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Sleep Republic

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Sleep Republic makes a hybrid mattress that puts a focus on edge support. It combines the firmer feel of latex and the pressure relieving qualities of gel-infused memory foam. Additionally, its zoned pocket springs help support the spine. Most customers describe good initial comfort with rare complaints about durability and long-term firmness.

Mattress Score

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.8/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

No Back Pain: 8.5/10

Price: $599-$1399

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Sleep Republic's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Sleep Republic uses some new technologies in their mattress -- predominantly surrounding its coil system. They have zoned firmness so that the shoulders and hips are not as firm. Additionally, their side coils that provide extra edge support are very firm so that you don't fall off the bed. There are some who felt that this design was less comfortable than other mattresses.

The Sleep Republic mattress comes with three comfort and support layers and one cover layer. Here are the details:

Cover Layer: The top cover includes cashere knitted fabric for a luxury feel. It is quilted and naturally soft, but may not be as cooling to some.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is made of gel infused memory foam. This soft and contouring layer relieves pressure point pain.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is made of latex foam, which is naturally cooling and gives a refreshing responsive bounce to the mattress while still reacting to movement to comfort aching joints.

Layer 4: The last layer is a layer of pocket springs. In the middle are zoned to support the spine while being soft to the hips and shoulders. Along the edges of the mattress are firmer coils so that you don't fall off the mattress at night.

Overall Comfort

Sleep Republic's mattress is comfortable for most customers. There are some that had issues with the initial feel of the mattress, including feeling it was too firm. Others had problems with it being too soft in the center and too firm along the sides.


Take a look at the firmness chart above. Because of Sleep Republic's design, the middle area of the mattress will be softer than around the edges because of the firmer edge supports. Additionally, some have described very different feels so there may be some differences in builds that cause some discrepencies in initial feel.

Back Pain Relief

Some have described back pain alleviation due to medium-firm profile of the mattress. However, there were a select few who experienced higher symptoms of back pain after the adjustment period. Most of these reasons had to do with their perception of the different firmnesses of the coils.


Most folks will find that this mattress is not too warm. Others, however, have reported that the mattress does retain some heat. This may be because of the combination of the foam and cashmere top layer.

Who Are These Mattresses Best For?

These mattresses are ideal for those that want plenty of edge support, but don't mind trying out a mattress that has some caveats in terms of comfort.

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Best sheets I’ve ever slept on!

Loving our two sets of bamboo sheets we ordered from Sleep Republic! We were so happy with the service and quality of our Sleep republic matteess that we thought we’d give the sheets a go! So happy we did! They are amazing. Super easy to wash/dry and the softest material I’ve ever slept on. Now that I’ve slept on these I can’t go back to normal sheets! The delivery process was once again one of the smoothest experiences I’ve had with online shopping!

Great Product!

Got My Queen Mattress a week ago with a set of Sheets! OMG the best sleets i have had in a while, had to buy more sets of sheets. Highly Recommend.


So comfortable and the delivery was quick!

Genies don't come in bottles anymore!

.....they come in small boxes with wheels and disappear within 100 days if you're not compatible. We had a Tempur mattress for 13 years - it was great. Replaced it with another - very expensive mistake. After six months took a chance on a king size Sleep Republic mattress - Excellent decision! This mattress is everything it claims to be. The quality is outstanding. The comfort level is just right - not too hard/not too soft. Almost a work of art to look at it seemed wrong to cover it up but Sleep Republic's stunning bamboo sheets are the perfect complement to this mattress for the best night's sleep.

Customer service ++

Awesome service have bought multiple mattresses now. Not just because of the product but the after market service. Recommended to family as well

Fast efficient delivery - great mattress

Arrived within a couple of hours - and very very comfortable. Free bamboo sheets sheets have a fantastic texture.


Delivery next day after 3pm order . Mattress weighs about 50kg one person can handle it but two is a better option.happy with the comfort of the mattress worth buying as you cannot loose out.

Great mattres and great service

Great mattres and great service i highly recomend sleep republic

The service and customer experience

The service and customer experience were excellent. The mattress was a little on the firm side for my partner and I but the return process was straightforward.

Queen Mattress is lovely! Can't

Queen Mattress is lovely! Can't complain

Relief and Sleep

I am 188cm tall, weigh 113kgs and am fit. Five years ago I bought a very expensive plush top king size mattress - chose plush with my wife in mind - I prefer medium/firm. Over the past year I had been suffering increasing pain in my back and right hand side from hip to foot - so bad that most mornings I could not bend down to put my shoes on or pick things off the floor. Visits to my osteopath and physiotherapist weren't helping to any great degree - sometimes some temporary relief but that was it. In desperation I went onto the internet and spent days researching my options. Sleep Republic looked like the way to go - if it did not work I could return the mattress - nothing to lose. Have had the mattress about four weeks now. In the mean time I have been seeing my Osteopath on a weekly basis and doing daily stretch exercises - was doing the stretch exercises when I was sleeping on the plush mattress. Can now get out of bed pain free - no pain in the back or my right side. My wife was a little unhappy about having to give up the plush mattress but is sleeping very well on the Sleep Republic (SR). One difference between the plush mattress and the SR is the side of the SR is not as firm as the plush mattress to sit on - simple - I now sit on the bedroom chair to put my shoes on. As for the side of the SR when lying on the mattress - I tend to sleep right on the edge of the mattress and there is no give/falling away - all those springs keep everything even and supportive. Am still in the trial period so heres hoping all continues to be good. Gave the plush mattress to one of my daughters and she and her husband love it. The new expensive mattress they had was giving them grief - one person's meat is another person's poison - horses for courses. One final thing - I was worried I might be too heavy for the mattress. Contacted the company and was told the mattresses are 200kg+ weight tested.

Delivery supply second to none.

Delivery supply second to none. Mattress is a bit to firm for our liking


The most comfortable mattress. Have bought two now for my boys. I’m next!!!!

First bed-in-a-box experience

Delivery to Sydney was prompt the next day (although the courier dropped one end of the mattress from his truck - about 1m - it didn't seem to do any damage). Unboxing was a fun experience despite the cutter tool being missing from the box, and the mattress is quite comfy so far. I'm used to firm mattresses but this one has been surprisingly supportive. Hopefully I can update my review in a few weeks once the mattress is properly broken in.

Brilliant Bed,

Brilliant Bed,

This company is wonderful to deal with

I am far from an ideal customer because having ordered a queen size mattress and having unrolled it, I then realised we actually wanted a king size mattress. I contacted Sleep Republic and they were wonderful, they said I could try the queen size for 100 nights and then for just the difference in price I could have a king size instead. The mattress is great, so many pocket springs make such a difference and the 100 nights trial is a brilliant idea. I would definitely recommend to anyone to try this mattress. My only other comment is that I will off-gas the new mattress in another room for a couple of weeks, my husband was fine with the mattress straight away but I got headaches at night for the first few weeks which I knew was due to the off-gassing and this would happen with any new mattress.

Super fast delivery

We live in outer metro/country SA and the mattress was delivered in 3 days which is really impressive. Packaging held up well considering the weight of the mattress. Unwrapping the mattress with the tool supplied was easy. Just make sure the mattress is in position before piercing the vacuum packaging coz it is heavy to move. The mattress is very comfortable and their is minimal partner disturbance. It took us a few days maybe a week or so to get used to the feeling that the mattress was hotter than we were used to, but don't notice it now. All up this is a great way to buy a mattress and the mattress does what it says on the box.

Excellent product

The quality of the mattress, pillows and sheets are next to none. The ordering and delivery process was flawless. Thank you.

A great option

I was sceptical of buying a mattress online, untested, but my husband convinced me it was worth trying. I'm glad. The purchase process was easy and our custom was clearly valued. We purchased about 4 months ago.The mattress has been fantastic. A little harder than I was used to but have come to love it. Also, I think my husband is snoring less now. All the best Sleep Republic, you deserve it.

Would buy again.

The mattress is very comfortable and affordable! The reason 5 stars was not given was because there seemed to be an unexplained delay with delivery. It took a week, but the website promised same day delivery/ next day if ordered after a certain time.

Awesome mattress! Love it!

Wow!! For the quality, service and price it was an absolute bargain! We'd only wished that we had purchased this earlier. We were initially a little nervous getting a mattress which came in a box but couldn't look past the positive reviews. Our main criteria was for a mattress with pocket springs for greater support, less partner disturbance and better air circulation so we didn't get too hot. We found that the Sleep Republic (SR) mattress had 2.4 times the number of springs (1,850 vs 768) for a QB as compared to a competitor (SD). Furthermore, the SR mattress also had thicker memory foam/top quilting (14 cm vs 10 cm) as well. We've now been sleeping on the SR mattress since Christmas and can honestly say that we've had the best sleep ever with no occasional body/back ache. We generally find that our sleeps are deeper and wake up feeling refreshed with less partner disturbance.

Excellent mattress and company, regretful return.

After a lot of research we ended up purchasing one of these mattresses. My husband suffers from a bad back and we struggle to find a mattress to accommodate it. From start to finish the company was impeccable to deal with, and I wish that there were more out there. The mattress was easy to set up - it is not that heavy, and I was able to manage it on my own (5'2 and weighing under 50ks, female). There was no lingering smell, something I'd been a bit concerned about. It was comfortable from the first night and best described as a medium in terms of 'feel'. As the weather warmed up, however, so did the mattress in terms of heat retention - and it is ONLY for this reason that I give it four stars. I tend to sleep 'hot', so struggled to come to terms with how much warmer it was to sleep on this mattress, than with a more traditional spring one. I contacted the company and they suggested trying a topper (no pressure - they simply offered the suggestion, or I could have easily returned it at this point). I tried one and although it reduced it to the point where I could have slept, I didn't like having the topper, so ended up returning it. The return couldn't have been easier - I emailed the company, the salvos in turn contacted me to arrange a suitable time to collect - and that very day I received an email from the company advising my card had been refunded in full. Very sorry to have returned it, but I urge anyone considering this mattress to give them a go. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just completely impressed with the service and the mattress, had I been able to put up with the warmth aspect, was beautiful.

Very Happy

I had the mattress delivered to my door, and opened it in my room. After opening it easily, I let it decompress. There was a slight odour, but it was gone by the time I went to bed. Highly recommended, price for value is incredible!

Superb Service

After reviewing a wide range of mattress choices we settled on Sleep Republic and have not been disappointed. We are having wonderful restful nights sleeping. Must say we were sceptical about A Bed In A Box and wondered how it could possibly unfold into how they said it would but gave it a go anyway more so for the curiosity aspect and hey presto once unpacked we have ourselves a wonderful mattress. We ordered the mattress in the AM and it was delivered within a couple of hours brilliant fantastic service and with a 100 day money back guarantee how can you go wrong.

Delivered exactly as advised it

Delivered exactly as advised it would.

So comfortable

So comfortable


I have scoliosis and woke up every morning with back ache. I still wake up with a sore back but no where near as much. I am so happy I took a chance on this mattress. The whole process was quick,and easy . Watching the mattress expand was fun too.

Excellent customer service, fantastic bed!

I have now purchased two mattresses from Sleep Republic and both times their customer service has been exemplary. Even better - the beds are the amazing! Thanks so much - my husband wakes up each day with without pain in his (bad) back for the first time in 20 years.

Very happy with my Sleep Republic mattress and service

The mattress is very comfortable and arrived promptly after order. It was easy to unpack from the box and set up.

Amazing matress!

So I waited for the 100 day trial to finish before I wrote this. I just wanted to make sure that there was no chance that the mattress was going to collapse, become uncomfortable or something along those lines. I would have to say this is the best decision I've ever made in the way of a mattress. I had been to the stores and tried so many and just could not make decision and thought that this was as good a risk as any. The fact that Sleep Republic did have the option to return the matress strongly influenced my buying decision. I do have a bad back. I certainly was concerned on how it would go, but this mattress has been so comfortable! I have an incredible night sleep, every night! I highly recommend buying a mattress from Sleep Republic. I tell all my friends about it all the time and they can't believe that I bought a bed in a box but it was worth the risk! Thank you Sleep Republic. Karen Ryan

Efficient and good quality

I live in a country area of Victoria, I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered the mattress on Monday evening to find it waiting for me on Wednesday. You can't beat that for service! Mattress feels great to sleep on, no more waking up with numb arms. Very happy purchaser here!

Great mattress and great service

Ordered a mattress and protector but only the mattress arrived. Contacted SR and the protector arrived express.

Great so far

The mattress arrived very promptly and it unpacked itself brilliantly. I didn't notice any obvious smell - there might have been a bit, but it disappeared quite quickly. It is really comfortable. The only disappointment is that we probably needed to replace the mattress base at the same time, as there is still a little movement when my husband turns over etc. But it is not nearly as obvious as before and I am kind of used to it.

Better sleep

We needed a new mattress as both my partner and I were waking up with aches and pains from sleeping on our old mattress. I didn't want to fork out thousands of dollars for a new mattress from a major retailer so I searched online and found Sleep Republic (as well as some others but we chose Sleep Republic). They were quick to answer my questions and best of all, the deliver to the NT (for free!). I was reluctant to buy a mattress in a box but the 100 night free trial swayed me, as well as the returns policy. I put in an order for a king size and 5 days later it arrived (thanks TNT). My 14yr old daughter set it up by herself (poor thing cause it is a bit heavy). We have been sleeping on it for 2 weeks now and it's the best 2 weeks sleep ever. Felt fully supported, not too soft or too hard. No more aches and pains and no more partner disturbance. It is a bit warmer than our old mattress but no biggie. Well done Sleep Republic!


Very happy. Delivery was a breeze and unrolling the mattress far less daunting than expected. Loving the mattress so far. Had it cut a month now Would definitely do it again

Very happy

Excellent mattress!



Very comfy mattress. Lightening fast

Very comfy mattress. Lightening fast delivery!!

single bed

fast delivery

Brilliant experience

Excellent mattress that has releaved my back pain. Efficient company to deal with and I would highly recommend this mattress. Very happy!

Incredible Customer Service

I'm even more blown away by the service I received than the amazing mattress I am now sleeping on! Sean was so available on the phone - so great to speak to an Aussie who felt like he was just around the corner; talk through options, have him call me back when he said he would - and then my mattress arrives in less than 2 hours after we speak... and Im on an after-pay system, paying it back over 4 instalments. So easy. I'd slept on one whilst house sitting for a friend and I loved it so much I had to ask her where she bought it - I'd never heard of Sleep Republic before then I have to admit. But Im so glad I could afford it. The delivery guys was ace and brought it up the stairs for me. It is a heavy mattress when you get it out of the box, but it's pretty easy to manage - and watching it unfold was quite mesmerising... Anyway - this 5 stars is well deserved. Thank you. I will forever recommend you. Cheers.

Speed Republic

Mattress delivered within 18 hours, was sleeping on it within 32 hours. Now that’s service.


So went looking online for one of those comfortable mattress you find at 5star hotels. Wasn’t paying 6k! When I saw the guarantee Sleep Republic had , was a no brainer. My most comfortable bed I’ve ever owned.

So far very impressed

Speedy delivery. Ordered online in the morning and the mattress arrived that afternoon! So far very happy with comfort.. Not too hard, not too soft.

Quick delivery

We decided to try a mattress in a box after trying beds in stores. Asked some questions first with quick responses. Decided to give it a go. The Salvos collection of mattress if not happy cinched it for us. Ordered 11am received 5pm that day. Slept on it that night.

Sleep Republic Mattress

Fantastic service! Sent a question over the Christmas holidays and received a reply the next day, placed an order and received it in a couple of days. Although a little heavy it was easy to unpack, and get up and going. Bought a single bed mattress for my husband who has a disability and he loves it, prior, he was tossing and turning all night now he only turns a couple of times. Can't recommend the mattress or Sleep Republic enough.

Great Nights Sleep

After doing much research into mattresses, we decided to go with Sleep Republic and we are certainly happy that we did. Having come from an expensive thick and heavy latex mattress, we were very pleased to find that the Sleep Republic mattress lived up to the excellent online reviews. The mattress has firm support with just the right amount of give in the top layers. This results in less tossing and turning during the night and no more sore hips in the morning. Also no more partner disturbance. It doesn’t sleep hot and the springs give the mattress enough rigidity that making the bed is a lot easier than our previous latex mattress. We have only had our mattress for a couple of weeks but so far we are extremely happy with our Sleep Republic mattress and have no hesitation recommending them.

Very nice mattress and experience

Ordered another brand of bed in a box (all foam) and wasn't happy with it. After returning it, we decided to try the Sleep Republic mattress because of the springs and it turned out to be the right decision. This mattress is very much worth the money when compared to mattresses bought from a store for triple the cost. Great company, great product. Highly recommended.

Sleeping excellence

Fast delivery. Comfortable mattresss.

As I live in the

As I live in the country, I liked the neatly packaged process for getting a mattress without going to the city and paying for delivery. When the goods didn’t arrive on time, Sleep Republic followed this up very quickly. Both of these things are in accord with your statements above.

Definitely the best mattress on the market

We were a little skeptical about this mattress at first, but after reading all the positive reviews & seeing that the customer service was fantastic & the promised 100 day refund was honoured without any problems, we decided to give it a go as there was no risk. All I can say is we are so glad we did. I haven't slept so soundly in years!! With other mattresses, it takes me a good 20minutes before I nod off. With this mattress I am asleep within minutes & I don't even notice my husband move (he doesn't just roll over either, if you imagine a walrus trying to make its way along a beach, that's him trying to roll over! Nothing delicate about it!!) With our previous mattress I was bounced awake! With this mattress I don't feel a thing. I don't even notice him wake up in the morning either or go through his usual routine of brushing teeth, changing clothes etc because I am in such a deep sleep. My husband is even amazed at how well he has been sleeping too & he was the most skeptic about this mattress. He is now glad I talked hm into it. I do have to say though, if you do purchase this mattress, definitely give it the recommended 2 weeks for your body and spine to adjust. The 1st 3 nights were fabulous, then the week following both my husband and I woke with some aches/discomfort here and there, but during the 2nd week and ever since, we have had no aches or pains. We have now had the mattress for 2 months. The mattress is a medium/firm feel, with a generous amount of top padding which makes it oh so comfortable. I am 65kgs and hubby is 110kgs so it's a good variance in weight ranges for feedback too. Don't bother with the big brands with the hefty price tags, as they are inferior quality and their customer services is left wanting. Sleep republic, congratulations on a great product, excellent service & reasonable pricing. I hope you keep your customers needs and financial circumstances at the forefront of your business structure & keep prices within reach. If so, you will be most successful as your popularity grows.

Great mattress

Previous Mattress was hard and caused sore shoulders and hips. Had to use a topper on it to make it usable. The Sleep Republic Mattress is very supportive, no issues at all and sleeping is great. Not the first Sleep Republic Mattresses - bought two for my kids and not one issue - excellent product.

Third time lucky

LOVE my mattress !!!!!! Was just about to give up on mattresses out of a box and thought I’d have one last try with one with springs. Well what a difference, this mattress is classed above the rest. The right amount of support from the springs vs soft memory foam on top. I look forward to bed every night and am glad I can stop researching mattresses now as I have found the one. People complain about it being too heavy, it’s very heavy to lift but I have no trouble at all making the bed and lifting the corners

Very happy customers!!

I wasn't sure about this mattress as my husband gets a lot of back and shoulder pain. My sister recommended you guys and i am glad she did. The price is excellent, The service is excellent, The unwrapping of the mattress , well thats just fun. The smell so many had commented on I didn't think was that bad and the Matress is amazing. The free trial gave us piece of mind and we ultimately had nothing to loose.

Wonderful bed, great buying experience!

After spending much time wrapping my head around the multitude of online bed options (having a young family and no time for hours of in-store browsing), I decided on Sleep Republic as I liked the concept of the combination of pocket spring, latex and memory foam for comfort and durability. As we were moving during the purchasing process, I was unsure as to where to have the mattress sent - new home and old home. Rang the company and spoke to Sean, who was very helpful. It felt like very personalised service. Arrived at our new home and the bed had been delivered the day before and left under cover. The handle only just managed to get the box to the bedroom and unpacking was quite straightforward (although the little blade supplied snapped and managed to cut my husband's hand..). The little bit of chemical smell has taken a couple of weeks to dissipate. Now the bottom line: EXTREMELY comfortable mattress! Love it. Cozy, snuggly on top and supportive underneath. It looks really well made and should last for years, though time will tell. Happy customer :)

Customer service experience

Excellent! A seamless experience from ordering to delivery! Well done Sean and the team, will definitely recommend to our friends and family.

Absolutely wonderful service and mattress!

Absolutely wonderful service and mattress!

Sleep republic matress

Service was amazing ordered and pay for our matress at 10.30am on a Friday and was delivered by 3pm same day very friendly helpful and great service and product is awesome feels like you are floating Thank you

Good service, had the personal approach,

Mattress is very good into second week of use and all good very comfortable feel very well supported and having good nights sleep



Great bed, great service

Ordering a mattress online may seem a bit crazy to some. From placing the order to delivery was a smooth process. Then the best part of getting the bed out of the box, that was hilarious. The mattress is very comfortable, providing a good nights sleep.

Best mattress, great price.

Love the great people to deal with. Love the online purchase. Love the mattress in a box. Love the home delivery. Love the genuine 100 day free trial. Love the quality mattress. Love the minimal partner disturbance. Love the comfort. Love the price. Absolutely. Love. It. BEST MATTRESS EVER. We're finally at the end of our mattress troubles after three mattresses in 3 years ... sigh.

Great Matress

Luxurious, brilliant combination of soft top and firm base.


Couldn't be happier with our new sleep republic mattress

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Easy process, friendly and helpful staff, quick delivery. Oh, the mattress feels amazing, too! Very happy overall.

excellent five stars

excellent five stars


Ordered it on a Sunday and had it Tuesday how good was that? And I'm in a rural area. l first slept on it last night and for the first time in many many months I suffered no hip pain..So comfy... Love it..

Mrs Maggie Bolton

I have only had this mattress now for four weeks but already feeling the benefit of it .I look forward to bedtime every night lol My only suggestions for improvement would be ......[1]Try to have two people to open the box and undo the mattress .As a 74 yearold lady I managed it..but was a bit of a struggle, as it is a very solid mattress ....[2] would be for ease of bed making it would be really good to attach straps to the sides of the product as I have difficulty lifting it to make my bed positioning my sheets etc.

Love the mattress and the customer service was OUTSTANDING!

I ordered this mattress on Saturday morning and it arrived the following Monday - how great is that?!?! Following ordering the mattress someone was in contact to notify me that the protector I had ordered was on back order and I was offered a refund if I didn't want to wait - again GREAT! Now the mattress - we absolutely love it and would recommend it 100%! Great service and an outstanding product - win win all round!

Great service. Great product.

DELIVERY Delivery of mattress protector and mattress was very quick (2 days from memory, Brisbane). Box was a bit damaged but nothing of any concern to the martress itself. Transporting the box to the unit is made easy with the wheels on the bottom. UNBOXING I was too keen to open the vacuum sealed packaging and didn't read the instructions and as a result made it a bit harder than it probably had to be. Mattress expands very quickly but does take 24-48 hours to reach its final form. As expected, the mattress smelt fairly strongly of a chemical type smell. I let the mattress rest against a wall for over 24 hours by which point the smell had almost completely gone. Try to unbox where you want the mattress to actually be as it is very heavy. COMFORT The cashmere on top feels so light and smooth whereas the sides feel sturdy and well supported. After reading other reviews, I was concerned that the mattress might be too firm but this was far from the truth. It feels soft to lay on while feeling 100% supported from head to toe. Partner disturbance is minimal at best, and is probably only due to the sheets moving and not the mattress itself. QUALITY I was slightly concerned when I read that the mattresses are constructed in China and thought that may have some impact on the quality overall. On the 3.5 months that we have had this mattress, I have not once had a concern. I am around 100kg and my partner is around 80kg. With the proper rotation of the mattress all materials have preformed as promised by Sleep Republic. Overall, I am so glad that we went down the Sleep Republic road and didn't choose other similar brands. The product and service is all that is promised and more.


Fast delivery to deep south of Adelaide, easy package to move and open. allowed to sit (open) for a few days, then placed on bed frame. Very Comfortable, Great to sleep on, Love it !! David

Quick, Easy and Comfy, and at the best price

Bought on line, delivered to a country town within a few days and fun to watch it spring to life. And so comfortable. Heartily recommended.

Third time lucky!

We are so pleased with our Sleep Republic mattress. It is the third attempt to get a new mattress and has been fantastic, despite being the cheapest of the three! Order and delivery was so easy and we haven't looked back. I would recommend these to anyone, so great to avoid the stressful shopping process and to find out it's 'just right'.

So Happy

I have owned this mattress for nearly a year and am still impressed with it. Did a lot of research and glad to purchase this one - and love that it is designed by Australians! Thanks!

Never knew what sleep was like before this

I think my title says it. Highly recommended!!!!

It's a great mattress

We're a year in to our mattress and are really happy with it. We came from a much softer and saggy mattress so there was an adjustment period, but the 100 day guarantee gave us peace of mind.



Excellent bed . We can't

Excellent bed . We can't believe the comfort it gives us each night. I was suffering with terrible pain in my hips for the past 3years and my husband had back pain. Over the past month of owning this mattress the pain is no longer keeping us awake and even during the day I can now walk without stopping to rest. It's hard to believe but we are basically pain free. Well done making this bed. They delivered to us as promised.

All round best

Great products, great service Impressed!

Not just a good idea

Buying a Sleep Republic mattress was not just a good idea but a great idea. The buying process was easy, delivery was quick, and other than dragging the weight of the box with a broken handle, set up was easy. Very happy with the mattress.

I go to bed early now

Seriously the best mattress I have ever slept on in my life. Order on a Saturday and it came on the Monday. Stop reading reviews now and buy it.

Fantastic support at great price

Nearly a year ago we purchased your mattress and I'm pleased to report I couldn't be happier! I then relocated and needed a second mattress so didn't hesitate purchasing Sleep Republic again. I wanted to take time before reviewing the mattress, and I am super impressed with the comfort, support, stability, and all round goodness. I have great sleeps and enjoy relaxing into the mattress every night. I purchased the mattress after having back surgery last year and wanted something soft to the touch but with solid support. After doing lots of research in the shops I learnt about micro spring systems and decided that's what I wanted. But after reading about some of the misleading tactics used in the traditional mattress brands I decided to search online. I was able to speak with the team at Sleep Republic who provided honest and informative guidance and details on the materials and construction, and I was comforted by the depth of experience and knowledge of the team who are actually from the mattress industry (which I'm sure a lot of online mattress providers probably can't say). I took a chance on an online mattress after doing lots of research and I've been so impressed with my Sleep Republic mattress ever since. Of course buying a mattress is a very personal experience, but if you're after something with a consistent and solid interior with a soft and supportive top I can strongly recommend Sleep Republic.

Very comfy mattresses. Love how

Very comfy mattresses. Love how they come rolled up - it's great arching them unroll. son is due for a new one. Will be ordering soon.

Happy Chappy

Great Service, great bed.

Great Company

I searched everywhere, in stores and online, for the right mattress at the right price. I came across Sleep Republic and it was a win win. If we didn't like the mattress it would be going to charity. However, we loooovved the mattress and the price. Fast delivery and super easy to unpack. Thanks guys!

Best Matress ever

Best matress, good support , great price, would recommend it to everyone

First class

I found the mattress to be first class, firm comfortable and a good purchase at the price.

New Mattress

Incredible service. Simple to order and delivered in less than 24 hours. Definitely using for my next mattress.


Was sceptical when I bought mattress but the best after about 10 days ,now 12 months old luv it

Sleep Republic mattress

What a great mattress, love it so comfortable. Haven't slept so well in years, (firm but not too firm). Easy to unpack and set up. The speed of delivery was incredible (arrived in under 24 hours). Thanks to you all at Sleep Republic. Cheers Owen.

Great Mattress

It took a couple of nights to get used to as I previously had a much softer mattress but I have never slept better! My shoulders have always been a problem but they feel better than they have in years! The only downside is the weight - Living in a household with 2 girls it was incredibly difficult to get upstairs. I highly recommend the Sleep Rupublic mattress.

Worth it.

Great maatress. If you like a medium to firm feel this is what you want. Great value. Very satisfied.

Great mattress, already recommended to friends to buy

This Queen size mattress is indeed a great one. It gives us sleeps in much better quality. So, we surely recommend friends who need to buy new mattresses. One only thing is that after nearly one year of use, the mattress does get a bit of subsidence the area where we mostly sleep on. Hope this doesn't affect anything.

did lots of research

I wish you all the best with your company and if we are in the market for a mattress again I know where i'll be ordering one from. Just for your information, we did do a lot of research and testing of mattresses in stores, etc and it basically came down to your company or the Koala brand. They nearly had me a couple of times as they offer an immediate $100 off and the little cuddly toy and they adopt a Koala and they are totally made in Australia so it really pulls at the patriotic heart strings to try and support Australian made and get a couple of perks as well. The reason we didn't order from them is that the mattress just looked too firm in their video. We both decided a combination of springs and layers of the other products would give more of a comforting wrap around feel. I still have no idea what their mattresses feel like as all their reviews seem a bit mixed, like the people do not know how to describe it and there were a few that did not like it as well.

love my mattress

I love my mattress and I have given it, and you, a positive review.


I have to rave about your customer service. I'll do a 5 star review when I get a chance. You've been amazing to deal with.

excellent customer service

even though the mattress wasn't right for me I'll still be happily recommending sleep republic to my friends and family. Great business model and Excellent customer service. All the best for the future guys.


Mattresses arrived. I had an awesome night sleep. Many thanks

above the australian standard

Your customer service is superb, you've always been very quick in your response and really really kind to us. Congrats for your work, your customer service is absolutely above the australian standard.

Sleep Republic mattress. Best sleep in years.

My mother-in-law wanted a new mattress because she and my father-in-law are 78 and have a lot of aches and pains and a bad back. They don’t like to leave the house because of COVID so they wanted to wait. Besides it was too hard getting a new one up the narrow stairs even if it was delivered. We had bought a bed in a box from Sleep Republic and it was great. The in-laws Thought we were joking that a mattress came in a box and were pretty sceptical. Anyway, it arrived and went straight up the stairs no problems. They rang us the next day and said it was beautiful and they both slept in! Never slept better. They don’t disturb each other when we rolling over during the night or getting up. They love the mattress. My father-in-law reports that it has kept its shape after being purchased in July. They don’t have email but wanted to say something about it.

Paid for, but never received

I ordered a bed bundle on the 12th of December. Delivery estimate warned that - while next day delivery was offered in metro areas - regional deliveries could take up to 10-14 days. After that time elapsed, I had to call, repeatedly, to try to get answers as to where our bed was. Eventually I was told it would be delivered by the 6th of January - unfortunately, after our holiday was over. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't delivered by then. It has now been more than 4 weeks since we ordered, and I'm still having to call, repeatedly, to try to get answers...with no one calling back when they promised to. The response has been that it's the fault of the delivery company used, but that excuse might have been good for the first 2 it's just insulting. This has been one of the worst customer experiences I've ever had, and I would never recommend them to anyone.

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