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Juno Mattress Reviews

The Juno mattress is focused on providing better sleep for athletes and active people around Australia. They have some great materials, such as Celliant® that helps with muscle recovery and blood oxygenation. It also keeps cool by diffusing heat by coverting it into infrared light. Most like their Juno mattress, but some experts felt the build quality and durability was lacking.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.7/10

Price Value: 8.8/10

No Back Pain: 8.6/10

Price: $1095-$1595

Trial Period: 120 Nights

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Juno's Specifics

Quality of Materials

The most impressive feature to the Juno mattress is the cover layer, which incorporates the Celliant technology. There are some disagreements from experts on the quality of the comfort layers. Some have claimed that the craftsmanship is lacking compared with other popular mattresses. Although this may not be a problem for many initially, some may experience changes in their mattress over a quicker time frame.

The Juno mattress features 3 comfort layers and an innovative cover layer. Here are the details:

Cover Layer: The cover features the Celliant material, which helps with muscle recovery and does a superb job diffusing heat away from sleepers. For those that are very warm sleepers, there is simply no better material on the market to cool you down.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a proprietary foam layer that is hygrothermal, whicking away both moisture and heat. It is soft, but provides a gentle bounce on the surface layer.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is gel-infused memory foam that is continues to disperse heat and melts away pressure point pain.

Layer 4: The last comfort layer is the 5 Zoned High Density Base, which is made of high density foam that is molded in a way to support the spine, but relieve pressure points elsewhere. Some felt that this did its job well, but others found that it caused a lack of support.

Overall Comfort

The Juno Mattress got good scores from customers in terms of comfort. However, there were a few experts that found that the lack of support and 'sinking feeling' were an issue for universal comfort.


Take a look above for our firmness chart. The Juno mattress would be described as a medium-soft in firmness. This is best suited for those that are lighter in body size. The sinking feeling and lack of support will be less pronounced for you.

Back Pain Relief

For most average sized sleepers, this may be slightly too soft to help with back pain. However, those with smaller bodies may feel that this mattress fits their preferences for firmness and helps with pain. Additionally, the Celliant technology will help with muscle relief, which may help some as well.


One of the best features of this mattress is its ability to keep cool. The Celliant technology and selection of the comfort layers make it perfect for anyone who sleeps warm.

Who Is This Mattress Best For?

This mattress is best for endurance athletes who are of slight build and sleep warm at night. Others may find it slightly too soft for them.

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A life saver!!

Wow this mattress is amazing!! We were a little worried how it would be at first as we have never seen anything like this in person or even tried a mattress like this. Delivery was so fast, we couldn't believe it and opening it was so much fun. But the mattress itself is incredible! I have sciatica in both hips and a sore lower back. At the end of the day I'm sore and in pain, when I get into bed I feel supported and the pain almost always goes away. I wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. I'm so happy the mattress and would suggest it to anyone. Thank you so much, Jessica Blazevic

Loving how much the mattress provides support

Quality sleep enables our bodies to recover faster from injury and facilitates peak physical performance. An undeniably important factor in maximising your sleep quality is a mattress that provides the body with sufficient support. For me, the Juno mattress does exactly that!


I'm still unsure if I'm in love with the mattress or not. I feel as though it's too thin? It is comfortable! But I can feel the bed frame planks under either. And it does tend to really sag in when I'm on top.

Like a supportive cloud

My new mattress has exceeded my expectations, it feels like a supportive cloud! I'm not a great sleeper and get disturbed easily by the person next to me tossing and turning. With my new Juno I can't feel my son move at all! I've been waking up feeling refreshed and restored.

I don't notice my partner moving around in bed!

We've been loving the mattress! I'm loving the softness of the top layer, yet overall stability and firmness of the rest of the mattress. It feels very luxurious and soft, as if we're in a fancy hotel bed. And because of the stability I don't notice my partner moving around in bed as much as before, which used to wake me up a lot. I often have back issues but with the mattress I definitely have noticed waking up less stiff and being ready to go for a surf in the morning straight away without needing my usual yoga routine to wake up my body.

Perfect night's sleep

Very happy with my purchase of the Juno Mattress. Customer service was great, delivery quick and have slept really well since changing to the Juno. Recommend!

Old lady gives thumbs up for Juno single.

I'm a frail 45kg, 86 year old and my first night on the Juno was the best and longest uniterrupted sleep I have had for many years, waking up a couple of hours past my normal waking. And my love affair with the Juno continues each night. Holly

Its A Great Mattress

I have had my Juno mattress for 3 weeks now and I love it. I find that the Juno helps me keep cool and comfortable, I tend to have a high body temperature when sleeping and with the Juno I find I am sleeping better.... I

Pain gone

So far so good. 2 weeks of sleeping on the mattress and my partner's back pain is gone.

Firm, but so supportive

We recently purchased a Juno king-size to replace an older pocket-spring mattress that was around six years old. When we initially bought the old mattress, it was top of the line and it cost us a few thousand dollars. After we tried out the Juno at a distributor, we were sold, and ordered online immediately. It arrived the following week, we set it up on our existing base and we have been sleeping like babies since! It is much firmer than our previous bed, but it sort of 'hugs' you once you settle in. I'm usually a side-sleeper and my husband is a tummy sleeper and both of us wake up comfortable. I have found since having the Juno, I am also quite comfy on my back, which I know is better for my spine. Would highly recommend it. Glad we made the switch.

I wake up feeling more energised and less heavy. I am loving it!

I often experience muscle soreness and fatigue due to the physical demands of football and being able to rest and recover properly is vital for me to be able to consistently perform at my best. Sleeping on my Juno mattress has enabled me to wake up feeling more energised and less heavy. I am loving it!

We've been sleeping more deeply and waking up bright and energised

I'm only a week in and I love it already! It did take me a few nights to adjust to the memory foam feel of it (I'd come from quite a firm spring mattress) but both me and my partner have felt like we've been sleeping more deeply and waking up bright and energised! I'm not really one for spending on gadgets and technology, but I was won over by the healing benefits of Juno and the idea of recovering faster overnight. This was worth every cent!

Recommended for sensitive sleepers

Can my fellow hyper-sensitivity sisters please raise yo hands! Back in preschool, my mum took me to the doctors and asked him what was wrong with me. I would scream because I could feel the seam from my socks on my feet. My dad would turn the T.V. on and I would cry because I could hear nice frequencies that other people couldn't (yes… like a dog haha). I would use gel on my hair and slick it in a bun before bed because the feeling of a strand of hair on my neck would literally wake me from my sleep. Safe to say, I am one sensitive human! This has a lot to do with my bad sleeping habits and why I've always struggled to fall asleep… and stay asleep. Moving into our new apartment I decided to knuckle down and seriously research mattress technology, hoping it would help my sleeping sensitivities. Honestly guys, our new mattress has been life changing! We ended up picking a mattress by Juno and I am genuinely so stoked with my sleeping patterns and the feeling when I wake up. Kurt has back problems from training and noticed that it's been helping his body recover, while I've noticed a huge improvement in my ability to fall asleep and not wake up even when Kurt is moving around. So for all of my sensitive sleeper out there, I definitely recommend a Juno mattress with celliant technology because ain't no body got time for bad sleep!

I can't believe the difference in such a short amount of time

Honestly, I was surprised how much a good mattress can affect your body, healing process and sleep quality. It makes so much sense to spend your time investing in a good spend half your life in it! I'm sceptical of a lot of things, but I honestly I admit that this Juno mattress made a difference. I usually have a sore back after training, and it lasts quite several days. Lucky enough for me, Juno approached me with their mattress for athletes and I can't believe the difference in such a short amount of time. My back isn't sore, I have slept great the past couple of days and its super comfy! I thought as a mattress made for athletes, it was going to be hard and thick and average, but it's the first mattress I don't have to alter to make better. I used to put 2 layers of padding on my last mattress to try and make it more comfortable. I think that this mattress could benefit everyone, not just athletes, but for anyone who wants to sleep better, train harder, feel better and heal faster. Every little detail counts.

I feel really well supported through my neck, shoulders, and lower back

After training and games, getting a good night sleep is essential and I can trust I will when sleeping on my JUNO mattress. Especially with AFL being a big contact sport, I am looking forward to having a reliable bed to support my recovery during my AFLW season with the Carlton Football Club. Talking from current experience with my boxing (which I do competitively in the offseason to stay fit), I have really noticed a difference to the immediate comfort the mattress itself provides when I hit the pillow, I feel really well supported through my neck, shoulders, and lower back.

I wake up feeling more revitalised

I train 6 days a week predominantly doing resistance training. I have in the past suffered from back issues, but through extensive strengthening of my core and back I have largely conquered my pain. I started getting some lower back issues again recently and attributed that to my old mattress. I purchased the Juno Activate Mattress because of the good feedback that I read from the professional athletes that you have provided. Initially I wasn't sure whether the Juno would help. After one week of getting used to the new mattress my lower back pain miraculously vanished. I also wake up feeling more revitalised and the shoulder stiffness that I get from a previous days workout is no longer apparent. By the way the mattress is super comfy too, initially it felt soft but this is just the top layer only and you get great support through the shoulders and hips. I have started recommending the mattress to my students/clients as well now.

Helps me sleep deeply throughout the night

It's a great mattress and I've enjoyed my nights sleep on it. I'm always on the go and need to be full of beans every day for my clients so a good nights sleep is crucial to my overall health and wellbeing. The Juno mattress is so supportive and helps me sleep deeply throughout the night. I also love that it is delivered in a box so there are no awkward manoeuvres when you're getting set up.

I love the fact that I cannot feel my partner move beside me

I was optimistic at trying something new as I have always had a traditional inner sprung mattress, but was keen to find out what all the hype was around a mattress in a box. I was drawn to the JUNO brand purely based on the fact that it was for active people; it created some curiosity that's for sure. The first week or so took some getting use to, a kind of adjustment phase if you like, and now I'm sleeping amazingly. I also love the fact that I cannot feel my partner move beside me which allows me to maximise uninterrupted sleep. On another note, such a simple thing but you do notice, the bed is much easier to make as the mattress is less bulky and heavy than traditional mattresses.

It was like sleeping on a cloud

Just got off a long overseas flight back after my season in Europe. 36 hours of sitting in a plane and in airports and at 6 foot 10 it can get pretty uncomfortable. My new Juno mattress was waiting for me at home and as soon as I lay down on it I knew that what they had promised, it would deliver. My muscles were aching from sitting for so long but when I lay down it was like sleeping on a cloud. I don't think I moved all night and I woke up feeling great and ready to go. Thanks Juno I am hooked!

A deep, restful, comfortable sleep

On my first night with my new Juno, I settled in to my fresh mattress and fell asleep immediately. I didn't wake up all night, and when my alarm went off at 5am it was refreshingly easy to get out of bed - I felt rested and rejuvenated for a change! Usually my 5am starts are a bit of a struggle. Had my morning cup of hot water and headed down to teach three vinyasa classes at Creature Yoga, the studio I co-own with Tahl Rinsky - feeling great! Every night since has been the same - a deep, restful, comfortable sleep. I don't move around a lot on this mattress, just snuggle in and drop in deep. I do a lot of physical activity - yoga, walking, running, pilates, surfing - so quality sleep is really important to keep me on my A-game for teaching and practice. Thank you Juno for radically up-levelling my sleep quality!

This is the first mattress that supports my knees

The thing I like the most is the level of softness is just right to where my knees can comfortably relax when lying on my back. This has been a big issue for me since my ACL surgery and the JUNO mattress is the first one I've had that can allow me to sleep comfortably in this position.

My back pain went away as did the heavy fatigue

In the past I have suffered with back issues and spent thousands on various treatments trying to resolve the problem. Four weeks before the Ironman Australia championships this year I was tired and in pain, I started sleeping on the Juno mattress and my back pain went away as did the heavy fatigue, I went onto finish 3rd and record the fastest bike split of the day.

An integral part of my routine

After using the JUNO mattress I can confidently say that it is now an integral part of my daily routine. I would highly recommend the JUNO mattress to any athlete or everyday person looking to ensure they have the best recovery possible.

Kingi's snoring has really settled down

After sleeping on the mattress we found that Kingi's snoring has really settled down and he's not as loud. Caro is 5 months pregnant at the moment and she mentioned that her back felt great after sleeping on the mattress compared to their old one.


This mattress is so good, I co sleep and always wake my daughter when climbing out or in but not with this mattress it is firm but comfortable. The sales team were so helpful and I definitely recommend.

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