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Bedshed Mattress Reviews

Bedshed is a mattress retailer that has focused mostly in serving Western Australia. They also have stores in Queensland and Victoria. With over 30 stores, Bedshed sells a variety of name brand mattresses from both global and Australian brands. While most customers find mattresses comfortable, there are some that reported complaints about satisfaction at times.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Price Value: 7.8/10

No Back Pain: 7.9/10

Price: $251-$15000

Trial Period: 60 Day Exchange (Fee Applies)

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Bedshed's Specifics

Bedshed has a variety of mattresses available to customers. They have both higher end name-brand options and also budget friendly mattresses, such as those from the Dreamsense brand, which is exclusively sold at Bedshed.

They have a good selection of mattresses and have a larger selection than smaller local retailers. However, with more selection can come more headaches at finding the right match.

Also, with Bed Shed's selection comes a hidden truth:

Their prices are usually much higher than newer online mattress brands.

This is because Bed Shed has a traditional retailer business model. This means they mark up the mattresses from the name-brands, and the name-brands mark up the mattresses from the manufacturers. This means that the materials are oftentimes marked up over and over again before you buy them.

So what is Bed Shed really selling?

You are buying more personal customer service and sales.

While some value the personal experience of a store, many customers are starting to turn to newer online brands that have streamlined the mattress business model to pass on more value to you. Read on to learn more about the selection at Bedshed...or browse our top rated Australian mattresses.

Mattress Brands

Bedshed has a variety of mattress name-brand options to choose from. They also have a selection of moderately priced discount brands. We'll go through each brand in depth so that you can understand what customers say about each.

So here are the options...

#1 Tempur®

Tempur® is a very popular global brand that became popular because of their creation of high end memory foam in the 90's. They still make memory foam focused mattresses, but also have options with pocketed coils for more support. These mattresses get high marks from customers, but there are some concerns about their high prices (especially versus options found from online Australian brands).

The pros: High quality memory foam mattress options.

The cons: High prices and lower value for the materials versus online competitors.

Price Range: $2899-$14999

#2 Dreamsense

Dreamsense mattresses are only available at Bedshed stores. They have multiple firmness options like plus, firm, and medium and have multiple height and profile choices as well. They feature pocketed springs and mid-grade memory foams. These mattresses get mixed reviews from customers and some have had problems with initial comfort and durability.

The pros: Mid-grade mattresses with a variety of firmness and comfort choices.

The cons: Some concerns about comfort and durability from customers.

Price Range: $799-$4299

#3 Insignia™

Insignia™ focus their mattresses on breathability. With materials such as Tencel® and Active Air Mesh™, their mattresses are designed to sleep cooler for those in warm climates. Their mattresses also come in plus, firm, and medium varieties and feature pocketed spring support. Most customers like their Insignia mattresses at first, but there were some complaints about sagging.

The pros: Mid-grade hybrid mattresses with desirable materials.

The cons: Some customer reports of sagging issues.

Price Range: $1999-$3699

#4 SleepMaker™

SleepMaker™ is an Australian mattress brand that is popular for its Miracoil® and Cocoon® lines. Each of these mattresses comes with zoned support that is designed with ergonomics in mind. Their mattresses get good marks from customers, but some had problems with durability and the prices are still quite high versus other options.

The pros: Australian made mattresses with ergonomic support and firmness options.

The cons: High prices and some durability complaints.

Price Range: $1099-$7399

#5 Kingsdown

Kingsdown is a global luxury mattress brand that focuses on high end comfort. Their mattresses feature luxury quilted pillow tops, zoned pocket coil support systems, and high end memory foam. They get high marks from customers initially for comfort, but there are many reports of durability problems with these mattresses. They are also very high priced for the materials used.

The pros: High end mattresses with luxury features and multiple firmness options.

The cons: Problems with durability reported and high prices.

Price Range: $3999-$10499

#6 Sealy

Sealy is a global mattress brand that is well-known for its devotion to the spine and posture. It uses zoned support systems to provide better comfort and cradle the middle spine with mattresses that have pocketed coils, high end foam, and multiple firmness varieties. They also have a variety of pricepoints available. However, there have been many complaints about durability problems and some customers have reported issues with sagging over a short duration.

The pros: Popular name-brand mattress devoted to posture support.

The cons: Lower priced models may have quality issues. There are customer reports of sagging.

Price Range: $599-$8199

Bedshed Mattress Alternatives

A surprising fact: right now is one of the best times ever to buy a new mattress. Over the past few years, there have been many new Australian brands that have come to market to sell direct to customers.

This competition in the industry means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress online direct from the brand is one of the best ways to get high quality for less. These brands are often Australian made and have good funding sources so they usually have extra incentives like free delivery and generous deals to raise awareness about their products. If you're interested in shopping online for your mattress, it can save you $1000s of dollars versus a retailer.

To learn more about the online brands available throughout Australia and why they could be a better match for you, read our reviews for the Top Rated Australian Mattresses.

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Browse Bedshed Customer Reviews

Great experience

We have purchased 3 mattresses and bases from Melville bedshed over the past 4 months. They have been nothing but helpful and informative. I went in today to discuss a concern I had and the owners were so gracious, kind and obliging. I have had very good experiences with this store and includes the lovely delivery guys who went out of their way to set up my elderly mums new ensemble yesterday

Instore service ok but APPALLING after sales service

Bedshed is a good example of a company that will offer the oh-so-best of service to secure the sale, but then provide the most crap after sales service. For this reason you should avoid shopping there at all costs. It was my first experience of shopping there and will be my absolute last. My 10 day wait for a mattress turned into weeks. Received the rudest call from a female worker at the store who tried to organise a delivery date. When I tried to explain that I had a medical appointment in morning that I had to attend and therefore needed an afternoon delivery, she was not interested and said that unless I negotiated with the warehouse, there was nothing she could. I was supposed to receive a call from the warehouse the day before. It was getting late into the afternoon and still no call. So I called the store and received the WORST and rudest attitude from a male staff member there. About 30 minutes later I received a call from the warehouse person and he was also disgustingly rude to me. Lucky for me The delivery was scheduled for afternoon. Well the day of delivery came and I was waiting till well into the afternoon to receive a call to let me know the delivery was on its way. The only polite person was the delivery guy! Bedshed clearly has a very poisoned culture that unfortunately is directed towards the very customers that keep them in business! There is a good reason why there are no Bedshed officials replying to comments on here - they just don't give a damn. The sales guy at the time of sale said to me "see you in ten years!". Er, the chances of me setting foot inside that store again is exactly zero. I shopped at Snooze for the mattress prior to this one and I regret not doing so this time, but that is exactly where I will be going back to for my next mattress.

Great customer service!

First shop we walked into only planning to look, ended up buying a beautiful King mattress. We were offered a great deal by the owner and couldn't fault the customer service. Highly recommend buying from the bedshed.

Terrible customer services at Bedshed Townsville.

My shopping experience at the Townsville Bedshed- Unfortunately I was met with a very unfriendly staff who got visibly frustrated on asking the prices of furniture we intended to buy. This was then followed by her advice to how to shop and make up my mind first. Won't go there again. My advice- talk only if absolutely needed.

Quick delivery & high quality product

We visited the Malaga showroom with the intention of selecting a particular bed we had seen online. We found another that we preferred and decided that we would purchase it ("Celeste"). The salesman was very friendly. We expressed that we would need the bed as soon as possible. To our surprise, he was able to arrange delivery of the bed within 2 days of us ordering it- which we were very impressed with. It has since arrived and we have assembled it. The quality in comparison to other purchases we have made is impeccable. Would recommend Bedshed.

Great price, crap service after payment

Price was good, service after payment was absolute crap! Didn't get call backs when I was promised, had to keep calling day after day to get a delivery arranged. Was told I would eventually get a deliver first thing in the morning, didn't arrive had to call. It wasn't arranged and was told 11 am at the earliest. I suppose you get what you pay for.

Terrible after service

We purchased a mattress and bed frame in store after considerable debate. Received what appeared to be a decent discount and arranged fro earliest delivery. The mattress had to be ordered in so was delayed. The bed base was "the last in stock" and so we ordered with expectation of quick delivery which were were assured. It was delivered within 2 weeks, and the reason for the delay being that it wasn't in stock, they had to arrange for it to come from another store. So we set ourselves to put the frame together, only to discover the foot board was missing! From a supposedly brand new unopened box. Staff were not very helpful, "you will need to speak to the manager" but he was never there. Eventually we discovered the box had been in their store for over 2 years, we spoke to the manager of the store it came from. It hadn't needed to be ordered in at all, we were lied to. After much huffing and puffing (we had dismantled our previous frame and organised removal so we didn't have our bed to use anymore) we received the missing piece. Just to rub salt into our wound, the mattress we had purchased was not the same as the one in store, so we made the >1hr trip to the store to discuss this with them, so we had the luck to discover the missing foot board came from their display bed, and was not a brand new one. Their display was partially dismantled (the foot board was missing). A very deceptive bunch. I would NOT recommend anyone use them if you have an alternative!!

Home respect

My husband and I made purchase in store with great customer service, could not be happier. On delivery on our bed, as we were placing it together the leg of the bed had come broken, although we were able to put what we could together knowing the leg was not secure. Upon calling to inform of the issue, was notified to send it in an email for someone to look at. I wrote an email, 2 weeks had gone by, did not hear anything. I called to follow this up, a guy named David was kind enough to organise someone out to undo the bed and replace the leg. A man came, who I was certainly not happy with. No respect for my home, by chucking wooden bits of the bed on my floor boards leaving scratches and marks, scratching and damaging newly painted walls and frames. by chucking clothes on the floor from the draws and stepping on them with no care in the world. By also dripping sweat like I have never seen before all over my carpet and draws of the bed, wiping with his hands and touching the bed. Now leaving me to clean EVERYTHING. Washing all the clothes that were stepped on and cleaning the fabric of the bed that are wet from now needing to have a carpet cleaner come clean the carpet, and to clean marks off the walls and frame. Disgusting to have someone in your home causing all of this, I am disgusted with the lack of respect received. Would not recommend to have someone out into homes.

Shop elsewhere

Husband and I went to the Cockburn store, purchased the Georgia Queen Timber set 1. we couldn't get same day delivery 2. when the bed arrived and it was time to put it together, the slats doesn't reach both sides, causing it to be unstable 3. I have been phoning then the while morning trying to get someone to sort this out as it is urgent, but i keep getting the run around I was told by the lady at the Cockburn shop that she spoke to the distribution center and they said that "there is nothing wrong with it, its not supposed to be flush to the sides"..... uhm yes it is supposed to, shall i show you the other beds i have bought from other companies? Morel of the story DON'T buy from this company. They charge a lot for the products and dont give a $#!+ about you once you leave the shop

Extremely poor delivery experience

I needed two double ensembles for a guest area, and visited in-store at Morayfield Bedshed before subsequently ordering by phone. Delivered on time, however the experience has left a nasty feeling as at first the delivery men were refusing to carry the second ensemble upstairs as they said it wouldn't fit (even though they had just carried the identical ensemble up). I now have four pieces 'dumped' in the rooms as they said assembly (taking the plastic off, fitting castors, and placing the mattresses on top of the ensemble base) wasn't including in 'delivery'. There was no mention of assembly at an extra cost in store, and the sales docket sent via email makes no mention of this either. I have never come across large items of furniture being delivered and not being placed in a usable position, and I haven't worked out how to achieve this by myself. Never again - I have previously purchased from Forty Winks, and bitterly regret not doing so this time.

Outstanding knowledge

Needed a new mattress and with back, hip and now shoulder issues, many of the mattresses I tried (whilst out and about) hurt those areas. Then I entered Bedshed Morayfield and Laura greeted me. Wow this lady knows her job. She showed me different mattresses and explained their different feels/effects on my problem areas. She was spot on with every mattress feel and how it did affect me. Not long after, I ended up purchasing the perfect one for me. It was an absolute pleasure to find a salesperson who really knows their stuff.

Excellent customer service and product

Purchased a bedroom suite and two mattresses from the Watergardens store. Friendly, easy transaction, was ready to be picked up within a week. One of the bedsides was a bit damaged from the manufacturer, Bed shed delivered a new bedside on the next business day. Mattress’s are super comfy! Thankyou :)

I was offended

Went to bedsheds to buy beds for kids. I got told i will be getting the beds a few days later because of public holiday. When i call i week later they said it will take longer than a week. I was not happy and told the lady on the phone who happened to say. "But you paid with the Go card"(credit line). I was offended to think that if i dont paid cash i will get a different treatment. I will not be shopping there again.


Tony Schafer was the most direct, no fuss, salesperson I have ever met! His knowledge and choice of mattress for us was perfect. We looked for a long time and was spun a lot of story's in other stores but his no nonsense (but nice) approach was great. Well done to all the staff at Bedshed Aspley!

Great service and price

Tony was great in helping us select our new mattress. Very informative, great customer service and awesome pricing! I will definitely revisit the store for our next purchase.

I always thought Bedshed was really expensive...

I always thought Bedshed was really expensive, but it's not really, it's pretty standard pricing for mattresses. The range isn't massive, especially when it comes to bed-frames. We bought our last mattress from Bedshed and it was fantastic. Recently I bought a memory pillow from Bedshed too, and it's changed my life. Thanks friendly salesperson for recommending the pillow she uses. The service in store was pretty fantastic. Sweet dreams!

fabulous service

Purchased my new bed and mattress from Sandra at Bedshed Highpoint. Found her to be exstremly friendly and knowledgeable. Really happy they had stock and delivered the next day . Definitely recommend this store Kylie

Best Customer Service I have EVER come across

Had a faulty tall boy runner (an older unit), called Bedshed Claremont to see if they could offer some advice on how I could fix it. Instead they have collected, repaired and returned within the week. So very impressed!

Friendly staff and Easy process to processing sale

The Sales Team at the watergardens store are extremely friendly and down to earth, they helped me choose a bedroom suite and mattress that suited my needs and budget. The only thing i would say to improve on is for the Team to contact customers weather it be by email or mobile number to say that an item is instock and ready to be collected, as i did purchase a tempur cloud pillow with my bedroom suite that i wasn't informed was in i had to chase them to collect it, other then that the whole Watergardens store is amazing and knows how to provide great service.

Do not EVER buy from this company

I made a purchase of 2 double beds + 2 mattresses at bedshed Moorabbin. The sale went very smoothly with the salesperson assuring me of a mattress guarantee return period if it wasn't suitable (firmness).All fantastic so far! The after service was absolutely appalling. The third party delivery company only delivers on set days during working hours, assembly of the bed is extremely overpriced. The first bed delivery occurred as planned, the second took over 6 weeks with many phone calls organisung a delivery date and negotiating a reasonable delivery fee and assembly charge. After delivery of the 2nd bed I realised that the mattress was too firm and requested an exchange. I was told in order to qualify for the return I had to purchase a mattress protector from them at the time of sale and a $150.00 delivery charge would be applicable. At no point in time during the sale process was I advised of any terms or conditions or where to even locate them. Do bedshed not have an obligation to the buyer to advise of terms and conditions? I now have a too firm mattress which has always had a brand new mattress protector covering it, purchased with the bed linen from elsewhere. Bedshed have been a nightmare to deal with and I will NEVER buy or recommend them to anyone.DO NOT EVER purchase a bed or mattress through this despicable and underhanded company.

Bedshed kawana poor service very disappointed

Specified I was looking for a soft mattress!! Was shown a medium mattress. When delivered mattress is very firm and nothing like what I tried in shop. Made a complaint and told I need to give it 12 weeks to soften up. It's now been 18weeks and I have not had one night decent sleep. Went into shop for 3rd time and while I stood there making my complaint the manager proceeded to put on her lipstick sitting right in front of me. Told me she can't help me I need to speak to boss. Refused to give me contact details for boss. I asked for him to contact me and it's now been 2 weeks and nothing!!! Appalling service and will never recommend to anyone!!

BedShed Aspley a great place to buy a Mattress

Whatever you do if your looking to purchase a new Mattress, you must put Bed shed Aspley, on your list. We went there after visiting 3 other high profile Mattress sellers, and looking at all the top brands, and listing to what they had to say. Admittedly by this time we were quite bewildered and overawed by the variety and type of mattresses on offer. Tony ,Shane and Stacey all contributed to clarify ,guide and simplify our final decision. We settled on Sealy ,King Size, Exquisite ,Elevate ,Plush. Tony gave us a super deal, even over and above the 30% sale they had at the time. We payed a deposit and went home. Some doubt crept in as to the comfort/softness level we had chosen, with my wife favouring the Plush and me the Firm. this Doubt lead to a phone call and an email to the Bed shed Aspley saying that we wanted to put our decision and order on hold. Tony rang and there was no angst or change of attitude, just a commitment to work this through. Tony said if we we weren't happy we could change our minds and even if we took the mattress we could sleep on it for 60 days and then if were still not happy he would take it back and change the mattress to another comfort level . so I would catergorise us as fairly fussy and demanding clients and the whole Bed shed Aspley Team took this in there stride and were understanding and extremely helpful. I We were told our wait could be up to three weeks and it took less than a week and Tony even organised a Sunday delivery -thanks Shay. We couldn't be happier, and that came down to a lot more than just our Mattress decision. This Team at Bed shed Aspley are just a very professional, knowledgeable and customer focused group. You wont be disappointed.

Disappointed and cheated

I told customer service lady , have a budget $2000 for a brand new bed , base and matress, after an hour off choosing the bed ,I ask the customer srevive lady what is your best price, we settle on the price ,she wrote out the docket and paid for it,never thought any off it, when my bother in law delivered the bed for me all I got was a mattress.the next day I rang the customer service and spoke to the lady that sold me the bed and I ask her ,where is my base ,her response was check your invoice in an aggressive manner,l told her don't take that tone with me,l said to her when did I say l was after a mattress,what she had done was on the invoice she wrote mattresses only,and to resolve the problem was l had to pay more money for the base, so then I spoke to the manager of the the store , and she spoke to the lady and the manger came back with we can sell you the base at half price , at this stage was very angry , l had threatened l take it further fair trade and she didn't care so I asked for the head office number in W A spoke to reception and I had to tell her the story all over again and she would write out and email the state manger. And that was 3 weeks ago.

Defiantly will test your patience

Purchased a king size bed at Aspley store, they were out of stock but promised the bed to arrive in 2wks... 3wks later no updates, I had to chase it up... was told next month... 4.5 months later and still chasing... Friendly staff but shocking service... wouldn't recommend purchasing from them.

Customer not important

We put a deposit on a Tempur mattress and Bedshed base. The mattresses were in stock but base wasn't, although they told us they had plenty on the way. Next day we decided Tempur wasn't right for us and rang to cancel. We didn't expect a refund of our $1000 deposit (even though that would not have been unreasonable as we had not caused them to order anything they didn't already have in stock or on order), but we did expect to be able to use our $1000 on other products in their store, like bed linen etc. they told us we could not use the $1000 for anything else other than another bed and we would have to spend the same amount as the total cost on the bed we had ordered (approx $3000). Even though we had not caused them any expense they hadn't already committed to, they were completely unreasonable attitude. They were not interested in us as future customers and totally inflexible and unreasonable, given the circumstances. After being treated so poorly we decided to forfeit our $1000 deposit than give them anymore of our money. They lost us forever as a future customer, also ensured we would tell everyone we knew not to go there. They are not a company that cares about building a long term relationship with their customers. They want your money and are not interested in looking after you in any way. We will never go to and Bedshed retailer again and neither will any of our friends or family


If anyone is to purchase the Hampton bedroom suite and wish for it to be comfortable to read a book in bed or watch tv or have your morning coffee DON'T GET IT!! my fiance and i were so convinced by the sales people we wouldnt have a problem with doing all of these things that we fell for it and spent a small fortune on this massive king size suite. With our continuing back and neck problems we are no trying to find a solution to fix this big mistake , without spending another small fortune.

Worst service ever

Purchased a base for my bed and my partner, manager couldn't do any cheaper so I went to another store which they had the best customer service ever, anyways the manager was been such a jerk at the first store, his staff was being rude to me, and to top it off the manager couldn't care less, never ever shop at the store in malaga, it's appalling, also how will the manager in Malaga know if the other stores has good quality or bad ones. His such a stupid.

Amazing customer service and support!

I brought my mattress from Midland Bedshed and I couldn't be any happier with the service I received! I had Bec serving me and she was extremely helpful, above and beyond. She also organised my delivery quotes and kept me well informed on what was happening. I have never had customer service as good as this ever! Give the girl a promotion! I went to a lot of other bedding outlets and felt so pressured to buy what they thought I needed even when I said it was uncomfortable they would say I couldn't find anything better!

Fantastic can't wait to go there again

Went to look for a new mattress and the service was the best I've ever had. They were so interested in what we wanted and explained the benefits of each mattress we tried. We were there for over an hour and ended up with the best one we've ever had. The delivery guys were lovely and put it on our frame. I would highly recommend this store.

Bought 3000 $ furniture just want to return mattress protector, very rude manager

Hi, I bought bed, mattress, mattress protector. Just want to return unopened, untouched mattress protector call twice keep on saying don't have time we are busy.

Very dissapointed

IWe have purchased a king size mattress from Bedshed Kawana. Two times we had to return it because it was not sealed and was faulty . We have suspected that it was a reject product or was returned by someone.. Terrible terrible experience. We will never go back there. Save yourself a hassle Andrea & Geoff

Excellent service and products

We dealt with Shane at Aspley Bedshed and found him to be very helpful, friendly and understanding. He gave us a lot of great advice about mattresses and was very accommodating with our indecisiveness! We also feel that we purchased good-quality products for extremely reasonable prices. All products were in stock and delivery was quick and easy. We would highly recommend Shane to family and friends as our experience with him was great! Thanks so much Shane. Other staff at Bedshed Aspley were also friendly and helpful too.

Great customer service

In store purchase of a new "first"bed for my daughter. The lady was so unbelievabley patient and nice and actually acknowledged the kids and took time ask her questions.

Terrible sales people

When I first went into the store, I was greeted very professionally by a young, dark haired girl, of which, did advise me she did not do sales and that she would grab someone from the sales department to help me out. I was keen as I really needed a new suite (just moved interstate) and as soon as I met these two other ladies, I was automatically turned off with their attitude. So much happier with my decision to walk out and to go elsewhere, where the sales staff were actually professional and was happy to listen to the customer on what they're wanting, rather than what the sales person wants to sell me.

Couldn't be any happier with Bedshed

We bought a king size bed frame and side tables from Bedshed and we couldn't be happier. The customer service was very polite and professional as well as after sales service. The bed itself (The Hampton) was extremely well made and solid - and much less expensive than many other beds we saw, yet very much of equal quality (to be honest, better). We also had the delivery people construct the bed for us and they too were on time, efficient and pleasant to deal with on the day they delivered and constructed the frame for us. Overall, we are extremely pleased with our whole experience with Bedshed and recommend them highly.

I just want to cancel my order now!!

After waiting 2 and half months and reading all the reviews I can see I am going onto the same horrible customer service path. We have never being contact to get an explanation on the contrary we have been chasing the store and the last tale was that the bed was on port waiting for being cleared, we moved to our new place and sleeping on the mattress on the floor and I really would like to cancel my order now. Anyone knows how this it could be done? I just want to go somewhere else and I don't mind to pay more.

Promised everything didnt deliver

Went to the store. Purchased a chest of drawers. Promised delivery next day. Called at 4.45 before store closed to confirm delivery. Told yes on the truck. Will be delivered this evening. Kept the baby up late expecting delivery for her room. 8.45 pm still nothing no courtesy call to say running late. Nothing. Not impressed at all. Why should i pay for delivery when you don't even have the decency to call and let us know that even though confirmed we cant make it. Very very poor service.

Great service at Aspley Bedshed

I cannot speak highly enough of Tony Schafer and the team at Bedshed. They took the time to listen to my needs for a mattress and provided informed, helpful service. My delivery was also very fast and the boys who took away my old mattress were no-fuss. I would highly recommend buying a bed from this store.

Fantastic, above and beyond!

We ordered the Insignia Enchant King size mattress. Yadi was absolutely amazing and delightful to deal with. We received nothing but outstanding customer service from all staff involved from communicating about the arrival of the mattress to making sure it had been delivered. The mattress itself is absolutely fantastic and we would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone wanting a comfortable quality mattress. Thank you for all the effort to ensure our customer satisfaction from beginning to end.

Great Service & product

I visited The Bedshed Robina store a Few weeks ago to Purchase a Bed Package I found on line..The Service I received from Nicole & The Guys that Delivered the Bedroom Package was Awesome ...Thanks Nicole Very Happy with What I purchased..:)

Great Service & product

I placed my order for a bedroom suite, in October last year. Each time I call for an update I am told something different, it's at the at the warehouse; it has just arrived; there has been delays; ect. Seriously, how many times has it arrived at the warehouse?

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