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+1.8x price value

+2.9x quality feel

+3.4x cloud like

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Autumn 2024 Updates: Noa is shipping in-stock mattresses across Australia within 2 - 10 days. Recent customers report good experiences, describing well-balanced support and high value.

The Noa Mattress was developed by a Canadian company and is sold across the Asia Pacific region, including Australia. Their Noa Mattress offers one of the most universally comfortable mattresses-in-a-box with 28cm total profile that features pocketed coils for better support and responsiveness. Since launching their original Noa, they have added a more affordable option, The Lite, as well as an eco-friendly premium mattress, The Luxe, which adds micro-coils for more posture-relieving support. To top it off, Noa provides the perks of other top mattress-in-a-box brands like free shipping and a generous trial policy.


+1.8x price value
+2.9x quality feel
+3.4x cloud like

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

#1 Mattress Overall

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.7/10

Price Value: 9.7/10

No Back Pain: 9.8/10

Price: $849-$1799

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Noa's Specifics

Noa has become a very popular furniture and mattress brand in the Asia Pacific region. Over the years, they have expanded from selling one quality pocket spring mattress to selling a wide array of furniture items, such as sofas and armchairs. With a focus on passing on value for the price, customers have good things to say about the quality and comfort of their mattresses, especially noting their balanced and supportive feel.

Quality of Materials

Noa's line up of mattresses feature some high quality materials such as latex, gel infused memory foam, and pocket springs. These materials are high grade versus some other mattress-in-a-box companies, and include rigorous certifications such as REACH certified foam and OEKO-TEX certified latex. Offering stylish and well-rated bed frames as well, they also offer added perks when bundling a bed frame and mattress.

Read on below as we go through each one of Noa's mattress offerings to see which one is right for you:

The Noa Mattress is 28 cm thick with 5 comfort and support layers and a high-end cover. Here are the details:

Cover Layer: The tufted cover layer is made of TENCEL® material, a super smooth fabric that wicks away moisture, is breathable, and has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a natural latex with bounce and breathability. This layer cradles your body while also being naturally cooling and provides a gentle responsive bounce to the top layer.

Layer 3: The next comfort layer is gel infused memory foam that is REACH certified. This superior foam provides deeper cooling and melts away pressure points.

Layer 4: Under the gel infused memory foam, there is a layer of REACH certified transition foam that further responds to the sleeper's position above.

Layer 5: The main support layer is a matrix of premium pocket springs that each act independently to support the spine and allow for superior response. Made of thick-gauge steel, these pocket springs are encased in a highly permeable mesh material that allows for exceptional breathability and airflow.

Layer 6: The last layer is 9cm of high density foam that encases the perimeter of the mattress to provide superior edge support and minimize sagging.

The Lite mattress is Noa's most affordable option with 4 comfort layers and their high-end cover. Here what's inside the 25cm thick Lite mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is made of TENCEL® material, a super smooth fabric that is breathable, wicks away moisture, and has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is REACH certified, cooling gel memory foam that wicks away heat while also providing support and relieving pressure points.

Layer 3: The next comfort layer is adaptive REACH certified transition foam that helps to localize and isolate motion transfer for zero partner disturbance.

Layer 4: The next layer are the premium pocket springs. Made of thick-gauge steel encased in a highly breathable mesh, these pocket springs allow for excellent airflow while also providing a bounce.

Layer 5: The last layer is 9cm of high density foam that encases the perimeter of the mattress to provide durability and edge support.

The Luxe mattress has a 31cm profile, 6 comfort and support layers and their high-end cover. Here are the details for the Luxe:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is a hand-tufted pillow-top made of TENCEL® material. Soft and breathable, the TENCEL® cover also provides antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is REACH certified cooling gel memory foam that provides sleepers with pressure point relief as well as contouring and cushioning.

Layer 3: The next comfort layer is OEKO-TEK certified bamboo charcoal latex. This natural, eco-friendly latex is infused with bamboo charcoal to create an open-cell, porous structure that's moisture wicking and odor repelling.

Layer 4: Under the natural latex layer comes one of Noa's latest innovations, micro-coils. This layer of micro-coils are encased in a highly permeable mesh allow for efficient airflow while providing sleepers with advanced comfort and support as the micro-coils expand and contract.

Layer 5: The next support layer is a REACH certified transitional foam that adapts to movement for outstanding motion isolation and zero partner disturbance.

Layer 6: Next up is the main support layer which consists of pocket springs made of thick-gauge steel and encased in mesh to all for exceptional breathability and airflow. What sets the pocket springs in the Luxe mattress apart are their 5 ergonomic zones of support, which are strategically positioned under the low back and waist to allow for proper spinal alignment.

Layer 7: The last layer is 9cm of high density foam encasing the perimeter of the mattress to allow for superior edge support and durability.

Overall Comfort

These mattresses provide a universally comfortable feel to most sleepers. Those that have become accustomed to a softer sleeping surface may require a short adjustment period, but these mattresses provides a healthier sleep that works with your body long term.


Take a look at the firmness chart above. Noa's mattresses are rated as a medium-firm firmness. Most average sized sleepers who sleep on their backs or stomachs will immediately feel comfortable on this mattress. For medium and lighter sized sleepers that prefer side sleeping, there may be a short adjustment period as the coils adjust to the hips and shoulders.

Back Pain Relief

Noa's mattresses are a great option for those that suffer from spinal aggravation due to the responsiveness of the layers and the firmness specifications. The Luxe mattress, with it's 5 ergonomic support zones, was particularly designed to assist with proper spinal alignment while minimising partner disturbance.


These mattresses do a wonderful job cooling. The TENCEL, latex, and gel memory foam work together with the airy coil layers to remove heat from the surface.

Who Is This Mattress Best For?

Noa's mattresses offer an excellent all-around hybrid mattress option. For those that want a luxury feel for much less than a mattress store, these mattresses cannot be beat.

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Highly recommend

Highly recommend you do not hesitate choosing Noa. The mattress is simply the best I’ve tried. No returns on my end, I am sticking with Noa!

Took me weeks to finalise my decision

Took me weeks to finalise my decision. Took a chance with Noa and overall pretty satisfied with everything. I think there’s going to be a “getting used to it” curve, but I’m really happy with the initial feel. I did a lot of shopping and comparison, and in terms of value, Noa definitely came on top. (If you look for similar components and materials.

new mattress within two days

When we found some manufacturing defects after using the mattress for about a year, we contacted them for a warranty exchange. Their reply was very prompt and we managed to exchange for a new mattress within two days. Thumbs up for the team for fast and efficient services! The quality of the Mattress was good too.

Simply in love with the Noa

Simply in love with the Noa! The firmness really is “medium”, 7/10… exactly what I wanted. The price and overall value is simply way better than anything else you would find in shops or even online if you’re looking for a quality product. Also considering their walnut bed frame.

I was really skeptical purchasing a mattress online

I was really skeptical purchasing a mattress online. Who knew I would ever do such a thing. The mattress arrived in perfect condition. I read about a “new” smell. It really wasn’t bad. Don’t worry about it. It’s like sleeping on a cloud!


Amazing! I have to say that I am really impressed with this mattress. It’s just great, exactly what I wanted.

Took a chance on Noa

Took a chance on Noa and very happy with my decision! Really had a great experience with them. The delivery came fast. It’s the most comfortable mattress ever. I’m also really happy about my upgrade to a King size 🙂

Really amazed

Really amazed of how far things have come in the last 11 years, since I last purchased a mattress. Online, free delivery, and don’t have to strap it on top of my car. WOW. Upgraded to King Size, very happy with that decisions. The Noa is simply great you’ll love it. Great service also. Thanks for everything.

Got a double size for my son

Got a double size for my son, and was really impressed with it! It’s just as good as my Sealy! Unbelievable. Fast delivery and easy to unbox.

I never thought I could be so happy with my purchase

OK, so I never thought I could be so happy with my purchase. It’s not something I was excited about shopping, but I was getting such poor sleep from my old Ikea mattress. There’s a HUGE difference.

Noa is a serious company

Overall, I think Noa is a serious company. They seem to put the necessary attention to everything including good email exchanges with customer service. Very responsive. I like the mattress, I think I’m just not fully used to it just yet. (Owned 1.5 week)

5 star mattress

5 star mattress! We used to own a Serta mattress for years, and it was fine. My wife and I started shopping around online and bumped into some ads from Noa. We never considered buying a mattress online, we we really just looking for some information about what to buy next as our Serta was getting old. After comparing pricing and components, on paper, the Noa seemed like an excellent value. With the return policy, we didn’t really have anything to loose.

It’s the best mattress I’ve ever owned. I’ve been falling asleep like a rock, and my overall aching of lower back is completely gone. 5 stars!

Been sleeping on my Noa for 3 weeks now and simply LOVE it

Been sleeping on my Noa for 3 weeks now and simply LOVE it. Feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud, but with proper back support. Excellent delivery and service.

Truly impressed with this company

Truly impressed with this company. They were extremely responsive via email/chat to all my questions and gave me a lot of insights. Once I made my purchase, the delivery was made within 3 days. I've now been sleeping on it for 3 weeks and highly recommend it. Very easy shopping experience and process. Full disclosure: I didn't go in shops, so I can't compare quality/price to what's in the retail spaces, but am really happy with the Noa.

My wife decided we needed a new mattress

My wife decided we needed a new mattress. We shopped around for a little while. Lots of options online and difficult to make a choice. Overall, the decision was really about going with a hybrid more than anything else, and also the price was considerably lower than other companies, especially for a hybrid, usually more expensive side. It seemed too good to be true basically, but it really is that simple: we bought online, company called the next day to arrange the delivery. Unbelievable. They brought it up to my unit and voila!

The firmness is just perfect for us. Great service. Thanks!

Good overall semi-firm type mattress

Good overall semi-firm type mattress. I’m getting used to the feeling slowly but surely. Still gonna keep testing for the next couple of weeks.

Overall satisfied with my purchase

Overall satisfied with my purchase… It's definitely an improvement with what I had for the last 11 years. There was barely any adaptation period. I highly recommend the product.

bought it 3 months ago

bought it 3 months ago.

The support and firmness is just right for me.

Totally satisfied with the purchase.

Part of my new year resolution was to change my mattress

Part of my new year resolution was to change my mattress. Went ahead with the Noa after seeing lots of ads all over.

Had several questions that were answered quickly and clearly by a helpful customer service rep (not a robot). Delivery was arranged and made within 48 hrs. The mattress is simply great! Very happy with my whole dealing with Noa.

Shopped around for a while

Shopped around for a while, and decided “hybrid” was the right call. Went ahead with Noa, and am satisfied overall. Delivery came a little late, but at least they showed up.

perfectly suited for back sleepers

Ok. Don't know about all the reviews seen here but what i among writing is my own honest review.

I bought this mattress as my sealy mattress of 6 years was starting to get soft. My wife was complaining that her back was hurting and i noticed that my lower back required some stretching in the morning when i wake up. My back however wasn't hurting like how hers was

My wife suggested a harder mattress. Looking at the reviews for noa, it mentions that the mattress is pretty hard.


My conclusion for noa mattress is that it is perfectly suited for back sleepers. Side sleepers, you will take some adjusting before it starts working for you. I would not recommend buying noa if both husband and wife are side sleepers. However, if just one is a back sleeper, buy it for that person. The side sleeper will adjust and start to love it too after awhile.

Have to say I was pleasantly surprised

Have to say I was pleasantly surprised upon unboxing the mattress. I wasn’t sure what to expect in all honesty with buying online. Sleep quality is really great since I got it (3 weeks now).

Hands down the best investment one can make

Hands down the best investment one can make. I can only highly recommend this brand. Thank you Noa mattress for such a great experience. I have had the best sleep in a long time!

Fantastic service

Fantastic service.Had to cancel before delivery due to popping tiles in my home. Payment was returned almost immediately .Unbelievable!!!

I would define the Noa as extreme comfort

I would define the Noa as extreme comfort. It’s a thick, high quality mattress and it’s really a huge step up from my previous spring only mattress. I’m sleeping hard and it’s really hard to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s only been a week

It’s only been a week since I have been sleeping on my new mattress but I absolutely love it and definitely will be keeping it.

I am pleasantly surprised

I am pleasantly surprised. I had a memory foam mattress before and have to say this technology is not in the same league. First, the overall confort and movement is much better. Second, sleeps much cooler, no comparison. Finally, and the best part: it was less expensive with delivery included!

After trying other options online

After trying other options online, we decided to give Noa a try from a reference. Easy process from A-Z. Delivery came very quickly. The mattress is simply amazing. I’ve been sleeping like a rock.

Very good

Very good! Back feeling relieved and less tense. Feels like sleeping on a cloud, with the proper support. The wifey is also quite happy with the decision. Highly recommended.

Good value

Good value considering the price. Very well packed. Would be good to have some handles at the sides for ease of changing sheets since mattress is quite thick n heavy

All I have to say is : WOW

All I have to say is : WOW. I’m feeling a lot better in the morning, simply put, a lot more rested and fresh. It’s hard to know when you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress for over 11 years, but I guess like other things, mattresses came a long way since 2006!

ery satisfied with the mattress

Very satisfied with the mattress. Firmness is as expected (as per youtube explanation) and the delivery was made in a timely manner. Great product for the price.

Great customer servicw

Great customer service and awesome mattress at a great price.

Was very worried

Was very worried when doing the checkout: really didn't know what to expect and how everything would turn out. Mattress was at my house in 2 days. Unboxing went pretty smooth, although it's very heavy. The mattress is unbelievable. I fell in love with it immediately and have been getting the best sleep since I got it. Highly recommend you give it a try.

Did my diligence

Did my diligence and looked into many options. Noa came ahead in terms of overall value, especially for a "hybrid" mattress: it's a great price. No complains after 3 weeks of comfortable sleep.

This is light years ahead

Kept my previous mattress for something like 20 years! This is light years ahead in terms of comfort. You'll love it...

I never thought I'd ever end up ordering a mattress online

I never thought I'd ever end up ordering a mattress online. My wife brought up this company and said we should check them out while mattress shopping.

The overall presentation was good, but I had lots of questions regarding the product as it seems unlikely to order this kind of product on the Internet. Anyways, with the 100 day return policy, We got a very prompt and detailed response from their support team. They know their stuff. After our payment the mattress was delivered within 2 days, which we were really happy about. We're extremely happy with our decision as it's a similar product as some of the more luxurious and pricy mattress we saw in the stores for less than half the price. Great deal!

I've been sleeping on it for over 6 weeks

I've been sleeping on it for over 6 weeks. It's the best mattress I've ever tried! It feels "solid" and you still feel on a cloud, but without having this kind of sink like feeling. I had been shopping for a long time and highly recommend the Noa for optimal price/value. You'll love it.


My mattress never showed up..NOBODY gets back to you. The customer service is garbage and I now have to challenge this charge with my credit Card. DO NOT BUY A NOA Mattress

This review...

This review is for anyone who likes to do a lot of research before making big purchases. I'm on a small budget so I spent a long while doing research on which mattress in my price range would be best for my needs. I liked the look of the Noa because it would be delivered in a box, it has springs inside, and was in my price point. I didn't want an all-foam mattress nor did I want to have to go into mattress stores to shop. My main hesitation was that I was reading conflicting reviews on how firm the Noa is; obviously firmness is subjective but as someone who has lower back pain and also likes a bit of soft comfort, I really was coming from a goldilocks perspective of needing my mattress to be "just right". I found the Noa to be firm, but very soft. I was waking up sore every day on my old mattress and my back injury wasn't getting better, when I switch to Noa, I didn't wake up sore anymore and my back injury has been more supported to heal. I sleep on my sides and on my back and find this mattress really comfortable, really little partner disturbance and it's very very soft. We're just going into Australian summer and I do feel like the mattress is a little hotter than I'd like but it's really not that noticeable honestly. We'll see how it goes on a 40* day. I've been sleeping on this mattress for about a month now and really like it. Logistics: I received the mattress within 3 days of ordering, it's very very heavy in the box. Opened it in our lounge to give it room to breath. Noa's website says you can sleep on it immediately but I gave it 24 hours to inflate. I gave 4/5 stars only because I would have loved a pick up service for my old mattress (Koala offers this service). All in all, if you're considering Noa, I recommend!

This review...

Read all the reviews and was on the fence with all the different mattress in a box brands. Just took the plunge and got Luxe King and the Noa Queen. If you really looking more softer side, go for the normal Noa as the Luxe is a tad bit to the firm side. If Noa is a 6 firmness, luxe will be like a 7.5. Got it last minute before my housewarming and requested for the earliest delivery slot and CS was so courteous and they tried very hard and squeezed in my delivery next day. Both mattresses are so comfortable and my back pain are gone. Me and my partner are having a undisturbed sleep every night. The cooling gel is something you are not going to feel just like any other mattress with the gel. I use a mattress protector and my bedsheet, so I’ve never felt the cooling. Don’t think much, just get this. Customer service, product and delivery are all a perfect 10. I can vouch for Noa.

Comfortable feel but very hot mattress!!

Despite saying they would deliver within 7 days it took almost a month to receive our mattress. This would have been understandable due to COVID however we received no communication whatsoever in relation to this. Once it arrived the process of set up etc was great and we were so excited to experience the plush comfort. And it is a very comfortable mattress, soft and cloud like but with good support and low partner disturbance. However it retains heat like nothing else. Whatever part of your body is touching the mattress burns! We asked to return it and were given a refund but the local charity wouldn't take the mattress (likely because they are so hot!) and so now we are stuck with a mattress I wouldn't give my worst enemy! I will say that the refund/return process was easy and they usually responded to my emails within 48 hours.

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