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Ergoflex Mattress Reviews


+1.7x back pain relief

+1.6x back support

+2.3x quality feel

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2023 Updates: Ergoflex is delivering mattresses as usual, typically within 2 days or even next day for in-stock mattresses in some metro areas. Recent reviewers have mentioned positive customer service experiences.

Ergoflex™ is a UK-founded company that launched in Australia in 2010. Their main goal was to build a high quality mattress like those offered by TEMPUR®, but for a fraction of the price. They have done well with customers overall and offer a higher quality product than many mattress in a box companies on the market.


+1.7x back pain relief
+1.6x back support
+2.3x quality feel

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 9.5/10

Price: $999-$1849

Trial Period: 30 Nights

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Ergoflex's Specifics

Ergoflex's 5G mattress is the 5th generation of their popular all-foam mattress. With a drive to provide sleepers with an affordable all foam mattress comparable to the very popular TEMPUR® mattresses, Ergoflex offers thoughtful craftsmanship at a fraction of the price. Read on below to see if it's right for you.

Quality of Materials

Ergoflex has shown their devotion to comfort with their consecutive iterations on their product. Their use of 85kg/m3 visco-elastic memory foam is a signal of their devotion to quality and contouring comfort on the surface layer. The Ergoflex 5G mattress comes with a removable and washable TENCEL® cover to help make cleaning that much easier. At 23cm thick, there's also an added airflow layer in the center that's designed to help keep things cool.

The Ergoflex 5G mattress is made of three layers of foam with two cover layers. Here is what's inside:

Cover Layers: The top cover is made of TENCEL® material that wicks away moisture and is supremely breathable. Below the is an inner protective layer made of micro-fine fabric.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a generous 9cm layer of 85kg/m3 visco-elastic memory foam. This layer will contour to the body to provide a weightless feeling that hugs your body and relieves pressure point pain in any sleeping position.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is 5cm of Cool-Sleep Airflow foam, which has an egg-crate design to allow hot air to escape from the surface layer during sleep. It also isolates motions so you don't disturb your partner at night.

Layer 4: The base layer is 9cm of High-Resilience Foam Base, which is very firm and provides deep support to the spine.

Overall Comfort

Because of the high quality materials used in this mattress, most sleepers find it to be very comfortable overall. It has a distinct memory foam feel. Though it is not too soft, the foam does contour around the body to relieve pressure point pain. That said, it may not be for those that are heavier as there are some reports of the foam compressing over time.


Take a look above for our firmness chart. This mattress is medium-firm and although it has the contouring aspect on the top layer, it supports the spine with the bottom two layers well. This is best for those that are side or back sleepers. Stomach sleepers may desire something that is firmer and contours less.

Back Pain Relief

There are some reports about initial back pain relief due to the contouring element and deep spinal support of this mattress. Rarely, some sleepers found that over time this mattress's stability degraded and didn't lead to the same relief as before.


This mattress should sleep cool for most people due to the Tencel cover and Air-Flow foam. However, very warm sleepers may experience some heat retention on the hot layer.

Who Is This Mattress Best For?

This mattress is great for those that want a luxury memory foam feel, but don't want to spend the high price of competitive in-store products. This mattress uses similar materials to high-end in-store memory foam brands, but for much less.

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Just as good second time around

I was impressed with the customer service, delivery, and quality of my first Ergoflex mattress that I purchased another one almost 4 years later. Everything remains the same as before (service, delivery, and quality) and I'm just as happy. Will get another Ergoflex when I'm ready to fill the spare rooms with beds.

Feels great

Most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on.

Very good

Much better than the very expensive matress we had on our bed

So comfy!

This bed is just so comfy and I loved it from that servings I lay on it. My husband took s bit longer to adjust, however, I think that might be because unlike really soft mattresses, you don't lay on it and go 'aaahhhhhh'. For the first second it feels quite hard, but then it doesn't feel like anything at all! Weightlessness! Just love it!



Most comfortable mattress EVER!

I chose an Ergoflex after reading many, many reviews for lots of different brands and types of mattress - and after trying lots of different mattresses in stores too. I’m fussy about my mattress and I like (and my dodgy back needs) them FIRM. At first, sitting on the edge, I was afraid that Ergoflex would not be firm enough but when I lay down I realised just how much all over support Ergoflex gives. So comfortable! I love my new mattress. Now my daughter is looking at one too.


Great quality mattress which allows a fantastic nights sleep. I don't get as hot as I previously did with my old matterss. I'm so happy I bought the ergoflex!

Great result

Love my mattress. I wake up feeling refreshed with no aches.

Ergoflex over the rest

Delivery was next-day and convenient. Customer service were very proactive, able and happy to assist on any topic. The mattress itself has not disappointed. It's deceptively supportive, very comfortable and I got used to it quicker than I thought I would (I had previously tried memory foam pillows and swore off the stuff so I felt out on a limb making this choice!). It is a warmer sleep than my old innerspring. I was able to remove any rubber latex smell with a bit of bicarb soda and open windows in the day before sleeping on it and I didn't notice it after that which is usually something I'm quite sensitive to. Of the mattress in a box options out there, don't let the higher price and shorter trial period put you off the Ergoflex. I think the quality specs of the memory foam make it the right choice, and if it does happen for some rare reason that it's not for you, you can trust customer service will see you right.

mattress and pillows

We love our ergoflex mattress and pillow. we recently have been on holidays for 10 days and it was such a pleasure to come back to "our" ergolflex.

Good mattress, fantastic service

The mattress is everything Ergoflex said it would be, which is great. It's been two months since we received our king mattress and we've had some of the best sleep we've ever had. There's little, if any, partner disturbance (one of us is an extremely light sleeper) and the mattress is not too hard or soft, which makes it very comfortable. While we expected the mattress to meet Ergoflex's claims and promises (it did), what we didn't expect was the phenomenal service. Special shout out to David who took the time to call and arranged for our mattress to be delivered much earlier when he heard that our old mattress was hurting our backs. What we didn't tell him was my husband had has back surgery so his help was very much appreciated. He even called the day after to let us know there was a one-day delay. I cannot thank him and Ergoflex enough for the service and the product. We're fans!

This is Grade A 100% pure memory foam, ladies and gentlemen...Disco nap

Have you ever dreamt of flying through the clouds? Yes? Well how would you like to sleep in one. This mattress is amazing. I literally get every one of my mates who hasn't seen it yet to lay down on it when they come over and the reaction is always the same; "Have a lay down but get under the covers" "K" *friend lays on ergoflex* "ohhhhhhhhhhh" And then they don't leave. 5 stars - would buy again.

Great mattress

Great mattress

Great Service

Had an issue with the courier but Ergoflex employee was great to work with and I had a prompt solution - thanks to all the team - cheers

Great mattress

Haven’t felt so rested after a night’s sleep in ages!

Ergoflex matress is "all as advertised".

Ergoflex has exceeded our expectations and provides all the advantages offered in the promotion. We have no hesitation in recommending Ergoflex for a great nights sleep.

Ingenious Design. Fantastic Mattress.

After many years of life, and many meticulously chosen mattresses throughout our time; we decided to take a risk and purchase a mattress online! Sleeping on quality mattresses our whole life has made us quite picky in this department. But we were intrigued with the design of the Ergoflex, and were eager to try something new. The ordering, delivering and setting up was a piece a cake. Then came the moment to lie down and actually test our new addition to the bedroom... Wow! From the moment we first lay down on this mattress, we were hooked! It is the perfect mattress, and it has made us feel that every night before we had the Ergoflex could have been more satisfying, had we purchased it earlier. We were so smitten, that we soon purchased a second one for our guest room; and have raved about it to anyone who would listen. Thank you for designing and creating such a comfortable and perfect mattress. We would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a peaceful and relaxing sleep every single night.

Loving the Ergoflex

Im a new comer to this mattress & absolutely love it. We have had both spring & latex before & this wind hands down for me. Comfortable, perfect firmness, not too hot, easy to lift to tuck in sheets... it’s a winner. We bought a King for us & a double for my daughter, only argument is who’s bed is more comfortable!

Best mattress ever

My new ergoflex mattress makes me crave going to bed every night instead of staying up late. It is perfect not too firm or soft and not lumpy at all, it’s just right! If you are considering ergoflex for a mattress or pillow- go for it you won’t regret it!

Jennifer bishop

The most comfortable mattress.

My new neck treatment

Was having neck issues due to rsi due to my profession, neck problems no longer thanks to ergoflex, problem solved literally over night


Really like it and very satisfied

Better than I expected....

I tried the Koala mattress for 3 months and it was too firm, searched the internet for another option and the reviews led me to Ergoflex. I was hesitant but with a money back guarantee after 30 nights I thought why not and went ahead.....very glad I did. The mattress is supportive without being too firm, my back pain has gone and it is very easy to have a good sleep-in on the weekends now! Highly recommended.

Very happy customer

I purchased an Ergo flex mattress in January & could not be happier. I am having a great nights sleep for the first time in years & have had no problem with my bursitis or artheritis. I would recommend this mattress for anyone who has problems with their back or hips.

King size 5G mattress

We’ve had the Queen size 3G mattress for five years now and love it. When travelling for work I looked forward to coming home to my own bed. I don’t wake up with a sore back these days so when we discussed an upgrade we didn’t hesitate. The 5G mattress delivers on what the 3G offered and more.

Love it!

High quality bed and easy buying process. Totally would recommend

King size ergoflex

We recently bought a king size mattress from ergoflex. We love this product! So, so comfortable. Would recommend to anyone!

Ergo flex queen mattress

We passed on our old ergoflex mattress to our son and upgraded to a new one - very happy with the ongoing comfort of the mattress and will certainly buy again!

Wonderful mattress

Really love my ergoflex mattress. Its both comfortable and supportive and I am very happy with my purchase!

Mattress and pillows

We love our ergoflex mattress and pillows. Highly recommend them. My partner has found it to be so good for his back. Thank you Ergoflex!!

Ergoflex mattress

My new ergoflex mattress is so comfortable and gentle on my body that I wake feeling very refreshed every morning.

Single bed

Great single bed for both the kids and mum and dad.

Supportive mattress

One of the best mattresses I have slept on. Quite comfortable yet not too soft.

Good service, mattress great and

Good service, mattress great and also mattress protector.


This is our second mattress from Ergoflex and, again, the service was excellent. Prompt delivery. Best mattress we've ever used.

Great mattress

Love it! Superb

Great product, awesome service

Great product, awesome service

Ergo flex mattress

Best mattress I’ve ever had- thank you

Seriously comfortable! Thrilled with our

Seriously comfortable! Thrilled with our choice :)

A great bed

My 21 years old son a rugby player who weighs over 100 kg was not happy with any previous bed he had. This one is giving him a good sleep - the right firmness, very supportive.

Great night's sleep

A very comfortable mattress that arrived in a box but was easy to set up. Best night's sleep in ages.


The wife no longer wakes when I get into bed and we've both been having deeper sleeps than we have in years. 5 stars!

Great mattress. As good if

Great mattress. As good if not better than the competition. Why you would pay 3 x for a Tempur is mind boggling. I guess some people are easily sucked in by brands.

Ergoflex mattress

Best ever mattress, will purchase again.

Excellent Mattress

Whilst it took a few nights to get used to a new mattress, I've got nothing but good things to say about the ergoflex mattress. It's a great mattress that has well and truly made sleeping at night much more enjoyable.

King matress

Absolutely amazing. Second mattress for our home as we upgraded the size of our bed from a queen to a king. The other bed became the guest bed and we recently had a guest stay and she remarked that the bed was so comfortable

Great mattress

Best I have had

Sleeping on a clouds

I have two Ergoflex beds and they feel so amazing. Highly recommend

Great mattress and customer service

We are really happy with our Ergoflex mattress. Being a firmer mattress than we’ve had in the past, it took a few nights to get used to, but now around a month later, I’m so glad we bought it - I have experienced back pain for quite a while and I can now see that it was largely due to the saggy soft mattress we were previously sleeping on every night. My back is so much happier on the Ergoflex. Also, the customer service was excellent. Thank you!

Euro bed purchase on-line.

Really happy with the service, very helpful over the phone, went above and beyond what l expected. Great price

Great mattress

Great mattress

This mattress is exactly what

This mattress is exactly what it is claimed to be.

Nothing but the best

I bought my Ergoflex mattress in 2013 and from then on I have never felt any fatigue or back pain so far. It is doing great even now. I bought recently 2 singles for my children. I can't help but say that this is the real deal and great value for money.

Love it

Zero complaints love our new bed my only complaint is we didn't know about them Years ago..thankyou

Very comfortable

Been having great sleep since buying this mattress, it's comfy and doesn't sink too much, it's just the right level of plush and firmness

Love it!

Not a day goes by where My husband and I don’t say I love this bed so much! This mattress came highly recommended from a colleague and it really is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. Thank you!

King single

Good services will buy off them again

Back relief

I'm 71 yrs old and my back was playing up . I really wasn't expecting the ergoflex to perform miracles. Nice surprise! I just have to lie down for about an hour and it's right to go. I love it!

For the price..... just WOW. Best bed ever.

Nothing much else to say. It's comfy as.

Search complete

I title my review "search complete" just like a bride would say when she finds her groom. "Close down Tinder"- I've found me my match. Ergoflex. A house flood meant my mattress was ready for one place, the basement bin room. Soonafter, I travelled the world for 6 months. Bedless. Unless overnight trains in India count? Once home I spent months searching for the right fit. Not too hard, not too soft. Just right. A friend said she had fallen in love and I must try this! I will add, I have been in service for 15 years- and I know good service from a mile away. I called, ready with all my questions written down. I was greeted by a very professional and friendly and INFORMATIVE gentleman. Who answered all my questions. And offered more information than I could ask for. Literally. He knew so much. And believed in the product. I handed over my credit card, I was treated so well. The bed came when promised. That was the moment I fell in love. Honestly, a great product. Actually, I lie. It's a fabulous product. I work in health and the importance of sleep is huge for our well being. After 2 years of being single, I can say I've now found my new love. Queen Ergoflex. Super happy. Thanks for the service, and for 5 weeks of amazing sleep! 12 outta 10, easy! Andy, Melbourne.

Best night of sleep ever!

Bought a queen sized one for us about a month ago, and it made such a big difference that I'm about to order two more twin size mattresses ones for our boys.


Have had the best night's sleep in like... Forever

King size bed

What a fantastic surprise receiving my brand new mattress in a box. So easy to unpack and change over, not to mention super easy to fit sheets. On the first nights sleep the benefits were clear, no pain, no tossing & turning when my partner moved. Woke up everyday since feeling refreshed & well rested. Would recommend over & over again.

Our Guests love it

We bought the ergoflex mattress for our guest room and its often commented on about how comfy the bed is. We found this an excellent buy and delivery experience.



Fantastic mattress and pillows!

Recommended to me by two family members, I invested in an ergoflex a month ago. Super comfortable and haven't had any back or shoulder pain since. Highly recommend!

The 4K standard of mattress

This is my second purchase over the years, my spare room has a double which always gets compliments and I sleep on a king. King is brand new and spare is 5 yrs and still feels like new. Forget the competition, ergoflex is one of the original online suppliers and I wouldn’t sleep on anything else.

Five star comfort

This is the second Ergoflex queen size mattress we have purchased, for our second bedroom. The first is still going strong after a few years and the level of comfort is consistently fabulous. The second mattress is even better and the new version of mattress cover is excellent. I am sure we will get many years of comfortable sleep from both mattresses.

Sensational mattress - amazing service

This is the second ergoflex mattress that I have bought - and I now own a king single and a European super king mattress. They are extraordinarily comfortable and are great value for money. The time from order to delivery is fantastic. A first class mattress supported by first class service. Definitely 5 stars :)

Best Mattress ever slept on

Now wake up pain free from chronic back pain. Extremely comfortable and totally satisfied with both the product, price and service.

Fantastic mattress!

I bought this mattress as an upgrade from a foam mattress for our van. So glad I did! Extremely comfortable. No more sore shoulders and hips. The van is now more comfortable than many air bnbs and hotel beds! Fantastic customer service who were responsive to my questions prior to purchase and quick delivery. The delivery guys were also efficient! THANK YOU

Great mattress

Was so comfortable - have never had such a comfy mattress. Would choose Ergoflex in the future for sure.

So comfortable!

I had been looking at an Ergoflex mattress for over 5 years. Finally purchased a queen size. I sleep like a baby and the best thing is i dont toss like i normally do. I wake up in the same position 6 hours later. Love my new Ergoflex

Highly recommend

Love my new Ergoflex and exceptional customer service.

Single Bed

clean and reliable mattress delivered promptly

Ergo flex pillows

Excellent to sleep on, very comfortable

THE BEST BED EVER - Queen Ergoflex mattress

My husband and I had a full latex mattress for about 9 years but it was getting a bit saggy on my side as I'm a bit heavier than my husband. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue and I was in so much pain. I also have Sciatic pain and it was unbearable. I had started having anxiety over going to bed and as I have insomnia anyway and cannot fall asleep on the best of nights, you can imagine that I was becoming quite distraught. We had tried the Tempur mattresses and just couldn't justify the price. They were wonderful but what if they didn't do what I needed in a month or so, I couldn't return it and the price meant that we just struggled on wondering what to do. I found Ergoflex on the internet and researched it for months and months before we bit the bullet and ordered one. I just couldn't go on with our current mattress any longer. The first week felt different but not bad. The mattress was so comfortable, it was just different. I woke up more refreshed and not in pain. It was amazing. So within the first month my husband and have experienced much better sleep quality. My husband loved it from day one. He has terrible headaches every day and wakes up in terrible pain requiring pain medication each and every day. He has managed to come off of codeine products and half his other pain meds since taking possession of the bed. My sciatic pain has eased off to almost nothing and I wake in hardly any pain at all in my overall body. The bed is so supportive in all the right places and I feel so relaxed, even though I still have the insomnia. At least now, I'm not lying on a torture device while I struggle to fall asleep. I love this bed so much. I just couldn't bare to go back to anything else now. The only downside is that when we go away to absolutely anywhere, we will never have the same quality of sleep and that makes going away less appealing. I keep wondering how we can possibly drag our mattress wherever we have to go, or at least convince family and friends to buy a spare Ergoflex mattress for when we visit.

Great supported sleep

At first, the mattress feels strange to sleep on because it’s not springs, but after a couple nights we started getting a great sleep. It’s supports the body well and it isn’t too firm or too soft. My partner was getting hip pain, but after about a week on the Ergoflex he doesn’t get the pain anymore!

Very satiesfied

Straight forward ordering and delivery. Yet to try the mattress, but we bought one before and ouldnt be more satisfied


This is the second time I have purchased Ergoflex mattresses and as usual the product and customer service has been excellent. I have had the first mattress for several years and is still as good as the day we purchased it. Now that my children are much older and required new mattresses, I did not hesitate in purchasing them an Ergoflex mattress each. We also use their pillows which provide great support. Both in combination provide a great night's sleep especially if you are someone like me who suffers from lower back pain. Would never go back to a standard inner spring mattress again.

The Ultimate Sleeping Partner

For years I've been unhappy with the many mattresses I've slept on, and would have to say this is by far the most comoftable one I have ever slept on. I recently just got rid of my Temper mattress and replaced with an Ergoflex and would never look back.

Excellent quality

The mattress is incredibly comfortable and conforms to my shape perfectly. It is such a breath of fresh air to not have springs poking into my back anymore. It is amazingly plush and was very easier to unfurl and set up.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable

Good choice

Obviously there are a lot of mattress companies to go with now, so I took time reading a bunch of reviews before committing to ergoflex. I wanted something that had some give, as I'm a side sleeper and the memory foam ended up being great for that. Took a week or so to adjust, but really happy with the mattress so far.

Great change

4 years ago we were in the market for a new mattress and took a chance on an Ergoflex mattress. 4 years later it the best thing we've done. Great supported sleep and great value. Company's support is fantastic too.

Great mattress

Best mattress ever! Wake up feeling more refreshed and pain free. Not feeling bed move when other person gets up to the washroom at night is great. Would highly recommend this mattress and have been telling all our friends how wonderful it is!

my new mattress

I've always had a sore back and i couldn't sleep without waking in pain, but now with my ergoflex mattress, it is so comfortable, i never want to get up!

Great mattress and service.

No more back pain and disturbance from my partner.



Great Mattress

Very pleased with the mattress and with the fast shipping. The mattress felt a little firm on day one but has now settled and is very comfortable

Simply Awesome night sleep every time

We bought our queen Ergoflex when the company first started shipping them many years ago. My wife and I love it. When it was time to replace our kids mattresses we bought 3 king singles. We all a very comfortable and deep sleep each night. The queen mattress is very durable, retains it shape and comfort years later. Tradinional box spring mattresses would not. The mattress feels just as good as it did the dat we bought it. The new king singles have a quality finish, super comfy topper/cover and excellent value. Shipping was fast to Port Macquarie. Excellent communication and customer service. 5 very happy customers. Thank you.

Sweet Dreams

Very happy with the quality of the mattress which provides a 5 star comfort!

Very comfy mattress

Good mattress and great value for money.

Good product - good customer service

Our queen order was delayed but Ergo customer support were very good at keeping me up to date with a revised delivery time (only 10 days later). The product is very smart and very comfortable although a little softer than expected

Best sleep ever

I got this mattered for my daughter and now she has the best bed in the house and everyone else wants one

Welcome back La la land! I have missed you!

Thanks to my wonderful new Ergoflex, a perfect nights sleep is no longer just a fairytale!


Second mattress from ergo flex and love it. Highly recommend and service has been excellent.

Struggling to get my teenager out of bed!!

My daughter loves the mattress, only problem is she does not want to get out of bed!! The price, quick delivery time and quality of the mattress are excellent - will definitely be a returning customer in the near future..

Full set

I bought an ergoflex after reviewing everything out there. Couldn’t be happier.edium form is perfect for me. I sleep hot but never have a problem. I had a tempur pillow for years, and loved it despite it freezing solid when I took it mountain camping. When I left it somewhere I replaced it with ergoflex pillows and they are so much better. They always give and don’t heat up nearly as much. I no longer have to turn my pillow four times a night. Highly recommend.


Ergoflex was recommended to me by a friend. I thought "How can you be getting a good mattress for that price, when other memory foam is up to four times the price?!" Well.... I bought one anyway, because they have an awesome return policy. It turns out it is the best mattress I have ever slept on in my life. It is comfortable, medium-firm density, great support all round. Including when I change from back to side sleeping. I would 100% recommended this mattress to anyone and everyone.

A big surprise

Finally a mattress that feels good enough to sleep on all day. Comfortable and great on the body.

Sleeeeep in comfort

The matrass provides truly a good night sleep. I have received the matrass in the mail without any problems, at the best price available. I have definitely not been disappointed. Thankyou

Great Mattress

Its 1.5 months with the ergoflex mattress and pillows and my wife and i LOVE it. I used to only sleep around 4-5 hrs a night but now i sleep over 8hrs a night. I would recommend the mattress and pillows to anyone.If you dont like it as we do send it back cant loose

Nerve pain has completely stopped

I have had my Materess for about 8 weeks now and is definitely the best purchase I've ever brought. I am a medically retired army veteran with back issues and nerve issues post 2 hip operations. After learning to sleep on my back on my mattress my nerve pain has completely gone and I have less pain in my back/ hips. Absolutely fantastic.

Very happy

Mattress is great, I expected it to take a bit to get used to, but from the first night I had a great sleep. Very comfortable and very pleased AAA +++

Love it

I love the ergoflex mattresses, I bought one for my daughter and my guest room. I have never had a more comfortable mattress to sleep on.

Amazing comfort and great value

Amazingly comfortable from the very first night. I didn’t even need time to settle in, the mattress was perfect. I used to wake up with headaches in the morning but since the I purchased the ergoflex, I haven’t had them.

Excellent product

Excellent product. This is our third Ergoflex mattress in as many years. Very happy with the quality of the product and service received from Ergoflex.

It's a beauty!

Ergo flex was recommended by a friend who has bought two and I am very happy with the product as well. Recommended and delivery was excellent So very comfortable!!!

Mattress and Pillows Gets 5 Stars from my children

I bought 2 king single mattresses for my daughters and a pillow each, which they loved straight away, VERY comfortable. My son sneaks a sleep on one of the beds when my daughter is away and he loves it too. He can wake up with a bit of a sore back, but not on this mattress. Guess I'll be making another purchase in the near future!! :)

Ergoflex Mattress.

We bought our Egoflex Mattress two months ago and we are very happy with our purchase. My husband took to it like a duck to water. Thank you. Beverley and Frank.

Ergo flex

Couldn't be happier with it.Just recommended it to a friend.My parents and brother have one and are also very happy with it.

Satisfied and happy customer

Satisfied and happy customer

Only 8 months in but very happy

So far so good. My back has been much better since investing in such a good mattress. Time will tell if it holds up. Only problem for me is I can't rotate it as it is too heavy for me to move.


We've had the ergo mattress for over 3 weeks now and I love it, so comfy. My husbands snoring problems have seemed to improve somewhat and he hasn't snored as loud as usual. The ergoflex bed has given us so much better back support than our crappy last mattress. Glad I ended up making the right choice and went with ergoflex as I was also comparing to koala, ecosa, sleeping duck. Best sleep I've had in ages.




It is like a cloud to sleep on


Super fast delivery! Excellent customer service also. The mattress is firm - but super comfy, my husband has had spinal fusion and we always have had an orthopaedic bed - after sleeping on the Ergoflex he has said it is the best nights sleep he has had post op.

My first experience of lying

My first experience of lying my the mattress was that I was instantly transported by to a palliasse I slept on which once you had made an impression on it, it stayed like it but my Ergoflex actually did accommodate me and was in fact very comfortable. I admit it took a couple of nights to get used to but now we are very compatible together. I also bought pillows too and am still getting used to them. All-in-all, a good purchase.

Ergo flex queen mattress

Having slept on this ergo flex Q matress since May, I am very happy with its support and feel. It is different to an innerspring mattress and very comfy in cold and warm weather. You can also use a soft matress protector for added protection and softness. It retains its shape with minimal partner disturbance. Very happy with purchase!

Best mattress ever!

It's the best mattress we have ever slept on, just buy it! You won't be sorry.

Sleep Better

I couldn't be happier with my Ergoflex mattress. I am now sleeping much better and waking up much better. At 71 years of age and with osteo arthritis that is a big plus.

Fantastic mattress for the price

Fantastic mattress


Love it - best sleeps I have ever had

Ergoflex with memory foam topper- just heavenly

I use the Ergoflex with a 9cm memory foam topper and love it. I slept on a pure latex mattress for 15 years, which was getting a little too firm. I have just past midlife and my joints need more softness. I tried the Ecosa mattress, but found it way too hard. With my Ergoflex I look forward to slipping into bed every night and feel like my bed hugs me after a long working day. I had chronic shoulder pain which has improved. It suits all positions. Perfect for me.


My husband and I spent a day testing mattresses in stores, and were about to settle on something with springs even though we didn't really love it, when I did a bit of online searching, had a glass of wine, and decided that Ergoflex sounded just like what we were searching for - a firm basic mattress (without the latex price tag). Made the leap and purchased it, and have been super happy ever since. We've had it for about 5 years now?? And only just flipped it - not sure why we didn't earlier as maybe thought we shouldn't? And now it's like a new bed again - firm yet supportive - great for him - back sleeper with weird lower back problems, and me - side sleeper with shoulder issues . Best mattress ever, will be returning soon to purchase the new generation one for our daughter, or maybe we'll give her ours and claim the new one! Thanks so much for a great product. Oh, I purchased the pillows more recently, but found them a bit high and brick- like, so removed the covers and cut them with a bread knife so they are a contour shape and are perfect now!

Great value mattress,

Although we haven’t slept on either of the two Queen size Ergoflex mattresses that we purchased for our spare bedrooms, our friends say they are superb. (We have a Tempur mattress which was more than four times more expensive) - so next time we would have no hesitation in purchasing the Ergoflex Mattress as opposed to another very expensive Tempur. I also purchased a pair of Ergoflex pillows. They are good but I would like them a little deeper. A good quality product and highly recommended!

Well worth it!

Love my mattress. This is my second purchase and I won't buy anything else now.

Best mattress ever!!!

loving my new mattress

Long Term Test Feedback

Having now slept on our new mattress for many, many months I'm happy to report that we are both very pleased with how comfortable it is, I am now waking up in the morning feeling far more refreshed than what I was with our old spring style mattress!

Back Doctor recommendation

I purchased this mattress after seeing The Back Doctor in Brisbane, who recommended it to me, because he had one. I've had back problems for over 20 years. I was due for a new mattress, so I decided to give it a try. It has been very comforable and I feel, it gives me great support. I have been waking up with less pain, and together with some back exercises, I think the ergoflex mattress has been a contributing factor in having less back pain.

Ergoflex mattress

I purchased first mattress 2 years ago with which I was very satisfied and recommended to my friend who purchased and was very happy. I recently bought by second mattress and the satisfaction continues...

Queen and double bed mattresses


Slumber Heaven

I bought this on the recommendation of a friend. I was really happy with the price and have slept well ever since.

High quality mattress

Amazing mattress, my little one loves it. Totally recommended

Love it! Don't want to

Love it! Don't want to get out in the morning and can't wait to get in at night!! Ahhhh so comfortable!

So comfortable

We have been sleeping on our ergoflex mattress for over 6months now and we have never slept better. It basically moulds to your body, it is by far the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on. I never feel my partner moving in bed now, so no disturbance what so ever! Love it!


I was drifting off to sleep the other night when I heard my wife whisper "I love you", I said "I love you too" to which she replied "I was talking to the Ergoflex".

No regrets

Fantastic mattress that has given me the best nights sleep I've ever had.

Very happy with the mattress

Very happy with the mattress choice for my son. No issues experienced whatsoever! Now considering buying another for ourselves. Prompt and professional service. Thank you.

Feels Good, Sleeps Great

These mattresses offer a third of your life comfort and restful pleasure. I Have not compared to the many cheaper or few more expensive similair products, just super happy with these.

New Pillows

Although the new pillows are not as high as the ones I'd previously bought, we are finding them just as comfortable.

Great mattresses and top quality service

I have bought a total of three mattresses from ergoflex over the years with the latest one being for a guest bedroom. I tell everyone how great they are to sleep on, and a really great price too!

Fantastic purchase

We bought this mattress for our son when he moved into a bed from his cot and it has been a wonderful purchase. Knowing we would probably spend a fair bit of time in bed with him, it was important for all of us to have a good supportive and comfortable mattress. This has fit the bill perfectly and would highly recommend to others. I also like the fact that it is one of the more environmentally friendly and lower tox options from the available 'beds in a box.' Worthwhile purchase!

Awesome product

My husband and I love this product! I have a chronic pain condition and hip issues after a car accident, and this mattress is very supportive of my body. This helps to ease the pain and allows for a better night sleep than on any other mattress that I have used. I couldn't recommend this product highly enough, it's awesome!


Thank you for this amazing product :)

Ergo mattress


everything caravan and solar.

I write to say how impressed here at Everything van and solar as we pride our buissness on quality. ergoflex mattresses being one of the produts we fit In our custom vans they are also the most convenient way to get quality and keep weights at a minimum as this product is the lightest available to suit caravans. I compare these mattress with tempur and would have to say ergoflex will be the way this business will be going due to cost effective well worth there price as tempur can cost 3 times as much I also have one in my van as it has helped my back significantly thanx ergoflex.


Great mattress and pillows. Rarely disturbed during the night due to lock in comfort and zero collateral movement from my wife. Highly recommend.

very comfy queen bed

This is our second Ergoflex. Bought one for j=kid and loved it so bought a Queen for us. Heaven

Ergoflex the best

I was in dire need of a new bed and was a bit skeptical of the latex/memory foam beds. However, after some research I took the plunge and haven't looked back. I have had my Ergoflex for almost 2 months and must say that I have had the most comfortable sleeps in years. It is a bit different to start from a conventional mattress, but the benefits out weighed the weird feeling when you first get on the Ergoflex. I was getting pins and needles in my hands and feet when sleeping on my side. With the new bed I haven't had pins and needles once. I wake up not feeling muscle or back sore from sleep and have been recommending Ergoflex to everyone.

King single mattress& protector

a no fuss purchase,good communication, delivery, a great product !

Couldn't be happier

had spring mattress before, my wife tends to get lower back pain and I had to switch sides of the bed to avoid shoulder pain. Ergoflex is great for side sleepers or front sleepers (me) and back sleepers (my wife). Ergoflex reminded me of what a good night sleep is. I was very dissatisfied with my spring mattress and so many good reviews couldn't lie, and they don't, Ergoflex is great.

A perfect nights sleep

We love our new Ergoflex Mattresd, we've been amazed how comfortable it is and what a difference it makes to your nights sleep not being woken up by your partner's movement in the night. Should have bought on years ago!

Best mattress ever

Revolutionising our sleep! So comfy

Ergo mattress

After trying this mattress when visiting our daughter we decided to buy one for ourselves. Extremely satisfied with comfort and support and the reduced awareness of partner's movements.

Great nights sleep

I highly recommend Ergofex matresses. We bought for our boat so got to see the quality of the product when we cut it to the shape of the master bed. It is really comfortable and seams to mould to your body shape, providing an excellent comfort rating. Thank you for your quality product. I have recommended it to other boat owners and households

Great mattress I'm glad that

Great mattress I'm glad that I bought it


Why haven't I bought this earlier in my life. Even with my back issues I have been sleeping better than ever before. It is the most comfortable mattress. I have also upgraded my daughter's mattress to Ergoflex too. And the pillows are phenomenal

very good

very nice to sleep in

Best mattress we have ever had

The most comfortable mattress with the best back support love it

Excellent Product

Amazing Mattress. Feels every time new and fresh when sleep on it. Really happy with the quality. Absolute value for money.

Pleasantly surprised

We bought it , knowing there was a try and return option, but it really has been a Best Buy for us . A pleasure to sleep on.

Best mattress we ever used.

Best mattress we ever used. We have tried chiropractic, soft tops, and pocket springs, but always awoke with discomfort in our backs. Well this is no longer the case. We cannot recommend the ergoflex highly enough. The price is a steal, and no more aches on rising from the bed.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable

Very pleased

I was skeptical at first. We decided to order one for our guest bedroom then purchased another one two months later. Very comfortable.


The Ergoflex mattress has revolutionised our sleep. We love it!

Very comfortable, snuggle mattress

Great service and great mattress. We've now bought two. Extremely happy with them.

Very good

Extremely happy with the product quality & the pre-purchase/delivery service.

The best

The mattress is that good I always wake up late for work....

Best mattress I have ever owned.

From day 1, this mattress has been nothing short of excellent. Having had expensive posturepedic mattresses all my life, the change to this was dramatic. Instantly my sleep improved. Far more comfortable & supportive than anything else I have slept on.

Best mattress ever owned

Best decision I made buying an ergoflex mattress. It shows no signs of wear after nearly a year of use and I can see it lasting many years to come.

Ergoflex mattress & mattress protector

I had this mattress for about 2 years now. It took me a bit of time to get used to this mattress as I never had a memory foam mattress before. I felt it a bit too warm in the summer but with ergoflex mattress protector, it solves the problems. This mattress is so comfortable and it certainly helps my back pain. I haven't had as much pain as before since I started sleeping in it. It's not a hard mattress but it's not as soft as spring mattress. It's just fit me pretty well. I would definitely recommend this mattress and it's protector.

Great matresse

After having tried a few competitors mattresses, which all got returned, I found the ergoflex. I've been sleeping very well and it has been very comfortable.

queen size mattress

Love the mattress I we don't notice when each other is moving in the bed. Nice a warm and cosy in winter

Beautifully comfortable, worth every cent

Everyone who sleeps on my guest bed king single ergoflex mattress wants to take it home with them haha! I’m so happy that everyone (family, friends, & the odd person whom may need a safe place to rest) who stays with me slumbers in supreme comfort & is refreshed in the morning. When it comes time for me to get myself a new mattress, I know exactly where to go! :)

Great Pillows

Purchased some new pillows. Delivered promptly and great quality.

Double-bed mattress

Comfy and reliable, great value for the money. Will come back to buy a Queen size mattress later. Any discount for the future purchase? lol


Love it! So comfy!


The mattress is fantastic, and so is the service. Both my wife and I are very pleased with it. We recommended Ergoflex to my parents. They got one as well and also love it. We had a $5000 dollar mattress before, and the ergoflex is just as good. Will definitely be recommending ergoflex to more people, and getting another one when we need a new one.

Best mattresses on the market

We have bought two of these over the past years & have never been disappointed. From ordering & delivery to presentation & durability they tick all the boxes. It's the most comfortable sleep you'll ever have.

Amazing thanks

Amazing thanks

Best sleep ever

A superior sleeping experience that I'd very highly recommend, it's changed my life!


my sleep loves it

As good as a tempur

We purchased for our camper but the mattress was so comfy we ended up putting the tempur in the camper and ergflex on our bed.

Very comfortable

This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned.

Wonderful - I now look forward to going to bed each night!

It took me about a week to get used to the feeling of memory foam (I even felt nauseous for a couple of days with some initial spinal adjustments) but I am totally convinced that this is the best thing for my body. Even with getting less sleep lately, I am feeling more energised and wake feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Great Purchase

No, im not a paid reviewer. I had tried several matresses over the last 3 years as i am a side sleeper and have experienced sevete hip and back pain while sleeping. I did some research and decided to give Ergoflex a glad i did. Within 2 weeks all pain is gone. Seriously. I was somewhat skeptical of the bed in a box thing but with the money back guarantee i thought id give it a try. I cannot recommend this matress strongly enough. Ive had it for about 5 months now....and seriously...i cant see myself sleeping on any other type of mattress ever again. Enough said, buy one.

Ergoflex: The best mattress you will EVER sleep on

We decided to buy online as the variety of mattresses in store was overwhelming and expensive. Given ergoflex offer a money back 30 day guarantee, we really had nothing to lose. My husband initially found it quite firm but decided to give it a few weeks for a proper trial. Within a week, he was convinced it was perfect and his back issues resolved. I suffered from a stiff neck every morning for years and within a few days, neck problems resolved and four months down the track, neck problems are still non existent. I think the proper alignment of my spine is critical to avoiding neck issues and this mattress does exactly that - align your spine perfectly. Don't think about it, just do it and give it a go. You won't be disappointed!

Original and best mattress in a 📦

Best sleep ever with this mattress, the pillows are a must too!

Best mattress ever

Delivery was the only issue, didn't arrive the day that was planned. Poor customer service BUT it's the best mattress I've ever had, so worth it.


Took a couple of nights to get used to the different feel vs our old inner spring mattress, but haven't looked back since. Much, much better for my bad back, very comfortable.

Excellent service and product quality

Excellent service and product quality BEST.

Loving it

Very comfortable

Extremely Comfortable

I experience back pain if the mattress I'm sleeping on doesn't support my back. I'm happy to say that the ErgoFlex is a dream to sleep on. I've had it for a little over 3mnths, and I couldn't be happier. Easy order, easy transaction - great bed. Would recommend again and again x

Best sleep, and service, EVER!!!

I purchased a second Ergoflex mattress for a guest bedroom, and my guests now want one. Trust me, these mattresses are a must!

Great bed great value

Fantastic bed and great value

Excellent value and quality

Would highly recommend!

Best mattress ever!!

This mattress has been instant heaven! I absolutely love it. It's seriously so comfortable. With the free trial period, you can't lose! Even if you don't love it, you can return it...I don't think you will though :) Thanks Ergoflex!

Five mattresses bought. Enough said.

Five mattresses bought. Enough said.

ERGOFLEX the best mattress

This mattress is the best mattress we have ever slept on, the support is amazing, no more pain and tossing while sleeping. Would definitely recommend any one to purchase ERGOFLEX, you will not be disappointed, and the cost is very good.


The best decision we made was to listen to my physio about Ergoflex. It is always daunting spending a large amount not knowing how you will adapt to the mattress. But the company's money back policy after a 30 day trial helped us cross this bridge and we took the plunge. Honestly, we should have made this decision a long time ago. It is the most comfortable mattress we have ever owned and now there is no going back to other types. Thank you Ergoflex for a good sleep every night. Salim

Best mattress we've ever had

We bought this mattress for the spare room, as we already had a Tempur, but we've swapped them over, and use the Ergoflex for ourselves. This mattress is wonderful, no pressure points, and not too soft. We bought 2 pillows as well, which we love.

Egoflex sleeps

Hi, my Ergoflex and I have been together for 18 months plus. The Queen is firm, comforting and comfortable, better with a slip cover. I'm in between homes at the moment so am looking forward to a reunion soon. Thank heavens Ergoflex sent me a travel cover for the mattress so all will be well. Can't wait. No other mattress is quite the same.

:) :) :)

The best mattress ever I have now purchased two of them once you lie on them you fall asleep straightaway

Ergoflex mattress

So very glad that I found Ergoflex! This mattress has been the best investment! Cost was very reasonable, love my bed!

Easy purchase, best mattress.

Tried another popular online mattress, wasn't comfortable. Ergoflex matress is very comfortable for my "larger" frame.

My second purchase

I upgraded to a king sized bed and didn't hesitate about buying another ergoflex - they're great - I don't even know my partner (who is a restless sleeper ) is in the bed!

Great mattresses-we have purchased 3.

Great mattresses-we have purchased 3.


My daughter bought 2 mattresses first. I slept on one for a while....the most comfortable mattress ever. I bought 1 and recommended it to more family and friends. Life is short.... Sleeping on the perfect mattress has a lot to do with the next day!

Best sleep I have ever had

Supportive mattress has made the world of difference. Highly recommended.

no more back pain #fistpump

Love it! A great nights sleep, no more back pain #fistpump. Excellent value too.

Best Mattress Ever

I have had the best sleep in my life since purchasing my King Size ergoflex. It has been 9 months now and the mattress is still like new.. i highly recommend this mattress to anyone who want a good night sleep. If i need any future mattresses i will definitely get another ergoflex. when i ordered the mattress i received it within 2 days as promised. very happy customer..

A new era in bed comfort

After a lifetime of convention innerspring mattresses I discovered the Ergoflex latex mattress and it has changed my life. The comfort of the mattress allows me to sleep so much better. I am happily recommending it to friends and family.

Great mattress! Nine months and

Great mattress! Nine months and still have a smile come bedtime! Highly recommended it!

Beat Matress

Took a week or so to get use to it. But can't live without it now. So comfortable. We love it. I can hardly feel any movement when my husband rolls over. We often get into bed and both say.... We love our new mattress

Extremely happy

This is the best mattress we have ever bought. Extremely happy with our purchase. We were a bit wary of ordering online without trying the mattress but after the first night we knew we had made the right choice.

Very refreshing sleep, no more

Very refreshing sleep, no more backaches!!!

Excellent mattress

Very comfortable, great price, delivered as promised. Recommended.

Ergo flex mattress

We love it the only thing is it gets a bit hot

Happy customer

We are happy with the purchase, this is our second mattress

Great Products

I’m onto my second mattress and pillows. We have been using Egroflex for around 6 years now, and will carry on purchasing from them in the future.

love my bed

great bed so comfortable. i can't imagine anything better than this.

Best sleep ever

Ergoflex! I'm so impressed! Best sleep I have ever had. I have more energy and m no longer having broken sleep. The matress is perfect and amazing value. I am away on holiday and having a great time but I am so looking forward to getting home because I mis my ergoflex and how it gives me a proper sleep

Ergoflex Mattress

Excellent Love it !!

ergoflex matress and pillow

Excellent products at a good price and excellent customer service

Great night sleep and no more hip pain

Fantastic mattress, give it 9 stars for comfort and no tossing and turning annoying the sleeping partner

Best nights sleep!

Bought this mattress for my teenage son when he needed a new bed as my husband and I were very happy with the one we bought 2 weeks ago. Customer service was second to none - offered to deliver it the next day instead of the 5 days ahead I'd booked. My son absolutely loves it, he says it's the best nights sleep he's had

have'nt slept this well in

have'nt slept this well in a long time


Had back troubles for years thinking it was some sort of old rugby injury.after many visits to the physio and lots of stretch exercises I didn't realise it was my super-expensive mattress not being supportive enough. I wouldn't have known until it had to be replaced. Decided to try an Ergoflex after a lot of research and it felt a bit hard at first.. However, after a month or so I've found it to be the best mattress I've ever had. My back troubles have gone and I sleep like a log. Highly recommended with a Target down pillow, tried a few others including latex and memory foam but for me that combo is perfect. Oh and the customer service is excellent. They answered the phone on a Sunday and emails were answered promptly. Very happy indeed with my purchase. Thanks!

Love it

I must say after having back issues for over 15 years this matress is a pleasure to sleep on

Love it

Best sleep I've ever had.

Very satisfied

When I purchased my Ergoflex King mattress a little over 1 year ago I was just a little sceptical at the number of positive reviews and was interested to see if their was some payment for review rewards plan because "how could something sooo good and reasonably priced, get such good reviews??" So here I am reviewing, no rewards offered, no nagging. It's been a year and I can honestly say my sleep has been transformed. I went from tossing and turning on a "too hard for me" mattress to enjoying a full night sleep consistently. I was desperate for a better sleep and was unsure if another mattress would fix things for me. I was hopeful that my back pains would be gone but they are still here. I can not fault the mattress in any way or put the back pain down to that. I work a lot and feel certain that if I did all the things my Physio recommended I would be sleeping and the back pain would be gone. My wife was delighted from day 1. She no longer feels if I do have a restless night (thinking about work stress) as that is the nature of the mattress. We absolutely love it and our nights have been transformed. Thank you ERGOLFLEX!!

ergoflex queen mattress

It has been about five months since I received my Ergoflex mattress. I was initially wary because of the weird almost creepy "soggy" feel to the surface, and unlike an inner spring, obsoletely no bounce. But it is an incredibly comfortable surface to sleep on. I have adjusted to it very quickly. The approaching Summer may be interesting- I get quite hot in bed sometimes.. I have a tiny grievance - the mattress cover provided is extremely tight, surely an extra centimeter of cloth would not be all that terribly expensive . All up! A very good mattress. I would recommend the experience.


Took a few days to get used to it. Haven't slept so well in years, now waking up without neck / hip pain, wished I knew about you years ago. 💤💤💤

Standard Double Mattress

We have had our mattress now for just over 3 months and have given it its first rotation. In the process leading up to our purchase we were advised to rotate the mattress on a 3 to 6 months basis - this would assist in making sure it extended its life to the max. As far as comfort is concerned, it has been without a doubt the most comfortable mattress we have had in over 40 years. It is almost impossible to feel any motion by the other person in the bed - including the other person getting into or out of the bed. The real test will be the next 3 months of summer as to how well the mattress dissipates the heat although I am sure it will perform as described. Lee

Ergoflex King single

My partner has an original Tempur mattress and i was looking for an equivalent for myself without the huge price tag.... Now we are fighting about who gets to sleep on the ergoflex! Bets buy ever!

Keeps getting better

I have bought Ergoflex mattress' before and now prefer them over the traditional spring system. The latest technological changes have certainly improved the over heating issue compared to the mattress experienced in the past. Well priced, comfortable, durable and great prompt reliable service. If there was only one thing I would recommend for the future is a web link to a broader range of bed bases that are designed to work with these mattress.

Ergoflex Brilliance

After six months of use I must admit it must be about the very best mattress I have ever slept on. Forms to the shape of your body and superbly comfortable. The fact that it is generally a little bit warmer than the normal mattress helps me emmensly as I feel the cold. Well done Ergoflex. Vic Feguson

Ergoflex Mattress

love this mattress, great support, no sore spots from pressure points anymore, no partner disturbance when turning and I don't feel like I'm rolling into the middle because partner is heavier. Highly recommend

must have product

Best for a couple who is light weight and other one is heavy weigh, the mattress balance well , my back problem solve.

Buy it

We're extremely happy with our King size ergoflex. Super comfortable and excellent value. If you need to try before buy, try Tempur- it's better than that

Great Mattress

We had already purchased a single bed mattress for one of our children but were a little hesitant to buy one for ourselves. There were a couple of deciding factors. One being that our previous million dollar mattress was so heavy and cumbersome that it was becoming difficult to even make the bed. It had also developed little 'nests' in the heavily padded topper and it is difficult to find sheets for such a high pillow top mattress - I would never buy one again! Friends of ours took the plunge and bought an Ergoflex mattress and were so happy we decided to follow suit. It took a little adjusting, but we are extremely happy with our purchase. Ergoflex were great in service and product. Highly recommend them. :)

Love our bed

Great result. Sleeping well and best bed ever....seriously

Queen bed Ergoflex Mattress

I first slept on an Ergoflex mattress while on holiday in UK and was blown away by the comfort. On return to Australia I bought one for myself and I have not had such good nights in years. No more hip pain! A wonderful product.

fantastic choice

we love our bed! i'm pregnant at the moment and i no longer wake up with side or back pain. it's a great deal.

Its worth persisting with!

If you have never slept on a memory foam mattress, it does take some getting used to... for us, about 3-4 weeks to not feel like we were sleeping in a cocoon. Fortunately, it was winter when we purchased the ergoflex, having come from a latex mattress, which is quite different. It has now been more than 3 months, and we are at the point of preferring this mattress to any other, having just been on holidays and sleeping on an array of different types of mattresses. We are totally converted, and would not choose another type of mattress now. But, be prepared for some adjustments, and keep an open mind. The guarantee of returning if we were not happy was the convincing factor for us. Well worth the investment, and 5 star happy!

The best mattress

We did a lot of research before we bought this mattress. We were worried about buying it without trying it first. But after speaking to Ergoflex we took the plunge. We really like this mattress because it is very comfortable to sleep on and It has helped with my back which was the main reason for buying it. Even after a week I noticed the difference. So it is worth the money in our opinion and we recommend it to everyone now. We also bought the pillows which we sometimes use and the mattress cover. Well done to Ergoflex you have a great mattress.

Your mattress

WE are very happy with the mattress we bought from you ,it is confortable,I do not have a soar back anymore, and my husband loves it as well because he do not feel anything when I move too much. So thanks for a great product. M Sicard . Nelson Bay

Superb Mattress

Love the ErgoFlex mattress - definately plan to buy in the future

Ergoflex queen and king

Bought queen size to try then its wonderful so end up bought king and put the queen in another room,

Comfy and not bouncy

Love our ergoflex mattress - I can get into/out of bed without disturbing my partner and it is so comfortable I fall asleep more readily than before I had this mattress. Thank you.


the absolute best

Memory Foam Mattress

Fantastic from the start. On night one, I slept right through, something I haven't done in years. All the negatives are true. Yes it did smell a bit but that soon went. Yes it is warm but I live in Qld and it's hot anyway. The positives far outweigh the negatives. I Wish I'd bought this mattress years ago!

We love our ergoflex bed

We love our ergoflex bed and pillows very comfortable and the best we have ever had .

Amazing nights sleep.

Second Ergoflex mattress in 5 years. Does not disappoint. Takes a few weeks to settle, and then becomes so comfy you will not want to get out of bed. My partner and I love this mattress.

Firm but soft. Comfortable to

Firm but soft. Comfortable to sleep on and not too hot at all.

Queen mattress

Delivered on time, 2nd mattress replacing a 7 yr old ergo mattress which had gotten too soft for my back. No back issues with new mattress, 7 yrs for old mattress a lot better than experience of approx 12 months with other mattresses. 5 stars.

Great mattress

Absolutely love this mattress.

Was delivered promptly and has

Was delivered promptly and has been fantastic. I have a slipped disc and back is feeling better and a nice deep sleep

Great Mattress

We purchased a King mattress and it is great. Comfortable to sleep on and I now wake up less when my wife rolls over during the night. Definitely worth the purchase

Still very Happy

Still loving my mattress and pillows. Such an important purchase and I'm glad a took the gamble on this business.

Great product

Great product

these mattreses are brilliant!

This is the 3rd Ergo flex mattress we have bought. I have told so many peole about them I should be on a commission. Chronic back pain gone in days! Sleep like a log! Reasonable price! Fkn brilliant!

ergoflex mattress

good comfortable mattress at a reasonable price

Memory foam review

Excellent product above and beyond service. Highly recommend

Comfort zone

Best mattress that I ever had

the best!

the best!

Money spent well



Most comfortable bed we have ever slept on


I bought this for my son. Strapping teenager 6'3" (188cm) broad shouldered and solid footy player (100kg +). He gave it 5 out of 5 - best sleep he has had in forever.

Ergoflex Mattress is the best!

Purchased a single mattress after being so impressed with the Queen mattress. Definitely notice the difference when sleeping on another mattress. It's always pleasure to return home and sleep on a comfortable Ergoflex. Have recommended to friends and family who are also delighted with their Ergoflex mattresses.

Best Mattress Decision Ever

I am almost 75 YO so have experienced quite a few mattresses over the years. My Ergo flex is my best decision. I do a lot of gym/golf and often go to bed with a few aches and sore spots. The Ergoflex gives me the best recovery sleep I have experienced. My back is without "creaks" in the mornings and that has not happened in recent years with other "Chiropractic recommended" mattresses. Company web site is easy to use. They are reliable, communicate re. delivery etc. and the whole process is exactly as expected. Also, amazing packaging. Mattress arrives in a cylinder shape and as you release the packaging it grows to full size. Totally recommend the company and the brand.

Memory foam mattress

I bought several mattresses and so did my family. They are wonderful and the company is great. The only problem is we cannot find any other bed comfy anymore and only sleep well at home :)


Bought for the camper after varied bad options, two difficult to please sets of bones and I will change our home mattress to this make after a decent interval (it's still pretty new).

Happy as !!

i am very happy with my purchase of the ergoflex mattress and found i sleep much better and don't wake up with a bad back . the service was excellent and on conferring with my chiropractor before purchasing same, confirmed my decision as they used one. Thanking you once again, Corrie

I love it

I love it

3 months experience

After 3 months I am still not 100% used to it BUT IT IS EXCELLENT and I love it. I haven't had any back or neck pain since day one. I guess some people will say it is on the firm side but for me is perfect. Highly recommended.


Delighted with the mattress and pillows. Great nights sleeping.


(Large size guy and regular size girl using Ergoflex for the last 8 months.) We've found the Ergoflex to be very comfortable and overall a perfect mattress without any downsides (no bad smell, no problems with amorous activity, etc.). Our sleep has improved dramatically since we started using it and (large sized guy) daily back pains have gone. It's also much easier to make the bed than with any of our previous expensive (and unnecessarily thick and heavy) mattresses. Customer service was top notch and the Ergoflex was delivered incredibly quickly for a price lower than our last 3 mattress purchases. Overall we have been very impressed with all aspects of this purchase and would highly recommend to anyone needing a new mattress or having troubles with their current one.


Good mattress, especially like the no partner disturbance quality, seems a little firm at first but no issues when going to sleep. Thank you

love it.

love it.

This mattress changed our lives

We have had our Ergoflex memory foam mattress since 2013. It is no exaggeration to say it has changed our lives for the better. We are in our mid 40s and have three kids under 10. My husband is not a particularly good sleeper and is easily woken by my movement and kids getting into bed with us. The Ergoflex has completely removed this issue as he no longer feels me moving or the kids climbing into bed with us. The only problem is that our kids also love our mattress and like getting into bed with us. So six months ago we bought our kids a single ergoflex mattress each and now everyone is happy.

Super comfy, but some handles wouldn't go astray

My Mrs' old mattress was very soft and squishy, which I hated, I much prefer a firm mattress where as she likes them soft. I was worried that getting an ergoflex would cause an issue here. I was wrong, she loved it (after about 2 nights to get used to it) I already knew I would love it so there was no problem there, it was convincing the boss that was going to prove difficult. So, I am officially a happy consumer. PROS: It's bloody comfortable, I toss and turn a bit at night which annoyed her, but she doesn't even notice that anymore. It arrived very quickly and was very quick to set up and "inflate" It is very affordable, I compare the feel to a Tempur or something similar but at about 75% cheaper. CONS: For perspective customers there is no where to go and lie on one to see it its right, but I think there is a 30 day trial or something so no biggie. (I just took my mates word for it and bought one) We recently moved house and the removalists discovered there were no handles, again not a huge issue, they were way more manly than me so just picked it up like a tea towel and threw it into the truck. Don't get the extra mattress protector!! It makes it very hot during the night and unless you have a serious bladder problem it's useless anyway. You can just wash the one that comes already on the mattress.

It's a family thing

It's our 3rd ergo flex mattress Very happy with ours and now the kids have ergo flex also

Very Happy with the Ergoflex mattresses

The Ergoflex mattress is so supportive and yet comfortable at the same time. It has relieved my husband's back pain as the mattress adjusts to his body shape. It has also helped me to sleep better at night as I used to wake up with twinges and numbness around my shoulders and neckline with my previous mattress. We both wake up feeling we have had a better night sleep and no back pain when we get up in the morning. We decided to purchase another 3 mattresses for our teenagers who are also enjoying the comfort and better night sleep. The product is also reasonably affordable compared to the ridiculous prices of other brands. Definitely worth the purchase !



Back for more

We now have four Ergoflex mattresses. The first one we bought in 2011 is still going strong. Can't recommend Ergoflex highly enough!

Amazing comfort!!

Amazing comfort!!

Great good night sleep

Great good night sleep



Ergoflex Mattress

It is fantastic - many of the aches and pains have decreased or gone. Initially it was a different experience compared to an ensemble, but we would never go back.

Comfy yet firm mattress

We bought this for our guest bedroom and in the time we have owned it two couples have slept in it. Both saying it was pleasant, on the firm side yet comfy. It arrived in good time and we are happy with the purchase. Thank you.


Great pillows! second time I’ve ordered only gripe I had was they weren’t as thick as original pillows I bought through ergo flex.

Very comfy

Have been sleeping so much better since we bought our Ergoflex mattress. No where near as much tossing and turning during the night. The only downfall is I noticed after we received it is that a electric blanket is not advisable - which may be an issue if you are someone who feels the cold in winter. Fun to watch kids who are used to springy mattress try to jump on our bed now as they tend to just SPLATT!

Very happy

No adjustment, felt comfortable immediately, sleeping more solidly as my partner does not disturb me at all, slight smell on opening, which is explained and dissipated in one day.

Very good

I had shoulder/neck pain prior to using this mattress, but since using it it’s all gone,which is fantastic. It took me a while to get used to the feel of it, and it can feel a little warm in summer but I have adjusted to it. A good mattress protector will help for that, so it’s not a big issue. Also as a stomach sleeper it felt a little soft to start with but generally it gives very good support. All in all happy with our purchase and it’s definitely a lot better than our old mattress!!

B. McLean

Good experience with the delivery. The mattress arrived as arranged. Good back support

Very comfortable but could be

Very comfortable but could be firmer.


I was very sceptical at first about my new mattress, and did not sleep well for the first couple of nights, then all of a sudden I went to bed one night and slept a good 12 hours something I never do. Now I need to set my alarm in the mornings to wake up.

its ecxellent

this mattress is good for neck pain or back pain. comfortable sleep. i have been using this for two months and not had any problem

Ergo flex

Really nice and comfy bed

Easy and comfortable

Easy and comfortable

Works well for the price

Takes a while for the mattress to be comfortable. It's not as firm as what my husband and I likes but we are used to having memory foam mattresses and would never go springs again. Delivery was fairly straightforward and easy.

Good, comfortable

Strong smell when just opened so we didn't sleep on it for a couple of days but dissipates after a few days. No complaints after a couple of months of use now.

Great mattress!

Mattress was delivered timely. It's comfortable and sinks just the right amount to support the body while sleeping. Doesn't affect your sleep much if your partner gets up in the middle of the night. The only downside was a rubbery smell, which went away after 2-3 weeks. Overall a good mattress for 2 =)

No more sore back!

I received great customer service from; placing the order, pending new stock and delivery. Amazing, waking without a sore back or hips, as fully supported throughout the night. Also, don't worry about the little 'latex' odour after unwrapping, it disappeared quick enough. My 4* is only due to what appears a warmer sleep temperature experience during the night, but that is personal. Very comfortable experience overal.

very nice mattress

Mattress arrived quickly, and the smell goes away within few hours. softness sit in-between medium to firm. I do prefer the firm mattress personally. But after a few weeks adjustment. I kind of got used to the softness of this mattress. overall, good product, worth the price...

Worth the buy!!

They live up to their reputation. Thanks for ana amazing mattress.

Ergoflex Mattress Winning

Got my Ergoflex about a month ago and have been sleeping soundly. Its not too firm nor too soft and has settled really fast as some foam mattresses take time to breath out the chemical smell this had hardly any compared to previous. It is well made and all the support and help from support staff when ordering was appreciated. Recommended buy.

Ergo Flex Queen & Pillows

The mattress is firmer than i thought but i still sink into it. Best of all my lower back pain resolved after about a month of sleeping on this mattress. I no longer need to see a chiropractor. The pillows are ok, no sore neck but a bit too firm for me though. Overall very pleased with the quality and service provided.


Had a hiccup with the delivery and I had to call to chase it up, but absolutely love the mattress. Very, very comfortable and suitable for those who prefer a firm mattress

Love my mattress

Most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. Gave it a 4 because after a month it still smells. It’s not strong but still there.

Foam Mattress

It is an amazing mattress. Worth price after discount and great delivery

Mattress and pillows review

Awesome sleeps at our 🏡 Thanks ergoflex 👌🏻 The customer service and follow up, hassle free great price ! Pillows should be part of purchase they make the cloud sleep effect complete !

good sleep

mattress good. quality good, no problems.

After days of research about

After days of research about the best memory foam mattress in the market we decided to go with ergoflex. I read a lot of good reviews about it, and many said it's almost on par with tempurpedic, which costs a lot more. My husband loved it immediately. He's had sore neck and back from our old spring mattress, which was getting more bouncy every day.. and really liked the firmness of ergoflex mattress. I, on the other hand, took a few weeks to get used to it as it was my first memory foam mattress. I thought I sank in too much and felt a bit awkward. I did have a bit of sore back for the first two weeks, but it could be from my yoga/pilates classes.. Then after a month or so I started to really feel comfortable and realized I'm sleeping a lot better than before. We also bought the pillows from ergoflex, and they are fantastic as well. Not too soft and not too hard. It's just right. It does get a little hot as I hear from everyone who owns memory foam mattress. I'm usually cold in the bed so it doesn't bother me too much. We haven't experienced the summer yet after purchasing ergoflex mattress, so I guess we'll see how it goes. Overall we are very satisfied with our purchase considering the relatively low price and generous risk free trial period. I will recommend to anyone.

Not for everybody

It was a definite upgrade from my old mattress and the price point cannot be beat. My sore back is mostly gone. Mostly, I say because I still get it now and then. It's a great bed. It's not for everybody because my husband said he prefers a stiffer mattress that will hold his weight better.

Ergo flex mattress

Very good service but it is a bit too firm for me.

Very good mattress, comfrtable t

Very good mattress, comfrtable t sleep on


Amazing mattress & excellent customer service only lost a star for thibgs being out of stock 😊

Excellent customer service.

Excellent customer service.

Bought Ergoflex for my kids

Having just bought an expensive Tempur Medium mattress and loving it wanted my children to also have the same. However cost was an issue and then I came across Ergoflex and decided to give it ago. I bought one king single and a double at a 1/4 of the price for my 11 and 15 year olds. Have had them now for almost a year and they have been great. The Ergoflex is more like the soft version of Tempur and are perfect for the children. For my heavier weight 90kg, I find the firmer Tempur is better for me.

Love my ergoflex mattress

Only reason i didnt give it a five is because of the chemical smell when you first get it. Love love the comfort and support. Best mattress.

Good Value

A good value product, fast delivery easy install and a very comfortable. It isn't going to best the top brands of mattresses, however you are paying at least 1/3 the cost so in this case very good value for money.

I love my bed

Each morning when I wake, one of the first thoughts that comes to me is: I love my bed. I love how it cradles me so gently and yet supports me too. I love its 'give' when I roll over, and how easy rolling over is. I am never going back to inner spring. Memory foam is the best!

Not bad

Not a bad mattress for the money.


I love my mattress!! I have been sleeping mostly pain free for the first time in a long while. ( i have osteoporosis and as a result of that have had alot of broken bones and surgery, even though I'm only 42). I do find im alot warmer at night than before.. so have ditched the winter doonas. I love my Ergoflex mattress!

Perfect family mattress

Been through the reviews and was hesitant in ordering online without the real feel of the mattress! But first week of good sleep and comfort made me realise the worth of it!! Immediately recommended to a friend and he feels mutual too now

Comfortable as promised!!!

Purchased the long single mattress. Back pain seem to have disappeared after using it for more than a month. The mattress is so comfortable to sleep on, I am medium build, the firmness of the mattress is just right for me. Great quality'!!!

Great product

Very Happy With my ergoflex matress

Queen mattress purchase

Customer service was great although delivery was slightly delayed. Mattress purchased for a teenager who seems very happy with it. Would definitely buy another one if needed in the future

great matress

great matress

The mattress & pillows are superb & highly recommended! And Ergoflex staff provide a great service to New Zealand.

The mattress warms up fast & retains body heat, which I like, but could be annoying in hot climates. If an insulated mattress protector was offered it might offset this feature.

Ergoflex mattress

Very comfortable, great for the back, highly recommend



fantastic mattress and quite comfy

fantastic mattress and quite comfy

Great bed for value

We sleep on this bed and can't wait to get home to it if we go away. Value for money for sure

Great mattress. Fantastic customer service.

Great mattress. Fantastic customer service. Hoped it might be a bit cooler but think that is me!

Still having lower back pain

My lower back pain hasn't improved but I am hopeful that it will get better soon as my body gets used to the mattress. Still wake up in the morning with sore back

High quality, high comfort mattress with fantastic customer service

We were staying at a friends house for a few weeks and had remarkably good sleep during our stay. We were so comfortable that we checked the mattress brand, Ergoflex, and committed to purchasing one of their mattresses for our new place. We did so and have since been incredibly impressed with the high quality mattress and the reasonable price tag. We've found that it provides perfect support and a very restful sleep. Dealing with Matthew at Ergoflex was also an absolute pleasure, he is a gentleman and provided fantastic customer service. We had a few issues that he resolved in truly professional fashion and we could not be happier. We are customers for life now and wouldn't look past Ergoflex for any future purchases. I highly recommend giving it a try.

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