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Ikea Mattress Reviews

IKEA is well-known for its high value furniture items. Their mattresses also offer low prices, in a variety of styles like spring, foam and latex-foam blend. For budget hunters, IKEA's mattress selection is quite attractive with most customers describing good experiences on initial comfort overall. Those that had issues mostly mentioned issues with durability and some differences in firmness vs. expectations. We'll go through each of their mattresses below.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.9/10

Price Value: 7.9/10

No Back Pain: 7.9/10

Price: $79-$999

Trial Period: No Trial

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Ikea's Specifics

IKEA manufactures affordable memory foam, latex-foam blend, and spring mattresses. With entry point mattresses without many frills, most customers have good things to say about the initial comfort. But, there are some caveats, such as some customer reports of durability issues and also some disagreements about firmness and support vs. expectations.

If you are interested in getting a long-lasting mattress that feels great to you, learn what sleepers are saying about our top rated Australian mattresses. Read on to learn more about IKEA's mattress offerings...

Mattress Types

IKEA separates its offerings into memory foam / latex and spring mattresses. We'll go through each of these offerings below so you can see what the differences are between each of their mattresses and which mattress will work best for you.

Let's get started with their memory foam / latex mattresses:


The Morgedal is a synthetic latex and polyurethane foam mattress that features a poly-blend cover that is moisture wicking. The foam blend is adaptive, while providing some contour. While most customers like the initial comfort, there are some disagreements about the firmness and the price for the materials.

The pros: One of the most popular IKEA mattress options.

The cons: Disagreements about the price point and feel for some customers.

Price Range: $499-$799

Final Score: 8.0 / 10


The Malfors is a slim, lower priced mattress that is one piece of polyurethane foam covered by polyester wadding and a poly-blend cover. The total mattress is 12 cm thick. Customers have good things to say about the initial feel for the price, but there were some complaints about durability with consistent use.

The pros: Slim mattress at a competitive price point.

The cons: Some disagreements about longevity.

Price Range: $129-$299

Final Score: 8.2 / 10


The Moshult is an all-foam, slim mattress at only 10 cm thick. It features firm polyurethane, within a poly-blend cover. It has mixed reviews from customers, with some finding it suitable, but others having issues with the firmness, thickness, and odour.

The pros: Very affordable slim mattress.

The cons: Mixed reviews about comfort and odour.

Price Range: $149-$199

Final Score: 7.6 / 10


Myrbacka is IKEA's top of the line memory foam mattress. It comes with three layers of polyurethane foam, with a top layer of memory foam, middle layer of high resilient foam, and a bottom layer of firm base foam. Customers mostly are happy with their purchases, except there are some significant disagreements about sagging and deformations over time.

The pros: Affordable foam mattress with more layers of balanced foam than other offerings.

The cons: Issues with dipping and sagging reported.

Price Range: $599-$949

Final Score: 8 / 10

Next, we'll go through IKEA's collection of spring mattresses:


The Hafslo is a medium-firm sprung mattress that comes in a medium-firm profile. Its comfort material is polyester wadding above the bonnell springs. Most like the price value, but there are some complaints about comfort with descriptions of not enough padding.

The pros: Inexpensive spring mattress.

The cons: There are mixed reviews on comfort.

Price Range: $129-$299

Final Score: 7.8 / 10


The Hamarvik is an innerspring option that has a slim layer of polyurethane foam above for a comfort layer. It is specified as medium-firm with most customers describing its good price value. However, there were some that described issues with durability.

The pros: Good experiences with initial comfort and price value.

The cons: Complaints about sagging for some sleepers.

Price Range: $179-$399

Final Score: 8 / 10


The Hövåg offers a firmer profile with a pocket sprung design. Above the pocket springs is a layer of medium-firm polyurethane foam. Customers have good things to say overall about this mattress, but with complaints mentioning durability, odour, and differences in comfort vs. display editions.

The pros: Affordable pocket sprung mattress at a proper firmness for comfort.

The cons: Issues with sagging and odour reported.

Price Range: $249-$599

Final Score: 8.2 / 10


The Hyllestand is designed to be a more pressure relieving spring mattress with a medium-firm pocket sprung design. This mattress has polyurethane and latex foam layers above the spring matrix, which provides extra cushioning. While there are some good reviews about initial comfort, there were some complaints about differences of mattress feel vs. the showroom. Also, there were some experiences of them feeling very firm vs. expectations.

The pros: Design that is more adaptable for side sleepers.

The cons: Some complaints about products being too firm and not as expected.

Price Range: $399-$799

Final Score: 7.9 / 10


The Vatneström mattress comes in either a firm or an extra firm profile. It is 26 cm thick with latex foam and PLA fibre wadding. At a more expensive price than many other IKEA options, most customers have good things to say about initial comfort overall.

The pros: Two firmness options. Mostly well reviewed.

The cons: Price value vs. competition may be something to consider.

Price Range: $599-$999

Final Score: 8.1 / 10


The Hokkåsen is another pocket sprung mattress that comes at a firm or extra firm profile. It has a quilted top with the enhancement of a micro-spring comfort layer and polyurethane foam. At 31 cm, it is one of the thickest options available. Customers are happy with it overall, but there are some disagreements about sagging and support over time.

The pros: Thick mattress for the price with microspring technology and two firmness options.

The cons: Durability and lasting support issues are reported.

Price Range: $649-$899

Final Score: 7.8 / 10


The Fillan is a firm pocket sprung mattress with very limited comfort layers for extra support. There are some reviewers that note that this mattress is pitched as the firmest mattress offered. While many customers find this mattress to be very supportive, there are some that describe issues with lasting support.

The pros: Very firm pocket sprung mattress without substantial comfort layers.

The cons: Some issues with sagging reported.

Price Range: $499-$899

Final Score: 7.7 / 10


The Vadsö is a slim mattress that is extra firm. It has an innerspring support system with a very thin layer of polyurethane foam and polyester ticking. With its extremely affordable price point, there are not many reviews about this mattress. Based on its specifications, it would be most suitable for a daybed or a temporary situtation.

The pros: Extremely affordable mattress with plenty of firmness.

The cons: Based on specifications, it could be quite uncomfortable due to pressure points and not enough comfort materials. It is best served as a temporary solution.

Price Range: $79-$149

Final Score: 7.5 / 10


The Husvika is a sprung mattress with a firm profile and only comes in the single size. With a 12 cm thickness, it is best as a trundle or daybed. Customers describe appreciating the price, but there are some disagreements about comfort and noise.

The pros: Very affordable mattress with a thin profile ideal for trundle or daybeds.

The cons: Some disagreements about comfort.

Price Range: $99

Final Score: 7.6 / 10


Take a look at the above scale. As you can see, IKEA focuses mostly on firmer style mattresses, with lesser medium and softer varieties. One piece of feedback that many customers have is a complaint about firmness.

Who Are IKEA Mattresses Best For?

IKEA mattresses are extremely affordable, which may be one reason to be interested, but there are significant complaints about durability and firmness. Some have described sagging mattresses over a short period of time. For those in Australia, see our our top mattresses in Australia for competitive alternatives, some that are surprisingly affordable.

Browse Ikea Customer Reviews

Good, firm matress [MYRBACKA]

What can I say? Its quite firm, which I like. I find it really comfortable and it seems to be holding up well. Can't really ask for much more from a mattress?

Not comfort for mattress. [HAMARVIK]

Not comfort and the middle part is going down. We all are having back pain because of the mattress. I have sent an email to IKEA customer service but no reply has been received.

Supportive - but with very soft sides [VATNESTRÖM]

The sides have no support so I cannot sit close to the edge of the mattress; I have to sit well back onto the mattress, which, of cause is better for the mattress - and I have adjusted to sitting this way so, no drama there. The mattress itself is firm and supportive and I find has helped support my back and the pain I was experiencing has diminished which is wonderful, and now I look forward to going to bed. I am finding already this mattress is developing soft spots where I position myself, so, only time will tell as to it’s effectiveness, expectations, and the long term use. Upon unwrapping I found this mattress was already 7 yrs old from the date of manufacture! So, will this reduce the life expectancy??? Again only time will tell?

Very comfortable [HÖVÅG]

I am Loving it, Best Buy.

I love it I think [HÖVÅG]

I love it I think it is the best.

Excellent mattress [FILLAN]

Took awhile to decide which mattress to buy and luckily have chosen well.

Morgedal latex mattress [MORGEDAL]

I'm happy with the new mattress, it's nice and firm and replaces the last latex mattress that I've had for over 10 years.

Not comfor at all [FILLAN]

I bought this few month ago and still evertime i sleep on it i get the worst back pain ever , so i swap between my old comphy matress and this one hoping if i sleep on it more often it will get comphy but it hasn't unfortunately. When i tried the matress they had as a display at the store it was pretty nice and comftable , i dont know why the one i bought wasnt like that .

I’m very happy with this [HAMARVIK]

I’m very happy with this product

Very good firm mattress [VATNESTRÖM]

Very good firm mattress

Super Comfortable [MALFORS]

This is a great mattress, either for long term use or as a spare mattress. It provides great support and is super comfortable. Great value for money.

Bought for a roof top [MALFORS]

Bought for a roof top tent, ideal for this

Not the same [HYLLESTAD]

i bought the same mattress about 4 years ago and we love it so bought the same one again and this one is NOT the same as our last one and NOT the same as the one on the showroom floor,we noticed on another review someone said they were told ikea have a new manufacturer for there beds and thats why they are different and when we asked the salesperson this she said no definately not its still the same people making them but this is not the same mattress as they have on display it is very hard and you cant feel the memory foam at all unlike our first one,they say you can return the mattress within 1 year but you still have to pay for them to pick it up and then still havent got a mattress thats any good for me {unless they are willing to swap it with the one on the showroom floor} as such i truly cant recommend this mattress any more.

Good mattress [HYLLESTAD]

Went with the firm mattress, it is comfy and works well in Summer. Lots of support. The main downside is the toxic smell lasts for a solid 3 months until it is quite weak

Very comfortable [HYLLESTAD]

Very happy with this mattress

A bit hard to start with but now it's perfect [FILLAN]

I always prefer a firm mattress over a soft one. When we are upgrating to a King bed we're on a look out on a good quality King mattress. Trying out all the mattresses in Ikea store and we think the firmness of Fillan is what we're after. The price of this mattress is on the higher end of the Ikea range but considering a long term investment on numerous good nights sleep; it is worth it. The mattress was delivered in early Jan. For the first couple of months the mattress feels quite hard to sleep on. I read the other people's comment knowing it should get softer after a while so I'm keepin my hope up. Now in late March the mattress unbelievable comfortable to me. Every morning wake up feeling fully rested. I used to have occassional shoulder / neck ache in the morning and I haven't experienced one since. I would recommend this mattress.

It is a very high [HYLLESTAD]

It is a very high quality product Just its length is a little short

Amazing sleeps [HOKKÅSEN]

At first, I thought this mattress was to hard, but now it's perfect. I haven't experienced why issues with the sides falling. I do regularly rotate my mattress. I love this mattress, feels like sleeping on a cloud.

Too expensive [MOSHULT]

Too expensive

Soooooo comfortable! [HOKKÅSEN]

bought this bed around 6 months ago - its super comfy, much more than others I've bought elsewhere at a much higher price point. Highly recommend!

The people who sleep on [MOSHULT]

The people who sleep on it said it was great

Good value [HAMARVIK]

Yes happy with the mattress and very easy to handle due to vacuum packaging, very convenient. Unfortunately I find it to short, length wise, for the bed frame, from IKEA as well. Pillows keep slipping down under head board. I find the sizing of mattress IKEA advised is incorrect versus the bedroom frame.

Very comfortable [HÖVÅG]

I bought this three months ago and I’m so glad I did. It’s so comfortable.

Purchased a single mattress but [HYLLESTAD]

Purchased a single mattress but the size seems a little bit small for an adult.

Great Mattress [HOKKÅSEN]

Bought this 4 months ago absolutely awesome I love it.

Thought it was good initially [HÖVÅG]

Bought this mattress in February 2020 a month later we noticed it was starting to split at the seams sent photos and raised a case number they phoned me today to deny claim still waiting on someone to contact me back to explain why. Have spent a lot of money at ikea doing our whole bedroom up this is very disappointing

A little too thin for liking [MOSHULT]

Bought this for my kids and it would do but not for adults

Good for all seasons. [MORGEDAL]

In the Australian Summer, people using this mattress have not been hot or sweating like some other non-gel mattresses.

Very comfy! [HOKKÅSEN]

I bought this a few years ago and gradually over time the mattress has begun to sag drastically at the sides. Very annoying/ugly on top of my Mandal frame unless it’s pushed up against a wall to hide the massive droop. I’d recommend this bed for comfort but not for quality or longevity. Seems although other people have had similar faults, have contacted IKEA about the issue but awaiting response. Super annoying!


This mattress is actually very comfortable considering it’s cheap price. I have been pleasantly impressed by how much support it gives.

Nice one! [MALFORS]

Nice one!

good to have [MALFORS]

good to have

Mattress - Spare room [HAMARVIK]

Purchased as we wanted a comfortable, good quality but not too expensive mattress. Read the reviews - and bought one! It has been great, very comfortable.

mattress [MALFORS]

Great mattress, second one that I have purchased.

So comfy [HOKKÅSEN]

I bought this mattress a few months ago and it is perfect. So comfy and really supportive. A great buy.

Not to hard, not too soft [HÖVÅG]

Fir the price, it's actually a really comfy mattress. Yes, you'll need to grap a topper to go with it, hoewever my sheets ACTUALLY FIT ON IT!!!! for that added extra dose of warmth with it, place a blanket underneath on your bed slats for all round indulation and comfort. Plus it's easy enough to transport in a car with out the need for roof racks or a putting into a trailer.

Good basic first mattress for kids [MOSHULT]

This is a good first mattress for young children going into their first “big bed”. It is comfortable, but doesn’t have springs to tempt them to use the bed as a trampoline.

Comfortable [HÖVÅG]

I bought this few months ago and it’s super comfortable

Good quality at affordable price [MALFORS]

Good quality at affordable price

Magic mattress [HAMARVIK]

I was very sceptical of the mattress as it came so compact. But wow..... pop and the mattress was laid out. Super comfy. Our visitors will be happy.

Hovag mattress [HÖVÅG]

Extremely happy with the mattress, especially with the topper.

Good quality for a cost [HAMARVIK]

Good quality for a cost effective spare bed mattress

Great value and very comfort [MALFORS]

Great value and very comfort

Not too soft not too hard [HYLLESTAD]

Very comfortable at a reasonable price

Not firm enough [MORGEDAL]

Tried this out but found it was not firm enough. It turns out that this is medium/firm rather than firm and only US Ikea for instance has a firm version of this mattress. Now looking at buying a cheaper mattress that is firmer than this one - though much thinner.

It is a nice colofull [MALFORS]

It is a nice colofull rug ,very soft and the girls love it .Playing and laying on it all day .

Comfortable [MORGEDAL]

I bought this 2 months ago. I don't feel any big pain from this and is comfortable.

Very comfortable mattress [MORGEDAL]

Very comfortable, but firm mattress with firm side walls, which i like. Used for my parents bed and they are very happy with it

I find Ikea to be [HAMARVIK]

I find Ikea to be great value for money and enjoy shopping there

Beautiful sleep [HÖVÅG]

..... very nice mattress.

Good, well priced product [HYLLESTAD]

Good, well priced product

Hovag mattress [HÖVÅG]

This mattress is soft yet firm. It is the best mattress I have bought.

Mattress needed in a hurry [HAMARVIK]

I like how the mattress was packed as I could buy it straight away for my Dad to use as he was visiting for the weekend. I didn't have to pay or wait for delivery.

Seems to tick nearly all [VATNESTRÖM]

Seems to tick nearly all the boxes. There is so much hype sold with mattresses with hugely inflated prices, at specialist bed suppliers, this mattress is a well designed to be extremely comfortable and very close to the most comfortable mattress I've slept on having stayed at many hotels (and been in hospital) around the world.

Good mattress [HÖVÅG]

This is my 4th hovag mattress. The previous 3 I have had for 4 years & there is still no hollowing on top. They are a firm mattress but I pop a mattress topper on & they are great. Just bought my 4th as they wear so well,

My perfect mattress [HAFSLO]

As someone with a bad back and various other issues this mattress is just what I needed. It is the perfect density to give me the support I need and to get a good night's sleep.

Terrible [HYLLESTAD]

After sleeping on this mattress, I gradually got issue with my shoulder joint causing me terrible movement difficulty in left arm.

Best money I have ever spent [HÖVÅG]

I normally like a softer mattress but this is absolute heaven. Minimal disturbance if you have someone sleeping next to you. It didn’t take me anytime to wear it in. It’s bliss!

Comfy but sides are weak [HOKKÅSEN]

I bought this mattress about 4 years ago and agree with the other reviewers regarding the sides collapsing. I have had a similar experience, though I have tried to rotate it regularly, and I have unzipped the outside to try and put things back as close to normal as they can be as much as I am able to. It's not super bad but definitely something to consider if you purchase a mattress like this, and I would not recommend sitting on the sides for long periods of time as this is the weakest part of the build. Unfortunately the mattress can only be used one way up, so it doesn't work as well as it would if the mattress could be flipped if that's something which also factors into your considerations. It's otherwise a great mattress, and I just hope they are using a different foam or slightly different construction method in the newer models to prevent the issues with the sides. I have it on a Queen Malm with the Lonsent slats, and it will dip slightly in the middle if you have slats like these, so something to also factor in if you're a single person and don't like sleeping in a dip in your bed. Apart from the issue with the sides I really enjoy the feel of the mattress (it says firm but it's actually quite soft), but I guess for the price I did expect it to hold up slightly better over time.

Excellent mattress, firm and comfortable [HAMARVIK]

Excellent mattress, firm and comfortable like I wanted, very happy

Great Mattress. [HAFSLO]

Brought these mattresses couple of Months ago. Kids love them, they say they are very comfy.


Very comfortable.Good value.

Vatnestrom Mattress [VATNESTRÖM]

Excellent firm mattress, we finally get a good nights sleep

Love it, medium firm [VATNESTRÖM]

Love it, medium firm

Comfy mattress. [HAFSLO]

We’ve bought 3 of these Hafslo mattresses in the last couple of months - 1 for a primary aged boy, 1 for a teenager and 1 for an adult. They all love their mattresses and sleep well on them. The reasonable pricing is an added bonus.

Very comfy [FILLAN]

Veryyyyyy comfy. Would recommend

Excellent value [HÖVÅG]

The mattress is better than we expected especially at the price.

construction ok but smells. [MOSHULT]

I bought for spare for grandkids. I could not get rid of latex foam smell for about a month. washed cover and put in sun to air.

Not happy [HÖVÅG]

Seemed good in the shop. But at home it is terrible. Can now feel partner move all night and we roll into each other. Have started sleeping in separate beds until we can go a look for another bed. It's fine if you sleep on your own.

Excellent [VATNESTRÖM]

Great price/quality

Hyllestad [HYLLESTAD]

Very happy with my purchase. Only drawback is that it’s a little heavy for people with back injuries.

mattress [VATNESTRÖM]

It's a good mattress, good quality for the price. Finally I don't suffer from backache anymore.

Great value to comfort ratio [HYLLESTAD]

Great value to comfort ratio

Happy purchase [MOSHULT]

I bought this new foam mattress, and it was exactly what I wanted, to replace my previous foam mattress purchased 10 years ago. Great product.

deformed [MYRBACKA]

started deforming within few months it gave me back pain after on year of use

Affordable High Quality Mattress [MORGEDAL]

Super-quick delivery - one day after In-store purchase. Fantastic support for your back! Perfect choice for people who sleep in multiple positions, and are light-sleepers.

600$ Was expensive to pay [MORGEDAL]

600$ Was expensive to pay and now It hurts my back.

Mattress is very comfortable, no [HYLLESTAD]

Mattress is very comfortable, no partner disturbance.

Good medium firm mattress [HAMARVIK]

Good medium firm mattress

Way more comfortable than I [MALFORS]

Way more comfortable than I thought

So comfy [HÖVÅG]

This bed is so comfortable and useful due to its inbuilt drawers. The doona is so luxurious too and versatile.

Better than expected. [HYLLESTAD]

Very happy with the product and services. But this is of course personal preference and totally subjective.

Good mattress, cover let down by the cheapest zip [MOSHULT]

Mattress and cover are fine - pretty comfortable. Took the cover off to wash it and whilst zipping it back up, the zip got caught up in itself and then broke. Why put the cheapest, nastiest, fragile zip on the cover? That in itself brings it down to a one star.

Great value mattress. [HÖVÅG]

We loved how easy it was to get this home, all rolled up and in the back of the captiva. It's very comfortable to sleep on and way cheaper than comparable mattresses elsewhere.

Reliable and comfy spare mattress [HAFSLO]

I am using this mattress in the spare room. Great value for price

Matress [MORGEDAL]

Very comfortable and supportive for my back.

Firm believer :) [FILLAN]

This is my first spring mattress. Coming from firm type futon mattress, i was skeptical initially. After quick test at ikea's various display beds,( from cheapest to their top of the range) this one proves to be the best for my preference. The pocket spring design moulds nicely to you posture. As i'm fairly fit, this firm bed has corrected my posture, reduced back workout recovery time. This bed somehow stretches my spine & made me more relax whilst asleep. The numerous times when you feIt you woke up on the wrong side of the bed with aching/ stiff shoulder/back has significantly reduced! Also the added bonus the bed stays warm & pleasant. This bed has definitely improved my sleeping pattern. Only caveat is the colour of the fabric. Should be a darker tone. Last note: it's a very firm bed which took only 2 weeks to break-in :)

Fits the bill for me [HOKKÅSEN]

Enjoying a good night’s sleep on extra firm mattress which suits my back.


I have bought for my son He is happy and like it Very comfortable

Great in transporting as it [HAFSLO]

Great in transporting as it was in a roll. Nice mattress!

Very comfy for the price [HAMARVIK]

This is lightweight, so it's easy to bring home and change your bedding. I have found it very comfy and it's a bargain for the price. Feels a little flimsy but it's the comfort that matters.

So comfortable [FILLAN]

I brought this mattress as I have a bad back and needed something firm but comfortable. My back is feeling much better than it was and I’m sleeping much better. Incredibly happy with my purchase

Excellent support and comfort [FILLAN]

The mattress is very firm so make sure that’s your style. Not the cheapest bed in the range but well worth the price as it has been a fantastic mattress.

Supreme comfort [HYLLESTAD]

I love this mattress. My sleep has improved. Great comfort & good body support

Very comfy mattress [HYLLESTAD]

We bought thIs mattress along with the Songesand bed with Lönset for cheaper than most of the other places charge for just the mattress. I bought online and had it delivered 3 days later - hassle free transaction - turned up the day I picked for delivery and was and not too hard to put together. Very nice looking bed and super comfy. We bought it for our guest room but I think I will be using it for me and swapping it out for my current bed.

Comfortable [MOSHULT]

It is very light and easy to carry, still comfortable.

Firm but comfortable [HÖVÅG]

Bought 6 months ago and very happy with it

A surprisingly positive outcome [HAFSLO]

I was a tad skeptical but it needed to be purchased. Great price and great level of comfort. Imagine what the others mattresses are like!

Comfortable [HÖVÅG]

We bought this mattress to go with the bed we bought at IKEA. It was fo our spare room. My mother-in-law and wife have slept on it and expressed how comfortable it was. It comes rolled up and vacuum sealed with a handle so it’s easy to carry and transport in your car.

Great Mattress [VATNESTRÖM]

We bought the extra firm one last week so far so good its 27CM thick looking very good for its price as a new range we are having a better sleep and comfort.

Good quality [FILLAN]

This is a really good quality mattress but the first new nights sleeping on it and it is very firm. More so than how it felt in store, but I’ve been told it will soften a little over time. So I went back to ikea and bought the KNAPSTAD mattress topper and now I find this mattress extremely comfy! With the topper, I would highly recommend the mattress and I’ve paid half of the price of other mattress places. I am really happy with this purchase! 4-stars just because I feel a topper is needed to make it really comfortable.

Bought this mattress for our [HAFSLO]

Bought this mattress for our van. Came rolled up for easy pick up to take home. Extremely comfortable.

Back pain after year of use [MYRBACKA]

After one year of use, it became unusable because of severe back pain

Turing over sides become hard. [MYRBACKA]

the memory form become a issue. I feel I am sleeping in a swallowed hole. and whichever the side I sleep, that shoulder get pain in 30 min, and when I try to turn around other side, its even harder. every night i have to like wake-up every 45 min to change sides.

Skinny little hard mattress. Looked [MOSHULT]

Skinny little hard mattress. Looked a lot thicker in the photo

Solid and firm, love love love it [MORGEDAL]

If you like a very firm and an absolutely no fluffy feel, this is it! We love this mattress. It had a bit of a smell for the first weeks after unpacking, but that went and now we love it even more.

Perfect for use [MALFORS]

Great mattress and firm; purchased at 20% off on a sale at ikea Love how it comes compact and curled up

Hard and uncomfortable [MORGEDAL]

Not like the one on display, had to buy a seperate mattress topper from another company to make it comfortable

Good product [MALFORS]


Firm mattress [MOSHULT]

I bought this couple of months ago and I love it

Bad small [MOSHULT]

I bought 2 mattresses with Flekke bed about 4 weeks ago. The mattress are really firm as we wanted but they smell terrible. We unpacked them on the same day and left them outside for 3 days, we jumped on them, trying to get rid off the smell, but nothing helps. Thinking to return them back...

Cliche but good sleep change lives [MYRBACKA]

Wife and I have been experiencing poor sleep for years. We never have we thought it could be the mattress we changed the pillows, the sheets. Finally, after long and hard research we decided to stay away from the springs and go with memory foam, oh man I wish we made the change years ago, our sleep has never been better, waking up in the morning isn't a battle but a pleasant thing now!


Easy to assrmble and the instructions are clear.

Very pleased with my purchase. [MOSHULT]

Very pleased with my purchase.

Very comfortable. Got the best sleep for years [MYRBACKA]

Have used them for years and have got the best sleep. Added benefit of being able to wash the cover

Comfortable firm mattress [MORGEDAL]

I have slept on a Morgedal for the past two years. It is firm and comfortable, if you like solid mattresses.



Comfy, easy to store and [MALFORS]

Comfy, easy to store and move

Great price [HAFSLO]

It’s great product for the price I got it.

Sleepy foam mattress [MOSHULT]

Great quality typical IKEA both in price and value

Extremely comfortable, visitors love it. [MALFORS]

Extremely comfortable, visitors love it.

So hard! [HAFSLO]

I bought two of these mattresses online to furnish an apartment during the COVID crisis, and had them delivered without testing them out. BAD IDEA! These mattresses are so hard they are not at all comfortable to sleep on. Ive now had to buy mattress padding AND an underlay to be able to sleep, and my daughter feels the same about the mattress in her bedroom.

Very bad odor [MOSHULT]

We bought this matress and It had a terrible odor. We aired it a lot for weeks but the smell was so bad that you couldn’t sleep on it. Ikeas Service was awesome. They replaced the matress for free, picked it up and delivered a new one. Sadly the odor of the second new matress was even worse. But Ikea took the matress back without a problem. Thanks for that! But can not recommend this product at all.

Good Mattress [HAFSLO]

Pretty good value for money for a spare bedroom

Great mattress for a trundle bed. [MOSHULT]

A great addition to a great bed frame with trundle.

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What is the best IKEA mattress in Australia?

The most popular IKEA mattress for adults and children is the Malfors foam mattress. The Hövåg is the best rated mattress overall for adults. While these mattresses offer low prices, there are some mixed reviews when it comes to durability.

Are IKEA mattresses in Australia toxic?

Some IKEA mattresses sold in Australia use polyurethane foam for comfort layers and other synthetic materials. While many sources of polyurethane certify that their foam is free from harmful chemicals, those that are very sensitive to chemicals may require additional certification.

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