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Hugo Mattress Reviews

As of December 2022, Hugo is no longer selling mattresses. If you're looking for a new comparable mattress, check out our list of the best Australian mattresses.

Hugo was one of the best rated memory foam mattresses on the market. Most customers experienced good results with their 4-layer all-foam mattress. They were built in Australia using top quality foams. The Hugo mattress also differentiated itself from the competition with a more equal feel throughout the mattress, less motion disturbance, and a medium firmness that most sleepers loved.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.6/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.6/10

Price Value: 7.6/10

No Back Pain: 7.5/10

Price: $695-$1095

Trial Period: 3 Months

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Hugo's Specifics

Quality of Materials

From their latex to their foams, the Hugo mattress was built with quality in mind. It offers an additional layer of transitional foam beneath their memory foam that other mattresses tend to leave out. This is one of the reasons that Hugo melts away pressure points and cradles the spine better than many other mattresses available.

The Hugo mattress comes with four foam layers that each work in conjunction with the other to adapt to the sleeping position of the sleeper. Here are the details:

Cover Layer: The woven cover perfectly fits around the mattress and provides good airflow and moisture whicking.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 15mm of high quality latex. If you've never slept on latex, it provides a refreshing bounce and responsiveness rather than hugging or sinking like memory foam.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is a layer of 30mm memory foam that works with the above latex layer to provide a perfectly medium softness. This layer helps alleviate pressure points and adjusts seemlessly to your sleeping position.

Layer 4: The third comfort layer is 50mm of transition foam that provides a seemless connection between the softer layers and the bottom support layer. It means more pressure point relief, but without sacrificing spine and back support.

Layer 5: The last layer is the support layer of 150mm of high density foam. This firm foam gives the mattress structure and solidifies the superior spine support.

Overall Comfort

This mattress proves to be one of the most comfortable foam mattresses due to the combination of foams used. It is best for those that are side sleepers or back sleepers as it will do a great job relieving pressure from the hips and shoulders.


Take a look above for our firmness chart. This mattress is only slightly more firm than medium, which is in the universal comfort zone. Most customers will find this comfortable, but some who are larger and prefer a firmer mattress, may do better with an alternative.

Back Pain Relief

This mattress does a great job cradling the spine, while relieving pressure areas. For most average and smaller sized sleepers, this mattress should help relieve spinal alignment aggravations.


Both the cover and the top layer of latex will keep things quite cool for most sleepers. Latex's natural breathable material will allow any heat to escape below.

Who Is This Mattress Best For?

This mattress is an superb mattress for most sleepers. For those that are side or back sleepers, this mattress will do a great job alleviating pressure point pain and keep you asleep for longer through the night.

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I got my king single

I got my king single a few weeks ago and by far this is the best sleep I've ever had. I was a bit suspicious at first as I couldn't find any reviews but they had a sleep guarantee and were on sale so I took the jump. My bed before hand was sinking in the middle, after awhile I decided it was time to change my mattress, thank goodness I did. Overall good mattress, guaranteed sleep, still might be on sale. What would be better if you guys did pillows, would definitely get one since your mattresses are excellent and dream worthy. Thank you guys for making such excellent mattress and for giving me a good nights rest, keep it up.

My son is sleeping through the night for the first time!!

The mattress is fantastic. Super comfortable and my son slept through the night for the first time ever, the first night he slept on it! Couldn’t be happier with this mattress.

Very Comfortable!

Our old mattress was quite firm and being a side sleeper I was waking up with a sore shoulder most days.

So we looked for a mattress that was not too hard or soft.

With the Hugo mattress no more shoulder problems, and my wife and I are getting a good nights sleep. I was a little concerned regarding the support on sides of the mattress, but I needn’t have worried, it’s very supportive.

After four months, we’re very happy.

Best mattress ever!

Omg, this is honestly the BEST mattress I've ever slept on. It totally exceeded all my expectations and I'd totally recommend Hugo for your next mattress. Loved it so much that I featured it over on my YouTube channel

This is the third mattress in a box I have purchased...

So let me start by explaining, I have been happy with the previous two mattresses, which are both still in use. But both companies have changed their formula since i purchased them. So I spent a bit of time googling because I want to make sure of the comfort. I've heard feedback from others about the changes in formula and structure to allow, flipping and adjusting of comfort etc. Something i read about Hugo seemed to stick and I was prepared to give it a go and hope to be lucky for the third time. If not, there was always the free return option. I like soft, my wife likes it a bit firmer, but even after the first night we both agreed that it was the best mattress we have had of the three. The best night's sleep and most comfortable in general. The others we have are an Ecosa (was purchased January 2017, they have sine changed their foams) and a Greywing (purchased mid 2016).

So to sum it up. I think I'm a bit of a foam mattress snob, and the Hugo is amazing.

Great Matress!

This is a premium grade mattress for a budget price and we love it! Have been sleeping much better since we’ve owned Hugo.

Key differences to our old sprung matress:

1. It’s much cooler, despite the weather getting warmer.

2. We don’t wake each other up anymore when turning over / moveing in sleep.

I would and have recommend!

Lovely mattress

Our Hugo mattress is exactly what we were hoping for, supportive but still cosy and comfortable. Order and delivery was simple and fast. We are very happy with our new Hugo.

Best Delivery Every.

The mattress is great- it is comfortable although I would have liked it a little firmer but great to sleep on. I cannot believe how quickly Hugo arrived. Ordered Monday arrived Tuesday.

Very comfortable mattress

The mattress is very supportive and comfortable. I cant believe I waited so long to upgrade but am extremely happy that I chose to go with a Hugo mattress finally.

Sleeping on a cloud

I loved your website and a no fuss order / delivery system, but most of all, I love my new Hugo. It's soft without that sagging feel and I hope it stays that way.

Great mattress

By far the best mattress I have slept on. Gone are the days of tossing and turning which has allowed for a great night sleep every night. Love my mattress!

So comfy!!

I've been sleeping on my Hugo mattress for 6 months, and it's a great sleep. Makes getting out of bed in the morning a challenge! Wasn't sweaty in summer months, and is extra cosy with my sheepskin mattress protector in winter.

This is perfect for the pained and aging

I bought this for my mum who is ridiculously thin and whinges all the time, mostly about being cold and aching in discomfort when she sleeps.

This mattress has ceased all whinging on these matters and has returned to politics and family members.

Fantastic buy, comfortable warm and very supportive.

Highly recommend this product.

I loveeeee my bed! It's amazing! I never want to leave it!

It is bliss! My back loves it! Makes getting up incredibaly hard ;) I find it the perfect combination of softness and hardness. It is incredibly comfortable and I wake up feeling amazing!

Very comfortable. Very happy

I have bought a memory foam mattress online before and had to send it back. It was too firm and i woke everynight with sore shoulders. The hugo mattress has been just that little bit softer, but still supportive. It doesn't feel like a typical memory foam mattress, where you lie on it and slowly sink in. Then you have trouble rolling over. The hugo mattress feels more like a typical foam mattress.

It is fairly warm, but that is ok for now as it is winter.

It does seem like the spot where i lay may be starting to feel softer than the rest of the mattress, so I will keep an eye on that. Its ok for now.

Saved ny back from destruction

Its softness allows my body to drift into a deep sleep that I've not experienced before. Hardly notice stiffness when getting up in the morning. Now I look forward to going to bed at night and snuggling into the mattress as well as the doona. Its hard to know if it is durable - have only had it for a couple of weeks

May 11th 2017 Update: Saved my back from destruction

WIFE LOVES IT FOR HIP AND BACK ISSUES. The mattress seems something like a water mattress to me but sleep is good.

Durable well so far ! We trust it will prove very durable !

Home away from home!

Now that our daughter lives interstate, we visit quite a lot, so our priority was to ensure we had a good nights sleep when there. She had an ensemble base which was good, so I searched the net for suitable mattresses. Numerous sites came up, but the Hugo site took my fancy and after comparing similar products, delivery times, etc, I chose Hugo. The mattress arrived when promised and has performed as advertised. Very supportive and comfortable, wonderful sleep.

Successful End of a Long Search

At last I can sleep through the night after using my Hugo mattress.

With the years going on and the body getting old and injured - I have pins in one hip, bursitis in the other hip, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and disc bulging in my back - I was finding it harder and harder to get a decent night's sleep. So the search was on for a more comfortable bed. I had a decent firm inner spring mattress which I didn't feel like replacing, deciding instead to concentrate on finding a topper to give me the comfort I wanted.

So, after purchasing a good hospital grade memory foam topper, then a cool gel topper, then a latex topper, then three different foam toppers, I was in despair and ready to give up. Just by chance I came across an ad for a Hugo mattress and had a look at their web site. What impressed me about their mattresses was the combination of different foams that were used, and the thickness of them. I was quite an expert on the feel and comfort of the individual types of foams by this time and the way they had combined the layers sounded as if this combination was as good as they said.

So I ordered one and am so pleased I did. It is very very comfortable without being saggy and too squishy.

Most highly recommended .

Great mattress.

Comfortable mattress . No longer woken by the mattress sagging when my partner rolls over in his sleep. Sleeping well since purchase. Will buy from Hugo beds again when needed.

So far very pleased

Purchased my mattress about one month ago. So far very pleased. I suffer with back and neck aches which were keeping me awake. My old mattress was too firm. The Hugo mattress seems to have just the right support but at the same time seems to be soft.

Great for neck and low back pain - back sleeper

Fantastic so far! Partner sleeps on her side and I on my back. What a world of a difference compared to our secondhand spring mattresses in the past. First mattress I've purchased from one of these new online brands and this Hugo one has been surprisingly great! I get a lot of neck and low back pain from sleeping and this has genuinely helped a lot and feels much, much better. Hope it helps. Cheers


honestly the BEST mattress I've slept on

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