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Beds N Dreams Mattress Reviews

Beds N Dreams is an Australian-owned mattress and bedroom furniture retailer with more than 30 stores across Australia. With a different approach than others in the mattress space, they have a unique portfolio of 5+ mattress brands, some that aren't as well-known in Australia. Customers have good things to say about their selection, with some disagreements about sagging and some issues post-purchase.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.4/10

Price: $279-$6999+

Trial Period: No Trial

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Beds N Dreams's Specifics

Beds N Dreams is a popular mattress retailer and online store with over 30 locations. Their enhancement over other stores is their unique mattress selection, which are hand-selected by their direct business owners. Overall, customers report happy experiences with mattress comfort, but there are some customer complaints about durability, returns, and item availability at times.

Read on to learn more about the offering from Beds N Dreams...or look over our our top rated Australian mattresses for competitive alternatives.

Beds N Dreams Mattress Brands

Beds N Dreams sells mattresses from both high end and budget friendly brands, including commonly known labels like Silentnight.

We'll go through their mattress choices, with details about their selection and customer feedback:

#1 Amerisleep

Amerisleep is a popular U.S. mattress in a box brand. Their mattresses feature hybrid designs with pocket springs and quality memory and poly-foams for comfort layers. With firmness options to match sleeper desires, customers mostly report good initial comfort and descriptions about quality. Those that had issues mentioned mostly firmness and also affordability.

#2 Hypnos

Hypnos is one of Britain's most luxury mattress brands. With a Royal Warrant for service to the royal family, sleeping on a Hypnos mattress is as close to royalty as many of us are surely to get. Their mattresses offer pocket spring support systems with sumptuous layers of natural fibres, foam, and latex depending on the model. Customers report good initial comfort with a luxurious fluffy feel, but there are common complaints about sagging issues in the pillowy top layers over a shorter than average period.

#3 Silentnight

Silentnight is a well-known UK mattress brand with discount options that fit most budgets. Their mattresses focus on spring designs, including traditional bonnel innersprings and also more advanced pocket spring support systems. Their comfort layers include poly foam and gel-infused foams. Customers have good things to say about their mattress value for the price with some complaints about durability and dipping over time.

#4 Englander

Englander is a U.S. mattress brand that focuses on traditional and pocket spring designs. Its mattresses also feature poly foam and gel-infused visco elastic foam for additional pressure relief. Beds N Dream's selection includes a range of firmness and prices, starting under $400. Customers generally describe Englander mattresses as comfortable with a traditional hotel feel, but there are some disagreements about durability for some models, especially for pillow top and softer firmness models.

#5 Master Tailor

Master Tailor is a Comfort Sleep brand that features high profile, luxury mattresses that feature 12-zone pocket springs, micro pocket coils, and thick memory foam layers. With handmade craftsmanship, these mattresses are exceptionally priced at over $6,000 for a queen. While there is not much information about the Master Tailor brand specifically, other Comfort Sleep mattresses have good scores for initial comfort, but there are some complaints about dipping for other Comfort Sleep mattresses. In general from our analysis of world wide mattress reviews, handmade mattresses generally get very good initial comfort scores, but there are some challenges with durability on the top layer in many cases. While this may not be the case with Master Tailor, they would be the exception if so.

#6 Neoluxe

Neoluxe offers moderate to high end priced mattresses with zoned pocketed coil support systems with tufted tops, and also all-foam mattress designs at moderate price points and multiple firmness options. Customers report mostly liking the mattress feel, but there are some complaints about the supportiveness and firmness vs. in-store expectations in some cases.

Online Mattress Alternatives

This is one of the best times to buy a new mattress. There are many online Australian mattress brands that have started over the past few years. By selling direct and streamlining the craftsmanship, some of these online brands sell higher value products for the price vs. retailers.

We've analysed mattress specifications and customer feedback data across Australia. Take a look at our guide to Top Rated Australian Mattresses to learn more about our top picks.

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Love this bed

This bed is very comfortable. Firm enough yet soft. I will certainly be looking at this company and mattress for my next purchase.

So happy

I’m so so happy with tennelle’s service. She was beyond helpful. Best salesperson I’ve ever dealt with. Thank you so much tennelle

Super comfortable mattress!

We love this mattress - it is hard to get up in the mornings because it is so comfy

Excellent mattress

Nicest mattress i have slept on

Very supportive

This mattress lived up to our expectations. Nice and firm and very supportive. Woke up nice and refreshed

Above and beyond expectations

We walked into the store with minimal knowledge on mattresses. We were welcomed immediately by Jason, our needs listened to and exceeded. Not only did we upsize to a king mattress but bought a bed frame too. Very professional and a great shopping experience.

Amerisleep Colonial Mattress

This is an excellent mattress. It is very comfortable, the best mattress I've owned. Many thanks Beds n Dreams staff at Logan for your help and support.

Very comfortable

We absolutely love our mattress. It’s very comfortable & supportive. Hard to sleep on any other bed now. No regrets!

Amazing service and great product knowledge

Toni provided great product information and the order to delivery process was seamless. They kept me informed every step of the way

Happy with purchase process but still awaiting delivery

We searched online and knew exactly what we wanted. Salesman was helpful and quick. We are still awaiting delivery which was due end of February

Don't trust their 10 year warranty as per previous reviews.

Paid $2.5k on a mattress. It's was 4.5 years on when I started waking up sore. I checked our mattress and found that both sides had a depression of about 40mm. I contacted Beds and Dreams about the 10 year warranty for our mattress. We were told by them that anything more that 35mm was suitable for a warranty repair. I was then told to contact the mattress company, which made the mattress, and to deal directly with them about the warranty. I was going to have to pay for shipping the mattress to get repaired even if they would accept the warranty. After asking the manufacturer for a warranty repair, they refused because it wasn't 50mm as per their own warranty standards. My wife and I are not very heavy being 50-70kg. We paid less than 1/2 that for sleepmaker orthopedic mattresses from A-Mart for our other rooms for our kids that are now teenagers and are now heavier than us. Their mattresses still look like new. Don't waste you money here unless you have cash to burn on a mattress every couple of years.

Terrible Service

I brought 2 Dressing tables with mirrors and 2 side tables and these were floor stock and we were advised at the time to double check for marks or dents which we did and then we arranged with there delivery guy for it to be delivered. Jason (owner with his wife Mardi) advised that he would pull them apart and wrap them for the delivery guy. When we received the goods they were wrapped in plastic from Jason when we undid these we then found a scratch a dent (which had tried to be puttied up) and the wood at the bottom of one of the mirrors split. The delivery guy could not of done this either as it was all wrapped n no rips or anything on it. I then emailed them on the 8th Dec and still on the 21st Dec had not heard back so emailed them again asking for them to get back to me ASAP. Which today the 22nd Dec they have just wrote back that it was floor stock n sold ASIS. Which we knew was floor stock. They still will not even have the decency to acknowledge they had caused these marks. There service and customer service is appalling and I would NOT recommend them at all!

Amerisleep AS3

Have been sleeping much better very comfortable mattress


Love love love our new mattress and Katrina from the Hoppers Crossing branch delivers customer service Aa++

Perfect sleep

This was the best mattress we tested at the store and once we got it home, we both had the best night sleep in a long while. 2 weeks later we are very comfortable and haven't had any back issues and stiff necks related to changing mattress. It's quite thick so be aware the overall bed height might change.

Waste of money!

Absolutely pathetic! This store is by far the worst furniture store I have ever been to! The quality is so crap that the bed didn’t even last 1 year! They gave us ripped couches at first & when we complained they tried to turn it on us! I can’t believe how bad the quality is what a waste of money

Good service offering well made mattress from local manufacturer.

Good selection of mattresses, some locally made. Were able to arrange for split construction with different firmnesses on each side. Stuart, the salesman was knowledgeable & helpful with being intrusive.

Right Choice

Super comfy. Better support. Aches and pains have gone when waking up. Sleeping through the night better. I do wander if the Plush version would have been even better but that's the chance you take ordering a bed online!!

Neo Luxe

Mattress is supposed to be the best. Well I found that after 1-2 hours trying to sleep I developed terrible pain in my shoulders and found I had to turn over all through the night to get comfortable. I can no longer sleep on the mattress and it has been shifted into the spare room. We have gone back to sleeping on our 12 year old pillow top which is more comfortable. very very disappointing and the dealer tells me I made the wrong choice cant help me... wasted $2500.

Great customer service

Great service thx marie, don’t know about product yet , haven’t tried, and store easy to see stuff . I had a budget and Marie listened to that !

Comfy mattress

Happy with our purchase. Went from a latex mattress to this one and we were concerned that it might not be as good but that's not the case. Also only mattress on the market with a 20 year warranty.

Terrible mattress and even worse service.

I am elderly and small. Got carried Away with the moment and [Name Removed] sales talk and landed up handing over all the money (not smart of me) for an Onyx silent night mattress (15 inches thick and 50kgs) and a bedroom suite. It didn't take me long to realise I had purchased a really unsuitable mattress and 5 days after the transaction I told them to cancel the order it for It. At this stage I found out it was going to be expensive to pull out because they had started having in manufactured. I got upset and told them to proceed with the orde...

Best range of beds/furniture

The store layout was so easy to navigate with the best range of Mattresses availabe compared to other bed shops. Lucy at Aspley Beds n Dreams provided great informative knowledge and customer service making me feel very comfortable in store helping me make decisions and narrow it down to just 1 mattress. It wasn't a quick process as they have a great range so I thank Lucy for her patience and giving me a great deal on bed frame and mattress.


Great mattress, really comfortable. Very deep though so extra deep sheets required.

Ripping off customers

Worst customer service ever, this is the first time I came a cross a store doing this to a customer my story in short was ..I put a deposit on a bed at cannington store and call back on the same day to let them know that I am no longer interested in purchasing the bed and I would like to use that credit to buy something else, and lady I spoke to said ok come to the store next day and she can sort us out, went to the store next day and purchased a metres for double the price of the deposit and when I come to the till the top manager called "[name removed]" wasn't happy that we are not buying the bed from them and wanted us to use the same amount as the bed to buy something else or loose the deposit, which was very rude, I explained her that I haven't even take the goods home and call back on the same day to inform the store about this and I haven't cause any loss for them coz I'm spending more than $800 for the metres,, She said either we loose the $300 deposit or buy something for the value we agreed to pay for the bed,


Super comfortable mattress. Worth the wait.

Great customer service

The service provided by Baku was excellent. She is a nice lady and very informative and patient. Highly recommend this shop.

Great mattress for growing kids

We brought our son 2yr old into the store and let him choose his favourite mattress to lay on. This was the one he wanted to lay on the most. He still loves it and sleeps great at home now.

NL Vantage

Side sleepers. Lay on the Ultra Plush in store for an hour in the Fortitude Valley store and it was soft but supportive. The mattress we received has no support, like the store model. The manufacturer has denied there is an issue with the mattress and the Fortitude Valley has refused even a partial refund. We could only sleep on the mattress for a couple of nights and I’ve been getting medical treatment for the back pain I have from sleeping on it. I had to constantly move around on the mattress to get even a small amount of support. Was like sleeping in a ditch or hammock.

Amazing service.

Carly of Beds N Dreams Cannington was very helpful and made our experience quite easy and enjoyable. Our purchases are still to be delivered. Hopefully the next couple of months will go by quickly so we can finally try out our new bed.


Big thanks to Janelle for helping us with this mattress didn’t realise how thick it was until we got it delivered (the wife has to jump up onto the bed now) very comfortable

All round Top Marks Beds n Dreams - Great Staff Great Price Excellent Quality Matress

Great store, excellent balance for browsing quietly and trying out and getting helpful assistance from sales staff when needed. Big pluses is the range of top quantity well made matresses to pick from across good price ranges, and genuine sale prices when it comes to it, noticed this when compaing other stores we wandered to. Knowledgeable and polite sales team. Stuart excellent, knows the products, gentleman and calm, not pushy, good balance, efficiently helped when needed, perfect support in selecting a top quality matress for our daughter and helped us with the price.

Buyer beaware!!!

I have never left a bad review but the customer service deserves zero-star if I could rate them. We have purchased a bed & mattress back in December last year. The salesperson was very nice and we received the delivery on 15th Dec. However, this is the beginning of the nightmare. Upon opening the package, we felt an unpleasant strong smell from the product but was advised it would fade away after several months. That’s why we accept the goods on delivery. However, after two months, this unpleasant smell remains as strong even after we took ever...

I’ll never recommend this store to anyone

Ordered a king size mattress 5 weeks ago. I was told that it would be delivered within two weeks, on the two week mark after no communication from the store - we called them and they blamed corona virus for not knowing anything about the order but explained that it would be another week due to “the corona virus”. After ANOTHER week we called them on the day it was to be delivered they claimed that the delivery truck had left but did not take the mattress on the truck?? And claimed it would again be another week. When I contested the poor service, they were quick to offer me a refund with no explanation or apologies. In fact the same sales person we spoke to 4 times had used the excuse “I’ve been off for a week I don’t know what’s happening” when we’ve spoken to her every week. And the same excuse was used twice. I asked why there was no communication except for myself calling and asking what’s happening and they could not explain themselves. Definitely not worth the money for the cheap no named mattresses when you can go to a higher quality shop with next day delivery and MUCH more competitive prices. The same day I received my refund I went to another local mattress store who gave me a much better deal on a Sealy mattress with delivery the next day. I mentioned the terrible service from beds and dreams and they claimed that they had heard the same review many times due to bed and dreams over promising and not having stock but using the corona virus as an excuse.

Very comfortable, great night sleep,

Very comfortable, great night sleep, undisturbed when my husband moves around. Love it

Lovely Service

I was happy with the product, but extremely happy with the way Laura at the Midland store was so lovely, helpful and friendly to both my son and I. Much appreciated, thank you Laura.

Found exactly what we needed without going anywhere else!!!

After researching online, it drew me to our first store visit to Bedsanddreams. With 3 beds to try from our list, we looked no further After finding the BED our OUR DREAMS literally!!! Lucy’s A1 customer service & knowledge of the products was outstanding. Thank you so much for our happy & easier than expected experience in investing in our sleep health.


After buying a mattress from forty winks that cost $$ I bought this mattress. It is so comfy! Soft but keeps support and doesnt dip etc. so glad I chose this mattress in the end! If you are debating between two mattresses, Id pick this one!

Disgusting customer service

My wife and I purchased a bedhead and bedside tables early June and was told by the salesman the container will be arriving on the 25th June and we would receive an email to organise delivery. A week after the 25th my wife rung the store and asked if the container had arrived and was told it was yet to be cleared. After 3 calls to the store we then was told the delivery would be in 2 weeks time. I rang the store at told them to cancel the order as your customer service is non existent, he said you will lose 25% and I told him that will not happen I can assure you. Ten minutes later they rang and can deliver in a few days. Went to the store this morning and spoke with the manager regarding the lack of communication. He said we cant ring you and sell as well that's they was it is in a rude tone. I would not recommend my family or friends to purchase from this company if that's the way they treat customers, All they are interested in is the sale and nothing else.

Bad service

They use floor stock as a way to sell damaged mattress and rip people off. I was told only people sat on it and gave me 50% off. When delivered I phoned store and they basically told me too bad. Never buy anything from them

Too Warm

Terrible quality of product. The material that the SEATTLE mattress is made of, is too warm. You even wake up at dawn sweating profusely, in the middle of winter! I warn you, never buy in this place.

Omg what a horrible place

Their customer service is awe full. Area sale manager of Cranbourne threatens customers for making complaints about their damaged products . You going to regret if you purchase from them . Such poor quality and all damages they says it’s the natural timber design

Buyer Beware - Stained Mattress

We bought a mattress for +$1000 on Saturday 24/7/21 sales staff were fabulous. Not in stock, the store requested a delivery from their warehouse to the Cannington store. We were notified the mattress was available to pickup, which we did on the 27/7/21. A quick trip home and we unwrapped the plastic to discover a cringeworthy yellow stain on the underside. I rang the store immediately and emailed through photos of the damage. They responded today 28/7/21 saying they would not be replacing the mattress as it left the store in a 'good condition'. Staff in the store had no way of knowing that for sure, as it was wrapped/sealed in both clear and opaque white plastic. The product is not of acceptable quality to be sold and should never have left the warehouse. It is unacceptable to sell a stained mattress as 'new' and expect people to sleep on it! Please make sure you request them to unwrap the mattress in store and inspect the mattress in full! It is also poor form to not have a customer service team or head office number consumers can contact with issues relating to a store.

NeoLuxe Vantage Medium - AVOID

Ive had the mattress now since Aug 2021 and it has not held up. It sags where both of us end up rolling into the middle. Would not recommend or buy.

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