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Koala Mattress Reviews


+1.2x back support

+1.2 back pain relief

+1.3x cloud like

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 10 Overall



Autumn 2024 Updates: Koala recently reworked their mattress offering with 3 new designs offering customisable firmness. Recent customers are generally happy with their Koala mattress with rare complaints mentioning durability concerns.

The Koala mattress is one of the most popular mattresses in Australia. They were one of the early companies to revolutionise the direct-to-consumer mattress in the box space in the country. They have optimised their mattress designs over the years with 3 well-rated foam mattresses to choose from. Buyers mostly have good things to say for the brand with select negative feedback mostly mentioning delivery and long-term feel mishaps.


+1.2x back support
+1.2 back pain relief
+1.3x cloud like

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Top 10 Overall

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9.2/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $750-$2950

Trial Period: 120 Nights

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Koala's Specifics

Koala offers 3 all-foam mattresses with customisable firmnesses sold direct through their online store. As one of the first online mattress brands in Australia, they also have diversified into other furniture items as well.

When it comes to their mattresses, they offer more innovative foam designs with their own Kloudcell™ foams and even 'foam springs' in some models. Overall, customers like their mattress selection and have responded well to their innovations with some limited complaints about durability and long term comfort.

If you are looking for a top customer-rated mattress with airy comfort and high value, take a look at the Noa hybrid mattresses for our full breakdown.

Quality of Materials

Koala has optimised their materials over time. In their original Koala mattress, it is still very much about their Kloudcell™ foam, which is open-cell for added temperature regulation. In their Calm As and Soul Mate mattresses, they put a focus on innovations in the cutting and crafting of foam, with zoned support and 'foam springs.' We'll go through these mattresses so you can learn which one might be best for you.

The Koala Mattress has been redesigned. Still with two layers of foam, it now offers additional customisation. Here is what's inside the New Koala Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is made of Tencel™ Lyocell fibre that wicks away moisture and keeps things airy on the surface.

Layer 2: This Kloudcell™ layer has gotten an upgrade with a new flippable design with a medium-firm default or a firm when flipped over.

Layer 3: The base layer offers a zoned support layer that features more pressure relief around the hips and shoulders, and more core support in the middle spine.

The next offering is the all new with another layer of foam, and a more pressure relieving profile. Take a look at what's inside the Koala Calm As Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover offers the enhancement of COOLMAX® fibre technology, which whisks away heat.

Layer 2: Inside the cover is a Kloudcell™ foam layer, which, similar to the Koala mattress, offers a medium-firm default or a firm when flipped over.

Layer 3: The ZoneOut transition layer disperses weight and keeps things cool with its air channels, which focus support on the middle while contouring more around the hips and shoulders.

Layer 4: Similar to the Koala Mattress, the NoPressure Adaptive Core have focused support zones for more tailored support in the middle spine.

The last mattress is the thickest and most plush version, available in double, queen, and king sizes. Take a look at what's inside the Koala Soul Mate Mattress:

Cover Layer: The cover is designed with a temperature-regulating Sensapole® fibre, which offers a plush feel without getting too hot.

Layer 2: Similar to the other designs, inside the cover is Kloudcell™ foam, which is customisable to offer a medium-firm feel towards the surface by default or a firmer feel when flipped over.

Layer 3: A plush, contouring bamboo charcoal memory foam is perforated for more heat diffusion, and also offers antimicrobial properties.

Layer 4: 5 zoned foam 'springs' adapt to the body's curves and movement with Zero Disturbance® and low motion transfer. This layer is also surrounded by an edge support foam layer that cuts down on side dipping.

Overall Comfort

Over 93% of Koala's customers gave it a 4 or a 5 star review. This is high praise from their customers. For their original Koala mattress, those that found something lacking mostly mentioned their mattress being too firm for them or rare issues with long term comfort.


Koala offer a range of firmness options, while gravitating towards the medium-firm profile with the ability to get more support by flipping the top comfort layer. Overall, these mattresses are ideal for back sleepers and stomach sleepers who enjoy more support.

Back Pain Relief

There are numerous reports of Koala's mattress helping with back pain. Rarely, there are disagreements about firmness and long term support.


Heat retention is not a common concern for Koala buyers. From the cover to the airy top layers, most find a cool night sleep with some limited exceptions.

Who Are Koala Mattresses Best For?

These mattress are best for those that prefer a supportive feel in their mattress. If you are an average back or stomach sleeper, this mattress will likely work well for you.

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At first it smelt funky for about 2 days but after that it was fine. It's absolutely amzing quality and comfort

Koala mattress purchse

Excellent delivery time. I loved the option of the old mattress pickup, even though we didn’t need to use it. And now to the mattress - great to sleep on. We love it. Bye bye feeling the mattress move every time my husband turns over. Thankyou too for the stuffed koala toy - a present for my dog hehe.

Koala mattress

Wow, we love our new mattress, feel like your sleeping on a cloud. Thank-you. Nola


Very comfortable!!! So worth the money! Delivery was great also

Delicious and comfy mattress

Love our new mattress it’s super comfy, firm and supportive. So happy we bought it!


You will absolutely not regret it! Delivered on the 3rd day which was super fast for a regional area. No fuss, no issues! Best nights sleep! Well done Koala!

Great night's sleep!!

Very happy with our new mattress!! My wife doesn't complain of waking up with back pain anymore!

My new Koala.

I have now slept on the Koala for 3 nights and have found it very comfortable and supportive. For the price, I Think it is a very good buy.

King Size

King Size


Best sleep ever

Koala king mattress

Koala king mattress

Good bed

Comfortable and quick delivery

Do it

So far so good.

Soooooo comfy!!

I ordered my mattress in the morning and it was delivered at 2pm the same day. It’s sooooo comfy and you never feel another persons movement at all. I love it





Really good value

Very impressed, good value for money and a really good product

What a relief

New mattress after waaaaay too long. The Koala is just what these aching bones needed

Whats to review

Great mattress, prompt delivery,,,,always a little sceptical ordering without testing but this mattress is a beauty.

Very happy

We originally purchased the queen size mattress. We slept on in for almost 2 weeks, noticing it was 5cms shorter then our previous queen we swapped for a king. Very happy with the king and the swap was made very easy. We originally payed with afterpay, but we were able to repurchase the new mattress the same day the took the queen away and king was delivered 5 hours after ordering. Mattress took some getting used to, as any new mattress would. But all in all very happy with my purchase and the koala team were pretty helpful. Thank you

koala double matress

so far so good after 3 nights

Very comfy! Very great! Recommend.

Very comfy! Very great! Recommend.


Love the mattress - best we’ve had!


Literally everything about this mattress was awesome. Same day delivery with tracking, the affordable price tag and the mattress itself is comfortable.. And the best part? I can't feel it when my partners gets out of bed in the morning. What more could you want!

Please come out with more items!

We bought the mattress not long ago and we love it! It's so comfy and it was so handy that it could be delivered so quick. We just bought the couch which is coming tomorrow and we can't wait to try it out. Please make a matching chaise/ottoman and maybe even some pillows!

Koala 🐨 mattress

Mattress is taking time to adjust to but we are getting there, it has just shown us how old our other mattress was. Sleeping better overall, my back pain has reduced & really loving the ‘non partner disturbance’. Only thing I feel it is missing is the ‘anti roll out’ edge on the mattress so the edge collapses when you sit on the side of your bed. Other then that the service has been great.

Very comfortable to sleep on

Very comfortable to sleep on and light and easy to manage.

Good Value

Mostly lives up to the hype. Is a nice firm piece of foam and generally performs as described, as in, limited disturbance to sleeping partner. Appears close to the suggested hard/soft balance if not a little on the hard side, might body form after a bit longer timeframe. Also appears to not quite ‘breath’ as well as suggested, as in, not quite as ‘cool’ to sleep on as expected. However, this said, it is still quite a comfortable mattress and leaves no ‘sleep pain in the morning.

Quick delivery & great service.

Quick delivery & great service. In terms of mattress, my husband thinks it’s great. I’m still getting used to it. We also get our kids to try it as we consider to get one for them as well.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable

recently purchased a Koala mattress online it was delivered within 2.5 hours

The Koala mattress is very comfortable ,and i will be keeping it forever , thankyou Koala Mattresses

Koala Mattress

I am ex infantry soldier, incomplete paraplegic and double amputee Australian Para Athlete and 50yrs old. I have had many mattress to try and sleep on. This koala mattress is the best I have ever slept on. As an athlete I train hard but as a double amputee I couldn’t sleep on my side because of no legs (=no balance). With the koala mattress I can sleep on my side again and get the best night sleep I have had in many years. I WILL NOT BE RETURNING THIS MATTRESS. Mark Urquhart

They’re not kidding about the 5 star reviews

I wasn’t skeptical, I just couldn’t see how an inexpensive mattress could actually be a game changer. But wow, I get it now. And I’m a normal, real person now giving another 5 star review. I live in Newcastle and I received my new King Sized Koala Mattress the day after I ordered it. I kept in mind it takes up to 30 days to get used to a new, supportive mattress. It’s been a week - my mind is blown, I’ve never woken up as refreshed! After 2.5 years of dating, my boyfriend and I rarely shared a bed. We’re both over 6ft and restless sleepers. We would sink into the middle of my old, too soft, queen mattress. We can both sleep soundly and comfortably on the Koala - no partner disturbance! He’s been over nearly every night for the past week! Koala.... I think you guys will be responsible for my boyfriend and I moving in together (thanks for that ;) )

Well worth it

My husband and I desperately needed a new mattress, so we figured we’d try the Koala because it was a great price, and had a trial period with a money back guarantee. I have back/hip problems and whenever I sleep on a mattress other than my own, I wake up in a lot of pain. The koala mattress arrived much faster than we thought (we live in a rural area) and was very easy to unpack. We love the removable cover and we found it very comfortable to sleep on. The first night I slept on it was the deepest sleep I’d had in a long time and I woke up with no pain! If you’re thinking about trialing the koala, just do it!

Queen mattress

Great mattress, very comfortable sleep. Delivered the next day. Will definitely buy another.

Lived up too expectations!

Read reviews and with 120 days offer we thought what have we got to lose! Ordered Wednesday arvo on our doorstep Friday afternoon and slept on that night! Love it, we were sceptical but have had great nights sleep since and I don’t even know when my partner gets up, numerous, during the night. If you’re thinking of buying a new mattress go for it.

Great service great mattress

Ordered and delivered next day. Very comfortable

Good mattress

Good mattress and very convenient to deliver in less than 24 hours. Informed every step of the way about the status of the order

Koala Matress

Bloody comfy, best matress ive ever had

Koala Queen

The process of ordering was great, and the mattress is fantastic. The only downside was the delivery company. I ordered it to be delivered in a 5-8 time slot and it came at 3:00pm. Luckily I got home from work early.

Happy sleeping!

Love my new mattrrsss.





🐨 Double Mattress

So far so good, we’ve had the double mattress for a week now on our sons bed and can’t recommend it enough if you like a mattress on the firmer side!

Very fast delivery and easy

Very fast delivery and easy to set up

5 Star

Solved the purpose of nil partner disturbance.. which no other mattress was able to achieve. Thank you.


Hard to get out of bed in the morning now!

Good choice

It is a great mattress and the service was of great quality. They also provided a collection of my old mattress which was much appreciated. Thank you koala.


The Koala team were awesome to deal with from the beginning, friendly helpful staff and an amazing mattress , I was sceptical at first when it arrived in the box only to be blown away at how it all unfolded, thanks Koala, definitely will purchase again 👍

Happy customers

Our daughter bought a Koala mattress about 6 months ago and has been singing its praises since then. So when we decided to upgrade our mattress we read the reviews and compared prices and Koala seemed like a very good option. We liked the idea of the 120 day return policy. We live in regional Australia and our Kola was delivered within a few days of ordering. We are into our 3rd week of ownership and probably won't be returning the mattress. We love the feel of it and it sleeps realy comfortable.

Double mattress

Superbly comfortable. Very happy.

Great quality, super comfy, everything

Great quality, super comfy, everything as advertised. Love it!

Excellent mattress, well worth the money

This mattress was definitely worth the money, loving it. My only issue was with their delivery service via TNT - it was impossible for me to accept delivery as the delivery driver would not use my intercom or call me, TNT would not take responsibility. I was able to pick up from the local TNT depot luckily it fit in the car, otherwise I would have been unable to receive delivery at all. Crazy.


I was a tad skeptical at first... buying a mattress online without first testing it... but after having the same mattress for 15years & in desperate need of a new one & not wanting to spend thousands - I thought I’d give it a shot & legit the first two nights were the best two sleeps I’ve had in 8 years!!! I no longer toss & turn trying to go to sleep... I get under the covers - get comfy & boom - I’m out! I’ve suffered with bouts of insomnia for years - some lasting for weeks at a time & im not saying it’s an insomnia cure... but it’s hard to lay on something so comfortable & stay awake!!! Lol

Softer than expected

Saw a lot of reviews about how firm the mattress is before comitting to trying but is actually nice and soft. Does support you though and I have been waking up feeling refreshed. Would definitely recommend

Love my Koala mattress!

Fantastic service delivered in two days. Took around a week to get used to the mattress but love the comfort & sleeping so much better. Thank you Koala.🙏

Koala mattress and sheets

What can I say ?? Awesome. Delivered to my country home in under 18 hours. Sleeping like a baby. Thanks.

super comfort and service

i've just bought my koala mattress because a friend recommended it to me. as a chronic insomniac, i spend a lot of time tossing and turning at night. now i wake up and think - this is so comfy - before i go back to sleep love it!

Great mattress

Great mattress and great service

Excellent quality and comfort.

Brilliant mattress... delivery was easy and was kept informed all along the way via SMS. Would buy our next mattress from them for sure.

Koala mattress

Absolutely loved the whole process from requesting the mattress, delivery in 24 hours, option to have old mattress picked up taken - all so effortless. Unfolding the mattress was easy too. It’s super comfortable and I’m sleeping solidly through the night. Thank you from start to finish - splendid service. And I get to save a koala - that’s the best part 🙏

Pure Bliss

It’s just perfect, words can’t describe how lovely it is to sleep on.

It was a perfect mattress for our family

No firm No soft! Good enough! We are really satisfied with Koala!

Queen size koala bed

It s been nearly four weeks since sleeping on our our queen size mattress and we re still very very happy with our purchase. We were also able to re-use the bottom part of our previous queen size ensemble to lay our new mattress on. It fit perfectly. The only advice I would give is to air it for at least a day as the rubber/synthetic smell was quite strong.

West end happy boy

From order to delivered - 4 hours... the product is quality too 🌈

Lovely mattress, my first night

Lovely mattress, my first night on it and i slept soundly.

Great service and product

Great service and product

Koala mattress

Excellent service and fantastic mattress. We now have two in our house.

Very comfortable!

Best mattress ever! Soft yet firm in the right places quality of sleep is great!

So impressed

I bought this mattress thinking I’d likely return it. It’s certainly firmer than I would have gone for in shop, however it has turned out perfectly. So darn comfortable and supportive. I was getting neck headaches each morning when I woke, I haven’t had once since sleeping onthe Koala. I really can’t believe I purchased a “one size fits all” mattress off the internet and Love it!!

Really comfy!

Love our new koala mattress; really comfy and releases tension from your muscles. Definitely a good night's sleep on this one!

Double Mattress

Fantastic service. Prompt delivery. Really pleased old mattress and packaging removal included. The recipient of new mattress is reporting his long standing backpains much improved. Will definitely buy a koala again.



king mattress


2 year review

Buy it stupid, it’s the best mattress we ahve bought.


We saw an ad for this bed on fb and since we needed a new bed we decided to try the Kiola mattress. The first night it got a bit of taking used to however after that it was one of the most comfortable mattress's I've slept on.


Sceptical. No more. Best sleep EVER!!!

Koala mattress

Had it only a few nights. But so far it is great. I’m up and down most nights from chronic pain this lets me move with out waking my spouse. Extremely comfortable, right amount of support, no sagging toward each other.


what a great nights sleep

Koala Queen size Mattress

Koala Queen size Mattress

Still trialling

Whole ordering process was easy and efficient. Mattress seems like a quality product but is a little on the firm side. The only reason i haven't given 5 stars is because i am finding it a little too firm but am giving some time to get used to it.

Koala single bed mattress review

Great mattress! Not too soft and not too hard-just right! Can be a bit warm to sleep on but still a great mattress and would recommend to other people wanting a comfortable mattress that is Australian made. Was delivered in under 4 hrs after ordering online. Our kids loved how you can use the box it came in as an aeroplane and they even included stickers for the aeroplane. Love the little koala toy also!

Best mattress

Best mattress I purchased and will never look back.

Loving the koala!

My husband and I had previously bought an expensive regular mattress and have never been happy with it. Not supportive and left us with back and hip pain. We have only had our koala for 2 weeks and all pain gone. It is the best mattress we have slept on. Delivery, ordering and price amazing also.

Very satisfied

Very satisfied


Works a treat


It took about 2weeks to get used to the mattress but now I am very happy I made the purchase. It took 2hrs from clicking pay to laying on my new mattress. Super fast delivery.

At first I wasn’t happy but now I love it!

At first I wasn’t really sure about the bed it was very hard, we had a really soft bed before and woke every morning sore. I can honestly say I wake up feeling great every morning now, the bed is still hard but obviously the firmness of the bed is needed for a great sleep.

Good Experience

Quick delivery, comfortable bed. Pleasant experience. Good customer service thus far.

Good buy

Speedy delivery, comfy mattress, good price based on competing products (with promotional discoInt), I’m happy to recommend to others.

Really good

The mattress was really good. It just has the right level of firmness we want. We bought the mattress while moving into our new house and slept on the mattress directly without a bed for one week, however it's still very comfy. Now we've been using it for 3 weeks and our backpain has gone as well.

Very Happy!

Everything from the ordering process, quick delivery and of course the mattress itself is amazing! Very happy overall.

Great service, too expensive

Great service, too expensive

In Love!

I was a little dubious purchasing a latex/foam mattress but after sleeping on it I'd never go back! I spent a sickening amount on a mattress the prior year from another local manufacturer and there is no way it compares to the Koala. Perfectly firm, perfect support and great sleep! :) 10/10 would buy again.


A bit firmer than I expected, but still very.comfortable and great for a good sleep

Great service and product

Speedy delivery, flawless process


Got two single mattresses for my kids. kids have slept soundly on them. they are very comfortable, and it's easy to lie down next to the kids and comfort them without moving them around too much. We will soon be getting another one for my wife and I.

Still in the box. Waiting

Still in the box. Waiting for the base to come back in stock

Couldn't recommend more

Super comfy mattress and so easy to buy/have delivered. 10/10 would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Customer service is excellent

While the mattress was not suitable for me (not firm enough) the customer experience throughout the ordering, delivery, return and refund process was top notch

Very happy

Great service

So good, great quality

So pleased with the quality of this mattress, it is exceptionally comfortable no matter what position you sleep in. The customer service and deliver is fantastic. Thank you.

Nice firm and comfy mattress

Loved the matress. Nice and firm yet comfortable. We have had this mattress for couple of weeks now and are quite happy with it. worth the price.

No regrets!

From the easy checkout process, to the friendly delivery service and then on top of all of that, they can take away your old mattress! Have already recommended to friends and family😄😄

Great bed!

Great bed!

Koala Single

Koala Single

Sleeping well finally.

Since sleeping on a koala if had full nights sleep. Something I’ve struggled with for years. Cheers koala crew

Service and delivery was a

Service and delivery was a very pleasant experience and mattress is extremely comfortable. Very happy with Koala.

Great mattress

Great mattress

Best nights sleep in years

Best nights sleep in years

A no brainer purchase!

I was looking for awhile for a mattress and almost jumped in to buying another mattess from a standard mattress store - then a friend mentioned Koala... I loved the fact I could try it for 120 days and not be worried about being stuck with a purchase I wasn’t happy with. The delivery was that afternoon - amazing! No partner disturbance which has been great as I am an early riser. It’s really comfortable, a simple well thought out design without the complicated technical jargon other mattress use to sell their product. Love it!



Super comfy, super easy

My new Koala mattress arrived in next to no time after ordering, was super easy to set up and is super comfy. Thanks!

Best Sleep!

Best Sleep!


Sleeping on cloud 9. Best rest I can remember, gorgeous with the bed base too!

Great Mattress!

Took a couple of nights for me to get used to, but now I'm getting a quality nights sleep and waking up feeling like I have actually slept. We both really appreciate not being woken every time one of us gets up and are looking at making another purchase for a family member in the near future. Thanks Koala!

Great bed and amazing customer service

After doing a lot of research, we decided the koala mattress and bed frame were the right ones for us. We are extremely happy with not only the quality of them but the quality of sleep also. We highly recommend them. On another note, the customer service we received was outstanding. 100% guys...

Great product and service - bit smelly

I loved how easy it was to purchase the mattress and the speed of delivery. I had tried the mattress out in the Myer Sydney City demo, however felt it was slightly firmer than expected when it arrived. Nevertheless, I seem to be sleeping well so far. The 'factory smell' was a quite potent and the first couple of mornings I woke up stinking of the mattress. Perhaps some recommendations on how to reduce the smell before we sleep in it? And some reassurance that the smell is non-toxic ?

Really comfortable, but smelt

The mattress is awesome there's no doubt about that. My back is so much happier. It came smelling like warehouse and still does. I have been on the help chat and they gave me advice which i folllowed and seems to have worked a bit, but was kind of annoying and still is. So comfy though

Good customer service

Bad delivery experience and there was stain on the mattress (not because of the delivery), but the customer service is really helpful and respond in a quick manner. Still trying the mattresses, might need a little longer to comment on that


It works

More rest due to less movement

Bought a queen size. Prompt delivery, no issues with purchase. Have found that it is very different to our previous mattresses but so far (only a week) it seems very good. Definitely reduces being woken up by a restless sleeper. Chemical smell has stayed for several days but seems to be improving now.

Fast easy delivery, very comfortable.

Fast easy delivery, very comfortable. Great service from Koala, kids loved the koala toy. So happy to buy Australian made. Only negative is the strong smell of the mattress straight from the box.

Early days but so far so good

Have had the pleasure of my back hitting the koala at night for the past 2 weeks. So far so good. I have shoulder and neck issues so some nights I wake up in pain but I can't say ill attribute it to the mattress, it is comfortable enough and feels generally very good. As a business owner, this was the most seamless transaction I've had in ages; quick and easy ordering, perfect delivery times and the stuffed koala toy was a nice touch, my dog loves sleeping with it. I'd be interested in knowing what if feels like when the nerve problems shoulder subside but so far so good!

Harder than I thought it would be.

I am happy with my Koala mattress but I thought it would be a bit softer.

Happy purchase!

I have never tried a foam mattress before and thought they are not firm enough. But the Koala mattress completely changed my mind. It is soft if you stand on it, but if you sleep on it if provides firm support to your body. The 4-hour delivery is definitely a plus. Happy with my purchase!

Firm yet soft

Perfect balance between firm and soft. Maybe a little hard for some but for us its great. When my partner moves I can’t feel a thing. No sagging. The only thing I would comment on, is that I’m a little confused about this metaphorical koala sponsor with every purchase??

Finally Sleeping

Love love love and I am finally sleeping.


We are so incredibly thankful we chose Koala over the other brands that have been released lately. We love the Koala toy too 😁


Very happy with purchase which so far has met all the expectations set by Koala

Love❤️💚my koala matress

I bought the Koala as my old matress gave me a sore back. My new Koala is great no more waking up with a sore back , very comfortable I will & have recomend the Koala to anyone.

Brilliant - we love these

Brilliant - we love these mattresses and everyone is sleeping much much better!

A+ everything

Everything about the entire koala experience has been great! From the ease of purchase, to the fast delivery, easy set up, assistance with disposing of my old mattress and the comfort of the koala mattress. I like a firm mattress so it’s been an absolute dream to sleep on. Both my partner and I experience back pain, and the koala has been fantastic for our dodgy backs! 100% recommend!

Very comfortable well worth the

Very comfortable well worth the money

Has helped with husbands bad

Has helped with husbands bad back, and the service is supreme, can't recommend highly enough. kids loved the touch with the little Koala in box.

Fast delivery great mattress nice

Fast delivery great mattress nice and soft but also has great support


Best purchase ever - no more waking up with a sore back!

My koala mattress

I now have very restful sleeps, my new mattress is very comfortable. The ordering process was very straightforward.

Couldn't Be Happier

Extremely comfortable, wonderfully soft, and a big plus, it arrived after only two days (I live in FNQ)!

Queen mattress

This mattress is the best investment I have made in a long time, even the dogs can't get enough of it. Most importantly of all it provides everything the company has promised, a real koala-tee product


So comfortable. Didn't even take me time to get used to sleeping on it. Amazing night sleep for night one

service and product are fantastic

service and product are fantastic

This is a Very good

This is a Very good mattress, well worth it


After quite a hassle trying to get our mattress with it taking 3 days in the end we finally got it and I can not fault it at all. Very comfortable and the staff compensated us with vouchers for the inconvenience. Great customer service.

Finally a good night sleep!

My partner and I hated our old saggy mattress so much, every night we slept on it we would wake up having rolled into the middle, boiling hot from our combined body heat and our inability to unstick from each other. Eventually we started sleeping on the fold out couch because it was better than our bed! We have had our Koala for two weeks now and we have so much more energy and are much happier from finally being able to sleep properly! I have recommended this mattress to everyone I know, I love it so much!

Excellent, sleeping the best I

Excellent, sleeping the best I ever have! My partner too!

Love it!

The best mattress ever!

No regrets

Very pleased. Took a few days for my wife to adjust to it but now having a great nights sleep every night

Steak sauce

A1 product. I live outside of a CBD (don’t qualify for 4 hour delivery), and I still had my bed and sheet sets arrive the next morning. Unpacking took less time than it took to remove my old mattress, and dear sweet baby Jesus don’t get me going on how good the sleep is. The mind blowingly soft sheets on top of the koala is like a commercial where you fall asleep before your head hits the pillows. 10/10 mattress 10/10 sheets & pillow cases ??/10 for pillow. I didn’t buy one so maybe it’s good? Koala should send me one so I can test it haha

My daughter loves her new mattress!

She’s been sleeping in her own bed longer and it will last her well into high school. Extremely happy with this purchase!

Best night’s sleep ever

I read a lot of reviews for the Koala mattress and thought they were a bit exaggerated, and when it arrived I thought how can a quality mattress fit In such a small box. But wow! So ridiculously comfortable and I have never slept better. My only complaint is that I’m now finding it really hard to force myself out of bed in the morning.


I was feeling apprehensive about buying a mattress online but cannot commend enough! It really is the perfect mixture of firm and soft! The customer service team is also ridiculously helpful.

10/10 Would Reccomend

It’s really helped with my back pain and it’s incredibly supportive and comfortable!

Great mattress

The mattress is very comfortable - I just love it. It did have a smell for quite some time but it wasn't unbearable. We've had it for over 6 months now and it still maintains it shape as new.

Love it

Very comfortable mattress and delivery is very fast and convenient!


It is really great to sleep on

Value for money

Recently purchased a queen size and find it very comfortable compared to an inner spring

Second one I've bought

Absolutely love your mattresses so comfy and supportive

Great mattress

I bought the koala in an attempt to solve a back problam cause by too soft bedding over too long. The koala is well on the way to solving my problem

Happy with mattress. It was

Happy with mattress. It was was delicered promptly. It would be nice to have 2 delivery men to deliver King sized matteess. Fortunately husband was home, otherwise there would have been an injury. It was far too heavy for me to help carry it up the stairs. There was an initial strong smell which wore off after a week.

So goooood.

I had friends recommend this mattress, however, the selling point was the return policy. It’s amazing and has really helped reduce my lower back pain. Highly recommend trying this!

The Best Mattress Ever!!

We just bought our first queen size Koala mattress together, after loving all the advertisements on social media, and being a fan of startups. Our mattress is incredibly comfortable, and has impressed us greatly. In addition to being priced very competitively, the mattress is fantastically simple to prepare, is lightweight, and has provided both me and my partner the best night sleep in a super long time!! We have recommended Koala to all our friends, and are super happy customers! Thank you Koala!

Great mattress

Quick delivery, great mattress.

Love our Koala Mattress!

We love our new Koala Mattress. My partner would complain constantly about his sore back from work. Since we have had our new mattress, NO complaints! We love it. We don't bother each other when we hop in and out of bed. I feel like I sleep better and don't wake up as often. Great mattress! Can't fault it! The puchase process was so quick and easy! It was delivered within 4 hours and our old matress was organised for pick up. Awesome news for us as we then didn't have to organise our own disposal.

Good service and old mattress

Good service and old mattress pick-up was an unexpected plus!


Best mattress I’ve had in a long time. Was having lower back issues which completely disappeared after sleeping on the mattress. Only complaint would be that it holds the heat.

Love this mattress

Hurt my back for the first week but now I love it so much. I can even sleep on my stomach again after many years of it hurting

Great mattress

This mattress is extremely comfortable. Love that I can't feel my partner moving around in the middle of the night.

Love our Koala mattress

I bought a koala mattress for my 3 year old son about a month ago, and I’m happy to say his sleep has improved greatly since the first night he slept on it, so comfy 😊

comfort and support

comfort and support

Comfy mattress

We love our Koala.

Quick delivery

Received my mattress at my front door the day after I purchased it online.

Extremely Happy

Most comfortable mattress i have ever slept on.

My Daughter Sleeps Better at Night

Its perfect, its comfortable and better nights rest for my little girl and her growing body


AMAZING!!!! Such a great mattress!! I am honestly obsessed! I fractured my back 3 years ago and I'm 100% sure that if I had a koala mattress I wouldn't be have in as much pain as you have been. Would highly recommend because my back is already improved ☺️

Love this mattress!

I am really happy with my new Koala mattress. It's not too firm but gives great support and is incredibly comfortable to sleep on. It arrived within 3 hours of ordering it and even more impressive is the arrangement with a mattress recycling organisation who will pick up the old mattress for nothing. The mattress did have quite a strong smell for the first few days which is still lingering a little almost 2 weeks later.

Pain free sleep

Bought a mattress for a similar price a few months ago. My husband was never happy with it and had a sore back every morning. Day 1 with the koala and he is sleeping through with no morning back pain. So happy!

Very comfy

Great mattress, great service, great price. What more do you want to know? Oh, and I got a free Koala bear ;)

Having a much better nights

Having a much better nights sleep after getting my Koala mattress. Absolutely loving it!

I found it extremely supportive

I found it extremely supportive and so quiet to move in. It takes a little while to get use to it but now I love it and I get a comfortable nights sleep.




Best mattress ever. Can't wait for the sofa... Koala, please take over my house!

A simple, no frills purchase

What I love about the Koala mattress and my purchasing experience was that it was simple, quick and straightforward. I picked the mattress I wanted, the date I wanted it delivered, paid for it then it showed up at my door with no issues or delays. I usually expect a little bit of stress when buying a new piece of furniture (e.g., will there be delivery issues, how long will I have to wait, would there be chipped or missing pieces, etc.) but there was none here. The whole process was as comfortable as my new Koala mattress, and I have no regrets.

Single Koala Mattress

We purchased this for our toddler for his transition from his cot to single mattress. It has been amazing, he absolutely loves it and his sleep has continued. Mum and Dad have also found it incredibly comfortable and would not hesitate to purchase themselves one, when their mattress comes up for renewal. Plus the Koala teddy has been a huge plus in our house. Thank you Koala :-)

Koala Mattress

Very convenient delivery, easy to remove from packaging. Mattress is comfortable and good value for money.


Amazing help getting a new life started

Reduced back pain

We have been using our new king size koala mattress for 4 weeks now, it took a bit of getting used to a foam mattress having only used innerspring mattresses before but I have found my morning stiffness and back pain significantly reduced since changing to the Koala mattress. We will invest in a topper as my husband is a side sleeper and finds the mattress has not enough cushioning for his shoulders. We are overall extremely happy with our purchase with the added bonus of the mattress being 'made in Australia' as opposed to other foam mattress competitors.

Very happy

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mattress the sheets and the pillows all together WOW I keep washing the sheets with eucalyptus wash what a great idea


Everything about the mattress is perfection! Koala is my new favourite company! Thank you!!!

Very quick to recieve it.

Very quick to recieve it. Best mattress we have ever owned.

Great mattress!

A super comfortable mattress. Haven't had a good night's sleep until I purchased a Koala. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Love my koala mattress!

Been sleeping on my koala mattress for a little over a week and I am in love!!! It’s super comfy, but my favourite part is the no partner disturbance, I am finally getting some restful sleep.

Best mattress you can buy!

I had seen the vast amount of 5 star reviews so I finally decided to order one. I was amazed at how fast it arrived! My partner and I absolutely love it! I have already recommended it to friends. Thank you koala mattress!!




I haven't really slept well since I was 14 because of multiple various injuries & surgeries. I'm 53 now, rebuilt thanks to amazing surgeons, newly single with a brand new king size bed. My Koala king size mattress arrived complete with little koala and heart tugging adoption certificate. I've seriously just had the best sleep in many years. Can't wait for more peace tonight. Love love love you Koala 🐨❤

Heil Koala 🐨

Can’t get out of my bed ;) Love it and I’d definitely recommend this mattress to my friends and family :)

Restful sleeper

An excellent mattress, full support instantly. Will never sleep on any thing else. An arthritic olderperson


Not waking up in pain anymore and the mattress is not too soft, not too hard. Finally get a good nights sleep as soon as I lay down.

Best mattress

The most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. It is also easy to turn. The service and delivery was also great.. Highly recommended.

Very pleased

I have both sorts of athritis and find it very hard to sleep even though i have an electric bed with my new koala mattress i have been sleeping a lot better thank you regards Janet

Great investment

Easily bought; quickly delivered; installation a breeze. Has done wonders for my wife's back problems.


We are really impressed with how comfy this mattress is! And a 4-hour delivery time is seriously impressive too!

Fast delivery

Fast delivery Awesome firm and comfy matress

Sags in less than 1 year - causing hip pain

Brand new Queen sized Koala mattress started sagging in less than 1 year. Sagging led to hip pain. Contacted Koala who stated it was a warranty issue. I do not believe that it is a warranty problem , the foam mattresses are just not made to last more than the trial period. Koala would not refund money but instead replaced with another mattress. They were meant to pick up the old mattress, but left it sitting out the front of our house. We ended up having to pay to have the old mattress removed. We gave away the new mattress and bought a real mattress. Do not trust these foam mattresses! They do not last.


Like sleeping with an electric blanket on 3 and it has formed a dip in it , worst mattress in the house


Really prompt and friendly support online. Received our bundle in great time. Products are amazing and we really enjoyed the attention to detail and little touches included in our mattress and pillows. Great company. Very happy.

Good mattress

We bought one going a while. I was going to get another one if they are made in Australia .

Longevity & Hypocrites

I’ve had my mattress for 3 years. I was so impressed, I encouraged 5 others to buy one. Unfortunately within the first month I had to get replacement as i sleep still, the mattress developed permanent dip. My second one did also but I was to embarrassed to advise again. I’m a normal size so I definitely wouldn’t consider if overweight. Also this company has been preachy on social issues. Fair enough. But if you think climate change is a huge issue then sell out Aussie employees to move manufacturing to China, maybe you should stay silent. Virtual signally in the modern age only works if you practise what you preach. I support the people of China who’s air is polluted and the uighers who are living now in concentration camps.

Ease and flexibility in delivery

Ease and flexibility in delivery was great! Awesome experience from start to finish. Overall very happy with the mattress, previous one was very soft so taking a while to get used to the firmness. Happy I made the switch!

No partner disturbance, great sleep

No partner disturbance, great sleep

Its great but wish it

Its great but wish it was a little deeper as my pillow slips thru’ the my bed head!

Really comfortable. I was unsure

Really comfortable. I was unsure if I’d like the firmness of the mattress but I’ve honestly never slept better. Would highly recommend!

Purchased the King size mattress

Purchased the King size mattress and it was the ideal softness for sleeping, not too firm but not too soft either. Delivery was very quick, got it 2 days after ordering in a regional area. The mattress is a very good at regulating temperature as I usually run hot so I'm not overheating during the night. Comes with a washable mattress cover. Best blind purchase I've made.

Extremely comfortable mattress. Have not

Extremely comfortable mattress. Have not had a bad nights sleep since sleeping on the koala. No fuss purchase, saved time not having to visit retail stores, super quick & convenient delivery. I would definitely recommend that people give koala mattress a go. Win, win!!

worth for the price

There are many other good products we could have bought, but the 120 nights trial offer led me to choose Koala. It has been 2 weeks that both myself and my partner are having comfy sleeps, very happy with the mattress. It delivered up to Karratha in 3 days which is magnificent in nice and compressed packaging. We are very impressed with Koala's product and the services.

Purchased the King size mattress

Purchased the King size mattress and it was the ideal softness for sleeping, not too firm but not too soft either. Delivery was very quick, got it 2 days after ordering in a regional area. The mattress is a very good at regulating temperature as I usually run hot so I'm not overheating during the night. Comes with a washable mattress cover. Best blind purchase I've made.

We love our mattresses we

We love our mattresses we purchsed. However we will NOT be recommending Koala to anyone as I will not support anything MADE IN CHINA. I was relieved to work out we purchased ours before manufacturing was moved. KOALA IS MOVING TO CHINA. BEWARE.

Firm to start but really great once you get used to it

Excellent mattress. At first I thought I’d made a mistake because I found it quite firm compared to my very old soft spring mattress, however, after a week and a request to have a free topper sent out I’m now really enjoying my new koala mattress. It’s very supportive which has helped with aches and pains in my lower back. It’s very comfortable now that I have the topper on it but if I want to take it off for more back support I can which is great! The speed of delivery was very surprising and any queries I had I got answered straight away via the online chat window on their website. I thought initially I was going to return the mattress after the trial period but now that I’m into my second week I’m really feeling the benefits of a very restful sleep and waking up without back ache. I’m very pleased and I will be keeping this mattress. Thanks Koala!

Great mattress

Great mattress

Great Mattress. No Koala.

Everything is great. Would have 5 starred but I didn't receive a Koala toy as expected.

Can't fault it! :D

We purchased a mattress, sheets, duvet, duvet cover, pillow cases and sofa bed! This review is for the Koala Mattress! I have wanted this mattress for a long time! And finally, as we have to relocate for work I have an excuse because we are leaving our bed in our 1st house as we will visit our adult kids there. So we needed a new bed for our new residence! Back story - last year we went all out and everyone got a 'good' mattress! We have 4 kids aged 18 - 24 and that was our 'adulting' gift to them. They had $1000 to spend on a mattress of thier choosing. Each one got something different. A couple even adding to the money we allowed and spending over $1000! One of our kids got a Koala mattress. As we now needed a new bed we questioned them on who's mattress they thought was the best - the Koala won unanimously! When we first relocated we had an old cheap mattress that we had to deal with for 2 weeks before we could bring the Koala. Every day my back, shoulders, hips and neck ached terribly - I was walking around like an 80 year old! As soon as we got the Koala onto the bed it was immediate relief! No more aching muscles! No more waking every time I turn through the night! My only issue is still some neck soreness but this is from my 'good quality', bloody expensive pillows bought from elsewhere before we did our Koala order (see my reviews on our other products - Koala staff: feel free to have me review YOUR wonderful pillows! :D). The mattress is easier than our pillow top one to move around, and is perfectly supportive and comfortable despite being slightly firmer which I thought would be an issue but is definitely not! I'm thrilled with our purchases and so excited to get the sofa bed (the only thing we are now waiting on) as it was important to us to have a comfortable option for guests - and if it is the same comfort as the mattress our guests will be very happy indeed! I've been very honest with my reviews of all our purchases from Koala and I can not fault the mattress even a tiny bit! Thank you Koala! Brilliant quality, service and delivery! Now, if you could just make a taller bed base because that was my 6'3" hubby's only reservation and why we didn't get your very awesome looking base to put your wonderful mattress on!

Super comfy bed

Very comfy bed which provides me with a great nights sleep! Best of all it came within 48 hours! It was really fun unraveling the bed out of the box and watching it come to life. The best part was the small surprise koala teddy bear which came with the bed.

Most comfortable mattress ever!! Highly

Most comfortable mattress ever!! Highly recommend

Best Mattress I've Ever Had!

The first night I couldn't believe how deeply I slept, and no back pain the following morning... ever since I've been looking forward to an incredible sleep each night...I've now had this mattress for just over a month and I STILL look forward to getting a good nights sleep! It's so supportive but so comfortable/soft at the same time, absolutely worth it! Life changing!

Most comfortable mattress ever!! Highly

Most comfortable mattress ever!! Highly recommend

Most comfiest mattress I’ve ever

Most comfiest mattress I’ve ever owned.

Bed was a bit too

Bed was a bit too hard so koala sent us a soft topper which has help dramatically. Very happy with the customer service I received.

Really, really, really, really, really

Really, really, really, really, really great! *I'm not a robot


Very comfortable—love it! :)

Great mattress but unfortunately after

Great mattress but unfortunately after 2wks our bodies still didn't get used to it as we are both side sleepers. After using a tempur for over a decade we're a little spoilt. Wish it had worked out for us.

Arrived overnight, minimal packaging SO

Arrived overnight, minimal packaging SO COMFORTABLE

Great service, great sleep, great mattress!

I’d been thinking about a new mattress for a while, and then the Halloween sale pushed me to finally do it! Arriving on the same day is an incredible service, and from my very first night I’ve had improved, more comfortable sleep. I suffer with an ongoing hip problem and can find getting comfortable at night really difficult, but in a short time I’ve seen a definite improvement. Oh and lastly, I loved the service of collecting my old mattress and the Kola packaging - awesome!



Efficient delivery and amazing customer

Efficient delivery and amazing customer service. So pleased with how easy the process was. So far so good on the mattress on comfort. It’s a little softer than I thought and also slightly too big for my bed frame but it seems to have settled into it ok.

Very comfortable. Love it!

Very comfortable. Love it!

Way too hard. Gave me

Way too hard. Gave me a sore back.

Arrived in 48 hours and

Arrived in 48 hours and LOVE it. Really comfy and definitely more difficult to feel my husband rolling over in the night.


The mattress is really comfortable. Delivery and assembly were quick and easy. Very happy with it.

I have now been to

I have now been to my chiro 3 times. I am waking with lower back pain and my husband after 3 nights as a police officer shift worker refuses to now sleep on it

King size

Really comfortable. Good night!

Very comfortable mattress & very

Very comfortable mattress & very easy to make the bed.

ive only been sleeping in

ive only been sleeping in the mattress for a week now, and after an adjustment period im starting to really love it. however im a bigger bloke (120kg) and when you sit on the bed you sink to the bottom. i wish the mattress was a little thicker and dont think much larger people will enjoy this mattress. Also, i run pretty hot and it seems the cooling vents in the mattress are not quite up to the task. we will have to wait and see how summer goes. overall though, im very happy with my purchase!

ive only been sleeping in

ive only been sleeping in the mattress for a week now, and after an adjustment period im starting to really love it. however im a bigger bloke (120kg) and when you sit on the bed you sink to the bottom. i wish the mattress was a little thicker and dont think much larger people will enjoy this mattress. Also, i run pretty hot and it seems the cooling vents in the mattress are not quite up to the task. we will have to wait and see how summer goes. overall though, im very happy with my purchase!

So easy to purchase and

So easy to purchase and delivered with in 4 hours of clicking purchase is just unbelievable. Great friendly driver happy to help me get it upstairs. Highly recommended

Mattress is great, decision to move manufacture to China in 2020 stinks!

Mattress is great, have had 3 all up across primary residence and an investment property, all excellent. Moving manufacturing to China, thumbs down, never buying another one. Moving manufacturing to China of all places after all China has done in 2020 alone will not go down well with quite a number of people I suspect. Dumping manufacturing jobs with additional back office staff to sell your made in China range aiming to squeeze other made in Australia products is false equivalency of adding value to Australia. If you want to sell elsewhere in Asia Pacific by all means open additional sourcing capability, but you are destroying your Australian brand by the direction you are taking.

The mattress is under a year and already sagging.

The mattress is under a year and already sagging. The warranty only covers sags over 25mm which is a gigantic sag. Currently my sag is only 2mm, but I can feel a distinct indentation, I am worried as this gets worse it will be bad for my back.

Easy transaction. Very comfortable.

Easy transaction. Very comfortable.

Love it so much I've bought 2

This is the second koala mattress I've bought. I've had my first for over 3 years and still love it, so when it was time to buy my son a new bed there was no question what to get him.


My daughter loves the Koala mattress so comfortable. Easy to order and delivery was so quick, even collected our old mattress. Great service very happy.

Fantastic service and product. Will

Fantastic service and product. Will purchase a new King size as well.

Supportive and super comfortable mattress!

Supportive and super comfortable mattress! Love that there is no bounce or movement of the mattress when my husband sits down or rolls over in bed. Great price with $250 off the king size mattress in Boxing Day sales. Fast delivery too. Would definitely recommend!

Fantastic mattress. Very comfortable and

Fantastic mattress. Very comfortable and not too soft.

Koala Queen Size Mattress

Absolute treat! Wish I bought one of these earlier! Well worth the money !!!

Pretty good

I like the mattress but it's on the firm side - even with a mattress protector. Will be returning in order to get a different mattress that is softer. Otherwise the process was really easy.

I love it

I love the mattress, have had great sleep since I got it. My wife finds it too firm so I may not get to keep it but if you enjoy a medium firm mattress then this is amazing.


Very comfy and excellent service. Would recommend

King Mattress - Love it!

I'd been looking at mattresses in a box for well over a year as I was sceptical of how comfortable it would be. Finally purchased one and I couldn't be happier. For years on my old mattress, which isn't that old and cost like 3 times the price of the Koala, I've been waking up with sore shoulders and back but not anymore. Every time I lay on the Koala mattress I say 'god I love this mattress' to the point my wife is sick of hearing it, haha.

Another great mattress!

This is our 4th Koala mattress and couldn’t be happier! Definitely recommend, no fuss delivery and super easy to unpack!

I was sceptical that my

I was sceptical that my chronic back pain was linked to our old mattress until the koala arrived (on the same day I ordered it). Having just spent a week on a mattress in a holiday house I’m now convinced.

Double mattress

Medium Firm double mattress delivered quickly,. great sleep on the.mattress wake up refreshed.

Sensational Back Support

A wonderfully comfortable mattress. This is our second mattress having bought one for a holiday house recently. Very nice Christmas present from our kids, knowing we are in for many great nights of sleep. Love our Koala.

Comfy and supportive

The mattress is nicely supportive, and very comfortable. Seems about 5cm shorter than my old king size mattress though.

Love this mattress

Very comfortable, no rolling in together in the middle! Very restful sleep!

Great mattress .

First time in 16 years that my back doesn’t ache when I wake up in the morning. Would recommend to everyone.

Two weeks in - so far so good!

We are enjoying our new mattress. It is fairly firm which is what we wanted and my husband said he hasn't had a bad nights sleep in the last two weeks.


This is my second mattress - brought it for my partners place. Best investment for my back ever.

Koala Mattress

We absolutely love our new koala mattress. It has most definitely helped with aches and pains. And best of all We don’t disturb each other with restless sleep!


This is the best mattress ever! My lower back pain has halved and I just love it!! Only down side is the measurement for queen bed is a few cms short than normal. I would recommend this to anyone!!

Would recommend

Terrific quality, easy to assemble, allows for a comfortable and quiet nights sleep

I’ve had friends get them

I’ve had friends get them for back issues and since my mattress is old and was killing my back, I figured why not give it a go? Best nights sleep I’ve had. Delivery was fast and customer service helped with toppers

It wasn't right for me but the return process and customer service was excellent

It was always a risk to us to buy a mattress without trying first. And while it wasn't right for us, the process of returning and getting a refund on the mattress was super easy and we go our money back just a few days after the mattress was returned (for free too). Great customer Service.

Unexpected surprise

I was skeptical at first when I first made the purchase on how comfortable the bed could be, but upon arrival and trying it out, it turned out to be the best money spent. So comfortable.

First fortnight has been bliss

Coming from a dodgy spring mattress, it took me a night or two to get used to it. But now I'm getting constant uninterrupted incredible deep sleep. Loving this new queen mattress :)

Very good for the price

Very good for the price point. Comfortable and worth getting

Amazing mattress

This is my second mattress, one for the spare room, one for our main bedroom now!

King mattress

Fantastic mattress no doubts about that..only thing is that it gets hot..but I run hot anyway so with fan or AC on no worries mate ZZZZzzzzz all night..I do and have recommended it to work colleagues..thanks koala..and the best thing is that its a Australian product..

Both bed and base are

Both bed and base are perfect. Easiest bed frame to put together. Love my koala

Such a comfortable mattress, i

Such a comfortable mattress, i have never woken up with a sore neck again!! Recommended!

Don’t think. Just buy!

My wife and I have been looking to buy a new mattress for a few months and some brands where charging close to $3k for a mattress. We were hesitant not being able to go into the store to try the Koala but hedged our bets based on the reviews on here and it has not disappointed. No word of a lie my back pain from previous mattress was gone in 2 days. It’s like sleeping on a cloud, it’s a firm mattress but cushioned so well it feels like you become one with the mattress. 11/10 rating. Don’t even think about it. Just buy it. You won’t be disappointed. And if you don’t like it, they give your money back. You honestly can’t lose! I don’t leave reviews for anything. For this I had to.

There's no place like home, or is there?!

Sleeping anywhere other than in my own bed just doesn't cut it. We love our koala mattress so much we bought a second one for the guest bedroom. Now our guests wont be longing for their own bed while they stay!

Light, supportive & comfortable, easy

Super fast delivery. Mattress is really surprisingly light but so so comfortable. Really supportive for my bad back and really good for reducing movement felt from my husband moving with his quite violent rolling haha. Also he is a large and broad man, and he loves the mattress too. He's not as married to the idea of a firm mattress as I am but he agrees it's the perfect amount of comfort and support. Also he made the base and moved the mattress etc by himself (King size) and said the hardest thing was actually moving our old queen mattress, because that was the heaviest/most awkward part. We are so so happy we bought from koala. Service was easy, and they actually had options to have it delivered the next day if we wanted! Highly recommend.

Love it!

Everything about it is amazing! Delivery and unpacking was hassle free. The bed itself is very comfortable. It's like I'm sleeping on a cloud. It's soft but not too soft. It is a good balance between soft and hard. It is soft but you don't sink into your mattress. Absolutely recommend it!

Better than expected, firm and comfortable.

Getting the compressed mattress out of the box was a little more challenging than we thought. Once out we were very impressed at how it quickly took shape. Have only used a couple of times so far. Certainly on the firmer side (which we like) compared to other firm mattresses. No issues to date.

Eco friendly approach...

I bought my first Koala mattress after my mum and two brothers bought theirs (which they swear by and rave about). Koala really appealed to me because of their eco friendly approach. But my only query to that is all the plastic wrapping & the plush koala toy that comes with the mattress. I understand why it needs to come in the wrapping, I just wish it were biodegradable AND you should give an option to opt out of the plush toy. It's cute, but what am I going to do with it now? Also in the packaging it fails to say how long I need to wait to sleep on it after unpacked. Second night on the mattress and I'm quite comfy.

Koala Rocks

I heard about the Koala mattress from a friend as I was in need of a new mattress. I called Koala with a few questions, their customer service was great so I decided to purchase the mattress and it arrived the next day which was fantastic. As my body was getting used to the mattress I decided I needed a soft topper that was mentioned by the Koala team member I had spoken to initially. I called Koala asking about the topper and it was delivered free of charge two days later and not only that, my 120 day trail was restarted from that point. The mattress with the topper is like sleeping on a cloud, my sleep hasn't been so good for years, a good solid sleep right through and no more shoulder aches. The customer service I have experienced with the Koala team has been second to none and the 120 days trial is fantastic, I couldn't be happier Thank you!

Great service

I’ve ordered 2 of these beds now, first one perfect the second one had an issue and it was sorted out quick and easy with great staff on the other side of the phone.

Double bed

I ordered a double mattress and it is way too short I emailed koala about it and they got back to me saying it is only 2cm shorter then what they have listed in their website which is 188cm which it is not it is a lot shorter than that. I’ve had my mattress for just over 2 weeks now and very unhappy with it not being the proper size I ordered.

Mattress sent wrong sizing...too short.

Mattress sent wrong sizing...too short. After service has been rewarding. The inconvenience of reporting and changing and getting a replacement has been a pain. I will reserve my judgement

Loved the mattress and the

Loved the mattress and the little koala ! Didn’t love all the plastic that it came wrapped in.

Don't waste your money

only good for 3months(warranty time)

It has sagged

We have had our Koala king size mattress for a period of time now but not too long after purchase it started sagging. Koala customer service said the sag was not deep enough and needed to be at a certain sag measurement before they would do anything. How disappointing is that. Have not recommended and will not use again.

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