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+1.5x better sleep

+2.0x quality feel

+3.2x fast service

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

#1 Foam Mattress

Top 3 Overall


Autumn 2024 Updates: Most of Emma's mattresses are currently shipping within 3-10 business days. Recent customers are mostly happy with their purchases with some rare disagreements about firmness.

Emma is a popular European mattress brand with four special mattress offerings for the Australian market. Their all-foam Emma Comfort mattress, hybrid Emma Comfort II mattress, Emma Diamond Hybrid (with available cover layer upgrade), and newest Emma Zero Gravity mattresses include superior cooling with temperature regulating foam as well as zoned support systems. Customers report overwhelmingly happy experiences for the price and value of their mattresses. Live in New Zealand? Check out Emma's Original mattress.


+1.5x better sleep
+2.0x quality feel
+3.2x fast service

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

#1 Foam Mattress
Top 3 Overall

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9.7/10

No Back Pain: 9.5/10

Price: $580-$3339

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Emma's Specifics

In Australia, Emma has created 4 unique mattress offerings: the Emma Comfort, Emma Comfort II, Emma Diamond Hybrid, and the Emma Zero Gravity. These pressure relieving mattresses are made with specially zoned foams that help provide a contouring yet responsive feel. In terms of overall comfort, Emma is well rated by customers. Those rare complaints mostly mention issues with responsiveness post-delivery (which seem to resolve).

Craftsmanship & Materials

One of the biggest enhancements in Emma's mattresses is their foams, including moisture-wicking foam in their affordable all foam mattress and diamond / graphite infused foam in their higher end hybrid offering. We'll go through each of the options below.

Here is what's inside the pressure-relieving Emma Comfort Mattress:

Cover Layer: The first layer of the Emma Comfort is a Fresh Air cover with synthetic, breezy fibre that keeps things soft, dry, and diffuses heat.

Layer 2: Emma's Airgocell® foam layer offers a point elasticity that adapts to the body's curves while maintaining loft where you need it. The feel is reactive with a gentle contour for less partner disturbance.

Layer 3: HRX foam is high density without being as ultra-firm as other base foams. It is zoned to align the spine and keep the hips and shoulders relieved of pressure. Also, it features open cell technology for added air flow to keep things cool.

Next, let's take a look at the well-balanced Emma Comfort II Mattress:

Cover Layer: The UltraDry™ breathable, elastic cover helps regulate temperature and is machine washable.

Layer 2: A layer of Aerofoam further promotes cooling by absorbing and dissipating excess heat to help keep things cool at the top of your mattress.

Layer 3: Next, a layer of MemoryAdapt foam provides your body with a contouring and cradling supportive feel.

Layer 4: The third layer of foam is an adaptive Comfort HRX foam that responds to your body and sleep position to provide support and pressure point relief.

Layer 5: The main support of the Emma Comfort II comes from a layer of breathable pocket springs featuring 7-ergonomic zones to provide your body with added support where it needs it most.

Layer 6: A bottom anti-slip cover layer helps keep the layers above stable.

Next up, we'll go through their innovative and high-end Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress (which has an optional top cover upgrade available in the Emma Diamond Hybrid Plus Mattress):

Cover Layer: The breathable cover is machine washable and does a wonderful job transferring heat away from the body. For those interested in a hypoallergenic cover, the Emma Diamond Hybrid Plus comes with a cover treated with natural probiotics.

Layer 2: Diamond Degree® graphite foam is infused with diamond and graphite particles to dissipate heat away. It is both pressure-relieving and responsive with subtle loft that helps keep the free to move without leading to partner disturbance.

Layer 3: A slim layer of adaptive comfort foam further adapts to the body for a subtle, responsive contouring effect, distributing pressure and working together with the support layer below.

Layer 4: The last layer is the supportive pocket spring system that adapts to the body's curves independently. This firm support layer works with the last zoned HRX foam layer beneath to provide support most to the middle back.

Lastly, let's take a look at their newest and most breathable mattress, the Emma Zero Gravity Mattress:

Cover Layer: The breathable cover is soft and easily removed for machine washing.

Layer 2: A layer of Point Elastic Airgocell® foam helps to keep things cool by regulating temperature and wicking away moisture.

Layer 3: New and unique to the Emma Zero Gravity is a layer of hyper-elastic AirGrid®. The AirGrid® helps to make this one of Emma's most breathable mattresses through its air channels and cooling gel material. This layer also provides a unique feel with responsive comfort and cradling support.

Layer 4: Next up is a layer of adaptable foam that helps to distribute your body pressure.

Layer 5: A layer of multi-zoned pocket springs dynamically adjust to your body to provide support and pressure relief, while also helping to keep the mattress breathable.

Layer 6: At the bottom of the mattress is a base foam layer that provides a counter pressure to help support the layers above.

Overall Comfort

The Comfort, Comfort II, Diamond Hybrid, and Zero Gravity provide a contouring yet supportive sleep surface. With cooling and zoned foams as well as pocket coils in the hybrid mattresses, these mattresses are well balanced comfort and support.


Emma's hybrid mattresses are a great medium-firm option. Those that need something a bit more firm and supportive such as back and stomach sleepers may do better with the Comfort mattress.

Back Pain Relief

Each of the these mattresses offer zoned layers that help with greater center spine alignment, which enables superior relaxation and comfort while back sleeping and reduces pressure points while side sleeping.


Each of the Emma mattresses offer added cooling features in their cover layers and foam layers with Airgocell® foam, or diamond / graphite infused foams. Customers report that Emma's mattresses do a superior job keeping cool during the summer months.

Who Are Emma's Mattresses Best For?

Emma's mattresses are great options for sleepers looking for superior comfort with high value for the price. Those that do best appreciate their balanced and supportive feel that keeps cool during warm nights. Customers also like pairing them with the cosy, OEKO-TEX® certified Emma pillow.

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The mattress we were waiting for

We always had issues with mattress but we have found what we needed. It supports perfectly our two bodies even if we have a very different weight! I recommended one for the rest of my family!


Love love love the mattress! I wish they sold mattress protectors and pillows too though

Love the Emma mattress

Just moved homes and decided to get a new mattress. I'm glad I did! The Emma mattress was worth the wait.

Decent but maybe overrated?

The mattress is a bit too firm at first but I got used to it eventually. Other reviews might have brought up my expectations but I'm not complaining. Still the best value out there!

Literally a miracle in a box

I was born with a bad back-- I sleep on it the wrong way, I feel crooked the entire day. Not with Emma. I have not had a bad night ever since the first night I bought it, although to be fair, I did wait for about 24-hours for it to completely inflate, but it was worth it.

Thank you

I bought this for my grammy who's already having a hard time with her old age, but I saw her smile so big when she first sat and laid down on her new mattress since all the soft mattresses always hurt her bones. Thank you so much for that.

So Convenient and Comfortable

We've been remodeling our home and having to move things a lot lately. We really appreciate how light and easy it is to move the mattress around. So convenient and honestly very comfortable. Although in general I prefer a softer feel, I'm starting to think it might not be best way to go. I've started to get used to its firmness after having used it for a month, I feel like it has made such a vast improvement to my health. I've embraced it and it has been simply wonderful.

Really no disturbance

My wife, God bless her, for all her good qualities, is a very active sleeper ie tossing and turning. This Emma mattress really proved itself-- sometimes, I don't even feel my wife beside me (sometimes ;) ). 10/10 for me!

Love every night on it

I am very pleased with the mattress. It is really comfortable and such a great value.

Easy to unpack and very comfortable

It’s very comfortable and you do get really restful sleep

No words..

Yeah. No words to say how great it is!!

Life changer

Quick delivery Great price So supportive on hips I get knee pain normally after a night sleep but not with Emma Best night sleep since in utero :) Works well for me both side and back sleeping for me

It does the job

It does the job it says it will, I'm happy with it so far

I could have slept all day

This mattress is bad for my productivity in the morning, because when I wake up, all I do is just lay on the bed a couple more minutes, which turns into hours. It's that good!!

Decent sleep thank you much!!!!

I have a very bad back, but now my sleep is 200% better with the Emma mattress, without breaking the piggy bank. A must-buy in my opinion!

Great for sleep and other things ;)

Not sure why there are negative reviews but my experience has been nothing but smooth sailing! I couldn't find any reviews that mentioned action in the bedroom but let me say this bed is ideal & very supportive for that!

Gotta love it!

Really an incredible deal! The mattress was a little on the firm side but it's done me a world of good!

My husband snores louder now-- but it's all good!!!!

My husband has a tendency to snore really loud at night esp. when he's comfortable after a long day. The past weeks, he didn't snore so much because he kept getting up in the night because he was sweating. He also complained that he sank into our old mattress, that's why we bought the Emma. Now he's back to his old snoring self. If Emma would now just develop earplugs for sale, it would be the perfect company haha!

After 5 months we still love it!

We just love our Emma mattress. It is just the right firmness and softness after 5 months of use. Definitely would recommend.

Nope not for me

Not what I'm used to! Had to return it immediately!

Amazing value

I was very surprised at the quality of this mattress. For the price, it is a steal! The long delivery time made me leave off that one star.

My daughter loves it!

We bought this for our young daughter to replace a four year old sprung mattress that hadn’t lasted well. It was delivered within a couple of days and was easy to take out of the box. It quickly expanded and was ready to use. It’s firm and comfortable and the removable and washable cover is a bonus. We’ve had it for 2 months and it is still as good as new. Hopefully it will last for many years to come. Highly recommend.

My kids love it!

I bought two single mattresses for my kids. So far I've heard only good things!

The best so far

I used to have trouble sleeping and a sore back in the morning. I didn’t realise how bad my old mattress was until after my first night sleeping on my Emma mattress. Wow!

The best mattress ever

Hands down a true winner! the best mattress I have ever used!

Too hot for me

Too hot for me especially as it's summer! I haven't experienced this before with my previous mattresses. What a shame as I found the mattress comfortable otherwise. They really came through with the full refund, so no problems.

Meh. Just Meh

Meh. The mattress is nothing to make a fuss about. But I'm not complaining either.

my 89 year old grandmother loves it

Amazing bought for my 89 year old grandmother and she loves it and says it's the best night sleep shes ever had. Easy on all her joints every night.

Worth the Wait

Customer service was great. Fast and polite. The wait because of stock issues was a drag but it was worth it in the end. Pure quality.

Best mattress I've ever had

After spending thousands on mattresses before, this is the best I've ever had!

Awesome delivery guy

Long story short, I forgot that I scheduled a delivery on that day for my Emma mattress (Dec 5), but I wasn't home. Good thing the fella was cool with it and had it re-delivered by the week after. No worries since they had a lot of deliveries that week, but yeah kudos to whoever that awesome guy was.

Been through many brands

I have tried many mattresses in the past but as an all rounder, this one is perfect. Great comfort and fantastic heat balance. What a difference a good nights sleep makes

Firm but Supportive

I wasn't too sure at first about the mattress, almost returned it , in fact. But I'm glad I stuck it out and gave it a proper chance. The experience has been transformative.

Mattress took a while to inflate

I received the mattress without issues. the mattress however took longer to get back to its original shape after being in the box and there was a slight crease along the mattress but after 48 hours it was fine Pretty comfortable overall, I'm happy with it!

Massive improvement to my sleep

I love sleeping on the Emma mattress. Should have done this years ago!

Just perfect for me

I'm a small girl so I don't like the feeling of sinking into your mattress everytime you sleep. This was the opposite of that: completely supportive but totally comfortable. It's really worth it!

You know when you know

After a few weeks now of sleeping on the mattress, I can definitively say what a wonderful impact it has had on the quality of my sleep and my dreams!

5 stars on everything

Great service, fabulous price, very comfortable but not got a lot to compare it to. Have slept very well since we got it though so that's good. :)

Too easy!

No hassle delivery or set up, very comfortable mattress. I've recommended it to several other people since i bought it.

Great mattress, easy to get up stairs

Great mattress. Always had a dodgy back and since I have had the mattress it has improved and my sleep as well!. Loved it arriving in such a small package, made it so easy to get up the stairs! I would recommend to anyone.

Lovely mattress and great service

Quick replies and really very professional. The mattress arrived on time and was easy to unpack. Sleeping better than ever!

No smell and super comfortable

I was worried the mattress would give off an unpleasant scent but luckily I didn't experience this. I'm very happy with it overall!!

Best money I've spent

It's very comfortable and feels very high quality! I'm far from disappointed,

So amazing!

Got this mattress for my daughter for her birthday. She absolutely loves it!

We love it

My hubby and 2 year old are loving the Emma mattress! Since we normally run-hot, we found it to be very cool but not uncomfortably so. Now we get to sleep in happily during the weekends.

Patience is a virtue

I'm a naturally ask-everything-about-a-product-before-buying person, so it was great reaching out to Marlow who was really patient and thorough in explaining everything! In the end I settled for the queen and it's great so far.

First time I have woken pain free in weeks

I was hesitant about buying a mattress in a box. I have always prided myself on always having a good back, but about 2 weeks as soon as I woke up, I could barely get out of bed, my back was so sore. At first I thought I had simply slept awkwardly, but as days ensured, I could not even do the laces up on my walking shoes. So bought this mattress, and after ONE night's sleep - woke up and could touch my toes, no problems! Not even a twinge of a back ache. Absolutely pleased.

My mother stopped nagging me

I got this for my mum for Mother's Day. She's veeerrrryy hard to please but happy to say she did not complain once ever since she got this. Thumbs up Emma for impressing my mum!

Just not for me

I tried it out for a couple days and the mattress did not agree with me at all so I returned it On the bright side I got a full refund but I'll never get back the time I wasted sleeping on the Emma mattress

Fantastic product

Fast delivery and an amazing product 10/10

Emma Forever!

I used to suffer from chronic shoulder pain so believe me when I say that this mattress is the best thing that has happened this year! I'm free of pain and it's thanks to the Emma mattress! Never going back!

Love my Emma

Love my Emma. Easy delivery and just unroll from the box. No complaints!

Ready in a flash

Ready to use almost immediately, quality is very good. No concerns at all.

Incredible value: Just give it a chance!

My girlfriend and I decided to buy a new mattress at the beginning of the year. We settled on the Emma as it was considerably much cheaper than other mattress in a box brands. Without a doubt one of the best mattresses out there -- bar none. Who knew there were even such a thing as awards for mattresses? Turns out there's a reason for them winning them in the first place. For the price its selling at it's a wonder that other brands out there charge so much!

It's a winner!

it makes sense that this mattress got as many awards as it did! it's just great

Worth it

Had some issues with the delivery taking longer than expected but the mattress was worth it, comfortable and does not feel hot

Bought it for the guest bedroom

Got this one for when guests come over to visit and so far I've only heard good things.

Simply Outstanding

Not a single problem with my order and the mattress was a dream come true! It is truly a steal!!


Just an amazing product

You have to get used to it

Very comfortable however it takes some getting used to but overall I would recommend it

Finally a mattress without the absurd price tag.

Fantastic to see that a mattress company is finally offering their mattresses at a reasonable price. What a relief! Makes you wonder what a few layers of foam and springs is really worth. Do not fall prey to the clever marketing trap and do your own research. Been sleeping on the mattress and it has been an absolute dream

Good stuff

I got the mattress on sale and I must say, I wouldn't mind paying full price for this wonderful product!

Should have gotten one sooner

I have been sleeping so well the past week, it's surprising how much difference a good mattress makes. I've recommended it to my family and friends.

Great overall team!

Really comfy mattress! We accidentally ordered the wrong size (stupid I know!) and the company were so helpful. The drivers who came to collect the wrong one were efficient and took care of the whole thing - it was very easy and we were expecting it to be a nightmare. Despite us making a mistake the whole process was very smooth and easy! Thank you Team Emma!

Dump your mattress for an Emma

I almost resigned myself to believing I'd never rid myself of the pain in my lower back, But lo and behold, after sleeping on the Emma for some time I've noticed improvements to my condition. Also don't wake up feeling buggered. Replacing my old mattress with an Emma was the best decision!

Stop wasting your time and get an Emma

Sheer quality and outrageous value! So glad they're finally here in Australia!!!

Takes some getting used to and then Amazing!

I tried it out for a couple of days but it started to make my back ache. I gave it a chance and sure enough I'm now getting the best sleep. Definitely try it out!

Don't look at me

If you're looking for a bad review, you have to move along because this ain't it. This mattress is heaven-sent for a cheapskate, treat-yourself gal like myself!! Simply *chef's kiss*

Sleep like a baby

I've been sleeping like a baby since I got it. Just the right firmness for me. :)

Undisturbed sleep

My children often like to crawl into bed with me in the middle of the night. I used to wake up and end up not getting enough sleep because of it. But all that's changed ever since I started sleeping on the Emma mattress. I don't even feel them tossing and turning next to me. I feel silly not giving it a try sooner.

Slow to respond but fantastic mattress

The mattress is absolutely as comfortable as I would like it to be. But it would be better if I didn't have to wait up to 7 days to get it. Faster delivery is needed for the future

What an upgrade!

It has surpassed our expectations! It arrived well packaged, rolled up in a box. Easy to get out and place on our bed. It's by far the most comfortable mattress either of us have ever slept in! It's amazing!


So glad this mattress is available in Australia! It's such a life-changer!

All pros, no cons so far

I was quite unsure when I took it out of the box & slit the vac packed mattress. It started to fill out in seconds and within a minute or so was fully de-vacced(?) it was heavier than it looked, which was reassuring. The 1st time I lay on it I kind of sank into it, then rose back up a bit then settled. I am used to that sensation now. I am about 3 months post purchase, and there is no mattress dipping, no lumpy bits no problems. I have trochanteric bursitis and it certainly is making sleeping on the side easier. I love it. My cats love it. No down side. I’ve already recommended it to my friend & she is awaiting her delivery.

The best mattress I have ever owned

This mattress responds to different areas of the body with varying resistance to create a floating on air experience. Your body feels so supported it's as if you're sleeping on a cloud ... Would have absolutely no hesitation recommending the Emma every time ...

Ordered one after seeing all the great reviews...

To be honest it took a bit of getting used to, it was a completely different feel to a traditional mattress but once you get used to it I can confirm it is a great mattress, very comfortable.

Changing Sheets Has Never Been Easier!

Most people got it pretty covered in terms of the comfort level, which is superb btw so I thought I'd give a shoutout to how much easier it is to change our sheets now that the mattress doesn't weigh a tonne!

Great customer service!

I was moving houses so I had to coordinate when my mattress would arrive at my new house so I wouldn't have to sleep on the floor. Unfortunately, my move was delayed (!!) by a week and I only knew of it on the day of the mattress delivery. Marlow was so kind and swift to respond to move my mattress delivery. When I got it, the quality is just as good as their customer service!! you won't be disappointed!!

We absolutely love it!

We absolutely love our Emma mattress! Perfect for any sleeping position and I find I move around less in bed now as I'm comfortable instantly. I never wake up with back or hip pain anymore!! Top marks from me!

Faster service..?

Ordered a queen size Emma original mattress. The mattress was great but it took a couple of days before it was delivered (4 days). Hope they can have a next-day delivery service.

My mom had an easy time with it

She wanted me to leave this review on her behalf. She's already 71 yo, but still a bit spry for someone her age. No problem with the box and the assembly at all! I was bit worried since the box looked a bit big on her pictures, but she was so happy now that she can sleep better. Highly recommend!

Great for kids

Cheap but comfortable for kids bedrooms. God knows how quickly they'll grow up so it's a good investment already for my little ones.

Stellar Customer Support

Always get a response within the same day! Really appreciate it. I received my mattress recently and so far so good! Doesn't feel hot as I feared.

Exceptional Service

Replies are always very clear and detailed, they were easy to talk to

Great service and product

I'm impressed so far! The mattress is easy to move around and is so comfortable. I will definitely consider buying another one for the family.

Comfy and Quality

So comfy and doesn’t lose its shape, my back is also a lot better since having this mattress.

Expected more

The mattress is definitely better than any mattress that I've ever owned but I guess I expected more from it after all the hype. Though they definitely need to work on smoothing out their delivery process.

Great mattress

just a great product overall and the service was amazing


Great mattress, very comfortable! I am not a great sleeper and find it difficult to get comfortable, but since getting this mattress have been sleeping with no problems. Very happy

My son loves it

My son is usually picky when it comes to things but so far he loves sleeping on the mattress and I haven't heard any complaints. Looking forward to getting my own Emma soon

Best value for money

I was planning to put it in the guest bedroom since it was very cheap when I got it, but I was so surprised with the comfort! I just had to switch it over to my room and order a new one for the guest bedroom.

Sheer bliss

I haven't had back aches like I used to since using the mattress. Real quality stuff.

Give it time

A little disappointed with the mattress at first as it seemed a little too firm. But after a few weeks, the mattress started to shape into us. It’s extremely comfortable and once ‘broke in’ it feels great. I’ve had a history with back issues and have had surgery previously. This mattress has great support and am no longer stiff when getting up in the mornings. Highly recommended

I'm A Believer!

Was skeptical about the trial at first but after trying the mattress out for a couple weeks and finding it too soft (personally prefer them on the firm side), was able to return it and get a full refund

sooooo loving it!

I've had my previous mattress for a good seven years. Over time, it's developed these lumps and it was starting to hurt my back because it became too thin for me. With this mattress, I remembered what it was like to sleep properly again. Thanks!


The 100 night trial really gives you peace of mind. never would have taken the leap without it! considering the price and the awards they've won, it's incredible that I bought it at this price!!!!!1 Emma. 4. life.

Can't believe this!!

The Emma mattress already has everything I need: great service and value! Can't believe I stumbled across this website by accident.


It was a bit of an adjustment but I feel it was for the better. I don't wake up with back pain anymore!

Great comfort and value

great product and nice to finally be able to wash the cover!

Good buy

This is the bed that I've always been on the lookout for: comfortable, convenient, and cheap. It just ticks all the boxes!!!

I didn’t realise how bad my old mattress was

I didn’t realise how bad my old mattress was until I starting sleeping on the Emma mattress. HIghly recommend it!

Best decision ever!!

Very comfortable, very supportive and with a trial period to test it, you can't go wrong. I have always bought expensive mattresses and would absolutely say this is the best bed I have ever had.

I'm convinced

Getting some really restful sleep since getting this mattress! I'd like to see how it fares after a few years...but overall great value!

Give it a try!

We ordered an Emma mattress back in December. Received the mattress a few days later than expected but given that it was the holidays, it was to be expected. My husband and I were in no rush to get it so this wasn't a big inconvenience to us at the time. At first the m attress seemed too firm for our liking. After a quick chat with customer service we decided to give the mattress another chance and try it out for the recommended adjustment period of 3-4 weeks. Sure enough, we adjusted to the mattress perfectly and enjoy much better sleep. My husband was worried it would be hot to sleep on considering it was a foam mattress. But luckily we had no such issues. Overall, didn't experience a single issue with the whole order. Great job Emma! Would definitely purchase again

Marlow is the best

I had to make adjustments to my delivery address. Marlow from customer service was very helpful!! Got my mattress no problems.

Incredible value

Don't let those other mattress brands fool you! I've been getting the best sleep of my life and I only paid a fraction of the cost other brands are charging! Save your money, buy an Emma

It's terrifyingly average

The mattress is ok but I must say that it does not live up to the hype that was created.

Unbelievable comfort

I used to have back pain but after using the emma mattress I've noticed improvement and I feel the difference. It is an incredible mattress. I've been telling everyone I know how great it's been!

My daughter absolutely adores it

My husband and I bought a new mattress (also comes in a box) and we were planning to give our old one to our daughter but she didn't like it since it still had springs on it. So we bought her the Emma mattress since it was cheap. Once she set it up, she just loved it! We tried it and oh boy did we return our new mattress and bought an Emma.

Great mattress

Bought one for the guess room and after sleeping on it for a few nights we decided to purchase another one Great night sleep highly recommend

Delayed refund

took a week to get my refund in December, work on your service please!

Dream come true

Wasn't expecting to be this impressed so I thought I'd leave a review. This mattress is simply the best I've ever had!

The perfect mattress period

One of the first customers when I bought their mattress. Great product and great service, won't leave you hanging!

Better sleeping habits

The mattress solved my hip pain almost overnight and after really struggling with broken sleep over an extended period of time, it has transformed the quality of my sleep.

Query-to-delivery is just perfect

I'm one of those customers, that always asks customer service questions about the product and the delivery, but they were all just so helpful (esp. Marlow, the guy who helped answer my questions). Delivery was prompt and the mattress was just amazing.


Don't fall for their mattress schtick because once you do-- you'll just be absolutely lovestruck with it! Don't say I didn't warn you!!

Must have!!!

I am loving this mattress, it does take a few days to get used it but after that you will never be able to go back to another mattress.

Their ads are lying to you...

With all their ads and posts saying that the mattress was comfortable, don't believe them-- it's more comfortable than they can imagine!! Goodness I feel like a 15 year old again once I had a week of good sleep with it!

It does not disappoint

Customer service was excellent, together with an equally-excellent product at a quarter of the cost. Nothing much to say except it's totally great!

Wish it was for me

We actually only had good experience with them. It’s just that the mattress wasn’t for me. My husband loved it but I couldn’t get use to it.


I'm literally looking forward to just staying in bed after a long day at work. It's that good!

Hard to beat this champion

I've tried a lot of the other mattress-in-a-box brands but I ended up returning them all (they did offer a trial period), but this was the one that I ultimately sank my money into. The support is just phenomenal. My mornings have just been the best now.

Just perfect

At first I was among the few who thought it was a bit too soft. After giving it more time though I found it to be the most comfortable mattress I've ever tried (have tried two other mattress in a box brands)! Glad I gave it a chance :)

No problem at all!!!

I bought one for me and my mum (both queen size). I think it's great but she didn't like how it was a bit too soft for her. Good thing their return policy is gold: just say the word and they'll take it back, no questions asked. Thanks!

Nice and Fast

My credit card wouldn't go througj. Messaged customer service about it . They were very nice and fast to respond. we got it sorted out in the end

It's far

It's been over a month and so far it's been great! I'd like to know how it fares after a few more months.

Comfortable and Amusing

Watching the mattress inflate was fun to see and after sleeping on it for more than 3 weeks I've been enjoying every night


A big relief to have found and discovered this mattress!

Easier than I thought

Expands quickly and was ready to use within the same day I received it. So far the mattress is pretty comfortable


Fabulous Service. Fabulous Product. Fabulous Sleep.

Sleeping Happy

Got the Emma mattress in December and have been pretty happy with the results so far. Really very comfortable and my partner is enjoying it too. Feel very supportive.

Really helped me out

Customer service was a big help to me. I was able to get the discount of the current sale and get the mattress delivered 3 weeks later then supposed to once the sale ended. Thank you!!!!

First time buying online and wasn't disappointed!

Needed a new mattress and decided to try buying online instead of usual try in a shop. Read reviews and instantly was impressed by the Emma. With the 100 day trial, I was confident to try buying online and within 30 days knew it was staying with us as we were both sleeping better. Would not hesitate to buy another.

My grandson loves it

My grandson Nathan just moved out of state for uni, so I bought him this mattress as a going-away gift. He told me his roommates were always trying to sleep in his bed because it was very comfortable. Hope you find it comfortable too.

Great mattress

For a 47 year old, I'm not one to talk much, but I gotta hand it to the Emma mattress. Comfortable but no sinking, cool but not cold. It just works!

Bed sent from heaven!!

Literally on the first night I've had it, I've had nothing but blissful sleep. No tossing and turning for me anymore. I recommend 110%!

delivered at a later i wanted

customer service did a great job accommodating my request to deliver at a later time. mattress arrived just in time for my first day at my new place. great job guys

Just buy it, trust me

I've always been a fussy sleeper: my sides hurt easily when I sleep so naturally I'm all sorts of grumpy when I wake up. On my first night with the Emma mattress, it felt like I woke up from a light coma. No aches at all! If it's comfortable to me, then it's comfortable to everyone.

Glad I found it in time

I was researching a couple of brands and was about to buy a Koala, but decided to give the Emma a go first. Most comfortable sleep I've had in years and they've been nothing but helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Best value of all mattresses

I looked at the others but they all offer the same comfort and service, and this one is the cheapest, so I don't see the harm in trying this. Honestly, no complaints yet!

Back pain I don't know you

I've seen some reviews saying that this mattress is medium firm and that it is uncomfortable. I don't know about them, but all I've had are great nights with this mattress. I have chronic back pain, especially on my lower back, but this has good support, enough to remove it for almost a week now. Good choice for people like me.


Before this bed I had springs in my old one and I’d always wake up with a painful back and just an overall uneasiness. Then I bought this thing, took a couple of weeks for it to mould to my body and been waking up each morning like I’ve been in rehab for a month. My body has recovered real well.

Bargain price was a bit sceptical but...

Bargain price was a bit sceptical but with the 100 night trial and 10 year warranty I thought I would give it a go. Thank god i did!! Delivered on time and it’s amazing! Had it almost 2 weeks now and it’s the first time in 2 years I’ve had pain free sleeping every night. My husband who normally ends up on the sofa because he snores so badly has actually lasted a full week in bed, his snoring has reduced loads! I’m hoping it lasts!

I thought I already knew what sleeping was

I thought sleeping just involved lying down until you eventually drifted to dreamland. I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with your mattress too! The Emma mattress was just absolutely divine and comfortable. Highly recommend!

Simply amazing

If a no-frills mattress is what you're looking for, then look no further. It's very comfortable, esp. for me since I have scoliosis, which makes it hard for me to pick a mattress

The most comfortable mattress ever!

Most comfortable mattress ever! We won't go back to any others. We have two Emma mattresses and there will definitely be another purchase in the near future.

Been sleeping better lately

I would certainly recommend this mattress. I've been sleeping better lately and really enjoying spending the afternoon on it on weekends.

Good stuff

I have no regrets buying the Emma mattress! One of the best decisions I've ever made!!! Do yourself a favour and try it out.

So far it's a good one

This is one of the first brands that popped up when I typed in "mattress-in-a-box" and seeing that it's very cheap compared to others, with the same 100 night trial, I figured there was nothing to lose. I'm just two weeks in but it's two thumbs up from me

Too Firm

Service was great and I gave the mattress a shot but I never got used to the firmness! Would prefer it to be softer. My partner loved it though.

Great deal, Great sleep

I truly enjoy laying on the mattress and feel like my sleep has vastly improved so far! Definitely recommend it!!!

quicker than I expected tbh

For my new flat I just bought a king single but it turns out I actually needed a double (haha it was my fault I forgot to use a tape measure)! Talking to their customer service was a breeze. I was able to return my mattress and place an order for a new double without the frustration.

Night night sleep right

All I will say is to have a good nights sleep just give the Emma a try . My experience has been great I am sleeping so much better as time goes on the mattress mould’s around you too give you a gentle hug so yes 100 percent recommend

Terrific Service

Delivery on date and time expected, best sleep I've had for years. No more sore hips shoulders or back. Should have changed years ago. My future mum-in-law has also got a mattress since I got mine and is also very happy with it. I also recommend the pillow stopped all shoulder pain from being out of allinement while sleeping. I'm 42 and mum-in-law is 75ish suitable for all ages that want to keep everything in allinement and enjoys a good night's sleep.

Better tracking information

The mattress has been great so far, I've been waking up feeling fully rested the past weeks. Just a comment on the delivery process: please make it easier to track the status of my order. I don't enjoy being kept in the dark as it makes it impossible to plan and wastes everybody's time.

Emma Mattress

Just bought a new Emma mattress and cannot praise enough the customer service.I ordered the wrong size initially but nothing was a problem. Prompt return service and correct size delivered. Fantastic to sleep on and looking forward to many more peaceful slumbers... Thank you for an excellent service


Emma advertise delivery within days. It has been almost 3 weeks for a family member to have their mattress delivered. The transport company and Emma do not seem to be on the same page and so they require someone to be at the delivery address all day. Normal people have to work and their window of delivery is not good. At least pick up the phone and have a conversation and let them know what the hell you are proposing. 3 wks on a floor is not good enough. Send an address to pick up from and we will arrange a pick up. Do something and stop making commitments you cannot honour!

Horrible company to deal with!

Beware of this Mattress shop. We paid $2300 for a mattress and frame and 4 months later we still haven't received the mattress or a full refund. They send daily emails about how they will rectify the problem and make promises that they do not keep. I can't comment on the mattress as we never received it....but their customer service is horrible and they will not call you or provide a number for you to call. SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE!

Not happy

I bought this mattress because Choice recommended it. For the first time ever, I am disappointed in their selection. I find the mattress hard and has very little give, even when I'm sitting on the edge putting my shoes on. I would not recommend this mattress.

Too firm!

We found the mattress to be very firm, even though we had the platinum topper. We even added a wool underlay but still found it too hard after several weeks of persisting. We weigh about 70kg.

DO NOT Honour 100 Day Return Policy!!!

Refuses to answer my emails pertaining to a mattress return. They DO NOT honour the 100 day return!! They just ignore you no matter how many emails you send! PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM HERE! The mattresses are shocking and they are con-artists! I have a sales company and see this stuff all the time. Disgrace!

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