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Opulay Mattress Reviews

Opulay is an Australian-made mattress in a box that features an all-foam design. It comes with 4 total layers of foam and aims to be in a medium-firmness range with the ability to customise between firm and soft on either side, making it ideal for most sleepers. It is a bit more expensive than many competitors and somewhat less popular. That said, their customers may be on to something.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.1/10

No Back Pain: 8.9/10

Price: $813-$1268

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Opulay's Specifics

Quality of Materials

One of the benefits of the Opulay mattress is the ability to flip the top layers of the mattress for a firmer or a softer feel. In terms of the foam quality, all of the foams used in the mattress are GECA certified for eco-friendly and are made 100% in Australia.

The Opulay mattress has four layers of foam with a top cover layer. Here are the details:

Cover Layer: The top cover is machine washable and comfortable to the touch. It has added bonus of being breathable and not trapping heat.

Layer 2: The top layer of foam, which Opulay has called 'the topper' is actually 3 layers of foam adhered together. This layer is flippable so that you can choose between the default 'medium-firm' orientation. The default orientation top to bottom is 3.5cm of instant response foam, 2.5cm transition foam, and 3cm gel infused memory foam. The top foam acts similarly to latex and is firmer, while the gel memory foam helps with pressure point relief.

Layer 3: The following layer is 15cm of high density base foam that supports the spine thoroughly.

Overall Comfort

Because of the ability to flip the 'topper' foam between a firm or soft version of the mattress, most customers find what they are looking for with this mattress. Some had to get used to the feel of the mattress.


Take a look at the firmness chart above. If you desire a medium-firm or medium-soft mattress, the Opulay mattress may be just what you are looking for. Those that prefer side sleeping who are average or light in body size may desire the medium-soft version. Those that are stomach or back sleepers will likely prefer the default medium firm version.

Back Pain Relief

For those that sleep on their backs or stomachs, the medium firm version will do a good job supporting the spine and keeping things firm enough to relieve spine discomfort.


One area that the Opulay mattress needs work is around cooling. There is some heat retention in the top layers if you have the default medium-firm orientation.

Who Is This Mattress Best For?

This mattress is best for those with partners that can't agree on what firmness of mattress to buy. Others too may find what they are looking for, but there are better deals available.

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Opulay Mattress-King

I have to say that I love my new mattress.I love that I can have two different feels to the bed. I find the mattress incredibly comfortable and I look forward to going to bed these days and I hate getting out (the exact opposite to how I have been for the past two years).I find the mattress molds beautifully to my body,not too hard and not too soft. My Mattress arrived within three days so that was fantastic,the box that it come in was totally destroyed though, with gaping holes it looked a mess,thank goodness the mattress was wrapped tight in plastic and still o.k. I did not receive any form of warranty with the Mattress however I am aware that it should have one. The king size mattress is also slightly smaller all round compared to my A.H Beard king size mattress however I love the Opulay mattress so much that I am sure I will cope. All in all a wonderful supportive mattress that I would highly recommend.


Wow absolutely blown away by this mattress! Its everything I wanted and more! I love how you can change the firmness of the mattress too! Thank you so much! Love it!

The Opulay Mattress

We have had our Opulay mattress for over a week now. After many years and many mattesses - innerspring, air cell, foam - the Opulay has been so comfortable that my husband, who suffers pain from two back injuries, was finally able to say, "This is a good mattress. At least it doesn't poke and prod the pain, keeping me awake all night." Well done and thank you Team Opulay!


Wasn't sure what to expect but I'm super happy. It's extremely comfortable. Feels like I'm laying on a cloud.

Very happy with our new

Very happy with our new mattress. Comfortable and excellent service from Opulay. Answered all my questions thoughtfully and acurately. Thanks!

Sceptical at first

Sceptical at first yes, I wanted to see the mattress and try it, but I must admit I get embarrassed trying mattresses at the store. Spoke to Drew who couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. I thought I had nothing to lose to try it out for a time and see how it goes. The mattress arrived within 2 days and was extremely simple to unfold. I was going to buy 2 single beds, which of course meant complete new linen etc., as my husband wants a firm base and I can only sleep on a soft base. The Opulay mattress solved the problem and it was easy to turn one side over. We have only been sleeping on it for 1 week but at the moment my husband is not waking with a back ache and I am not waking up at all times during the night. Early days, but I'm sure it is the answer.


the matress is amazing! I loved it! I have tried the soft side the first few weeks, and it wont affect my partner if I came to back late, as the matress will only sink in on my side. And now we have flipped to the harder side, and we feel it suits us more! The matress is really good for our body, we feel our muscle got more relaxed since we upgrated to Opulay, we woke up more energetic and feel less muscle pains and sour! It totally worth the investment!

2 week review

Sleep has been sound since we have had the opulay mattress much better than our previous one.

On the fence at the moment.

I have not got used to the mattress yet, i think, the strangeness of the bed itself vs spring feels so alien to me I have good nights and bad nights, but still have back pain overnight and not quite comfortable. Although in saying that i think it is a matter of adjusting, hence why on the fence right now.. too early to tell.. stay tuned...

Most versatile mattress ever

I am 6 months pregnant and my sleeping habit changes every week, thanks to Opulay mattress I can literally change the feel of my mattress from soft to firm with just a flip.

Best mattress ever

Wow! Never slept these good.

No more backpain

Way better than my old mattress, I would wake up with lower backpain. The Opulay mattress is very supportive and comfy. Very easy to buy and setup the mattress.

Lovely concept

we where looking for mattress but couldn't makeup our mind as my boyfriend likes firm mattress & I like it soft. Thank god we found Opulay mattress, now we both sleep just the way we want and you can barely feel the gap.

I highly recommend.

Lovely concept and good quality product

What an incredible product

Not only is the mattresss comfortable but the whole unboxing experience was amazing

Amazing mattress

Shipped quickly, the set up was very easy. Took sometime to get use to the mattress as I was switching between soft and firm feel - but finally I got my right fit.

Good value for money

Very simple to change the feel of the mattress

Very unique experience

Simply love it. From buying to sleeping on it.

Excellent customer service

The customer service team at Opulay is amazing answered all the questions. Loving our Opulay mattress so far.

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