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Onebed Mattress Reviews

The Onebed mattress is a all-foam mattress in a box that features high quality Dunlop latex. They get good reviews from customers overall and have a competitive price versus the other popular versions with similar materials. Although not as popular as others, they are worth a second look.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9/10

No Back Pain: 9.1/10

Price: $650-$1800

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Onebed's Specifics

Quality of Materials

The Onebed mattress comes with some good quality materials -- such as Dunlop latex on the top layer. It leads to a gentler bounce in many circumstances that may reflect well on the initial comfort of the mattress.

The Onebed mattress comes with 3 comfort layers and a top cover. Here are the details:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is made of plush polyester that is woven. This layer helps whick away moisture on the surface.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 4cm of Dunlop latex that is highly responsive, naturally cooling, and gentle in its bounce.

Layer 3: The following layer is 4cm of viscoelastic memory foam. This foam helps relieve pressure point pain and contours around the body.

Layer 4: The final layer is an 18cm layer of high density polyurethane base foam. This layer supports the spine and back while providing durability to the mattress.

Overall Comfort

The initial comfort of this mattress has been praised by reviewers. The latex works together with the memory foam to support the spine while still helping with pressure point relief.


Take a look at the firmness chart above. This mattress is rated as a medium-firm mattress that edges towards the medium side. For those that are lighter in body size, it may take some getting used to if you are a side sleeper. Average sized sleepers should feel comfortable sleeping in any position.

Back Pain Relief

This mattress does well with cradling the spine and supporting the back throughout the night. Additionally, it won't harm pressure points as much as a firmer mattress might.


Although many will do well with this mattress for cooling, some may find it retains some heat during the summer months.

Who Is This Mattress Best For?

This mattress is clearly a competitive mattress versus some of the more popular all-foam mattresses in a box that are offered in Australia. Most will feel initial comfort, but there may be some long term durability concerns for larger sleepers.

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Browse Onebed Customer Reviews

Best bed on Earth

Very comfortable and also cheaper than the one sold in the stores Australia wide. Super easy to order online and delivered in 2 business days (regional areas). Nicely packed. Great thing about this mattress is that it's medium in terms of firmness and gets along every person. Please START making some great Pillows as well in the future.

Amazing customer service!!!

Needed a mattress very quickly for last minute guests - spoke with Joel over online customer help and he called to sort out the issue. He said he couldn't promise anything but he made calls and did his best, went out of his way to expedite courier service. Really amazing customer service!!! In the end, he managed to get the mattress to us on time. Would definitely purchase again. Really appreciated the prompt replies and express delivery to the Gold Coast. Highly recommend the company!!!


my partner purchased a one bed as a surprise, we thought our old mattress was comfortable, until we lay on our one bed for the first time. you can definitely tell the difference between a crappy mattress and a one bed. my husband is quite jumpy and runs and jumps onto the bed before settling down, i used to move with every step onto the bed and now...i remain still and undisturbed. when friends are over and sit on our bed they die. like....literally die because they have never felt more at rest. (lol) i recommend this bed to every single human and animal. truly amazing. best sleep i have ever had.!!!!!!! :D

best matress ever

I was so sceptical buying a mattress online for such a great price. After speaking to a team member she assured me if I'm not happy someone will pick it up and i will get a full refund. My mattress came the next day after the first night sleep I was certain I wouldn't return it. I have had it for a few months now and couldn't be happier. When my parter rolls or wakes up to go to work I am sound asleep. I was also shocked at the thickness of it and the firmness is PERECT! Love my matress :)

Very Happy

We purchased our Onebed as our guest bed for my parents visiting from the states. My father had quite a bit of backspin with our previous mattress and had researched various options. My parents have two Leesa mattresses in the states and he was looking for something that would approximate their love for their Lessa's. They love the Onebed and say it has an even firmer, yet soft, support-likely because of the latex layer on top-than the Leesa. They have been recommending Onebed to everyone.

Can't go wrong

I thought about this logistically. Even if this wasn't a good mattress, the fact that I could sleep on it for months to try it out and then if it wasn't for me, I'd get a refund and they'd pick it up for free - what have I got to lose? I've been sleeping on this for a month now and I like it. It feels firm at first and then you sink in and it's like it's giving you a hug.

Awesome sleep

Super comfortable and super supportive. Has helped my back pain and given me a much better sleep.

Amazing comfort

Sceptical at first when purchasing the Queen size mattress. The doubt was put to rest after the first night as it was pure comfort. Best mattress I have ever slept on

Awesome for the price

It took me a few nights to adjust to the mattress but since then I haven't been waking up with stiffness in my back, neck and legs.

Very Pleased!

My partner and I needed a new mattress, we were long over due. I saw this over fb and thought it was good to be true but because of the return policy I took a leap of faith and decided to try it out! We don't regret it! I'm a light sleeper and I toss around a lot, round about the time I got this I had a minor shoulder injury and the regular achy back/neck from lack of sleep, yes this took a while for our bodies to adjust but it's the kind of bed you'd love to hop into after a long work day!! It is so soft, yet supportive, I toss less and when I do, my husband doesn't get bothered because he doesn't feel it!! Very happy with the service I received, I asked a ton of questions before purchasing (always good to research), and the delivery was quick and convenient!

Sooo comfy!

Was a bit concerned that this mattress might be a bit too hard, but I was very impressed. Almost the perfect mix of being hard enough that it is supportive but soft enough that I can melt into it. Delivery was fast and so easy to set up, couldn't recommend it enough.


Finally! An online store with integrity and competency. I am delighted with the efficiency of their sales process, the speed of delivery and of course - my new amazing bed!! Much appreciated guys :)

Best thing I've bought

Before I bought the Onebed, if I went to sleep with a sore, aching lower back, I'd wake up just the same. Now, I wake up feeling so much more relieved of back pain. My friend's think it's so comfy when they sleep over, even my dog never wants to get out of it! Best thing I've bought regarding my back problems. Has made a world of difference

Very comfort Mattress

Great mattress, very comfort, released from the spine problem. Customer service was great, gave us a discount on the price. Will recommend to friends and family.

!!!!! so comfy

I saw the $300 off and instantly bought it because theres nothing wrong with a few months to try it out and then return if i didn't like it. This mattress is incredibly comfy and i love the fact that it is self breathing and doesn't need a base! It feels like I'm sleeping on a huge pillow cloud thing !

Great matress!

Both my partner and I have bad backs and the one bed is amazing! Super comfy and isn't hot like other matresses claim to get. I would recommend everyone get a one bed, they're great!


Great bed. Firm but yielding and with a woolrest on top, the temp. is perfect. Some people report a chemical smell. I am pretty sensitive to that kind of thing and did not notice any unpleasant smell. The only thing I would say is that the queen mattress was certainly too heavy for me to get up the stairs alone. Onebed promised that the person who delivered it would help - but he could barely lift it either! You need strong friends and neighbours.


The bed is exactly what they say I used to wake with lower back stiffness and pain not any more

Great service

Quick delivery. Very comfortable. Took a few nights to get used to it but now we love it.

Don't be skeptical!

Amazing bed! Was skeptical at first cause I prefer firm support, so I was unsure of the bed. However since I took the plunge and bought the bed, I have the most comfortable sleeps ever! It's so good my girlfriend also bought one for her place!

Strange at first.

The first couple of nights the bed seemed a little form but after we have found it extremely comfortable. Commication has been swift as was the delivery.

Just Amazing

Our last bed was a memory foam mattress and we loved it. So in my search to upgrade our queen bed to a king, I found this mattress. I liked the idea of a latex layer on top off the memory foam and took the plunge. No regrets. None. It is simply the best nights sleep I have ever had, and I have it every night now. Well done OneBed, well done.

Different at first but suprisingly good

Got this to try to out we were desperate for a mattress. It's a bit hard when you first sit on it but after you lay down it's actually very comfy! Doesn't make any noise when partner moves and I don't even feel him getting out of bed! So far so good- the packing it comes in.

Amazing service!

I ordered a onebed as a Christmas present, it arrived the next day and I even received a lovely phone call from the driver advising me of the delivery and where he had put it so it was safe. The mattress is very comfortable and supportive! Very happy customer!

Not happy

I like their sheets and quilts, excellent quality. The X 12" mattress is also pretty good. But I ordered the adjustable bed frame and only received half of it. I kept phoning onebed and the courier to try to get the other half with no success. Onebed told me that they were out of stock (despite their website saying otherwise) and they weren't expecting more from the manufacturer for another 6 months. So I asked for a refund. They said they couldn't give me a refund since I'd torn the box the frame had arrived in. Since then they've promised me phone calls they never made and promised me emails they never wrote. They've told me over the last couple of days first that they don't have an ETA on when they'll get more stock and then that they could get some in "maybe a month". But I've seen no evidence of good faith from them. I think they're hoping I'll just give up and go away. It's October now and I bought the frame in December last year. Since then I've been sleeping on my "pretty good" mattress on the floor, which could be why the mattress hasn't stopped my back pain. So in short I'd recommend their bedding but that's about it. I'd actually intended to get 3 or 4 more sets of the sheets since I liked them so much but now I don't want to give them another cent. I'm sure I can find equal or superior sheets from a company who hasn't treated me this shabbily.

Unprofessional Service form Onebed

Paid onebed for a mattress which included delivery just to receive a call after a week to be told that they cannot guarantee the delivery because they rely on a third party courier and they don't have any control. When I asked them for solutions, they cancelled the order. Utterly incompetent business and one can only imagine how terrible their warranty service would be.

worst bed, do not buy

nothing but sleepless nights since using this bed, buy anything else, wont accept returns

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