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Amore Mattress Reviews

Black Friday 2021 Updates: Amore's mattresses are shipping as usual, typically taking about 4-9 days for delivery.

Amore offers four different mattresses, from a budget-friendly flippable foam version to two different hybrid options with amazing customization options for the price, and lastly a high end all-natural latex mattress version. They offer a variety of exciting features like split firmness, copper infused fabric, and the option for luxury foams. With these options and solid customer satisfaction, we think there is a lot going for Amore's mattresses.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10

Price Value: 9.3/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $550-$2750

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Amore's Specifics

Amore offers four different types of mattresses that we'll go through in detail below. Overall, they are priced competitively versus many other online and traditional retail options. Most customers are happy about the customization options and quality.

Quality of Materials

The first mattress that Amore offers is their budget-friendly 11'' foam flippable mattress. This mattress has both a softer side and a firmer side. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: The cover layer is made of organic cotton fiber over an organic wool blend flame resistant layer. These are breathable and soft to the touch.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is made of FusionFlex™ Proprietary Comfort foam. It is responsive but medium in firmness to relieve pressure points while sleeping cool.

Layer 3: The following layer is open-cell transition foam that helps align the spine without aggravating pressure spots. Also its open cell nature moves heat away.

Layer 4: The core layer is ultra supportive for extra spinal alignment and durability.

Layer 5: The below firmer side removes one layer of transition foam for more support.

Moving into the hybrid options, the Amore Hybrid mattress is made of high quality foam and a pocket coil system for added support. It comes in three different firmness options and is 12'' thick -- more mattress than many other brands. here is what's inside the most popular 12'' Hybrid Coil Mattress:

Layer 1: The cover layer has an option of either organic cotton or copper ion infused bamboo fabric, which is anti-microbial and keeps cooler than alternatives.

Layer 2: A 2'' layer of graphite infused memory foam that naturally diffuses heat with an open cell structure. It also provides a contouring layer of comfort.

Layer 3: A layer of transitional foam that is also breathable to further whisk away heat. The thickness of this layer may change based on the firmness level purchased.

Layer 4: A layer of high density open cell foam provides support above the pocket coil matrix. The thickness of this layer may change based on the firmness preference selected.

Layer 5: Individually wrapped pocket coils gently adjust to your sleeping position, providing support without pressure points and isolate motion from your partner.

Layer 6: The last layer is ultra high density foam that gives the mattress structure and durability.

One of the newer additions to the Amore line of mattresses is their luxury hybrid mattress. Similar to the Hybrid Coil, it offers the ability to customize the firmness on either side. It also has the option for a copper infused cover layer. Here is what's inside the 12.5'' Amore Luxury Mattress

Layer 1: GOTS certified organic cotton or copper infused cover layer with wool blend underneath.

Layer 2: 2'' Talalay latex layer diffuses heat and melts away pressure points with still a nice bounce from the latex.

Layer 3: FusionFlex™ foam offers more pressure point relief and heat diffusing.

Layer 4: There is a layer of open-cell transition foam that contours while still providing some support to the spine.

Layer 5: The main support layer is made of 6'' wrapped coil with firmer coils around the side for additional edge support.

Layer 6: The last layer is ultra-supportive breathable foam that gives the mattress structure and durability.

The last option is Amore's newest addition -- its all natural latex mattress. Similar to their other luxury mattresses, it features a hybrid design and has an optional pillow top addition for added fluffiness. Here is what's inside the Amore Natural Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is a certified GOTS cotton cover. This organic cotton is some of the highest grade available and provides an elegant button tufted design.

Wool Fire Barrier: Luxurious New Zealand wool provides a safe and natural fire barrier while also doing a superb job at keeping the mattress cool and temperature regulated.

Pillow Top Layer (Optional): 2'' of high end Dunlop latex that is medium in firmness for an extra fluffy top layer that has a subtle bounce and pressure relief. Hint: this is a must-have addition for smaller sized sleepers.

Comfort Layer: The 2'' comfort layer is a medium firmness Dunlop latex layer that melts away pressure points but still has a friendly bounce. It may feel firmer than memory foam to those that haven't experienced it before.

Support Layer: The Quantum Edge® Elite support system provides edge to edge support for the mattress while still adapting independently to each sleeper's body. These pocketed coils cut back on partner disturbance too while keeping the spine aligned.

Overall Comfort

From the heat whisking elements in the copper infused cover and graphite foam, and the multiple firmness and dual firmness options, these mattresses have a lot to offer. Customers report feeling great initial comfort as long as they choose the right firmness option for them.


The firmness options that Amore offers are great for anyone that is picky or has different needs than their partner. Those that are stomach sleepers or larger should aim for something on the firmer side, while those that are smaller or side sleepers should look for something medium or soft.


With the copper infused cover option and open cell technology, this mattress will sleep cool for most every sleeper. Those that sleep very hot may want to invest in the copper infused cover and the Luxury option with the Talalay layer to ensure staying cool.

Who Are Amore Mattresses Right For?

Amore offers high quality hybrids and all-foam mattresses for the most discerning sleepers while also being affordable enough for a majority of folks. With a 100 day trial period and solid customer service, you shouldn't be afraid to try it out!

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Did a lot of research

Did a lot of research online before purchasing from Amore. My wife and I did a lot shopping around before buying our new bedroom furniture. We were going up from a queen to either a Ca King or a King size. We found that some sets came in a Ca King size some only came in King. We finally found one we both liked and ordered it. Well to try to make a long story not so long. I thought we ordered a Ca King bed room set so I ordered a Ca king mattress. Nope. I called and talked to Todd at Amore and even though the mattress had already shipped he was able retrieve the the first one and ship out the right size. Great customer service! As far as the mattress itself, I've been sleeping on it for about 2 weeks and I love. Would highly recommend.

Good product and support from your people.

Prior to buying our beds, I had some questions. Your staff answered them promptly and satisfactorily.

The beds arrived promptly and packed well. They opened successfully and are what we expected.

Confident From The Beginning

I was nervous about taking the plunge into the online mattress world, but when I came across Amore Beds website, I felt a bit more confident. After searching several other competitor sites and reviews, I just kept coming back to Amore and I'm glad I did.

Very satisfied

The mattress arrived sooner than we expected. The set up was very easy, it is heavy, but my husband & I were able to set it up by ourselves. Its been very comfortable.

I like my twin Amore but for the "squishy" perimeter. Not firm enough

My experience with Amore was great.

Pleasant Surprise

Did everything online, easy order process and quick delivery

Very Comfortable

Nice product and good quality. Friendly customer service.

Above & Beyond

Customer service went above and beyond to help me out. They returned phone calls very promptly. They even called me back when I didn't even leave a message. That meant a lot to me and I am referring them to all my friends.

Great Value

Lots of great features that we were looking for. I'm on the lighter side and I don't sink in as far as I would like on this quilted wool cover, but I'm willing to deal with it for the piece of mind knowing that there's no chemical firesock. This mattress was odor-free which is a huge plus because I tend to be very sensitive to off-gassing.

Fantastic Mattress

We bought the king Medium, and after 5 months, we still love it. So incredibly comfortable. so far this is a fantastic mattress and would buy again.

Easy and informative ordering process.

Outstanding customer service

My wife and I purchased two Twin XL mattresses. She was not happy with hers. It was a firm, but she actually wanted a firmer mattress. Mine was a Medium, and I have been very satisfied with it. I can actually say I have never seen such HIGH STANDARDS in customer service. The support group, especially Todd, was extremely responsive and understanding. The credit for the bed we delivered to Salvation Army was issued the same day we sent the receipt.

Their Mattress Check-Marked All My Boxes

We made a list of all the luxury features that were important to us and we just kept coming back to Amore. We're glad we got it and it has met our high expectations. Customer service was very knowledgeable and helpful.

I ordered my bed

I ordered my bed on a Friday evening and it arrived the next Thursday. I ordered a queen sized in a firm. I have had it for about three weeks now and it has been great. I like a firm bed and this does the trick. This is my first foam mattress and I was pretty apprehensive about making this purchase. I received two pillows with my mattress as well, they are very comfortable too.

So far so good

So far so good! Very comfortable.

Love it!

Amo mucho my amore bed!! Provides the perfect amount of support and comfort

Better Than The Rest

I have a dozen vacation condos with all different e-mattresses and this Amore Beds mattress is the one that has more guests inquiring about it than any of the others. I will be using Amore from now on and they are even better quality than the more expensive or better known brands.

Great mattress

King mattress is great and it got delivered as promised.

we are very happy

we are very happy with it

A very good mattress at a great price!

Fast shipping, and easy to set up. It took a couple of weeks for me to adjust to the bed, because the one I had been sleeping on was not very good. So I was not used to the firmness and support. The bed is like sleeping on a cloud. Love it!

Bed is great

Bed is great. Delivery was great. All in all a great experience.


Amorebed's very good and comfortable. It's convenient for removing..!

Great Bed

I have had my Amore Bed since July and absolutely love it. I have been sleeping so well. My only regret was that I didn't wait a couple of weeks to buy the bed. If I had waited I could have also received the two pillows that I can only assume are incredibly comfortable since the bed feels like what I can only imagine sleeping on a cloud feels like.


It is a wonderful bed. It took no time at all to get used to it and I sleep better and my wife loves it and sleeps better also. After 15 years on a sleep number bed this has been a great experience.

I'm Glad I Stuck With My Amore Bed!

Great mattress and great customer service. I almost returned the mattress after 2 weeks, but they convinced me to tough it out a little longer and I'm glad I did. I wasn't expecting anything to change, but I guess they know a little bit about these things and how your body and mattress need to adjust to each other. I was ready to throw it to the curb, but now I wouldn't trade it for anything else. Thanks Amore!

Great bed, wonderful nights sleep!

I order the bed and fell in love the first day! The customer service staff is very responsive and reasonable. My wife and I believe these beds are such great value. We are so glad we discovered Amore Beds.

The split option saved our sleep!

My husband and I are very different sizes, the mattresses I liked best left him with back pain in the morning, while the mattresses he preferred were so firm that I couldn't fall asleep on them. After consulting with my husband we decided to go with the spit option. Getting to choose our own firmness's changed the game. My favorite feature is the cooling. My husband ran so hot at night and since our Amore he hasn't woken up sweating. Finally, not only am I sleeping better but we are waking up refreshed and without stiff necks.

Great experience

Everything was real easy, the ordering, setting up and financing. Great unstressful experience. The mattress is so comfortable, I am finally getting some quality sleep. Thanks to you all.

Comfortable mattress, highly recommended!

The bed is very, very comfortable! There was no smell when we opened it up, and it was easy to roll out and set up. I highly recommend this (medium firmness) mattress.

Don't buy this mattress!

Warning, I find myself going to bed early and staying in bed late. This Amore Beds mattress is soooo comfortable, I can't wait to get home and hop back in it. Leaves me well rested and full of energy! I'm not quite sure how they do it, but this thing does not retain heat either. It's not cold to the touch, but it somehow sleeps cooler than anything else that I've tried out.

Great mattress

My soft mattress is very comfortable when sleeping on my back or side (I don't sleep on my stomach). The mattress arrived quickly and was very easy to set up by myself.

Mattress came with a puncture and they sent a patch!!!

I received the mattress with a puncture, contacted CS and the best solution they offered was to send me a patch. I don't understand how they pretent me to pay for a new mattress only to put a patch on it because it came with a puncture. The answer was that it was "cosmetic".

Very comfortable

Very comfortable . It has sleeping a pleasure again . I would buy again .

A Fantastic Mattress and Company.

My wife and I really enjoy our new mattress. I waited until our 100 days were up to post a review. I have a Med-firm mattress, as Amore allowed me to customize my mattress differently. The four inches of poly-foam is in two, two inch layers, so instead of soft, medium and firm, I asked if I could have a Medium over the Firm and they said yes. its Just Awesome. I'm 6'2, 265, and it supports me fantastically. I believe the Medium mattress would have as well, but I typically like a firmer mattress, but My wife likes more of a medium mattress, so the Med-firm. All mattresses soften a little anyhow, so its a great customization for us. I had an Aviya mattress and it was not comfortable at all for side-sleeping as My shoulders hurt a lot. Not with Amore mattress, no more pain or discomfort. Our lower backs and my shoulders sink in just enough to provide the support and comfort we need. So far to date, No indentations or sag, still like brand new. Our mattress is the nicest mattress I slept on. These mattress are very nicely made and we're super happy with Amore Mattresses.

Well , so far I’ve had my Amore mattress for a month, and it is fabulous!

Love my Amore mattress ! I sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed! Thank you Amore ! Fast , friendly service , and a great quality mattress and the price is very reasonable ! Plus I received two free pillows ! Thanks again , and yes I will definitely recommend the Amore mattress !

I no longer have to take Ambien to sleep through the night

I bought an Amore Beds medium, queen mattress with the copper infused cover. It took a few weeks to get use to but I sleep so well on it now that I stopped taking my Ambien. I feel just as well rested and I now have more energy for my morning workouts.

Super comfy.

Super comfortable bed. Very happy!

Most incredible, best night sleep EVER!!

I did a lot of investigating before deciding to purchase my Amore mattress. I have suffered for years with insomnia and was accustomed to waking up every hour and not needing an alarm clock. After sleeping on my Amore bed, i sleep like a baby all the way through the night and now need an alarm clock to get up!! Amore mattress is the most comfortable bed I have EVER slept on!! I look forward to sleep every day and couldn't be happier. I was a bit of a pain to work with, butTodd and everyone at Amore were so awesome to work with!! I Love, Love, Love my Amore mattress!! Thank you!!

Great bed - so glad we purchased it!

I can say that I have slept more deeply and soundly and longer than I have in years. The mattress is a medium. I am debating if I should have gotten the medium firm. This mattress is much more supportive and forgiving than my old Temperpedic, but I can't argue with superior night's sleep.


Hi ,just wanna share my experience before finding My Amore bed i tried 3 other beds whom all claimed to be the best ,to help with cooling while you sleep, help with painful joints etc, all 3 were returned. i was ready to give up when a friend was going on and on about how great her mattress was and how great she was sleeping ,so of course i asked what kind she had, thats when i was introduced to Amore ,i decided to try my frds out before ordering one. i knew the minute i laid on her Amore it was diffrent then the ones i had tried., then she told me the price ,i thought she was joking!! i went home and IMMEDIATELY ordered myself one. It arrived in a timley matter ,customer service was amazing. i truly cant say enough about this mattress. im planning to order both my teenage children one!!

Only good for 100 days

I dutifully rotated and flipped this mattress every 3 weeks or so, the mattress I bought from Amore stayed comfortable for the first few months but after that I started waking up in pain. The wear spots are like canals. Now, 11 months after this uncomfortable purchase I am buying another bed elsewhere. If you want an honest assessment of this mattress, ask people who have had it for longer than a few months. I wish I had.

Not impressed

After reading tons of reviews, I decided to buy a king hybrid. The delivery process was good and when it arrived it had a small hole to top of mattress. It was the size of a thumbnail and just on top of cover. I called Amore and they send me a small patch kit. I wasn't too happy but figured it won't effect the sleep quality. 3 months has gone by and now I notice the side seam is coming apart by the side handle, so I email them again and they assure me it was my fault . They told me the handles that are sewn on the sides are just cosmetic and not to be used for moving mattress. I haven" moved mattress yet so how could it have torn by the handle. I also notice after only 3 months its show some sagginess where we sleep. I gave up a Serta I comfort for this mattress and wish now I hadn't. I wish I saw the seams pulling apart before by 100 days. Now it looks like I am stuck with this sub standard mattress


Everything about this Amore Luxury Hybrid Medium is fantastic. I kept searching around, but kept coming back to Amore because they offered significant features that I was looking for and I did not want to compromise on such a big purchase for us.

Fabulous Quality, But Not The Right Feel For Me

I have literally never seen a mattress this high of quality before which is why I was so sad to return it. It just didn't have the right feel for me. I needed to sink down a little more. I guess I'm just used to memory foam mattresses, but thought I'd give latex a try. It was much cooler than any mattress I've had though, but I guess that's the trade-off between foam and latex.

the touch and feel...

the touch and feel and size was perfect. it's just that the attachments could become inconvenient if you need to put the mask on and off more than once. elastics use could be easier.

Very Happy

Verry happy with these guys. Very professional and great customer service. No complaints and I would highlt recommend them to friends and family. The mattress sleeps like a dream. Luxury Medium Hybrid.

Service was fine.

Service was fine. Disappointed that the free pillows were unavailable so it wasn't as good of a deal as originally thought.

Lacking Website For A Quality Mattress

I am a web design professional and their website is lacking in so many ways. They are not doing nearly enough to describe how this mattress feels and they do very little to retain my attention. Since this Luxury Hybrid mattress had way more features than anyone else at a better price, I decided to give it a try. Lets just say that even though web design may not be their specialty, they sure can make a great mattress. 5 stars for the mattress, but 3 for the website.

The bed is excellent quality...

The bed is excellent quality. I've been using in on a wood floor because of my partner's back problems and his need for firm foundation beneath any mattress. I address 2 or 3 inches of latex foam on top of the mattress because I am a side sleeper, although I think this mattress is fine without it. There were no toxic smells and the mattress is plenty thick and durable. I anticipate it will last a very long time and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. The most difficult part was carrying it up three flights of stairs. Of you can, hire someone for that, because it's quite heavy. I also remember being offered free pillows for this purchase, but apparently the fine print said "while supplies last" and supplies did not last when I bought this, as I was informed only after I inquired (after buying) so I was disappointed about that. I was offered other things like discounts in place of the pillows but none of the options were adequate to me. Other than this, the customer service was very good. I highly recommend this mattress. I did a whole lot of research before deciding of this one and I believe it is definitely the best value, the best "bang for your buck".

No complaints here.

No complaints here. Although I thought I was getting a free pillow it was only while supplies last, so they sent me some free masks instead. Good experience over all though.

Wish I Didn't Wait So Long

Very happy with our purchase. Very worried at first, but their customer service answered all of our many questions and we felt confident before even sleeping on it. Glad their product is as good as they say it is.

Very easy to order online

Very easy to order online. Once I placed the order it was delivered very quickly. I did have one question in regards to the mattress and had gotten it answered very quickly.

The mattress is remarkably comfortable

The mattress is remarkably comfortable. I am also impressed with its quality and nice support for my back.

Mattress is excellent quality and arrived quickly. Made in USA.

Would recommend.

I love my mattress...

I love my mattress and my sheets! We've had the mattress for over a year now and it's still holding strong.

Good Bed, Better Support

The mattress is good enough. Customer support clearly knows their product and can offer valid support. I'm not a princess like some reviews that I've seen. I can sleep soundly on it and that's all I care about.

Heavenly sleep

Communication was excellent, shipping was fast, and the comfort of this bed is amazing. Best bed I have ever purchased. Spouse and I both have back, hip, shoulder and knee problems, this bed has helped improve our sleep immensely. Thank you for developing a bed that truly sleeps perfect.

Great For Fibromyalgia!

I have severe fibromyalgia and I cannot say enough of how well this Amore Beds hybrid mattress has helped. I got the Hybrid Medium and I have recommended this to other fibromyalgia acquaintances and they said they were happy with it as well.

So Easy

We purchased our mattress online and it was a very easy process. Our Amore mattress arrived one day early. The mattress is better than advertised and have not had to contact customer service. An great experience and we will order again.

Totally Awesome Mattress!

This mattress is like nothing I felt in the stores which I'm still having a hard time believing. It's not freezing cold to the touch, but it sleeps amazing cooler than those others I've tried that do feel cold to the touch; how weird is that? I guess it just circulates air better or something? Anyway, I'm happy and more importantly, the wife is happy :)

RedCarpetService 4 Amazing Mattress

The service is truly Red Carpet. Qs are responded to with amazing knowledge, and speedily, very thoroughly and with an intent to make things smooth. And the mattresses are very high-end at amazing prices.

totally, suprisingly positive and a really great mattress too

I didn't need any extra customer service - and the web experience ordering a mattress online was totally, suprisingly positive. Great even.

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