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Beds R Us Mattress Reviews

Beds R Us is an Australian mattress retailer with over 80 stores. They sell a variety of mattress brands like budget-friendly Sleepmaker models and the wide ranging Sleepyhead brand. Their mattresses get good scores for inital comfort overall with many customers reporting a happy night's sleep with their purchases. Those that had complaints mostly reported issues with durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8.1/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $199-$15199

Trial Period: No Trial

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Beds R Us's Specifics

Beds R Us is a national mattress retailer. Rather than focusing on global brands that may pass on less value, their big differentiator is that they focus primarily on selling Australian-made mattress brands that may pass on more value to shoppers.

Read on to learn more about the Beds R Us selection...or browse our top rated Australian mattresses.

Mattress Brands

Beds R Us predominantly sells mattresses from 2 brands in their retail locations, including Sleepmaker and Sleepyhead brands. We'll go through each brand in detail below so that you can get a better sense of what you are buying.

Here are the details:

#1 Sleepmaker

Sleepmaker is one of Australia's more iconic mattress brands that focuses on budget friendly choices. They have mattresses that feature pocket spring support systems and latex or memory foam comfort layers. With a wide variety of products, their mattresses get a wide variety of reviews -- with customers loving their higher end options. Additionally, children's mattresses tend to get solid reviews on value and quality.

#2 Sleepyhead

Sleepyhead mattresses offer both budget choices and higher end materials in its elite lines. Some of the features that differentiate this brand include zoned pocket coil support systems in some of their mattresses and some thicker, higher end comfort layers in some models. These mattresses get decent customer ratings for initial comfort.

Other Mattress Options

Right now is one of the best times ever to buy a new mattress. There are many new Australian brands that have come to market over the past few years to sell directly to customers. What this means: Lower prices for competitive products if you know where to look.

If you are ready to learn more about which brands may work for you, jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Australian Mattresses.

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Good services, very friendly and try to get out of there way to make customers happy and satisfied. Will shop again.

Great service at a great price

Talk about confusing, looking for a new ensemble. All I wanted was a decent double bed for the spare room and it wasn't easy. I went to the new beds r us store at Bundall and Dan was fantastic, knew exactly what I wanted and we were sorted within about 5 minutes. Great service and better still a great price. The bed is Australian made which I like, would recommend Dan to anyone, Ron


Campbelltown store had the worst customer service! the lady pushed us to purchase and once we did she refused to help with anything else we needed! Over paid for my mattress and still refused to refund my money ! Absolutely worst customer service I've had. No wonder why they are closing down!!

Never Again!

We brought a very expensive mattress from Taren point, we got told it was the best mattress around and various other things, called them after a week of back pain stating it's not any of the things that they told us when we brought it, after 5 calls advised they would exchange then got nasty when we tried to arrange and withdrew the offer.

Excellent product and advice

We bought 2 double essemble beds from beds r us.Staff were extremely helpful. Their knowledge of there products impressed us. They advised us of products that were 100%australian made as some mattresses contain imported springs.This was a request of ours. We purchased durable affordable sleepy head support 4 u eterna essembles.With excellent comfort and breathability. They also have a 10 year guarantee. Staff offered a discount and stored our beds for 2 weeks until we were able to collect . We highly recommend them.

Marketing Fraudsters

This mob spent the entire HIA home show in sydney hounding just about anyone who would listen to take there coupons for store discounts and then proceeded to data mining people's personal information with a speil about out free pillows. Realistically the pillows were never going to be sent out because it would cost a fortune but such poor sales tactics is pathetic.


Generally I hate shopping for big items.I dont like pressure from sales people. Recently I was in a position where I had no choice but to make a few purchases. My week was set for just that. I needed mattresses & desperately needed to retire my old wooden slate queen, so a beautiful Queen ensemble was on the list. After visiting nearly all bed shops in the western suburds I was done with beds & the sales pitches & been told what would be best for me. Aleady decided that the next store would definitely be the last. I pulled into Hoppers Crossing BedsRus, Jenny & Tania were both fantastic. Absolutely no pressure or unwelcomed sales pitches, just honest friendly advice & assistance. Not once did I feel the "buy buy" sales pitch My purchases included Black diamond mattress ensemble with a beautiful headboard and two extra long single mattresses. JENNY delivered on schedule I would definitely recommend these ladies at BedsRus HXing. Its a shame i had wasted so much time looking for the best when it was rite under my nose

Great Mattress and Base, Excellent Customer Service.

Bought a mattress and ensemble base and headboard from the Lawnton store. It was a great price, was given excellent advice and customer service in store. Paid approx $1400 for all and very happy with my purchase, very comfortable. Was delivered the day after purchase and assembled for me, excellent communication regarding delivery and they took away my old mattress and base free of charge. Very happy with the whole experience.

Very bad service & product

We bought a king size bed frame and mattress over $3000 in 2012. When purchasing I instructed the sale person that we live in a unit on 2nd floor and that we need them to carry it up. On the delivery day the delivery guys refused to carry it up and want to leave it at front of unit, I told them we have arrange instructions already but not our faults they weren't advised and I'm 6 months pregnant how am I suppose to carry the boxes up. They were being very rude and uncooperative until we have to ring the store and get them to check again. After using the mattress less then 6 months we notice our bed is not even, the part we have slept on starting to sink low. I've bought cheaper mattress before and never had this problem! I will not recommends anyone to buy at this store and definitely not going back.


Great service, very friendly and approachable staff who look after their customer's needs. Very happy with the services provided by very friendly staff.

Simply the best

Very impressed with the quality of the mattress as well as the service - everything went very smoothly from ordering to receiving. Would highly recommend this company for the quality of their...

Wetherill park store

Terrible service would not deal with them again I bought a bed which they they will hold for me until I was ready to move in my house I should have got that in writing. There sales tactics were for me to buy the bed asap because the sale was going to finish and still going on so I would have waited to purchase the bed later. I paid for delivery already and then the delivery man asked $45 or he was not going to give the bed and take it back and we would have to pay again. Also there customer service is really bad the guy selling me bed had no idea what he was doing and had to call his head office every time they called me. Now I have read the other review I'm wondering if this a good bed at all they way he was pushing it on me didn't seem right now I think about it!!!! Worst

Great service and advice

Bought king single mattress and bed frame at Wetherill Park store back in January. Staff is very friendly and welcoming, helped a lot with choosing the right bed and comparing the prices. Offered us plenty of discounts as it was the new year. Bed arrived on the arranged time for delivery.

Outstanding service

I visited the Beds R Us Wetherill Park store. Both instore service with Liljiana and the gentleman who delivered and installed the bed was worth the 5 stars. Brilliant service. Product seems to be good quality.

Very poor quality - v poor service

Winnellie store Darwin NT I badly needed a good mattress because I have a severe back injury. They saw me coming and took full advantage of me. They told me that this particular mattress had some fancy top layer to give it more support. Turns out it was just a piece of foam which is highly insulating and makes you cook at night. The mattress is very lightweight and very poor quality. I paid nearly $500 for a cheap, badly insulated, unsupporting mattress that is too short for the bed. They did not tell me that their mattresses were only 6 foot long instead of the standard 6 ft 6 inch. Very very very unhappy.

Great Customer Service

In this day and age great customer service is extremely uncommon - we were surprised to find that the best service we received when buying our master bedroom bedhead and beds for our newly renovated home was Beds R Us at Wetherill Park. We had been researching all the big brands in the eastern suburbs, north and south reviewing quality beds and bedheads and found Sayed was so helpful. His knowledge, price and follow up was fantastic. We will certainly be going back to finish off the other bedrooms.

Great service = Comfortable Bed

We purchased a bed at Taren Pt in 2014 on the recommendation of our daughter who briefly worked for Beds R Us ( another store) John recommended our King bed which is the most comfortable bed ever. We recently recommended Beds R Us to our other daughter and her partner and they could not fault the service from Sandy and John during the purchase of their bed.

Absolutely disgraceful service

I have to say the service I received at the Salamander store,Was absolutely disgusting. After inquiring about a matress we were served by a Brown headed woman who insulted us, to the point of discrimination. She was absolutely vile. I have NEVER experienced such bad customer service. We took our $3000 to fab furniture.

Having same problem with our duramax mattress collapsing on the right side

We purchased our duramax mattress medium last year in October and we yet to call Beds R Us Underwood. Should I even tried???? After reading the last two reviews will I get the same response.....hmmm

The matress that was delivered WAS NOT THE ONE I PAID FOR!!!

Selected a mattress in store, paid for it as well as a $55.00 delivery fee. No wonder the boys were reluctant to take it out of it's dusty cover- it's a completely different mattress! Grey cover, hard as a rock, no springy sides and NO PILLOW TOP!

Great sales and service

Never had an issue with the the sales or service at the warwick farm store. Helpful sales staff and prompt delivery and products are great. They're even helpful with warranty issues. Jave recommneded to many family and friends

North lakes store is customer focussed and stands by its prices

Went to Morayfield store first and very disappointed with the staff gave a price then back flipped Then we went to North Lakes Store and the sales lady could not have been more helpful. Great experience

Sleepyhead Mattress from Bed R Us

I purchased a Queen Sleepyhead mattress & bedroom suite from Bed R Us. The Sleepyhead mattress aloough expensive was dreadfully lumpy & memory foam sagged. Could see hills & valleys all over mattress. I contacted Bed R Us Lake Haven, sent photos then had conversation with Store Manager. Who stated "you dont know what you are talking about" & preceeded to inform me that it was the "best mattress on the market".Pity Bed R Us don't train their personnel better!! Sleepyhead Mattresses are to be avoided as is Bed R Us, I eventually confined this Sleephead Mattress to the tip where it belongs.

bad customer service

I have to say the customer service in the beds r us at Mitchelton by the big blond New Zealand woman is the worst I have ever come across in my life. All she did was yell at me and try to make out that she was doing me a favour and calling me mate in the most aggressive tone, making sarcastic laughs when I asked her questions and quoting prices that were higher then every other store I had been in. She even accused me of being aggressive after I complained to her about the way she spoke to me as I was leaving.

Worst furniture store, always complications

My mother purchased a bedroom suite and recommended I do to from there Her order arrived before mine and there was no instruction sheet to put it together and they gave us two right hand bedside tables. The design of the bed requires the tables to click in and connect, couldn't do that because we had two facing the same direction. I called the store and she said " it's not that hard to put a bed together, there's the head, two sides and the bottom" she spoke to me like I was stupid. She also said that as for the bedside tables we could get a carpenter to cut the click in bit and glue it to the other side so it would fit on the left. No apology or anything Most disgusting customer service I've ever received And now, I receive my bed only to find not only is there no instruction sheet again, but no screws. Definitely never buying anything from this company ever again. My bedside tables draw is also not working properly This was the wetheril park store.

Best Service! Best Product

My husband and I purchased a King mattress in November 2015 from Beds R Us Taren Pt. I have never experienced such a great experience from a business upon making such an important purchase. We had been to several other stores but this store was so informative. Let me tell you, they know mattresses and how to help you choose the correct one. Their delivery staff was awesome. They could not do enough for us on the delivery day.

If you shop with these sharks, expect to get bitten.

Crazy inflated prices, so always having "half off" sales that reduce it to a price that is still more than other stores. Only give you 7 days to try the bed - other stores give you 120 days to try with a full refund (Koala Mattress). Their Sleepyhead warranty for sag is lying and cheating: only warranted if more than 3.5cm of sag with noone lying on it (so way more if lying on it) AND if any stains or marks on it, they will not honour the warranty "for health and safety reasons" - what a pathetic cop out - have they never heard of gloves and masks? Just compare to other stores who warrant for even 2cm of sag with none of the weasel word cop outs. I've bought from the Christchurch store and will never do so again. The manager (Marty) had that "new car salesman" vibe, always trying to guide us towards that fancy feature beds for twice the price, even if they were directly opposite to our needs. After sales support consists of bluster and weak excuses, and when I offered evidence that they were weak excuses he got very irritated and tried to get rid of me - "I have a meeting to go to" etc. He even tried to pawn me off on the competition rather than help me - laughable. Bottom line - if you shop with these sharks, expect to get bitten.

Good bed, good customer service

I am very happy with beds R Us at lawnton, my husband had a sore back when sleeping on our old mattress, Margrate at the store is very helpful and friendly, she gave us a very good suggestion on the mattress. My husband has no more sore back! Thank you, Margrate !

Beds R Us Campbelltown

I went in store, 10 minutes prior to closing. The salesperson showed me a couple matress. It was a quick and easy dicision. Recommend visiting the store

Can't sleep on it.

Purchased Swissteck Zurich because we asked for a firm mattress. First one delivered sank terribly, returned by agent & were told it was faulty. The second mattress was delivered, a mistake was made & we got someone else's second hand bed, the delivery guys wore this blame. Eventually our second new mattress arrived. After a few days we could see it too was sagging so the local agent was contacted again, photos & measurements we taken only to be told this sag is acceptable. . It's like sleeping in a hole, not good. It looks like now we will have to purchase another mattress at our cost & throw this mattress away so we can get a comfortable nights sleep. This is not what was promised now twice.

Customer Service the way it should always be provided

I was sold (as opposed to buying) a Sleepmaker 'CHAPEL' mattress early in April 2016 from a sales person who was relieving t the Capalaba store. She was from the Browns Plains Store (written about by someone else). The was not what I asked for. The one that was delivered turned out to be lumpy, the wrong type of springs to what was specified and I wrote about being bait advertising because of it.. Today, 10 days after purchase, I finally got to speak to the store manager who told me her only interest was in my satisfaction. As it turned out, the person who baited me into a sub standard product was from the 'Browns Plains' store. A store which is well documented for the poor attitude towards customers with a similar complaints. Anyway... I just wanted to say that the efforts of the Capalaba store manager in ensuring my satisfaction are something all mattress shops could take a lesson from. I can't speak too highly of the Capalaba store manager in ensuring I got a different brand product that had the features I asked for in the first place. It may not have been the ideal situation for her but in satisfying me, I can genuinely attest to her honesty and ethics. Anyone looking for a Mattress and honest, ethical advice would do well to use the Capalaba store of BedsRus.

good products though bad service

I bought a back care bed and they tried every trick in the book not to try to give a good discount even though the beds were / I'm not saying to totally avoid the shop though my advice is try not to go to their Dapto superstore / all the other shops are alright though as I have been to the old wollongong store and the wollongong store without any hassles

We would like to stay in the bed all day

We purchased a /Swissotel Sleepyhead, ultimate Plush Double bed Mattress. From Sayed at Wetherill Park store. We are more than happy with the mattress. We returned to compliment Sayed on the comfort of the mattress and we don't expect any problems with the guarantee as I phoned New Zealand to discuss it.

Do NOT believe their advertisements.

Utterly gobsmacked at the very poor handling of a completely legitimate call for a refund, for which we are STILL waiting. We purchased a mattress from the Gympie store, and were delivered a highly unsatisfactory product. We called, thinking an incorrect mattress had been delivered, only to discover that it was the one meant to be delivered. We then sent a complaint via email that it was not satisfactory at all, and did not uphold to what was advertised. This was all within a 7 day period. We were then 'handed over' to the Manufacturer, Sleepyhead, and have since been treated with nil respect, bypassing of Australian Consumer Law's, and further thoughtlessness. After going to the Gympie store, and purchasing in Good Faith, we are now left with a very bitter taste. Why would they not be capable of fulfilling the refund in this short amount of time? Why would they hand us over to a very unfair 'process' or what the Sleepyhead manufacturer calls 'Procedure'? We are both utterly disgusted at how we have been handed around. All in an attempt to bypass a Fully Legitimate Refund. What is wrong with you people? Willing to take money from honest people whom put their faith in your product, yet not able to 'step up' and do the right thing when there has been an issue large enough to warrant a full refund? It's a disgrace. Do NOT believe what they say about their mattresses. They are not of high standard at all.

amazing friendly service

Absolutely wonderful service at Beds R us Warwick Farm from the begining to the end. Hayley the sales lady was fantastic very professional definitely knows her product and most importantly was very lovely to deal with, she made us feel like a friend not just a sale. Very happy with our mattress. Will definitely be telling our friends and shopping here again. Thank you


The service provided by the Girls at Rutherford Beds R Us was more then the five stars allowed. Their product knowledge was well above their competitors. Have recommended purchasing here to all my family and friends. Reading the complaint about this store on this site shouldn't be on here due to warranty is with the manufacturer not Beds R Us. We had a slight issue with our mattress, the girls at Beds R Us and Sleephead were more then helpful. Sleephead had this issue sorted quickly. This gave us peace of mind. Will be purchasing here again.

Product knowledge with no pressure sales pitch.

A family visit to the Aspley Hypermarket store in Brisbane was an informative and pleasant experience. We knew exactly what we needed for three new bedrooms, and two teenagers with back issues, in our renovation. We were guided through the display showroom at a comfortable pace, our questions answered and our budget respected. Teenagers were invited to rest on the mattresses while adults "went shopping". This attention to detail, and old fashioned service, made for a pleasant change from previous experiences in large fast paced showrooms. Thank you so very much.

great service and great product

We bought a bed and extra products e.g pillows , at Wetherill Park Sydney . Maria the sales assistant was wonderful, pick the best bed that would suit us and no pressure to purchase anything we couldn't afford. Maria made sure we were happy with our purchase and we are . Very hard to find service this good .

Optimal client service!

Great service and supportive! Maria understood exactly what dad needed and gave us a great explanation on the best product!

Beds R Us Warwick Farm- Wonderful Experience

All we wanted was comfortable mattress at affordable price and Syed at Beds R Us Warwick Farm described products thoroughly. He was so professional and knowledgeable that we did not have any trouble to buy what we were after. Big thumps to him and his team for such an excellent customer service.

Exceptional Service

After just having back surgery, getting the right mattress was important. Dave was exceptional with service and knowledge. Beds R Us Helensvale is the best move we have ever made. A good restful sleep is priceless - thanks!!!

Extremely pleased.

Thank you Maria, Sayed and the delivery team for your wonderful service. The beds are the best and deliver on wonderful rest.

World class customer service!

I had an amazing customer service experience with Beds R Us Taren Point. Sandy and her team were exceptionally knowledgable about beds, had a wide range of styles and prices, and were patient with me. I have tried for years to find the right mattress for my back problems, and they helped me find the perfect one. They were also very friendly and flexible eith delivery times.

Avoid this company

Purchased a mattress from the helensvale shop, terrible quality mattress that is 1.5yrs old and I’ve given it back because it’s now like sleeping in a hammock. Worst after sales service I have ever expirenced from the owner. Don’t expect any help once your money is handed over.

Beds R Us Warwick Farm - really helpful staff

Just to say: "That's a service.." to Syed and Melody. So professional, no hassling, very knowledgeable about there beds..I wish there's more salespeople like them.

Bundall store excellent service

Went through Harvey Norman, Amart and Snooze, with constant hounding to buy this or that and the old favourite “sale price ends tomorrow”. At Beds r Us, Peter was very informative and not pushy, so they got our business. Mattress is excellent and came with free delivery.

Excellent service!

John made the experience so easy and simple. Thank you for your excellent customer service. Great products and so happy with the end result


Beware of purchasing a mattress from Beds R Us BROWNS PLAINS. It will be a costly unpleasant experience leaving you wishing you had read other peoples comments before dealing with them. Any form of warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. Aggression and incredibly poor customer service is what you will receive when a problem surfaces. What they do not realise is by trying to save a few hundred dollars by not honouring their warranty means they actually loose many more THOUSANDS of dollars through bad advertising and no repeat business. BEWARE OF Beds R Us BROWNS PLAINS

Awesome Customer Service From Sayed Beds R US - WETHERILL PARK STORE

we recently visited the Wetheril Park store looking for a new mattress. We were attended to by Sayed. He was amazing and frindley help full taught us more about mattresses than you can imagine. He was very informative and not pushy at all. If you are in the market for a new mattress, go and see The amazing sale person at Beds R US Wetherill park . Sayed he will be more than happy to help you.Prices were also very competitive. Our mattress is amazingly comfortable. Thankyou for helping us get a better nights sleep.

Great Custoner Service

After a woeful encounter at Forty Winks Bundall I walked into Beds R Us Helensvale to a cheerful informative non-pushy staff member (David). AND even though they had nil stock of my mattress size they said they would do their best to get my mattress within 2 weeks. It improved from there with a phone call within the hour saying they could get me my mattress delivered within 24 hours. Great result but most importantly great customer service. Should have come here first up!!

Awful service, misleading sales tactics

This is regarding the Wetherill Park Store Before the purchase we informed them of the very specific measurements we had for a bed frame we intended on buying. We had told them that the bed frame cannot be bigger than the measurements we had stated and they assured us that the bed would fit. Upon receiving the order, the bed frame did not fit and we had measured the bed frame and it was 40cm larger than the specification they stated and 3cm wider. We were very unhappy as we acted in reliance on their assurance. They refused to give us a refund despite Fair Trading's "Not fit for purpose" rule. They offered an exchange (despite the fact that it is a major failure, therefore the consumer should choose the remedy). However, they only showed us incredibly distasteful bed frames that they obviously could not sell. We called them up and they refused to refund us, stating that they had used the word "rough" despite the reassurance. We are now considering contacting Fair Trading. Do not shop here, very distrustful and only want to make a quick sale. We would not have bought this if it did not fit our specifications. Very unhappy! Do not trust!

Fantastic taren point

My husband and I purchased a bed from taren point store. The bed arrived today and we love it. The service was fantastic and top class. We were told it would be a 4-6 week wait and we received our bed under 4 weeks. I would definitly purchase a bed from them again. Nothing like good service and a quality product at the end of it. Thanks beds r us taren point

Will Never Buy From Beds R Us Ever Again

Purchased a Sleepyhead latex mattress from this store and was advised by salesperson that if we were not happy we could exchange. After a week of sleepless nights due to excessive heat (in winter), went back to store. Sales staff denied telling us we could exchange and that's when it started. Ended up having to take store to Administrative Tribunal where Beds R Not Us were advised to replace their mattress. Which they finally did.

Knowledgeable Service

Sayed knows his product and provides a truly old fashioned customer experience. Post service required me to follow up several times.

Went in for a look bought the mattress

Arrived at store half hour before closing, staff member was patient, knowledgeable and happy for me to keep trying any mattress till satisfied. Willing to negotiate and do a great deal. Nothing was too much trouble. Hope the mattress will give me the satisfaction. Very happy with McGregor store.

Fantastic service, fantastic product!

I purchased a bed and 2 mattresses from the Wetherill Park Shop, has great service when went Into store to look around, helped me so much and organised delivery for when products were in stock. Both delivery men were lovely and helped out so much, placed mattress on bed for me and even showed me how to set up the new bed, great service 10/10. Thank you so much everyone who helped.

Great Service, Great Mattress

A few weeks ago I bought a mattress from the Beds R Us store at MacGregor. The staff were really helpful, informative, and crucially - patient. I would highly recommend the store and the mattress.

Terrible service and continually lied to

Customer feedback and reviews mean alot. Here's mine.. So I purchased a bed package locally for my 2year old son. It was floor stock and a bit overpriced and has some signs of wear but I wanted to support my local business. Previously I found one identical elsewhere brand new and cheaper but that didn't bother me at the time. Upon receiving my package it was missing parts. I notified the store and they inform me they'll sort it out. Promised calls weren't returned (They tell me that their phone has been known to call wrong telephone numbers?) Or that I was just about to receive a call from one man the third time I went into store. (Today is actually his day off) The lady I called at the end of business hours told me she would refund me. Time and time again I've given them the benefit of the doubt with the employee/s twisting my words. When I provide proof I'm accused of being a "bad person" now and they don't do refunds in store. The store has possession of my package and I'm left without a bed for my son. This is by far the worst customer service I've ever experienced in my life. I've been respectful and courteous this entire time but this has become ridiculous.

Delivered with missing parts and was display model

Delivered the base with missing legs and when I called to say what had happened was told that they wouldn’t be able to get legs for at least a week which I stated was unacceptable due to the $1065 paid. Then magically the store was able to get another one delivered out to me today but I would need to wait and be the last delivery. I’ve currently been waiting 8 hours and was told it will be at least another 3hrs before it arrives late tonight. They attempted to deliver me a ‘floor model’ without my knowledge and if it wasn’t for all the missing parts they would have easily got away with it. The staff seem really nice and appeared to be apologetic, regardless I will never shop at this place ever again, they cannot be trusted and are not reliable at all.

Beds R Us in Mittagong nsw using deceit to sell alluminium bed frame

Bought a KOBI Queen bed from Beds R Us in MIttagong NSW. They also own Homemakers next door to it. The owner did mention it was steel frame, when in reality it was flimsy thin aluminum frame. Even the wooden legs were all put together, each using 5 smaller pieces of timber glued together, to make it look like 1 long piece of timber, for the legs. I was shocked when I opened the bed kit up at home. I even thought everything would be ok, if I just put it all together and give it a try. Well I was wrong. Even with its 4 extra support legs under the bed frame, it still flexed and bent like plastic. Even each timber slat were not real timber cut pieces, they were actually 5 thin wafer pieces glued together to look like one piece of timber. I would hate to see 2 people try to lay on it. Going to return it tomorrow.

Great Customer Service

I was impressed with the great customer service at the new Dapto store. They were very friendly and happy to help me the 2nd time to make the right choice of mattress for me, after choosing one that didn't suit my needs. Thank you.

Bed with draws under

So disappointedI I was so happy with my service with the lovely staff at Bundall. Bed with drawers at the foot of the bed. I hate the set up! . It wasn’t explained to me that they are free floating drawers that twist and turn all over the place. You can’t anchor them in one place to open them.. What a piece of junk this has turned out to be for all the extra money I spent. Don’t buy a 4 legged bed with drawers! Better off with plastic boxes underneath.

Exceptional customer service

We went to BedsRus in Lower Hutt and were served by Allan Griffin. Allan provided exceptional service from start to finish. He helped us to choose the best mattress for us, his product knowledge was outstanding, he was genuine, warm and professional. His service would be some of the best we have ever received. We love our new bed, thanks Allan!

We purchased our bed in November 2015

We purchased our bed in November 2015 The salesman failed to point out that the box springs were not suitable for heavy people I am 95 Kgs not all that heavy. This is the worst bed I have ever owned we have rotated both the bed and the frame weekly but still ended up with a gully which was impossible for my wife to extrudate herself from, and for the last six months I have woken up with a pain in my back. We still have four years and ten months of the guarantee left so if the guarantee is as good as the bed I would'nt waste my time

Excellent friendly customer service and beautiful products.

Such a pleasure dealing with this store and its people. Awesome furniture and range of beds and bedding.


Purchased a King Comfort for you (firm) with a 10 yr warranty in 2018. After just 3 yrs it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable, waking with a sore back and aching limbs. After another year it was unbearable to sleep on it.We did the rotation of the mattress on a regular basis to no avail. Unfortunately I am unable to give less than 1 star rating. For the $1500.00 we paid,your 10 yr warranty is a sham.We found your customer service non existent as all was done by email.We will never recommend any one, or purchase from you again.Have a great day!

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