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American Freight Mattress Reviews

American Freight Furniture & Mattress is a retailer that focuses on discount furniture and mattress offerings sold at a low cost. Although these low prices can be enticing, all sales are final, which means no returns are taken. While some have found a good amount of initial comfort, there are some that had concerns about the durability of their mattresses.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.1/10

Price Value: 7.4/10

No Back Pain: 7.2/10

Price: $118-$1599

Trial Period: No Trial

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American Freight's Specifics

American Freight focuses on affordable mattresses sold at a steep discount in store, which are sold at final sale prices, meaning that there are no returns allowed. Although this type of deal seems too good for some to pass up, there is a hidden truth:

Buying competitive mattresses direct from the brand may actually be a better deal.

When going through the stories from numerous customers on the durability of some of these products, the lifetime value of the mattresses sold comes into question. This means that a mattress you buy in-store for a bargain may have to replaced faster than other comparable products sold elsewhere. Having to replace these mattresses often means:

It may actually save you money to buy a slightly more expensive mattress online.

Part of the reason for this is that online mattress brands have a direct model, meaning they can focus more on the materials and craftsmanship of the mattress. Also, online mattress brands are competing fiercely with one another, which means that they have sleep trials and generous refund policies by default.

If you are interested in getting a long-lasting mattress that feels great to you, learn what sleepers are saying about our list of top rated online mattresses or our list of the top rated mattresses for the money. Read on to learn more about American Freight's mattress offerings...

Mattress Brands

American Freight focuses on discount mattress brands. Their model means that these materials are marked up by the brand and by the retailer so that they can make a profit, so oftentimes these are very affordable materials used in these mattresses.

Here are the brands they sell ranked...

#1 Simmons Beautyrest

The Simmons Beautyrest brand is well-known for offering quality mattresses at a variety of pricepoints. These mattresses feature pocketed coil support systems with layers of foam above to facilitate pressure point relief. However, there are some durability concerns, especially for the lower priced options, like those sold at American Freight.

The pros: Good initial comfort scores and options for customers.

The cons : Some sagging issues reported on a quicker than average timeframe.

Price Range: $398-$1599

Final Score: 8.6 / 10

Online Only: Check Beautyrest Deals

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#2 Jamison

Jamison offers affordable hybrid mattresses with innerspring and pocket spring support systems and pillowy surface layers. These mattresses come in a variety of firmnesses for sleepers, and some like the initial feel of their mattresses. Others had problems with the feel and had some issues with dipping and sagging, especially for their pillow top and euro-top mattresses.

The pros: Affordable products with desirable construction types and multiple firmness options.

The cons: Many problems with durability and initial comfort reported.

Price Range: $398-$998

Final Score: 7.4 / 10

Read Full Review on Jamison

#3 Nordic Rest

Nordic Rest is an affordable mattress brand that is focused on both all-foam mattress designs and those with pocketed coil support systems. With a focus on memory foam, these mattresses get good reception from most sleepers initially when it comes to good pressure relief and overall support. However, there are issues reported with sagging and durability problems for some sleepers.

The pros: Good blend of mattresses with both foam and hybrid options.

The cons: Problems with durability and initial feel reported by some customers.

Price Range: $298-$998

Final Score: 7.2 / 10

#4 Stewart & Hamilton

Stewart & Hamilton mattresses are affordable and focus on both all-foam and traditional innerspring designs in multiple firmness options. Most customers like their Stewart & Hamilton mattresses at first and appreciate the multiple firmness options available, but there are some issues when it comes to long term comfort. Some experienced issues with durability after quite a short period.

The pros: Both all-foam and traditional innerspring designs for a low pricepoint.

The cons: Some issues with the durabiltiy and initial comfort reported.

Price Range: $98-$798

Final Score: 7.1 / 10

American Freight Mattress Alternatives

Although on first glance, buying from American Freight seems like a great bargain, but that's if you don't know that there are:

Longer lasting products for competitive prices if you know where to look.

This is one of the most amazing times to be a mattress shopper. There are hundreds of online mattress brands that are coming into the market to compete for your business and this means if you are willing to take a little extra time reading about the best mattresses for you, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and endless headaches.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than visiting a store, read our 2023 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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I was searching for a queen size mattress...

I was searching for a queen size mattress set of good quality at a decent price.I had been to five of the "big" retailers and saw big prices,,on a whim I thought I would stop at American Freight. I was pleasantly surprised..I was greeted by Joe, a member of the management team as soon as I entered the store and he was most helpful in explaining the differences among the mattresses on display. I made a choice, said I would think about it and left the store. There was no pressure sales here..what I did find though was excellent customer service and a genuine concern to match the customer with the right product to meet their needs. I made my decision within the next hour..true I saved 900.00 over the cost of several mattress sets I had looked at..but it was the genuine customer concern which sold me. If you are in the market for a new mattress set and haven't shopped American Freight on Roberts Rd. recently, you might want to take a second might be very pleased, too.

Worst customer service ever!!

Worst customer service ever!! Rude staff who are not knowledgeable. They have no idea about sales or how to assist customers. I "get" that this is not a high end store but that is no excuse for their attitudes or incompetence. The Whitehall location is MUCH better!! Chris is AWESOME!

Prices are ok

Prices are ok, but limited collection. Not a lot of quality product either. Top it off with worst customer service, there you have this store. Never coming back.

Read this

Read this: BAIT ADVERTISING - and it's illegal! This place tells you one price online - then they tell you another in-store because they then say that the price is per 'set', yet their online advertising states clearly 'each piece'... They're as shady as... There's better places to buy better quality goods than here - shop around! And you'll no doubt get far better service too! Disgusted!

Not very happy

Not very happy with American freight. My fiancé and I purchased a mattress and a sectional. Mattress is fine, but the sectional broke two weeks later. We called and told them, finally a month and a half later we were given a replacement for the broken half. Not only was Tim replacing the broken part. We've been waiting on our refund that is coming from corporate. Every time we call the store he is not available to talk, feel like he's avoiding the whole situation. Called corporate location multiple times and the lady who deals with the claims leaves early for the day. This is a very aggravating experience and they will never receive our business again. Don't fall for their overly obnoxious commercial, spend the extra money and go somewhere else where you won't be disappointed.

Bait and switch

Bait and switch. The furniture I placed in layaway would not be ready for about a month. But I could buy these more expensive sets and pick them up now. Product was damaged and I was promised a partial refund. Instead they just loaded "nicer" mattresses and no money back. I will never do business Jere again and recommend you don't either.

Beware if you're looking to buy

Beware if you're looking to buy a single mattress by itself at the advertised price. That is only the "discounted price" IF you buy the mattress/box set. Terrible marketing, terrible business. I used to buy a lot here but no longer.

Moved back in state recently

Moved back in state recently and need furniture fast. Cincinnati has changed so much, many businesses have closed which forced me to go out of state to shop for furniture. I was advised to try American Freight for their reasonable prices, selection and quality. That's when the bull hit the fan. First off.... I walked in and the place was filthy and the merchandise which was on display was scratch & dent all messed up. Not necessarily an inviting display which makes you want to buy. Well, what more can you expect from a company that has Freight in the title. I decided to overlook that since the place is a warehouse/ Freight. So, I preceded to look around. All to desperate for a new bedroom set, I finally settled on one. I just keep thinking to myself "it's only the display furniture, not the quality of furniture which I'll get nor, which I'll be paying for ". To further the anxiety, I spent about 30 mins. entering all the required information in store, on-line trying to get an extension of credit. Who wouldn't want to have their new furniture delivered while, enjoying it and paying it off? Sad to say, American Freight still has the set. Now, to top it off... I placed a call to American Freight and inquired about how to make an payment On line or over the phone. I was told that they're not allowed to do that anymore and that I would have to come back in the store and pay in person .What business don't accept your payment on-line or over the phone in 2019? Very disappointing and very inconvenient. Already regretting my purchase.

Totally opposite

Totally opposite of what they are advertising on the television..... the place looks dirty and the stuff i saw was kinda messed up, went to Gardner-White and it was a total opposite experience

Same story as others here

Same story as others here. I thought maybe those people were not honest or competitors, but I'm in the trap right now. I have ordered a bedroom set and they after 2 weeks of waiting they sent the wrong size headboard. I called them to fix that the seller whi sold me the item is not there anymore and he store manager,Dimon, said it takes up to 1 week to receive the reorder. Today, I called the store and they said not expected to be here before 2 weeks from today. Everyone in that store has different answer and they want me to believe them. STAY AWAY FROM THESE LIERS. Learn from us and save your mony.

LOVE this place!!

LOVE this place!! The people here are amazing, the sales guy is funny and was willing to work with me. He was not pushy and did not try to up sell things or tried adding things, if anything he was willing to work with my budget helping me find the right fit and was very helpful. The prices are also really reasonable!!

We moved from Miami

We moved from Miami, FL and came with no furniture. Looking to furnish our house quickly, we went to American Freight to check out their selection. We were happily surprised. They had a wide range of things- from really cheap to higher prices items. We settled for the medium priced items and got an entire living room set, dining room table, and bedroom set with a mattress for $3k. No other stores in the area could offer prices even close. We've had everything for about a week, and it's all very nice, sturdy, and comfortable. The couch is fantastic! Our mattress is also amazing. Additionally, the salesman was not skeezy. He tried to give us the best bang for our buck. This place is the marshalls equivalent for furniture stores. Totally would go back!

Every single deal

Every single deal you find on the website is non existent. When you go in they will tell you they dont have that product anymore or some other lame excuse. 2 stars because I do love the couches I ended up getting. -3 stars because the customer service sucks. Only the guy who loads your furniture deserves his job. I am kind of stuck doing business with them because they have my money but I will NOT recommend this business to my worst enemy.

As many have stated here

As many have stated here, the customer service is horrible. We purchased furniture from here and for more than 3 months my bed never came in. I purchased a dining room table which was in poor quality. We put the table together and it chipped in some areas and discolored. I tried to return it and they would not pick it up because they were replacing the table. After 2 months of the table not being replaced I finally took the table back to American Freight. I denied the charge on my card. American Freight claimed I had not returned the table. After a face-to-face confrontation I was told they would give me a store credit, but I didn't want anything else of their POOR QUALITY furniture. I wanted my credit for a table they had in their possession. After a couple of months of frustration I decided that I would just get a chair and use the store credit. Today, I went in to use the store credit which they told me 2 weeks ago I had. I decided to purchase 2 of the same recliners for the price advertised. BUT the posted price was not advertised as "floor model" and a new chair was double the price. I decided on a different chair which would require me to pay more money. Marc, who has told me on several occasions (each time I went to the store) that I had a store credit now tells me "we have a situation" after speaking with the "VP" (also someone that I've spoken with on his cell phone about this situation) and that the "table manufacturer" sent my "replacement" table 2 weeks ago. When I asked when were you going to notify me that a replacement table was sent, to which he replied "well you told me on several occasions that you didn't want the table" WTF?!?!?!?!?! So now, not only did American Freight not give me credit for something returned to them, but they also were now holding on to something that "belonged to me" but didn't tell me they had it! The bottom line, they're delivering the table to my mom free of charge and I'll re-sell this damn table and NEVER, EVER, EVER step foot in American Freight again. I suggest that you take your dollars somewhere else, even the flea market will offer you a better option and customer service! Signed Brittanee Brown


*****DO NOT SHOP HERE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND MANAGERS NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY HORRIBLE INSULTING PEOPLE TRY AND SCAM YOU AND IF YOU DONT BUY THEY INSULT YOU AND KICK YOU OUT. ***** AVOID MANAGER MICHAEL AND ALL SALES STAFF On 8/2/2015 I came into this facility trying to buy a mattress and box spring set. Worse decision ever I was treated badly cursed at by manager and sales staff asked to leave store in a threatening and assaulting manner In front of other customers just because I caught them trying to scam me on products they sell. I've never had such insulting and embarrassing experience at any retail store I've called corporate and still no answer please avoid this facility and all others save your money, time and go else where... I've kept this complaint short but there is lots more that happened I have not posted but i soon will with detail in all social media and in any way possible just to be heard since this company doesn't seem to care for there customers or how there managers run the business. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND SERVICE AVOID THIS COMPANY.

I would give no stars

I would give no stars because this establishment does not deserve anything positive about it!! WORST, HORRIBLE, MONEY SCAMMING business I have ever encountered. I should have gone with my gut instinct when we first arrived at the business and ran for the hills!! We were promised 2 bunk beds brand new in a box with bottom drawers and it's now a week and a half later and needless to say we went with the refund. The sales man Allen Pitts sold us furniture they did not have in stock even after we questioned him several times to ensure we were going to get the products we were promised and paid for. After 2 failed interactions with the store manager Mike and another sales associate we received a phone call 1.5 weeks later saying they did not have the merchandise we paid for. The have no common sense or customer service at this place. The "new regional" manager told me that Store manager Mike and the old regional manager had been fired within the past week. For me as a customer that's a red flag that this place has no clue what they are doing and they should really reevaluate what they call customer service.

very knowledgable

David - very knowledgable about the products Delivery Service - a little slow but nice people. They even put together my bed Mr. Pitts - great manager and helped with everything Good store good prices

I bought a new King Size Pillow Top Mattress

I bought a new King Size Pillow Top Mattress from American Freight a month ago and couldn't be more pleased. The Quality is the same as Macy's and JcPenny where I saw mattresses at 3x the price. Ok, this is a warehouse, it is hot and bland. But I liked the long row of mattresses they had on display that I and my girl could try out. Believe me or not, it was low pressure and I could take my time choosing. I did buy the extra protected mattress pad (with a ultra thin plastic sheet under the mattress pad( and after sleeping on it for a month we choose it over just a regular mattress pad. Trust me, at one time or another there will be a 'oops' on the bed and you can't flip a Pillow Top. Stores I could tell of ...monthly visits and Oh no, not my Mattress.. God Love Women !! I spent so much time on You-tube checking beds, bed facts etc I went to 3 different stores from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami and bought from American Freight. Quality: Check Low Price: 700$ for a King Size Pillow Top and Bed Springs.. 2,300 at other places. Happy: Absolutely.

If I can give it a Zero star I would

If I can give it a Zero star I would. Word to the wise!!!! Don't shop at this god awful, no good place!!!! This has got to be the absolute, worst customer service I have ever encountered! Talk about BS run around, pass the buck, I have no time for you!!! Once they have your money!! They can care less! What a bunch of fakes!!! Dont even think the corporate office will help either. I bought a bedroom set a year and a half ago. The mattress was suppose to be top notch. BS!! Now, it has such a dip on both sides. I don't weigh 500lbs either. It came with a 10 yr Warranty. After 2 claims placed both denied too. Now I'm fighting corporate since the incompetent idiots in Miami office can't do their job. Don't forget they already got my $2500. Corporate won't take my calls. " sorry, Ms. Susan Bertram is on the other line". Wow! She must be so busy with ALL the Effing complaints that the customers have. BC they sell such crap!!! Do yourselves a favor!! Spend the extra money on quality products with stellar customer service!! The BBB will be hearing from me!!!

I bought a mattress

I bought a mattress from this company 2 years ago. I paid a little over a thousand dollars for it so I wasn't expecting it to be the best mattress ever but I wasn't expecting it to be so bad so soon either. The salesman told me what a wonderful mattress this was and it should last me many years. I knew he was just employing his best salesman efforts at the time but I needed a mattress and I was already there so I made the purchase. I am totally regretting this decision. This mattress is awful. It's completely caved in in the middle. It's the equivalent of sleeping in a bread bowl every night. It's horrible. I didn't think any mattress would be so bad in only two years. Wasn't worth the money at all. I feel totally lied to. Now I'm wondering if the mattress was even new to begin with. I will never shop here again.

Had a great experience

Had a great experience today with Cheryl. She went above and beyond to make sure I got what I wanted for a reasonable price. Very helpful and kind. Definitely cares about making the customer happy.

I had a great experience here!

I had a great experience here! Prices were perfect compared to big box locations. Brian our salesman was very helpful and informative, while at the same time not too pushy. Very happy with my experience and new sofa!

They don't deserve a star!

They don't deserve a star! AT ALL! Grandmother purchased a headboard and foot board. Took forever to receive. Who delivers furniture after 9'pm. Then the outrageous delivery fee which do not cover set up or anything. Sad that my grandmother has to worry about setting up a bed and frame set herself. She was informed that the bed frame she had was for a full size bed and it turned out to be for a queen. Not sure why after the red flags of late night delivery and the $80.00 charge for it, my grandmother decided to pay for a matress which was a day late getting to her and also the tried to scam her. The sold her a display matress plus another $80.00 delivery fee) all nicely put in plastic as if it were new. Sad very sad! God don't like ugly. And just know the devil take care of his people too. Never again if I can help it. My grandmother spent well over a $1000.00 dollars for her bedroom furniture and matress to deserve this type of chaos! They should be ashamed of themselves! PATHETIC! Matress Firm is everyone's best bet. They offer free delivery, set up and removal of your old Matresses and frames. YES FREE!

Yesterday I purchased a queen bedroom set

Yesterday I purchased a queen bedroom set with a chest, headboard, foot board, mirror, 2 night stands, and then metal frames for my full size bed. I read the receipt and it said to check all boxes. I checked all of the boxes with the employee who helped us load up our truck. He said that all of the boxes were there, and we thought so too. Upon setting the furniture up in our home, we found that we were missing the side rails and bed frame for our queen set. Our dresser was also missing a chunk of wood out of the back. At this time, the store was closed. I called the store this afternoon, and they told me that they would give us the railings and replace out the dresser. We were very happy to hear this. However, they told us would would need to pay $65 to have everything delivered. This would be fine, except I am unable to do this due to the amount of money I had just spent with your company. I called the customer service line to see if we may be able to find a solution for both of us that worked. I was talked over throughout the entire call, and I received a very poor attitude on her end. She told me that I was entitled to my opinions, but I was supposed to open all boxes before driving away. She proceeded to hang up on me. I do hope this call was recorded. The receipt I had did not say that it was necessary to open every box. It said to check boxes to make sure we had everything. The gentleman who helped us pointed to a box and said that the railings were in there. It was poor weather and a long drive, so we did not open all of the boxes all of the way. I enjoyed shopping with you very much, but I am completely stunned by your customer service. I had never had an issue in the past. I would like to continue shopping with your company, but I am afraid that your poor customer service has completely turned me away. Had we been able to receive better customer service and a possible solution, we would continue shopping with you. Edit: Someone reached out to me an hour after I posted this and rectified the situation. She was very apologetic about the customer service issues and made things right at once. I appreciated the quick response to the problem! Thank you to the manager at the Lexington, KY location!

Have had great experiences

Have had great experiences with this store & this company. Love their furniture & at such a great price!

Be careful!

Be careful! I bought a brand new Queen pillow top mattress set and double bed set-kept saying box springs and the shady sales guy says they get closeout deals on top of the line mattresses. BS! The smaller set had a burn mark on it like a hot iron hit it at the factory. Don't let these guys load your vehicle without inspecting. No return policy! No such thing as box spring. Both were cheap thin wood frames with almost cardboard like top and hollow. If I knew that, never would have bought. The whole bed is noisy with every move you make on either one due to this cheap bottom mattress support. Sitting or laying near the edge of these cheap beds you feel like you'll roll right off the edge. Weak edges-not firm enough. My friend said he bought from mattress factory around the corner and paid about the same for real beds. I regret going here. There is no way those demos used the shitty box support below the mattress. Too damn noisy. This is how they get cheaper pricing. Cheaper materials and no refunds not quality lower pricing.

Richard is great every time I go there!

Richard is great every time I go there! Always has answers to anything & I won't deal with anyone else when he's there just because how good of a job he does! I used to go to other places and then went there and the prices are fabulous! Keep up the great work Richard, you're a fantastic manager!!!

This place is horrible!

This place is horrible! I got terrible customer service and they gave me the wrong item. When I returned the item and told the manager why the salesman yelled at me! He then argued with me in an aggressive tone that he was right. What a joke! They also have a policy where if you paid in cash your refund is put into a check and mailed to you. Again, what a joke! So needless to say I would build my own furniture from hand then ever give that place a penny.

If I could give less than one star for customer service I would

If I could give less than one star for customer service I would. After about 6 months, while still in warranty, the mattress I purchased sagged on one side and bunched up in the middle. No problem. Called them mid December 2013 and was told to send pictures which I did the same day. I waited a few weeks. Called. The salesman claimed he never received my pictures even though I had a confirmation. I sent them again. Called him in a week or so and he claimed that they were probably rejected by their server. Send again. Called him again after another week or more I got an email confirming received. More weeks passed, by now it's 6 weeks since I first contacted them. Finally got ahold of the salesman who said the company received my pics approved my claim I would get another call from him, he was very busy. Mind you, every contact was initiated by me. I never got a callback or email over several months, on status that I didn't initiate. More weeks go by and we're into March. Tried to track down the salesman to find out what's going on because I've had to get rid of the mattress. I'm told he's no longer with the company. No, they have no record of any transaction with me. Too bad but we have to start all over. I send the same pictures for the 5th time. Wait more weeks. Nobody calls. No emails. It's April now. I finally send a nasty email to the salesman that's now taking care of me and to their headquarters. The salesman calls back, trying to intimate me and says I better lose the attitude or he won't help me. I was told lister he's the manager. Very aggressive. I hung up and contacted the corporate offices customer service. They feigned concern and oddly enough say my claim was approved (when did this happen?) and someone would contact me. This is now 5 months after my first contact. Also, I had no interest in continuing to deal with them and wanted my money back. Many more phone calls, another salesman assigned, more dead air . And this was a product under warranty. It should have been a simple exchange in December 2013. I think they believe I'm just going to give up. I am not because now it's a matter of principle. I have taken another route to collect my damages which I believe I can prove are well beyond the original cost of the mattress. Of course I have reams of evidence that I did more than any reasonable person would have been expected to do to get American Freight to honor my warranty. Anyone that would even consider dealing with this company is nuts. Yes the furniture is cheap. That's why there may be problems. If an exchange or repair is required just forget it. They'll just try to dodge you long enough that you give up. I'm sure many

Do Not Purchase Furniture From This Company

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS WAREHOUSE!! I purchased a mattress and box spring from the Pembroke Pines location and now I have bug bites all over my body. The manager James told me, “It’s because you live in an apartment and your neighbors have bed bugs.” I live in a single family home. He was very condescending. He said he’s gotten this complaint before and all sales are final. Shame on American Freight. Buyer Beware! After receiving the response posted under my initial review I contacted the number. The telephone number is an automated number. I sifted through the options to get to the customer service option. I was then directed to leave a voicemail message. After a few hours I received a call from a company representative that gave me the option of PURCHASING A MATTRESS AT A 5%-10% discount. Are you kidding me?!

Customer service

I really got tooken care by a salesman by Asheena Matthews she made me feel confident in purchasing a good quality mattress,and I did thanks to her patience and great customer service qualify I felt really good about the the items I purchased.

Stay away - liars, unaccommodating, delivery unbelievably bad, and quality mediocre

This is absolutely the most horrific company I've ever dealt with. I was interested in a red sofa and a chocolate recliner. The store (Greenville) told me they were out of stock on the sofa but would call around and see if they could get me one. Finally, they told me no, and that even if i waited a month or two they couldn't be sure if they'd have one. So i simply called the American Freignt store in Spartanburg (30 minutes away) who had the red couch (and recliner) and said they would deliver the next day. So, first of all, I was lied to by the Greenville store - obviously they weren't making commission so they just blew me off. The next aftertoon the delivery man came with the red sofa. (They'd called me that morning and said the recliner they had for me was ripped and torn). So I took delivery of the red sofa, which get this - wasn't put together lol. And I paid 109 for shipping. I called the store and they told me if i gave the delivery man some money he'd probably put it together for me. I'm a 65 year old man...and I had a friend do it instead. I called them 4 more times to find out about the recliner and they said it would come the next day but wouldn't give me any timeframe. The guy from the Spartanburg store said, "Just wait. We gone have you taken care of." lol Of course he know I was the last delivery but he was pissed off from the day before. It came at 5:30. They're liars, connivers, sloppy, don't have any self-respect or respect for anyone else. KNOW that you will be putting together you order. The whole arrogant experience was disgusting. The quality of the furniture is mediocre, which I could live with, but being treated like that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

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