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Ecosa Mattress Reviews


+1.9x quality feel

+1.7x back pain relief

+1.4x back support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Autumn 2024 Updates: Ecosa continues to ship most mattresses as usual (within 1-7 business days) with same-day delivery available for some metros. Recent reviewers mostly describe good experiences with rare complaints about firmness.

Ecosa is one of the most popular mattress in a box companies in Australia. As they continue to grow, they have expanded worldwide into the United States, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. Their original Ecosa mattress features three comfort layers with open-cell technology for better air flow and cooling and adjustable firmness. Following the popularity of their original mattress, Ecosa launched two hybrid mattresses, the Pure mattress and the Align Firm mattress, to meet the ongoing demand from customers who love this brand.


+1.9x quality feel
+1.7x back pain relief
+1.4x back support

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $700-$2475

Trial Period: 100 Nights

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Ecosa's Specifics

Ecosa started selling mattresses in 2015 as one of the pioneers of the mattress in a box movement in Australia with a streamlined all-foam mattress sold direct to customers. Since their inception, they have continued offering high value designs with a focus on quality foams in a variety of firmness choices while evolving their designs to include pocket springs in some cases as well.

In terms of customer satisfaction, buyers have mostly very good things to say about their experiences mentioning fast deliveries and well-balanced support.

Quality of Materials

Ecosa's mattresses feature their own proprietary foams that offer enhanced quality vs. many competitors. Their original Ecosa mattress features cooling, gel infused memory foam while their newer Pure mattress features pocket springs with 7 different zones to adapt to the body's curves. Their newest offering, the Align Firm mattress features high value Dunlop latex for a firm, responsive feel. What's more, these mattresses feature recycled materials and are carbon neutral.

Below, we'll walk through each of Ecosa's mattresses to see which one might be right for you.

Here is what's in their original Ecosa Mattress:

Cover Layers: The top cover is a removable Tencel™ cover that's washable and helps with air flow. Underneath that is a waterproof inner cover that helps protect again dust mites.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is their proprietary G-7 memory foam, which has added gel particles to regulate temperature and melt away pressure point pain. Since the layers are adjustable based on your desired firmness, this layer provides a medium feel to sleepers.

Layer 3: The next comfort layer is made from proprietary Eco-Tex material, which is designed to contour but also remain cool and resilient with its open cell technology. This layer provides sleepers with a medium-firm feel.

Layer 4: The base layer is an ergonomic support foam that is specially designed to allow zero partner disturbance. It also provides durability to the mattress and a firm feel, so sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress can put this layer on top.

Next, we will take a look at their first hybrid offering, the Pure Mattress:

Cover Layer: The OceanCycle certified cover is a removable and washable fabric made with 80 plastic bottles collected from the ocean.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a BounceTech™ Dunlop Latex with a medium feel. This latex is open cell to provide breathability to the mattress.

Layer 3: A thin layer of microcoils helps to provide pressure relief while evenly distributing weight.

Layer 4: Next is a layer of high density, adaptive Talalay latex which is supportive and provides a medium-firm feel.

Layer 5: The main support layer for the Pure Mattress is made up of individually encased, zoned pocket springs with 7 different zones to support spinal alignment. With reinforced edge support, these pocket springs are sandwiched in between 100% recycled felt above and below to help protect the main support.

Base Layer: A thin layer of reinforced latex foam act as a supportive base for the pocket springs.

Lastly, their newest offering, most budget-friendly, and firmest offering is the Align Firm Mattress:

Cover Layer: The Tencel blend moisture-wicking cover keeps things cool by allowing superior airflow.

Layer 2: A Dunlop latex layer offers a firm, supportive feel while providing a responsive, pressure relieving bounce.

Layer 3: A thin layer of CertiPUR-US moulded foam distributes weight for less partner disturbance while also adding additional pressure relief and airflow with its egg carton design. While it is medium-firmness, the latex layer above and support layers below still lead to a firmer overall feel.

Layer 4: High gauge pocket springs independently react to the curves and sleeping positions of the sleepers above. This support layer offers firm support.

Base Layer: The last supportive layers are made of hard felt that protect the pocket springs and a durable base cover made of polyester from recycled plastic bottles. The 3D mesh side cover allows hot air to escape from the inside of the mattress.

Overall Comfort

These mattresses are great options for most sleepers. With their proprietary foams and zoned support layers, The Ecosa Mattress and Pure Mattress provide lasting back support without being too firm. For the firm lovers out there, The Align Firm offers a well-built budget-friendly supportive design with natural latex.


The original Ecosa Mattress and the Pure Mattress both have adjustable layers, so sleepers can switch up the feel to test out what combination of layers works best for them. The Adjust Firm is ideal for stomach sleepers or those that love a firm feel.

Back Pain Relief

There are several reviewers that have described their Ecosa experience relieving back pain. This may not be true for everyone, but based on the specifications, these mattresses do a superb job at cradling the spine for those that are average or above average in size.


One of the areas that these mattresses does well is their ability to facilitate cooling. From the breathable covers to the use of open cell foam and aerated latex, customers describe these mattresses doing a superior job at keeping cool, especially the Pure Mattress.

Who Are Ecosa Mattresses Right For?

With all-foam and hybrid options, Ecosa's mattresses provide a great option that can satisfy nearly everyone. Based on the specifications and customer reviews, they may be best for those that like a supportive feel.

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Very good mattress.

I have big back problems, but thanks to ecosa my back does not hurt as much as it used to :).

Best bed

Helped so much with lower back pain. Can now sleep again

Happy customer!

Great mattress! I love the adjustability variations of the mattress, which is the main reason I chose this mattress compared to other brands. I've had the mattress for 3 months and is holding up a treat. Maintains shape and now looking to get a new pillow with these guys! Would recommend to people even though on the pricier side in the bedding market!

Great firm mattress

I have had my mattress for over a month now. I am yet to wake up with a sore neck, which was a common occurance on all other spring mattresses i have slept on. I sleep on the firm side and while it isnt great for "lounging", it will hurt your elbows if you lean on it, it is amazing for a grear nights sleep.

First timers

My Nephew recommend your brand. Great value. Delivered quickly and very comfortable.

No regrets

Love this mattress. Seemed too firm at first but have gotten used to it and definitely be keeping it.

Relationship saver!

After 2yrs of no sleep, thanks to a bouncy mattress (and me being a light-sleeper), my partner and I were exhausted and irritable (to say the least). I purchased our mattress on a Sunday night, and it arrived the next afternoon, to my partner's surprise. We have slept so much better ever since. A definite relationship saver, thank you!!

Very comfortable

Very comfortable

Love it!

Love it!

Good Investment

Same day delivery, great sleep improvement, 100 days trial...great investment. Couldn’t ask for more.

Firm Mattress for improved quality of sleep

I am very happy with my Ecosa mattress. It has significantly improved the quality of my sleep. I generally prefer firm mattress for a good sleeping position. The Ecosa mattress works very well for me.

Superb sleep, very comfortable.

Since I have been sleeping on my ecosa mattress I have had a wonderful night sleep every night! I suffer from back pain and the extreme support I get from this comfortable mattress is just incredible! I suggest this for anyone who has problems with sleeping!

Quality mattress but a little too firm

No doubt that this is a quality mattress and worth every penny. But both me and my partner found it to be too firm for our use. After using it a couple of weeks we reached out to customer support and they have been very helpful in assisting.


Best sleep ive had in years

Love it now!

Initially very hard, and I thought, oh no what have I done!! But we ordered the topper to make it more softer, as a few comments suggested by others... it still was hard, but soft. But we carried on as getting used to it as was suggested, we are in week 3, and we love it!! Our body feels way better in the morning than it did on our old mattress, and now that we are used to it, it feels soft and great! For those that like a softer cuddly mattress, I reccomend the mattress topper on top.

Make the call - you won't regret it.

We had been in the market for a new mattress for a while. We tried the in-store testing - you know, the 30-second, awkward, in your clothes, everyone's watching, method that you get put through on the way to the counter at every retailer... My wife was VERY uncomfortable with the public try-outs which probably explains her general lack of enthusiasm when it came to making the decision on which mattress to buy. A couple of friends raved about the sleep they have on their Foam Mattresses, and one friend has an Ecosa, - he told me to look no further, get one, I wouldn't be disappointed. He also told me to expect the mattress to take a couple of weeks to break in, as it will feel firm straight out of the box. So I decided to order one. The Mattress arrived soon enough - sure enough. Unpacking it was easy. Watching it inflate was fun. I was excited ! My wife was somewhat less-so because I made the decision without her input, but sometimes you've just gotta make the call and live with the consequences. "...we've got 100 nights to get used to it - or we can send it back..." was my saving grace - so we tried it out. And the new mattress was FIRM. A couple of days later I changed the layers around to make it a bit softer (as per my wife's request). A couple of weeks later she remarked how the mattress felt really comfortable, now. Phew ! I knew it would be - all along. But I think I'll buy the Ecosa Topper - just to be sure.

Very good

Very good

Excellent purchase but don’t give up too soon

We love our bed now but needed at least a month to get used to it.. my advice would be don’t give up.. its well worth waiting . It’s an excellent product and comes perfectly wrapped and easy to put together once you find instructions on the website.

Ecosa King mattress

Fantastic! Have slept so well ever since!

A Keeper

Loved the way the mattress was packed when it first arrived. Can't blame the bed for not having a good night's rest now.

Most Comfortable Mattress

We recently bought Ecosa Mattress to replace expensive Italian made mattress. And we are really enjoying sound sleeps !!

Comfortable and convenient

Nice and comfortable mattress Fast delivery and easy to open up and use




Perfect best mattress I have ever slept on


It's unbelievable how this mattress is awesome, I highly recommend, I'm loving with my mattress, thankks Ecosa for this wonderful product.

Love it

I love it so much. The service is good as well

good for relationships

we have a $3000 Latex Mattress with different zones built to our different weights. In our other place I had a cheap spring mattress for myself and when my wife came to visit she didn’t get much sleep due to me rolling around, bouncing her around as a consequence. The Ecosa mattress stopped that.


it took about 10 days to get used to it. Now I can sleep through the night again. Excellent mattress

Sleeping soundly

Our mattress arrived very promptly and it was fun to let it out of its box! It is much firmer than we are used to but after one night's sleep I woke up without a sore back for the first time in ages. After sleeping on it for a month now, both my husband and I are finding it very comfortable and both of us are sleeping better too. My husband loves his Ecosa pillow too.

Ecosa Mattress

Best Matttress we have ever purchased Knew after the first night it was a keeper After a life time of a sore back can now sleep and get up in the morning looking almost normal instead of looking like a half shut pocket knife

No more aches and pains when I wake

I must admit I was sceptical before buying the mattress but I needed a new mattress and fast. True to their word it was delivered immediately. You can’t beat that for service. On my first night I was still doubtful but as each night grew into more, I was no longer sceptical, All negative thoughts vanished immediately the same as my aches every morning. Give it a go. You won’t be sorry.

Great bed, awesome for back pain

I had chronic lower back pain since I was young and foolish enough to be carrying 25kg+ things on my back. My partner also had chronic back pain from years of dancing. After we switched from a worn spring-loaded bed, our back pain has slowly gotten better. The partner disturbance technology is amazing too, I can get up without her stirring. We tried the Koala mattress before the Ecosa, and while it was a good mattress, it was too soft for our backs. But the Ecosa (on the softest surface) provides the firm support we need.


We love the Ecosa mattress. We have used it for just over a month and have no complaints. I was impressed at how fast the mattress arrived- it seriously arrived the same day! I would highly recommend this mattress.

My husband was hesitant at

My husband was hesitant at first about trying the ecosa. After his 1st night sleep he was sold. This is by far the best matress. Thanks Ecosa!!!!

Wonderful mattress Ecosa

So comfortable!! Wishing have the cover and pilot from ecosa as well!


Since I have slept on this mattress I wake up refreshed! The after purchase service was excellent.

Very comfortable

I've had the mattress for a month and love it. It's very comfortable for a good nights sleep; even the nanny naps are better. :)

100% Satisfaction

We ordered four twin mattresses for our children. We investigated many different brands on the internet, but are thankful we chose Ecosa. The process was easy, efficient and the price was reasonable. The shipment was received in just a few days and my kids are sleeping beautifully. The mattresses are so comfortable. We love our purchase and highly recommend Ecosa!

Great nights sleep

I’ve had my ecosa for a little while now and am really enjoying it. Some nights it feels a bit firm but others it’s just perfect. I’m looking forward to purchasing the topper when it comes back into stock, which I think will take it to another level!

Easy easy easy

Quickest purchase and delivery ever. Bed is good.

wife is very happy with

wife is very happy with it

Ecosa mattress

Great firm and comfortable. Came direct with courier.

Convenient, Comfort,

Matress arrived same day as ordered - Watching this thing spring out from such a small box was a wonderful experience in itself. Have been sleeping on this matress for 4 weeks now and it has been the best 4 weeks of sleep I’ve had in the last 10 years - my partner has said it has stopped me from tossing and turning during the night - and it seems the quality of sleep I’ve been getting means that when I get up - I actually feel refreshed and fully rested.

Sound sleep

I have curvature in my lower spine and used to wake with lower back pain and sharp twinges or spasms when getting out of bed in the morning. Since getting an Ecosa mattress my lower back pain has ceased. This mattress comes up to meet and support my body whether I’m sleeping on my back, side or stomach. My husband is also sleeping better and it has cut down his snoring. A good nights sleep is so important for functioning during waking hours. I have raved to my work colleagues about how much better I’m feeling, and they are all keen to invest in an Ecosa when they replace their mattresses.

Amazing experience

I had really bad back pain but after using Ecosa mattress it just gone.

Ecosa Mattress

Extremely comfortable

Much better, warmer sleeps

This mattress is a dream! Contours to my body for good sleeps, and I've really noticed the difference in regulating my temperature at night. As a light sleeper, it's so nice to not notice my partner's movements. Love it!

Bed review

Once use to the change very happy

Great matress

I love sleeping on a firm matresses. Have been using the Ecosa matress for cople of weeks now and I am loving it. I sleep mostly on my back and this matress has an excelent back support. I would recommend it to people with back problems who likes a firm matress.


We bought a king size mattress and have never slept better

More like E-Cosy

Love the medium-firm top, soft enough to sleep on but solid enough for proper back support. I'll never go back to a spring mattress, this thing is awesome

Good Product

Good Product

Yay for a new bed!

I purchased this bed desperately after moving to Melbourne. I can't believe how quick it came! Its a firm bed, but you can change it to medium firm which is fantastic. I've found my posture has improved and my back is lot more supported with this mattress then previous ones Ive had. Very happy.

Excellent first mattress for our 3 year old

The purchase, delivery, and setup of the mattress for our son's first bed has been so easy. He now has a mattress that is so comfy... we want one too!

Super comfortable matress

Super comfortable matress

First Time Buyer

Great mattress, arrived very fast.

Awesome mattress love it

Awesome mattress love it

My partner loves this more than me!

I was the one that did all the research, read the reviews and was prepared for a great nights sleep. After 15 years on a soft spring mattress I was ready for a change. Little did I know that my night time antics of tossing & turning kept him awake every night and that after 24 years he should be used to it now right? His back and neck pains have gone, he sleeps like the dead and wakes refreshed every day! Oh, and by the way, I love it too! We got the pillows & silk cases and couldn’t be happier! Thank you ECOSA!


We have loved our ecosa from day one and intend to buy one for our guest bedroom now :D Thanks Ecosa!


Good so far.


Absoloutly love the matress and sheets my shoulders and back are not as sore the sheets are devine, we did need to put a topper in for my husband as ut was to hard for him but now we have found a happy. Medium....

Ecosa SK Mattress

Great Mattreas

Sleep Tight

Loved the convenience of being in a box to get it upstairs. Now we’re using it, it’s amazing, so comfortable, so much support - very happy with our purchase!

So comfatable

This is the best mattress I have ever had. Not too soft and not too firm, it is just fine. I am having better sleep now!


best mattress I have slept on

My son loves his new

My son loves his new mattress

Choice for life

When we first received the Ecosa and lay on it, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was like a magnet to a weary body. After one night's sleep I thought, ok, that's quite firm, I wonder if I'll be okay with this. From night 2, I was a 100% fan. We used to be spring mattress (pocket coil) sleepers before and I spent far too many nights tossing and turning and overheating on them. From now on I won't choose anything but Ecosa. Do yourselves a favour and try it out, you've got nothing to lose except aches and pains.

Ecosa - Great matress

Gives us the best sleep. Strongly recommend buying.

Edge support

We are very pleased. Excellent delivery/packaging. We are comfortable and sleep well. We share the bed with a dog so we both lie on the edges! I’ve wondered, long-term, how the mattress will bear up with the heaviest weight concentrated on the edge. This is NOT an issue, more a question as to how the mattress will sustain a point load (sitting or buttocks) on the same bit of the outer edge of the bed in the days, months and years ahead!



Best mattress ever!

When I first lay on the Ecosa mattress I thought I would never be able to sleep on it! But after a few minutes you feel yourself sinking in to it and it’s so comfortable! I used to suffer from sleepless nights, not any more!

Double mattress

Love this mattress. No back pain!!!

Can’t rate it high enough

Absolutely love my new mattress. I have it as medium and i am having the best sleep in many years! I find it very supportive but without being too firm against my hips and shoulders.

Great mattress and bedding

Found the mattress a little firm (partner loved it) but then put the topper on it and it’s magic. So so comfy. We did the whole thing and got the sheets aswell. I feel like this is how rich people must sleep. Total luxury haha

Perfect as we expected

Helped my hip and we don't disturb each other as we turn - we will be keeping it!


Loving it so far very very comfortable


Excellent Mattress, have been looking for this type of mattress for a long time now I stop searching or trying other mattresses.

Very comfortable

Quick delivery. Fancy packing and very comfortable sleeping. Used to a very firm mattress and very happy with the new one.

Now all I need is

Now all I need is for my cats to sleep thru as well

Much more comfortable than our

Much more comfortable than our previous mattress and it feels very supportive. It has taken us some time to get used to the density of it.

Flippen awesome mattress

Best buy ever!! Will never sleep on anything else!! Get yourself one now!!

Happy to have a very

Happy to have a very good night sleep 👍... The mattress is so comfortable.


The best mattress I have ever had, haven’t had 1 sleepless night since.

So far - So good

Purchased a queen mattress a few weeks ago and am liking it so far. Delivery in a wheeled box is especially handy.

Best Mattress

Best mattress we have had, my husband and i just loving it. Also i love it because after some time even if you feel its maybe too firm/hard you can just change it

In love - never slept better

Took me a few days to get used to a harder mattress. But now I just can’t get enough of this fabulous mattress ☺️

Nice product but not for me

Good customer service and seems to be a good product. However, even when it is adjusted for medium I am still finding myself in pain when I wake up. Medium is still quite hard but the 100 day trial means you can try it before you commit.

Changed my life!

I have had chronic undiagnosed back pain for over 2 years. Purchased a new bed 18 months ago and it has got progressively worse since. 10 nights on the bed 70% of the pain has disappeared. Can't rate it enough.

Was skeptical now convinced

I purchased the Ecosa king bed after reading a ton a reviews, not just on their beds but various other "bed in a box" companies. I decided to take the plunge on the king size and wasn't disappointed. It arrived next day...not same day as they promised, but I'm willing to forgive that based on the fact their mattress has delivered what they promised. The bed is very firm when first unrolled and fully expanded, it also takes a few weeks for the firmness to soften but i love it now. The other thing I'm a little disappointed with is the fact they don't make a bed base to go with their mattresses. I am planning on buying 2 of their pillows also

Sleeping like a child again!!

Me and my partner were suffering from back pain and needed a new mattress, we decided to buy a Ecosa mattress and are very happy with our decision, best mattress I ever had!

Best mattress ever!

I was impressed by same day delivery. Mattress has right firmness. I sleep really well since sleeping on Ecosa mattress.

Love it!

So glad to have taken a chance after sleeping on a very old mattress for way too long. Ecosa is super comfortable and arrived same day we ordered. Love the allergy and environmental benefits too.


honestly obsessed with this mattress!! Bought a new one because my old one was really starting to give me back pain and after reading a bunch of reviews I just went ahead with it! Was so impressed that it arrived within 4 hours was so crazy and it’s also visually pleasing!! Best thing I have ever invested in, my quality of sleeping has improved and for 2 weeks all I could think about was going back to bed on my new mattress! Literally so worth it!!

love it

delivery was super quick. set up really easy. best mattress i've ever had.

Ecosa mattress

Best mattress I’ve ever slept on! So comfortable

Good sleep don't wake up

Good sleep don't wake up or move in the night, took a week to get adjusted to it , sleeps cool , should have bought one years ago


Never slept better

King Mattress

arrived really quickly, so easy to set up. Comfortable so far and has been really good for hubby's back.

Second time buying it

Very good mattress, we bought one 2years ago, then we went for a break overseas so we sold it to friends, and by the time we came back, we bought another one straight away. I totally recommend it!


Bought two mattresses for my wife and I, we both sleep differently, and need different support. The ecosystem mattresses we have fit the bill perfectly.


great for kids

Nice Matteress

I found the bed to be very supportive, however on the edges it seems to fall away with being supportive. So far so good. I hope it does not lose its support over time.

Wowza !!

Great product, highly recommend. I have been suffering with a new mattress which turned out to be too hard for awhile and could take no more so decided to give the Ecosa a go. Was a little worried about it being too hot but not the case. I love this mattress, no regrets. Have also got my hands on their pillow as well and it is a ripper. Well done Ecosa, great product and the customer service was sensational - thanks Cyrille. 5 Stars all the way !!

So good for our achy bodies

We've now spent a couple of weeks on this bed, and are completely obsessed with how amazing it is. I'm a few weeks away from having our baby, and my husband spend a lot of time commuting, so both of us tend to hop into bed sore. Previously our bed was very low and soft, so finally having a high firm bed is a god send. Now we just need to upgrade our pillows!

Ecossa review

It is very comfortable to sleep. I feel good and energetic when I wake up.


Very comfortable

Great mattress!

We’ve slept on our mattress now for one month, and we love it. Nice and firm! No more waking up with a sore back.

Like sleeping on a cloud!

I had my initial reservations purchasing a mattress from a company I had never heard of - but it came with a money back guarantee so why not? Don’t regret the purchase at all - it is by far one of the most comfortable bed I have slept on and it’s pretty firm too!!

Excellent mattress

As a chiropractor I constantly get asked about sleep position and also recommendations for a quality mattress. I have looked around over many years and to be honest with all the different spring, coil, firmness variations on the market it gets bewildering. Looked at the ecosa mattress online videos and product description and customer reviews and bought one for myself. It ticks all the right boxes. Latex and Gel for comfort and support and longevity. You can vary the firmness after purchase just be flipping the mattress layers. So your not stuck with buyers remorse of what felt comfortable in the shop doesn’t match your expectations at home. It’s shipped to your door , easy to set up and comes with a 100 day guarantee. Had it for 3 weeks and my sleep is great. I fully recommend the exist mattress.

Mattress is cozy

The mattress itself is very nice, especially for the price! We tried to pre order and schedule the delivery to occur the day we moved into our new place. DON’T DO THIS. They apparently can’t schedule a delivery and it won’t arrive when desired. (Even though they allow you to set this up and tell you it is possible) You can arrange a vacation hold through FedEx, but this is a hassle.


Everything easy and love it

Heavenly feel!

Best mattress I have ever had. Both my husband and I can have deep sleeps without distractions from now onward.

Love it

We went from a high end brand memory foam mattress to the Ecosa. The Ecosa is even better!


My husband and like different firmnesses in mattresses. We both sleep great on this mattress.

Awesome mattress

best mattress i've ever had

So quick and easy

Love that it came the same day we ordered!

Awesome mattress

Our new mattress is comfortable for a side and back sleeper and has no partner disturbance . It is a quality product that feels good llooks good and worth the money


Am loving my new mattresses. It’s very firm but not uncomfortably so. Great for my back!

Mattress in a box???

Spent months procrastinating about buying a mattress, dealing with a sore back and visiting mattress stores in a hope to find the perfect mattress. It was not until I shifted my focus to researching mattress in a box and loved the idea that you can CHANGE the level of firmness that I decided to take a risk and buy an Ecosa mattress. My only regret is that I should’ve done this sooner!

Best mattress ever

My son thinks this is the best mattress ever

Sleeping like a log! (As my dad would say)

Since getting this mattress my husband and I have both been sleeping so much better than when we had our previous spring based one. We are both so happy and could not recommend it high enough.

Great Product Great Sleep

I have woken up with sore arms and back issues every day for 10 years. Not anymore! Thanks Ecosa!


Love this mattress it is water proof and comfy good quality as well.


We purchased your mattress and have been very impressed. I have had chronic back problems and they have improved dramatically. Thanks ecosa😊

A life-changing difference!

Having had back issues for many years, this mattress has made all the difference in providing real relief of the previous aches and general discomfort I had. I now sleep deeply and have been grateful for how well my back feels after sleeping on this outstanding mattress. Thank you.

Best sleep

I purchased the mattress for both my sons. A single and a double My son currently has his leg on a plaster and was really uncomfortable to sleep, with ECOSA he has as he said to me “the best sleep ever” I will highly recommend

Love love love!!

Absolutely love this mattress, I am sleeping so much better and it is a perfect firmness that my husband & I (who usually struggle to find a mattress that suits both of us) are both super happy about. We also got 2 of the pillows & the sheets and they are all fantastic quality & ultra comfortable!!

Great Mattress

Great product . Prompt delivery.

Amazing bed

Amazing bed

Just the right firmness

I love a firm mattress and have been wanting to try these mattresses for a while and love it. I purchased the bamboo sheets as well and they feel so luxurious. Really enjoying sleeping these days!

Amazing and luxurious new bed!

I love my Ecosa mattress. It came to my office, I was able to set it up alone! The mattress is amazingly comfortable and you really can’t feel your partner toss and turn.

Best sleep EVER!

I had done research into mattresses for weeks. I was becoming weary and then I found Ecosa. Their customer service was amazing, the bed itself arrived promptly and was packaged well. I had no trouble getting it set up (I did have to have some help because it was heavy!) and I have been sleeping like a rock ever since! This mattress was the best purchase I have ever made.


So far it's been great. Very comfortable and my wife is no longer complaining!!!

best ever

boom! love it so much

Love my new mattress

After much research and deliberation I ordered my Ecosa queen mattress on Thursday morning and was sleeping on it by Friday night. Fantastic service. I like a really firm mattress so I was reassured by the fact that I would be able to a) swap the layers to get a firmer surface and b) return the mattress if it wasn't comfortable. Neither was necessary. From the first night I have I loved the mattress, as has my partner, and we both continue to sleep well on it more than a month on. Tea in bed is a breeze no danger of tea slopping over and I don't get disturbed if he climbs into bed later than me! Thank you Ecosa! I would highly recommend your product.

Really good

I previously ordered a Koala mattress and hated it. Got the ecosa and it was too firm for me but then got the topper and now I love it 😊

Ecosa mattress review

Excellent mattress design and comfortable for sleeping!

Changed My Life but Give it a Few Weeks!

I was considering buying an expensive spring mattress, but after looking at my budget for this year I knew it wasn't going to work. Still I needed a new mattress ASAP as my old spring one was killing me. I was not getting any rest, I would be in bed for 9 hours and wake up feeling like I had 2 hours sleep. I got Ecosa because of the 120 day return period it felt like a situation where I could afford to take the risk. I can't tell you how it compares to any other online mattresses because I havent looked any further, Im sold. Make sure you give it some time, my back hurt for the first week even though I was getting some good sleep, but that must have just been some sort of adjustment period for me because my body feels so good now. I was also worried about it being hot, as I heard foam latex mattresses can be, and I am a VERY warm sleeper. I don't think its any warmer than a spring mattress with a topper. I tend to switch between my stomach and back and I have found it good for both. I don't know how long these are meant to last but if it lasts more than a couple years I will be a very happy return customer.

Matress evosa

Comfortable and supportive for the back

great mattress

firmness exactly what i was looking for. supports the back well and drastically reduced my back pains

As good as everyone says

An incredibly comfortable and supportive mattress. My back/neck pain is greatly improving, and my overall quality of sleep is better. I was skeptical of the reviews but they’re all true!


Amazing mattress! After a week we were sleeping so well and feel the difference in our bodies. Would recommend the topper as well makes all the difference.

I LOVE IT! amazing mattress!

I LOVE IT! amazing mattress! I have fibromyalgia and this has given me so much relief from my join pain. It also arrived within 2 days. Super quick delivery!

Fantastic mattress and service

Fantastic mattress and service

Mattress with topper

It took a few days to adjust but now I really love this mattress.

Sue's review

I am sleeping mor comfortably and not waking up as much during the night as previously but my back pain still persists. However my partner who was initially skeptical just absolutely loves it.

Good mattress

I like the mattress. It’s comfy and I don’t feel my partner move.

Ecosa Queen Bed Mattress

Ecosa Queen Bed Mattress

Best sleep ever.

Have loved this mattress ever since I got it


Great matteess

Interesting mattress

I found the new mattress interesting as it felt very different from our previous mattress.However it is very comfortable and somehow does indeed support the body. My husband loves it as it has proven to help him with comfort for his chronic arthritis.

Ecosa mattress

Very happy so far with our new mattress. My husband has a bad back and seems to get a good sleep with the new mattress.


Really happy with my mattress!

Great mattress, little stiff if

Great mattress, little stiff if you’re used to traditional stuff, but dont wake up with a sore back anymore so pretty happy. Had to get a woollen underlay to soften it up a bit rather than the topper as a compromise between me n the missus.


No hesitation to use this mattress at any time in any position, always comfortable. For me in some ways it's better than Ecosa claims. It won't be going back.

I bought the ecosa mattress

I bought the ecosa mattress to go in my van, I love it so much I'm about to buy another one for home.

Thought I would hate it, turns out I love it

Expected it to be too hard and uncomfortable. Not the case at all! So comfortable and no more back/neck/hip pain!

King siza mattress

My back feels a lot better now

Worth the Money

Love my new Ecosa mattress, wake with less pain & feel more mobile on rising. Very glad I stopped hesitating & purchased, arrived within 24 hours too!

Heavenly mattress

We love our new luxury bed. Better comfort than any 5 Star Hotel bed we have ever experienced. The mattress topper especially was literally icing on the cake. Thanks Ecosa 👍🏻

Good Mattress

Firm as requested, easy to install. Good experience with order

Ecosa Mattress

Initially I didn't like the bed was firm, but since sleeping on it, I've woken up feeling great every morning.

Very happy with purchase, definitely

Very happy with purchase, definitely a much firmer mattress than most but very comfortable, nice quality/finish.

Ecosa mattress

We are in love with our Ecosa mattress. One of the best purchases we have ever made. Being able to change the mattress from medium/firm to medium is such a bonus. I would never buy a spring inner again, this is THE best mattress in my opinion.

Its great

Really enjoy it, not one regret in my purchase

Thumbs up!

Most comfortable mattress I've slept on for a long time. I love the firmness. Very happy with this purchase.

Great mattress

What I like about Ecosa mattress is that you can change the firmness without exchanging the mattress.

Mattress .

I would like to write on how much more I look forward to going to bed because now I do sleep, my mattress is well worth the price of a decent nights sleep, firmer than I’m used to but obviously what I needed! Beautifully made, was also most impressed with way in which the mattress was delivered it, complete with wheels on the box, easy to follow instructions, not heavy to handle, a plastic cutter to open the plastic bags enclosed in a velvet bag, along with all instructions & a card to wish you a Happy Sleep, what more could I have asked for? Cannot fault your service and product from ordering on your website to my bedroom ! Well done to you all, and thanks to you I can now say I am no longer an insomniac!

Nice mattress

Nice mattress

Best option if you want a good sleep

Never lost my sleep and there is no interruption for partner.

not bad

bought an ecosa and have to say, I even get my friends and family to try it. It is a great mattress, 5 stars if it would be a bit more affordable and the delivery company would do what they are asked and are being paid to do, then everyone would be 100% happy

Queen bed from a hesitant purchaser

My husband and I were hesitant purchasing a mattress we hadn’t seen in store or tested but decided to take the plunge and see how we went after reading all the reviews and the 100 day return policy. Can’t fault anything. Delivery was super quick, you could track the courier like an Uber app, delivered in a box WITH WHEELS (why don’t others think of this?!) and came back from our honeymoon and have had no issue what soever. 100% recommend. Love your work Ecosa, bravo for making a difference in the market.

very good service

we purchased a mattress and a pillow, and we are in the stage of getting exchanged to a bigger size mattress. Everything is going smooth and we are receiving excellent customer service. The mattress is wonderful, the firm side is suitable for both of us, especially for my partner who has been sleeping on a Japanese futon on the floor for years so to have the firm support to his back. I have been having pain in my shoulder, neck and spine. After sleeping on the mattress and the pillow, all the pain have reduced 90% and on the way of recovering with minor physio adjustment.

very comfortable love the mattress

very comfortable love the mattress

Single kids bed European size

We needed a firm mattress for our son. Problem was we had a perfectly good uk john Lewis frame we wanted to keep using. There's a few cm's difference between NZ /UK sizes, so after procrastinating, we bought iut reassured by the 100 day trial. It fits! Its really lovely. We'll buy another 1 soon.

Ecosa is very good

It’s made me well sleep because finally good for me able to sleep even my lower back isn’t pain anymore. Well I was used to insomnia and really bad pain my lower back. Seem i got it right so I’m glad I did.

Ecosa mattress

I love my Ecosa mattress! Haven't had such a great nights sleep since having my kids almost a decade ago! I strongly recommend it to anyone looking at buying a new mattress.

Highly Recommend

I love my mateess and sleep awesome.


I haven’t ever bought a bed, and was unsure whether or not to get a cheap opshop bargain (student) but what better way to spend your course related costs on a great night sleep. It’s amazing, no disturbances from my partner when he gets up at a earlier time than me. Got it the day after I purchased it which was incredible. If you want to invest in something you spend half of your life with, invest in a bed. An Ecosa bed.

King mattress

I love our new king mattress. The firm feel of the mattress is good for the back. But since im a side sleeper i think i need the mattress topper. There is no partner disturbance which used to bother me quite a bit with a partner tossing and turning. I even recommended this to a friend who ended up buying her son a mattress and who also loves it!

best mattress

looked up online for the options of mattress and chose ECOSA, have been using it for the past 40 days and it has been great, super comfortable and fast delivery!!


This is a great mattress. I haven’t tried out the other firmness, I just kept it on the softest which seems to be firm enough for me. The only thing I would say that I wasn’t happy with was that I thought the box was supposed to come with wheels attached for easy moving, but mine didn’t so I had to get help or drag it to move it. Other than that it’s a great mattress so far!

Kings size Mattress

I was a bit concerned at how firm the mattress was but it was so comfortable, would recommend to anyone to have ago and you will have a better sleep.

Amazing Bed

Once you get use to the firmness of this mattress it is very, very comfortable. My husband swears he wakes up in the morning and stands straighter!

Comfortable Bed

I really like this bed. I have been suffering from shoulder pain on and off for the last year and so far my pain has been greatly diminished after sleeping on this bed. I’ve had it for about three weeks. I have not yet tried moving the layers but will probably do so eventually to play around with it. It was easy to take out of the box and get onto my box spring by myself and came very quickly in the mail. So far very happy and have recommended it to multiple people. Also, as a vegan, I love that this bed contains no animal derived ingredients. That’s the main reason why I chose this bed specifically. I would also like to point out that I am a back and side sleeper. Many people that suffer from back pain don’t know that it is bad to sleep on your stomach or on your side with your leg thrown over. Your body should always sleep in alignment. Hope this review helps someone make a great bed/sleeping decision!

Best thing come with little detail

The mattrest is so great.

Nice and firm

I was worried about the firmness of this mattress but my sleeps are awesome and I don't wake up with any back or muscle pain, like I used to.

Excellent product

We've had our Ecosa mattress a few months now and we are very happy with it. It is a very comfortable firm mattress with minimal disturbance when my husband moves in the night. I highly recommend one!!

Great mattress, great price

Firm as a good mattress should be. Sleeping much better, hard to get out in the morning as it's so comfy.

Best mattress I've ever slept on

The title says it all. It's super comfy. Not too hard not too soft. My only regret is I didn't get a bigger one

Such a comfortable bed!

Such a comfortable bed!

Very Comfortable

Very pleased with mattress.

I lovey new mattress Thank

I lovey new mattress Thank you

All around great mattress

We love are queen size mattress and three comfort levels what more can you ask for. Checkout was easy and shippng was fast.


this mattress is AWESOME!!

love it

love it

Love this mattress

This mattress has been great for my back and I’ve been sleeping really well on it.

Great mattress - easy to buy

Excellent mattress at a low cost. Really comfortable. Shopping process was so easy.

Best sleep

Love this mattress. From ordering to delivery was seamless process. My partner and I don't feel any movement as we roll over. It's firm but not hard. We have it on our bed. But we are about to do a trip around Australia in our motorhome and we have specifically bought it for the motorhome

Really like it

Can be a little hard to begin with, my backs in the best shape it’s been in for years

Value, Comfort, Versitile and all round awesome!

Value, Comfort, Versitile and all round awesome! What more could you want! We love our KING SIZE and we loved that we could experiment with medium, medium/firm and firm!



Amazing mattress

Fantastic comfortable mattress. Combined with the ecosa pillow I haven't slept better in years :)

K. Hammett

Could not be happier. Super efficient service & delivery. I have never had such a comfortable sleep. I now wake up each morning pain free and well rested.


Just love it!!


Amazing mattress! I was skeptical at first but having been referred by a friend I thought why not. After a week, I wouldn’t want to sleep on anything else!

Good Mattress

Pretty good mattress


My partner and I have wanted a new bed for years. We both have regular aches and pains and never seemed to have a good night sleep. Ever since we purchased the ecosa mattress its we feel full body support and wake up feeling refreshed. Absolutely recommend to invest in this great product.

Bed reward

Have had this for almost a month now. Have slept better since. In all... Love it!!

Just wonderful

Our recent mattress purchase from Ecosa has been a dramatic health change for my husband and I. The contrast from what we previously owned is profound. We are extremely happy and grateful for the purchase. Have not slept this good for a while. Love it!

I love it.

Bought a memory foam from overstock and regretted it. Bought this after and wish i went straight to this. Is the perfect amount of soft and firm. Straight out the packaging it was perfect.

Neville and Colleen

Very comfortable. We really sleep better on our new mattress

Love it!

So comfy and we sleep much better

Review from

Fantastic I have a good sleep every night

very happy

very happy

Great mattress

Bought it to go into our motor home. Only had it a month. So far so good.

No more back cramps

I was hesitant at first but felt comfortable trialling an Ecosa because of the 100 day trial offer. So glad I did as my back and body aches have gone from stiffness every morning to nothing since I began sleeping on the Ecosa. I'm also a big bodied person and can recommend this mattress to other bigger people out there.

Ticks all the Boxes!

I’m a side or tummy sleeper whilst my partner is a back sleeper. We both work shift work so minimal disturbance is a really important to us. We both prefer a firmer mattress. Our ecosa has ticked all the boxes! Wouldn’t sleep on anything else now!

Great Mattress

Easy ordering system. Fast Delivery. Awesome packaging. Best mattress ever.

Best Investment Ever!!

We ordered our Ecosa Mattress a month ago and we absolutely love it. My partner and I wake up every morning feeling very relaxed after a night of undisturbed sleep!

Good mattress

It's a good mattress.



Very happy!

Love this mattress, it’s a beauty. Exactly what I was after for my little girl, she’s very comfortable and I don’t need to worry about dust mites thanks to the natural latex material the mattress is made from. Quick delivery, loved the $200 off voucher- thank you! I highly recommend the product. With the guarantee, I know I am covered should any issues arise. Thanks again.

First bed

For my toddler’s first bed I wanted to make sure we had a mattress that would support his back in any which way he decided to sleep that night. This mattress not only supports his back but it is super comfy and even often catches me falling asleep on it as I tuck him in at night. When we replace our mattress it will be with an Ecosa


Excellent mattress, worth paying for this. Me and my partner are very satisfied for our purchase. Would recommend everyone. Good if you have backache problem. Could have ordered before. Very happy for my purchase


We have spent significant $$ on other matresses and were so relieved to fid ECOSA - such fantanstic value - we have the package matress, topper and pillows = sound sleep - o more stiff neck, painful shoulders. Love the 'values' of thisgroup as well!!

Queen Bed ecosa mattress

I recently purchased a mattress from ecosa and I am very pleased with the feel of it. No more waking up with a sore back and trying to straighten up in the mornings Ya! Thanks ecosa

Happy misses

Brought the king mattress and topper and is very comfortable,takes a little getting useto and won't be sending back,great value.

Perfect in every way

Superfast delivery to regional NSW. Easy to unpack and set up. Surprisingly firm mattress with perfect give and support. I'd recommend an Ecosa at a third of the price of a Tempur to anyone. Could not be happier.

P Peterson

Excellent. Sleeping really well for me. Surprised and very pleased.

ECOSA mattress

Suffering from arthritis in one hip, and having tried other brand mattress's without much success I decided to try another type of mattress, namely the ECOSA. The change was everything I had hoped for, great support and very comfortable right from the first night. I have no hesitation in highly recommending the Ecosa products.

Ecosa Double Mattress

100% better than the mattress I had, maybe a little firmer than I'm used to but still feels great.

Ecosa Queen mattress

Really enjoying my queen Ecosa mattress. Easy to set up, love the medium firm feel of the mattress. Impressed with the fast delivery. Only a month in and getting great sleep. VL Auckland

Mattress & Topper Love ❤️

We ordered a mattress after several years of persisting with our very expensive base/ensemble set. Decided we were too old to spend the rest of our years waking up feeling like rubbish every morning. We have both been sleeping better than we have in years, a much deeper sleep and no partner disturbance from the other side. We did order the topper which just completed the experience, however the mattress on its own was great just a bit too firm. Now it is an absolute joy to go to bed and we don't wake up aching in the morning. Should have done this ages ago!

It is very comfortable slepping

It is very comfortable slepping

Great Deal

Bought this because I got tired of going to shops and not finding what I wanted for a reasonable price. The unpacking process was easy and I loved the booklet and other items that came with it.

Best sleep ever

Always found it hard finding a mattress that was firm enough, this mattress is THE BEST mattress I have ever slept on.

I’ve not looked back

I ordered the mattress and topper and have found them very comfortable. No more waking with back pain.

Just right

We are very pleased with the mattress and it has helped my back support. It also works well with our adjustable base. Did not have to change the firmness layers but like the fact that I can later. The cover is also a nice quality.

Amazing mattress!

Amazing mattress!

Excellent Ecosa mattress

Since we bought a queen Ecosa mattress a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I had been sleeping well without any back pains

Ecosa Mattress

Best night sleep I have had, waking up feeling amazing everyday!

My Experience

I have found the mattress to be instantly comfortable on the ‘firm’ setting and I have been sleeping about an hour longer weekday nights and much longer at weekends when I do not have to rise at a specific time to go to work.

So Impressed!!!

Incredibly comfortable, firm, and NO springs!!!

So comfortable

I’ve really enjoyed this bed from the moment I got it. It’s very comfortable and I love that you can change the firmness. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time!!!

Ecosa double mattress

It's really good. My quality of sleep is better with Ecosa.

Ecosa Matress

Perfect Firmness for me, We nearly spent 3k to get a Casino quality model but my wife suggested ecosa, and its great! We also got the topper incase it was too hard, but we don't use it. Highly recommend.

Great memory foam mattress

Medium-firm perfection. Great for chronic LBP. Highly recommend.

Best mattress i've ever had

First night was a shock, but after my body adjusted, I have slept better than I ever have!

Good mattress.

Good mattress.





Great Mattress

Love my new Ecosa mattress, I've never slept so well in my life. Plus my back pain is starting to disappear since I starting sleeping on it.

Best mattress I've ever had!

Best mattress I've ever had!

It is firm- but great

Be prepared- it is firm! You can lessen the firmness by changing the layers. I haven’t done that though. I’m now used to the firmness and love it! But be prepared it is different from a traditional mattress. I certainly have fewer aches and pains now.


Very good for money and excellent quality

love it!love it!

love it!love it!

Awesome mattress

I love this mattress. I have lower back issues and used to wake up stiff and sore. Not any more. It's easy to get ready and so comfortable. Love love love it!

Love it!

Love it even more than I thought I would. Chose this one over others because of the 15 year warranty, others, 10. Adjustable firmness, others not adjustable.

Single Mattress

We recently purchased our second mattress from Ecosa and have been very impressed with the quality and speed of delivery. Both children are now sleeping in style, I'm thinking we now need to upgrade ours as well!

Mattress and sheets

My Ecosa mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had and the bamboo sheets are an absolute treat. Have bought the mattresses and sheets for my children too

Ecosa queen sized mattress

It took considerably longer than expected for the mattress to arrive but that's hardly the mattresses fault. In regards to the mattress, it is easily the best mattress I have ever slept on.


Love the new mattress. It is hard if you choose the hardest option but that’s what I like.

Simply fantastic.

Sleeping on Ecosa helped me with my back problems, highly recommended.

Love it

Two years ago we purchased an expensive inner sprung mattress. For two years I woke up sore every day. Not wanting to make the same mistake, I was relying on the 100 day guarantee when I ordered our ecosa. Well I'm glad to say it's here to stay. No more back pain when we wake up. My husband and I are both really happy. It's firm, and took about two weeks to get used to. Now we love it! So happy and would definitely recommend. Ordering was easy and quick delivery too.

Mattress, Topper & Pillow

My wife & I are very happy with our new mattress, Topper and pillows. We would recommend to anyone looking for a new mattress.


The mattress is amazing, as was the service / delivery.

Great purchase!

We recently purchased the super king mattress and have no complaints. Have added a goose down topper for extra padding but even without it was super comfy.


Magic is the word to describe the Ecosa Mattress. It is so good that my husband does not want to get out of bed in the morning. Gone are the constant back aches, and in particular no trouble going back to sleep after the dreaded nature call during the nite. Absolutely recommend Ecosa to anyone who is looking for a super nights sleep with comfort. You have nothing to lose with the 100 days money back guarantee and the 15 years warranty.

awesome and cumfy

my son is loving his new mattress, was complaining of sore growing pains in legs, and bad sleep. have been not complaints since.

Great bed, nice, firm and comfortable.

Fixed my neck pains pretty much immediately. Is firm and minimises partner disturbance. Even our cats have claimed it! Great service, from the chat support to delivery. 10/10.

Very happy!

I am very happy with my mattress & am sleeping like a log. It was also really quick delivery (same day). It's quite firm which I like. I am yet to try the other firmness levels.


Firm and very happy

New mattress

After major surgery our near new mattress was not good it cost over $2k. I looked into the Ecosa and decided to give it a try. This was the best thing we ever did the mattress is fantastic now we are having the best sleep ever.

Ecosa mattress

We are really enjoying this mattress. We are sleeping better than ever before. It doesn't matter whether we sleep on our side or on our back it is very comfortable and we find we are not disturbing each other as much if or when moving around during the night. Extremely happy with it.

A dream to sleep on.

Its funny how you can read a few bad reviews and they'll make you think twice. If you enjoy a firm but comfortable mattress, you'll love it. If you don't, then don't buy it. However, its great to have the option of swapping the layers to increase the softness which a few of the competitors don't offer. Its a dream to sleep on.

Great stuff!

Prompt delivery and easy set up. Mattress is really really firm ( on the softest “setting” ) my hubby was an instant convert, and I now am sleeping well on it. It’s taken me a good month to get used to it. really supportive, I think maybe with a topper it could be even nicer. Very good value

Tried koala and ecosa

I bought an ecosa, then moved house and had 2 extra rooms, so thought I'd do a comparison and try a koala. Ecosa had better packing, faster delivery and a more comfortable mattress... So I am going to get another ecosa for the last room.

very happy sleeper

Our $4000 10 year old tempura mattress started to get really mouldy and had to go so we searched online and came across Ecosa. We started with the mattress only and found it a little too firm so have since purchased the topper and found it suits us perfectly. Happy to recommend these mattresses to anyone looking for a very reasonably priced quality mattress.

Best way to buy a mattress

Quick delivery, no fuss ordering, easy set up and no more back pain . !


Love the mattress, brought the topper for extra comfort after using the mattress for a week. Both my husband and I are sleeping much better, it took a week to get used to it but now we fall asleep straight away & wake up feeling like we've had a good sleep, we both have much more energy now.

best bed ever!

best bed ever!

Bed feel awesome

Bed feel awesome


Love this mattress. I haven't slept thus good in years.

Super Comfy

Super Comfy Mattress! It feels amazing!


We've gone through so many mattresses and haven't been able to ever find one that felt just right. After years of searching, we just settled for something close to what we wanted. So happy to report that we've finally found "the one"!! When we unpacked the mattress it seems pretty flimsy at first, but we were happy to discover that the firm side is extra firm and just what we were looking for in a mattress. Thanks so much for a great product with a great guarantee!! Highly recommend.

So far so good

Am 2 weeks into sleeping on my new Ecosa mattress and loving it so far - I'm on the medium configuration with the topper.

Very comfy and good for

Very comfy and good for my back

Amazing Ecosa Bed

This bed is what Im looking for, we Love it, it releaves our stress after work, it Really works for a busy family like us. Highlly recommended, try this ecosa bed and youll never be sorry, affordable and very comfy, many thanks ecosa bed!!!

Best mattress ever

I have spent thousands buying big name mattress's in the past, but they were no where near as supportive and comfortable as this one. Best sleep ever.... highly recommended

Stable and Comfort

Bought the mattress for more than a month now, enjoy it very much, stable and comfort.

Great Mattress

Took a couple of days to get use to it but now I love it.

Lived up yo the hype

I am so impressed by this mattress. I was a little nervous when I read other reviews that had mentioned the mattress was a little firm. Despite this we went ahead with the trial and both my husband and I absolutely love the new mattress. I really look forward to getting inyo bed due to how comfortable it is now as silly as it sounds. I wish that I had bought one of these 10 years ago.

Ecosa mattress

Easy to set up Very comfortable

Great value for money

This is the second king size mattress I have bought from you and we love them! Also purchased the toppers for a bit of extra comfort, has done wonders for my back!

Terrible customer service

Returned bed as it was too hot for me to sleep on without sweating in winter. On their site they say "Once the mattress has been collected you will be issued with a full refund." What they actually mean is that once the mattress is collected it's now your job to let them know its been picked up. Then you have to wait until the Salvation army has confirmed its been picked up. So if they don't confirm (as they haven't in my case) then Ecosas system is to sit there with their "dedicated team" and wait for the Salvation army to let them know its been collected. It's now been 3 weeks now, no money and no mattress and sleeping on the couch. Thanks Ecosa!


After communication issues regarding the delivery of our mattress, we finally received it. With the actual product, the mattress is very good. It is effective in reducing the impact of movement, and the bed doesn't move as much when the other person also moves. It's good for the back, and I'm also impressed as the bed sheet doesn't shift as much with the bed user's movement. (If you're someone who makes the bed every morning like me, this is an important factor.) However, I'm just very displeased with all the communication, or lack thereof, regarding the delivery. Your product is very good, and whilst your customer service might be OK, the aspect of the delivery drags your credibility down. We all know that at this day and age, there's already a lot of other brands out there with almost the same product. So with customer service, plus with other relevant processes such as a brand/business, you really have to mindful of who you book, as they represent your business in a way even if they are just third-party. Your first mistake is using Hunter Express as your courier. We also use couriers a lot with our family business, so I know first hand that they are not very reliable. They are cheap, yes, but not very good. To summarize what happened with Hunter Express: - First, the delay in the estimated delivery day. Supposedly 1-2 days only in Melbourne metro, but took a week. However, I understand that delays happen, esp. with the virus. So that's fine. - But the next issue is that I enquired 4 times where our mattress is, but no one could tell me until my fourth enquiry. - Then I received a text from Hunter Express that the mattress is at the depot and gives me a link to "book" the delivery. This is frustrating, as I already thought delivery had been booked all along when I made the purchase? - So I went to the link and filled in all the info required, but with the last questions re: if able to physically carry the box (35kg), I ticked no, and it said someone from Hunter Express will contact me to arrange an alternative. - I even did the link twice, to make sure someone from Hunter Express calls, and even asked your customer service again to get them to contact me, but still nothing. (I already tried to call Hunter Express directly, but machine says the account holder which is you guys has to talk to them) - For the record, I needed to talk to Hunter Express due to the ff. reasons: a) I still need to go to my workplace every week and needed to make sure I can schedule to be working from home when they make the delivery, and b) I'm pregnant and needed to figure out as to how I can get the box upstairs to our apartment. - (Although I obviously now learned that there are wheels on the box and would have appreciated to know this info.) - So was still waiting for Hunter Express to call me, and suddenly got another text message that delivery has been successfully booked for May 26th. Now this was where it got really frustrating. No one talked to me about my issues re: the delivery and they just decided to book it without my consent anyway? - Then I made arrangements for May 26th anyway, so when the delivery arrives someone can be home and be able to get it upstairs. But the funny/frustrating thing again is that THEY DELIVERED IT ON MAY 25TH ANYWAY, A DAY EARLY BEFORE THE "ARRANGED" DELIVERY DATE THAT THEY THEMSELVES DECIDED FOR ME. Honestly?!?!?! Someone rang the buzzer as I was about to walk out of the apartment to go to work. HONESTLY? Had I missed the delivery guy one minute, what would have happened? Another series of miscommunication?

Did not setup even they offer service

Prompt service at purchase and good delivery. However, didnt deliver on promise to setup bed. No way of contacting team- there is no response from email. If they are unable to offer setup due to covid then they should say upfront - no point in asking and then at delivery not allowing setup. That is misrepresenting facts and unlawful for consumers. I would imagine the same issue will happen if we have issues too. Good service upto sale only. No backup after.

A Weird Combination of Too Hard and Too Soft

Well, it's better than sleeping on the floor, but not by much. About equal to the worst mattress I ever bought, an Australian-made futon. I find the mattress too hard when lying on my back (I'm a back sleeper) and even worse on my side, with pressure soreness on the outside of my thighs after about 10-20 minutes. That's on the factory setting of Medium too - I don't dare try taking it up to Medium Firm or Firm. I normally buy a Firm mattress so I'm not just being delicate. I'm 130kg and the mattress is rated to 180kgs but I shudder to think how uncomfortable it would be if I was in that sort of weight range. A memory foam mattress topper stops it from being intolerable but still doesn't make it comfortable. I thought perhaps my mattress protector or electric blanket were stopping the foam from contouring to my body but even when I stripped off everything including the sheet and slept on the bare mattress it didn't make any difference. In addition to being too firm to lie on, trying to turn over is almost an Olympic event, as the memory foam mysteriously becomes too soft when I roll and I sink into it, having to throw my leg in the direction I want to go like a discus thrower. Unfortunately I missed the 100 night window to return the thing due to having bigger problems at the time, so I'm stuck with it. I should have paid more attention when I asked customer service what the main issue was with the several thousand people who'd returned the mattress; their answer was that it was too firm. It was also too hot in summer, and I'm not a hot sleeper - if anything I'm a cold sleeper. The only positive things I can say about it is it looks pretty, inflated in just an hour or two, and delivery was fast even though I'm in a rural area.

Terrible Customer Service

Terrible customer service. I ordered a mattress on 2nd January, the website promotes quick shipping and with my location stated 1-7 business days. Here I am 20 days later with nothing. I've contacted customer support over 5 times now, the first time they told me it had shipped but tracking details suggested otherwise. They then told me on numerous times over the course of 2 weeks that they were trying to contact their warehouse to see what had happened, no response at all from them and everytime we spoke to them the same answer, how long does it take to get an answer from your warehouse staff?? Its a superking matress so how hard can it be to find? I've contacted the courier company and they say they don't have it. So far I'm 3 weeks now sleeping on the floor with no resolution offered by Ecosa, they just give the same canned response that they are making enquiries. Why not organise a replacement mattress, why not get down to the warehouse to check why your staff are not responding to enquiries, why not get on the phone with your courier manager to get it sorted? Couldn't be more disappointed with this company and how they have managed this issue. Blaming the couriers is poor given they could resolve the issue, get another courier or send out a replacement. I use several couriers for my business and none of them are experiencing delays of this size, at best a few days but deliveries are getting through in good time.

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