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Arctic Dreams Mattress Reviews

Arctic Dreams mattresses is a line of mattress by Dreamfoam Bedding. These economy mattresses are perfect for the budget conscious shopper and driving great value for the price. Also, they are great for anyone with allergies according to their hypoallergenic score!

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.7/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 8.9/10

Price: $399-$899

Trial Period: 90 days

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Arctic Dreams's Owner Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction isn't all that simple to figure out for the average shopper, especially with brands managing their online reputation closely. That said, overall, customers report these mattresses are comfortable. However, there were some who didn't appreciate the feel. so make sure to research the below specifics to learn if this mattress will work for you!

Arctic Dreams's Supportiveness

Support isn't equal to firmness. Great support is when a mattress cradles the hips and shoulders to align the spine. Sadly, these mattresses have some mixed reviews when it comes to support. Most customers are comfortable with the support right after purchase, but some customers didn't feel supported well over time.

Edge Support
For those that like the lay close to the side of their mattress or have mobility issues, even edge support is very important. For most folks, these mattresses do a good job with edge support at the beginning, but some didn't think that it was as comfortable long term as they had wished.

Arctic Dreams's Durability

Mattresses aren't as durable as they used to be. Finding a mattress that lasts over 15 years is hard to find. However, finding a mattress that really stays cozy that long can save you lots. Unfortunately, these mattresses get mixed reviews on durability. Many folks feel comfortable with their mattress and are happy, but others have issues with comfort on a quicker time frame than average.

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Five Stars

Superb comfort, a little hot even on cold nights

Five Stars

Bed is nice and comfy.

This is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in

This is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. I bought this like in May, its November now and it still sleeps like a dream. Either me or my kids are always laying on it. I never really get hot on it, but I always sleep with a fan by my bed because I hate when the air isn't moving.

I've read some reviews of these bag beds which are negative, and most of those always say the bed smelled terrible and then it sleeps terrible. No idea if those people are just unhappy with everything all the time, or if the smell is linked to a defective bed. Mine had a slight smell when I opened it, but.. It wasn't really strong, It didn't run me out of the room or anything. I simply opened a window and put a fan blowing across the bed and it was just fine and ready to go that night without any smell.

This bed is a dream and I wish I had thrown out that garbage half and half bed my wife had bought before earlier. those half soft, half hard beds really suck.

Great Value

Superb guest bed at the right price.

You need to own this bed!

Ordering this bedding was a great decision. It arrives, vacuum packed, in a manageable size box, and takes just a few minutes to regain it's normal shape. The bed is very comfortable. I am not using a box spring, just the Dreamfoam bed on top of the bed frame. It's firm enough, and stays cool and I can't believe I got such a great bed at such a good price.

Five Stars

Everything I expected

Purchased a twin for my sons bunk bed and it ...

Purchased a twin for my sons bunk bed and it far exceeds my expectations. Its very soft and comfy. We purchased a queen foam mattress at a local mattress store for my daughter and I'm kicking myself that I didn't purchase this bed in a queen.

Love my mattress.

Purchased this mattress for our guest room at the same time we were within a 100 day trial period with two twin XL foam mattresses for the master (another more expensive brand). I was finding my side of the bed too firm so tried out Arctic Dreams mattress in our guest room. Immediately slept better and woke without shoulders hurting. I've since ordered an Arctic Dream twin XL for the master and am returning my original mattress. Both mattresses (queen and twin XL) came quickly, expanded right away with barely any noticeable odor. Would definitely recommend if you need a little more give in your mattress. Also, price can't be beat!

Four Stars

just wish it was a little firmer

Love this!

I bought this mattress to add on to a Queen size bed to create a super bed so myself, my partner, dogs, and cat could all fit in one bed. I didn't want to spend a lot of money incase my plan didn't work. This mattress had pretty good reviews, so I thought I would give it a try. I had pretty low expectation because our Queen mattress is an expensive one. I love this mattress! I typically sleep on the side of the bed that has this mattress because I find it even more comfortable than our Beauty Rest mattress. If you're looking for a less expensive alternative to a name brand mattress, I would highly recommend this one.

Skepticism unfounded

I was incredibly skeptical of this product and had buyer's remorse the moment I came home and saw the small box at my door. I thought they had sent me a twin instead of a king. But I unpacked the thing with great trepidation and watched it grow into a very heavy and full size king mattress. I waited 3 hours and then went to bed on it. It was a lot firmer than I imagined but let's just say I had the best night of sleep I've had in forever. I was also half an hour late for work because I didn't want to get out of the damned thing. I love it!!!!! I don't understand the reviews saying it's too squishy and that you sink in?? It is solid as can be without being uncomfortable.

Top quality mattress for the money

I had back surgery in 2011. We bought a $1400.00 king mattress that we thought would last us for a long time because of my back surgery and the pain I was still having. It failed, lost all the support I needed. we bought 2 twin size Arctic Dreams 10" and put them on 2 adjustable bed frames. My wife and I sleep so much better now and we both get up with hardly any back pain which is very important to us. The cooling factor really does work. The support for my back is extremely good. No odors at all from the manufacturing of the mattress. I would say it is a medium firm mattress which for us is perfect. The manufacturing of the mattress is extremely good it shows it was made in the USA by a company that wants to put out a quality product.

Four Stars

About what I expected

A Dream Mattress for Sure

On time delivery, expanded as in other reviews, and a very comfortable mattress. Very happy with this purchase.

Love it!

My son loves this mattress! It was easy to unpack as well, thank you!

Comfortable, affordable mattress.

This matress is nice and soft, but it doesn't feel like you are sleeping in clouds. It is more like a marshmallow; soft, yet it has support. I don't wake up with any pain. I waited a few months before I reviewed the mattress for a more accurate review. I have had it for 6 months so far, and I haven't experienced any issues with it. I prefer softer matresses since I sleep on my back and don't turn around while I sleep. This matress might not be for everyone. It all depends on your preference. The top is soft and adjusts to your body. My mattress hasn't lost its shape at all, but I only weight 99 lbs. For someone on the heavier side, that might not be the case. So far I am happy with my purchase. I will update this review if I notice any problem with my matress. I was a bit worried when I bought this mattress because many foam mattresses lose their shape after you use them for a while, or people experience back pain. I haven't experienced any of those issues. So far I am happy with my purchase. I will update this review if I notice any problem with my matress.

very comfortable mattress overall

very comfortable mattress overall; although, the top layer of the mattress seems like it isn't thoroughly attached because it tends to bunch up where someone was sitting or laying. Also, the edges of the mattress do not hold up well to weight, they are smashed down flat when sitting on the side of the bed.

Five Stars

I'm very happy with my Dreamfoam Bedding. I love it!

One Good one Bad

I'm not sure how to review this. I ordered 2 mattress, one full and one king. The King mattress expanded to 10" within an hour. The full size after 2 days was only to 7" thick and not expanding any more. The covering on the two are different which makes me think they are not the same mattress. Anyway, Amazon is great they refunded my money on the full size as it was not the 10" thick as advertised, I would give the King size 5 stars, it is very comfortable.

Five Stars

I love it

The mattress came right away and its very comfortable, I would tell a friend to buy one ...

The mattress came right away and its very comfortable, I would tell a friend to buy one very reasonable price. Thankyou

Great mattress! Has done wonders for my back

Great mattress ! Has done wonders for my back !

Very comfortable. Perfect for my small office/guest room

Very comfortable. Perfect for my small office/guest room.

Excellent Mattress at a Great Price

We bought two of these mattresses--an RV queen for our travel trailer and (a few weeks later) a twin mattress for a room in our house. The mattresses are very comfortable--not too soft or too firm. I researched extensively before buying the DreamFoam Arctic Dreams mattresses, and I don't believe there is a better value anywhere. I highly recommend this mattress!

bought for my son, like it so much I bought another one for myself

I bought this for our son. It was ready to sleep on in a couple of hours. It did not have much smell if any, I expected it to be smelly until it had time to air our. The mattress looks like a traditional mattress with stitching and shape. It is not as soft as memory foam, which is very good. For the price I could not believe the sleeping experience. I bought another for my wife and I as a result.

You need this mattress!

I was waiting to write a review on this product, because mattresses are so important. I was very hesitant to buy a foam mattress, heard they sleep hot, it would feel "dead", support might not be there (like a leaky air mattress).
I took a chance, though, and glad I did! This is hands down the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. It still isn't quite a 10", around 9.5" expanded, so that had me worried at first, but simply amazing how comfortable. Total body support, whether sleeping on side, back, or stomach. I bought some 400 TC Egyptian Cotton sheets and pillowcases on Amazon to go along with it, and it sleeps very cool.
I wanted to support an American business, and am highly satisfied. Been about a month so far, and it got more comfortable after a week or two.
I initially slept on it on the floor, until my platform bed arrived. It was comfortable then, but is even better on a slat platform bed. No box spring needed.
No smell, and it's the Goldilocks grade: not too soft, not too hard, just right. I'm about 200lbs, and I can't say enough good things about this product.
I seriously doubt you could spend $1000s on a mattress, and sleep better than this.
I would give it ten stars if I could. You can't beat this price, this comfort, and made in USA on top of it all.

Great bed

Got my 10" bed in 2 days, free prime shipping. Arrived packaged well, expaned in less than 2minutes. Very comfortable, have slept on it for a month and have no complaints. Solved all my sore spots and I sleep very soundly now. I would recommend this 10" bed to all, great bed, no problems

Five Stars

Very good product

Five Stars

Much better than I anticipated for the price. Great value

Five Stars

So comfy and for half the price of what I was looking at in Ikea and Bob's

Three Stars

It does the job.

Great product, no smell (off-gassing

Our third dreamfoam bedding purchase as we have 2 others already. Great product, no smell (off-gassing?) when opening and made in the good old USofA. Price can't be beat and our son loves it. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is the lack of edge support. I happens with all three of our foam mattresses, so it may be inherent in the design or material. Very comfortable and the price can't be beat. Fast shipping and easy to unwrap. As a bonus you can use the mattress bag it comes in to wrap your old one in when discarding as some areas require old mattresses to be wrapped.

he's happy!

Got this to replace a well known Swedish brand mattress that had been on my adult son's bed since grade school. He weighs 200lb now ... this mattress works very well for him, he's happy!

Mattress is suprisingly comfortable for such a great price

Setup was simple. Mattress is suprisingly comfortable for such a great price.

Two Stars

Comfortable for about 2 weeks then it gets soft in spots.


worth the price for sure. I would buy this again.

Very comfortable. I am disappointed that if someone else heavier ...

Very comfortable. I am disappointed that if someone else heavier is lying on the other side of the bed, you will roll down towards them. but very comfortable sleeping.

Verry pleased so far

Verry pleased so far....have had this mattress for a few months now and it is very comfortable. So far have had no problems with sagging.

Five Stars

put this bed in my motorhome best nights sleep ive had in years. Buying 1 for the house next!

A great mattress at a great price! Plus made in the US :)

I purchased this mattress for a daybed that is used in a guest room. Initially I was looking for a reasonable mattress that would be comfortable for most guests and made in the USA so I could support the US manufacturing and wouldn't need to worry about weird chemicals. I have never purchased anything like this online and didn't know what to expect, but due to the great reviews I thought I would give it a shot. All I can saw is I am so impressed by the quality and comfort.! I have been having back pain and suspected my new previously purchased(very expensive) mattress in my bedroom might have been the culprit. I starting sleeping on the dream foam mattress regularly and wouldn't you know it, my pain went away. I had to move back to my mattress when we had guests and the pain came back. Based on this I am confident that the Dreamfoam mattress is what gave me relief from my back pain. I highly recommend this mattress and will buy again when replacing another mattress. It is really amazing when it arrives in a box vacuum sealed. It is easier to maneuver this way. It gets to full size quickly, so I would recommend putting it where you want it before removing the plastic covering.

and that was the absolute best sleep I have ever had

I am finally replacing our 16 year old pillow top mattress, and decided to give this mattress in a box a try. Made the mistake of buying the Serta foam mattress from Sam's Club only to find that it's hard as a rock and causes so much pain. I needed to get a new mattress for our bed at my mother in law's home too so I chose this one because of the reviews and price (cheaper than the Serta). Slept on it for 4 nights last week, and that was the absolute best sleep I have ever had. Absolutely no pain those nights/mornings. Having disc issues in my lower back, and fibromyalgia I usually am in pain during the night and upon waking. As someone who chooses to be pain medication free every bit of comfort helps in having a better quality life. Yesterday I ordered another one of these mattresses, and as soon as it comes in that rock from Sam's is going straight back as a return. Feels like I'm waiting on Santa to come!! It truly is that wonderful for me!

One Star

way way too soft not even close to medium firm got backache from day1

Horrible. Traps heat

Horrible. Traps heat, we wake up drenched in sweat. Feels comfortable, supportive but absolutely cannot imagine having this in the summer if in the winter we are waking up in a literal pool of sweat.

1st Time Online Mattress Buyer

Absolutely love this mattress, we've officially had it for 3 full nights and we could not be happier! My boyfriend is a legitimate human heater which in turn makes me warm and we end up sleeping with 1 blanket in the middle of the night bc we're so warm. This bed genuinely does keep you cooler and it is unbelievably comfy. It's not the "firmest" of mattresses, so if you like firmer/stiffer mattresses, I would steer away from this one. If you like a soft, cuddly mattress that lets you sink in the perfect amount, this is the mattress for you! Can't believe how small the box was when the mattress arrived and it actually fully inflated in about an hour. Only thing that was a slight bummer is after measuring it's just short of 9'', so marking this as a 10-inch mattress isn't exact. Other than that, I would absolutely buy this mattress again and from this same seller. Shipping time was like 3 days from the day I pressed "order" to my door.

Average for the price...

We were looking for a quality mattress for our 3 year old at a reasonable price point. This mattress works fine currently in our daughters room, but wouldn't necessarily expect it to hold up to an average size adult. The mattress has a lot of give and definitely is not firm in any way. If I lean on my daughters bed with my knee, it immediately compresses and I'm all the way to the base...and I'm an average build individual. I would consider buying this brand again, only if I was going with a thickness greater than 10".

I expected her to not be pleased with anything else

I did so much research before I bought this bed that my eyes are still bleeding!! My daughter has a Casper twin and wanted a full. I did not want to spend the money on a new Casper so I looked for a different option. Knowing she wanted what she wanted, I expected her to not be pleased with anything else! Believe it or not, my grumpy 17 year old loves it. It is a little softer than her Casper but other then that comparable and I saved over 500.00 bucks. Only con is it never made it to 10 inches, it is about 9 1/2. I will update if it does not hold up.

Five Stars

Very easy to setup and really comfortable.

Good Not Great

After sleeping on this mattress for almost 4 months I will say that it is really comfortable and that it is a great buy. I would give it 5 stars but there are two main issues with it preventing a 4 or 5 star rating.

1. The 10'' is a little on the thin side.
2. The memory foam stores a lot of body heat. Even through it is a "cooling gel" I have found several sites of sleep where I've woken up and been burning up and sweating even through my room is cool.

Almost a year after purchase.

After having the mattress almost a year now I feel I can write a fair review. The mattress so not great, I guess for $250 it is not bad, but it is not nearly as comfortable as it used to be. It is when I first got it, it was soft and I slept great. Now it just seems to broken-in and I sink it was too much. I am already looking into something new.

Great Mattress

Great mattress for our RV. Very comfortable.

... the short queen for our RV and am very happy with it

Purchased the short queen for our RV and am very happy with it. Great mattress for the price. Shipping and delivery was quick and easy.

... cheap price and I also wanted it to be comfortable but also something I could afford and as soon ...

Well I was a little skeptical at first but I needed a bed at a cheap price and I also wanted it to be comfortable but also something I could afford and as soon as possible because I was suddenly without a bed for personal reasons well I got it with in two days and I was pleasantly surprised I have had it about two weeks and I love it I haven't got hot or cold I have slept very well in it and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg thanks for selling at such a good price compared to the out radios prices of some mattress.

Love it!

Awesome mattress. So much more than I expected. Comfortable, great quality, looks great and feels heavenly!

Great bed

Very fast shipper and love the matress

exceptionally comfortable mattress

Our first encounter with a Dreamfoam Arctic Dreams mattress was at an AirBnB that we stayed at. My wife couldn't believe how well she slept on the Arctic Dreams mattress in the AirBnB soI ordered one as soon as we returned home from vacation. We got a King size to replace a Serta iComfort mattress which my wife never found to be comfortable. Later we ordered a Queen size for one of our guest bedrooms. Our guest also found the Arctic Dreams very comfortable and commented to us about it. We have since recommended this mattress to several friends. We have now had our Arctic Dreams for 6 months and it continues to be as comfortable as when we got it. I don't know how long it will last, but at the price we can afford to replace it frequently unlike a Serta which costs from $1000 to $3000.

Purchased this for my son who was having back problems ...

Purchased this for my son who was having back problems sleeping on his bed. Quite grateful, he is now sleeping on a magical cloud!!! Thanks for the speedy delivery of a spectacular product! 🤗

Comfortable for soft sleepers - not ideal for tall persons

Good price, fast delivery, perfectly packed. Very comfortable if you like to sleep on more softer mattresses. Personally I love it!

Because of the often mentioned sagging on the edges, this mattress is not very suitable for tall people. So it is much more comfortable for me than for my husband.

Took my chances and ordered it and have been very pleased that I did so

I was really worried about this, not being able to put hands on before purchasing it. Took my chances and ordered it and have been very pleased that I did so. My bed has to be very soft but very supportive too and this does all of that. I suffer from muscle cramping that brings me out of a sound sleep. This mattress has allowed me to have the best sleep I have ever had. If I ever need to purchase another mattress it will be another just like this one.

It was worth every dime of the awesome price. My wife and I have had the ...

I am an obsessive researcher. I spent months researching before deciding on a Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams mattress. It was worth every dime of the awesome price. My wife and I have had the king sized mattress for about 6 months and couldn't possibly be happier. It isn't too hard but is plenty supportive, and it doesn't get hot. We initially found a tear in the mattress cover, and Dreamfoam Bedding sent us a replacement cover no questions asked, as well as pillows for the trouble. I would gladly (and WILL happily) buy from them again next time I buy a mattress.

No smell and amazing comfort

This is a terrific mattress at an incredible price. I purchased 2 for our second home and would buy again for my primary home if I ever need another bedding upgrade.

Sweet dreams!

Happy happy happy! My wife laid on the bed and when I asked her what she thought, she said sshhhh don't talk it's so comfy!

It's not comfortable however. If you are a side sleeper

this bed seems well made. It looks clean, and is as advertised. It's not comfortable however. If you are a side sleeper, forget about it, it's too firm. I don't think it's hot. I have bought a mattress topper for it, and that helps a bit.

Five Stars

I purchased one for my Peterbilt sleeper and I love it,

Super skeptical about a $300 mattress

Super skeptical about a $300 mattress, but it did not disappoint. I recommend this to everyone i know looking for a mattress.

I am not sure if it is too comfortable or I am tired from not getting good enough ...

I spend way too much time sleeping on this; I am not sure if it is too comfortable or I am tired from not getting good enough sleep. Since I can barely function during the day, I am wondering if it's the latter. My army guy shares this bed with me, and I will say, he will sleep on anything—on an airbed, in a tent, on the floor, on a concrete slab COMFORTABLY—but this mattress gives him horrible lower back pain. So we may be on the market for a new mattress again if that keeps up.

The one good thing about it is I bought a Cali King, so we are able to sleep in different positions all the time. This way maybe it won't sag in our spots like the foam mattress on my queen bed eventually did.

Will update if I have anything helpful to add.

Vey comfortable. I'm seriously thinking of replacing some of the ...

We bought the Queen Short for our camper. It fit the spot perfectly. Vey comfortable. I'm seriously thinking of replacing some of the mattresses in my home for Dreamfoam

... sleeping on mine for a few months and I love it. I used to sleep on a spring ...

I've been sleeping on mine for a few months and I love it. I used to sleep on a spring mattress and the quality and comfort just doesn't compare. I have chronic pain so it is crucial for me to have enough comfort and softness. This bed has satisfied all my needs perfectly and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new mattress in the future.


I was told you have to wait 24 hours for it to "air out" I opened it up and slept on it right away with no issues. I was very happy with my purchase I am not paying no 2,000 for a mattress ever again.

Its ok

Its ok. Very thin. I don't feel it cooler than a normal mattress. Support is fine. It works for now anyway

Five Stars

Mattress perfect. Delivery fast. I couldn't be happier. Very comfortable in my guest room and gets rave reviews


I was happy to find out that there was no smell, it was soft, but not too soft, and unfolded just the way it should. Perfect for our guest room.

Good quality made but very soft

The quality of the material and the way it is made is good. I just wish it was a bit more firm. I get a sore back because it's too soft.

Five Stars

OHHHHH YEAHHH BUDDY. Very comfy, exactly what I was looking for!

Five Stars

very comfortable and doesnt sink in

Five Stars

Love the mattress. It's just purrfect!!!

Love it!

No more backaches. Love it!

A great buy

We purchased an Arctic Dreams Mattress for our RV and feel in love with it. It hard a comfort level much higher then a mattress we had purchased for our house years ago. The price was low and the quality was very high. With that we purchased a new mattress from them for our house and got rid of the old mattress. We have told many people to buy this purduct.

Price is nice, mattress is a bit firm

We got the king size and it fits like a charm (I didn't expect it too when it came in the package). There was a slight smell for a couple of days but it went away (opening the windows helped). It's a little firm so we did end up spending the extra money for a topper. But together with the topper it's pretty amazing. Especially at this price.

I wish I would have found this mattress before buying ...

I wish I would have found this mattress before buying one of the expensive ones! We bought this one for a daybed on our porch....wish we had it on all of our beds!

Two Stars

Uncomfortable and doesn't balance both side person

Five Stars

Great quality and a very low price.


PERFECT bed for the guest room! Shipped fast! Has a nice cover that looks and feels like a regular mattress. We love it! We're thinking about replacing our standard mattress in our bedroom with one!

Worst Mattress Ever!

Worst sleep ever....waisted money....already lumpy and absolutely no comfort. Should have ordered the Zinus 12 inch Performance Plus/Extra Firm Spring mattress.


Love it!!! I own a sleep number bed. Got this for my son. Now I wish I got one for myself.

Born in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

What a comfortable mattress and you can't beat the price. Glad to support our manufacturers in the good old USA😀🇺🇸

short but comfy

Super comfy, kinda short

Great Mattress but "cooling" is a stretch.

Will try to make a long story brief...we had a WONDERFUL Sleep Number, Select Comfort i10 Queen mattress approx 6 years old BEST MATTRESS EVER, (over $5,000). Went to the local Home and Patio show, stopped by the Sleep Number booth and started laying on the adjustable base mattresses, husband got excited and the next thing you know we are looking at a $9400 bed. Couldn't get out of there quick enough...stop at the REM Sleep Solutions Booth, salesman was very nice and spent considerable time explaining sleep stuff to my husband and threw in sheets, extra pillows and chili pads, so you guessed it, $5,500 later we are the proud owners of an Adjustable base, split king. It arrived and basically is 2 twin XL beds/mattresses...I HATE IT, everything about it, from the way the Reverie base looks to the 2 mattress sliding apart and the definite ribs where the 2 mattresses fit together. The mattresses were extremely firm so I ordered this as a replacement mattress. So now the review, I have had the 10" mattress since June and it is holding up just fine. Definitely not a cooling mattress...can't really tell any difference in temperature but it is a comfortable mattress! I'm back today because I have sync'd our adjustable base "beds" together and I am buying a King mattress because my husband is now sleeping with me on my Twin XL because this mattress is so much more comfortable. I really miss my Sleep Number mattress and should I win the lottery I will buy me another one but til then this will do.

Three Stars

It's too soft and deep,


Great price, perfect support, shipped crazy fast!! Fingers crossed it last as long as it claims to if it doesn't the price doesn't hurt the bank to get a new one.

Four Stars

great bed-took the whole mentioned time to inflate

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