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+2.1x quality feel

+1.6x price value

+1.8x back support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 5 Overall



Autumn 2024 Updates: Macoda mattresses are being shipped as usual typically within 2-10 business days, although there have been some reported delays in some cases.

Macoda is an affordable hybrid mattress that comes in a box with a customisable design with firmness options. It features latex, gel-infused memory foam, and zoned pocket springs for superior back support. Many customers mention being happy with their Macoda mattress, with those that had complaints mainly mentioning disagreements over firmness and delivery in some cases. Read on below to see if this budget-friendly mattress option might work for you.


+2.1x quality feel
+1.6x price value
+1.8x back support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 5 Overall

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.1/10

Price: $850-$1400

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Macoda's Specifics

Macoda is an innovative mattress brand that has been making significant strides in the online mattress space. With a recent increase in popularity and happy customer sentiment, Macoda is a serious brand to consider. With an exciting customisable design that enables easy mattress firmness adjustment at home, the Macoda mattress blends pressure relief with superior support.

Quality of Materials

Macoda's mattress design is an exciting option that features moisture wicking and cooling bamboo fabric and zoned pocket springs for proper spinal alignment. A majority of customers describe a quality feeling mattress for the price.

The Macoda mattress has 3 foam comfort layers and a zoned spring support layer. Here are the details:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is made of bamboo fabric, which sleeps cool and is similar to rayon. It helps wick away moisture with a soft feel, and keep things cool on the surface.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a layer of natural latex. This layer is highly responsive and offers a gentle bounce to sleepers. It also naturally sleeps cool. This layer can be flipped with the below for a softer feel.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is gel-infused memory foam. This is less responsive and contours, helping with hip and shoulder pressure points. The gel infusion helps keep warmth away from the surface.

Layer 4: The third comfort layer is made up of polyurethane support foam. This support foam is firm and helps support the spine. For a firmer feel, place this layer on the top of the mattress.

Layer 5: The last layer is 5-zone support springs that are pocketed and independent from one another. This allows for independent support especially for the lower and middle spine without exacerbating pressure points in the hips and shoulders.

Overall Comfort

Most customers find that the Macoda mattress is initially very comfortable. Some described that they no longer toss and turn at night. There are high ratings from customers for comfort and the customisable firmness design.


Take a look above for our firmness chart. With the orientation as it is delivered, it is moderately firm, which is ideal for back sleepers. Those that need something firmer or softer can customise the layers for more pressure relief or a more supportive feel based on their preferences.

Back Pain Relief

There are happy reports from customers describing back pain relief. This is more likely if you are a back or side sleeper as these sleeping positions work well in conjunction with the zoned pocket spring system to support the spine.


Customers don't mention issues with heat retention issues. Because of the layers of latex and gel-infused memory foam, this mattress will sleep cool for most.

Who Is This Mattress Best For?

This mattress is a great option for most sleepers and has solid reviews from customers.

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We love it

My wife and I have found the Macoda mattress very comfortable, pretty much straight away. We both used to wake in the mornings with lower back pain, but not with the Macoda. Having the ability to change the top layers around to get the right feel, makes it a great choice. Just take the it out of the box, cut off the plastic, and watch it come to life, ready for you to sleep on. For a mattress that comes in a box and is delivered to you door, the quality of the mattress and the material are exceptional. Recommended to anyone who needs a new mattress.

So comfortable!

I have been struggling with sleep for awhile and so has my partner. He was waking up with a sore neck and I couldn't sleep at all and being heavily pregnant sleep was more important then anything! We have loved having the Macoda mattress and it has changed ALOT for us in general comfort. We have only been sleeping on it for 1-2 weeks so we are still getting used to it but so far so good! We will be purchasing a single for our daughters bed also! As for durability I'm unable to comment on how long it will hold up for but seems to be made out quality materials!

Amazing Mattress

The Macoda mattress with its memory foam makes every night such a comfortable sleep. Not only is it a great product but the ease of purchasing and the free delivery is an added bonus.

Restless sleeps no more!

After extensive scientific research on what makes a good mattress I decided that the features of Macoda is the right one I was looking for. They did not disappoint. Restless sleep is gone and I wake up with less aches and pain mostly upper and lower back pain in the morning. The only problem now is it is so hard to get out of bed because it is so comfy and relaxing.

This mattress is amazing. Its so comfortable, after sleeping on memory foam I know I will never be a

This mattress is so supportive and comfortable. I could tell it had been made from quality material as soon as it arrived. I also can't get over how much of a difference memory foam has made. It is so supportive and has improved my quality of sleep by at least ten fold. I would recommend this mattress to everyone. I have to admit I was skeptical about buying a mattress online, but it was so worth it, it turned up at my house the same day I placed my order and the guys even placed it on my bedframe for me. I paid a fraction of the price that I was quoted at major bedding stores for essentially the same mattress with the same features (natural latex, gel memory foam, bamboo fabric, pocket springs etc).

Do NOT buy if you have fibromyalgia or neck problems

I suffer from Chronic full body Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Migraines and spinal problems. I spent a lot of time researching mattresses to replace my full Latex mattress which cost a fortune but has been amazing until recently as it’s nearly 14 years old & the latex is perishing. All the new options of mattress types available to buy online is totally confusing so you rely on reviews from people in forums, advertising content on mattress websites & review boards. I had finally decided on MACODA due to their website saying it’s was made to help people with tender pain areas, back pain and helped with cooling for people who overheat. I was very excited for its arrival & better sleep so I have less need for pain meds. Firstly their courier company TNT has an abysmal tracking system and my mother and carer had to track down [name removed] from Macoda to find out where my mattress was. [name removed] was very helpful & polite. When the mattress arrived per instructions we let it air out and settle all day. My very first impression after sitting & then lying on the mattress was it was disappointingly firm & not soft or plush as I expected ( medium soft was it’s rating) We unzipped and changed top half around to see if it was softer but it was even firmer so flipped it back to original position and zipped it back together. When I went to bed I had to add a bunch of pillows under my legs/ arm & behind my back to relieve the pain from pressure points & make it barely comfortable. I woke up the next morning in excruciating pain from the base of my skull into my neck and shoulder and halfway down my back. I couldnt move my head without screaming in pain. My mother had to call the ambulance and I was given morphine and taken to hospital. My GP who specialises in chronic pain met us at the hospital and they diagnosed Acute Rye Neck caused by lack of support for tender pressure points & neck/ shoulder alignment. My pillows hadn't changed & are specialised for fibromyalgia/ migraine/ joint pain sufferers. I live with disabling chronic pain 24-7 and the acute pain I suffered after sleeping on the new mattress was similar to complete muscle tear or sciatica. After being in hospital for a day being treated with IV anti inflammatory & morphine pain killers, I’m home now but still cant move my head & neck without pain & on morphine & high strength anti inflammatory drugs. I have to go to rehab to get movement back in my neck & shoulder. I am traumatized physically & emotionally & financially disappointed and wouldn’t wish this sort pain on anyone. Please please if you have Fibromyalgia/ chronic pain illness or spine/ neck issues do not buy this mattress. NOTE: We have contacted the Macoda company and explained the whole tragic story & [name removed] has kindly offered to refund the cost of the mattress but ONLY after they organise a charity to pick up the mattress from our home. Problem is I’m left to find another mattress (more research & living in hope) to replace this one and can’t afford to do so until we are refunded as I’m on a disability pension. In the meantime I have had to buy a memory foam topper (another cost) to put on the Macoda mattress so I have something softer to sleep on until I can find a replacement.

Sleep like royalty!!

Sleeping like royalty now thanks to this fab business!! My new King mattress is great - thanks to all the team for a fast efficient friendly service - loved the idea that I had 100 days to change my mind - but new after day 1 - it’s was here for keeps!

Great mattress and great service

I knew I didn't want a foam mattress, and like many others am now very suspicious of the regular retail mattress industry. I looked up all the brands, and what sold me on this was the ability to customise it as also the fact it had 5mm of memory foam, more than the other hybrid brands. It's coming up to a month now that I've had this mattress and am very satisfied so far. First, I'd like to praise the customer service- James was very responsive. I had problems with their courier and they actually got another courier to pick it up from that courier for me. It did take a week to get here, but it had to come all across the country, so I expected that. It comes as a medium but can be changed to softer or harder with the inserts. I decided to stick with the medium. Watching it 'inflate' was like magic, though I needed help to flip it after that-make sure you open it the right way. It had a slight smell but that passed after 2 days, and I am very sensitive to smell. It is extremely supportive and very comfortable. I've had insomnia for a long time, and though still there, it is better-I fall asleep faster and toss and turn less. I only wish I could spend longer in bed! I have hypermobility and chronic back and shoulder aches, and had begun to think that it was natural to get out of bed stooped and with a limp, but I don't any more. Even my sciatica (if it's that) is better. Consider how much time and money many of us with chronic pain spend on pain relief, and you will see that it is a great buy. I haven't needed an urgent remedial massage since buying it. If my back does start playing up again, I plan to use the firm insert and see if that helps. It looks like it is made well, but I don't know if it's going to be durable or not, given I've only had it a month. The edges are rounded, but I feel supported all the way to the edge. You can probably get cheaper mattresses, but you can get much more expensive ones too, and the 100 day warranty means you really have nothing to lose.

Unbelievable quality, never slept better

I have slept on koala and plenty of expensive mattresses from Harvey Norman and have always experienced trouble sleeping, Macoda has been my breakthrough. I struggled with insomnia but this mattress is the perfect balance of softness and firmness, almost like it’s custom made for my dodgy back. No problems with durability and it washes well. Couldn’t recommend more.

The best sleep I've ever had

Thought I'd try this mattress out with the 100 night trial and I am definitely keeping it. I replaced my old spring mattress with a Macoda and falling asleep has never been easier. I used to toss and turn throughout the night, but my sleep has been completely undisturbed and as soon as I lay down it's super comfortable. 10/10 Would definitely recommend.


I purchased a number of Macoda Mattresses (Kings, Queens and Singles) for my holiday home in Margaret River. The ease of delivery and 100 night trail was a major deciding factor. We decided to steer clear of all these full foam mattresses on the market as I have personally found the support was lacking on a pervious mattress Ive had. We have now had the Macoda Mattresses for close to 2 months my family is loving them and I have had multiple compliments from from guests who’ve rented the holiday villa. I will be replacing all my beds at home with Macoda. Great Mattress I highly recommend them

Amazing! Exceeded expectations!

Needed to replace my old queen mattress, thought I would give a Macoda Mattress a go and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Very easy to set up and was personally delivered too! My new Macoda Mattress is much more comfortable and supportive than any other mattress that I've had. The only problem is I don't want to leave my bed in the morning! I would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone who is thinking about trying it

Love it!

My husband and I are sooo glad we bought this mattress. We desperately needed a new bed, but never had to time to shop for one. We decided to try Macoda after we heard about it from a friend and are definitely glad we did. The first night felt a little weird but now I honestly cannot wait to get into bed every single day. Amazingly comfortable and my restless hubby doesn't wake me up in the middle of night anymore which is a miracle in itself. Thanks Macoda!!

Perfect nights sleep

Since purchasing my macoda mattress I’ve been having the best nights sleep in a long time. I have it on the soft setting but it has the option to be medium and hard also. Sometimes I wake up with a sore neck but haven’t experienced this with the macoda! It arrived in a box and was easy to remove and set up. I recommend the macoda to anyone who has trouble sleeping through the night, you will struggle to get out of bed in the morning!

Excellent product and service

After purchasing a Macoda mattress I wouldn't recommend purchasing a mattress from a brick and mortar store to anyone. The excellence of the service prior to the purchase indicated to me this was a company that was very confident in the quality of their product and was committed to customer satisfaction. The company was able to arrange a delivery time that was most suitable to me and on the day they were extremely accommodating of changes to the delivery time, which I am extremely appreciative of. The day after my purchase I was contacted by the company to ensure I was satisfied with the product and was fully advised of any adjustments I may need to make to tailor the mattress to my requirements. I suffer from chronic pain in my lower back and needed the mattress to be softer to suit my body. I received so much ongoing customer support from the company and was further advised of how I could make the mattress softer (by flipping the black padding inside the mattress). After making this adjustment I was extremely happy with the quality of my mattress and was contacted by the company to make sure the product was suitable for me. This mattress is excellent value for money and I don't believe you will get such a personalised service anywhere else. I have already experienced an improvement in the quality of my sleep and greater relief from my chronic pain. This start up company is completely committed to customer satisfaction and knows what the market is needing.

Happy Sleeping!

Super happy with my new mattress. I did a lot of reseach and decided Macoda was the best option for me, price, comfort options and delivery time. It is cozy and comfortable. Good delivery and with the help of a friend easy to unbox and un wrap. Shame it has to be in so much plastic though. The mattress takes about 24 hours to expand completely.

The Best sleep I've had for a long time

My husband and I have had the best sleep we have had for a very long time. We didn't realize how uncomfortable our old mattress was. We would recommend these mattress to everyone.

Finally mattress wchich is not hot

Macoda mattresses are hybrid mattresses so have a pocket spring, natural latex, and memory foam injected with cooling gel. Had to replaced my old spring mattress and previous two I had to returned as it was impossible to sleep on them due to mattress retaining the heat. So I was really worried about this one, Macoda give 100 days free return, the had special so I jumped and bought it. When I rang the they warned me that when I will unpacked the mattress it will be a smell which should disappeared after two hours. The mattress arrived very quickly, no problems with delivery. When I unpacked yes it was a sort of plasticy smell, I had windows open and put on ceiling fan and after one hour couldn’t smell anymore in the room but could smell when I put my nose into mattress. I was airing the mattress for two day so all this plastic smell would disappear. Have to admit that first two nights didn’t sleep very well on it, but decided to try a bit more as it’s totally different to my old one. Glad that I did, now I am sleeping very well on it, it’s comfortable, does not retain heat like others. It’s not soft, but not very firm, very supportive, don’t wake up with bad back at all. The mattress can be made more firmer or softer, it’s a video on Macoda site explaining this. So far very happy with the mattress and my old mattress have been already picked up by council so Macoda mattress stays. Will recommend this mattress.

Excellent mattress great value

It’s a great product I really like it. The mattress compared to other previous pocket spring mattresses is superior. I purchased this online and it provided the convenience I look for. Considering the warranty I felt confident about the product before buying.

Best mattress on the market, at the best price.

Earlier this year I was looking to buy a new mattress, but was obviously overwhelmed by the amount of choice out there. After a bout of back pain, and while also having a girlfriend who is a VERY sensitive sleeper (which is made worse by the fact that I move around a lot in my sleep), it was important to make the right choice. Having tried out friends' mattresses - one had a Koala, another had an Ecosa - I wasn't sold on either. Having read about the Macoda, I decided to give it a shot. You get a 100-night trial anyway, so I had nothing to lose. I can honestly say that this is the best mattress I have ever come across, and is all the more amazing when you compare the price to the rest of the market. I have been waking up feeling far better, now that I can actually get a night of undisturbed sleep. Even my girlfriend has been sleeping noticeably better - the 'minimised motion transfer' feature for reducing partner disturbance actually works. Could not rate the mattress any higher, one of the best purchases I've ever made (and one of the only ones good enough to make me leave a review!).

Perfect Mattress

absolutely love my mattress. never slept on something more comfortable, it's helped a lot with my sleep (actually get full nights sleep now). customer service is perfect, they really care about their customers and their satisfaction. I highly recommended Macoda.

Top quality, great price

Had been waking up with back pain for a while so finally decided to try out a new mattress and went with the Macoda for its low price and 100 night free trial... but will not be returning this one. Was initially impressed with the quality and comfort of the mattress, and within a week I had virtually no back pain to speak of. Great value mattress with adjustable levels of firmness - would definitely recommend to others!

Would recommend

Such great service, easy going and friendly staff. Product quality was 10/10 and could sleep easy knowing I could return if I wasn’t happy with my purchase ! Thanks again

Excellent, very comfortable mattress

Comfortable and firm mattress. We have been using an old Ikea mattress for many years (we have no complaints against the old mattress, it was still serving us well), and thought it was time to upgrade. I had a look at Macoda, and bought it after doing some research. Delivery was quick (few days from Perth to Melb), and unboxing was simple. Only issue was the plastic smell, which disappeared after a day of unboxing and leaving the mattress as it is. The mattress itself is excellent, my wife is complaining of less back pain now.

My new mattress is Brilliant......thank you so much

I was initially apprehensive about buying a mattress online but so glad I made the decision to proceed. The Macoda quality and comfort is amazing and I will be coming back soon to replace the kids beds. Packaging was so convenient for getting it up the stairs. I love the idea of the 100 day trial period which is what pushed me over the line to proceed but rest assured I already know I wont be sending it back as I just had the best night sleep of my entire life. I shopped this around to all the normal bed shops for several Saturdays which just became confusing and in the end it was a complete waste of my time until I found your site. Thank you so much........I am definately a convert to Macoda. Great web site too :-) Cheers

Partner disturbance is horrible

We bought this mattress after being told there is supposed to be basically no partner disturbance on this bed as we co sleep with our baby. But this thing bounces more than our old spring mattress, and this is a king!! Not impressed all. Also feels like I am laying on a slant when my partner is closer to the middle.

Amazing mattress! Best purchase

Despite purchasing a new mattress a year ago, I was still troubled with pretty regular back pain. After receiving a recommendation from my friend I decided to purchase a Macoda, keeping in mind the 100 day trial. I am so happy with my purchase! It is the most comfortable mattress I’ve had, and have had no back pain since! Beyond happy with the price and ease of delivery/unboxing, and would definitely recommend!

Perfect from the first night!

After a not great experience with a foam only mattress in a box I decided to go hybrid . Macoda ticked all the boxes. My deciding factor was the choice of med/soft. So unbelievably comfortable from the very first night, and woke with no back pain. Even my hubby is super impressed. I switched to soft immediately and haven’t slept this great in a long time. Recommending Macoda to everyone!

Highly Reccommended

We saw these mattress's advertised on Facebook, were a little apprehensive when we purchased it however there was no need for this. As we live in regional area packaging of these mattresses is very easy to handle and transport. They are so very comfortable and supportive we are very impressed and would totally recommend them. Overall we are very happy with the mattress so far.

Getting to know each other

It's been a week since I bought my macoda mattress and is getting better every night. The two first night shift it felt quite firm but now,it feels just right,I am waking up well rested and my shoulders don't hurt when I'm sleeping not in my side. My partner hasn't try it yet and that will Ben the ultimate test but,I'm confident he is going to fall in love with it after he has sleep on it for a couple of nights. My favourite thing about the macoda mattress is how easy is to get to know it on the web and how fast the delivery was,apart from a reasonable price. It a being a great experience so far.

Perfect nights sleep!!

Best nights sleep I’ve had in ages! I Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an affordable mattress but of highest quality like the overpriced expensive brands. Never going anywhere else again to get a bed!

excellent mattress - highly recommend

I am very happy with this mattress. I bought this Macoda mattress to replace a 3 year old King Koil mattress that we paid over $4000 for and it had collapsed and been very disappointing. I am incredibly impressed with the quality and standard of the Macoda mattress. It is very comfortable. The firmness is just right. It has not collapsed or indented like our other one. This mattress is a fraction of the price and much better in regards to quality and comfort. I would highly recommend this mattress. In addition, ordering it was simple and it was delivered on the same day for no additional cost. The guys unpacked it for me and set it up and even moved our old mattress out of the room for me. Such amazing service! I was very impressed. Honestly, if you need a mattress try this one. Its great value and very comfortable. And great customer service.

It fix my back pain!

I’ve owned this mattress for a month now, I was hesitant at first but I was desperate to try something new as I’ve had a bad lower back for quite some time now. After sleeping on this mattress for 1 week the majority of my back pain has dissapated. I’m over the moon, couldn’t be happier with the product and would recommend this mattress to anyone who’s been having trouble sleeping and had some back pain they’re struggling to get rid of.

Macoda = 10

I’ll say that I know the owners and that I’d have no problem telling them the truth about what I honestly think of their mattresses, and the truth is, I really love it! I replaced my mattress with a Macoda (I got to try it out first luckily), and I have no regrets at all. It is firm, comfortable, and my back feels great after each sleep (I get mild back pain and some mattresses disagree with me). I highly recommend a Macoda to anyone looking for a great quality mattress for a fantastic price.

Truly Tremendous

A truly tremendous mattress. Very supportive, very comfortable. I've had an absolutely atrocious history of waking up in the morning with a sore upper back/neck which takes strenuous and time consuming exercises to solve. However, these aches and pains have been greatly reduced. The team over at Macoda have been terrific, extremely accommodating. The mattress is of much better quality than my previous mattress. I'm happy with my purchase and wish these guys the best of luck. I'll be recommending this company to my friends and family in the future.

Awesome mattress!

My mattress is superb! I cannot emphasise enough how happy I am with it. I have had quite a bad back for the last couple of years, and have tried a number of different mattresses previously. I can safely say that this mattress has been brilliant, and my back feels a lot better. I am not sure if this is because I am able to sleep in a better position, or for longer, or a combination of the two. The firmness of the mattress makes me think that it will be durable (I have had those before that are good for a year, and after that they just sag in the middle) Really an excellent mattress, my sleep quality and duration has improved immensely! 10/10 recommend to anyone seeking a solid night's sleep.

Comfy mattress!

I am loving my bed, sleeping better than ever. Very comfy mattress.

Best Mattress Ever!

We just bought our second Macoda mattress, a queen for our daughter. We've had our king for about 1 year and its so comfortable. I can only liken it to lying on a pancake. I've only ever had plush mattresses before, but the Macoda is the perfect balance between firm and plush. Highly recommend.


I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven the bed is so perfectly comfortable ; the perfect balance of support and comfort and softness . Going from a queen to a king is a game changer and I don’t know how I survived for so long with out my Macoda . An absolute dream I never want to get out of bed

Beautiful mattress

comfort..... and support! my friends lie on it and are jealous... thank you Macoda!!

Best choice ever

After spending 3 weeks looking at countless mattresses and all the options available, I decided on the macoda. From online order to my bedroom took 2 hrs, amazing customer service and delivery time, the fastest thing I have ever ordered. 1st night the bed was a little soft so we adjusted to the firm option and out sleeps have been amazing. The bed absorbes the body just enough and the firmness let’s you remain on top of the mattress without sinking in. The mattress sleeps very cool as well. I have nothing but praise and have told a lot of people about my experience with macoda from ordering to set up.. again, after 3 weeks extensive research the macoda is truely the best mattress.. extremely satisfied customer!! Thanks for everything macoda!!!!!

Very very comfortable!

I cannot recommend this mattress enough! It took a couple of nights for my body to adjust but now I can't believe how comfortable it is (I think about it during the day). Very soft and cosy and yet very supportive. And the great thing is if you find it too firm or soft you can unzip the cover and adjust the foam layers. No partner disturbance whatsoever and the bamboo quilted cover is soft even over the edges.

I'm happy with it. I

I'm happy with it. I sleep on my side and this is nice and soft while also being supportive.

So Comfortable

I love this new mattress! I didn't realise how bad my old one was until we got this one. I was waking up with a kinked neck or a painful knot in my shoulder every other week with the old mattress, but since getting the macoda just over a month ago, I haven't had a single issue! Amazing!

A great mattress = a restful sleep.

Very comfortable whilst giving support, we where apprehensive on purchasing a mattress in box but over the moon with its performance in all areas. Also purchase an delivery very efficient process.

good on an ageing body

We have only had our Macoda mattress for a week but so far both my wife and I our experiencing far less shoulder and hip discomfort.

good on an ageing body

We have only had our Macoda mattress for a week but so far both my wife and I our experiencing far less shoulder and hip discomfort.

Best mattress I've ever had

This is my 3rd mattress in a box type mattress and it is by far the most comfy. It's really supportive but also soft and cosy. Definitely recommend over other options.

What a great mattress

This is the fourth bed in a box that I've tried and by far the best. It's so comfortable I find myself going to bed earlier and watching tv till I go to sleep . I've also purchased two pillows I find them to be super soft but also super supportive. Don't find the pillows to be overly cool but at the same time I wouldn't complain that they are hot to sleep on . Im using a solid timber bed base that is working very well with the weight of the mattress it not the lightest but its made to last. The delivery wasn't the best at times I didn't even know we're it was at times living in Mackay qld . When it got to Brisbane my tracking information was saying that it had been delivered. Not the case its just been pasted on to another courier service. From than you have no way of tracking your order. It can all be a bit stressful when spending over a thousand dollars on a new mattress. The pillows on the other hand turned up in three days very happy with that. Over all I won't ever be buying any other mattress but a macoda. I highly recommend this mattress and there pillows.

Perfect mattress

Purchased for my mattress fussy daughter and she loves it, no more back pain complaints! Easy purchase from start to finish. Would definitely buy again.

We love it , very

We love it , very cosy and comfortable whilst giving support

Amazing bed!!

We were skeptical about buying a bed in a box, but decided that the money back trial and the fact that you could swap out the foam to suit your comfort level was pretty good insurance. We're happy to say that it was so worth it!! The bed came within two days. It felt a bit too firm for us (both side sleepers) to begin, so we swapped the foam around and now it's perfect! Supportive but very cozy and plush. We've had the bed 3 months now. I waited until now to review just to be sure. This bed is nicer than beds 2 to 3 times the price. Very happy customers!

Best mattress I've ever slept on

I cannot say enough good things about my new Macoda mattress. I was a bit nervous to get on board the "mattress in a box" trend but I'm so glad I did. It is honestly just perfect. I was worried it would be too hard as I usually prefer a soft mattress but its just right. I am a side sleeper and I have had the best nights sleep for the past month since owning it. My back and neck pain have completely gone. Delivery was easy and quick yourself a favour and buy one!

Fantastic Support and Comfort!

I had tried another box mattress and was forced to return it - it was too hard and had no support - so moving around on it was terrible and I got sore lower back due to sag. I replaced with the Macoda. Wow, what a huge difference from the first night. The Macoda mattress is so comfortable but has amazing support - you sink evenly into the mattress and are supported fully. It is wonderfully responsive, so changing position or just lying in bed is pleasasnt. I would highly recommend this mattress for comfort + support. Only down side is the smell is quite strong, as was the last box mattress I returned. Worth mentioning it is much heavier than the one I returned, but the smart packing with wheels allows you to position it on the bed base prior to opening. Makes deployment relatively simple.

Terrible customer service

My bed was set to be delivered 11 days ago & every day since then I have contacted customer service to find out when it will be delivered. I have been sleeping on the floor & they know this. Every day they inform me that someone will call me & have the delivery sorted but it hasn't happened. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE

Good but not sure

It has a luxury hotel bed feel to it and every time I lie down it feels plush. However, that soft feeling seems to go quickly and I feel like it’s a bit hard and not contouring my body enough. My husband likes the mattress . I have mattress on softest setting.

Zoning not great

I’m not sure why my original review has not made it onto the website. Although we loved the fact that you can vary the firmness of this bed I found the zoning to be not great- this is due tot he fact that the softer zone doesn’t start til 65cm from the head of the bed (this was confirmed by Macoda), clearly a lot lower than a standard pillow would end. This meant my shoulder was on a firmer zone rather than a softer one as it seems to depict would be the case in the website photo. Also as I am only 160cm tall my lumbar back did not reach the firmer lumbar support zone meaning it was in a softer section which did not help my back. We now have a bed with three zones instead of five, which better suits me.

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