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Ashley Chime Mattress Reviews

Chime By Ashley Homestore offers both all foam, hybrid, and traditional innerspring mattresses that are sold on Amazon and in Ashley Homestore locations. With a focus on low prices, these mattresses come with multiple thickness options including 8" to 12" options with certified memory foam layers. While most customers have good things to say, there are some complaints about mattresses being too firm and not expanding in some cases.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.3/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.2/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.5/10

Price: $149-$499

Trial Period: 120 Days

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Ashley Chime's Specifics

Ashley's Chime mattresses offer ultra-low priced all-foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses that ship through Ashley and popular retailers like Amazon. With a focus on budget-friendly and on-trend materials, customers like their mattresses initially, but there are some complaints about firmness, mattress expansion, and heat retention in some cases.

Quality of Materials

Chime mattresses offer very affordable materials used, which is a bonus for shoppers looking for a bargain. Originally these mattresses featured trendy Green Tea infused memory foam, but over the years, they have focused more on traditional foams comfort. However, there are some concerns about long term comfort and the mattresses not fully expanding in some cases, which is a more common problem with very affordable mattresses. While there are some fortunate customers that had good things to say, if you're on a budget and durability is a concern, take a look at our top mattresses for the money.

We'll go through their all-foam and innerspring options to discuss the differences:

Here is what's inside the All-Foam Chime Mattresses By Ashley:

Cover Layer: The cover is a moisture wicking knit cover and has a soft, cozy feel.

Layer 2: 1-2" of memory foam depending on the selection offered. This layer helps with pressure point relief and contours around the hips and shoulders. *Some customers have noted that they do feel some heat retention.

Layer 3: The 12" and the 8" offerings provide a base foam layer, which has superior support for the back and spine. The 10" offers a transitional foam layer that reacts more to curves, but is more responsive than memory foam.

Layer 4: The 10" has one last layer of supportive base foam that provides loft to the spine for a supportive feel.

Next, here is what's inside the Innerspring Chime Mattresses By Ashley:

Cover Layer: The cover is a moisture wicking knit quilted cover that offers 2" of HD quilt foam stitched in for pressure relief.

Layer 2: An HD firming pad protects the quilted foam from the bonnell coil matrix below.

Layer 3: The last layer is the 390 13 gauge bonnell coil unit that provides high tension for a firm feel.

Lastly, here is what's inside the Hybrid Chime Mattresses By Ashley:

Cover Layer: Similar to the innerspring option, the cover is a moisture wicking knit quilted cover that offers .75 or 1.5" of HD quilt foam stitched in depending on the mattress for pressure relief.

Layer 2: .25" high density gel memory foam provides extra lumbar support to the upper middle spine.

Layer 3: In the 12" version, there is an additional 1" comfort support foam layer for added response. The 10" version finishes things off with 9" of 13 gauge pocketed coils that are reinforced on the sides for extra edge support.

Layer 4: In the 12" version, the last layer is the 9" of 13 gauge pocketed coils that are reinforced on the sides. These springs independently react to the body's curves for less partner disturbance.

Overall Comfort

Customers mostly describe the Chime mattresses to be comfortable. However, there were reports of issues with firmness and heat retention. There are others who state that their mattresses don't expand properly, which could cause added firmness issues and feeling the springs in the hybrid / innerspring versions as described by some.


The Chime mattresses offer mattresses from firm to plush, which is ideal for multiple sleeper profiles, but there were some that described mattresses that slept much firmer than they expected and having some issues with mattress expansion.

Back Pain Relief

While many have found comfort, some have received firmer mattresses than expected, which some have described as uncomfortable and may be challenging for side sleepers.


While most don't describe issues with heat retention, there are a significant number of reviewers that report complaints.

Who Is The Ashley Chime Mattress Right For?

The Ashley Chime is a convenient and extremely affordable choice, which has a lot of benefits. However, due to some of the reports of heat retention and firmness issues, you may want to take a look at our top mattresses for the money for competitive alternatives.

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Very well made

Very nice mattress so far.. it's been 2-3 weeks. shall update the review in few months.

Never fully inflated

The mattress never completely inflated and when I went to have it replaced, I had to figure out how to fit it in a box to ship back. Very stressful and time consuming.


No complaints after couple months of use.

Great for bad backs

This mattress is great for the price. Unwrapped it in the morning and it was ready to sleep on by night. Complete back support.

So far so good

So far I'm very happy with it, only had it for 2 months, but as of right now it is just as comfortable and firm as my $1,400 mattress. The only concern I have is, if it will last as long as the expensive mattress and not start sagging after half a year, if it does I will update my review. :)


Great mattress. Very firm.

Nightmare garbage

DO NOT BUY THIS. I never write reviews but feel morally obligated with this item. The mattress has undisclosed fiberglass in the lining that has a zipper indicating it’s ok to remove. When you remove it you contaminate your entire living space with fiberglass. We caught it early and still lost the mattress, bedding, clothing, rugs, towels, and washer/dryer. So far. Nothing is worth the hell this can put you through. Obviously you can avoid taking off the cover but knowing that a small tear or wearing down of the cover can destroy so much is NOT worth it. Search for a fiberglass free mattress and buy it. Not this.


It’s comfortable enough but it’s pretty firm. I’m a stomach sleeper so it works for me but when I roll onto my back it’s highly uncomfortable.

Foam party every night

Very nice, yeah!

Thumbs up

Very comfortable. Not too firm or soft. Provides great support

Great mattress

Bought for my adult daughter, early Christmas . She said she slept all night and woke up in the same position she went to sleep. First time in forever. She loves it!!

Sleeps well

A little more firm than I had anticipated (my last mattress was literally ALL memory foam. This being a hybrid had some characteristics of a memory foam but firmness to keep you in place. I am thoroughly impressed with this bed and happy that I bought it. It is pretty heavy as you might imagine, rolling it out onto my bed frame was easy.

Great quality great price!!!

I did not expect much for the price. I got this mattress during Prime day, to serve as a temporary substitute until I got my Sleep Number mattress repaired. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and comfort of this mattress. I would definitely recommend this mattress.


This bed is amazing for the price, I was worried it would be a foam topper bc it was so inexpensive. But I was wrong, it is a very supportive mattress and I would recommend to anyone.

If you like a firm mattress, this one won’t work for you

I like a good firm mattress and this mattress is indeed medium-firm. A lot of people complained that it’s too firm but that’s perhaps because they prefer a soft mattress. For me the mattress is not firm enough and I get back pains but I can not give it a low rating because this mattress is everything it’s described it is. The quality is great. A great buy if you prefer something not too firm and not too soft.

Love it

I love this mattress. My husband and I looked at hundreds and decided to go with this one. I would say it’s more medium-firm but we expected this from this kind of mattress and wanted that. The support is amazing and after just one night of sleep my body has been less achy. The only thing is the corners have yet to fully expand so if anyone knows why or if I have to do something please let me know I guess. I will update on 6 months on how it is holding up.

Good value

Inexpensive but well made. I waited a while to write this review to make sure I was fair. The mattress has held up well and met my expectations. I have my own king frame and this mattress fit perfectly. No funny odors and inflated fast. Very pleased with this purchase.

Extremely comfy, great sleep, pain relief!

So freaking comfortable. Perfect middle ground between soft and supportive. I have bad joints and I used to wake up every day in a lot of pain before taking my medicine... This bed has helped tremendously with that. Shipping was good, unboxing was simple. It was cool watching it puff up. I looked at a bunch of different listings, and I know most people do the same. I'm very happy I decided on this one. In my opinion, you don't have to look any further.

I opened it up, slight chemical smell

I have the mattress and I decided to open it up today so the air has time to fill before I assemble the bed. It was neat and tightly packed. I finally peeled away layers of the wrap and it unfolded out into an air sealed bag. Do not use scissors or sharp objects to open the bag. It easily pulled apart at the seams of the plastic. As soon as I ripped into it, the mattress quickly started to fill. I ripped it around the corners, so it had space to expand while still lying on a sheet of plastic. It looks like the photos and it instantly expanded to 12 inches, but I will wait 24 hrs anyway. I layed on the mattress and it feels semi firm, but I will keep this updated with time. The bottom of the mattress is a dark navy blue fabric. It does have a slight chemical smell but it is not overwhelming. I cant smell it across the room or anything. I will just leave it on the floor to air out until tomorrow. I will give it four stars for now, until the smell dissipates and it is fully expanded. If you have found my comments to be helpful, please like or give it thumbs up below.

Best $300 spent

The mattress is firm but very supportive and comfortable! For $300 I am very happy with the quality. Set up is not the easiest with one person lol. It only took about 24 hrs for it to inflate completely. Very happy with this purchase!!


Love it

Pain Relief and Easy to sleep

Worth every penny! If you have back problems on the daily get ready to be relieved when you rest at night!


Very very good i love it


We purchased the king size. After letting the mattress expand and air out for two days it measured 76" x 80" x 12" and smelled good to us. I would rate it a medium/firm mattress. We put a mattress pad then a 100% cotton sheet on the mattress we both rate it a 5 on comfort, no hot feeling.

Great price for a comfortable mattress

We recently upgraded our toddler to a full size bed, and didn't want to break the bank buying a mattress for him. This one was a great price and is super comfortable. Very pleased with our purchase!

Best mattress ever!

Best mattress ever! Me and my fiancé love it. So comfy and not too firm. It’s perfect

price is good

have bought three of these...two kings and one queen....does develop a ridge in the middle after a time....which is what i was hoping to avoid....

Highly recommend!

This is such a lush bed. Definitely up there with one of those beds that would cost $1000+. My sleep is SO much better than what it was before. I read many many reviews on other brands of beds all over and decided to go with this one based on the reviews, I don't regret a second of it. If you're looking for a quality bed for an amazing price buy this one.

Great quality and fit

Feels great and just the right firmness

Excellent Product!!!

I love it. It's comfortable and even though a little firm it works magic with my sleeping and hardly any aches and pains..

Good, cost-effective mattress

Used for guest bedroom. Very good quality. No issues with anything.

Great mattress at a great price. But man is it firm.

This mattress IS FIRM. Believe the reviews. It’s also somehow very comfortable. My wife and I love it but it did take some getting used to. It unboxed easily and the smell went away quickly. It’s a great buy.

Very comfortable

Great value for the price, I would never spend $1500 + on a mattress again. This one is very comfortable!

So very comfortable.

I haven’t slept this well in years. I was apprehensive to purchase a mattress online, but this turned out to be a great choice. Soft and supportive at the same time. Great value for the money.


Bought it for my daughter’s room and she loves it

Great mattress

This is a great mattress and fits well to my body

Firm but comfortable

Loving this mattress! Firm but comfortable

A little to firm.

It was a little more firm than I expected.

Medium Firm...NOT!

This mattress is well made, arrived promptly and inflated to the expected height in very little time. My only complaint is that it is not "medium" firm. It is 100% indisputably, hardcore FIRM. If that's what you are looking for, then you will love this mattress, but I am telling you, there is no sink when you lay on it. We're looking at purchasing a 3-4" gel mattress topper because, well, it's just THAT firm, and frankly, not very comfortable.


This matters is wonderful. you fall asleep instantly nice soft and firm not to soft not to hard.


I ordered this mattress with the hopes of a comfortable nights sleep, I was completely wrong! This is the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever owned, my husband and I wake up every day with neck and back pain. Im looking into buying a mattress topper. Hopefully that will help.

Very nice mattress

Really did not know if this bed would be comfy but it turned out to be. My family is using it now as a couple and they really like it. So two thumbs up!


We talked for a long long time about getting a king size bed. We were hesitant because of the price and the options out there. This bed is a game changer. I sleep better than I have in years, its cozy but not too soft, it doesn't run hot. Just delighted with the price and quality. I was also on the fence about a memory foam after sleeping on a friends bed with a memory foam topper- but this is light years different than just buying a foam topper for a spring mattress. If you're on the fence, you won't regret it.

Very Firm

I bought this mattress for my guest bedroom and so I'm not sure how a night's rest will be, but it suits my purpose.

Amazing mattress for a great price!

Love this mattress. Perfect combination of the comfort of memory foam and the firmness that I love. So easy to order and open. Literally opens up in a small package and immediately blows up into a mattress! Love it and would order again!

Good value for the money spent

The mattress was delivered within a few days after order was placed. Once unbox, it expanded right away. It is very comfortable, not really that much of a difference compared to my king size that costed me $1400.


The Mattress is not comfortable at all. I down sized from a king to a queen and the king was much more comfortable even being 10 years old. This memory foam is not soft.

don't waste your money

don't waste your money

Very good

Super confortable

skeptical at first, but in love now

I was skeptical of a mattress in a box for such a long time. You read reviews about them not opening up all the way and other things that make you nervous. I was also nervous because I got rid of my mattress the afternoon this came in and didn't realize I was supposed to let it rest for 24 hours so it could expand fully. I let it expand for 6 hours before sleeping on it and it still expanded to full size. At first, it was very firm, or at least more so than I'm used to. My last bed was a pillow top. I was scared to buy a new mattress because they ask you what do you like soft or firm, and honestly, I HAD NO IDEA. I loved my pillowtop which was on the softer side, so the first night in this when I plopped down and barely moved, I was nervous. But over time my body sunk in at all the right places and I tossed and turned less than I have in years! It's been over a month and the firmness is still something I have to get used to when I jump into bed to watch TV at first, but I quickly get comfortable and don't realize it's firm because it surrounds my body in all the right places. The only thing I've noticed so far is that it's more sunken in on the side I sleep on, but I sleep alone so the other side isn't used, I'll just have to turn the mattress more often than I used to. Overall I think this was a GREAT purchase and saved me from buying a $1200 mattress and regretting it.

Ashley Chime 12 inch Mattress

I first want to say, this is a very firm mattress. I wish it was just a little less firm but it is pretty comfortable. I was quite surprised by the fact that it does not make you hot at night. For the most part, I am satisfied with my purchase.

Def not medium firm

Extra firm sounds more like it.

really firm

i like a firm mattress but this is way too firm its been 3months and its still too firm

Great Mattress

Absolutely love this mattress! I would say it is quite firm, but it has a very soft top and is super comfortable.

Good product and hard enough

When I read some reviews I didn't expected a really good product. We have been sleeping for a week and seems to be durable. Is hard enough and good for my back.

If you need a hard bed buy!

Hard as a rock

For this price, a great buy

I don't wake up in pain anymore so that's a plus, it is a little more firm than I would prefer but still comfortable.


Just the bed I was looking for. Top inch or so is nice and soft but under it is nice and firm. You will not feel like you are sinking into a marshmallow. I have a bad back and it's fine wonders for my sleep

A great mattress for my teenager.

A great mattress. I wasn't expecting the quality to be so high. It is rather firm and doesn't wobble.

Stiff as a piece of plywood

This is my first memory foam bed and I was not impressed. I know I ordered a firm mattress but this is a sleep on top mattress with minimal compression. Which was not comfortable or restful. It would need a mattress topper to get a good nights sleep.

This bed is so nice!

I wanted to wait a few months to leave a product review. I gotta say, I really love this bed. I got it for my guest bedroom and I find myself taking naps in the guest bedroom. I’m about to buy this bed again but for my room this time! Definitely worth the buy.

Provides my big 475 lb. body comfort/safe support/stability...

After 3 months, let me say... I'm a HUGE fella- hard on beds/mattresses. In short time, I've gone through a Serta... and a Sealy Posturepedic... but no more sagging mattress-middles, coils jabbing me, sharp springs poking up thru the memory-foam for me! This super-cheap only almost-$300-mattress-in-a-box from Amazon- of all places- is doing me right!

I recommend this mattress!

I was very pleased with this purchase! The mattress was delivered quickly, was priced fairly, and was exactly as described! It’s extremely thick (12 in), has bounce, yet is firm. I couldn’t believe the deal I got on this mattress. Great quality.

Improved Sleep Quality and Pain Relief at a Bargain Price

I was highly doubtful about how this mattress would work out when I saw how it was delivered—vacuum-packed and rolled into a tube. Within 24 hours, however, it had expanded to its full size—over 12” thick. I placed it on top of my existing boxspring and it’s been just great. I’d been sleeping on an old wrapped coil mattress that had developed a pit in the middle and so was badly out of alignment during the night. I have Osteoarthritis in my knees and was constantly tossing and turning to relieve the pain. I was also waking with a stiff neck most mornings. The memory foam conforms to your body’s pressure points. This mattress has greatly improved my sleep quality and reduced the pain in my knees while sleeping. I am also not getting stiff necks any longer. It is a firm mattress, but I’m OK with that knowing everything’s aligned and supported properly. A great value too.

Love it

I have back/shoulder issues and this mattress helps me sleep way better than my old one. It's medium-firm but still soft enough to sleep. I love it.

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