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Avatar Mattress Reviews

Avatar is no longer sold in Australia. Avatar® mattress is a budget-friendly mattress with three layers of mid-grade foams. It comes in one firmness profile for those that require a medium-firmness sleeping surface. Most reviewers agree that it is a comfortable mattress, but some that are larger may experience some difficulties with durability long term. However, for the price, it is still a good deal.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7.1/10

No Back Pain: 7.1/10

Price: $417-$817

Trial Period: 101 Nights

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Avatar's Specifics

Quality of Materials

Avatar makes a mattress that is all-foam with both polyurethane and latex foams used. The overall quality of materials is less than many popular mattresses, but for a price that is hard to beat. Some reviewers note that the feel of the mattress is a little lacking without the option for multiple firmness options. Read on for more details on what's inside.

The build of the mattress has three comfort layers making up a 30cm profile. Here are the details:

Cover Layers: The top layer is the linen cover. Linen naturally facilitates airflow, but some have noted that it does not 'hug' the surface of the mattress. In addition to linen, the surface includes Tencel® quilting that is naturally cooling.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a pin cored latex, which is highly responsive and provides a gentle bounce.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is gel-infused memory foam that dissipates heat and dissipates pressure point pain.

Layer 4: The base layer of the mattress is dense support foam that helps provide lasting stabilisation to the spine.

Overall Comfort

Reviewers have good things to say about Avatar's initial comfort. Some expert reviewers have mentioned that they found something lacking in the overall support and comfort. It should provide good support to back sleepers and medium sized individuals.


Take a look above for our firmness chart. This mattress is rated as medium-firm, which is on average what most sleepers prefer. However, if you are someone who is large in body size, this mattress may feel too soft for you and not last as long as preferred. Also, if you are slight, this mattress may be too firm.

Back Pain Relief

For those that are medium-sized and are back-sleepers, this mattress should do well cradling the spine and helping with pain initially. For those that prefer firmer or softer mattresses, this mattress may not do well here long-term.


There are several features in this mattress that facilitate cooling including the top latex layer and the gel-infused memory foam. For those that are warm, you should feel cool throughout the night with this mattress with few exceptions.

Who Is This Mattress Good For?

This mattress is a bargain hunter's dream. It is much less expensive than competitor brands and offers a good comfort level to average sleepers. For those that want something that will last longer or more tailored in firmness to their individual sleeping habits, this may not be the best fit.

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Amazingly comfortable

Amazingly comfortable and such a good price. My son tried it and loved it too, so he’s ordered his own. I would definitely recommend.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery and easy to set up. My partner and I have found the Avatar to be really comfortable, and we are both sleeping much better than we were.

Was a bit skeptical

Was a bit skeptical about ordering this bed, but am very pleasantly surprised. I’ve only had it for just over a week and am really loving it. I sleep on my side and am finding it very comfortable and easy on my joints.

Great value

Great value, fast delivery!


Perfect, love it!

Took a few nights to get used to

Took a few nights to get used to, but like this matress. Quick delivery.

Order processed and delivered when promised

Order processed and delivered when promised. Easy. Been sleeping well on it so far.

Mattress very good

Mattress very good. Good price.

This mattress is good

This mattress is good, just the right firmness for me. Can’t go past this price.

Perfect for me

Perfect for me, we luv it!

I purchased this mattress

I purchased this mattress on Wednesday and it was delivered that Friday, couldn’t believe how fast and simple! Really good mattress and great price.

Like this mattress

Like this mattress, price good + delivery also

I just had to share with you

I just had to share with you how much we love this mattress, from being so easy to set up, to the silver “sparkles” in the cover that my little girls thought were pretty amazing, but of course hands down the best feature is we have had two nights now of amazing sleep and my husband and I both agree we could never go back to our old Spring mattress! The quality is amazing, I will be recommending you guys to everyone!

My new Favouite thing

After using an alternate bed in a box mattress this mattress is amazing, It is firm enough that i am supported but soft enough that I'm super comfortable. My lower back pain is a thing of the past 99.9% of the time. I have been on this mattress for over 4 months and have not looked back.

Pretty Happy with it

After reading reviews on these mattresses for 12 months and not really believing half the reviews where real I was really undecided. In the end we really had to just bite the bullet and get one. I based my pick on a choice review and figured if we hate it we can send it back. Well we've had it for about a month now and really love it. I am 75kg and m y husband if 110kg and there is not rolling into each other or disturbance when when gets in or out of the bed. We are both fairly hot sleepers and have not noticed any heat difference from our old standard mattress. We are both sleeping better and finding it really comfortable and our only complaint is having to get out of it in the morning. I have lots of allergies, one of which is with smells like chemicals and perfumes and I was concerned about a few who said it smelled. I was able to sleep in it from night one without any real smell or side effects. I cant comment on the longevity since it has only been a month but so far we are really happy with our purchase as is our daughter and partner who also purchased one at the same time.

The mattress I needed!

I’ve had lower back pain, especially after waking, for many years. After sleeping on a firm foam mattress, one night, I realised the new “bed in a box” may be what I needed. The avatar is amazing value and feels on the firmer side. I’ve had it for a month and have woken feeling refreshed, with no back pain, every morning. There was a smell, but that reduced over the first week and I don’t notice it now. I highly recommend it for those that suffer from lower back pain.

Choose wisely

The mattress is quite comfortable but for my taste and my back condition, the body sinks into it too much, even though it's advertised as firm. It is worth noting - DO NOT BELIEVE IN TRIAL PERIOD - You will not get your money back. You might be able to exchange for another, more expensive mattress from bedsonline. So better choose wisely.

Comfort and support

My body feels rested and free of any pain every morning. The mattress is firm and supportive. The only problem was DHL delivery service. The mattress got lost and the tracking number DHL gave us was not valid. But it was worth waiting for.

Good value for money

I've had this mattress for a few weeks and find it very comfortable. I like a firm mattress and was worried that it would not be firm enough for me as it's marketed as Medium Firm but it's just right. If you prefer something less firm then this might not be the mattress for you.

Wonderfully firm

I looked into mattresses under $1000.00 after I had severe trauma from my 4 year old Ikea mattress.Im reasonably fit as I ride & do yoga. Im not big on coil or metal particularly with all the wi fi & blue tooth devices in my home.I like firm & this is just that.The bed does need a cotton or natural fibre mattress protector as it becomes quite warm with the summer months.Great Value overall.Good night sleep.


Wake up refreshed and with less aches and pains. Feels like a cloud, it is so comfortable. Would definitely recommend, it cushions your body and bounces back ready for the next dreamy sleep time.

Comfortable but takes some getting used to, and shipping took 5 weeks :(

It took some getting used to, as the feel of the mattress is so completely different from a spring mattress. I find it comfortable now, although maybe ever so slightly too firm. (I wake up in the morning with the mattress honeycomb pattern imprinted on my skin) I love that I can't feel when my husband is tossing and turning in the middle of the night and definitely means a better sleep for me every night. Our only complaint is that shipping took 5 weeks, and we had to follow up regarding the shipment almost every day for the last 2 weeks before we finally received it. I'd be reluctant to buy anything from here again, just because of the long shipping time, and the fact that it seemed like the shipment had been forgotten about in the warehouse, then lost on the way to the freight forwarding company, AND then arrived with a broken box (although the mattress was fine). Customer service was helpful though, and Beverley responded quickly each time I emailed for updates on the status of the order.

So far so good

Have had the Avatar for around a month's great. Very comfortable .I would highly recommend it. Im waking up with less aches and pains, sleeping more soundly and no complaints from my partner either

Product was not delivered!

I would love to review this product. However it is nearly a month since I ordered it and it has yet to arrive. I live in outer Melbourne, so 2 3 days was expected, but this is very disappointing. I have made enquiries, but no delivery date has been forthcoming.


Great reasonable price mattress I recommend who like firm mattress to purchase this!!!!!! Have slept wonderful since purchase of the mattress. Especially have change five mattress in the past 7 years for the perfect mattress

Terrible service

The mattress is fine - not great but it's fine. However, the "next day delivery" claim is a lie. It took over a week to receive our mattress and the complaints team were rude and did not care about the delay. We were offered complimentary pillows as an apology, but even those we had to follow up several times to have them delivered another 2 weeks later. I would not recommend this company or this product.

Very firm mattress with smells but ok to good quality one

It is a definitely firm mattress to very firm and quite a bit of smells from the foam. But it is worth the money to consider and looks like a good quality one

Great mattress

Our new mattress is great. We sre both sleeping so much better than we were. Many thanks to Avatar and their speedy delivery. My back is already feeling the difference

Fantastic foam mattress

It is the most comfortable mattress ever I have purchased. I would like to purchase another one when I need one more mattress in the future. The best foam mattress ever.

Beware of their trial period condition

I owned their 1st mattress when bedsonline still had retail store in Ozzie wide, and it felt just perfect for me, eventhough the mattress cover not as good compare to other brand and loose too, however recently i bought another similar queen size for my daughter but quite disappointed, i could feel their quality and less comfy and definitely not the same when you lie on my avatar mattress. JUST BEWARE OF THEIR TRIAL PERIOD. Read carefully before buy. You still need to pay for exchange and when avatar is on promo, it is not cover for replacement. Pretty much is as NO RETURN.

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