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Astrabeds Mattress Reviews

Astrabeds sadly no longer sells mattresses. manufactures a latex mattress that they sell exclusively online. Their mattress comes with multiple firmness options. They also provide a dual-sided option so that partners with different preferences can still have what they want on their side. Some customers have had good experiences, but there are some that had issues with initial comfort and durability.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.2/10

Price Value: 7.3/10

No Back Pain: 7.1/10

Price: $1099-$2999

Trial Period: 90 Nights

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Astrabeds's Specifics

Astrabeds crafts an all-natural latex mattress, featuring GOLS certified latex, Oregon Tilth certified organic wool, and Organic 100 certified cotton. They work hard to source their materials in a way that is eco-friendly and low toxicity. Customers who are concerned about the environment and chemical sensitivities should be pleased with these certified materials. These mattresses are not cheap versus other latex options that can be found online.

In terms of comfort, the mattresses get mixed reviews from customers. There are some that describe a comfortable, good quality mattress, but others that had issues with the feel and motion transfer.

Quality of Materials

Astrabeds uses latex that is sourced from high quality sources with their foams receiving multiple certifications on durability and organic quality. We'll go through their mattress in detail to discuss the ins and outs of the design. Here are the details:

Cover Layer: The cover layer is made of organic cotton with 1'' of organic wool that is sewn into the cover as a fire barrier.

Layer 1: The first comfort layer is a layer of latex that is customized to the firmness preferences of the sleeper. For queens, kings, and cal kings, each side of the mattress can be customized in firmness.

Layer 2: The second comfort layer is another layer of organic latex, which is generally firmer to support the spine and maintain durability.

Overall Comfort

Most sleepers report feeling good on their Astrabeds mattress. However, there were some sleepers had issues with initial comfort with some describing motion transfer issues. Also, there were some reports that the 90 night trial starts when the mattress is purchased, not delivered.


The Astrabeds mattress can be customized in its firmness for both sleepers into a medium, firm, and soft version.

Back Pain Relief

Most customers describe a good initial feel, but some customers complained about back pain issues. This is aggravated when folks select the wrong firmness for them so make sure to discuss with Astrabeds if you are considering a purchase.


Due to the naturally insulating latex foam, these mattresses should sleep cool for most customers. Some may experience some heat retention if they live in a very warm environment.

Who Are Astrabed Mattresses Right For?

Astrabeds is best for those that are interested in a latex mattress, and are willing to take a risk on a company with mixed sentiment. As of this writing, Astrabeds was going through a redesign to their website so you may have to reach out to them directly.

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Extremely comfortable, and healthy piece of mind.

I love that this mattress is healthy. Toxic chemicals do known to cause respiratory illness do not continually outgas from this mattress. This mattress is made of natural materials, latex, 100% organic cotton, and wool. My 3 year old sone is very prone to respiratory illness. This mattress doesn't add to him being sick. This mattress is also very, very comfortable. I love it.

buyer beware

I thought I researched high and low for the best bed latex bed I could find for my new family. I was thrilled to find this highly recommended company online... until I actually had to sleep on it, and then deal with customer service. My partner was quickly kicked out of the bed to the guest room as the minute he came in, we rolled to his side of the bed and any movement anyone made, moves the bed like a wave. On top of that we get back and shoulder pain in ways we do not on any other mattress we sleep on! I've expressed all of this to customer service several times for several months and still nothing. Stay away from this company.

No complaints

I had never tried a latex mattress before so I had no idea how we would like our new bed. Of course I read all the reviews and did quite a bit of research before our purchase. My husband and I have loved the bed ever since our first night. It is solid, but soft, firm but not hard. There is sufficient support and a lot of comfort. We are very happy with this latex mattress system. The only tricky part was putting all the layers down exactly one on top of the other. Zipping it closed was not a problem and the quality of the enclosure is very good.

I don't like it too much

Well i've been sleeping on this mattress since may of last year and I think I probably should've gone with the softest version. I don't really like firm beds and I switched the layers to better accommodate my sleeping preferences, however, that didn't really help. I would love a softer bed. If you like beds on the firmer side, then you'll probably love this, but not me. Aside from that, I don't like how difficult this bed is to set up. The layers come packaged separate from the rest of the mattress and you have to zip the layers inside of the mattress, and that is a pain in the neck. Not to mention how heavy each part is. Not only that, but if you aren't careful while zipping those layers into the mattress, then you'll damage the foam. Overall, if you are in need of a firm bed and you have back problems, then I would suggest this mattress, but if not, save your money and get a cheap one.

After an exhaustive search, I found the perfect mattress

After an exhaustive search through countless websites, and speaking with many in the industry I had settled on a mattress offered by Habitat Furnishings when, by chance, I came across Astrabeds. I liked what I was seeing and made the last minute switch to the Harmony bed. I do not regret it for a second. It was love that first night. I did not require an adjustment period nor did I experience any of the soreness others have while transitioning to a new mattress. While I have had the bed for less than a month, I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I have been so far. Also, the pillows are equally amazing. Just the right density and buoyancy yet remain light. I was very happy with my bamboo pillows but Astrabeds offered free pillows at the time of purchase so there was nothing to lose. Now they are the primary pillows we use with the bamboo relegated to the closet.

Great Mattress Choice and Great Customer Service

Mu husband and I have found our new mattress comfortable from the first night we slept on it.

I supports our bodies from head to foot, but without feeling we are sleeping on a board or extra firm mattress. Although my husband did not think we needed to replace our previous mattress, he admits now

he is sleeping better and more comfortably. Thanks Astrabeds for making me right!

We are both so pleased we chose Astrabed and the Solace bed.

So far, so good.

I have my pads sorted so as to firm up the bed. I may need to get another 90 pad(firmest) to add more firmness.

The cover zippers pull apart. The zipper teeth separate as one tries to close the cover. Huge pain in the butt trying to reintegrate the teeth.

I need one more firm pad but now concerned that (A) can't get the cover unzipped due to teeth separation and (B) won't be able to zip the cover closed again.

I am sleeping better.

What I am curious about is how long until the latex weakens so as to lose integrity. Only time will tell which is why I am giving only 4 stars. With such short usage time I'm not comfortable giving any more stars.

I should be asked for a review in a year.

As I sleep alone I am concerned about the wear on just that one side. The mattress weighs a lot so it's impossible for one person to rotate so as to get even wear.

Out of this World!!

It's almost too difficult to find enough positive adjectives to describe this mattress. It's wonderfully comfortable, supportive and just dreamy to sleep in. When I get in it at the end of the day, I just say, "Ahhhh". The only downside is that i'm not awake long enough to savor it enough.

High Quality

I received this bed two weeks ago. The first thing I noticed about it is that it was heavy - heavier than any bed I'd ever lifted. But all that weight is pure organic latex. The moment I rolled out the bed and plopped down on it, I felt I was laying on sixty pounds of very high quality product.

On the other hand... I got a 'medium' firmness bed and it seems quite firm to me. In retrospect, I'm thinking I should have either gotten the harmony bed with three inches of extra height to compress or gotten the sonoma bed in the 'soft' firmness. As many of the other reviews have pointed out, this is by far the firmest bed they offer. If you're a side sleeper, you may want to also consider these two alternative options. But again, this is a question of suitability to my own sleeping style rather than product quality.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bed!!

I bought this bed in December so I have had it for 9 mos now. When I first slept in it it was too hard and my back was sore when I woke up. Customer service recommended I switch the layers around, which I did and it still didn't help. I asked for the softest combination I could get so I could sink into it. It seemed like my shoulder was kind of jambing up because of the firmness. I called again and customer service said they would send me out a new layer free of charge And that I just needed to donate the old layer. Super easy. Customer service was always really helpful. Once I got the soft layer on top of another soft layer it has been the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. I love the fact that I know I am not breathing any toxic fumes at night and I wake up feeling really good and my body doesn't hurt. The only problem with it is it is soooo comfortable that I hate to go on vacation now and sleep in hotel rooms because I miss my bed!

Harmony Bed

We have noted Mattress holds heat, Partner had to get thick pad because of heat. To put mattress together they should send out instructions if you buy split with different levels of firmness. Had to call to find out how to put together.

Great Choice

We are very pleased with our Serenity Queen mattress. I was a bit worried about buying without having the chance to try it in a store but the delivery was flawlessm, it was very easy to unpack and put on the bed and my husband and I like it very much. One caution: we both like a firm mattress and ordered such but I guess our old mattress had settled in more than I'd realized. The mattress was too firm for me as I'm thin and it felt almost too hard. I added a memory foam pad and it is fine but it would have been better to order one that was a bit softer. I would definitely buy from Astra Bed again

Eco Friendly !!

Love that is eco friendy. We got medium firmess, but found it to be too soft. After talking with a costumer representative, he suggested rearranging the layers. Which is easily done, but each individual leayer is heavy and difficult to move. We still have to try the new arrangement, but trust we will be satisfied at the end with the firmess we want.

Six nights of amazing rest

For the past year I have been suffering from the lingering pain from a lower back injury. After countless massages, physical therapy, and regular yoga practice, I noticed that my symptoms usually diminished during my frequent trips away from home. It must be my bed! So I embarked upon a quest to find a replacement. My physical therapist recommended tempurpedic, but I didn't like the price tag or the multiple reports of allergic reactions I encountered online. I found many organic mattress retailers, but they were all of questionable authenticity and varying price points. After a long search, I found astrabeds and decided to give this mattress a try. So far I have been sleeping more soundly than I have in years.

Easy Set Up, Super Comfortable

Took a leap of faith on this bed, since, you know, the store exists on the internet. I felt comfortable with the guarantee, and I'm so glad I made this purchase. After ample research, including a visit to a competitor's awkwardly staffed storefront, from what I could tell, astrabeds offered the highest quality at the most reasonable price. The bed itself is great -- sturdy, but with enough give that it feels comfortable (I don't like a "sinking" mattress), it is supportive and also absorbs/diffuses most motion, making it great for couples, or you know, your special bed friend. I had neck pain and often strained my neck leading up to this purchase, 4 months later, that has essentially dissipated. I recommend this bed to all my friends and have even invited some of them to sleep over BECAUSE IT'S THAT GREAT.

Comfortable bed, loooong delivery and great customer service

- Mattress and adjustable base are very comfortable. Assembly was easy - although I would consider the full setup option due to the weight and awkwardness of moving the bases.

- We had read some comments regarding selecting the firmness of the mattresses. This lead us to chooses too soft an option. I would suggest going with what you use today for firmness. Exchange of mattress layers was easy, but delays the time you are ready to use the mattress.

- 90 day trial with no hassle return is a misleading. For various reasons, it took 80 days for us to get everything fully delivered. That leaves very little time to evaluate the bed fully setup. Also, the 90 day trial does not include the adjustable base. So, if we decide to return the mattresses, we would have to keep the bases.

comfort as advertised

Very comfortable. Weight makes putting on contour sheets difficult. Provides great support whether sleeping on side or back. Shipping was on time and the FedEx carrier even put the large b0xes in the bedroom rather than leaving at the door.

Harmony Bed - small slice of heaven

Improved quality and duration of sleep. More restful deep sleep

Comfortable organic bed

Bed came rolled up and compressed. We let it air out for a day before trying it out. It seemed too thin at first. We could feel the floor when kneeling on it.

Once we put it on the box spring that feeling went away.

The bed is much thinner than our old mattress but it supports us well.

We really like that it is made from natural materials and does not have a chemical smell.

Like sleeping on a cloud

I purchased a top of the line Tempurpedic about 18 months ago to replace my worn out spring mattress. I HATED IT. It sort of swallows you up, so you have to work hard to turn over (and therefore wake up more). It's also HOT. I was not getting a good night's sleep, and was at my wits end. I have always loved latex pillows, so I decided to give Astrabeds a try. I am in love! It's like sleeping on a cloud...a bouncy, supportive cloud. The only thing the old mattress did better was dampening my husband's movement. You do feel movement more with latex, but the new bed is still leaps and bounds over the Tempurpedic. And, it's made in the USA. Love, love, LOVE!

Worth Every Penny!

My wife and I got sick of buying a mattress every few years. We decided to take the plunge and buy an expensive, highly rated mattress. We couldn't be happier. We both have back problems and chose medium firm for our firmness level. It is perfect. No cupping and hammocking so far. I even said to my wife it feels like I am a kid again sleeping at grandmas house!

best sleep ever

Best sleep ever. Massaging is a total bonus. Unbelievable pain relief

Worth Every Penny!

I travel a lot for work so when I get to be home I want to make sure I'm as comfortable as possible and this bed has nailed it so far. It's a pain to put together and you can tell where the different sides of the latex pads are, even when the bed is made. But I have been sleeping like a rock and that's what matters.

No regrets

The mattress feels very comfortable and maintains its shape very well. It is a great addition to any bed. I specifically love the fact it is all natural.I ordered the mattress via phone and Customer service was very professional and helpful.Also, the mattress arrived before the expected delivery date.

Better sleep!

We knew it was time for a new bed and after researching I knew that latex was the route I wanted to go. Astrabeds custom make your bed once you order so it took a bit for it to arrive. When it did, the FedEx driver was pretty unhappy because of how heavy it was. It took two strong men to move it and get it situated on our bed. We just used our original box springs and put a piece of plywoood to create the firm flat base the bed needs. At first... I hated it. It was too hard, I couldn't get used to it...etc. But we gave it time and now I love it. My back doesn't hurt anymore and it seems comfy to me now. I wouldn't get one for a guest bed as I think its kind of an 'acquired' type of bed that your body adjusts to. Overall, if you're thinking of getting one, I say go for it!! They do offer a return policy and want to help you get comfortable with your new bed.

Firm means Firm

I was worried that when they said "firm" that it wouldn't really be FIRM, but it is. My body is still getting used to this firmness, but it is what I wanted. It has kept its shape and works out great for doubling as a daybed/couch/bed. I use it as my main bed and my back feels great when I get up. The mattress does seem to give off a slight scent that it seems to give to the sheets on top. I am hoping that it will dissipate over time. Overall, the price point and the quality of the organic materials was in a very good spot compared to what other companies would ask you to pay, and that is what made this bed so compelling. All I can say to other shoppers out there, is to really research the firmness you want, because that will be the most important.

love my bed

I was very impressed with every aspect of my purchase. the sales person was endlessly patience and truthful. I wanted an organic material with no metal springs. So dumped my Duxianna mattress and am very happy with my latex.

I heard that metal coils in the beds are a cause for health issues. I swear by god I've stopped getting headaches and migraines. It's so comfortable to boot.

Price is best i've seen and easy assembly.

Great bed & exceptional customer service

After owning and IKEA mattress for ten years, I was suffering from terrible hip pain and was ready for a new mattress. My husband didn't seem to mind the hard, squeaky IKEA mattress, but I spent hours doing research for our next mattress. I had heard of memory foam, but never of latex, and was happy to read about how it doesn't retain heat as much as memory foam (I am a hot sleeper). The mattress was definitely expensive, but you can't put a price tag on a good night's sleep! I loved that I could order a firm mattress for my husband and a soft mattress for me (split king, see photo). My expectations were high on the first night, but the first night was not perfect! Luckily Justin, from Customer Service, was able to help us. He suggested a new arrangement for the three mattresses and that worked. The great thing about these mattresses is that you can rearrange the three layers to get different levels of softness/hardness. Justin was great, always answered my e-mail immediately and even phoned to ask how I was sleeping. My husband now loves his mattress and so do I. Oh, I also loved that there are no chemicals used as latex is a natural material. You can't go wrong with an Astra mattress!!

Excellent Matteess

I've been using my Astrabed for over a month now. I have been very satisfied with the comfort of my bed. I usually wake up with back pain most of the time, and since I started sleeping on the Astrabed my back has felt much better and I don't wake up sore.

My mom visited so I let her use my bed and I slept in the year room. One night after she returned back to her home, she told my dad she liked my mattress more than theirs.

Heavenly bed

The very first night I slept in this bed, it was heaven! I had a memory foam bed for many years, but boy do I like this bed even better. I prefer a hard bed, and the beauty of this bed is it gives the support I need but the top layer is very soft (I got the medium-hard mattress). I also am always cold, so I appreciate how this bed holds my body heat well.

Comfortable sleep, great deals

Got a CA King size mattress to replace a 10 year old innerspring one. Settled on soft, having read many reviews about latex mattresses running generally firmer than other types of mattresses. Turned out a wise decision -- does not feel too soft at all, more like what one would expect from medium.

The only word of caution is about its weight -- pretty heavy, takes at least 2 strong men to handle. Other than that the installation is pretty easy, fits perfectly in its nice fabric enclosure.




I love this bed..

I purchased the Medium Serenity bed in September 2014. I love it. I am mainly a side sleeper and it gives me the perfect support. It also feels great when I sleep on my back or stomach. My previous mattress, an old Sealy posturepedic, was hurting my back. I researched and found Astra beds, and am glad I did. Before I bought one, I tried out some other latex mattresses to give me a feel for them, but this one is the most comfortable by far.

Great bed, but was delivered poorly

I love this bed. My wife and I both sleep better since getting this bed. However, when it was delivered, the bed was delivered late because one of the boxes had exploded open (because the contents were previously vacuum sealed in a plastic bag that ripped). They had to drive a separate U-haul just to bring the box that exploded (and poorly taped back together) to my house. Astrabeds has been diligently trying to get to the bottom of this mishap. But all that said, this bed is still fantastic! I would buy another one in a heartbeat... but ask them to double bag it this time. :)

Great Bed!

We were looking for a comfortable bed that would provide good support and also "breathe" . Both my wife and I have found that any mattress with a foam top layer is too hot to sleep comfortably. After reading all we could find we decided to try latex, and chose AstraBed. We have not been disappointed, the bed delivers on its advertised features. AstraBed have been very supportive and helpful, and you can't lose with their warranty. We particularly like the organic aspect, as we wanted to avoid anything with fire retardent chemicals added.

Just order it!!

This bed is amazing! Was skeptical to order online after shopping several stores but I am so happy that I did. We ordered the Serenity Cal. King in medium and it accommodates my husband (side sleeper) and I (used to be a stomach sleeper-now I rest peacefully on my back!) perfectly. We look forward to many years of our amazing and natural bed!! Thanks Astrabeds!

Expensive but probably worth it.

My wife and I have bad backs. The internet research indicated this type bed may be the ticket? The other beds we have (four other beds in the house) tend to wiggle when a person rolls over. It was at the point that we would spend a considerable amount of money to get some rest. We needed a firm mattress that would:

1 Not "form fit to each person sleeping on it" but would recover to its original shape

2. Not wiggle when one person moves,

3. Support the body in any position,

4. Large enough to fit two adults and two kids to lay on it for TV movie time,

5. Allow air circulation around the bed because we have Hydronic Heating in the floor and the floor cannot be covered. Covering the floor results in no heat in the room. We live in cold wet Seattle,

6. Preferably light to move for cleaning the room and carpets,

7. Will not have aromas of gas off like other synthetic foams.

8. Have longevity and last us more than a couple of years.

9. Mattress durability when being moved.

This mattress accomplishes some of the goals

The mattress is actually 4 pieces. It consists of a cover holder that retains the various foam layers, a large foam layer (about 8 inches thick), and two smaller foams (about 2 inch thick each). Each of the two smaller foams has different durometer ratings (hardness ratings). We first tried only the large foam only. It was too hard. We then tried the middle foam (firm on top of the hard and the softest on top of the firm). This was much too soft. We then tried the 2 inch hard foam on top of the 2 inch soft foam. This was still too soft. We then tried only the 8 inch foam and the hard 2 inch foam and eliminated the soft 2 inch foam. This is where we are today. Each trial period lasted about 2 to 3 weeks (except the single 8 inch) layer. We only slept on this for about 5 days because the other two layers had not arrived. (The bed came in two different packages delivered at two different times).

We have been sleeping on the various renditions (stacks) of the mattress foam for almost 3 months.

We both still have back pain.

As for our list:

1. Not "form fit to each person sleeping on it" but would recover to its original shape – So far the mattress seems to have a good hysteresis (the ability for the material to return to its original shape) We tried some artificial foam mattress before the Astra and although the artificial foam recovered, it took a long time to recover and it would also tend to pocket too much when rolling over leaving lumps. The Astra foam does not seem to pocket and it returns almost immediately to its original shape.

2. Not wiggle when one person moves. While we understand that a lot of the movement of a bed is due to its frame, we know from experience that in other beds, just the makeup of the bed with springs etc , motion on the bed will pull other parts of the structure and result in motion, or what I will call wiggling when two people are in a bed and one moves. I in fact can actually feel a regular bed move from my heart beat. The Astra does not have this motion.

3. Support the body in any position. The Astra Bed seems to accomplish this. Due to my bad back, I move a considerable amount during the night. I will move from my back to either side numerous times. With each roll my body will have different curves on the mattress. It does not seem to matter what position I end up in, the mattress still recovers nicely without pockets.

4. Large enough to fit two adults and two kids to lay on it for TV movie time – We purchased the standard King Size bed. Our other bed was a California King. The standard Astra King mattress is shorter and wider than a California King. We are using the California King bottom springs mounted on top of 2 x6 boards which brings the height of the bed off of the floor. We separated the California King bottom springs about 4 inches beneath a plywood top. We placed the Astra bed on top of the plywood with a space at the head of the bed where we have place additional foam to make up the difference. The result is a California Bed length with the width of a Standard King. Plenty of room for kids next to us or at the foot of the bed to watch movies.

5. Allow air circulation around the bed because we have Hydronic Heating in the floor and the floor cannot be covered. Covering the floor results in no heat in the room. We live in cold wet Seattle – The above description (4) allows for air circulation beneath the bed and warm air to escape into the room.

6. Preferably light to move for cleaning the room and carpets- This is not a light bed, nor portable. The Astra Foam is very difficult to handle due to its flexibility. It has no handles. Its like moving a 250 lb piece of jello. The foam itself is also delicate. It will tear easily if not careful. Don't jump on it! Movie night should not include a trampoline on mom and dad's bed. It would be a good idea to have a frame made that could sandwich the mattress together and allow it to be moved as a unit then when being used as a bed, the top support of the sandwich could be removed to allow use of the Mattress. Maybe a honeycomb type of frame?

7. Will not have aromas of gas off like other synthetic foams – There was only a small aroma after opening the plastic bag that held the foam. I am very susceptible to vapors and aromas. I tried the artificial foam and it was not acceptable. The Astra foam did not have the chemical smell.

8. Have longevity and last us more than a couple of years – this has yet to be determined however the "guarantee is that if there is a problem, Astra will replace it.

9. Mattress durability when being moved – This was covered in item "6" above.

This is not an inexpensive bed. I anticipate notifying Astra of the soft 2 inch thick foam that is not being used anymore and asking to return it for reimbursement since we will not be using it.

The outer cover holding the Latex foam is difficult to move and should have additional edge support with handles allowing the re-positioning of the mattress on top of whatever frame it sits on. I think the zippers around the outside and the cover material itself will eventually tear. It should be made of a sturdier material because the Latex itself is so flexible.

My wife loves the fact that when I get up at night, she does not feel any motion. This allows her to continue her rest.

Overall, we will be keeping the bed. I will probably come up with a different type of bed frame to accommodate a higher bed and solid supports. I looked at the frames available from Astra and opted to not purchase due to the apparent lack of leg support (not enough gussets to eliminate bed motion).

we like it

We went out on a limb buying the Astra bed because we couldn't try it first, but it is great!

Product lives up to its selling features

My wife and I retired in 2014 and decided to add some comfort to our sleep by purchasing a new mattress. Our old mattress was over 25+ years old and had a number of pressure points hurting the backs. I reviewed various mattresses on-line with pros and cons regarding their composition and concluded the latex layered memory foam one was the best for us. I was skeptical in purchasing the Serenity on-line since I never laid on this type of mattress before. After sleeping on this mattress for five weeks, I am happy with my purchase with its comfort (backs feel better refreshed upon awakening) and how the foam quickly responds back upon turning from different positions. The only problem that I experienced was a slight delivery problem which the company quickly and graciously corrected.

Good Quality Mattress

Enjoying my Serenity bed so far. I got the medium density variant. I find it much more comfortable to sleep on my side than an innerspring mattress. I don't have any problem shifting position as I sleep on my side, back and stomach during the course of a night.

Downsides are that the mattress is very heavy and unwieldy. Difficult to move without someone to help.

It also has some moderate heat retention. This is both a benefit and a negative in my opinion. I am going to try it for a while with a simple cotton mattress pad/protector. If heat retention becomes a bigger deal, I may try adding a gel mattress topper.

Didn't hold up well for me

I bought this mattress about 6-7 years ago. Initially I liked it, but within the first 2-3 years, it developed dips where we sleep on it and the middle of the king mattress was higher. Also, within the past year, I started having serious lower back pain with sleeping on it. The pain would go away during the day and then reappear by morning after sleeping on it, so I knew it was the mattress not working for me. I wanted to like it, but I ended up getting rid of it.

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