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Forty Winks Mattress Reviews


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Spring 2023 Updates: Forty Winks now offers next day quick ship offerings in many metros. Recent customers mostly report quick delivery service with some complaints about mattress durability and sales experiences in some locations.

Forty Winks is a mattress retailer that has stores across Australia and also ships mattresses and bedroom furniture from their online store. They mostly sell name-brand mattresses like those from Sealy, Serta, Tempur, and SleepMaker. Most customers have good things to say about the initial comfort of their mattress offerings. Those that had issues mostly mentioned complaints about durability and customer experiences at some locations.


+/- return / cancellation
+/- delivery
+/- long-term firmness

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 8/10

No Back Pain: 7.9/10

Price: $199-$22999

Trial Period: No Trial

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Forty Winks's Specifics

Forty Winks is one of the most successful mattress retailers in Australia with countless offerings from both Australian-made name-brand mattresses and global brands.

Some of their differentiators include their personal in-store service, country-wide delivery, and mattress selection. Most customers report enjoying the convenience and selection at their stores, but customer experiences vary widely store to store, and location to location. While most report straightforward experiences, there are some complaints with delivery and return experiences.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated Australian mattresses, many of whom pass on more value.

Mattress Brands

Forty Winks sells mattresses from 9 name-brand mattress brands including Australian brands like SleepMaker and global brands like Tempur, Sealy, and Serta. While many of these brands have positive ratings for initial comfort, others have some disagreements when it comes to durability and long-term comfort. We'll go through each in detail below so that you can get a better sense of what you are buying.

#1 Silent Partner

Silent Partner is an exclusive brand to Forty Winks, which enables it to be sold at a lower price point and also have more lenient exchanges. They offer hybrid mattresses that come with zoned support systems -- meaning more support to the middle spine. The price points are reasonable versus other name-brand options, but they are still significantly higher than those found in online brands. Most customers like their Silent Partner mattress, but others had problems with the durability.

The pros: Moderately priced hybrid mattreses with zoned support and mid-grade foams.

The cons: Some reports of struggles with durability.

Price Range: $979-$9999

#2 Tempur®

Tempur® is a global brand that features its proprietary memory foams that are designed to alleviate pressure point pain by contouring around the body. These mattresses get good reviews from customers both in Australia and globally, but there are issues when it comes to the price point. These are very expensive mattresses versus alternatives -- especially all foam Australian online mattress brands.

The pros: High-end memory foam mattresses that most customers enjoy.

The cons: The prices are quite high for the materials used.

Price Range: $5899-$12499

#3 Serta

Serta manufactures traditional mattresses with updated features like pocketed coils and luxury pillow tops. The models sold at Forty Winks are generally their mid to high end mattresses that are priced high, such as their Avant Garde line. These options get good initial comfort scores from customers, but there are some problems with durability for some that could impede upon the value of this brand.

The pros: Luxury style mattresses with updated features and good initial comfort.

The cons: Problems with durability reported by some customers. High prices.

Price Range: $549-$12999

#4 SleepMaker

SleepMaker is an Australian mattress brand that offers traditional innerspring mattresses with both pocketed coil offerings and traditional bonnel spring offerings as well. These mattresses are priced lower than global brands and are Australian made. Most customers like their SleepMaker mattresses, but there were some that had problems with the longevity of these mattresses.

The pros: Better prices for traditional innerspring mattresses than global competitors.

The cons: Some longevity issues reported by customers.

Price Range: $599-$1099

#5 King Koil

King Koil is a popular brand of mid-priced mattresses from A.H.Beard. These mattresses come with a variety of firmness options and luxury features like pillow tops and hand-tufting. These mattresses get good comfort scores from customers, but sadly have reports of sagging issues. For prices in the thousands, some may find better luck buying from an online mattress brand.

The pros: Luxury style mattresses with multiple firmness options.

The cons: Problems with sagging reported by some customers.

Price Range: $459-$19799

#6 Sealy

Sealy is a global mattress brand that is known for their posture focused mattresses. They feature innersprings with zoned ergonomics, which is designed to cradle the spine properly. They get good marks from customers on initial comfort, but they have some issues with durability and sagging.

The pros: A variety of innerspring mattresses in multiple firmnesses with added spine support.

The cons: Problems with durability reported by some sleepers.

Price Range: $399-$21999

#7 Active Sleep

The Active Sleep mattresses are the budget friendly brand offered by Forty Winks. Their mattresses start well below $1,000 and come with traditional mattress designs with coils being the focus. They also use low grade foams. These mattresses get mixed reviews from customers on comfort and long term use. They are best suited for temporary or part-time solutions.

The pros: Low priced mattresses that will fit any budget.

The cons: Problems with durability and comfort reported by some sleepers.

Price Range: $199-$1329

#8 Kingsdown My Side

Kingsdown's My Side line offers high end, luxury style mattresses with a big enhancement. They offer dual sided firmness options, which is ideal for shoppers who have different firmness requirements than their partners. Their mattresses offer hybrid designs with pressure relieving foam, moisture wicking Tencel®, and zoned support systems. While some customers have good things to say about these offerings, others have reported complaints about durability in some cases.

The pros: High profile, luxury mattresses with dual sided firmness options.

The cons: Prices are quite high and some sleepers report durability issues.

Price Range: $1299-$10499

#9 Crown Posture

The Crown Posture brand is a moderately priced hybrid mattress brand. Some of its differentiators include multiple firmness options, such a plush and firm with pillow top offerings. Its 7-zoned pocketed coils work along with each sleeper's posture for added support and pressure relief in the hips and shoulders, all while offering the Australian Made seal of approval. In terms of comfort, customers reported some disagreements about these mattresses including some complaints about the perceived quality.

The pros: Budget-friendly offerings that are Australian-made. Posture focused coil support systems.

The cons: Some disagreements about perceived quality in these mattresses.

Price Range: $1899-$5599

Forty Winks Alternatives

Right now is still one of the best times to buy a new mattress. There are many recent Australian brands that have come to market to sell direct to customers. If you are ready to learn more about which brands are to choose, jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Australian Mattresses.

Browse Forty Winks Customer Reviews

Perfect service and products

We recently replaced some bedroom furniture at the Geelong store. Found the staff incredibly helpful, provided a discount and free delivery. I was given an option of paying in full or just a deposit when I found that there would be a 4-5 week wait. Right on 5 weeks our order arrived, the delivery guys notified half hour prior to coming out which allowed me time to be sure I could be home when they arrived. They also provided me useful tips on assembling the bed. So helpful!

I went in to buy a queen size mattress...

I went in to buy a queen size mattress a few days before boxing day. Like always, the mattresses were on "sale". Funny how that is always the case. It is just another dity trick they use. I looked this man in the eye and said "boxing day is a few days away, is there any chance that you may be having a sale on that day". Now, I understand that he was not obliged to give away any upcoming discount information, and he could have just said "I don't know anything about that; or, I can't say etc". But instead this dodgy salesman looked me in the eye and said "NO, we will not be having any boxing day sales." He then quickly changed the topic and pressured me to put down a deposit. Now I came back in the store a few days later (after boxing day) to pay the rest and what do I see, the mattress is around $600 cheaper than the price I paid. And of course, he had pressured me to put down a deposit well above that so I had to pay the rest and received my mattress some weeks later (it was a slow delivery, he did not keep to his estimated delivery date). This mattress salesman is DISHONEST and a LIAR and ONLY CARES ABOUT YOUR MONEY. I am thankful that this mattress will last me for around 6-8 years and next time I will only buy one online to avoid these dodgy people.

Terrible customer service.

Worst 2 hrs trying to sleep bed rock hard heat from it took it off they told me to wait a month then it should wear in. No customer service whatsoever please please do not buy from forty winks joondalup or any other read reviews first

Thank You Zac of Nunawading Store

Thank you Zac for a very wonderful purchasing experience at Nunawading store. He is genuine, very helpful, has good product knowledge and excellent customer service. Best purchase experience ever since I arrive Melbourne. My purchase started back in Nov 2014, till delivery in mid May 2015. Everything was smooth and in good order, that I decided to purchase almost my entire bedroom sets and mattresses through him. Delivery communications and arrangements was also commendable. Thank you and all the best !

Dismissive and condescending staff

Went here for a mattress - the staff member was naturally argumentative and abrasive the whole way through. I can't remember the last time I ever wanted to punch someone, but I would have loved to have punched him. The best bit was when he told us that our physiotherapist, with two published books on back pain, was utterly wrong on bed choice. The management must be utter muppets to hire such salespeople. To top it off, when we did buy a mattress there, he called my wife "sweetie" all the way through. Don't go to Forty Winks Alexandria, even just for a pillow fight. Go for a real one.

All of the above complaints

Bought a bed for our daughter and firstly it took nearly double the time it was supposed to take to arrive, then it arrived damaged with no instructions, rang the manager who was just pure arrogance and trying to get our money back. It amazes me that these people are still in business.

I spent ages trying to find the right bed...

I spent ages trying to find the right bed for my son. I scoured the internet for all of the bedding stores. I read reviews, I talked to people. I thought about what he would need as he grew and started going to school. I finally decided on the bed. Here in starts the drama. I walk into my local store of Forty Winks, cash in hand. I find a salesperson and tell them I would like to order the bed of my choice. They don't have it in stock she tells me and if they order it there will be a 2 week wait. No problem I say. That is the bed I want. She then proceeds to point out other beds that are similar, but not the same. What about this one? Or this one. No, I say firmly I have chosen the bed. She then wanders off to show me yet another bed that I do not want. I give up and walk out the store. I eventually went on to find a bed from somewhere else. But still months after I am pissed at this store.

Dangerous gap between bed frame and mattress

I like the look of this Dakota bed from Forty Winks and we purchased a King Single thinking it will last our now-2 year old until she's in her late teens. However the frame is about 20cm too long for a King Single mattress (we bought both frame and mattress at Forty Winks at the same time). This means there is a large and dangerous gap between the head board and the mattress - big enough for my daughters head to squeeze through and get stuck. I have contacted the Docklands Forty Winks store several times to see what can be done (ie a return) but they have said I should have realized the dimensions of the bed by looking at the bed on display (which was a single, not a king single). Appalling response and no recognition of the issue

Poor customer service

I tried to purchase a bed from interstate for my mum and was told I had to come in store to be able to sell it to me at the sale price. There was no interest in having the sale. At all. Penrith store. Yet my local store in vic couldn't have been more helpful even while I was In Qld.

Horrified customer service.

We asked if our bed can be delivered before 2pm, because I had to pick my daughter from school. I was told someone from the store would ring me to confirm in the morning if this bed could be delivered before 2pm. No one rang in the morning. And we left home at 11am. Then delivery truck came at lunch time while I was not at home. Store manager accused me not wait for delivery and asked me to pay the double delivery fee. I tried to tell him that I didn't receive the phone call as I was told on the phone to confirm the delivery time, he wouldn't listen. He interrupted me and insisted that I misunderstood the phone conversation. He was rude on the phone. I couldn't image how he can be a manager.

Very Happy

As I was moving home, I decided to buy a new bed and mattress. After a lot of searching, I found a bed I liked at Forty Winks at Chirnside Park Homemaker Centre. I had a look at it along with mattresses, then went back at the weekend with my boyfriend. We tried some mattresses (hi is 120 K, I'm around 70k) Liked one.. then looked at a slightly dearer range with Salesman [name removed] assisting. I like a reasonably firm mattress, but on trying the medium Back care one, it seemed pretty good, so I ordered the bed and mattress, to be held til I was in my new place. I rang once I had possession, they checked and rang me back, and I had it delivered the following week. The gents brought it all in and were about to go when I asked about setting it up. (Delivery and set up was agreed as part of the price). It wasn't written on their papers, but they did it cheerfully. I am really happy with the service and the products, so if you are looking for a bed and/or mattress, try them!

Still no product!!!

Worst customer service ever. My heavily pregnant sister paid for a bed for my nephew months ago to get him into a "big boy bed" before bub arrives. Still no bed!! They continue to lie as to its whereabouts, they called this morning to tell her it would be delivered tomorrow (Brisbane) , then called her back this aftrenoon and it is still in Sydney. This is appalling customer service; a pregnant woman does not need this stress. I urge EVERYONE to NEVER buy from forty winks. Pathetic!

poor service and no followup

clearly forty.winks don't pride themselves on its about the customer. "we won't sleep till you sleep" what a laugh. I purchased a bed and base which is not what I saw in store, the base is wayyyy higher than that of the display models and although not entirley unhappy with the mattress the information given about the mattress was clearly rubbish. once approached the store about inconsistency they just wiped their hands of me. clearly made their sale and wanted nothing to do with customer satisfaction. normally I don't go as far as to write a complaint letter however I did and never even heard back from their office. I'd be very wary purchasing anything ever again pretty disappointing service!

Arrogant Manager

Went to Bendigo Forty Winks saw a bed and base and asked to purchase one, the lady said she did not have any more bases for the mattress in stock but offered another base which was a 2013 base l said that would be fine. We were taken to there warehouse to collect .The warehouse staff brought out the mattress when l looked at it l said "this is not the mattress l brought" the man said "yes it is they have changed the fabric" l replied no that is the mattress of the 2013 base l am getting l paid extra for a good mattress he replied" just take that one" l said "no just give me the one l paid for" he replied "lm not putting up with this ???? .just take it" l said NO give me the one l paid for again he said "lm not putting up with your.??????????????? yelling his head of at me go get your money back after a few more words we went and got a refund. It turned out the guy yelling and abusing me was the Director for Bendigo forty wink.. Still waiting to speak to the state manager..Have spoken to state manager but no real out come as all they will do is talk to everyone who was there at the time but as for knowing the out come they have privacy regulation"s which will not allow me to know what actions will be taken so in other words waste of time contacting them unbelievable

Silent Partner

This mattress I purchased was Capri medium and it is so hot. It has latex and memory foam causing heavy sweating as it doesn't breathe. Stay away from this brand after sales service was shocking. The company said it was my imagination

I purchased a bed 3 months ago...

I purchased a bed 3 months ago and assembled it following the instructions carefully. As it turns out the gas struts have a known fault whereby they are not calibrated correctly to support the bed. As a result they don't close correctly without causing damage to the frame and brackets. After I called forty winks to assist in replacement of the faulty parts I was moved for department to department and asked to contact their supplier directly to prove the fault. After 3 months they agreed to replace the faulty and now damaged parts however refused to post them to my place of residence as I had moved overseas. Now I'm left with a broken bed and parts that I can't collect. So I am reviewing this item as faulty and of poor quality and rating afters sales service as poor as well. From a disappointed customer.


40 winks is an absolute joke, we were sold a mattress paid for delivery and was happy.. Next week we get a call off them saying that they "accidentally" gave us the wrong mattress and they will need to come and swap it, hmm ok we said.. & well that new mattress they brought us is a NIGHTMARE it is only a year old as of this month and has a huge sinking hole in the middle. we rang and made a complaint and they had someone come and take a look, this lady was nothing but inconsiderate and rude, she walked in, took one look at the mattress and said "well, I won't be able to inspect this mattress because it is dirty, you will need to pay for it to be cleaned before we can even consider looking at it, and after we see that it is cleaned, I still may not be able to take a look if it is still not up to standard" I was highly offended at this claim seeing how I like to keep my house tidy! there is a stain on the mattress about the size of an apple due to 40 winks selling us a mattress protector that does not fit our bed correctly. the mattress itself has also got fluff barbles on it due to it being a horrible quality fabric. There is so much more to this story but ill leave it at that and just say that every single person I have dealt with regarding this matter has been uncooperative and the customer service is an absolute joke. so much for the "10 year warranty we are meant to have" warranty doesn't mean anything when you buy a bed at 40 winks. I will never shop at this store again and I will be advising everyone I possibly can not to shop at this store, we have been treated so badly and if that's how this company does business they should be shut down!! Me and my partner will be taking this matter further. they are all sleeping in their comfortable beds while we are getting a backache from ours!!!

Terrible purchasing experience.

I wish i saw all these reviews before i went to buy beds from forty winks. I went to the store end of june, and ordered 2 sets of beds and 2 matress in forty winks highpoint, and try to confirm whether they have been arrived on mid of august, and they said i didn't place an order!! If i don't want to place an order, why the hell i am paying you the deposit??? None of the staff mentioned this "place order 4 weeks piror" thing to me when i paid my deposit! Then i place the order, and they said it would take 5 weeks (instead of the 4 weeks mentioned on their paper) to finish my beds. Ok, because i need the bed in oct, so i think it is still ok. However, when i went to the store to check, a male staff with horrible attitude told me that it was still not arrived, and i shouldn't be checking with him, because the 5 weeks they mentioned has not finished yet! And it is end of sept today, still no calls from them. It is just terrible experience!!! I wish more people can see reviews before purchasing anything from any store, especially this one. Terrible terrible service.

Happy Customer

The service we received in the store from Mariella was great and Paul & Chris the guys who delivered the mattress were very polite . great job by all . very happy with our choice of mattress also .

Happy Customers

We purchased the Lyon bedroom suite from the Fountain Gate store. The man who served us was lovely. He took our phone order and went out of his way to help us. When we got our sdreswr drawer, it was faulty. I cannot fault the warehouse either. The customer service was fantastic. Kronul went out of his way to organise a replacement from the manufacturer and delivery was very timely. We are very happy with our new bedroom furniture! Thanks Forty Winks!

My old broken mattress was better

I brought my "everyday comfort plush queen mattress" from forty winks two weeks ago since my second hand mattress was deterring my boyfriend from staying over and I was also finding it hard to sleep. But being a single mother of two I couldn't really afford to buy a new mattress, so I decided that I would really cut back in groceries, personal products even nice treats I put in my sons lunch box to be able to get a $600 mattress. I know that seems a little selfish but I've never had my own mattress due to being in Forster care my teenage years and a struggling mother in my adult years. So I first shopped around, because knowing I was spending so much money on myself I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. I settled on a the king koil mattress at forty winks and I realise now it was for sales pitch from the nice sales lady. She told me the mattress is HARPA assertived and made with spinal care so I'm guaranteed a good nights sleep. I was so excited to get the mattress home and have my first of many great nights sleep. I straight away noticed the mattress wasn't as plush as the one I layed on in store. I thought maybe it needs some time for the pillow top to puff up (it didn't). The first night was ok then the second and third I started to realise the mattress was no where near as soft as it should be and that I was getting a sore stiff back. It feels like the mattress is uneven and not made with spinal care at all. It's now been two weeks and I have a kink in my neck, my arm and no amount of rotating the mattress (like specified) is helping. I'm so disheartened and upset I had to struggle to afford what I thought would be the best personal investment and it turning out to be a nightmare. Don't ever buy a King Koil and never from forty winks, they only care about making a sale then to inform you that King Koil is considered the worst mattress makers amongst customers. I don't know what to do from here and I'm so annoyed. I haven't asked for a refund because all I've seen in reviews is that it's practically impossible! So instead of banging my head against a brick wall and getting upset with someone with no help through a phone, I'm going to tell as many people as I can not to ever shop at forty winks!

Great service

We were looking for a new mattress and we had already pick out one from another store. We thought we would just look in Forty Wink before we made our purchase and I’m glad we did . We were meet by a lovely lady named Nathalie she was so help full and showed us a large range to choose from. She did not put and pressure on us to pick which one. Forty Winks has a great employee working for them .

Do Not Shop Here ! You'll Regret It

We purchased a King size Bed set from Forty Wink Jindalee, the sales person was [name removed]. My Partner and I put the bed frame together (not rocket science) and we noticed a few defects with our bed frame. Upon calling Forty Winks to discuss our concerns with our bed frame, we were met with a extremely rude lady who immediately told us that it was our fault, we must have not followed the instructions and how every person who doesn't pay to have it assembled has the warranty void and then Hung the phone! I called back the following day requesting to speak with a supervisor as i would like to make a formal complaint of the way this situations has been handled and if they only took the time to listen, they would see that the bed frame has defects from the manufacture STOKE Furniture. My matter has not been resolved and my experience with Forty Winks has been Appalling. I regret shopping and supporting a business that not doesn't care about their staff's neglect for their brand and reputation, but also one that doesn't care for its customers. STAY AWAY! And do not shop here. Mouth to mouth advertising (referrals) are the best form of advertising! Do your research! There are plenty Forty Winks Competitors that actually have good Service and good Reviews. Forty Winks have low star rating for a reason! STAY AWAY!

Looking to buy a new mattress

Went in to the mild end home maker store in Adelaide and was served by Simon. We went in with our kids that bothered him already. But we were looking to buy a new mattress and he only showed us one type of mattress there was no customer service he was quite rude. We didn't have any idea on mattress but he was not willing to show us any others. We would have bought a bed that day but we were disgusted with the quality of service. If people aren't happy in there job find something that makes you happy.

Excellent - speedy service

I stumbled across the Eltham Store and was very happy i did. Not only did i receive excellent service from Dana in store and Matt with delivery, but i received a great discount as i bought 2 mattresses. I was so impressed with the service and it's great to shop in your local neighbourhood. Keep up the excellent work Forty Winks.

Delivery perfection

My experience on the receiving end of a delivery was fantastic. The drivers were timely, very pleasant, efficient, careful and a great promo for your company.

Amazing Service

I found a bedhead on the 40 Winks website but could only purchase it via the Bankstown store. 40 Winks Head Office arranged for Rosa to call me. Rosa's customer service was exceptional. She called back when she said she would and her knowledge of the products was fantastic. I would definitely drive all the way to Bankstown again to purchase from that store.

Fantastic Customer Service

Have bought quite a few beds over the years from Forty Winks and recently from Forty Winks Midland, found staff to be very friendly with great customer service. Will definitely be a returning customer. Diana

Poor customer service

Bought bed frame & mattress at VIP sale night. Customer service was convincing on that night but everything that followed was a frustration. The bed frame (delivered after a month) was flimsy and had holes in the wood of the bedhead. When we came back and asked the staff about this they said it was the design, but this wasn’t explained to us on VIP night and the bedhead on the display was smooth and had no holes. When we asked if we could have a refund they said they could only give a 75% refund (they keep 25%) as per policy, policy/ fine print that wasn’t even mentioned to us when taking payment. We agreed to exchange the bedhead that was delivered for the display bedhead as the best option. They said it would be delivered in about a week but it’s been 2 weeks and we have heard nothing from them. No courtesy calls, no contact. No efforts to have us return as mildy satisfied customers. Still waiting with planks of wood and a mattress laid out on my bedroom floor.

Waiting and waiting

I haven't even received my bed yet but am already very upset with the service. We have been waiting for over one month for a bed frame that was paid for in January and have had to call the store on a regular basis to find out where it is and to get get an estimate of when it will arrive. I would have expected that staff would have called me every time it didn't arrive as promised, rather than me always having to chase it down and find out what's going on. I have been given so many promises of delivery dates but the goal post keeps getting moved. It was not communicated to me when I purchased it that it would take a very long time, they said two weeks max. My son has had to sleep on the floor and I've been giving him weekly promises that it will be here soon, but have had to break that promise too many times. Hopefully all will be well with the bed when we eventually get it. Next time I will read the reviews before I shop somewhere for a big ticket item like that.

Terrible quality bed frame!

We just bought a new bed frame and mattress (service was amazing) we got it home and set it up. When we put the slats on the bed we realised they are the most flimsy and thinnest pine slats they could possibly find. This is for a queen sized bed which didn't come with a middle bar to stablailse it. We put the mattress on top thinking that might even it out, nope! Mattress just sinks to the middle, this is worse than our last bed which was very old. Not impressed with the quality at all! I am pregnant and will not be happy if these slats break and cause injury which seems highly likely! What's worse is the warranty on the mattress says it will be void if the mattress is on a saggy and non-supportive frame.

Never Shop Here

Bought a My Side (Series 4 - Green) mattress from their Logan store. They use a "bed match" gimmick to get you in and direct you towards the mattresses they want to sell irrespective of whether it's what you need. I got to try out a few beds and decided which one I found the most comfortable. At that point the saleswoman started pushing for a sale. I mentioned that I had just bought a bed frame from Ikea and wanted to make sure that the mattress fit the frame well. She told me that the double mattress was a standard size and would fit any double bed frame. No mention was made of the fact that this mattress is incompatible with certain types of wooden slats nor that this can potentially void the warranty. Yesterday I had a manufacturer rep out to look at the mattress to determine why it feels so much softer than the floor model and is starting to sag. It was only then that I found out that I had the "wrong slats" and I needed to replace them. I called the store to say that I wanted a refund because I had purchased this mattress on the basis of a dishonest sales pitch. I was told that as there is nothing wrong with the mattress they can't issue a refund and it is not their responsibility to advise on the thousands of bed frames that they don't sell! It is also not possible to return a mattress that has been slept on over change of mind due to hygiene issues, something which was not disclosed at time of sale. They even claimed that no one has ever made a complaint of this nature before, which I don't believe at all because the moment I told her the result of the inspection she said "Oh, you have posture slats?". Way too aware of the problem for me to have been the first customer affected. No warranty info was given to me at the time of purchase save that the warranty period is 10 years. 10 years does me no good if their nondisclosure voids the warranty. Despite repeated requests I have received NO warranty information. Who knows what other fine print exists that will void my warranty? In the three weeks I have owned this mattress I have suffered back pain severe enough to require physiotherapy. It was ONLY because I complained that I was told about the incompatible slats. If I had waited the recommended amount of time for breaking in a new mattress before making a complaint, the health problems caused by this store's negligence would only have increased in severity. Should have walked out as soon as the saleswoman started to get pushy. Learn from my mistake and Do not shop here. I would give negative stars if I could!

Would never go anywhere else

Sylvia at Eltham store was extremely helpful with advice, organising urgent delivery of mattress and keeping me informed of progress on two separate occasions. Delivery guys, Paul and his offsider, could not have been more helpful. Wonderful, friendly people and excellent service. Would never go anywhere else !

My son's bed broke and I've been told never to call Forty Winks again!

I bought a Seasons king single bed frame two weeks ago from the Forty Winks Alexandria store and picked it up yesterday. I followed the steps exactly as outlined in the instructions, however, one of the rails pulled itself out of its anchor point in the bed end, falling to the ground. That has damaged the top hole so badly and irreparably that the bed rail cannot be safely fixed into place. I'm extremely disappointed that an item in Forty Winks's inventory could break so easily under its own weight like this - it means my three year old son didn't have a place to sleep last night. I'm also concerned from a safety perspective just how safe this bed is, now. The safety of the bed even in working order itself is also dubious - that this item would break under its own weight is a massive safety concern. I emailed the store this morning but didn't hear back so I called them. They told me they needed to speak to the manufacturer of the bed. Then later told me the manufacturer would call me today, which they didn't. I was then told by Forty Winks a replacement part would be sent out to me but they could not give me a delivery day. I became annoyed by this response and explained that I'd take this to social media. The owner of the Forty Winks Alexandria store ([name removed]) insinuated it was my fault and then told me to never to call the store again. What?! My son doesn't have a bed to sleep in because I was sold a faulty and unsafe item and I'm told to get lost? Really? Is this the right way to treat a customer who has bought a bed which broke under its own weight and could have injured his child. And still I don't know when the bed is going to be replaced. Seriously, this will be the last time I ever have anything to do with Forty Winks, I found [name removed] treatment of me to be disgusting. This was just the worst experience possible and I'm still unsure if the part is going to be replaced.

Rude, dishonest, uncommunicative and unprofessional

I purchased a Tempur mattress and electric base from them. They were price matching another shop, although with a very bad grace. We had a half hour discussion that to seal the deal they needed to deliver and install the bed as the other shop would. Eventually they agreed to do so. I was told I could expect delivery within about 3 weeks. It's taken nearly 8 and they have reneged on installing it, they've just dumped it in the bedroom and left. they never updated me about the delays and responded to my phone calls about it begrudgingly. When I called the store to resolve this before the removers left, [name removed] the manager who had been superb up until the point of my putting a deposit down, was actually rude, aggressive and dishonest on the phone! I'm shocked at the unprofessionalism of this shop and how uninterested in any form of communication or customer service they are once you have paid. I will be doing all future purchases through the port macquarie shop or a different chain altogether.

Sales person knowledgeable, helpful and honest

We needed a new mattress after 23 years and went back to Forty Winks Crows Nest. Craig was fantastic - he guided us through the product range (but was not pushy) and really helped us figure out what mattress types would be best suited. We narrowed it down to 3 in different price categories and we alone decided to purchase the more expensive brand (although it was on sale). Craig gave us a new mattress protector. Delivery was as expected and they took away our old mattress as promised. The new mattress and base were flawless and we slept like logs. A week later we returned to buy new pillows to complement the new alignment of that mattress. Craig gave a good deal on the pillows too! We are totally thrilled with our purchase and experience with the Crows Nest store and absolutely love our King Koil New York mattress.

Rosa from Bankstown was so helpful great to deal with

Easy to find a bed with Rosa help good range of stock available happy with the beds I have purchased have purchased beds from Forty Winks at Bankstown This the reason I have return Very Happy with Sale Prices.


Hannah - Number 1 - knows her stuff Went into the watergardens store to upgrade to a king from a queen. The service we received from Hannah and was fantastic. She really knows her stuff and all the ins and outs about mattresses. She didnt try and push a certain brand onto us, and spent a lot of time explaining all we needed to know. I ended up purchasing not only a mattress but also a new base and header board. The guys on delivery were also great. They gave a 2 hour window for delivery and turned up on time, and were very friendly. 4 weeks later(today) I needed 2 king singles for my kids. I went straight back to Hannah. Hannah gives 110% .. Ill be back again and again


After 2 dodgy mattresses in 2 months i managed to get most of my money back except for $100 which they kept for their troubles. Dirty rotten scoundrels. liars and cheats.

I found my perfect match!

Was struggling to find the perfect bed for me & was recommend Forty Winks from a friend. As soon i walked in i was made to feel very welcome by their friendly staff. They introduced me to their bedMATCH range & was able to find the perfect mattress for my needs. Their customer service was excellent; very professional, polite & knowledgeable of the products they were selling. I highly recommend Forty Winks to anyone looking for all their bedding & mattress needs!

Highy knowledge staff and great customer service

Forty Winks has an excellent selection of mattresses and furniture in all different price ranges. The staff at Forty Winks helped me choose the perfect mattress and I have slept like a baby every night since.

Do NOT expect a refund even if goods not received.

Walked into the Midland WA store and purchased a mattress with details provided by salesman. Later discovering unsuitable for us and within 48 hours we sought a refund to our credit card (a day BEFORE due for delivery). The request was refused outright by the team including [name removed]. Not wishing a legal battle we resigned ourselves to a $200 cheaper mattress WITHOUT offer of compensation. The worst experience ever with a retailer. Delivery was timely and so giving two stars.

A new customer

OMG we’ve just put down a deposit for our ( expensive) new mattress with forty winks at bundaberg ........after reading some of these reviews , I’m really worried now about quality/ after sales service/ delivery/ so many people said that their brand new mattress sagged and had terrible problems within a few months..... We had a brilliant young sales person, who was quite new to the job, but gave us 120% of her time and knowledge ( she was happy to defer to a more experienced person a few times, which we were happy with) this was one of the reasons we happily bought the mattres. I really hope we can be one of the positive feedback reviews after sleeping on our new mattress

Delivery & rude staff at Auburn Store nsw

I haven't received my bed and staff are not helpful. franchisee lied truck broken, deliveryman told me running late. I will never shop with Forty Winks and never recommend them to anyone. I rather go to Heavey Norman than Forty Winks.

Great service.

We went to look at beds, great service. Jerry was awesome - informative, but didn't try to over sell anything!

Best salesman

The salesman at Forty Winks at Bennetts Green was the most helpful I've encountered. He explained my bed options in concise and understandable words. He helped me find the best mattress for my budget and did not try to pressure me into paying more. Even though I was just checking mattresses out, needing to buy one in Sydney for a relative, he was still extremely helpful. He was extremely polite and helpful, I would highly recommend him.

Customer Service at Aspley Forty Winks

I would like to write a review about the excellent service and advice I received when purchasing a mattress, ensemble & pillow at the Aspley Store from Jan Stone. Her service and knowledge of products was exemplary and her manner was helpful and friendly. I walked out the the store highly confident with what I had purchase.

Adjustable bed fantastic

FortyInks Watergardens went out of their way to hel my elderly mother with her new bed. Thank you to Akeel and Jerry for all your help. Will definitely purchase from you again. Very friendly and helpful team.

Horrible service

First and foremost, I wish I read all of these reviews before purchasing my bed. Upon ordering, I said to the sales guy at (crossroads) that I have stairs and that my Kind Bed Mattress will need to be taken upstairs. They said that is no problem, ( mind you I already had an old king bed mattress that we put upstairs with no problems), they said that their delivery drivers are experienced and do this 'all the time'. When the delivery drivers came ( although they were quite lovely), they told me that if any damage occurs as a result of delivery that they will not cover the cost. I asked them what do they mean by damage? What does damage constitute? A scratch, a dent, a hole? The delivery drivers replied any damage that results in them delivering the product is not going to be covered. I called 40 winks and spoke to an extremely rude man. (yes I was angry as well) but he has 0 respect for his customers. I said to them, that from an ethical point of view, seeing as though it was a king bed and it was going upstairs, we should have been warned that any damage that may occur will not be covered. The sales rep replied, and I quote " If we said everything to everyone then no one would buy our products" I don't know about you, but if unless your house is like a warehouse with extremely easy access, I would give forty winks a miss..

Excellent service

We ordered at VIP night. All details carefully attended to by Daina. Delivery was made at exactly the time suitable for us, by Paul. A pleasant experience!

The worst customer service. I will never buy from them again.

I bought in store and was wrongly advised by the salesman and not advised of my options, therefore I trusted that I was purchasing what was on display. To make it worse the men who came to deliver the rest of the bed and assemble were extremely rude.

Don't Honour Warranty Claims - 3 month old mattress needs replacing already!

I have tried to contact Forty Winks multiple times on multiple channels, calls and emails. They have ‘read’ my messages, answered my phone calls and still nobody has looked into my problem. I am absolutely shocked in the customer service I have received from Forty Winks & AH Beard. My mattress is visibly defective/faulty and the results of my warranty claim are below. My mattress dips extremely to the point I will need to purchase a new one. I put in a warranty claim with Forty Winks and when I finally got a call back the contact didn’t even want to send someone out to inspect my mattress as it seemed to be normal to have huge body impressions in our thousands of dollars mattress. When someone finally came out my options were to give them the mattress and take the memory foam out. With the guarantee the comfort wouldn’t be the same. I’m not sure if anyone in their right mind would take up that option. After I expressed that I was not happy with that option, he then proceeded to say he was guided by what I wanted. To which I said a new mattress. This was not an option for him. He used the analogy that if a car’s engine stopped working it doesn’t mean you get a new car, well you absolutely do if it’s only 3 months old. It’s clearly a fault. I am so disappointed in the way I was not only treated but the option presented to me as well as the clear fault and poor quality of this expensive product. Forty Winks have ignored me on multiple occasions to get this sorted. Because of this I would advise to never purchase from Forty Winks as they do not honour their warranty. We will never purchase another mattress through Forty Winks/AH Beard. I wish I had read the reviews here before shopping there! I have told everyone I know to go elsewhere - nobody can believe the situation...

Bad bed, good instore customer service

Purchased a King Single Silent Partner Cosmopolitan Medium in late February and received timely in early March. The bed was comfortable in the first 3 months, March, April and May. Rotated once monthly as stated on the mattress care instructions. Since late June, and after the 90 day exchange period mind you, there has been progressive sag in the middle and lumpyness on the top. I sink down and its very uncomfortable to sleep on now. If the exchange period was longer or the aforementioned bed symptoms had happened earlier, I would have sent this mattress straight back and gotten a firm with hopefully less problems. On a small positive note I will say the instore customer service people were knowledgeable and not pushy.

Brand new and sunken mattress-update

Update: the people helping on this site have amazed me with how quickly and efficiently they've corrected this problem. Thank you for taking the time to listen and help the customers that need help from higher up. We received ongoing updates via messaging and phone calls within an hour of my posting the problem, to the manufacturers staying in touch with us every step of the way, to the transport company keeping us always in the loop or where the new mattress was. I have updated my feedback to reflect the after service that head office have given us and not from the individual store :) We bought a mattress that is only a week old... We have bad backs and wanted something sturdy to offer support. One week to the day later and there's a big sunken hole in it. Ringing the store has led me nowhere and they've said to just turn it while I wait for someone to get back to me. I'm to chase it up if I haven't heard in a week and they told me absolutely no refund. To say that I'm disgusted is an understatement and have looked into the laws regarding a faulty product. I would have thought a brand new mattress wouldn't be collapsing after a week... Even after going through the electronic matching system.

Not happy with mattress quality

I purchased a Crown queen plush mattress almost 3 months ago and have persisted with sleeping on it in the hope that I’m imagining the feeling of falling out the side but my husband feels the same way. The middle of the mattress seems to go up higher when we are sleeping on it (the sort of thing you see in very old mattresses where there are body imprints either side). We can’t sleep on this mattress and are now sleeping in 2 separate spare beds to get a good nights sleep. Very disappointed and upset that we have paid for something we cannot sleep on and wouldn’t even try to sell to someone else. Happy with the service at Forty Winks Jindalee but as there’s no trial period for Crown mattresses we are stuck with it and made a very expensive mistake. Would have considered paying extra for a different mattress if offered a new one but definitely wouldn’t buy Crown again.

Terrible experience

Went into forty winks after much debate amongst competition to buy a custom made gas lift bed in October 2017. Forty winks cost was expensive but I thought given the brand and reputation I would rather pay the extra to avoid fuss - I was wrong. Got the bed at the end of November and the headboard was made too small to fit on the base (wings didn’t fit around). Called the store and turns out it was a “supplier issue” so they organized a replacement to be made. Got the replacement 4 weeks later in December just before going overseas for Christmas and when I returned from holidays and tried to put it on in Jan 2018 it was too big for the base this time! Contacted the store and let them know and they told me the director of the “supplier” would be contacting me to rectify this.. still haven’t heard from anyone and it’s February Save yourself the hassle and money and shop elsewhere

Worst customer service! Plain rude

Terrible customer service and plain rude. We purchased a king size bed frame, when it was delivered we unpacked and noticed some minor defects. The attachment for the bed head looked insecure and flimsy. Spoke to a lady who said all their bed frames are checked and does not have any defects. She arranged for a manager to contact me, however we have not received any calls and keep getting run around. Honestly, i would avoid purchasing anything from Forty Winks, there are so many other places where you get good customer service. My only mistake was not reading reviews and trusting a brand name.

Excellent customer service by Fiona at Thomastown store

I have an excellent experience shopping today with the excellent Customer service given to my wife and I by Fiona at Thomastown Store. We got very well looked after and within our budget.

Bad quality bad service

I bought a bed with mould growing on the wood frames. It took three months to even get a refund and I had to also pay for the return pick up costing half the price of the bed

Taking this store to VCAT!

Bought a $16,000 bed that made noise even after just a few weeks, said it had a 10 year warranty when the bed was purchased, [name removed] (manager) offered $3800 and told us to come in and spend more money with a $3800 credit, not being happy with that he was extremely rude, avoid this store at all costs!

Excellent Service

Went into the Forty Winks Ipswich store and the ladies in there Sue and Lynn were so lovely and friendly and helpful. I tried a few different beds that they recommended and chose the Active Sleep in a double ensemble and Im very happy with it. Its so comfortable and there was a great sale on too. The girls in store were great its only when the 2 guys delievered the bed that I wasnt happy with. They didnt take their shoes off and left dirt and mud on my beige carpet!! They just dumped the bed, said sign here and couldnt get out of there quick enough and didnt say Thank You or anything which I thought was quite rude but apart from that I am happy with Forty Winks and would purchase from there again. Thanks Ladies.

Such excellent customer service at 40 Winks Bunbury WA

Martina at 40 Winks Bunbury is an absolute star. She helped, first of all, with our email enquiries. Went into the store and was given all information on the different beds, helping us make the right choice. Nothing was too much trouble for her. We now have an extremely comfortable adjustable bed that enables myhubby to find a comfortable position to sleep in after major surgery. Thank you Martina - you are worth your weight in gold!

very helpful staff and good prcing

very happy with the help i got from the staff at forty winks. I bought alot and i will definitely buy from them again.

Advanced Comfort Mattress - Warranty not honoured as expected

Tried to make a warranty claim for collapsed springs without any success. Sincere Bedding (the manufacturer) dragged the chain for 6 weeks and then wanted to see the mattress. Once seen, they wanted me to fund its transport to their factory to be examined. Upwards of $150 cost to me. They told me that its not an everyday bed. Its a guest room bed. Not what I was told in store. Shouldn't sit on the bed. Not what I was told in store. I moved on elsewhere. Shame as it was my 4th Mattress from that store.

NO REGRETS... everyone should sleep like this

I suffer from neck and back pain and my comfort is different to my partners. We have been sleeping on a myside personalised bed, where one side is his support and myside is my level of support. It's absolutely amazing we did not have to compromise. My pain has gone and we are now sleeping more supported. Thank you to Myside and to Tim at Forty Winks Hoppers Crossing great service.

delivering wrong mattress and very bad conversation

(DFO South Wharf, Melbourne, VIC) terrible very terrible experience.I bought a king mattress in M they send my F firm one, and i realised after the delivery, (it was the customer service fault). I called, and all i got a very bad conversation from the customer service, she was trying to cover up her mistake by make me the one how order the wrong mattress. after 3 night sleeping on the floor because it was weekend the manger wasn't there, on Monday i went to the store asking to talk with the manger, and he was filled with her lies. all i can say it was very bad experience very bad.

Excellence above & beyond

Thank you again for continued customer service satisfaction.. today Diana looked after us in every way posssible for a mutually agreeable purchase. The service as last year was second to none. Thank you Forty Winks Eltham.

Finding a Diamond in the Rough!

I cannot believe how amazing my new mattress is! Firstly I would like to thank the team at Forty Winks, West Gosford. The amount of information and advice I received from the staff was amazing. They answered all my questions and gave me more information than I was originally after. My old mattress was only 6 years old but recently in the last few years I started having back pain every morning. I took a gamble on the Sealy mattress and it's the best choice I have made. I no longer wake up with back pain. Thank you so much Sealy and the team at Forty Winks, West Gosford.

garbage scam

I bought a bed frame and literally its ripped off the bottom of some wooden pallet No packaging at all for the bed frame i bought its literally just pieces of dirty wood and I have to put together Not to mention the temporary bed they sent me is just sticks and planks from the garbage dump The mattress feels ok so that's not really a scam

Excellent customer service

Sandra and her team were incredibly helpful with excellent customer service. I purchased a bedroom set and mattress, and although some furniture items arrived damaged and there was a decent wait to get them replaced, Sandra went above and beyond to make sure the correct pieces were delivered in a timely manner (once they had arrived at the store). I am overall very happy with the furniture and sealy mattress. Thank you again, Sandra !


I had been looking for a bed for my spare room. I wanted a reasonable but comfortable mattress. But not one I was going to spend thousands on. I had been to many shops but in the end they were all trying to sell me what I didn’t want. At forty winks they started at the bottom range and moved up until I was happy. They listened to me. THEY LISTENED TO ME, my needs were not exploited. The manger Melissa was awesome. They have my future business and recommend others to this shop.

Gina sales consultant

Gina sorted me out a bed at a great price and was extremely helpful. She is the girl to see about a bed if your in joondalup.


Purchased a mattress and 5 days later found the stitching had come away at the foot of the bed. Spoke to Nicola at the Frankston store who had this problem sorted for me by the end of the day, and a brand new mattress . Customer service could not of been better. Thankyou Nicola .

Don't order if you're in a hurry !

I ordered a bed from the Kawana store. I was disappointed to hear it would take two weeks to get it. Now I've learnt that they won't have the bed until well after the two weeks I was told. The worst part is that even when they do get it they don't intend to deliver it to me until four days later...You would think that because I've waited for so long they would make an effort to get it to me sooner - but it's obviously not convenient for them. Terrible service.

Outstanding service

I don't usually write reviews, but we recently purchased a mattress from Forty Winks Fyshwick store and I was so impressed by the quality of the before and after service we received that I'm breaking the habit of a lifetime to post this feedback. I can't imagine a sales staff more knowledgeable, sympathetic and sensitive to our needs, nor one more willing to bend over backwards to ensure that we ended up with a mattress meeting our requirements (I like my mattress soft and embracing, my partner sleeps on a firmer surface, and thanks to Forty Winks we've managed to find a mattress that caters to both of us). I have no hesitation at all in recommending the Fyshwick Forty Winks store and its staff - we put our trust in them with excellent results.

Bad service at Capalaba

I went into Capalaba store for a mattress topper for long single mattresses, I found they do no make this size, so I dah to take single knowing it would be too short on a king bed. When I got home it occurred to me I should've just bought a king size, I rang the Capalaba store to be told they would not exchange the unopened item as it was bedding, they did not tell me this when I bought it, they did not suggest the king size as they knew that was the size bed I was buying for and could not get me off the phone fast enough. I will never shop there again. :-(


Arranged for Dept of CPFS to pay for a bed and furniture as we had in the past. Was expecting the bed to be assembled as in the past instead it is all dumped on my front verandah with the delivery guys saying they are not allowed to enter the house. Would have been good if the store people had told us so that we could have made other arrangements. Very unhappy

Purchase of base and mattress

I recently purchased a base and mattress from the Store at Tuggerah we had a problem but the owner to his credit sorted it out was really nice. the bed and base is in the bedroom and I am very happy, thanks to the delivery staff and the manager of Forty Winks

Purchase of base and mattress

I recently purchased a base and mattress from the Store at Tuggerah we had a problem but the owner to his credit sorted it out was really nice. the bed and base is in the bedroom and I am very happy, thanks to the delivery staff and the manager of Forty Winks

Purchase of base and mattress

I recently purchased a base and mattress from the Store at Tuggerah we had a problem but the owner to his credit sorted it out was really nice. the bed and base is in the bedroom and I am very happy, thanks to the delivery staff and the manager of Forty Winks

Purchase of base and mattress

I have bought from forty winks before but the best thing about this particular store is that they are so conveniently located. I purchased a mattress and doona from this store and they threw in some free pillows and were happy to spend time discussing my needs in refards to the mattress.

Forty Winks was the first shop...

Forty Winks was the first shop I went to when I moved to Hobart. Why? Because I needed a mattress. I needed a mattress immediately, or my first night in my new house would be spent on the ground. URGENT: MATTRESS REQUIRED. Not only did the lovely lady at Forty Winks fulfil my mattress requirement, but she also got old mate to deliver it to my house that day. I slept easy that night thanks to her. A couple of months down the track, I stopped in (for the first time since that first day) to check out Forty Winks' linen sale. I picked up some absolute bargains (they sell their ex-display bedcovers for a steal) but not only that, the lady who'd been of such assistance to me on my first day in Hobart not only remembered my face, but asked how I was settling in. I dropped in a couple of weeks ago, my third visit, and I was greeted like a regular. Excellent service, great prices, central location.

Forty Winks or Faulty Winks

8th October 2020 my wife and I ordered a new bedroom setting which consisted of only two Hyatt bedside tables and one Hyatt tallboy all in white from Forty Winks Warrawong NSW. Two weeks ago we were informed that the tallboy and only one of the side table had been delivered to the Warrawong warehouse from Melbourne. I advised the Warrawong warehouse to hold the items until the third (side table)showed up. Forty Winks warehouse manager at Warrawong agreed and said it would give them a good opportunity to make sure all the stock is correct and it had no damage before they delivered it to our home. On Friday 27/11/20 over seven weeks later we received our new furniture only to discover that the tallboy was not the same finish as the two white bedside tables. The tallboy was in fact a white wash, I’m surprised that staff working at Forty Winks cannot tell the difference between white and white wash which colour is clearly marked and identified on each of the cartons. I’ve been in contact with the New South Wales sales manager [name removed] and all she or Forty Winks Warrawong can offer us is to pick up the products and return our money which happen on 2/12/20 the fact that not only have my wife and I had to deal with the complete incompetence of Forty Winks we still have no bedroom furniture, I (The customer) also needed to help load Forty Winks mistake back onto a ute because the incompetent Warrawong store only sent one person to pick it up this furniture. My wife and I now regret ever stepping foot inside this Forty Winks store.

Trickster Sales Assistant

Due to recent health issues, I seem to have lost some of my sharpness when buying items. Went to Forty Winks Toowoomba to buy a king plush mattress because of their special of any size mattress for the price of a single mattress. At the price quoted, it would appear that the single mattress price was inflated. Nevertheless, I decided to go ahead with buying the king mattress at a very large price. The sales person did not mention during the entire time I was there that the mattress I chose was going to be floorstock that every man and his dog had been lying down on. Not once did she mention floorstock, although in hindsight, my husband said it was on one of the signs in the store (not on the mattress I was buying though), but I did not notice that sign. When payment was made, it was never mentioned that the mattress I had chosen was the one from the floor. I requested delivery and removal of the old mattress and paid for same. When I arrived home, I noticed on the receipt that floorstock was underneath the description of my purchase. I immediately phoned to say I didn't want floorstock and the same salesperson said at an additional cost of $120 I could get a spanking new mattress. Begrudgingly, I said I would pay the additional cost. After sleeping on the overall cost of $5,109, we decided that with the deterioration of my husband's health, we would wait a bit longer to outlay that amount of money when there was a huge risk soiling could render the new mattress unusable after a short time. We phoned Forty Winks after a little under 36 hours and was told we couldn't cancel as the mattress was already made except for the topping. The only way to cancel was to pay 25% of the cost as a cancellation fee. Forty Winks were unmovable except to offer a free mattress cover and to drop the additional charge for the new mattress. We still thought it was a pointless very large expense right now and wanted to wait until my husband's medical issue began to improve. If the salesperson had been upfront about the floorstock it would not have awakened a sense of 'being snowed' and I would have coped with the extra effort required to protect the mattress. Looking at the overall experience, it left a very bad taste in my mouth and I will never set foot inside a Forty Winks store again (even though they are franchised) and warn anyone who approaches them for goods to be certain you look around for signs drawing attention to floorstock being sold and especially remember the huge, unreasonable 25% cancellation stock. My concern for the protection of the mattress at the current time has seen us cancel the order and pay the $1,300 cancellation fee. A 10%-15% cancellation fee would have been welcomed but I believe 25% to be a total unreasonable grab. The mattress was NEVER delivered, therefore the delivery charge should have been removed from the fee and the removal of the old mattress did not happen either, therefore this charge should have been removed as well BEFORE they calculated the 25% cancellation charge. But Forty Winks included both these charges in the cancellation fee. I advised them I would not pay if these charges were included and they eventually had the good sense to exclude them. Forty Winks incurred no costs but ended up with a healthy cancellation fee of $1,300. I can only assume that this store is concerned with revenue rather than good, lasting relations with customers who would recommend good service to others. Their performance resembled total trickery and I am disgusted.

Taylors Lakes Victoria

Forty Winks Taylors Lakes has a fantastic asset,the staff.Lovely and very friendly. We had Sharon as our sales person,personality plus,showed us everything and knowledgeable about mattresses. She gave us over an hour of her time so that we could make the right choices...and she was right. Excellent mattress ,base and bamboo protector with huge discount as a packaged deal. A very genuine lady who knows her business, thank you Sharon and Forty winks. A+++

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