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Sleep And Co Mattress Reviews

Sleep and Co is sadly no longer in business. Check out our top rated Australian mattresses for other top Australian mattresses. Sleep & Co offers two budget-friendly mattresses for customers in Australia. They offer both an all-foam version and a hybrid mattress. Their mattresses get high marks from customers overall with most customers finding a comfortable sleep. Most customers reported that the all-foam version is better for children, while the hybrid mattress is a more luxurious option for adults.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.4/10

No Back Pain: 7.2/10

Price: $699-$1299

Trial Period: 90 Days

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Sleep And Co's Specifics

Sleep and Co. are mattress makers at heart, with over 30 years of experience working in the industry and listening to customers. They have some great features like 2 different mattress types and a free 90 day return period that shows how much they believe in their products.

Quality of Materials

Sleep & Co makes 2 different mattresses -- an all-foam version and a hybrid that features pocketed springs. They feature high quality foams and their hybrid mattress features luxurious tufting on the top layer. These mattresses get good marks from customers when it comes to quality and long term comfort.

We'll go through each of Sleep & Co's mattresses in detail. Here are the details for the memory foam mattress:

Cover Layer: The top cover is machine washable and made of a soft and breathable fabric.

Layer 2: The top comfort layer is made of latex foam to provide a firm bounce and natural cooling.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is made of memory foam that alleviates pressure point pain, while it contours around your body.

Layer 4: The last layer is high density polyurethane foam that supports the spine and provides a firm cushion below.

The hybrid mattress, on the other hand, features pocketed coils and an increased level of support, which is ideal for those that are used to traditional mattresses. Here are the details for the hybrid mattress:

Cover Layer: The top layer is made of a cashmere blend that is quilted and a luxury padded surface. It isn't as breathable as other materials, but is soft and insulating.

Layer 2: The following layer is a layer of natural latex, that provides a gentle bounce and cooling. This layer is firm.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is gel infused memory foam. It contours and has less resistance for extra softness while staying cool because of the gel infusion.

Layer 4: The last layer is the pocket spring system that supports the back and spine evenly in any position while keeping motion disturbance limited. Wrapped around these coils is an edge support system to keep things from sagging on the sides.

Overall Comfort

Most customers had great things to say about Sleep and Co mattresses. Although they are a smaller brand, they make up for it in their positive reviews from customers and high quality materials for the price.


Take a look at the firmness chart above. Sleep & Co's hybrid mattress is somewhat softer than the memory foam mattress version. It has a more luxurious pillowy feel ideal for side sleeping, while the all-foam version provides deep support for stomach and back sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

For those that are back sleepers and average sized, the memory foam mattress will do well to provide good relief for your spine. The hybrid version is great for side sleepers, back sleepers, or those that find themselves sleeping in multiple positions.


Both mattresses should sleep cool overall because of the top latex layer and breathable layers. They hybrid is the better option for cooling overall.

Who Are The Sleep & Co Mattresses Best For?

These mattresses are ideal for those that are looking for options for a competitive price versus retail stores, and don't mind betting on a smaller brand!

Browse Sleep And Co Customer Reviews

Comfort in a Box

After reading extensively about beds in a box we decided to purchase a Sleep and Co mattress. Sleep and Co have springs which gives good edge support. The mattress is excellent quality and I am sleeping much better.

Fantastic buy

Very happy with our kind size bed. Affordable, comfortable and very non-disturb. Would purchase again.

Love it.

There’s a whole lot of these mattresses in a box ads on Facebook. I almost bought three different ones but I’m glad I did my research and in the end got the Sleep & Co Hybrid. It’s also ranked 2nd or 3rd on one site in the top 5 bed in a box category. So easy to buy, delivery fast, box has a handle and wheels so one person can manage it up stairs etc once you get it. The actual mattress is a bit harder/firmer than I expected but after a week sleeping soundly on it, I love the thing. My first new bed/mattress since an Amart Furniture number I bought in 1999 is the best thing about my 2018 so far.

Great Mattress for a great night sleep

We are a month into using the Hybrid King Mattress and we look forward to getting into bed very night. It is extremely comfortable and gives us a good night sleep. It also arrived very quickly once we placed the order and was simple to unpack


I was very hesitant to order a bed online without even trying it out, but Marc was super helpful and alleviated any of my concerns. I can happily say both my husband and I (both light sleepers who toss and turn a lot) have been having really great night sleeps on the Hybrid Mattress and are waking much more refreshed each day! The bed is firm but supportive--as Goldilocks would say, "It was just right!" Thanks Sleep & Co! Fast delivery, great customer service, brilliant product.

Best mattress ever

No more sleepless more back pain..what a beautiful mattress

Excellent Sleep

This mattress has definitely given me the best sleep I’ve been needing for a long time! So thank you very much Sleep&Co

Good service by Sleep & Co Australia

queen size mattress

Very speedy delivery and the mattress was very easy to take out of the box ...

Very speedy delivery and the mattress was very easy to take out of the box and set up. The mattress is awesome and I can’t believe how comfortable it is and at such a great price. Been a great online experience. Thank you!

Great company, Great experience highly recommend

Loved the humour of their advertising. All communication with Marc was simple, polite and professional.. The mattress had no smell, which was great as I work in a world of foam. It was easy to unpack and move. we liked the height of the mattress and my husbands is very happy with it as am I (would liked it a little softer but no doubt it will soften in time) Over all a great experience and would highly recommend Sleep and Co.

We were looking for an affordable good quality mattress for our spare room …

We were looking for an affordable good quality mattress for our spare room and this one is perfect – incredibly comfy, looks great and the delivery guys were very accommodating and efficient. Feels like a much more luxurious buy than the $599 we spent. Thank you!

Does what it says on the box.

Nice and firm pretty comfortable,wife loves it I find it a little hot will give it another couple of weeks.

Kinda impressed

Not gonna say this is a high end mattress (my mum has a Tempur) but I'm pretty pleased because they deliver exactly what they promise. Mattress is nicely firm, and the price is definitely right.

A quality mattress

Changed from a standard spring mattress to a memory foam mattress last year. Safe to say I’ve been converted always look forward to getting back to my bed after working away from home or travelling. Great for someone looking for a more supportive mattress, they are firm but will mould to your body, super comfortable !

Great response to questions asked and changes to delivery , hassle free exp...

Great response to questions asked and changes to delivery , hassle free experience!'

Excellent service! =)

Great service from order to delivery. Everyone was friendly and helpful, would recommend.

Quick delivery but the opening instructions were inside the package and I w...

Quick delivery but the opening instructions were inside the package and I was unsure about cutting into the box for fear of cutting the mattress. If instructions were printed in the outside of the packaging it would be better.

Brilliant! Highly recommended!

Excellent service from start to finish. The staff at sleep and co are really helpful. The mattress is super comfy, we're really pleased with it. So affordable!

Very comfortable!

We got 5 mattresses. Excellent delivery, easy to unpack and expanded quickly to full size. Very comfortable. Would certainly use the product again

Sleep & Co have been amazing!

Sleep & Co have been amazing, I have received great customer service from start to finish. Choosing and ordering the mattresses was very easy. The 2 mattresses we’ve ordered (S1 Essential) are super comfy and very competitively pr

Great service, quick deliery & awesome price!

Hey team Sleep&Co. Loving my new superking memory foam mattress! It arrived in a box the day after I ordered it. So cool how the whole thing expands out! I have to say the memory foam is different, it ain’t like my old spring matt

Excellent service by Sleep & Co

Great service, easy to use, informative website, timely delivery

so far so good

mattress is quite comfortable, but still getting used to it.

Great service, great mattress, we bought it as a mattress for a spare room ...

Great service, great mattress, we bought it as a mattress for a spare room but like it so much may change it for ours. Will definitely look to purchase​ another soon.

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