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Naptime Mattress Reviews

The Naptime® mattress is an extremely affordable all-foam mattress that is sold in the Australia. Their mattress is not as popular as other more expensive versions. Experts and customers that buy a Naptime find that they have good initial comfort and spinal support. There are doubts, however, about the long term durability of these products.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.6/10

Price Value: 8.6/10

No Back Pain: 8.5/10

Price: $998-$1998

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Naptime's Specifics

Quality of Materials

The Naptime mattress is made with affordable materials to keep the price affordable to customers. In terms of initial comfort, experts find that these materials work well in conjunction with one another to provide a well-supported mattress. However, there are some doubts about long term durability.

The Naptime mattress comes with three comfort foam layers. Here are the details:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is made of eco knit fabric, which is lightweight and highly breathable.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is proprietary 'Hybrid Memory Foam.' It was developed by Naptime and is gel infused to whisk away heat from the sleeper above.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is I-9 latex, and gives a highly responsive feel and gentle bounce while it works on those tired muscles and pesky pressure points.

Layer 4: The last foam layer is a 35 density base foam that gives the mattress structure and supports the back and spine during sleep.

Overall Comfort

Although this mattress isn't as popular as others on the market, those that purchase have had good things to say about initial comfort. Some have described that the mattress is firmer than expected on delivery, but that it softens up over a 2 week period. Additionally, experts have noted that initial comfort is high -- with good spine support.


Take a look above for our firmness chart. Once the mattress has properly adjusted from being stored in the box, it is rated as medium-firm. For those that are lighter in body-size, this may feel somewhat firmer than desired. However, average sized people should find it properly aligns the spine without aggravating pressure spots.

Back Pain Relief

For average sized sleepers, this mattress is rated well to help with back alignment over time. That said, if this mattress stars to compress over time, this could remove this advantage.


The gel infused memory foam should keep things cool for most sleepers. For those that have a warm bedroom during the summer months, they may still experience some heat retention.

Who Is This Mattress Best For?

This mattress is a great option for medium sized sleepers who are on a tight budget or need a comfortable temporary mattress.

Browse Naptime Customer Reviews

Mattress and topper

Absolutely love it!!! Fantastic service and delivery too!! Couldn’t be happier 😊

Renewed sleep

I have always had difficulty sleeping. It took me a couple of days to get use to new mattress ,but once I did, I drift off so much easier. The delivery was quick. Two days. The only downside was the delivery side. The tracking wouldn't work and they left it at the bottom of my stairs which was extremely difficult to get up by myself.

My new NapTime Mattress

I gotta say.. The foam topping of the mattress is amazing to lie on! When I was searching for a mattress I didnt even think a big mattress could fit into a box! Amazed at how my mattress has transformed, I am quite happy with my purchase for the time being! Its great that you can trial the bed for 100 days so we shall see.. So far the mattress is holding up its end of comfortability! Thankyou NapTime

Quick delivery

The mattress arrived in excellent condition and was as described except that it is a bit firmer than indicated.

Mattress & Base - love it

Very well made and delivered the next day. Great service, prompt delivery and excellent packaging. Very easy to 'install'. Extremely comfortable and l will recommend, 5 stars!

Best night sleep in years.

I was cool and comfortable. Best thing is I woke up when it was time to get up. Not multiple times like I did every night on my old mattress. 😀💤💤

Satisfaction plus!

Had a great experience, quick delivery and a fantastic mattress! Thanks!

Terrific mattress thank you

Terrific produce, very comfortable. Would recommend to others

Great mattress, great price!

Recently I stayed with my son who ordered 2 singles,one of which was mine. I was so impressed that I ordered the queen for a spare bed at home. I'm almost tempted to move into the spare room. Lovely!

Have only laid on for

Have only laid on for few minutes but seems really comfy

Jackson Hine

Worth every cent!

Fantastic Mattress!

This is one of the best mattresses I've ever purchased! I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends!

Sleeping like a baby!

My partner and I just love the mattress. Finally sleeping through the night again! Definitely recommend.

Such a great mattress!

I can't believe how comfy it is! Been sleeping really well since it was delivered!

Dreams everywhere

This has made my job a lot easier.

So glad we purchased from Naptime!

When I was shopping around for a mattress, I knew what I had in mind. I ordered straight away from Naptime and it was here in 24 hours! At first I thought it was a little too firm so I was concerned I had made the wrong choice. But the friendly staff at Naptime assured me it would take up to 2 weeks to soften up - and it did! Now it's like sleeping on a cloud - we love it and highly recommend.

The best mattress for a full night of sleep!

I've recently been struggling with a bad back which has affected my ability to sleep comfortably during the night. Since sleeping on a Naptime mattress, i've been sleeping through the night. It's been supportive yet super comfy - and when I do need to move around my partner isn't affected. All round winner!

Great mattress

Love it!


Best mattress ever.


The best bed that I have slept on in a long time :)


Great mattress, great sleep!

Great mattress

Happy about the product!

The best mattress i've ever slept on

It's supportive, comfortable and cool! But also snuggly for the cooler months. Super easy to assemble to!

Dream-like comfort!

Could not recommend this mattress more! Not too soft and not too hard. Just right for Naptime!

One of the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had!

I’ve told my friends to go buy one ASAP! So comfy I will never buy a bed another way again, the delivery was a breeze. I loved the un-boxing experience too, so much fun to watch it inflate

One of the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had!

I’ve told my friends to go buy one ASAP! So comfy I will never buy a bed another way again, the delivery was a breeze. I loved the un-boxing experience too, so much fun to watch it inflate

James Cooper

Awesome :)

The best mattress i've ever slept on

Just Amazing

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