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America's Mattress Reviews

America's Mattress is a national mattress store chain that focuses on selling Serta, iComfort, Beautyrest, and more at their local stores. With a franchise model that means different locations have different owners, there are some differences store to store in terms of service. When it comes to mattresses, customers often have good things to say, but there are some durability issues with some brands.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Price Value: 8.2/10

No Back Pain: 8.3/10

Price: Depends on Location

Trial Period: 120 Night Exchange Fee

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America's Mattress's Specifics

America's Mattress is a national mattress chain that sells Serta, iComfort, Simmons, and Beautyrest products. Customers can find multiple different mattress firmnesses and designs, including memory foam and pocket coil hybrid.

In terms of customer experiences, most customers have good things to say about the service overall, with some negatives about certain stores and regions. The mattresses themselves have some disagreements on longevity and durability in some cases. If you are looking for longevity and top rated customer feedback, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses.

Quality of Materials

America's Mattress mostly sells Serta, iComfort, and Beautyrest brands. These name-brands get good initial comfort scores overall and offer multiple firmness options. However, there are some complaints about durability and sagging at times with some models. Additionally, some customers have noted prices for these brands may be higher vs. online competitors for the materials.

We'll go through their mattress brands below. Here are the details:

Serta Mattresses: Serta offers a wide array of mattresses, including their Serta Luxe, Perfect Sleeper, and EZ Tote lines. With both all-foam and coil options, most customers have good things to say overall, but there are some complaints about sagging and durability issues in some cases.

Beautyrest Mattresses: Beautyrest mattresses have a wide selection of offerings, including the luxury Beautyrest Black mattresses. These mattresses offer pocket coil systems with layers of foam for comfort layers. Most customers have good things to say initially, but there are some complaints about support and durability for some in-store models.

iComfort & iSeries: Another Serta brand, the iComfort and iSeries lines offer all-foam mattress options in a variety of firmness options with cooling gel infused memory foam options. With multiple price tiers and design options, customers have good things to say overall. However, there are some complaints about durability in some cases.

Overall Comfort

Overall, most customers report happy experiences with America's Mattress selection, sales approach, and initial comfort. However, not all were satisfied, with some complaints about value, durability, and customer satisfaction in some regions.


America's Mattress has a wide array of firmness options to choose from including softer mattresses for side sleeping and firmer varieties for stomach sleepers.

Back Pain Relief

While most customers report initial comfort with the selection of mattresses offered, there are some durability concerns reported, which could lead to discomfort.


Most customers have good experiences with cooling, especially for models that use airy top layers and gel infused foams. Some very warm sleepers that may experience some heat retention with some models.

Who Are America's Mattresses Right For?

America's Mattresses are ideal for those that are looking for an in-store experience and need help choosing the right mattress. For those looking for competitive options to fit any budget take a look at our list of top rated mattresses.

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Exemplary service!

Exemplary service! No pressure and lots of information. Best price on Central Coast. I did my research for weeks and this store and this mattress consistently had the best reviews. Upon visiting, I found out why. Simmons Beautyrest Luxury Firm "Black" line is the highest rated mattress and this store was consistently 5 Star.

I came here the weekend before Christmas

I came here the weekend before Christmas as we are in the process of looking for a new mattress and this place had great reviews on another site. This was my first stop and I have not been mattress shopping before, so I did not know what to expect with what they would have and the price ranges. Thanks to this stop, I now know how to handle these places if they are all going to be like car shopping where they get you to spend too much time there and try to haggle you. I told my sales guy right away I was just starting the process and wanted to look around. I also mentioned that I would not be purchasing today as I wanted to make the choice with my husband, but hopefully narrow it down before returning with him. Instead of understanding that, he kept saying oh we have a spouse guarantee and what can I do to get you to buy today? This was not once or twice that he did this, but multiple times. I ended up leaving and telling the guy I would be back with my husband, but sure enough, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I had no desire to buy from this store even if they offered me the best price or deal. When you can't listen and want to push push push, that just pushes me away. Thanks but no thanks. Again, I can thank this place for helping me figure out how to handle other stores once I start looking again if they are all going to be the same way.

My family came into the store today

My family came into the store today and bought a mattress from Steve. He was awesome to work with and was so kind to our two year old. He didn't try to up sell us on anything which was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend this business.

I visited several mattress stores...

Summary: I visited several mattress stores. On 4/8/18 at America's Mattress in Cumming, GA, I met Larry. I purchased a Serta set because I was impressed with his product knowledge and helpfulness. After Larry left the company, only delivery and setup went smoothly. The rest is a nightmare. The employees/owner of the Cumming and Suwanee (Georgia) stores persist in issuing excuses that are innocuous on their own. But analyze everything, and a distinct pattern of disorganization, lies, and confused customer service emerges. All stores are independently owned. I hope the others are organized and honest, with superior customer service. The Cumming and Suwanee stores are not; avoid them. You can find their products at other companies.

I visited several mattress stores...

I visited several mattress stores in the area and America's Mattress just stood out among them all. My Serta Perfect Sleeper and America's Mattress store-brand mattress are high quality, but it was the customer service that amazed me. Rebecca was patient during the big Memorial Day sale weekend, answered all of my questions, and always took my calls. Everything was delivered on time and put together for me. Rebecca and the men of the delivery team were great and have my appreciation and compliments.

We first went to the store...

We first went to the store in Buford, where Wes was such a help to us and we tried several mattresses. We didn't find exactly what we wanted, he recommended we might go to the Cumming store to see additional mattresses, suggesting a couple there that we might particularly want to see. He even called to let the Cumming store know we might be in. Kathleen at the Cumming store was then a great help to us and we did find just what we wanted there. She efficiently helped us with cost and arranged delivery. Delivery was made on time by Josh and Chad, who were quick and efficient. They set up the new beds, took the old mattresses, and left everything neat and complete. We are so pleased with the service, the prices, and everyone's help at America's Mattress. Our mattress needs are solved.

This was one of the easiest Mattress stores...

This was one of the easiest Mattress stores to work with and Joe did all the work, he was patient, kind and took his time and I had my New Mattress in no time at all, this will be the only store I will deal with, Thanks Joe

Attempted to return a pillow...

Attempted to return a pillow in the 14 day period and they refused to refund our money. HORRIBLE BUSINESS. STAY AWAY!!!!! I live in Florida and we went to South Carolina to visit my mom for Christmas. My husband decided to visit this store and purchase a pillow for me. When I opened it I did not like the way it felt. The paperwork stated that if the package is open that it is not eligible to be returned and returns were only accepted in a 14 day period. Well, I woke up the next morning and had to travel back to Florida where I attempted to return the item but they stated that all the stores were independently owned and I need to go to the one NC. So, now I paid to ship the item to my mom so she could handle it for me. They were completely unwilling to refund our money because the plastic was torn, I could really care less what paperwork says...I literally was charged $200 just to feel the damn thing because that's what the pillow cost. I am absolutely mortified by the owner Tony. No compassion what so ever. HORRIBLE people to work with. That pillow was brand new and touched by my hand only. It was returned on the 14 day period but just refused to help me. Thank you so much for ruining my Christmas present. My husband was just trying to make me happy. I will never recommend you guys to anyone. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

Rick was extremely helpful

Rick was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with respect to their various mattresses and platforms. His focus was to help us understand the differences and not to sell us the top of the line. He listens carefully to questions and asks some of his own before making recommendations. The service is excellent and the quality of their mattresses is above par. I have no hesitation in recommending their products and services.

I have been shopping for a mattress for 2 years

I have been shopping for a mattress for 2 years! I felt like it was a very important purchase and haven't wanted to make the wrong choice. I have also felt very overwhelmed by all of the choices out there. My husband and I stopped in to American's Mattress last weekend and Joe helped us narrow down the perfect mattress for us in a matter of minutes. I can't tell you how many other mattress stores I have left without having a clue of what mattress I liked. We were so confident in Joe's ability to help us that we even picked up a second mattress for our son. Looking forward to getting those mattresses delivered next week! Thanks Joe!

My husband and I were ready...

My husband and I were ready to purchase a new bed. We knew that this was going to be a big purchase so why not make it the best purchase and go all out. When we walked in Joe the store manager was there to greet us with a big smile and a solid handshake. He asked us what we were looking for and he had plenty of options for us to look at and to try. He was very knowledgeable about the product. We also told Joe we were interested in going to a larger size mattress than what we have had. So that meant we needed a new headboard and footboard. So we made a decision and purchased the blue fusion mattress with the motion base. Also the new footboard/headboard from one of their catalogs. When it was delivery day the guys came by and set it all up the motion base, the mattress and the new bed it was beautiful. There was a couple hiccups with the new bed frame it's self.. when you are ordering the motion base and you are using a beautiful bedframe you have to make some minor adjustments to how it gets put together.. and I want to tell you Joe went above and beyond to make that happen.. Joe and his sales Representative Juan are what customer service really stands for My husband and I LOVE OUR NEW BED If you are looking for a new mattress a great smile and a lot of product knowledge go see Joe. Thank you America's Mattress in Santa Maria.

If this is the place I think it is...

If this is the place I think it is, where I bought my own mattress several years ago, I got an amazing deal on a great mattress that's still working for us today. I just looked up the store, thinking I would like to go back and get a single mattress for my daughter's room and saw all the bad reviews. Too bad so many others had bad experiences here! If I recall correctly, last time I shopped here I got my awesome standard size firm mattress that is both very comfortable AND great for my back, delivered for around $150, including tax.

Buyer beware...

Buyer beware yes that's right they offer 120 nights to exchange your mattress if it doesn't work however in the fine print in the back of the paperwork states it's $150 to exchange the mattress. So now that my 80-year-old mom has spent over $1000 for a twin mattress only to find out this high and Serta pillow top mattress hurts your hips at night. She called to exchange it and was given the news about an extra $150 charge. She is on a fixed income and this presents quite a financial problem for her. Unbelievable!! Good idea to always have two people go to buy big purchases make sure you read all the fine print on the back of the paperwork. Or you can simply use Amazon.... where they give you free return and free delivery of another mattress. No questions asked just put it back in the box UPS comes to get it and they deliver a new one. Shame on American mattress for taking advantage of older people!!!

Very nice place to buy a mattress...

Very nice place to buy a mattress. Cannot say the prices were the cheapest, but the prices were reasonable, the quality of their inventory and customer service were very good. We worked with Joe, who went out of his way to expedite our order and ensure delivery in 6 days--not bad in the current environment.

Very knowledgeable and good prices...

Very knowledgeable and good prices. Accommodating to all of our needs and friendly!!! Extremely satisfied with our experience and service!!!

very knowledgeable and helpful

Our salesman, Benny, was very knowledgeable and helpful. His expertise helped us to select what we thought would be just the right mattress for us. The mattress we selected ended up being a little too soft so we ended up trading it for something a little more firm. The trade-in was hassle-free and we love our new mattress.

Great service...

Great service, and not overly pushy like other places. Gave me a fair deal and did not try to upsale me.

As most of you know mattress...

As most of you know mattress shopping isn't usually fun! We walked in and immediately someone came up to us. Polite, witty and made shopping for a new bed fun. Bill was helpful, asked questions and showed us beds that would help ailments that she has. Showed us different styles, prices and never once made us feel uncomfortable. We walked out of the store still laughing and with a new bed on order! Thank you Bill for having an awesome personality and knowing what it is you sell! I suggest going there when you need a new bed!

OK, So i went to this location...

OK, So i went to this location because I had purchased a groupon for $50 for $400 off 2 different brands of beds to choose from. However, when I got to the location I was informed that the GA locations are discontinuing the Dr. Greene sleep system and that this location had the only floor model available and only in the Dr. Greene Sleep System Bingham Ridge Plush version. I tried the other brand and tried the one floor model for Dr. Greene and it was VERY comfortable. I loved it, but the sales lady(manager) told me since they were discontinuing it I would have to order it right then and there. Also since I was using a groupon they would have to sell it at full price of $1699 and discount the $400 (The bed showed a current special of $1099 for the king size). SO i told her to forget the groupon and i would purchase at sale price since it would be cheaper, she agreed and started to put in order but then was informed by her boss that they would lose money for selling it brand new at advertised price of $1099 and they would need to still go the groupon route which made the cost of the bed at $1299.00. I loved the bed and was moving soon so I agreed. Then I was informed shipping to my house would be extra $59.00, which took me by surprise since other reviews showed free shipping was offered and online it also showed free delivery. I told her about that and she (the manager) told me i was mistaken and they have to charge for delivery. BUT again im moving soon to a different state so i was just going to put it in my garage until i loaded everything up in the moving truck. So instead she agreed just to have me pick it up from the store for free, which is fine but honestly is a bit of an inconvenience to me . Overall the manager was very nice but I kinda feel like I was treated differently since i had a groupon, price more expensive, no free shipping, no add-ons (if you read another review for this company in the different location apparently a gentleman was offered free sheets or free bed frame) hopefully the bed should be nice.

I was getting ready to buy a sleep number bed...

I was getting ready to buy a sleep number bed . I happened into America's Mattress. I got an education from Rick on the different types of mattresses. He was very informative. Not pushy. We bought his top of the line with adjustable base for almost half as much as we were going to pay at sleep number. One of the issues that got me looking was sleep numbers warranty. It is really a two year warranty. The best bed we have ever had! Sleeps unbelievable. The set up and delivery was people were great!! Thank you Rick !

I had a warranty issue...

I had a warranty issue with a mattress that I purchased 3 years ago and they went above and beyond to get me a mattress replacement. They gave me full value for the defective mattress and promptly replaced it. Thank you Sam and also Jesus and Robert for the great service and delivery. I will recommend your store whenever someone needs a good mattress!

About a month and a half ago...

About a month and a half ago I bought a mattress and mattress protector from Rodney at America's Mattress of Rochester, MN. During the entire time I was on the show room floor trying out mattresses, Rodney went on and on about everything being "made in america" and how it wasn't "that chinese crap." Rodney made an especially hard sell on the mattress protector (relative to his extremely hard sell on the mattress (which was an extremely hard sell, in itself)), again, ranting about how "that chinese crap you buy online" is totally and completely inferior to their high quality, made in america, etc. brand of mattress protectors. Unless you buy one of their mattress protectors you do not receive the ten year warranty, and because I was unsure about the long term durability of a mystery memory foam mattress, I paid $90 for one of their store brand mattress protectors. More than a month later, in my new apartment, while three different moving companies worth of men are setting up my bed frame and mattress, what do I see on the mattress protector package? The generic product that I have since learned is $50 cheaper online? Made in China. The salesperson, Rodney lied directly to my face about the products he sold me. Guess who I won't be recommending to my friends? America's Mattress of Rochester, staffed by rat faced liars like Rodney. Spend your money elsewhere. Somewhere where they won't lie through their smiling teeth.

My husband and I were basically sold on purchasing a bed...

My husband and I were basically sold on purchasing a bed and base for our daughter from Macy's but something told us to give America's Mattress a look. We're so glad we did! We met Ashley. Ashley provided us with excellent customer service and was extremely knowledgeable. She was able to answer all of our questions (and we had a lot) and we really appreciated her chill and no-pressure approach. Alia was also super helpful. We'll definitely be back to see Ashley and Alia when it's time to buy our bed :)

My husband and I were very happy

My husband and I were very happy with the service Bob gave us, we walked in not really sure of what we wanted and he let us take our time, while explaining the differences between each mattress we tried and helped us find the best fit for our needs. At the end we were able to purchase a great packaged deal, thankful for their holiday sale and great service!

I went into the store yesterday

I went into the store yesterday. Steve was so friendly I felt like he was an old friend. He just got some new mattresses in and needed to clear the floor so he gave me an excellent deal on one of the floor models, bed frame and headboard. The delivery guys came and delivered today. They were super nice and put the bed together in 5 minutes. All in all I had an amazing experience buying from this store and will return when I need a new mattress for my other room. Thanks Steve!

Tim was so great!

Tim was so great! He took great care of me and recommended the right mattress at the right price I was looking for. If you are looking for a mattress, I 100% recommend going to see the guys at Americas Mattress! Thanks again Tim!

After purchasing a mattress...

After purchasing a mattress for my Mom, I realized that their advertised price on their website was less expensive than what I paid in store. After several phone calls they paid the difference. My Mom is happy with the mattress, and I am happy with the customer service.

I can't say enough positive things...

I can't say enough positive things about buying a mattress through this business. I did a bit of shopping around before and after going to this store and I'm confident I got a great deal and excellent service. Joe was more than helpful and explained everything I needed to know. He had an answer for everything. I chose a nice firm mattress and an adjustable base for my uncle. The mattress was delivered promptly and professionally & the old mattress set was hauled away. After a few nights my uncle said he loves the new bed and particularly likes the adjustable base as he can elevate his head or his legs if he likes. The remote control is easy for him to use. I liked the selection and service so much at this store, I returned and purchased a second mattress set, which we are also very happy with. If you are looking for a new bed, mattress or adjustable base for your current mattress, go see Joe! Don't forget to ask about the military discount if you're active or retired military.

Came to this location...

Came to this location to purchase my first queen bed. Cinthia gave us the best customer service. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. Can't wait to come back for my cal King bed

Cynthia was extremely knowledgeable and helpful...

Cynthia was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She made the whole experience easy. Delivery, set-up and removal of old mattress went so smoothly. Great job! Thanks, Cynthia!

Great local place to shop...

Great local place to shop. Excellent selection and even better customer service. Free delivery and interest free financing . Sales lady Rebecca helped me and my wife pick the perfect mattress. We will be back to buy our son's mattress.

After visiting two other mattress stores today...

After visiting two other mattress stores today we walked into America's mattress and met Joe. He helped us narrow our bed types based on what we needed. He also gave us a much better deal on an even better mattress than we had chosen at another store. He called the owner to confirm he could match the other stores offer even though the mattress was a better and more expensive one. Joe was very knowledgeable and friendly. Our credit application was approved in minutes and our mattress was being delivered within a few hours at no charge. We also purchased one of their packaged deals that included two side sleeper pillows, sheets, mattress cover etc. Well worth the price. I highly recommend this mattress store and that you ask for Joe.

Do not buy a mattress...

Do not buy a mattress from Americas Mattress if you care about product quality. I purchased a full and a queen Serta set, and both lasted less than 2 years. The queen did not last even one year! Unfortunately for me, the mattresses were in storage 2 years before being used, so the warranty does no good. Avoid Americas Mattress. Big waste of money.

his transaction could not have gone smoother

This transaction could not have gone smoother. Walked in, gave my price point and bed size wanted and BOOM, within 10 minutes I made my decision. I had been putting off mattress shopping as it ranks juuust above car shopping for me but the manager here, Joe, was great! He was straight forward and didn't try to up sell me or any of the annoying stuff that normally happens when trying out beds. Highly recommend American's Mattress for a good deal with no rigmarole.

America's Mattress saved me so much money

America's Mattress saved me so much money. I went to a few mattress stores before this. I would have spent 1,000 more than I did on a mattress just as good as the one I purchased at America's Mattress! Joe was very helpful he went the extra mile and even offered to set up my bed frame I purchased somewhere else! He even offered for me to have a temp bed until my bed arrived. If you want to save money and get a high quality mattress with good service, this is the place to go! Thanks Joe for helping us save and taking care of us.

We have been mattress shopping

We have been mattress shopping for a while and were actually headed to a different store today to try more when I spotted the human sign advertiser waving the sale sign outside of the store and noticed they had Serta signs in the window. Had the human advertiser not been outside, we would never made it to this store and we are glad we did. The manager, Joe, was incredibly knowledgeable about each mattress and very helpful. My husband and I finally picked a mattress after months of looking and cant wait for delivery day. We feel we got the best deal for our money and will be happy for many years to come!

We purchased a BeautyRest Hybrid

We purchased a BeautyRest Hybrid in Oct 2019. We decided to take advantage of the upgrade / exchange period and purchased a Simmons BeautyRest Black X-Class Medium. Moving up from the Plush to the Medium and also to a mattress with better construction and more features has made all the difference. Excellent mattress and comfort. Allan Slaydon helped us both in Oct and also in Jan when we made the upgrade. Allan is very knowledgeable- friendly and not "pushy". He wants his customers to be satisfied. We've not had the new BeautyRest Black for 6 weeks- extremely satisfied. The delivery Team was on-time and very helpful. I'd definitely buy another mattress from America's Mattress and I'd likely ask for Allan Slaydon as my Sales Manager.

Look no further.

Look no further. I had spent all day looking at mattresses, couches, ottoman etc. given, this place only sells mattresses it was hands-down the best buying experience of the entire day. Benny was very easy-going super knowledgeable and low-pressure sale style which I'm sure most everyone prefers especially when your entire day is surrounded by people trying to get you to buy their stuff. He wasn't about putting us in the most expensive thing he could, we got there told him our budget and he gave us something half the price that we told him we were willing to spend because he said it was the better option out of all of the things we had tested.

I'm not big on salespeople

I'm not big on salespeople, but Joe is the exception. He is honest, and will give you the truth whether you want it or not. I stopped into America's mattress on a whim. I had just stopped by another furniture store looking for something inexpensive, as I had come to the area with my 3 dogs and whatever I could shove in my Prius. I happened to see mattresses at that store, got a price quote, and decided to stop at America's Mattress to see what they had. I have wanted a Beautyrest Black for years... Joe was busy with other customers, and I decided to test drive the Natasha. About 20 minutes later, Joe woke me!!! I told him how I had just came to the area and had been sleeping in an air mattress for a month. He not only got me hooked up with a Natasha King for a smoking deal, he also hooked me up with a Natasha Queen at an even more smoking deal while I waited for my King to arrive! The delivery guys were fabulous, and took my queen mattress to the third floor bedroom of my townhouse. They said the Natasha is the heaviest mattress they move. They groaned when I told them they would soon be delivering a king version to the same floor!! I am so ticked with Joe and Beautyrest Blacks! I can't recommend them enough!

I would never purchase a mattress...

I would never purchase a mattress from here again purely based on customer service. I am big on customer service and this place falls short. I went into the store on a Friday to purchase a mattress. Since I knew which one I wanted, I just told the guy running the desk (and playing on his iPad-like device instead of paying attention to his customers) that I wanted to purchase it and have it delivered. The next available day was the following Wednesday. Of course, I would've liked it sooner but that is just the way it goes. I made sure to be home and not to plan anything on that Wednesday. Finally, after not receiving a call the prior Tuesday to give me a window of time the mattress would be here, I called the store. I spoke to a woman named Sonja who told me that the sales rep had scheduled me for the next Wednesday by mistake. I told her that it was likely because he was playing on his iPad-like device instead of paying attention to his customer. She said that he was new but that she had noticed he did that as well (Hint: If your sales rep is not doing his job, he shouldn't be working for you) and that she would talk to him about it. Since I was going to be out of town for the weekend I was forced to wait an entire week to get my mattress. She refunded the $65 delivery charge which to me was a nice gesture but she should have worked to get me my mattress sooner. I am very disappointed and because I am so big on customer service, I'll never shop there again.

do not buy a mattress here...

do not buy a mattress here if you care about service. i went in yesterday and it was empty. after 10 min, a woman finally showed up. i ended up buying a cheap mattress from her and said i would pick it up the next day. so today i went to pick it up...the bright neon sign said OPEN but all the doors were locked, and the place was again empty, even though the hours say open till 7 pm. i waited around for 30 min, went to target, and then came back. the same woman was finally there. i picked up my mattress but didn't say anything to her because i was so angry. what a waste of my time

The service was a tad pushy...

The service was a tad pushy and rude at times. Though their deals seemed good, their service turned me away from purchasing a mattress from the store. When I asked to only buy a frame they asked me where I bought my mattress, how much I paid, and then told me that I had paid to much at another store, pulling out lots of advertisements for mattresses to prove me wrong. I left, disgusted, without purchasing the frame. Actually, they were wrong--I did my homework to check up on prices ahead of time. Very rude.

We want to advise everyone...

We want to advise everyone to avoid this mattress place, no doubt they sell reconditioned mattress, had a major issue with mattress and depressions/edge are very saggy, after i called 4 times to complain, they finally sent me to mattress marshalls for inspections, had me pay 50 dollars, and had me wait for 3 weeks to tell me that tony (owner of Americas Mattress) would reach out to me, which he never did. This store and business sells over priced mattress and DONOT honor warranties, but rather want to do the old sell and dance and not honor customer service. What a horrible and total ripoff business AVOID these people and shop at a reputable store, I know we will, as will the faithful people of Charlotte NC!!! Will be posting reviews to all know social sites to helpout the hard working people of Charlotte, we work hard for our money why give it to people who donot honor there promises and try to rip people off

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