you ask for?

Comfy mattress

My partner has trouble finding a mattress that he's comfortable with - we've bought many mattresses in the past 15 years and we have only found one that we were able to keep and really needed to replace it - the Sleeping Duck was the 6th mattress purchase we made and fortunately it was comfortable for both of us. Being able to get a refund if not suitable was the reason we tried it, having been unsuccessful so many times in the past and at great expense.

At last a good night's sleep

What an improvement on our old mattress!! Our new mattress is very comfortable and I am no longer awoken by by husband's tossing/turning. The firm mattress was a bit too hard so Sleeping Duck cheerfully delivered medium layers which were easy to instal. I recommend this product.

No more shoulder pain!

Previously we had switched from an old mattress to a firm memory foam and after six months I had bad shoulder pain being a side sleeper. I read up about Sleeping Duck and hoped the reviews are true. It arrived and we weren't disappointed! My husband and I now have a great nights sleep. My shoulder pain has gone and my husband who is a tummy sleeper loves it to. I'm saving loads on chiro and physio and the medium firmness is perfect for us. Relieved we made the right decision and for a price that was similar to our previous foam mattress but the Sleeping Duck is a hundred times better!

Really great mattress

I was recommended to buy a Sleeping Duck mattress from my friends who even had a sleeping duck mattress shipped to them overseas! No regrets wiht my mattress, the quality of my sleep is amazing, I can't believe it too me so long to get one!

The best money we've spent in years

We were previously sleeping on an expensive "brand name " mattress which cost us three times the cost of this sleeping duck . It was causing us to both wake in the morning stiff and sore. We did a huge amount of online research before deciding to trail the sleeping duck mattress .We did decide on the medium firmness mattress at first but decided to exchange for the firm foam inlay after some weeks . The swap over was completely painless and we are thrilled with the result. We couldn't recommend this product highly enough and the level of customer service received .Thank you for a great product

Sleeping Beauty!

I have Sleeping Duck mattress just over 2 months. It is just a sleeping beauty! I often had so many sleepless night and lower back pain before but now I experience with my Sleeping Duck mattress I sleep well and the pain has gradually disappeared and I feel good to wake up every morning. Thank you to Sleeping Duck!

Finally a mattress that delivers

Extremely happy with the product and service , began with the firm and swapped to the soft due to shoulder soreness (pre-existing ) . Swapping was very prompt .Definitely our best mattress purchase and we have certainly had a few


Great mattress, we both love it

Life changing!!

Fantastic purchase and no regrets. A great night’s sleep is now the new normal for us. 😁

So far, so good. Good price for a good matras.

I sleep very well. It went for the harder version, but added a topper.

A happy Duck

The customer service was great- I changed the level of firmness and it was a good call. It's a great mattress. Only good things to say.

Happy Ducks

Mattress hunting was so confusing it seemed we better spend every penny saved plus max out the credit cards if good sleep was going to be even remotely an option. Once we discovered Sleeping Duck online everything changed. What we read made sense and all at a ridiculously reasonable price. It was worth the plunge even if it was all sales tactics. True to their word, just like a new pillow it took about a months to settle in. Each night seemed to get better until I forgot about the new mattress and could just get on with sleeping. I can say straight out that I will buy a new mattress much more regularly and won’t bother looking anywhere else. Beyond happy is an understatement.

Look forward to bed time

As I read in other reviews, I was dubious about buying before trying and I’m well known by my friends and partner every time we go to a hotel or motel, which is about 20 times a year, for complaining to management that I need a mattress topper or some sort of complaint about my bed. None at all about sleeping duck. So beautiful to climb into at night! Don’t feel my partner moving, he can’t feel me moving and I’m like a washing machine in bed, always turning. On top of this the price was amazingly cheap for such great quality.

Don’t get firm

Initially went for the firm which we have had on other mattresses previously. But this was rock hard. After an email these guys made a few suggestions which made it slightly better.

Fantastic mattress. Amazing customer service

The entire process with Sleeping Duck has been amazing. Their customer service is absolutely fantastic. The ordering process was easy. And the mattress is awesome, we are so comfortable now and have the best nights sleep. Extremely good value for money an added bonus!

Value for money, great service!

My husband had a back injury requiring surgery and I was waking up with back pain each morning. We bought a firm Sleeping Duck which was brilliant for my back sleeping injured husband but for me as a side sleeper, my hips ached. I waited the 21 days and requested my side be changed to medium. My new foam arrived in 2 days to country NSW and we just unzipped the mattress, removed the firm layer and put my new medium layer in my side. They are 3 layers deep so no affect to the top of the mattress. So incredible! We also got to keep the firm layer just in case which is amazing quality. This $1,399 mattress replaced our 12mth old $3,500 mattress and we tell everyone about it! Thanks guys. You should be really proud of your product

Sleeping Duck Mattress/Double, Firm.

Before purchasing one of these mattresses i did my due diligence and researched the company and read a lot of comments on product review its my go to site for any purchase, its generally pretty accurate and on this occasion spot on, not only do this company make a great product their customer service is second to none i'm 63 years old and dealt with a lot of companies in my lifetime making purchases and its so refreshing to deal with someone who cares about their customers, its the great work they do behind the purchase that ensures you have the best sleep possible,iv'e had this mattress for 3 months now and love it, i have no hesitation in recommending their product to you,but as always do your own research first.Cheers Ian


Firstly, the opportunity to test a mattress for 100 nights.... it doesn't get much better than that.

Must buy

The Customer service with this company is unheard of. I wish all companies were like this. These guys don’t rest until your happy. The product is awesome. Everyone needs the duck!!

The best mattress we have ever slept on

I did a lot of research before we bought our Sleeping Duck mattress and there were a lot of positive reviews. Based on that my husband and I went ahead and purchased both a king mattress as well as the bed base. It arrived well packaged but we needed to get the bed base assembled for us as it was a bit complicated to do it ourselves. Since the first time we lay on it our whole sleep experience changed for the better. What a mattress! Comfort beyond comfort. I could not recommend it highly enough.


The mattress is supremely comfortable and very enjoyable. Thoroughly delighted with it.

Great service, great comfort

All good so far. The acid test will be how well it lasts. Our previous mattress (Latex/Pocketspring Hybrid) served us 15 years !

Love this mattress

Supportive, excellent quality mattress. We bought a Koala before the Sleeping Duck and within a few months it had a dip in the center, it was also very hot to sleep in so we returned it and got the Sleeping Duck. We have had no issue with the sleeping duck - it's LOADS more comfortable, so supportive on my back or side, and it seems to regulate my body temperature pretty well. I love this mattress - it's the most comfortable bed I have ever had and I know my partner feels the same. We went with the firm and I can comfortably sleep on my side or my back.

Happy sleeper

Unsure at first about buying a mattress online, however have not regretted it. Sleeping warm, comfortable and not disturbing each other when we move. Delivery was very fast and the customer service support was very professional. A great purchase!

Best investment we have made

My partner and I had been discussing our uncomfortable bed for months, after some research we decided to venture down the sleeping duck road and could not have been happier.

You’re Silly if you don’t buy this

Great mattress. Comfy as. Sleeping much better. Great company to deal with. Delivery was super quick, even during the Christmas period.

Still too firm after three years

I had very high expectations of the mattress after reading reviews on here. I've always preferred a firm mattress but with a nice plush top. I purchased our Sleeping Duck king size Medium mattress at the beginning of 2015 when I was pregnant and was suffering from hip and back pain. I was surprised when the mattress arrived as it was VERY firm with no give in it at all when I lay on it. I emailed Sleeping Duck regarding how firm the mattress was and asked whether there was any possibility I had been sent a Firm instead of a Medium but they assured me they had sent me a Medium and that the mattress would soften. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be any labelling on the mattress for me to confirm the firmness. I didn't see any point asking for a change in firmness before the 100 days since they assured me that I was sent the medium and that's the softest option available. The firm must be like sleeping on a table if our's is the softest option! I also expected the mattress to soften a lot more overtime then it actually has...even after three years I still feel it's too firm and I'm saving up to buy a Microcloud bed topper. Not really what I expected I'd have to do and another cost of $300 odd on top of the mattress! The mattress isn't uncomfortable, I just know I'd have a much better sleep if it was softer.

I've slept on regular inner spring mattresses, as well as latex mattresses, and while the latex mattress is good, this is better than both. I will be buying another one for my partner and I, as my current one will be going in the spare room soon. I love that there is no partner disturbance when we roll over. It's so supportive, and being someone who gets headaches, it's good to know that my spine is being supported correctly whilst asleep. I chose a medium mattress because I am a side sleeper, and my partner who often sleeps on his back is happy with the support the medium mattress offers too. If you're not sure which mattress to get, you won't be disappointed with this one.

Very Happy

Excellent all round service and follow up

Excellent quality and comfort.

I was having sleepless nights and waking up with neck pain from a pre-existing injury before buying a sleeping duck mattress. Since I have started using it I can sleep better throughout the night and have little to no pain when waking up, would definitely recommend them.

Switch to the Duck

This is a great company to deal with. Excellent Communication and all on schedule. We are thrilled with our mattress and base. A quality affordable bed. Thank you

Great service and great product

I bought on the recommendation of a mate (you should sponsor Tech-Waratahs Rugby Club, Wollongong, NSW). He rated your product and service.

Good night's sleep.

Had the Sleeping Duck for a few months now and had no problems. Don't have valleys where we lay.

Great mattress

Really fantastic mattress, was surprised at how easy delivery and set up was. The mattress is comfortable and supportive, the only thing we have noticed is that it is a little warmer to sleep on but not that much that it is uncomfortable.

Easy, affordable, comfortable

The sleeping duck mattress has to be the easiest, low-stress way to get a good night's sleep. It's comfortable and easy to take care of, reasonably priced, and the service is outstanding.

A better mattress

Came from one of those sleep-number-scientifically-matched mattress things, which was pretty horrible and I'm disappointed that I put up with it for as long as I did. Was put off the in-store mattress purchase after that, and found Sleeping Duck online, with rave reviews. I figured with free delivery and 3 month trial, how could I go wrong?


Such a comfortable mattress :)! Our old one had gone very lumpy. This one is so supportive yet soft. Being able to try it out in the Melbourne store was great. We got the medium one-perfect for my husband (95kg) and I, after the bedding in period of 3 weeks. Only downside is it is very heavy when making the bed and very thick: needed new fitted sheets to fit round it. Worth it though! I used to wake several times a night and now I sleep through almost always!

Great night sleep

We love the sleeping duck mattress and bought another for our spare bed! My husband has back problems and since we got the sleeping duck has had reduced pain. I am currently heavily pregnant and have no need for extra pillows & we recently went on holidays to a different bed where my husband realised for the first time how often I get up at night to use the toilet, he had never noticed at home!

Excellent service and reliable bed

We ordered new mattress when we were moving into a new unit; team at Sleeping Duck delivered on their promise of making sure we had the new mattress on the day we were moving in. We had to wait a while for the base but it was worth it; We think we have made the right decision shopping with Sleeping Duck. It's comfortable and maintains just the right amount of body temperature.



Best customer service ever!!!

Sleeping Duck was recommended to me by a friend after my physio told me to get a new mattress pronto! I initially found the mattress a little hot, but the wonderful Alex at SD couldn't have been more helpful and supportive in swapping foam around and now I'm sleeping just right. Most importantly, my physio is happy!!!

Great Comfort, Great Quality

My friend bought a Sleeping Duck couple years back. I slept in it one night and was really impressed how comfortable it was. When my old materress started to sag and I started getting back aches I turned to Sleeping Duck. From the very first night I was extremely happy. The stiffness and aches in my back went away after a few days. Also I feel like I'm getting a much better quality of sleep. Another great thing is the quality on the mattress. It feels solid and very well made.

Very Happy

Excellent all round service and follow up


The best bed ever!

Great mattress

We found the soft version too soft, especially if you sleep close to your partner. The firm one is a lot more comfortable but maybe a medium firmness one would be even better? Anyway it is heaps better than what we had before and by far our best mattress ever.


Been great!

No more sore stiff back

For the last year or more I have had a stiff and sore back every morning, at best sometimes it was only stiff, for example when I slept in a high quality hotel bed. My home mattress was also getting very old.


Our Sleeping Duck experience has been great since the day we took the plunge and ordered the new mattress. Delivery was quick and easy and the after sale service and review was fantastic - We've never had anyone call us about a purchase - these guys did twice!!


Fantastic service during and after sales.

Great mattress

Great mattress, really comfortable and great value for money


Good mattress, took a while for the manufacturing smell to go but now I'm happy

Sleeping Duck is a fabulous mattress and company

We purchased the Sleeping Duck mattress due to the advertising on TV and a recommendation we received from a Physiotherapist who had purchased one. The delivery was arranged on the day we decided to proceed with the purchase with a date and time that was adhered to. Videos were sent to us so that we knew beforehand what to expect and how to prepare the mattress for installation. Sleeping Duck contacted us throughout the delivery and through the 100 day trial period to get feedback and ensure we were happy. We originally purchased a mattress with one side hard and one side medium. This proved a little bit too hard for both of us, so we swapped inserts for a medium and soft at no additional cost. This was not a problem for Sleeping Duck, and once again the inserts were delivered quickly along with email videos to explain how to change the inserts out. The mattress is fantastic. Both of us are now sleeping so much better on this mattress. The Sleeping Duck company proved to me to be a very reliable and professional company to deal with, and I have no hesitation in recommending a Sleeping Duck mattress to anyone. Vin Thompson

Sleeping Duck the best in beds!

I was waking frequently during the night, my hips were constantly aching and I often had pins and needles in my legs on waking! Last night, on my new Sleeping Duck mattress I had the best night’s sleep I have had in years!


Originally ordered a medium mattress and tried it out for a few weeks. I felt it was a little soft for me. I then tried the firm mattress and just love it. Waking up refreshed and no pains in hip as previously with other mattresses. Highly recommend sleeping duck for a great night's sleep.

Fast and efficient service

After a few foam firmness changes I think I have finally found the right one. I am sleeping soundly and waking up much better. The change of foam firmness was so simple and easy to do. My only problem with the mattress would only have to be how heavy it is. I found it very hard to lift it up to put the sheets on.

Great mattress and price!

Very comfortable, excellent value for product received, packaging is awesome. Quality is great. Priced up other mattresses and nothing came close to this.

Happy sleeper

It was great to have in it come in a box as we have a tight staircase. The setting up with the base was easy. Very happy with the medium queen mattress. Sleeping very well!!

Love our new mattress

I was having terrible time sleeping as my hips, legs and shoulders all would ache when lying in bed. Since getting our new Sleeping Duck most of my aches and pains have gone. I feel like sleeping on a cloud and that every part of me is supported. My husband still has a few issues, we think the pillow needs to be higher with this mattress? Have recently purchased a new pillow so will see how he goes.

5 Stars

Love my Sleeping Duck mattress

Impeccable customer service

Extremely happy with Sleeping Duck as a company, service and product. Highly recommend the Sleeping Duck mattress. Sleeping Duck are focused on making sure you get the best suited mattress and if not to get there by firmness swaps!

The most comfortable mattress

I now have a great sleep on my sleeping duck also my wife is also sleeping much better


Fantastic all round customer service was also excellent

Amazing and great price

Amazing! Best money I ever spent. Not sure why you’d pay double the price for anything else!

Luv my Duck

Best sleep in at least a decade. Very comfortable and supportive.

Great product all round!

Mattress is awesome, great customer support, quick and easy delivery. I no longer wake up with shoulder pains from sleeping on my side, lower back pain seems to be a bit better lately too.


Mattress suits our comfort needs. Thank you Sleeping Duck.


My old 2 year old very expensive mattress was so uncomfortable and offered no support which caused body aches and pains and a very uncomfortable sleep. Decided to try a sleeping duck and can honestly say it’s the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. I would highly recommend sleeping duck.

Love our Sleeping Duck

The customer service was 100% from the time we ordered our Sleeping Duck mattress to text messages checking that everything was ok. We then changed one side to medium and delivery was prompt again and very easy to change over. Not waking up at night and also not overheating is why we love our Sleeping Duck mattress. Would definitely recommend.

Best mattress we have ever had!

We are now a very happy, very comfortable half half duo. 10/10 don't want to get out of bed!

My Sleeping Duck is awesome!

I recently bought a sleeping duck after my old latex futon of 18 years was getting a bit too uncomfortable. I originally bought it with a medium insert, but I changed it to a firm after 3 weeks because I prefer a firmer bed. The customer service and delivery was excellent in replacing the inserts and I am really enjoying my duck now and feel that my body has adapted to it. I love being able to sleep through the night and not wake up sore anymore, and feel like I am sleeping on a cloud.

Well worth it.

Great product, great service and being able to have half firm and half medium (at no extra cost) was a huge bonus.

Absolutely loving my mattress

Highly recommend this mattress. I got the firm I used to be a side sleeper but this bed has converted me to a bag sleeper which is great for anti-aging and wrinkles! I Used to wake up with bad lower back pain but not anymore. Best Buy ever!

Great bed - supercomfortable

Best bed I have ever owned. Exceeded expectations.

Recent purchase

Purchased mattress and bed frame recently. Very happy with mattress, but would not recommend the bed frame. If you are looking for a light grey frame this is not for you as the colour of bed frame we received is green. We have complained to sleeping duck with no satisfactory reply. Try elsewhere for your bed frame!

Very Disappointing product. Don't trust refund process,

Very disappointing product, foamy. hot and oversized with a chemical smell. But worse, they promised a full refund but this is delayed process to collect, which they blame on their contractors (COVID), yet they took money quickly and delivered quickly in the same circumstance. They take no responsibility for this systemic failure providing a timely alternative truck and getting a clear answer to when will I receive my refund has been near impossible despite many many polite texts and emails they still evade this basic question - I have just been told perhaps a month? I will find out next week how long it will take etc.


Awesome mattress, ordering and delivery process was seemless. Highly recommend.

Sleeping Duck are possibly the very…

Sleeping Duck are possibly the very best company I've dealt with ever!! They totally put the customer in prime position. Nothing (reasonable) is too much hassle. A quality comfy product backed up with excellent customer service.

It sags

Comfortable for 1 year then it just turned into a bowl because of sagging, which has made the sleeping experience extremely uncomfortable. I expected at least 5 years of comfort for ~1400$ :(

We purchased a bed after seeing the…Shark Tank on Channel 9

We purchased a bed after seeing the Sleeping duck on Shark tank, then we slept on it amazingly for 12 months or so. After that, the felling of sagging in your sleep crept in. We now have back aches and wake up every morning and have to climb out of a pit. I am a 90 kg man, my wife is a 60 kg woman and we both wake up stuck in a bowl. Sleeping on my sofa is better. This is the first mattress that I have complained about. 2 years use and it feels like a 10 year old mattress. Not very happy that Sleeping Duck will not do anything about it. They say they guarantee against sagging, but say it must sag 30 mm for warranty claim. Sleeping duck say that they don't guarantee comfort and maybe my comfort has changed. Damn right it has. I'M NOW UNCOMFORTABLE EVERY NIGHT I SLEEP ON THIS MATTRESS! Mattress does not look sagged, but the bed now sags as you sleep rolling me and my partner slowly to the middle. Don't buy this brand even if CHOICE nominates them as one of the best. At first you will say WOW. and write an amazing review for them. Then you are left with a mattress that very quickly becomes worse than a mattress out of hard trash. There are more out there like me. We have spoken on Sleeping Ducks Facebook page. so it's not just us experiencing this. Best go to a shop or a reputable Manufacturer that did not get there fame from Media and campaigning internet users. Hope this helps.

Sleeping Duck

Sleeping Duck service is exceptional! They’ve delivered on every promise. The mattress is so comfortable! None or little partner disturbance. Waking up feeling refreshed without aches and pains. Recommending it to everybody we speak to!

Fantastic product!

It’s so easy to get a great nights sleep now!

Best sleep in years!

Since the first night sleeping on our new Sleeping Duck mattress, it has been amazing sleep night after night!


Loved the speed from order to delivery and the service provided


Couldnt be happier with this mattress!

Great Mattress

The team at Sleeping Duck has been fantastic, we had exceptional service, we did alter the firmness of the mattress after purchase, the quick response we received was amazing. We have told many about our new mattress and the service we received.


A friend referred us as we were moving from a queen bed to a king and oh my gosh it's amazing. I was a bit concerned when it came rolled up but after a few nights sleeping on it it was so good. We opted for the firm to start, but got a medium to try during the 100 days, and always thinking we were firm mattress people - no longer, both of us loved the medium more

Good Night's sleep

We both have been much more comfortable since we bought the sleeping duck mattress.

Love it

Both my partner and I, and often now the dog, are all sleeping so well on our new mattress. Love it

Great mattress, great sleeps

I originally ordered the firm mattress, but felt it was a little too hard for me. I was sent the medium foam to try and it was perfect.

Don't buy - you will burn up on their mattresses - FAR TOO HOT!!

The foam used in the current Sleeping Duck mattresses must be extremely poor quality because you BURN up sleeping on the mattress. VERY uncomfortable waking up all night long because of the HOT mattress. Other mattress suppliers have now progressed to use far superior foams in their mattresses than Sleeping Duck are using, and these superior products provide temperature control for a comfortable night's sleep

Great Sleep

I have been sleeping on my Sleeping Duck Mattress for nearly 2 weeks and am extremely happy with it. Super comfortable, great value for money. The Sleeping Duck team are terrific, from sales team to the delivery driver. Highly recommend. I ordered the medium firmness and at time of order requested the soft inserts be send as my preference is for a softer bed. Previously slept on a plush pillow top Sealey, tried a Koala some years ago and didnt like it. The Sleeping Duck mattress if fabulous.

The "Firmness Adjustment" is a con!

Paid a lot more for this mattress based on the "Firmness Adjustment" promised. After asking to have the firmness adjusted, 5 weeks and 19 emails later we still haven't got the adjustment! What a scam!

Mattress collapse.

The bed was absolutely fantastic initially, I loved it, recommended it to my brother, who also bought one. I noticed about a week ago, that I was tossing and turning and not sleeping as I had been. On changing my sheets, I noticed the top mattress was collapsing, like a sandwich with the filling coming out the sides. I have written a complaint whilst forwarding photos. I am hoping that all will be resolved, the collapse explained, and the mattress replaced. I have to say that dealing initially with Sleeping Duck I would give them a score of 10 out of ten. More to follow.

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