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624 Mattress Reviews

Due to COVID-19, 624 has suspended sale and delivery of their mattresses indefinitely -- we will update this with any changes. 624 builds all-foam mattresses with the benefits of both latex and memory foam. They ship from warehouses based throughout the country in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. One of their advantages is that they offer two firmness options for customers within one mattress. At a fair price for the quality of materials used, 624 is definitely a brand to consider.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.2/10

Price: $699-$1199

Trial Period: 125 Nights

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624's Specifics

Quality of Materials

624 makes a mattress in the box that has an edge on versatility versus competitors. The brand 624 comes from the option customers have in selecting a 6 or a 4 firmness level out of their mattress. This is done by flipping the top 2 layers. You can select either the memory foam as the top layer or a bouncier, more resilient latex layer on the top. We will go through the full details of the materials used below.

The product researchers have taken care to select high quality materials in this mattress for a fair price. Here are the details:

Cover Layers: The top layer is 624's cover with its own proprietary fabric -- Kantec®, which is moisture whicking and smooth. This cover is zippable and machine washable. Beneath this is a protective inner cover that is anti-microbial.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 30mm of natural latex, blended with activated charcoal to alleviate heat retention and to absorb odours and impurities from the body. This layer is slightly firm and highly responsive.

Layer 3: The second comfort layer is 40'' of high-density memory foam. This visco elastic foam is slow to respond when pressed and contours around the body. It may retain some heat if used on the surface layer. These two top comfort layers are reversible to create a firmer option (latex on top) or a softer (memory foam on top) sleeping surface.

Layer 4: The last layer is a 190mm high compact Kantec® foam is open cellular, which helps with temperature regulation, while supporting the spine throughout the night.

Overall Comfort

With 624's versatility with its reversible comfort layers, most sleepers will be able to find a comfortable night sleep. If you are looking for a King, but prefer a different firmness than your partner, getting two King singles is a great option here.


Take a look above for our firmness chart. Reviewers report that the softer version is good for side sleepers and those with hip pain. The firmer version is ideal for stomach and back sleepers generally.

Back Pain Relief

There are some reviewers that reported having back pain and that this mattress helped them. Because of its ability to be reversed for a softer or firmer version, most sleepers should find that it will help them sleep pain free after an adjustment period. Some large sized sleepers may find that both options are too soft for them.


There are multiple cooling features to this mattress. For those that sleep with the latex layer on the top layer, this mattress should sleep cool for nearly everyone. Latex is naturally cooling and it works in conjunction with the cover technology. For those that sleep with the memory foam layer on top, some who live in warmer climates or have warmer temperatures at night, may experience some heat retention.

Who Is This Mattress Good For?

The 624 mattress is a highly rated foam mattress that comes in a box. It is great for most sleepers, especially those that are medium or lighter in body size and don't sleep warm.

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Loving it so far

624 has been so helpful since my original order was double but I exchanged it for a queen. One thing I’ve noticed since purchasing 624 is that as I crawl into bed, there is no shifting or movement. It’s so still that my partner doesn’t get disturb by my alarms vibration going off in the mornings. Totally worth a try if you are looking at this company as they are such a great service and ensure you’re genuinely happy with your purchase.

Great service great mattress

This company sets the standard for deliveries. They call to give you a delivery window and then again when 30 minutes away. Why can't everyone do that? The mattress came in a compact box and grew to its full size in about 30 minutes after unboxing. very comfortable


My partner and I LOVE the mattress and rate it 100% for any size/age/condition.

So Far so Good

Received my King mattress about a month ago and so far so good. Ordered it at midday and arrived by 4pm. I find I am not waking as many times in the night to turn over from stiffness like I did with my old inner spring mattress.

Mattresses are very comfortable

We are using three singles on a sitting area we built. They work perfect and are very comfortable. The delivery to the bush was overnight. Can’t say that for most deliveries out here.

Love it!

Very very happy with this mattress. So comfy!

Queen Mattress

Have slept on this for a week now and my sleep has been more restful now. No more sore, tired shoulders.... lower back pain not there in the mornings. I am using the softer side of the mattress now as it's not so firm. Was hesitant in spending $799 on an unknown item but I'm glad i did. Well worth the money.

Very good mattress and great

Very good mattress and great service.

Very happy with the mattress.

Very happy with the mattress. Have had a better nights sleep since getting it.

624 matress review

Omg! Awesome matress! Slept an entire night without waking up once, both sides of top section are very comfortable and I now love going to bed, plus the bonus x2 pillow are excellent and I would recommend this matress to any looking to upgrade or require a new matress... giddy up! and Thanks... ;)

Excellent Mattress

I have Fibromyalgia and suffer from chronic pain. I spend more time in bed than most people due to the pain. My first night on the 624 I slept like a baby, in fact I didn't move from my original and my quilt hadn't moved. My dog layed on it and went straight to sleep without her usual up and down movement. I did months of research prior to purchase and read the review online done by chiropractors rating the 624 as the best bed in a box (without springs) and so decided to try it out. It was fun to dismantle out of the box and I love that it came with the tool to cut the plastic that wouldn't damage the mattress and two free pillows. I didn't notice any odour, probably due to the activated charcoal in the latex. Once out of the box it could be slept on right away. I bought a double to go on an electric adjustable bed base. It has little traction dots on the bottom that stops it from moving around. I love that it has two types of firmness so if necessary the top layer could be flipped for a softer version. I am very comfortable on the 6 but decided I wanted to experience the difference but found 4 too soft for me. They we're also selling the single size for $299 so I also purchased that for a friend with a bad back and she loves it so much and also has it set on 6 and all the pain and restlessness she would experience at night has disappeared. I would recommend this mattress to anyone and I tell everyone I know to forget everything that know about traditional mattresses. This is a quality product, and they have fantastic service and follow-up.


Was a little unsure on the foam only mattress. But damn his thing has been the best investment i have made. Within 3 days i went from waking up aching, saw ribs/back and needing to get up out of bed asap to no pain at all and wanting to lay in of a morning.

Best mattress I’ve purchased

Im really happy with this purchase, mattress is as good as they claim. I was underwhelmed about the pillow though.

Very comfortable

Very comfortable

Best Sleep Ever

Just got my mattress yesterday, so comfortable. Didn’t want to get out of bed this morning to go to work. Here’s to many years of comfortable sleep.

Best mattress ever!

I had amazing service from Betty who answered all of my questions. I ordered Sunday night and it was delivered Monday. Sleeping great, back pain a lot less. Only issue I have is the top layer slips a little but can be easily moved back into place. Not really even an issue! Get one, great value for money!

King Size

Comfortable, no pain after sleeping on it for a month.

Took a little to get

Took a little to get used to it but now i love it

New Queen

Firstly, service and delivery was excellent, next day and GPS tracking on delivery vehicle which is brilliant. Mattress was easy to deal with and well packaged. Only had the "new smell" for probably 2 hours, nothing since, the top layers needed a bit of adjusting to align correctly to start with but no biggie. Been on it for 4 nights now and so far very happy with it. I am used to a firm mattress and this still feels a bit odd in that it has some give in the top layer but still feels firm and supportive overall, just something for me to get used to but not a negative by any means. Overall very happy so far.


Super comfy from day one! No problem opening and moving around. Highly recommended!

Very Happy

Quick delivery, and very comfy mattress! Very happy with purchase!

Love it

Great sleep I just love it

Excellent service

Same day delivery of our Double memory foam mattress. Good quality, comfortable product which was reasonably priced

Best Mattress ever!!!

Being heavily pregnant I usually find myself uncomfortable even with maternity pillows. Since I got this mattress, I have no need for any sort of maternity pillow, sleeping on my side is comfortable, no pain in my hips and lower back anymore. Only problem is my toddler is just as in love with this mattress as I am so refuses to sleep anywhere else but my bed lol

Very comfortable!

I found these memory foam mattress very comfortable, much better than traditional one it replaced.

LOVE my new mattress!!

I had heard many bad reports about latex mattresses, so it was with trepidation that I purchased a 624 mattress. My husband is asthmatic so that was one of the main reasons for the purchase, together with the great price! It arrived very promptly and OMG - ORTHOPEDIC BLISS!!

A wonderful nights sleep.

How can a plastic packed lump of foam delivered in a box be so comfortsble. The queensixed 624 matress i have slept on for fhe past two weeks is so supportive. I loved it.

Great king single mattress

I bought 2 of these mattresses for my kids aged 9 and 12 - easiest shopping experience ever and they are very comfortable.


In Perth it always seems like same day delivery promises are rarely fulfilled. Not the case here. Delivery within 4 hours of a fantastic quality mattress. Love the feel, love that 624 delivered on exactly what they promise.

No regrets

This mattress has been great for my shoulders. I use to go to bed with sore shoulders and wake up with terrible shoulders. Now I wake up and my shoulders don’t hurt. Amazing, no regrets

Very fast & professional

Delivery very fast, it's been only 1 month using this mattress, so far all good and very comfortable. hope won't have any issue in future

Quality Product

We decided to give the mattress in a box concept a go after becoming dissatisfied with traditional style mattresses, which no longer met our differing requirements. The 624 was a very good choice, offering a high degree of comfort with virtually zero partner disturbance, and at a realistic price. Delivery was prompt, and although the chemical odour was a bit pervasive when initially unpacked, a couple of days in quarantine fixed the issue. No complaints at all couple of months in, and although I can't yet attest to long term durability, the guarantee should make this a non-issue.

Awesome mattress!

I’m in 7th heaven. The mattress is unbelievably comfy, has excellent support and was so easy to unpack and handle. Love LOVE LOVE our new mattress so much we ordered one each for the kids and they love them too!


From the very first night, I knew this mattress was perfect for me. I now understand the expression it’s like sleeping on a cloud. It’s like it’s not there. I’m a side sleeper and it’s has also helped with shoulder soreness and stiffness. There was very little smell. Exceeded all my expectations.

Great Sleep

Honestly, fantastic service. Mattress arrived sooo quickly. Very comfortable.... I only wish I had stumbled across this mattress before I bought others for my family..... Highly recommend...

Excellent Buy!

What a mattress! So comfortable the first night and every night after that. Please everyone, forget the others, come and get this mattress. Perfect for people with back problems.

Good, I think?!

I have only ever had inner-spring mattresses prior to this, so it still feels a bit weird. The ordering/delivery process was very easy, and it was so much fun watching it 'inflate'. It's definitely worth trying the 2 different 'settings' - we found the 2nd one much more comfortable. But I would prefer the mattress had firmer edges to it (like the ribbing on an inner-spring) - would make it easier to lift to make the bed, and also stops that feeling of slipping off the edge. However, seems overall to be a good mattress, but you'll have to ask me again in 5 years time!

Great customer service and fast delivery time

Ordered from 624 after an order from another company fell through. Expressed how urgently I needed a mattress and they ensured me it would be delivered ASAP - which it did! Quite impressive as I live in a rural city. Very impressed with the customer service. Bed is very comfy and the two free pillows was a great bonus. Highly recommended.

624 matteress is so comfortable to sleep on you think that you are on a cloud

Just love our new 624 matteress so confortable

Sorry but i'm not sending this back....

Honestly the best nights sleep I have ever had.I used to toss and turn night after night on my old mattress,I would wake up in pain and more tired than when i went to bed.I so love this mattress and I love the way I feel in the morning.I really never thought it had to do with my mattress,I thought it was an age thing.Thankyou 624.


It would be better if it is a bit more firm. Currently is using the firmnest side but need a bit more.


Love this mattress, so comfortable. Highly recommended.

Wonderful mattreses!

We bought 4 matresses when moving from USA to Oz and we absolutely love them. My husband and i left a pricey mattress back home and like this much better!

Sooo goood

took a chance in buying this but was better than a 3k mattress so cheap for such good quality will only buy mattresses in a box in the future

624 King mattress

Thanks for a great product and a quick delivery. It is early days, but the mattress is proving to be as you have described. Thanks again.

Five stars

Excellent mattress

Good choice

There were a lot of boxed mattresses available online and we were not sure about buying one which we have not tested before. But went ahead anyway. It is very comfortable and met all our expectations. It’s also great value for money. Now we feel confident that we can replace our other mattresses

Very unique

Good spinal support without compromising on softness.

624 double bed matress

Best sleep ever

Great buy

So far, so good!

Satisfied customer

Speed of delivery was amazing. Quality seems good. Perhaps a little firmer than I was expecting but still comfortable.

Worth the money

I bought 624 mattress after reading in-depth reviews online. I can safely say that I made the right decision. Mattress in a box market is highly competitive. I found 624 mattress have a good quality and are a bit firmer than other memory foam mattresses in the market.

So happy with product

Thanks for comfortable sleep

Great memory foam mattress

With a reversible top layer to cater for different comfort levels, you have 2 chances to get the comfort level you want. How many mattresses give you that option.

King Single

King Single

Good service and quality product

I had requested for the mattress to be sent at a later date via email which was promptly attended to via a phone call by the customer service officer who was friendly and accomodating. The product itself was top notch and accounted for good nights sleep.

Never been happier

Love the bed. Exceeded my expectations.

A mattress designed by the Gods, for the Gods.

Close your eyes. Let your mind drift, and your consciousness fade away into another realm, another state of being. The world around you is lulling you to sleep. You can feel the cradling of the clouds, offering you peace and restoration after the chaos and disorder of the day. You are at one with the universe. At peace with yourself. Unfortunately, science has not yet delivered the technology for such an experience - it has, however, gone one step further, with the 624 mattress. The stress, fights, arguments, and pains of the day matter no longer, because the moment you sink into the luxurious foam of the 624 mattress, all that matters is that you are about to have the best Damn sleep of your life. If you hate comfort, peace, and life itself, then this mattress will be your biggest enemy. For the rest of us, it will be your new best friend, walking alongside and supporting you, in your highest of highs, and your lowest of lows. The joyous impact that this will have on your life cannot be overstated.

excellent quality

its a fantastic mattress strong and excellent back support suggests to anyone...



Very comfortable, supportive. Minimal partner

Very comfortable, supportive. Minimal partner disturbance.

Great customer service

I’m very happy to deal with nice and lovely customer service, they’re very helpful and welcoming. Thanks a lot Denita

624 memory foam queen

More comfortable than our other much more expensive memory foam mattress. Shipping and service is second to none. Don't hesitate.


We have purchased the King size and have been having the best sleep we haven’t experienced in a long time. Thanks 624

brilliant from start to finish.

brilliant from start to finish. very very happy with our mattress.

Happy Customer

I recently bought this mattress and am very happy with it. I have a bad back and needed a firmer mattress than my 10yr old heavy plush mattress. I was a little dubious about buying a bed in a box but was happy that there was 2 choices for firmness. I have used the firmer choice and found it very comfortable. The zipper broke on my mattress cover the first time I tried to use it but the company replaced it immediately.

Perfect for those with lower back problems

My hubby and I have slept on this mattress for over a month now and we can feel that it has helped with our lower back problems. Its firm (but not hard) and even our kids like sleeping on it. Only dislike is the smell when its brand new, but it does wear off...overall we are extremely happy with it.


Liking our new mattress, seems to be helping the back issues. We turned the top, so it's slightly softer. Glad there was the option. And glad it can all be unzipped for easy cleaning. Service was great, very clear about delivery days and good communication. Very happy 😊

Comfortable mattress

Comfortable mattress

Queen bed

Wow , what a bed . Do yourself a favour and get one. Forget about Amart, Hervey and the rest. They are just overpricing beds that are not worth the money. This is like sleeping on a cloud. I read the reviews before i bought and now i see what they are about. FANTASTIC BEDS.

Great service

Can't speak highly enough of the excellent service and extremely quick delivery of our new mattress. Less than 48 hours from ordering until it arrived at our doorstep. The first night with the new mattress was great, looking forward to many more.

Kevin Donovan

I have many chronic diseases and never got more than a couple of hours a night. Typically bed at midnight awake before three am then try to get back to sleep. Since getting my mattress from 624 I have slept in at least three times. I mean bed by midnight then wife waking me at nine am or later. I love the comfort. Well done.

My research has paid off

I have done a lot of research on all the different types of mattresses. Some have coils, some have pillow tops, some have technology built into them and then there are some with just standard materials with no added benefits to them. I came across 624 during my research and I love that they have activated charcoal infused into their comfort layer of their mattress and also that the mattress is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Each layer of their mattress has a purpose and I really like it. I have tried and tested the mattress and I am very happy with my purchase. My research has paid off.

Best Decision Made

I never usually make good decisions in life but I definitely made the best decision in purchasing the 624 mattress. I am very happy to say that I no longer have lower back pain. The firmness was just perfect and exactly what I needed. The bed always feels nice and cool and I don't have to constantly wake up in the middle of the night to take pain killers or muscle relaxers to stop my back pain and also not sweating so much. Thanks 624, best decision I have ever made

No negative comment

Cannot fault anything...just a perfect mattress

A happy customer.

This 624 mattress is one of the best,it is comparable with a ERGO-Flex we bought 4 years ego. We are 82 years old and need to sleep separate now, so our night are not disturbed. My wife states that the 624 mattress feels the same and does so at a very reasonable price. This is a quality product. Jacob

So happy with my purchase

Thanks 624, purchased your mattress 3 weeks ago and my wife and I are absolutely loving it. The comfort level was just perfect. It’s amazing what your mattress did to help my back. Came home from work one day and I couldn’t sit down or bend over. All I got was excruciating pain in my lower back. I decided to go to bed early and give my back some rest. When I woke up in the morning, there was no sign of pain at all. It just disappeared. I couldn’t believe that a mattress could do wonders for your back pains. I will be recommending 624 to all my friends and especially to those who experience back pain like I do. Thank you again 624, you saved me from going not having to go see a Chiropractor.

Price was spot on

Price was spot on. Didn’t know you can get a Queen size mattress for this cheap

wish I bought you years ago

I haven't slept this well in years. I now sleep and wake up without back and hip pains. Wish I bought 624 mattress years ago.

Loving it right now

Received our 624 mattress today. I am fairly impressed with this mattress. It is firm but yet it is very comfortable. Loving it right now.

Stay cool

I had tried other mattress in a box before and I had to return one back as it was just too hard and too hot at night. Decided to give another mattress in a box ago and purchased a 624. 2 weeks in and I have to say…there is no complaint from me. It was light, it was cool and not too hot at night and provided great support. Everyone needs to buy from 624 ASAP.

Completely surprised

Was completely surprised as to how comfortable 624 mattress was. I was a bit sceptic and was very hesitant to purchase one online without trying it first but I’m rather surprise at the quality of the mattress for such a low price. Save us so much money.

Very Happy with my 624

Love the free 2 pillows that comes with every mattress purchased. Was going to go out and purchase some pillows to go with my new mattress but didn’t have to. They were a bit too soft but they firmed up after a few hours and a bit of fluffing. The mattress itself was fantastic. It was too firm for me to start but remembering the flip process, I flipped it over to the 4 firmness and was very happy with the change in firmness. Delivery was quick and unpacking was a bit of fun with the wife. Very happy with my 624.

Perfect Upgrade

In the process of upgrading our mattress, we decided to purchase one from 624. We never realised how heavy our old spring mattress was until we decided to take the old one out to unpack the 624. The springless memory foam/latex mattress from 624 was light to lift, easy to unpack, quick to deflate, and was very comfortable. It feels firmer by touch but once you lay your body down, it feels completely different. So happy with our purchase and upgrade.

So comfortable

Completely satisfied with our purchase of the 624. Only had the mattress for a few days and finding it more and more comfortable. Very happy with our 624

Best gift

My daughter and her fiancé was moving into their brand new home together. So we decided as a gift we buy them a brand new mattress. Friend of ours recommended 624 so I quickly hopped online and ordered one to be delivered the same day they were moving in. My daughter facetime my husband and I so that we can witness them unpacking the mattress out of the box. They absolutely loves it. They said it was really comfortable and couldn’t thank us enough.

Roommates loves it

Stumble on your website through Facebook. Was interested in the concept of a mattress in a box. Your website was very informative of how the mattress are put together and what benefits we can get out of it. Spoke to your support team via your chat system and they were very helpful. Decided to take the plunge and purchase a King Single mattress for myself as I live in a shared apartment with not a lot of room. Arrived in a neat looking box and came with 2 free pillows and a little cutting device to cut open the plastic without damaging the mattress. My roommate stood around watching me unpack the mattress and they loved that it just deflates and that is much lighter than their own mattress. We all tried it and seems very comfortable. Now my roommates are thinking of upgrading theirs.

Great Mattress & Firmness

Overall impression – Great mattress & firmness.

Best decision

Best mattress I have ever bought. Best decision I have ever made.

Just buy it

Just buy the mattress, you can thank me later

Family time in bed

We bought a king size mattress as our 2 children loves to join us in bed every so often. The kids fell asleep immediately whilst we enjoyed the comfort of the bed while watching tv. No one wanted to leave the bed the next day. Family time in bed.

Worth it


Slept so well

I don’t think I have slept this well in a very long time. I am so happy with my purchase

Loving the mattress in a box

Who knew you can fit a queen size mattress into a medium size box. The idea is brilliant and loving every moment unpacking the mattress. Have everything recorded to show my friends and family as I am in awe of the whole process. They even manage to fit the pillows with the mattress as well. Both deflated in no time and was able to use the mattress immediately. Perfect firmness for myself and hopefully my future partner.

Perfect Firmness

We have had our 624 mattress for 2 weeks now and we are absolutely loving it. The mattress has the perfect firmness. We don’t overheat during at night as well. It is extremely comfortable and offer the perfect support to every part of my body.

Enjoying sleep more than ever

Having a really bad back, it was hard to sleep on my back and had really sore arms and hip from sleeping on my side too often. Now with my 624 mattress, I can go back to enjoying sleeping on my back. The mattress moulded well with my body providing support for my back where needed. I feel like I’m in the clouds

Wish I can take my mattress everywhere

I wish there was a way to take my 624 mattress with me on holiday. I don’t think I would be comfortable on any other mattress but the 624. Absolutely love my mattress.

Sleeping on clouds

I never had such a good night sleep until I bought 624. I am a part time student and have a full-time job. The first thing I want to end my night is a nice comfy bed and not have to wake up my partner in the process. I toss and turn a lot to get comfy and with their zero-partner disturbance, it is the least of my worries now. So this is what sleeping on clouds feels like.

Upgrade NOW

Easy, value for money, fast delivery and wonderfully comfortable mattress. Could not fault anything. Recommending 624 to all my friends and telling them to upgrade to their mattress now.

624 all the way

Can’t go back to the standard spring mattress. 624 you have now converted me

Worth every Penny

Worth every penny! Had the best sleep in years. Perfect support!

Bit too firm

Not 100% happy. I have had some expensive mattresses with pillow tops. They are soft to sleep on but you always end up in your own dip and they won't recover. I chose the 624 because it was guaranteed not to dip. I am sure it won't and it is supportive but I find it a bit firmer than I would like. The pillow tops are very soft.

Couldn’t be anymore happier

I have been through about 3 different mattresses over the last 3 years and it has burnt a giant whole in my pocket. Nothing seems to be fit well with my body after a few days. It was great at first when testing it at the stores but feels so different when you get it at home. Decide to give a mattress in a box a go and love how inexpensive 624 is. Now I wish I purchased a 624 years ago and save me so much money and trouble. I’m in love with it. Couldn’t be anymore happier with my purchase.

Cannot Fault the mattress

Prompt delivery, easy and convenient, love the little cutting tool and the bonus 2 pillows. Had to change to the 4 firmness as I like mine a bit on the softer side and couldn’t fault anything with it. A must buy for everyone.

Happy Daughter

Bought my daughter a brand new double size mattress. Now I can’t get her out of bed. She studies, sleep, watches tv shows & movies, even eats on her bed. She can’t get enough of it. I think I’m going to get myself one.

Must buy the 624 NOW

2 weeks since my purchase of my 624 and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it. I think I have convinced most of my friends to convert to the 624. Everyone, please give 624 a go, you will absolutely love it. I can vouch for them. Their mattress is so comfortable.

Best investment we ever bought

Perfect mattress. Soft to touch, firmness is great and not too heavy to lift. Great customer service and follow up emails to ensure I know all the updates in regard to my order. Best investment we ever bought. Worth it!

Sleeping like a King

Sleeping like a king on my brand new King size mattress

Great overall

Fantastic service, Great delivery, Reasonable price, Easy to unpack, Perfect firmness

So happy with our purchase

Perfect firmness – so happy with our purchase!


Feels like I bought a luxury mattress for ¼ of the cost. WHAT A BARGAIN!!

Zero Disturbance

I used to have a standard foam mattress when living at home. When I moved in with my partner he had a double spring mattress and it was comfortable at first but after 3 years we felt like we needed an upgrade. I told my partner that a foam mattress would be best for his bad hip and knee. He liked the idea of a memory foam mattress. The 624 caught my eye, I went ahead and purchased one knowing that their comfort level is at an all-time high. First night on our new 624 mattress was in awe. We were in pure comfort and didn’t want to get out of bed the next day. The zero disturbance works wonders to the point where we don’t get woken up by the dogs jumping on the beds. We are going to give the 4 firmness a try but we are loving the 6 firmness right now. Best decision we ever made. Highly recommending it to everyone we know.

Not disappointed

Bought my first ever mattress in a box and 624 has not disappointed me one bit. Delivery was very fast, mattress firmness was perfect, light to lift up to tuck in my sheets on all sides of the bed without having to strain myself. Life couldn’t get any better in the bedroom I say!

Surprise for mum

Surprised my mother with a brand-new mattress. She was confused with how a mattress could fit in a box. She called back 30 mins later giggling like a little girl. She found unpacking the mattress was a fun process. She thanked me for the kind gesture and also, she is raving as to how comfortable and soft the mattress was. She said it was firm to touch and sit on but the moment you lie down, it was just perfect. She said it wasn’t that heavy to lift and tuck in her sheets. Thank you 624, you made my mother a very happy one

Free Pillows

Free pillows!! Forgot that it came with my mattress order. Felt like they were European pillows, so soft and fluffy with a slight firmness to them. Sending a request to 624 to start selling them separately. Would love to buy more. Mattress was perfect.


Had a bit of trouble with the plastic wrapping while unpacking in a very small room. But the mattress was great the first night. It took a few nights after that for my body to readjust but it gave me great comfort and felt more relaxed.

Quick and Easy Purchase

My brother was coming to stay with us for a couple of months while his apartment was being renovated. Quickly hopped online and purchased a King Single mattress from 624. I love that 624 have a reversible top layer and he was able to choose his preferred firmness, it was cheap (don’t know how they make any money for the price they sell it for) and it was so fun especially with the kids to unpack. The kids could not stop laughing and gawking as how the mattress was compressed so small and become a big mattress instantly. I am hoping he loves it when he comes to stay with us

Time Saver

I thought buying a mattress would take a lot of time and a lot of effort. I was contemplating and delaying the upgrade process due to time constraints. I was stressing over this issue for weeks until one of my friends suggested online mattress stores where mattress is delivered to your door in a box and all compressed with a 100-day trial. I was surprised that there were such companies that did this. She just took out the hard work for me. There were so many mattresses in a box online stores to choose from and I want to make the right decision. My friend recommended 624 as she had one of her own so I went with her advice again. I couldn’t thank my friend enough for this recommendation. It arrived quickly, quick to unpack and very comfortable. Very happy customer.

Love the Mattress

Love, Love, Love the mattress. Buy it now. You will not regret it.

Like sleeping on clouds

4 words – like sleeping on clouds

Just ok

Mattress was ok, bit too firm for my liking. Fast delivery though

5 Reasons to buy now

5 reasons as why you should buy a 624. 1. Fast Delivery with tracking, 2. Comes in a box – so easy to mauver and unpack, 3. Recovers its size and able to use it instantly, 4. Not expensive & 5. SO COMFORTABLE!!

Love the Mattress

I love the flipping idea of mattress. My partner was worried that I would like one firmness and he would like the other. But I found that either firmness fits well with me so I was happy to go with my partners decision. Best comfort, really relaxing, mattress just moulds well with your body and put pressure off some areas of your body. So happy with our purchase with 624.

Love it

Love the mattress, so comfortable!

Comfiest mattress

Never thought at the age of 68 that I would be purchasing a new mattress for myself and the wife. We had the same mattress for the last 20 years and our kids have finally convinced us to upgrade as the wife was having really bad back pain. Our kids recommended memory foam mattress in a box. Had one of the grandkids do our research and they came back with 624. Ordered and delivered and I have to say, it was the most comfiest mattress I have ever slept on. My wife agrees. If anyone is looking for total comfort, 624 is the place to go.

Nothing can get any better than this

I am not usually the one to right reviews, but after sleeping on all different types of mattresses over the years, nothing felt as great as sleeping on a memory foam mattress. 624 provided just that. Perfect firmness, cool to sleep on, not too heavy to lift or move around, zero partner disturbance. Nothing can get any better than this

No more pains!

No more back pain, no more neck pain, no more pains in general. What a great feeling to have waking up and not have to deal with these sort of pains. Thanks 624, you made my life a really good one.

Considering my own upgrade

Purchased a single mattress for my 5 year old son as he no longer wants to sleep in his cot as he is a big boy now. I have read up a lot about 624 and a few of my friends have recommended the 624. Order came same day which was great, was able to set up the bed before he came back from school. Only downside was that they didn’t sell bed frames yet and also my son said that there wasn’t springy enough for him to jump on it but kids will be kids. We both decided to cuddle up and try out the mattress together so that he can get use to sleeping in a big boy’s bed and he slept like a baby. I thought the mattress was very comfortable and definitely upgrading our mattress when we have more money. We definitely recommending 624.

Best Investment

I work 12-15 hour shifts every night and the first thing I want to do is hop into bed and sleep without disturbing my partner. I did a lot of research to find the right mattress which provides zero partner disturbance. Came across a few different brands of mattress that provides that but to identify the right one was hard. I went ahead and purchased a mattress from 624 as it provides me with not only zero partner disturbance but 2 firmness option without having to return and order a different firmness. Best investment I every purchased. So happy, so comfortable and a happy missus.

Need one for our room now

Purchased a double size mattress for our spare bedroom for guest to stay over. Partner decided to try it out for the night and I don’t think I have ever heard him not complain about his back pain in the last 25 years of our marriage. I am definitely going to throw our old mattress our and purchase another one from 624.

No more disappointment

My partner was very sceptic about purchasing a mattress online without getting a chance to try it out like she had in the past. Always ended up disappointed after a few nights with our purchase and end up having to keep it and deal with it every night. This time I decided to take the plunge and go with what everyone was raving about a mattress in a box. Saw that 624 had a sale on which didn’t burn a whole into our savings. Delivered the next day, unpacking was really great fun being able to see a compressed, springless mattress spring to life before your eyes. I can say, my wife could not be more happier with my decision. Now my wife lets me do more of the decision making around the house. Thanks 624.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

My pregnant wife was giving out on most nights when it gets hard especially when she is trying to get some rest but she seems toss and turn a lot and unable to get comfortable and complaining about the springs hurting her back and it is not good to have stress on the baby. As a good husband I am I decided to do a bit of research on different types of mattress I can buy to surprise her. Came across 624 on one of the social media platforms and decided to give it a go. Order came same day and was able to put everything together before the wife came home from work. That night, she slept like a baby with no tossing or turning, it was peace and quiet. Never seen my wife so happy the next morning. Thanks 624, you saved me! Happy Wife, Happy Life!

No Regrets here

I had many questions concerning the mattress and what benefits can I get out of it especially that I am investing my money into it. Did heaps of research on all the other different brands and different materials and 624 customer service was fantastic in answering all my needed questions. They reassured me that I have 100 nights to give it a try and if I don’t like it I can always return it. I liked that idea and bought the mattress in the box from 624. Let’s just say that I will not be returning the mattress. Tried their 6 firmness which was a bit too firm for my liking so decided to try the 4 and I don’t think I have left the bed all day the next day. It was just the right comfort and provide the right pressure in some areas. Loving every moment. No regrets.

Living in comfort

Arrived in Australia a few nights ago and spent it on my friends’ couch and it was giving me really bad back and neck pain. My roommate suggested for me to buy a 624 mattress as the one he has was really comfortable. I was able to test my roommates 624 mattress and it was soft. He told me that I can change the firmness right then and there if I want it a bit firmer. That helped me made the decision and purchased my first ever mattress. I couldn’t believe the price. It was so cheap! I now have a mattress on the floor of my roommate’s place. I am a very happy chap and no longer have back and neck pain.

Great Mattress

Great mattress, great firmness, fast delivery

Best Mattress I have ever been on

Fast delivery and great customer service. Best mattress I have ever been on. Gotta love a 624.

Goodbye back pain

My back pain is gone! Never have I ever imagined this day will come. I am in awe what a simple change in mattress can do to your body. 624 you are my holy grail.

Neck and Back Pain Gone

I have now used my new 624 for a week. My neck and back pain are gone!!! I had a very expensive mattress but thought at least I could send this one back if it also did not give me relief. No one is getting my 624.

Best Money buy!

I tried a lot of mattresses in stores before I decided to try the 624. If I bought one from the store but was not comfortable I could not return it. The 624 is great and about 1/3 of the cost of the same type in a store. Thanks 624, I don’t know how you do it for the price but I am glad you do

Best Upgrade

We were due for a mattress upgrade. Perfect timing now that we are moving houses. Thought we give 624 a go and see what it is like to have a mattress in a box delivered to your door. We decided to order it because they could deliver the same day we were moving. 624 took out the worry of having to go to the bedding stores and try the mattress. Both my partner and I work 5-6 days a week so going shopping for a mattress would be hard. 624 did the hard work out for us and had everything ready to go for us same day. It arrived on time and was the first thing we unpacked in our bedroom so we were able to have a perfect night sleep after a long day of moving. Thanks 624. Great mattress, great service and fast delivery.

Good mattress, but firmness doesn't suit us.

The mattress is of high quality, and the service/delivery was fantastic. However, through no fault of the mattress, we just can't get the required firmness for myself and partner out of the mattress. Even the medium firm feels more on the side of medium plush than firm. We will be returning the mattress, but only because it doesn't quite suit us, not because it's a 'bad' mattress.

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