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Makin Mattress Reviews

Makin Mattresses is an Australian mattress brand that has been crafting mattresses since 1975. They are known for great sales experiences, with customers describing helpful salespeople in most cases. When it comes to their mattresses, most customers like their offerings with some complaints about durability and comfort in some instances.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.4/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $169-$4495

Trial Period: No Trial

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Makin's Specifics

Makin Mattresses designs and crafts its own mattresses. They feature pocket springs, latex, and pillow tops in some models. Overall, they get good initial comfort ratings from customers, but some reported having issues with durability and dipping.

If long term comfort is a priority, take a look at our list of top rated Australian mattresses for those reviewed highly by customers.

Craftsmanship & Quality

Makin Mattresses make double sided mattresses, which are more traditional than many modern mattress options. They utilise latex foams and natural fillings for the comfort layers.

We'll go through each of their mattress types so that you can get additional details of each before buying:

Here are the details about their line of Innerspring Mattress:

The innerspring line ranges from thin mattresses for under $500 to thicker varieties well above $1000. They feature foam and latex comfort layers, pocket coils, and a variety of firmness options. These mattresses get good initial comfort ratings, but some sleepers reported sagging and quality issues with some of the inexpensive models.

Here are the details of the Bellissimo Mattress:

The Bellissimo mattresses come with two options The Duo and The Duet. The Duet uses a pocket spring support system and the Duo uses 7 zoned latex support foam. These mattresses are the highest end options that Makin Mattresses offer with micro coil technology and a removable pillow top for customised comfort. These mattresses get good initial scores by most sleepers, but there are some issues with sagging and durability over a short period.

Lastly, we'll discuss the travel Matilda Mattress:

The Matilda mattress is made specifically to be a lower profile option that fits in vehicles like boats, recreational vehicles, and trucks. They can be custom made at various dimensions to fit your specific need, which is a really nice touch to those looking for customisation. These mattresses feature natural fillings like wool, latex, and pocket coil systems. These mattresses get good reception from customers for the travel and temporary use cases. However, there are some doubts about long term durability.

Overall Comfort

Most customers find these mattresses initially comfortable, but there are some concerns about sagging. Some of the main benefits include having multiple firmness options and the mattresses are flippable. However, with mixed reviews on durability, some customers may find better value found elsewhere.


Makin Mattresses have multiple firmness options for those that need it most. That is something that is really positive for those that are smaller or side sleepers and need something softer, and also those that are stomach sleepers that desire firmer mattresses will find something that should be initially comfortable for them.

Back Pain Relief

Most customers should experience initial comfort and good support from these mattresses.


With the use of natural wool and latex, which are both naturally cooling, these mattresses should sleep cool for most sleepers. Those that live in very warm climes or are known to sleep warm at all times of year may need something more specialised.

Who Are Makin Mattresses Best For?

Makin Mattresses offer well-rounded mattresses that fit a variety of sleepers with most customers reporting good initial comfort.

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Pocket Mattress

We bought a mattress for the spare bed. Katrina at Croydon Park was extremely helpful as we tried many. Nothing was too much trouble for her and she gave us good advice.

Horrible mattress

I would rather sleep on a concrete floor in sub zero temperatures than sleep on a Makin Mattresses mattress. I can't believe how they put other brands down and claim to be superior to them, when the fact is that buying a mattress from them is a HUGE gamble! My back and hips will never be the same..

Fabulous experience at the Nundah Showroom

A wonderful experience from the selection of our bed to the delivery and set up. Friendly knowledgeable staff, great selection to choose from, prompt delivery equating to a five star experience. I'm a return customer and have no hesitation in recommending the service and goods they provide. Great value for your money is an attractive draw card too. The bed looks great and is beautiful to sleep on. Having chronic back issues I have not woken with a sore back in the last week since sleeping on this bed so a huge tick in my books. Thanks for making this purchase seamless.

Rubbish, just rubbish..

Spent $3525 on a Belissimo King. Has been nothing short of a disaster. Body impressions left on the mattress. Hopeless service that doesn't result in anything being fixed. Can't speak to anyone at "Head Office" as the shops only give an email address for them. Email does not get responded to. They've removed their Facebook page also. Shoddy company who judging from similar reviews, should not be in business. Don't waste your time or money. Such a joke considering people spend their hard earned money supporting Aussie owned and manufactured, only to get shafted. Shame on you Makin Mattresses. About time ASIC, ACCC and Fair Trading sorted them out.

A pleasure to do business with.

Early days yet but we have slept well for the three nights so far! Easy process from beginning to end.

Worst mattress ever! Please do not buy these mattresses!

We were so excited to purchase our first ever King size bed. Spent well over $3500 on a King Bellissimo Duet Medium mattress along with the matching base, bedhead, sheets and the works, As soon as it arrived it felt very different to the one in the showroom. The bed was so hard we ended up sleeping in the spare room. . Wanted a refund but this was refused so we had the pillow top reconfigured to make it softer, It's now been months and I can honestly say we now wake up very sore and toss and turn at least every couple of minutes right through the night. The mattress is hard and lumpy, there is no bounce at all and the pillow top now gives off a lot of heat. Shame on you Makin Mattresses for continuing to sell these inferior mattresses. Well over $3500 of our hard earned money down the drain. We will be taking this matter further.With so many complaints this company should be investigated. So please if you are thinking of a new mattress stay away from Makin Mattresses!!

Replacement mattress is excellent

Following my initial review (below) I was contacted by Makin Mattresses and offered a replacement. It seems that the new management of the store concerned is much more interested in customer service. The replacement mattress is very comfortable and stable, no sloping sides, no centre hump. It's now a pleasure to get into bed and enjoy a great night's sleep. We chose the soft version and it's still quite a firm mattress. We have a pillow top as well, and the combination works very well. The contrast with our previous experience couldn't be more dramatic. I would now happily recommend this mattress. ------ We were convinced to buy one of the inner spring mattresses on the promise of superior quality materials and manufacturing. Instead, we've ended up with a mattress that peaks in the middle and slopes off to either side. It's been sent of for repair but was returned to us with the ridge remaining. Turning it makes no difference. We're both slender so it's not likely that we're the cause of the problem, although when I called to complain there was a cheeky suggestion that we don't spend enough time in the centre flattening it out. It's also so hard it needs a pillow top, which makes the whole arrangement so high it's impossible to find sheets that fit well. We're intensely disappointed with this miserable mattress. Between us we have 95 years of sleeping on mattresses and neither has ever encountered one that has worn so poorly. I would strongly recommend that potential customers steer clear. The promise of higher quality materials and manufacturing is simply not delivered.

Extremely satisfied

Top class service and products. We would recommend Makin mattresses to anyone. They made it to fit our van perfectly.

Back in the Land of Nod

Originally bought our beds from Makin Mattresses years ago and ended back there a few weeks back. Once again we have made the right decision and with the help of one of the Sales Staff, we bought a new king, pillow top and mattress and a Queen Ensemble with a pillow top. We have been sleeping on them now for 3 weeks, and we are back into a comfortable and uninterrupted night's sleep. Getting a good night's sleep is so important to your health and well being. It was a smooth and stressless experience - a big thank you Makin Mattresses.

Great mattress and excellent service

We purchased a Bellissimo mattress from the Gold Coast store and it has been wonderful. It is great value for money and the pocket spring system is so good. My wife has MS and it has been a blessing to have such a comfortable and supportive bed. We always felt that we were dealing with a firm of great integrity.

Hard as concrete

Nope, worst mattress we've ever bought, over $2000. We tried for a year, we bought a topper which they tried to soften. We couldn't sleep on it, we both ended up with back and neck problems. We relegated it to the shed, bought a Sleepmaker, heaven.

Extremely satisfied

I've had the bellissimo duet firm in Queen size for about 15 months and I think it's fantastic. I have a history of back problems and I've had less problems since having this mattress (admittedly any new mattress is possibly going to be better than the old one it replaces). I have noticed that it can start to get indentations if you don't rotate it regularly enough and if you sit up in bed for long periods, which concentrates your weight over a smaller area. Thst will generally be a problem with any mattress though. If you rotate regularly though and try to limit sitting or standing on the mattress it doesn't seem to be a problem. The other thing that helps with rotation is the fact you can sleep on both sides of the mattress so you can rotate to more different orientations. This is something that is getting hard to find in a mattress, with lots of other brands only doing single sided mattresses. I rotate mine every month or two but you may have to do it more or less often depending on your body weight. One of my worries with moving to a latex mattress was the potential to get too hot in my sleep but that hadn't been an issue either. Overall I'm very impressed with the mattress and would buy again or recommend to a friend.

Best sleep in years

Carol was extremely helpful and friendly. The delivery guys very professional and gave us all the advice needed to care for our bed. Have recommended Makin Matresses to friends. Well done.

Unsatisfised with outcome

Makin' Mattresses Bellissimo Pocket springs Deut Mattress. It's expensive, it's not firm, It's not comfortable, it is seriously damn heavy (and you're told to flip regularly!) The idea of pocket springs we thought a good idea (feels fine for the min or two in the shop), You'll wake up in a ditch and be sore, it'll be hard to roll over in the night as you are in a ditch not good for a happy marriage. We had the mattress for 12months and returned it over six times, we woke up with big indents that didn't really go away causing us severe back and neck pain. ( the travelling for hours out of our way was a major pain.) I cannot fault the stores we went to as we are travelling around Australia I found Adam at the gold coast store to be very helpful but after several times returning it we had enough and Adam had as well, and refunded our money less $472.00. We now have another mattress made with the same profiles from a different store and we have no issues ,perhaps your springs were faulty as they were the only thing never changed. I don't think we should have been out of pocket at all if anything compensation should have been paid! anyway it is off my chest.

Waste of money

We bought this mattress and within a few months my back, hips and shoulders were killing me. It was very expensive and I thought it was just me so I am reassured to read other reviews. The first mattress we bought through Makin was excellent and lasted 10 years, but the second mattress was appalling. Please don't purchase these mattresses - you will be very disappointed and will waste your money.

Wish I had gone zoneless latex or foam from a cheap shop

Instead, I bought innerspring. Its been a few years now and like "Miller" I found that the mattress slopes off to the sides and in fact the sidewalls are really weak. I turned and flipped the mattress as recommended when I bought it but it made no difference. They also recommend not sitting on the side in the same place all the time. I'm not quite sure how it is that you are supposed to get into bed without doing that first. I've just recently flipped it again, sloping off began within days, and now theres a huge chunk of wire that is poking out from the side. It has not get come through the material but its so close to it, its not funny. And its sticking into my leg when I sit down if I forget to feel for it beforehand. I'll be flipping it again today, but not before checking the integrity of the springs on the other side of the bed. I've been disappointed with this mattress from day 1, but I have not complained to MM (Sandgate) because at first I thought it was "just me". Now, I've decided the mattress was never suitable for the task of giving me a good sleep (so maybe it is "just me"). Its my first, and last, "zoned" mattress. What a crock that is (and thats not just MM, its all of them). If you don't happen to lie in exactly the spot you are supposed to... god help your spine. I cant. I have to sleep partly sitting up, and that places my hips around where my waist ought to be. The pain is excruciating at times. This mattress will soon be replaced by something else with no zones.

Awesome service

Ordered mattress and then asked for a Friday morning delivery before 7am. Wow what great service turned up at 6.15 am with a smile and good morning. Staff in store were so friendly and helpful and you couldn't complain about any of the service we received. Jess from the store couldn't be more helpful. Highly recommend

Its not all its cracked up to be

I have troubled sleeps, find the bellismo mattress to hot, and after 3 months and endless turning of the topper, have already got dents. I would not recommend this mattress to everyone, who has saved hard to buy a new bed, as my husband and I, have done. We are very disappointed and will be contacting the store in Nerang. These mattresses are not for everyone, some people are Happy' with them. We however are not'

Great quality & service

Very happy with the mattress I purchased. Extremely comfortable and great quality. Customer service was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Would certainly recommend.

Restful Sleep!!

This a re-review and i will stress a case by case assesment. I bought my queen size indulgence mattress and inside of three years you could feel the springs it really was an uncomfortable sleep my wife and i kept waking up with bad backs aches and pains all over well just recently my previous review surfaced which i wasn't aware of until an email came to me asking me to contact makin mattresses so i did. I met the marketing manager natile and then i was referred back to the store which i bought it from originally and there i met adam the store manager. Let me say that customer care is alive and well with these two people the problem was dealt with and fixed in about a week now my wife and i have a mattress that we indeed do enjoy sleeping on it is comfortable and does live up to its brand of indulgence. Would i recommend this mattress yes i would i recommend nerang store yes in particular its management. This is not a brown nosing exercise this is my experience and a happy one. One more comment it is the norm to trash the business or anyone when things go wrong but rarely is it reversed when things go well. Love my makin mattress.

Terrific sleep

I have never slept better and wake up bright and ready for the day. The store salesperson, Maxine, was very very good.

Pain Free, quality sleep, super comfortable and extremely happy with our SuperKing Duet

I have suffered neck, collar bone, hip and knee pain for over 18 months. We purchased a Super King Duet bed from Makin Mattresses and within two days I am pain free. I could have gone to my GP and been filled with medications, but I didn't. Who knew that a our old bed was the problem. Our new bed is pure luxury, our quality of sleep is sensational. We are very happy. Great value and awesome service too.

Pillow top. Bellissimo firm

After One night sleeping on it (with plastic still on ) and mattress protector, a nightmare no sleep, we bought the firm, but way too soft, bad back, firery hips , the both of us , had same symptoms, we were wary about the promises of not meeting up to them, it wasn't good, that is why we left plastic cover on, but no the management were rude would not take a return, we were very offended when acussed of having bed bugs, and lying, so no return, very very disappointed, we are in business, so do have an understanding of both sides, they should have done the right thing Stay away, all promises but no backup.

Love the support this pocket spring gives

I love the mattress and how the pocket springs give support and comfort being able to move and not disturb your partner is also important giving each of us a reason not to worry about waking each other when we need to get up st different times

Doesn't outlast a couple of years with regular use

We flipped and rotated the mattress every week but within two years we noticed body impressions which became sink holes within three years. After checking with the manufacturer we were told that the mattress needed to be taken away to be 'reconfigured'. We decided that reconfiguring would probably only give us a couple more years at the most because our experience had told us that the latex wasn't lasting quality. We've chosen to discard the mattress and bought another brand for the same price with a 10 year full replacement warranty - - the 'nobody does it better' claim doesn't ring true anymore.

finally free of this uncomfortable mattress

We found this mattress quickly formed body impressions in the top layer. Returned to Makin who cheerfully replaced with the same but again dents formed resulting in pain in hips where body pressure is greatest. Very difficult to rotate because of weight and even to get sheets to tuck under for same reason. After 2 years, we have cut our losses and bought elsewhere.

Another bad product from this company

After being told our original mattress that we purchased from this company couldn't be fixed, we purchased another bed from this company (worst mistake ever) Since we purchased it we have had the mattress and topper replaced 3 times, now it has failed again. Best thing we ever did was purchase another mattress from another company recently and we are sleeping better than ever

Awesome bed.

Service was awesome. Mattress was expensive but well worth it. Best sleep in a long time, no more aches and pains. Well done!

Great experience with Makin Mattresses

We have shopped with Makin Mattresses before, but always look around other bed outlets to see if there are better deals, or more comfortable mattresses, when we need to buy a bed. We always seem to come back to Makin Mattresses for a no nonsense good deal. This time was no different - we had excellent service from Makin Mattresses, with good advice without a pushy sales line. We bought the Duet Queen bed with the 4 drawer base, which has proven to be extremely comfortable. The delivery team was also great.

What a great product

We bought a Bellissimo King Duet 4000 (firm) with base about 4 weeks ago. The sales person (K) was great. She listened to our needs and then directed us to the mattresses that met our requirements. Left us to try each for about 30 minutes. No pressure from her to sell to us. A real asset to the company. Delivery and setup was excellent. Four weeks of use and we are sleeping soundly and long. No back pain and we wake feeling refreshed and energized. We thoroughly recommend this mattress. Should have bought one years ago.

I am going to Change to another mattress

After 12-18 months both sides of bed have large & enlarging indents from body position. We have followed "Turning Instructions" but still has same issues, I am now having back aches from the mattress and sleeping in the spare room until new mattress arrives, the $1000 mattress is giving me better sleep.

Extremely bad back pain

I also bought a Belissimo Duo mattress but would not recommend it. I saved up for months for it and the one in the store was so comfortable but the one I have received is like sleeping on cement. I complained and was told give it time and it would soften up. Well that was in October last year we are now in August and nothing has changed other than my back seems to be getting worse. Everyone has commented on how hard my bed is and that the floor is more comfortable. I finally called the store back and was told to roll up the top pillow that sits on the mattress and bring it down. I don't see how just doing this and not fixing the mattress itself is going to fix the problem that the mattress is way to hard. My dream bed has turned my nights into sleepless ones and mornings into painful ones.

Dont deal with this people

I would rather sleep on a concrete floor , purchased a mattress received another cheap one, no reply from the ceo to my letter, mattress was taken away to fix the problem, back to us more hard than before , don't buy from this people, absolutely rubbish , my husband is a polio victim and his back after sleeping on this mattress has gone bad to very bad. Rude people to deal with , don't care about the customer only about how to keep your money , but by law they got to refund and I will not stop until they do.

Comfort all the way

We are loving our purchase of the Bellissimo pillowtop mattress. Following recommendations from close friends and reading reviews from other customers we decided to take a serious look at what Makin Mattresses had to offer. Our visit to the Nundah showroom was a really wonderful experience, we were able to try there range of mattresses at our pace with no pressure from staff. The customer service was outstanding with exceptional knowledge of there mattresses and there ability to listen to our individual needs and assist with the perfect fit for us. Every night we now sleep in total comfort, five star.

Superb quality an dservice

We bought a Bellisimo king size base and inner spring mattress with pillow top. It is beautifully made, superb quality and incredibly comfortable. The staff were amazingly helpful and not pushy. The delivery was prompt and professional. The after sales care offered is above and beyond. And we dealt with a local producer, not a retailer. I would highly recommend them to anyone. You won't be disappointed.

From a queen to a king!

We recently decorated our bedroom and decided to get a bigger mattress - it’s so comfortable - we absolutely love it!

Fantastic Mattress

In 2002 we bought a latex mattress from Nundah Makin Mattress. It has been a fantastic bed. In January 2017 we decided to update our mattress. We shopped around and read reviews. In february 2017 we bought a Queen Duet 2000 innerspring from Makin Mattresses at Nundah. The mattress is fantastic. We find the pillowtop is very supportive as well. As we like a luxurious sleep we also purchased a micro cloud mattress topper from Micro Cloud. We are now sleeping on a cloud. We could not get a better sleep in a 5* hotel. We found the service at the Nundah store to be excellent. The staff did not hover around us while we made our choice We found that staff at other retailers stay close and don't give you a chance to think. The staff answered our questions professionally. Delivery was on time and the delivery staff were very polite and helpful. Thankyou Makin Mattresses we will return when we want a new mattress for sure. We hope this review makes your choice easier.

Comfortable bed

Have been using for 4 weeks. Mattress is comfortable and draws in base are very handy. Showroom staff were knowledgeable and cutouts showing what is inside the mattress was useful in deciding which mattress to buy. The separate pillowtop is a good idea but the first time I found it a bit challenging to flip by myself as we don't have a lot of floor space in the bedroom and it hasn't got the stiffness of the bottom mattress so it tends to fold over and is still fairly weighty. No doubt I will work out a better way to do it next time. Rotating the two piece mattress is easy enough and flipping the bottom mattress is also straight forward. The 5 year comfort promise is handy to have.

Best bed ever

Free delivery, great service, great price and all Australian made what else can you ask for. The staff were very helpful and very kind go have a look for yourselves.

very good for body impressions

Bought a king size Bellissimo Duo from Makin Matresses, 3 years ago had the mattress replaced in the first month, due to a faulty mattress. Now the mattress has body impressions that are very uncomfortable. Albury Makin Mattresses say they can send our mattress back to the factory to be fixed, but we would be without our a mattress for 2 weeks while they look at it, meanwhile as our bed is the only bed in our house, so we'll be without a bed. Albury manager says unfortunately there is nothing they can do. It's up to us to borrow a mattress from somewhere during this time. So much for service and 10 warranty. Looks like if you have a problem don't expect them to help


I purchased a single Bellissimo Duo and had made complaints because the pillow top was sagging and hot, turned it like instructed, when I had complained enough they had a look at it and said there was nothing wrong !!!. Complained again and finally took it and did a repair, wanted to charge me though, We is the 10 year Guarantee ? Makin Bellissimo are a huge waste of money. !!!!!!


We have had the mattress for just under three years and I have been complaining for about one year that it is uncomfortable. After checking I found out it was still under warranty. Spoke to the guy at the Fyshwick store and he arranged to pick it up and have it fixed. This was done promptly and returned promptly. Only problem is that is was just taken and returned and it is no better than it was before they I had the best three nights sleep while it was away on a euro blow up mattress. Says a lot when a $150 blow up is more comfortable than a $2,400 mattress. When we do get around to buying a new mattress it won't be from makin mattresses.

Fantastic advice and awesome service

An amazing solution to a vexed question - sleep disturbance caused by a restless partner. Twin king mattresses, specially sized and beautifully made to create a king size bed which is extremely comfortable and quite economical. Fabulous service and delivered in 10 days!

Not worth the expense

Purchased the mattress with pillow top a few years ago. Most uncomfortable bed ever and due to the cost we are stuck with it as cannot afford a replacement. We took the pillow top back to the store and were told there had been issues with the foam collapsing - which they then firmed up - this helped for a week or so. We are now trying to sleep on the base only & by morning can hardly sit up due to pain. I wish I could get at least a partial refund.

Affordable and great quality mattresses

We will be returning customers because of the happy down to earth customer service. Our experience was easy, straight forward and all the information regarding the mattresses was easy to understand.

Hate It

This mattress is terrible for $1400 it didn't last more than 2 years I get pains in my shoulders my back numb hands. The mattress has had it's spring frame replaced once and it's no better. Shoppers don't be fooled these beds are not the best on the market they are amidst the the cheap ones in the market so shop around lay on more than one lay in heaps jump on them bounce roll treat it like you would at your home and if they ask you to stop then tell them that you are the customer and your are testing it I mean you road test a car and if you don't like it you don't buy it do you. The bed started off comfy but as time has gone by its steadily gotten worse we are up to 2 years old now.

Excellent bed for 6' Teenager

I did not experience any dramas or problems with this Siesta ensemble. Son says the best sleep he has had in years. Just threw out Sleepmaker chiro single mattresses. From reading the reviews it sounds like the more nasty and aggressive your personality is, the more problems you face. It seems that Makin Mattresses is willing to resolve problems. Good enough for us to buy a third ensemble bed. Thanks Nundah Makin Mattresses.

Best sleep first night

Our new Bellissimo ensemble arrived yesterday and we had our first night on it. Wonderful! Was comfortable from the start and woke this morning with none of my usual neck and shoulder pain. Thanks to the team at Parkinson for all their help and the fast delivery. Only purchased the bed at midday and sleeping in it that night!

Hard as a rock

We were conned into buying the " firm " mattress as in the store when we tried it it was fairly soft, and the salesperson said we could always buy the removable pillow top for another $ 295 if we found it too hard. The bed they delivered to us was rock hard, not at all like the one in the shop we tried. I complained the very next day but they wouldn't take the bed back and let us upgrade to a better one. The manager said we could have the layers of hard foam taken out at a cost of $50 to us so we did , but it didn't make much difference. Went and bought the pillow top.....again, hard as a rock, not at all soft and cushioning like you`d expect from a " pillow top" , waste of money..... all round. Not happy with product or sales ethics. They should TELL you that the bed you get will be harder than the one they let you try on the floor!! And that there is a no return policy. Nothing in the store to say this anywhere. What`s the point of trying something in the store when the product you actually get is totally different in feel when you get it home. They say it`s like a pair of shoes, it`ll get softer.... but my bones can`t stand sleeping on it to break it in even. False advertising !!!! Grrrrrrr

Friendly and efficient service

Had a Siesta Plus customised to European sizing. Very fast and responsive service over the phone. Mattresses arrived and installed within a week. Very positive experience and very comfortable mattress.

Very comfortable good support for artificial limbs & sore back

So far living up to expectations 3 weeks in from purchase. Appears to be what said to be and do & gives good night sleep

Excellent service in every way

Purchased a mattress on the Gold Coast. Have also previously purchased this product with Makin mattresses for the spare room. Our experience in both instances has been excellent and very professional. Good advice so we were able to choose what was right for us. Mattress amazingly comfortable. Delivery was fast and arrived exactly at the time advised. Cannot fault anything with this company.

Worst bed choice ive ever made

Purchased medium bellisimo duo kingsize and could not sleep at all so exchanged for soft.staff were helpfule although i had to pickup myself.Flipped and rotated as required.the bed is lumpy and uncomfortable and hard .As i sleep on my side ime now having shoulder problems.Very dissapointed with my choice.

Belissimo Queen. Not happy

We bought a belissimo queen with the soft top the start of last year we hated from the first night. I have had hip and lower back pain and my husband has had really bad back pain. We have been in contact with the store they where help full but if we wanted it fixed it was at a cost to us a BIG cost. So much for there 5 year sleep comfort grantee. We hate it. I would not recommend it to anyone.

King size Belissimo

Very expensive & disappointing. Persevered with rotation etc, eventually bought an $800 pillow top for comfort but its still terrible. Too hot, has "dents" wouldnt recommend to anyone. THis is the most expensive mattress I've bought & its been the biggest dissapointment ever - dont buy one is my recommendation

Excellent service

These people know their product and are able to recommend a bed that will suit your requirements from a diverse range. They are also locally manufactured so a plus. Both customer service folk were knowledgeable and happy to see the process through to completion. These beds are definitely value for money.

Quickest & easiest way to buy your next mattress

Great price range of products, helpful knowledgeable friendly staff. Fantastic double sided concept. Hands down best bed shopping experience ever.

We love it

Very happy with the experience in store and with our mattress. Very comfortable could get a could night sleep without it.

Wonderful bed & customer service

I bought a pocket spring bed which comes with a 10 year straight forward warranty. My chiropractor commented that my back is in better shape than usual and i feel better.

Help is always at hand

We have a high regard for 'Makin Mattresses' Newcastle store, the manager and workers. We purchased a King size bed this year but found we required modifications to suit our particular needs. The manager was very approachable, understanding and obliging in comprehending these needs and we both came to a compromise . Some give and take on both sides, and are now more than happy with the result of our purchase. Delivery is prompt , the delivery men polite and helpful. The staff are approachable so voice your concerns early if you have any after purchase: things can be done to assist you. Our thanks to 'Makin Mattresses' Newcastle.

Experience, Quality and even the service - Absolutely Brilliant

Makin Matresses did it again. Our 2nd buy, our 2nd mattress our 3rd pillow. We walked in, we got service (Yar I know right, Service!) We tried out the range, we purchased the same as last time, it was delivered as expected, then we slept like we didn’t want to wake up. Thank you Makin Matresses...again.

absolute rubbish and waste of money

After years of suffering and repeated complaints to MM about sleeping on a super hard sagging hammock latex mattress which more than likely led to my shoulder reconstruction, we were finally offered the top of the range inner spring, not before they tried to tell us that the topping had sagged (which there was none) and tried to sell us an upgrade topping after stripping the bed in front of us and finally conceding to a new replacement mattress. Just after a year, this too has sagged into an uncomfortable hammock style. I am ready to buy a second hand mattress that I am sure would be more comfortable and stable. Stay away from this company!

Money well spent

I recently had the misfortune of buying the Moldandgas from a Scandinavian chain. Big mistake. While it was comfortable, it came moldy and smelly. I tried chemical cleaning, vacuuming and ventilation. Give the Swedes a call and you will be listening to funeral-music for 40 minutes before you can talk to an actual person. Now try calling Makin Mattresses, go on try it. "Hello, Makin Mattresses". It was the delightful and informative Michael on the phone, how do they do it? When I visited he listened to what I wanted, allowed me to try the two mattresses that I had already researched on-line; and you really must go into the store to try them out. Everybody is different. I selected the more expensive one because I could understand why it would have a higher cost of manufacture. You get what you pay for, Plus a bit extra at Makin. While Australian manufacturing is slowly sliding down the toilet, Makin (Australian) is growing and can now be found in every major population centre. Think about it for a moment.

Save Your Money

I went for the 'indulgence plus' and have never slept on a more uncomfortable mattress in my life. Nothing like the feel of what was on offer in store. I thought because mine was new it might take a little time to wear in, I gave it six weeks and I would still wake up from numbing sensations down my arms. Trying to negotiate afterwards would only result in me spending more money on an already expensive mattress. It's such a hard decision on choosing a comfortable mattress and something that takes time, so choose carefully or better still avoid this mob as unfortunately they only have your money in their best interest.

Completly satisfied

At first felt that the mattress was a little firmer than expected however it was comfortable. We were offered a softer one if after a week we were still not sure. After a week we wouldn't change a thing.

Terrible sagging not even a year old

Queen mattress sags where we lie, despite turning and flipping and as much 'sleeping in the middle' as practical. I'd never buy one again, very disappointing. This mattress was meant to be pretty firm and just isn't. Doubt this mattress will even last 5 years (being generous, mattress was bad after 9 months of use) whereas the last mattress we had from another retailer was 10years old when we replaced. Don't bother getting a mattress here. They pay for tv advertising to suck you in. Never never again, don't buy from here. Just don't. Get a mattress in a box, I will be trying one of those next time. Highly annoyed at the poor excuse of a bed from Makin mattresses.

Caravan mattress

Great service. Special cut corner caravan mattress to our specification. Very helpful staff in selecting best fit and design. Altered to be a non flip due to cut off. Purchased Pillowtop to match the mattress. Extremely pleased with the result and mattress fits perfect into the caravan.

Sagging in middle

Treated me like dirt when I approached them for a warranty claim, Lied to me about the replacement mattress being already on the couriers truck, It was not which was their loss as I was going to upgrade to one of their top of the range models, Which would have meant at least $1500!! more in their pocket. When I rang them to confirm the pick up time of the defective mattress as their courier didn't even turn up the first time I was told "Bad Luck" that he didn't turn up and wasted my time. Accused me of not rotating the mattress, Then said I needed to move around the mattress during a nights sleep!!! In the end they replaced the mattress with a new one so I was RIGHT and it was FAULTY. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR BUY ELSEWHERE!!! The staff at the Albury NSW store are rude, lairs.

Innerspring Mattress

We needed a new mattress as I was waking up with a sore back. We went to the major bedding places, and Makin Mattresses. Makinmattresses were the only company that had a bed that you could flip - something we were keen for. We also just wanted an old fashioned quality mattress, we did not want silly pillow tops etc that sag and loose their spring. We purchased a firm flippable queen mattress and have been sleeping on it for a bit over a month ...and...we love it! My back is much better and surprisingly - my husband snores less - win!!

Very disappointing...

We purchased a Bellisimo Duo mattress about 10 months ago from the Adelaide store. Within 3 months we had the top part replaced by the Newcastle store (we are retired Grey nomads) as it was sagging badly. We were told this was extremely unusual, although given the comments on here, I can see it's more common than not. Anyway, the mattress has again sagged so badly that we are now looking at purchasing a new mattress (NOT from Makin Mattresses) and forgoing the $2000 odd dollars we paid. Makin Mattresses are not interested in helping us with any form of refund which obviously makes this much harder, but as I have chronic pain and chronic headaches, we feel there is no choice. PLEASE beware before purchasing!!! We would not like other retirees to be so badly financially disadvantaged.

Would never buy again

Bought a mattress and base from Makin Mattresses, started off really good but springs and padding gave up and sagged in just over 12 months, complained and they took it back for repair but got it back just as bad, very disappointing.

Check the order before leaving store

Bed caused severe hip pain, but because I couldn't PROVE the bed was the cause I lost my Tribunal Claim. It wasn't until later that I found out that the sales woman had made a second mistake on our order (the first, wrong colour base was changed before leaving showroom), she had entered a FIRM mattress and we had said a MEDIUM. Because we can not use that bed we moved it to the spare room, that is when we found out that the main mattress was as hard as a concrete floor, also the specially made latex pillow-top was shoddily made because it was put together in less than two hours. To me, the Manager of the store appeared to be VERY FAMILIAR with the workings of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal. In 52 years we have slept on a vast number of beds, not one being as bad as the Makin bed.

Not what they said

We brought a mattress from them late last year paid $1500 and it has what they call body impressions in it i would call them sinking in the mattress got back onto them and they said it was normal to have impression in it but i dont agree and i would never buy another one also telling all friends and family to do the same not happy.

my mum paid top dollar for this and was very uncomfortable mattress.

never a comfortable mattress. I often heard complaints from my mu and every way possible to turn this mattress was tried. when I see there ad challenging harvey norman, I think what a joke. Makin Mattresses are the worse possible people to buy from. My mum suffered with there supposedly top of the range mattress. finally mum contacted them as it was under their warramty,and a guy came out and took her mattress. He returned later with the mattress King single in the boot of his car. It did not look the same it was dirty and full of fleas. We thought at the time that he had just got an old mattress from the parking lot to replace hers. Needless to say we purchased from a well known brand. I expect they have tighter quality control. I hope this helps, I am sorry to bagg an australian company. everytime we passed there store, we had a good laugh.


Very bad reception to our matress complaints from Adelaide branch we were very unsatisfied from our purchase thinking it was us we set the mattress up in guest room and our guests confirmed our results when asked if we could pay extra for an upgrade we were rudely greeted with 500 dollar same mattress upgrade internals Wich made this bed hard as and still uncomfortable the lady was rude to us I should have filmed our experience the owner of this company would have been discussed I invite this company to get back to me with a reasonable resault

Not as good as we thought

We bought the more expensive Bellissimo. Very hard to turn as no handles on either mattress or top layer. Not as comfortable as we thought it was going to be, Would not recommend

Waste of Money

We purchased the Bellissimo Duet 2000 with a ten year warranty - so we thought. The bed lasted 20 months. Making Mattresses picked up the bed, rebuilt it and returned a completely different mattress. The mattress we received was so uncomfortable we could not sleep on it. That is where Making Mattresses ditch you as a customer and it is simply your bad luck. The comfort promise is meaningless. The warranty is meaningless. The bed is not what we paid for. The chemical off-gassing smell from the memory foam is so strong that it made us sick. Our dogs would not even sleep on the mattress. Further investigation found that this chemical off gassing smell is carcinogenic and in the USA such a mattress would require a warning label to notify the purchaser of the potentially fatal effects of inhaling fumes from memory foam. It's quite disturbing that any company would treat its customers the way we have been treated.

Worst Mattress Ever

We were wanting a really good comfortable mattress and didn't mind paying a little more to get that luxury comfort. I'd always remembered makin mattresses ad on tv and thought it must be the best you can buy! How wrong I was. Nearly 3k spent and not worth it. So wish we could of been refunded as we are stuck with it now. From the first week I felt like I was on a downward slope and had to shuffle up periodically to get comfortable. I called the store and they were nice enough even sending a new topper at my request as I thought there must be a fault. But no, now I realise this is it, even though we turn the topper and mattress as directed, you still get deep ruts either side. They say to try and lie in the middle of the bed! This is impossible and I don't have time to go and lie there to try and flatten topper out. It's very difficult to turn the mattress and topper, they're heavy and cumbersome. We've only had it for a few months and the ruts where we lie are deep, you can see when the bed is made it's not flat. I am devastated we spent so much for a bed that's uncomfortable, their ad on tv is total bull! I so wish I'd read the reviews before purchasing.

Not happy Jan

Don't waste your money. Better elsewhere.

Makin Mattresses Stand By Their Products

My wife and l purchase a quality mattresses & base from the Nerang store, early January 2020. Although the found the bed and its construction to be of quality, we struggled to adjust to the mattresses, even after 12 months. Makin Mattresses offered to replace the topper or make some adjustments to our mattresses. We chose the latter and now sleep contently. Not too businesses stand by their product like Makin Mattresses have done. Many thanks Makin Mattresses for providing a great service to match your products.

Bad mattress

I had my mattress custom made with a topper for our caravan last year. It's the worse mattress I have ever wasted my money on. It's uncomfortable and the topper doesn't even fit properly and the staff we're quite rude even though we paid over a thousand dollars cash for it. We getting rid of it and buying elsewhere. Just do your homework and buyers beware.

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