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American Mattress Reviews

American Mattress is a large mattress retailer based in the midwest, with a focus on the Chicago metro area. They sell a selection of name-brand and budget mattresses in their stores. Overall, they get some good customer service feedback from shoppers, but there is some debate about the value for the materials that you can get there versus buying a mattress direct from the brand online.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Price Value: 8.3/10

No Back Pain: 8.4/10

Price: $100-$7219

Trial Period: Exchange (Some Restrictions)

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American's Specifics

American Mattress is a big mattress company in the midwest. They mainly sell name-brand options from the largest household names in the industry.

What does that mean about their selection? Their prices are mostly mid-pricepoint, focusing on brands like Serta, Beautyrest, and Tempur-Pedic. They offer mostly traditional innerspring mattresses with additional upgrades like pocketed coils and also all-foam mattresses.

But with that selection comes a hidden truth:

The prices are often much higher for the materials used than buying direct from online brands.

This is because American Mattress has to pay its sales people, keep its store operating, and make a profit, while also passing profit margin to the name-brand mattress companies too.

What you are buying is personalized service and sales experience.

Read on to learn more about their selection...or browse our top rated alternatives.

Mattress Brands

American Mattress has done a good job focusing on brands that have good value for the name-brand category and aren't too expensive versus luxury alternatives.

We'll go through each brand in depth and discuss the positives and negatives so you can understand what you are buying.

So here they are...

#1 Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is the original memory foam mattress maker that developed their mattresses from NASA developed foams. In recent years, they have incorporated pocketed coil and cooling gel infused foam to their mattresses. Overall, customers find that these mattresses are comfortable -- with multiple firmness options. However, they are quite expensive versus similar mattresses offered from online brands.

The pros: A variety of memory foam focused mattresses with good scores on quality and customer satisfaction.

The cons: The price is much higher than alternatives with similar materials.

Price Range: $1299-$7999

Final Score: 9.1 / 10

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#2 Restonic

Restonic has a lot of positive elements -- known for its value innerspring mattresses. They have good scores from customers when it comes to initial comfort and have a wide array of firmness options, which is good for those that need something that is more specialty. The main negative is that some customers have had complaints about durability. Those that desire a softer mattress or more affordable model may experience issues.

The pros: Innerspring focused mattresses that have better value than other brands.

The cons: Some have had issues with durability problems with some models.

Price Range: $769-$3198

Final Score: 8.8 / 10

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#3 Simmons Beautyrest

Simmons Beautyrest is beloved by customers for their luxurious pillowtop and eurotop mattresses that have added padding in the top layers. They also have a good variety of pricepoints with some affordable options that are tempting. With good initial scores on comfort, there is a lot to like about Beautyrest, but there are some problems reported about durability for some customers.

The pros: Good blend of innerspring mattresses with desirable features like pillow tops.

The cons: Some reports of durability problems with some models.

Price Range: $519-$6999

Final Score: 8.6 / 10

Online Only: Check Beautyrest Deals

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#4 Therapedic

Therapedic makes a number of mattresses with a good variety of pricepoints. Although they have options in the luxury category, American Mattress sells mostly the budget offerings. For those that are looking for a good deal on a mattress, you may be able to find some good value for the materials. However, there were some complaints about durability that some consumers experienced.

The pros: A variety of different pricepoints in both the innerspring and all-foam categories. American Mattress sells mostly budget-friendly options.

The cons: Some problems with durability reported on some of the more affordable models.

Price Range: $209-$798

Final Score: 8.5 / 10

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#5 Sealy

Sealy is known for their Posturepedic line that offers zoned-support to properly cradle the spine for those that are back and side sleepers. They feature pocketed coils and have a variety of pricepoints. Some customers find what they are looking for with Sealy products, but others had some problems with durability.

The pros: Posture supporting mattresses with many budget-friendly options.

The cons: Some complaints about sagging over a shorter than average timetable.

Price Range: $649-$1598

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

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#6 Serta

Serta develops a wide-range of innerspring and all-foam mattresses in both the budget and mid-grade category. Their iComfort and iSeries lines are well-known for their multiple layers of comfort foams and pocketed coil arrays. Most customers find these mattresses initially comfortable, but there are some exceptions with some customers complaining about sagging over a short duration.

The pros: A nice blend of all-foam and innerspring mattresses with budget options available.

The cons: Some problems reported with sagging and durability with some models.

Price Range: $739-$5499

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

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American Mattress Alternatives

Surprisingly, this has become one of the very best times to buy a new mattress. Over the last few years, there have been hundreds of new mattress brands that have come to market to compete for your business and this means:

Lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Buying a mattress from an online brand direct is one of the best ways to get better quality materials and craftsmanship for less money. If you are willing to take a little extra time reading about which mattresses will fit your body and budget, it can save you $1000s of dollars and endless headaches.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store in person, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or explore our reviews for the Top Rated Mattresses.

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This experience was awesome!

This experience was awesome! Anthony took his time explaining and answering all questions. Both employees were super helpful even up to the delivery date! (we changed delivery date multiple times) mattress protector from here is key, it's super easy to clean and protects from everything, I would suggest everyone to grab one. Fantastic job to everyone at this location. Bravooo

Our experience could not have been worse

Our experience could not have been worse. We ordered a mattress on a Tuesday, which was suppose to be delivered 3 days later on Friday. That never happened and each week we were promised just one more week. After another four weeks without a mattress, we cancelled our order. My husband has a bad back and really needed a new mattress for his health. It is our opinion that we were never told the truth about a delivery date.

Very disappointing and very bad customer service.

My spouse and I went to American Mattress

My spouse and I went to American Mattress on Clybourne. They advertise as "family owned". I would love to see how they treat family. We went in to inquire about our Serta Mattress which we purchased on 9-26-15.Serta products are warrented against manufacturing defects. We met the manager who told us that the salesman should have told us that the Serta mattress wasn't appropriate for our bed. We have had Serta before without issue. The manager said, " it's unfortunate that the salesperson did not tell you that." OK, you guessed it. The manager was the saleperson. He began to backtrack saying he "coulnd't possibly remember every customer." He offered to inspect the mattress for $65 . He admitted that Serta would not pay for it unless we had a "5th foot" installed to make the mattress sturdier. A scam to make you pay 100+ dollars. The mattress has lumping on one side and sagging on the other. We will be taking this further. In the mean time, my advise is to stay away from American Mattress!

They just called and pushed back

They just called and pushed back delivery another week. This is the THIRD time they have changed the delivery date. We have been waiting 7 weeks for delivery.

This had to be the best experience

This had to be the best experience I've had buying a mattress. Right from the get go the service was amazing and they worked with me on what I needed and could afford. I'll never go anywhere else! If you wanting a new bed this is a story need to go to.

Family owned, service-first

Family owned, service-first mattress shop. Not only did they sell me a comfortable mattress at an unbeatable price, but I neglected to realize my bed needed a box, and they same-day delivered me one as a result! Thankfully I'll sleep well tonight. Jerry, Anthony - y'all are doing it right. Happy to deal with professionals like yourselves.

I had a wonderful experience shopping

I had a wonderful experience shopping at American Mattress. Jerry was incredibly friendly, was not pushy in any way, didn't try to upsell me, and was very patient while I tried out each mattress. Buying a mattress is a big decision, so to make it as stress free as possible he said they had a policy that if you got home and decided that your mattress didn't suit you, you could exchange it within 30 days. I tried my mattress out for a couple of weeks and decided that it was too soft. I went back to the store and true to his word he gave me no hassle whatsoever in exchanging the mattress for one that was more firm. The delivery men came on time, and were always very courteous. I would definitely recommend this particular American Mattress location to anyone I know.


Updated- read until the end: I went to American Mattress to buy a mattress for my guest room. I was torn between two mattresses: one was a Serta and the other was a beautyrest. The salesperson informed me they were basically the same mattress but the beautyrest was slightly nicer and nearly $1,000 more. I decided on the serta and scheduled a delivery for 2 days later. The morning of delivery the same salesperson called to inform me that there was an error and the serta was actually out of stock. Instead of making me wait, American Mattress upgraded me to the beautyrest I liked at no extra charge and assured me it would be delivered on the same day. Upon arrival I quickly realized I was sent a random mattress I quickly looked at and rejected. This mattress did not have a pillow top and although it was more expensive, I was not interested as I didn't think it was comfortable in the store and very quickly moved on. It was very clear that I was only interested in the serta and beautyrest and the same store employee definitely knew that. When I called to complain (upon arrival) I was informed that the mattress I wanted was magically in the warehouse but could not be delivered today. The employee clearly tried to deceive me and pawn off some random mattress on me so they wouldn't have to deal with me anymore. I will be taking my business elsewhere and you should too.

What a fantastic experience

What a fantastic experience it was to buy our new bed at American Mattress! This family owned business really takes care of its customers. They have lots of locations--we visited the store on Clybourn and the Oak Park store. I am so appreciative of Anthony and Jerry, who answered all our questions and helped us to make the best decisions. We will be back when it is time to buy mattresses for the kids. A big thanks to Anthony and Jerry!

Let's start by stating...

"Let's start by stating that whether it's American Mattress or one of the other stores, everyone sells about the same kind of mattresses. So the difference is really made on the people you have to deal with." That is how I began my previous review of American Mattress.

We recently bought a full sized bed from another American Mattress store. We had some issues with the purchase. I posted a one star review. Unfortunately, there are two American Mattress stores on Clybourn and I posted my review to the wrong store.

My inadvertent error became our good luck when Anthony, the store manager contacted us. While the original store was unable or unwilling to resolve the issue, Anthony did solve our problems. His delivery people came when they were supposed to, they were friendly and quick and efficient (which is not easy when there's a 4 year old running around trying to "help").

And Anthony, out of professional pride and personal integrity, took care of us without charging us a single cent. As I said at first, for most of us, mattresses are about the same, so the differentiating factor is the quality of the people you deal with. Anthony and his team are among the best.

Thank you Anthony, and, apologies for besmirching your reputation by posting my 1 star review to your store.

So thankful

So thankful for that super helpful manager that convinced me I needed a new comfortable bed! Omg was he right!!! I've had the best sleep of my life and it's all thanks to Kenneth what a wonderful manager! I never thought to invest in a new bed but it has been the best decision ever! Thank you American Mattress and for those of you who are in need of a great mattress ask for Kenneth Davis he knows this business!!! Make sleepless nights a thing of the past!

I came into American Mattress a few weeks ago...

I came into American Mattress a few weeks ago looking for a reasonably priced bed. I had bought a bed about 3 years ago at a competitor and was very unhappy with it's longevity. I had such an amazing experience at American Mattress. I was kindly greeted at the door. I told the associate (I think his name was Glen) my price range and he didn't try and push or upsell me. He showed me exactly what my money could buy, which I appreciated. I bought a mattress that day and it was delivered 3 days later. I will definitely return to American Mattress!

I just bought my first ever new mattress

I just bought my first ever new mattress, so I wanted to be sure to do my research.

I went in wanting to spend $1,000 or under, and they showed me a few great options, along with an iComfort for $1,300. After leaving, mulling everything over, I went back a few weeks later and ended up with the iComfort. Slightly above what I wanted to pay? Yes. But oh so worth it. It is the most comfortable thing I've ever laid on... like a cloud.

Ed and John were so helpful, and not pushy at all, which I was kind of expecting. Definitely a nice surprise!

Also, big kudos to the delivery guys -- who were amazing and so nice!

We had been at Mattress Firm and left because of how desperate...

We had been at Mattress Firm and left because of how desperate the salesmen were. Ed greeted us at American Mattress and was so informative about the options available. He didn't try and sell us anything. He told us stories of living abroad in Germany. He was warm, friendly, and not at all pushy.

We bought a Tempur Pedic cool top king size mattress. It is so dreamy! It fits our frame perfectly.

The movers were professional, fast, and on time.

This store is fantastic.

This store is fantastic. I purchased a memory foam mattress, slept on it for almost a year, and decided, a little late, that I hated it.

I went back to the store, prepared to spend $$ on a new mattress and the folks who work here are just kind. Period.

They returned my old mattress, credited my account, and delivered my new one the next day. I can't say enough good things about this family-owned store!

If you consider buying a mattress...

If you consider buying a mattress go to the american mattress store on Clybourn! Ask for Christopher Jones. He was excellent and helped us through the whole process. There are so many different kinds of mattresses and he took the time to explain the differences of each one with patience and knowledge. We ended up buying 2 great mattresses for our kids. This is a great store!

Excellent service!

Excellent service! I purchased a mattress here and it was a very pleasant experience. The salesperson was patient, forthcoming and professional always. They accommodated my shipping requests and they also offered to take my old mattress away for free. I also got a small discount at the end. They also have a significant discount on mattresses that are on display versus a new mattress.

I've been sleeping on my Serta mattress for three months and it's been great.

I would totally recommend them!

Awesome service all around

Awesome service all around. My fiance and I walked in Monday night, had our new bed delivered Tuesday morning, 30 minutes earlier than we were told (we were given a 12-3 window, driver arrived at 11:30am... A- OK in my book!).

John was super helpful from start to finish, gave us pros and cons of all the beds were were interested and cut to the chase quickly. Got a great deal using my cheeky card along with the $300 off king mattress special they had running.

Highly recommend!

Zero stars

Zero stars. Sold me an expensive twin only to realize it is 4 1/2 inches less wide than the standard for a twin. A twin is supposed to be 39" wide. This bed is 34 1/2" wide. We noticed it because my daughter became trapped against the wall and the mattress because her mattress keeps moving inside the twin frame because it is too small. Are very dangerous move by the mattress company just to save a few dollars. check out the pictures.

First time...

First time every buying a mattress, and I will be in my late 50's when the warranty expires! I was slightly terrified to buy a mattress, I figured we would somehow get hustled, but we didn't at all. My husband had the one he wanted already picked out via his internet research, so it was really easy breezy.

Ed is the man. He was so sweet and kind and funny and nice - he really is the best, and made this whole process so incredibly fast and it all went off without a hitch.

It got delivered today - I can't wait to go to bed tonight!

We visited the store...

We visited the store last weekend in search of a king bed (upgrading from a queen bed). We were immediately welcomed by Jerry, who was professional & knowledgable on the different brands of mattresses. Jerry gave us the time to make the decision and wasn't pushy with us. I definitely recommend this store if you're in need of a new mattress. We decided on the tempurpedic cloud and couldn't be happier with our decision.

Could not be happier

Could not be happier with my experience here. John was incredibly professional, friendly and honest, and the prices are reasonable. Was forced to reschedule my delivery a few times and they were so accommodating. Highly recommend this place, and will be making all future purchases here!!

Mattress shopping has always been an easy process...

Mattress shopping has always been an easy process for me in the past. I'd head to Bloomingdale's (or Marshall Fields back in the day), plop myself down on a few mattresses within my price range, pick one, and cha-ching...I've got myself a mattress for at least 5 years!

I found that shopping with my new husband for a mattress isn't quite as easy. He spent so much time with each individual bed that I told him I'm surprised we ever got engaged because if he took this long to find a mattress I'd expect it to take him 10 years to find a diamond! His response: "The diamond was easy because it just goes on your hand...this mattress thing affects my sleep." Sigh...and so we continued to test out beds at American Mattress and probably drove the very sweet sales associate, Ed, out of his mind.

Most of the mattresses at American Mattress were Serta. And I don't know much about mattresses, but I do know about marketing and they seem to be the brand leader. I think sheeps and Vera Wang when I think Serta...and I'm guessing most of America does. I also thought Serta was one of the less expensive brands out there so I was worried about the quality, but I wasn't about to get in my husband's way when it came to the mattress (at least yet). We finally decided on a mattress, but decided to make just 1 more stop at Bloomingdale's (oh, the fun continues) before fully committing so Ed let us put down a $20 deposit to lock in the weekend sale price (i think 20% off) and he said if we decided against the mattress to just call him and we'd get the $20 back. Seemed like a good deal to me!

After all that we actually decided to go with another brand of mattresses after visiting Bloomingdale's.....we are now the proud owners of a new Schiffman mattress. However, if you're looking for a Serta mattress and good prices I'd recommend American Mattress and buy it from Ed! He was knowledgeable, seemed to really care about selling us a quality mattress rather than make more off the sale, and most importantly patient with us.

Great service

Great service. Had to replace a mattress I bought there. I thought it would be a difficult process, but John made it easy. Thanks.

Great experience

Great experience. Easy to shop, try out, and get some assistance on quality, pricing, etc. Nice people who seemed to enjoy their job.

Delivery went well, and I am satisfied. I would do business with them again.

I just upgraded...

I just upgraded to a Tempurpedic from American Mattress and I love it. John was very helpful - informative and knowledgeable but not pushy. I went to 4 different mattress stores while shopping around, but bought my mattress at this store because of the service.

had a great experience here

had a great experience here, which isn't easy when mattress shopping, and would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a seamless mattress buying experience. after visiting a few other stores in the area, john made it easy for me to pick a mattress i really liked and offered great pricing options that sealed the deal. i was in and out in less than an hour and our bed was delivered that afternoon (their delivery was also very efficient, clean, and easy). we went with the serta icomfort savant and it is awesome. if you're mattress shopping, definitely stop in here and talk to john or ed - they are fantastic.

They remind me of the sales people

They remind me of the sales people you would meet back in the 50's who were in sales but were not willing to sell their souls just yet.

Happy to do business with these good people.

absolutely the best...

absolutely the best place to buy a mattress. the owner and his partner are old school and offer excellent customer service and no-pressure salesmanship. I love this place!

For comfort...

For comfort and a good niiiiight's sleep, call 1-800 . . . oh, cram it.

Walked in, told the salesman I was "just looking around, thank you," tried out some beds. The store is large and well-stocked with a good selection (hence, this is not a one star review). There were two that I really liked, but as I was just starting out with my shopping, I wanted to do some comparing, so I wrote down the make and models I liked, thanked the salesmen, and was about to go on my merry way, when I got a lecture--yes, a lecture!--from one of the salesmen.

"You know, when you just walk in here and look around for a second without talking to us, you're being an uneducated consumer," he said, intently staring me down. "You don't let us talk to you, you don't let us show you around, you don't let us tell you about the company and who we are and what we do. You just come in and sit on a few beds and take notes"--here, he mimes what I gather is supposed to be me, taking notes--"but you're not being informed and not being a good shopper."

Call me stupid and lecture me like you're my dad? That's an awesome way to sell your product.


Got awesome

Got awesome, friendly, helpful service, they gave me a great deal.

Now, I know, it's a recession, you'd think anyone would be willing to give you a great deal. You'd be wrong.

Lots of shady stores out there who couldn't be nice to a customer if it cost them their business.

If anyone asks me where to get a mattress, this is where I send them.

Purchasing a mattress...

Purchasing a mattress is an undertaking to say the least!! My husband and I can honestly say that we had the absolute best experience at American Mattress on Clyborne. Both John and Ed are the most professional, honest salespeople that I have ever encountered!! I can not say enough about my experience. They were knowledgable and had my best interest at heart. They listened to what we wanted and found the best mattress to fit our needs!! I would highly recommend American Mattress and this particular location to anyone!! Thank you so much!!

This place is awesome

This place is awesome. Our salesman was 100% helpful. We ended up choosing a bed in under an hour, and at a great price. This place is what a business should be.

I have never had a worse shopping experience...

I have never had a worse shopping experience in my life. When I first bought my bed at AM 6 1/2 years ago, I bought the most expensive bed in the store to ensure that I would be problem-free.

Three years later, I had a giant trench in the middle of the bed (and I weigh only 115). Good news: Still under warranty and guaranteed, right?

Well, that means a whole lot of different things to the American Mattress folks than it does to me. First, I had to pay $75 to have (not making this up) Mario the Mattress Inspector come to my house. Mario (who I later found out was Anthony's father-in-law) tells me that my mattress is not under warranty because my bed frame is not reinforced properly for a Queen sized bed.

After Mario leaves and I talk to my bedframe company, I find out that Mario was right but wrong: my bedframe is actually reinforced to hold the weight of king mattress, even though it's a queen.

I called the store repeatedly and am reassured that Anthony will most definitely call me back. Nada. So I go in several times, Anthony assures me he will look into it and get back to me. Nada.

Finally finally, months later, they agree that I am entitled to a significant discount on a new mattress. So I go to a different American Mattress and negotiate the price there.

Then I go to the Clybourn store and tell Anthony which mattress I want and the price the other store gave me. Well he gets on the phone right then, calls the woman at the other store and reads her the absolute riot act. Because now he has to give me the discount off of the price I've negotiated, not the price he makes up.

So, of course, the replacement mattress he sends me craps out in less than a year. Worse than the other one. Giant trench in the bed - clearly he gave me a defective mattress.

I find out later that they have an F rating with the BBB and complaints registered with them pages and pages long. I will never shop there again and would be curious to see how these people who are rating AM with 5 stars will feel in 1, 2 or 3 years once their "warrantied" mattress goes to shit for them.

Good luck dealing with Anthony and all of his BS shenanigans. He is the epitome of slimy mattress dealer.

Ed could not have been nicer

Ed could not have been nicer, or more helpful! He was extremely friendly, he gave us time to talk about what we wanted to do amongst ourselves, but then when we had questions, he knew plenty about each mattress, and what would fit the type of bed we were looking to purchase.

Delivery was quick, and at the exact time he said it would be. I know if we ever have an issue with our mattress, we can go right back to Ed and he will help us take care of the issue. It seems there aren't many places that you can say that about anymore!

Thanks, Ed!!!

They were really nice and helpful here

They were really nice and helpful here, delivered everything as promised, gave us a great deal, then easily gave us a refund on the difference when we switched out our box spring later. We worked with a few different people there and they were all great.

I just purchased my second mattress

I just purchased my second mattress from American Mattress. Both times, I've come in during one of their holiday sales, and the prices have always been extremely competitive.

Better yet, their service is fantastic. When I received my bed frame and realized I couldn't use the box spring I'd purchased, the store offered a full refund. I couldn't believe it - I was hoping they'd give me half back. As I told them when I returned the box spring, they may have lost a couple hundred on the box spring, but they absolutely gained a customer for life.

I went in a week ago to LOOK at mattresses...

I went in a week ago to LOOK at mattresses. After testing a few the sales person starting bringing me $75 sheets and asking what he could do to close the sale. He asked me at least 5 times in the 10 minutes we were in there. I eventually felt pressured to purchase. I put a down payment down and attempted to call to pay for the balance, but never received a sales person - and after leaving messages never received a call back. I ended up buying a mattress from another company who was much friendlier and talked me to about the mattress instead of trying to secure a deal. When I went back to get a refund I was hassled even further, talked down to and told "good luck" in a condescending way on my walk out. I have never felt so much like the customer and friendly customer service came last before!

I really enjoyed shopping there

I really enjoyed shopping there. The salesman there was honest and educated about mattresses. We were able pick the best mattress for us. In fact the one thing that I like the most is that they don't mark it up 2 times the real price and say they will have a big sale like all the other big companies. So big "like" for American Mattress.

They are extremely friendly and negotiable

They are extremely friendly and negotiable. In addition, they are not pushy sales people.

I had gone to Back to Bed before stopping by here. Trust me, the prices are a lot better, the service is more honest and friendly. They were sensitive to my budget and priorities when they showed me beds. Also, they backed away for a few minutes to let me browse around without feeling pressured by their presence.

I really liked speaking with Anthony, who went to great lengths to get me a good deal ($) on my bed.

My husband and I went to American Mattress

My husband and I went to American Mattress this summer to purchase a much needed new bed. We worked with John and it was a great experience. He went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our purchase. Happy to bring our business here and will definitely be back.

I was very hesitant...

I was very hesitant to buy a mattress online and I'm glad I didn't because I had a very great experience with Ray at American Mattress. I came in there looking to replace my 6 year old queen mattress. Instead of pushing me toward the most expensive option there Ray asked me what my preferences are and pointed me to the items that were best fit.

He was very knowledgeable about the product and technology!

What I enjoyed the most is that he wasn't a typical salesman who just hovers over you and pressures you to make a decision so quick. I was able to relax and try out the mattress without being disturbed. When it came to purchasing the one I wanted he was able to provide me a great deal for the mattress I wanted. I highly recommend Ray and American mattress for your next purchase. Don't shop online you won't get the same experience.

I was having anxieties...

I was having anxieties about shopping for a mattress but when I arrived, all my worries soon faded away. The store had a calm feel to it. I was immediately greeted & assisted by Chris who was the best Sales Person I could have hoped for. He was very pleasant, informative & made me feel at ease. He didn't hound me & wasn't pushy nor rushy. He was very down to earth & honest. I got a great deal & he was able to fit me in for a busy next day Saturday delivery. I am extremely happy with my purchase & that I chose to go to here.

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service from our salesman Chris J.

He patiently answered all of our questions about the different types of mattresses that we were interested in. We decided to purchase our mattress from Chris because of his knowledge about the specific mattress that we wanted. We were not rushed or pressured. He exemplified excellent customer service compared to the other stores that we visited. I would recommend American Mattress- 2112 Clybourn & salesman Chris J.

We purchased a new mattress at this location

We purchased a new mattress at this location, and were helped by Christian. He is knowledgeable and helpful, and made the overall experience totally painless. We were able to find a perfect mattress at a very reasonable price. Thank you to Christian, and we strongly recommend this business!

I had a fantastic experience...

I had a fantastic experience upgrading my mattress with Christian Streuli at American Mattress earlier today. He is extremely knowledgable about the mattresses he's selling, which include the top of the line Tempurpedic. He was very helpful without being aggressive. He guided me to find the perfect solution to my needs. I had shopped at other mattress stores and walked out with confusion and sometimes disgust at the fast talking sales people. Christian was the opposite! He's calm and thoughtful and took my concerns seriously. I would recommend working with Christian to have the best experience available in a mattress store in the Lincoln Park area.

I had a great experience...

I had a great experience buying my TempurPedic mattress from this store. The price was great and the customer service was even better. I did wind up exchanging it for a different model and there were no hidden costs whatsoever (no cost at all, in fact). Chris helped me with the exchange and he was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend this store!

I was planning on buying a bed at Mattress Firm...

I was planning on buying a bed at Mattress Firm, just stopped in to American Mattress for due diligence. Chris and Andre were incredibly knowledgeable about not only their beds, but the Mattress Firm line as well. After listening to my concerns they matched Mattress Firm's price while putting me in a significantly nicer bed. Couldn't be happier! Do yourself a favor and check these guys out before making a purchase!

My fiance and I went to American Mattress...

My fiance and I went to American Mattress to get a new king sized mattress for our new condo. We worked with Frank who was one of the owners. It was great to have an owner present during this decision!

Frank was patient and let us try many different kinds of mattresses without pressuring us into a decision. He was very knowledgable on how to choose the best mattress for our sleeping styles and needs.

We fell in love with the most expensive mattress in the store. It was Labor Day so they were running some aggressive sales. After speaking with Frank directly, he was able to shave off additional money to help us get the mattress at an unbelievable price! Also, the fast delivery and free setup is a huge plus. We ended up getting an $8,000 mattress for $2,500!

Buying a mattress with American Mattress is an A+ experience. They're family owned and operated and you can tell-- the service is fantastic! We will definitely be back!

If you consider buying a mattress

If you consider buying a mattress go to the american mattress store on 2112 N Clybourn! Ask for Christopher Jones. He was excellent and helped us through the whole process. There are so many different kinds of mattresses and he took the time to explain the differences of each one with patience and knowledge. We ended up buying 2 great mattresses for our kids. This is a great store!

My first time here

My first time here, I got a great service as long as the quality of what I get.

Great place to get your mattress

I spent $3,200 on a mattress

I spent $3,200 on a mattress and they brought me a used one!!

They replaced it, but I truly believe they were trying to get away with something. I would not recommend buying anything from these people.

My husband and I bought a new mattres

My husband and I bought a new mattress there this year. The salesman we worked with was fantastic! He helped us work within our price range, and we found a mattress that we love. Service was fantastic from purchase through delivery. Highly recommend!

We've purchased from this location

We've purchased from this location on several occasions and its always been a great experience. Jim, the regional sales manager, makes us feel like we've known him forever and its great to have such a large collection of brands to choose from. We're so pleased with our latest purchase of two mattresses. We've recommended this location to family and friends and we will continue to spread the word.

I have had back problems for many years

I have had back problems for many years. Jim and his team helped with find the perfect mattress and adjustable bed. Sleeping much better these days. Thanks!

Hubby and I have been shopping around

Hubby and I have been shopping around for our 3-year-old's new full size bed. After about 5 places we stopped here. Glad we did.

Found the perfect bed for our princess. Got a great deal. Free box spring and free delivery. Awesome! Because I don't like paying for delivery.

Came back to make final payment and the owner was working again...this guy is awesome.

Just bought another set from this place

Just bought another set from this place. Bobby & Jim were very easy to work with. This time we financed most of it for 0% for 6months.

We always buy all of our beds from here. We shop around but always end up buying here. I guess we really like the fact they are locally owned & will always work with you on the delivery & price.

If any one needs a Tempur Pedic or a Coolgel bed. This is your place.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Jim and Bobby for outstanding service !!!!

Not only they were able to help us with our mattress issue but they make the whole experience surprisingly pleasant !

Bobby was helping us and we truly could feel his sincere involvement and true concern about our happiness , how often that happens ?!!

Today we got our brand new mattress delivered along with spring boxes and frame !!

Within 15 minutes everything was set up and delivery guys were gone ! Easy as 1,2..3


Thank you Jim and Bobby !!!

Agata & Peter

I Felt really taken care of here

I Felt really taken care of here. Bobby is the guy to go to!

Trying to find a new bed was overwhelming for me with all the options. Bobby made it a lot easier for and explained everything well.

Back story: I put a bed on reserve and two months later they remembered me and we found and even better option as I was not 100 on the one I reserved. I felt great about my purchase and I even joked around with the guys there for a while.

These guys know exactly how to help you and I love that. They talk fast and direct which is great I didn't feel like I got a lot of extra info I didn't need.

Price: I didn't feel overcharged in fact I though I got a steal.

I invited them to my church The Orchard and hopefully I'll see them there. Honestly Good guys :)

Great service...

Great service from Bobby Razzaq on Saturday 3/11/17. My husband Jim and I came across the street from a competitor and were immediately impressed with Bobby's knowledge and friendliness. He understood our budget and worked with us to find just the right mattress that would meet our needs. I particularly loved the customized service - he put us on different beds to determine what we wanted to eliminate our own bias :) We received excellent service from Bobby and it was truly a pleasure to do business with him. We can't wait for the first night's sleep in our perfect new bed!

Bought a Simmons this summer

Bought a Simmons this summer, Bobby was so fantastic to work with and gave me such a great deal, I came back to another bed! Happy with the Serta Gel Foam. Great place, great people

Beware of the Warranty Process

Beware of the Warranty Process. If there is a problem they force you to pay for an "independent" third party to inspect your mattress. Naturally, their findings are in favor of the company. Not a fair system at all.

I can't wait to shop for a mattress

"I can't wait to shop for a mattress!" - said no one, ever.

Shopping for a new mattress is about as fun as a root canal. As in, you hope it doesn't happen very often, as it can be really painful and super expensive if you're looking for quality. And because the intersection of Roselle & Golf plays home to four different mattress shops, I was able to round out my mattress-ucation in a matter of a few hours. Fun times, indeed.

American Mattress was my second stop and Jim, the regional manager, strolled over and walked me through the selections. First of all, it's been a hella long time since I've purchased a mattress, so I pulled a Black Rob and was "like woah" while perusing the prices. I really wasn't expecting to see a nice king mattress (think pillow top Serta mattress with hybrid gel something or other inside) to run me $2-$3k. Jeez.

You'll find all sorts of brands, comfort levels, sizes, price points, etc at American Mattress, but it seems like this shop leans towards the spendier side. Good thing I did my homework and shopped around (both in person and online), as Jim was able to work with me on the price of a very nice king Serta mattress. It was delivered just two days later and I can happily say I'm sleeping comfortably!

After visiting a handful of mattress stores...

After visiting a handful of mattress stores and dealing with overbearing sales people, I ended up purchasing from American Mattress. They were helpful, not pushy and worked with me on the price coming in lower than any other place, plus free delivery, take-away and bed frame. I was able to choose my delivery day and time and they were right on time. Thank you Jim for the excellent service!

Let it be said...

Let it be said that trying to find a good deal on a mattress is difficult, especially when dealing with mattress showroom stores as they all have their own proprietary names for each mattress and it becomes difficult to compare prices and specifications.

My girlfriend and I stepped into this American Mattress and were both kindly greeted by Jim, a regional sales manager. He was extremely helpful in providing us information on each mattress and was an overall pleasure to work with. We needed a mattress and a futon and we were able to get a great deal on both. Jim beat any prices that I could find online and included free shipping, a free bed frame, free installation of the bed and frame, and free removal of old mattress sets. You really can't beat that.

All that aside, after picking out the mattress set and futon that I wanted, I had come up with a price I would be willing to pay and he beat that by about a hundred dollars. I know these mattress places mark up prices a lot, but when you are getting a better deal than anything you can find online (and that's not even considering shipping and installation), you know it is a great deal, even more so with all of the freebies thrown in.

Overall I saw a lot of benefits from shopping at this brick and mortar style mattress store. We were able to try all the mattresses, got a great deal on what we liked, and best of all experienced great, super friendly customer service. They are a Chicago based family owned business and most of the mattresses they sell (Serta, headquartered in Hoffman Estates, IL) are made in the USA. I would definitely recommend going to see Jim here.

I had an amazing experience

I had an amazing experience at American Mattress after wasting over two hours at Mattress Firm. Bobby is an exceptional salesman. He helped us find the perfect Mattress and made a great deal. Not once did I feel pressured into buying a Mattress. Highly recommend coming here to find your next mattress thanks again Bobby!

Perfect shopping experience

Perfect shopping experience. We walked in after having gone to Ashley Furniture and Mattress Firm and were greeted warmly. We told the sales guy our budget and he said he'd be able to knock down a few beds to meet it. We found a bed we liked for $1300 but we wanted to keep it under a thousand, so he quickly told us it would be $899. No hassle. No negotiating. No issues. I asked about the quality of the box spring and he laughed. He said he knew a lot of other chains try to make you upgrade everything but they don't believe in that. They give you quality right from the start. Finally, because it was Memorial day weekend all bed frames and encasemennts were half off and delivery was free! (Delivery was prompt and perfectly in the time frame given) From this experience they have gained my loyalty for life!

My wife and I bought...

My wife and I bought a Vera Wang King Size mattress 4 years ago at this American Mattress. It was a great mattress...for a while, it began to sag and now there is a noticeable sag on both sides...we're pretty average size people and in no way should this mattress have gone so bad so quickly. We walked in the showroom on Golf Road and weren't pestered to death, they were all very courteous. We didn't tell them we were dissatisfied customers until we knew the prices on the newer mattresses along with some research we did before we walked in the store. After we knew what we wanted, we went to the desk and inquired about our 10 year warranty on our $1700 mattress. They did not hesitate to say we have full rmanufacturers replacement guarantee and they would replace our mattress after it was checked out by a representative. The representative showed up ON TIME and went right to work and after a few minutes and kind of let us know it did look like there could be an issue but it wasn't her place to let give us any information she collected but the company would get back to us. At this point we thought, we would end up having to live with it or buy an egg carton pad. Later that week, we received a call to come in and pick out a new mattress comparable in price to what we had spent. We went in today, the store manager was MORE than helpful and showed us all the options. We were thrilled to be knowing that these people stuck to their word, our new mattress gets delivered tomorrow. Don't even bother with the other stores in the area, it's all about service, honor and integrity!

S&C Woodruff

Schaumburg, IL

Bought king Size Mattress...

Bought king Size Mattress with headerboard from American Mattress. Bobby was super helpful he helped me out choosing the best what I need in my budget. I did market survey and found American Mattress great by price,quality and service. Good job guys!

This location and service was excellent

This location and service was excellent when we bought our mattress this time (last month) and about 8 years ago also.

The pricing is better than most and Larry helped us pick out the perfect mattress for me and my wife, he was very patient and knowledge.

Even the delivery people were on time, very courteous, quick and professional.

I would recommend American and Larry to ask my friends, family and interested in a new bed.

Needed to get a full sized mattress

Needed to get a full sized mattress for my sons new bunkbed. We had gotten our other mattresses from American in skokie but it closed up as well as the other smaller mattress shops in the area by mattress firm, whom I'm not a fan of. I can't stand pushy salepeople who are impersonal and try to sell you on credit cards and the most expensive mattress in the place. They talk more then listen. So i went to Evanston American Mattress and had a completely different experience. I told Todd what I wanted based off my previous purchases and even though they didn't sell the same one he offered me comparable mattress, price matched it for me and thanked me for the repeat business. I hope they stay around! More businesses should operate like this.

Went with my girlfriend...

Went with my girlfriend to find a new mattress as we just moved in together. Neither of us had been mattress shopping in at least 10 years. Todd was extremely helpful and gave us all the advice and information we needed to find exactly what we need. Delivery was scheduled for 12-3 and I got a call at 11:15 that they'd be at our apartment soon. Could not be more pleased with the entire experience from trying out different mattresses, purchasing, and delivery.

Waited to the last minute

Waited to the last minute to get a mattress for quest that we were hosting for thanksgiving. Went into American Mattress in Evanston the week of. Amazingly we were able to select a mattress and have it delivered in just a couple of days. Personnel was helpful and knowledgeable about the product and didn't try to upscale on unnecessary items. This was our second purchase at this location.

I purchased a mattress here recently...

I purchased a mattress here recently, and everything went (more than smoothly). Selection was good, and service was GREAT. All questions were answered pleasantly and completely. Delivery came quickly, as promised. I would highly recommend American Mattress, especially as it is a LOCALLY OWNED COMPANY.

We needed to purchase a double...

We needed to purchase a double bed mattress, boxspring and frame. I called the day before we came into the store and spoke with the Sales Manager, Sonny Vitale. I explained our "must haves" and Sonny was very helpful. When we arrived at the American Mattress store the next day, Sonny explained the differences in the mattresses and encouraged a "comfort test" on each mattress that fit our needs. He was very nice, not pushy, knowledgeable and expedient in processing our order. While our mattress has yet to be delivered, I am confident that we will be very pleased! (And if not, Sonny explained, and gave to us in writing, the liberal exchange policy.

This place is never busy...

This place is never busy, don't wonder why the people there are worst than car salesman. I bought a bed from this location the box spring broke in the first month I bought it. Darlene wasn't helpful when it came trying to replace the box spring. She told me that her manager would contact her about it and she would call me. It's been three days and no call. Don't waste your time there just look on line first then go some where that knows customer service there is a big markup on beds talk them down tell them you sought it cheaper elsewhere.

Disappointing experience

Disappointing experience. Felt as if some of the salespeople were so new they weren't sure what to say or do. Not overly helpful, not rude, but definitely not trying to sell me something.

I went to another location to ask some questions and felt much more welcomed and my questions were easily answered. I don't want to go into too many details because I still may want to exchange my bed and don't want to incur and difficulties doing so.

I would definitely recommend doing some serious shopping around before choosing this location.

Had to purchase a new mattress

Had to purchase a new mattress for a family member who was being discharged from a nursing home on short notice. I called American Mattress to see if they could accommodate me on such terms and Larry was so helpful, it was shocking. He told me that they didn't actually deliver on Wednesday but if I decided on something that was already in-store, he would even deliver it personally for me. He asked questions and made suggestions to make sure I got the mattress that best fit my needs and at the end of it all, even asked about my family member as if he were an actual friend. I just want to say thanks for all your help and hard work, it does not go unnoticed.

My girlfriend and I worked exclusively with Michael

My girlfriend and I worked exclusively with Michael on the purchase of my new mattress. Michael was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding to what we were looking for and needed as new mattress buyers. He was absolutely outstanding and I would recommend to anyone to give him a chance. I never felt pushed to make a purchase the entire time, it was truly a great experience.

I don't know about some of the previous reviews

I don't know about some of the previous reviews. But I personally thought it was a great place to buy stuff. I in fact forgot to collect back my frame and the manager there called me to remind me of it. Great deals, greater are the prices. Highly recommend it.

Thought I knew exactly what I was going to buy

Thought I knew exactly what I was going to buy prior to going into store. After looking at and trying the ones I was interested in Jeff Johnson explained the differences in the mattresses and how for just a bit more I could get an even better one with a better warranty.

Looking forward to getting my new mattress and a great nights sleep. Thanks Jeff for your patience and help.

We shopped around a bit - on line and in stores

We shopped around a bit - on line and in stores. American Mattress was our last stop due to location. Darlene was wonderful. she took her time with us, she talked about our needs, what we weren't happy with in regards to our current mattress and our price point. We ended up buying a mattress on Sunday and got delivery on Tuesday. quick and easy! So far, so good! I love our new mattress and it was such an easy process. Could not be happier!!!

We had be putting mattress shopping for months

We had be putting mattress shopping for months. Today we stopped in at American Mattress and Jeff made the experience painless and easy. He was easy going, patient (pressure free) and helpful in guiding us through the dozens of options they offer. They offer free delivery and take away our old mattress. Would definitely return for our next purchase.

I was a little concerned...

I was a little concerned about returning to them due to some of the reviews here. We bought from them years ago and didn't have a problem, but things can change. In asking around, a few friends said they had good experiences recently, and a previous manager was likely the problem and was no longer there.

I initially called to get some information and spoke to Chris who was more than helpful. He assured me how important customer service was to them, that the owners of American Mattress really impress that upon them, and that delivery was free, and there would be no charge to haul off the old beds. So I decided to at least go in, and if nothing else, maybe I'd get a nap out of it and then go to the next mattress store.

Chris wasn't in but I worked with Richard, and he went above and beyond to help me find exactly what I needed. He gave me different recommendations and explained what the differences were and gave me detailed information about each of the beds I was considering. I ended up buying a Queen bed and a Full bed and mattress covers. One of the beds can be exchanged within 30 days, the other within 60 days, without any restocking fee or charge, which I'm happy about. Like Chris, Richard also expressed the importance of customer service, stating the company owners were very geared toward customer satisfaction.

Delivery went very smoothly. The guys arrived during the timeframe I had chosen, they worked quickly, and were in and out in no time. I liked how helpful Chris was when I called, and how detailed Richard was when I went in. He covered everything, even things I didn't ask about because I lacked knowledge.

They have various options at different price points so there is a mattress for every buyer. Both Chris and Richard were great, as were the delivery guys. I like the free services, such as delivery and hauling away the old mattresses, and the option of exchanging the mattresses at no charge if I was unhappy, within the timeframe allotted.

It all seems very win-win for the customer. I highly recommend them!

UPDATE: A few weeks after writing this review I received a thank you card in the mail from Richard. A HAND-WRITTEN THANK YOU CARD!!! I'm even more impressed with them now. A very nice, personal touch that has been lost over the years!

Amazing Customer service

Amazing Customer service. Needed a new boxspring (one ordered was too big) and they were able to deliver that Saturday! Talk to Chris, he is great!

Great service

Great service, our sales rep was amazing and set us up with a great mattress and adjustable bed frame! Highly recommend this location and company!!

We started our search...

We started our search in a big chain store. What a nightmare. But American made the whole process pleasant and simple.

We came to American because several friends recommended it. Right away, our salesman put us as ease and didn't push at all. He helped us narrow our search with each mattress we tried. We bought a set and feel confident we will be happy with it. But if something is wrong, they have a guarantee and - get this - no restocking fee if you exchange for something else. They even were able to accommodate our goofy work schedule for the delivery.

Very impressive service.

We just visited this store

We just visited this store on a pure whim as we were passing by. The salesman was Richard Frillman who was super helpful and very knowledgable. We bought our mattress and were out the door in 20 mins flat. Great customer service and the delivery was free. Especially like the 10 year warranty.

I bought my Tempurpedic mattress...

I bought my Tempurpedic mattress from here a few years ago and I had a great experience. The location is nice and large, which means they can display a nice selection of mattresses! They were able to get me setup with financing, and quick delivery to my home (including removal of my old mattress). The folks working here weren't overly pushy, and seemed knowledgeable enough. Yes, I'd recommend coming here while out looking for beds!

After spending an awful day...

After spending an awful day a few weeks ago looking for mattresses, Chris made the experience easy and fun. He listened to my needs and concerns, and even gave me a great deal!

My husband and I purchased a new mattress...

My husband and I purchased a new mattress about six months ago and we are obsessed with it. After spending about an hour trying out all the mattresses, we ended up picking one that was on clearance. When the employee went to look in the system, he discovered that the mattress had been discontinued and there were no more left in their back stock. He said that we could purchase the floor sample though. At first I said no way, that's gross, but we loved the mattress so much that we started to consider it. The manager offered us an additional 20% off and a free mattress protector that they were selling for around $100. I jokingly asked if we could also have a free sheep stuffed animal (the Serta mascot) and they said sure. Sold - and it is the comfiest mattress we have ever slept on. Delivery was free as well, if I remember correctly. We were very happy with our purchase and the staff.

These guys are great...

These guys are great. Bought 2 IComfort beds there in the past couple years. Got a great price and product was delivered on time. Communication was excellent. Worked with Craig S. from the Mundelein store. He was very knowledgeable and helpful.

I received the typical...

I received the typical "Used Car Salesman" treatment at this store but what really bothered me is they tried to sell me a mattress that was in the back warehouse, very dark warehouse I might add, that had a stain on it!!! Totally unacceptable and unethical...

I went to every mattress store in the Mundelein / Vernon Hill area and this was the worst experience by far!

My husband and I just went into this store...

My husband and I just went into this store to look for a new mattress. We were greeted by an associate immediately and asked him a question about the type of mattress we were looking for. He began to answer us and then took a phone call and walked away. How rude!!!

When he was finished, he came back to finish telling us where to find the mattresses. He was not knowledgeable and asked us about our budget because what we were looking for was expensive. He disregarded us like he thought we didn't have money to afford anything.

Now, granted we weren't dressed in our Sunday best, but should we be to go mattress shopping? Well, we do have money, and this store lost two customers forever because of their stereotyping and RUDE customer service. That's okay - there is plenty of competition in the mattress space, and we will happily spend our $3,000 somewhere else.

Oh, and I'll be sure to tell everyone I know to stay away from American Mattress!!!

The sales rep was very helpful...

The sales rep was very helpful, after understanding our preferences and budget he guided us to the perfect mattress for us. They were very accommodating and flexible and didn't flinch at my 3 year old running wild around the store. Highly recommended!

My fiance and I just bought a mattress...

My fiance and I just bought a mattress from them yesterday and we are very pleased with our purchase. We went to two other stores before coming here and it was a very painless process. When we walked in, the man there gave us some space to look around until we asked him for his help in this area. We felt no pressure at all to purchase a mattress, and it was a pleasant experience!

My husband and I needed a new mattress...

My husband and I needed a new mattress for ourselves, as well as one for our guest room. After going to several places we ended up at American Mattress. This location on Butterfield has the largest selection of any mattress store or furniture store around. They were by far the most professional and knowledgeable. The sales person (Bill) was extremely helpful, he made recommendations based on how we slept and issues that we have been having with our current mattress. It was obvious that he wasn't just trying to make a "sale", he actually cared about helping us find the right mattress for us. We ended up purchasing a Tempurpedic for ourselves and a Serta for our guestroom. The only negative thing that I could say at all, is that my husband and I drove around for and entire day wasting time going to all of the other stores, before coming to American Mattress. We could have saved time and gas by coming here first.

We bought a king mattress...

We bought a king mattress from Havertys last year and ended up giving it to

Our son as it wasn't as hard as we needed after a few weeks on it.

However we just went to this store and Jenny was amazing .. like meeting an old friend even though we'd only just met.. she helped us so much and gave us some great advice .. very very happy and looking forward to our new mattress!

We had a great experience

We had a great experience buying a twin mattress and box spring for our daughter at this location. I never felt rushed or pressured to buy a more expensive mattress like I have at other stores. Joey was our sales guy and was nice and professional.

My experience...

My experience with American Mattress demonstrated exactly why I hate mattress shopping! My husband and I were greeted by not one, but two salesmen who fit the precise definition of what you think of what you think of a used car salesman (complete with the fast talking, greasy hair, and cheap suit). They had us try an expensive bed first for some kind of "comfort" test and then picked out two mattresses they thought would work for us, all while telling us to "buy now to guarantee this best price" and piling on terrible sentiments about our current mattress. The manager tried so many techniques to get us interested like "I'm not on commission-I'll prove it to you by showing you my paycheck." and "All you need is a dollar down-I can even pull out my wallet and give you the dollar myself!" (He never did) My husband and I were both so exhausted by all the over-the-top sales show to really focus on picking out a mattress. There was way too much pressure to "buy now!" and too much of "I'll talk to my manager and see what we can do..." tactics, so we passed and went somewhere else we would could have the time we needed to make a good decision.

We were looking to replace our king...

We were looking to replace our king mattress set. Over the course of a month we tested several brands by visiting several Indy area stores. American Mattress on 82nd St was one of those. After several visits and long discussions and research we chose to purchase a Tempur Pedic brand set. Jeremiah was most helpful and informative and made the purchasing and delivery process easy and trouble free. He advised us on the various products, pros and cons, if any, and set our expectations. He provided more in depth information on the product than what was provided to us by the branded Tempur Pedic store which we also visited. We scheduled delivery for a Saturday and the guys showed up within the specified time frame, removed the old mattresses and set up our new bed. So far, we are pleased with our purchase and the customer service and follow up from Jeremiah at the 82nd St location.

had a very complicated...

I had a very complicated, short notice situation. I was in another country and had 3 days to find, purchase, and arrange delivery and set-up on an adjustable bed for my dad. Jeremiah at American Mattress on 82nd street in Indy made the whole thing easy and seamless. There were so many stressors at that time in our family, the bed being just one of many, so it was amazing to have him a) have everything we needed in stock b) be able to set up white glove delivery for not only the day but even the time frame that we needed c) be kind, funny, and compassionate while doing all that. Everything went off without a hitch just as promised and we couldn't be happier.

I had a great experience...

I had a great experience with American Mattress. After ordering a new bed frame, I needed some smaller box springs. After shopping around online, I was in the area and stopped by to see what AM had. I ended up with exactly what I needed, and got a better deal than I would have online! Jeremiah was awesome, he helped me pick what product to purchase, and was extremely helpful. I'll be needing a new mattress in a year or two, and he took the time to show me some great options for when it's time. I not only left with with the box springs I needed, but better educated about my options coming up. I'll be coming here to buy my new mattress once it's time.

Recently moved across the country

Recently moved across the country and had to furnish from scratch. I saw a mattress set I liked for a great price online, gave the store closest to me a call to make sure it was in stock and sure enough it was. I headed on over where I met the person I talked to on the phone, Bobby. I was planning on getting a full, but saw the queen was the same price. It wasn't in stock, but Bobby took care of me. He made some phone calls, priced matched what I saw online, and scheduled a delivery within the next couple of days. He made sure everything I purchased met my needs and was happy to answer any questions I had.

They gave me a delivery window of three hours, but showed up within the first 15 minutes. I met the delivery guys out front, opened the door, and before I could offer them a bottle of water they were all done. The bed was assembled perfectly, I didn't have to lift a finger. Excellent service all around

I slept on this mattress (and box spring and frame) for a month before I left this review. It's given me nothing but a good nights sleep at a price you wouldn't believe with customer service to match. If you're looking for a bed in any price range, this place has you covered. Easy, affordable, excellent experience through and through.

Just came to get a mattress for my son

Just came to get a mattress for my son. Arrived after 8 (closing time). Bobby Razzaq stayed after closing and was amazing. He gave us a great deal and worked with us. I would recommend him to anyone and I'll definitely be a return customer.

Should have gone...

Should have gone to another mattress store. Supposedly had a good deal from a family friend of a friend- James M. but then he leaves the location soon after purchasing a mattress. I have been trying to contact the manager for 2 months now after buying a mattress in May. They charged me twice for my mattress and has been giving me the runaround since. The manager is "on vacation" or isn't in and the only time you can speak to the financial department is 9-5 when we all have jobs. My credit score has dropped 40 points because this charge has taken up my available credit on that card. Train your employees to do their job so we don't have to hunt for the mystery manager. Save your time and shop somewhere else.

Easiest purchase I've made

Easiest purchase I've made in awhile! Go see Leonard, he knows what he's talking about. Great Memorial Day Deals for sure.

So I called American mattress today

So I called American mattress today in Bloomingdale. To find out if they take all mattresses with a 10 year warranty the gentleman on the other line said yes we do. But you would need to pay $59 for someone to go to your house and inspect the mattress to verify if the mattress is in poor condition. So you can get a brand new one but you still need a receipt who holds onto receipts for eight years!!! So I asked him if he could look me up on the computer, and his comment was we don't do that here!! There is no way for use to find out how old the mattress is and if you purchased The mattress with our company seriously!!! that's how you treat the customers!!!

We bought a mattress

We bought a mattress and changed our mind the next day. Manger said it was cancalled out and had it as being on layaway. Finally able to have it changed. Would not give out corporate telephone. Check out bbb and complains before buying from this company.

I had a great experience at American Mattress

I had a great experience at American Mattress. Working with Leonard was a pleasure. He was kind and helpful, but never made me feel pressured. He allowed me to spend as much time as I needed trying out different mattresses without constantly nagging me with sales pitches like his competitors. I chose American Mattress because they are family owned. Unlike their competitors, I did not feel like I was just another sale and they do not charge a restocking fee if you need to exchange your mattress. They have a comfort guarantee which came in handy when I wasn't comfortable after a couple of weeks with my new mattress. I was able to upgrade to a different mattress (simply paid the difference in price) and was not penalized for exchanging mattresses. It was hassle-free. The delivery schedule worked extremely well for my schedule - they deliver on nights and weekends! The drivers were courteous, friendly and efficient. My new mattress is extremely comfortable and I am finally getting a good night's sleep! I love it. I have already recommended American Mattress (and specifically Leonard) to my friends in the area. My only regret is that the low profile box spring, which was amazing for the really tall mattress I had originally, is a bit too low for the mattress I kept. Otherwise, I couldn't be happier!

Therapedic memorytouch hybrid.

First January weekend we went shopping for mattresses. We plan to stop buy in several mattresses stores. First stop was in Lake Zurich American mattress store. Jeromy greeting us nicely and start explaining about all mattresses. We get more confident choosing right mattress and we bought Therapedic memorytouch hybrid Sedona. Take my word he on expert and we don’t need to go to other stores. We would give 5 stars. He knows his business. Also we want mentioning Jack too. Transaction and delivery went smooth. Don’t make mistake and visit American mattress store in Lake Zurich, IL. Now we sleeping and enjoying for couple month. Plus 20 YEARS Warranty can’t beet that. Good job guys. Thanks.

Great experience

We worked with Victor - a very knowledgeable & caring salesperson - the whole experience was enjoyable .. no stress .. thank you Victor!! We love our new hybrid King mattress!!!

They do NOT honor the warranty

Very disappointed !! $1100 for a Beautyrest and its sagging 3 inches at 2 years old. When I went in the 3rd time to try and get them to look at it They would not. But the salesman who I talked to would not give me his mane and mislead me to thinking that he notified the inspector to go look at the mattress. He said If i paid $100 they would look at it. A $100 or they would not honor the warranty.

I like it but their delivery sucks

We bought mattress, box springs and frame. We like it and the salesman. However, the delivery and customer service afterwards sucks. The delivery people went out of their way to leave our old frame on the side of the house. No one mentioned that they would not take the frame when they took the old mattress and box springs. We were told that for them to come back and pick up the frame would be a liability problem. Bull! I worked in insurance liability for years. Apparently having older people with back problems get rid of the frame was less of a liability problem for them.


Worse product, the beddings had stains on them, they smelt bad, the beds were not the best in comfort

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