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Amazon has become the retailer to beat, selling over 500 million products. When it comes to mattresses, there are a lot of things to love, including a wide range of pricepoints and some popular online mattresses being sold on the platform. Although buying from Amazon has a variety of pros, like easy one-click shopping, buying from the major online retailer can bring some cons as well, like issues with products sitting in the warehouse and differences in customer service versus buying direct.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 8.2/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.1/10

Price Value: 8.6/10

No Back Pain: 8.1/10

Price: $74-$7699

Trial Period: Depends On Brand

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Amazon's Specifics

Amazon offers some of the best deals when it comes to most products. Mattresses are also sold competitively on the platform. However, not everything bought at Amazon is a great deal and many of the lower priced mattress options that are recommended may have issues with durability. Even though there are some products that are priced well below what can be found in retailers, when it comes to mattresses, there is a little known truth:

Durability and quality can suffer when buying from Amazon due to mattress time in warehouse.

Although this isn't the case for all products, mattresses which are packed in boxes will often spend more time in Amazon warehouses than buying direct from the brand, which either manufactures the mattresses themselves or packs the mattresses shortly after your order. Also, when it comes to mattress reviews on Amazon, there is a second hidden truth to be aware of:

Amazon reviews are often provided shortly after purchase, which means that durability issues may not be reflected as accurately.

For these reasons, we recommend learning more about the mattresses before you buy and when you do buy, thinking about making the purchase directly from the brand itself. To get started learning about which mattresses are long-lasting and will feel great to you, learn what sleepers are saying about our top rated mattresses or our top rated mattresses for the money. Read on to learn more about Amazon's top mattress offerings...

Mattress Brands

Many popular budget and online brands sell on Amazon. These include notable brands like Nectar, Casper and Tuft & Needle and budget brands like Zinus, Linenspa, and AmazonBasics.

Below, we'll go through each of the mattress options. Here they are ranked...

#1 AmazonBasics

You can't get anymore 'Amazon' than Amazon's own proprietary brand, AmazonBasics. This brand focuses on being budget-friendly and providing a range of products for an affordable pricepoint. When it comes to their mattresses, they offer an all-foam option that comes in all of the common sizes. It comes at 12'' high and features CertiPUR-US certified foams, which means they are certified to not offgas nasty toxins. Overall, the mattress is quite affordable for the materials, but has issues reported about the softness of the mattress and durability.

The pros: Quite affordable all-foam mattress option. Amazon branded option.

The cons: Some issues reported about quality and firmness level.

Price Range: $179-$347

#2 Nectar

Nectar is one of the most popular mattresses sold online, with a massive following of happy customers. It is one of the top rated mattresses when bought directly from Nectar's online store. It has an all-foam design that is medium-firm with a supportive feel. With its multiple layers of foam, it sleeps cooler than most foam mattresses while providing a durable profile. When it comes to buying from Amazon, the Nectar mattress may have spent some time in an Amazon warehouse. This can cut down on the durability as the mattress you buy from Amazon may be packed for longer and therefore the foams could be folded for longer. Buying direct from the brand may cut down on this risk.

The pros: Great mattress brand with plenty of positive reviews and a low entry price.

The cons: Buying this brand from Amazon could diminish the durability and initial comfort of the mattress for some.

Price Range: $474-$999

Buy Direct: Get 2 Free Pillows

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#3 Zinus

Zinus is another popular brand that is sold on Amazon. It is extremely affordable versus many competitors, with both all-foam versions and mattresses with pocketed coils. With multiple design options and some trendy infused foams used in their mattresses -- like their proprietary 'Green Tea Infused Foam,' most customers have good things to say about Zinus products at first. But, there are wide reports about durability issues with this brand. Some have described sagging issues over a quicker than average period.

The pros: Very affordable mattress options. Trendy foams are enticing.

The cons: Issues with sagging and durability reported by some customers.

Price Range: $100-$499

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#4 Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is one of the original and quite popular online mattress brands. They originally disrupted the mattress industry by selling an all-foam mattress online direct to customers for less. Over the years, they have built a lower-end mattress, called the Nod mattress, which is sold exclusively on Amazon. It is slightly lower quality than their T&N Original and their highest-rated T&N Mint mattress, which are both sold direct as well. Overall, customers like their T&N mattresses, but there are some that had issues with initial feel and durability, which we believe may be related to storage of the mattress in Amazon's warehouses.

The pros: Good quality mattress brand for competitive pricepoints for the materials.

The cons: Some issues when it comes to initial feel, odor, and durability. May be better to buy mattress direct from brand.

Price Range: $275-$750

Buy Direct: Check Current T&N Deal

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#5 Linenspa

Linenspa is another budget-friendly brand that has made a splash selling to customers on Amazon. They have both pocketed coil and all-foam mattress varieties and sell their mattresses for very low prices. With a variety of firmness and thickness options to choose from, but customers can find something that they will like initially. However, there are some issues when it comes to long term comfort and initial quality reported by sleepers.

The pros: Very low prices for the materials used. There is a variety of firmness and thickness options.

The cons: Some complaints about initial feel and lasting quality.

Price Range: $73-$604

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#6 Casper

Casper is another very popular online mattress brand that has disrupted the mattress industry. Their mattresses include both all-foam options and those with pocketed coils. While most customers like the Casper mattresses for their unique medium-firm (supportive and pressure-relieving) feel, there are some that disagreed with the initial firmnesses. Additionally, due to the long potential storage times in Amazon's warehouses, some customers may experience some longevity issues associated with buying Casper's products from Amazon.

The pros: Good scores from those that prefer medium-firm mattresses. Name brand recognition. Quality build.

The cons: Some disagreements when it comes to feel. Some potential durability issues.

Price Range: $377-$795

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#7 Classic Brands

Classic Brands is a low priced mattress brand that is famous for their CoolGel mattress line. These mattresses have gel-infused memory foam in the top layers that relieve pressure points and do a good job keeping things cool on the top layer. Most customers like their Classic Brands mattresses at first, but there are some durability issues reported by customers. Those that are looking for a temporary solution may be ok, but some others may have issues with long term comfort.

The pros: Cooling gel mattresses with pressure relief and medium firmnesses.

The cons: Some issues reported with durability and long term comfort.

Price Range: $156-$499

#8 Lucid

Lucid is a budget-friendly mattress brand that has a wide array of foam and support system options. This includes memory foam, latex, and pocketed coil options (with either foam or latex comfort layers). With multiple thickness options, most customers can find what they are looking for with Lucid's mattresses, but there were some that had problems with durability and feel.

The pros: Affordable mattresses with a multitude of material options and pricepoints.

The cons: Some issues reported about initial feel and durability reported by customers.

Price Range: $83-$669

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In addition to the brands listed, there are other mattress brands sold on Amazon, including both name-brand and budget-friendly options. Some things to note about these options include the trial periods. Make sure that the mattress you'll be selecting has a competitive trial and return policy. Additionally, there are some reports about mattresses being boxed well before orders are placed. In this case, it could affect the feel of your mattress. Name-brand mattresses that are sold in popular mattress retailers may have extra issues with this if sold on Amazon.

Amazon Mattress Alternatives

Although on first glance, buying from Amazon seems like a great bargain. Due to the potential issues, it may be that:

Buying direct offers longer lasting products for competitive prices.

Additionally, most folks may not know this, but it is one of the best times to be a mattress shopper. There are hundreds of new brands that are coming into the market to compete for your business and this means if you are willing to take a little extra time reading about the best mattresses for you, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and endless headaches.

If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online direct from the brand is better than shopping elsewhere, read our 2024 Mattress Buying Guide!

...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

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As good as tempurpedic

This is easy set up, comfortable, and delivered right to your door.

Comfortable mattress on a budget!

No more need to go to the store, arrived in a nice clean package, super easy to set up. Now writing this review several months later and still as nice as the 1st day it arrived!

Comfortable and affordable

I loved this bed . Just as good as a Casper bed if not better . Size was dynamic and precise to my liking “12inch queen bed “ foam is high quality and chemical smell disappears in about 2-3 hours . Would recommend 100% extremely affordable and high quality .

Best purchase ever

Love this mattress, great for the price and the quality is amazing

Nice and big

Good one Bought it for 200$ on sale.. king size 10”, pretty big and comfortable as shown in the video

Comfortable and firm.

Fast delivery. Best 2 person set up as heavy but good quality.

Mattress came out of a box

While I know that this is a good mattress, I was appalled that it was delivered in such a manner. Came only in the white plastic sack and not in a box. Looked like it had been opened and then returned. Just hoping my brother in law doesn't find out because I purchased this mattress for him.

The best sleep comes from a Amazon Basics mattress

I can’t believe this mattress is under 1k


Love it

Ok for the price

Me and my fiance were in the process of moving and had to stay at my moms for a bit while waiting to move into our new house. She only had 2 twin mattresses in her guest room, so we ordered this larger queen bed to use instead. I've always wanted a memory foam mattress because I've heard the provide great support, and maybe the more expensive higher quality ones do, but this one isn't the best. The foam is really hard, and I thought after using it for a while, it would soften up a bit, but after 7 months, the mattress is still just as hard. If you sleep on your side, you'll wake up with sore or hurting shoulders and neck. I mean it's a decent mattress for the price, but you're better off getting a regular pillowtop mattress than this. I gave it 3 starts because it is made of great quality material.

Soo soft!

Very comfortable for an 8” mattress.

I feel so much better after a good night sleep on this mattress.

Sleeping on this mattress is wonderful.

Great Deal

Can’t beat it for the price. It’s a little soft but works great.

Great mattress

mattress is very comfortable. Has helped my husband's back area tremendously. He loves it also.

Do it!!

What a great product for a reasonable price. Very comfy bed. Only complaint is that it can get warm. We fixed that by getting higher quality cotton / bamboo based sheets. I'd definitely get another one of these beds.


Nice. Use as spare bed but I sleep in it sometimes

Best value and comfort

Very comfortable

Good buy

Great matress for the price. Definitely wait 72 hours to sleep on it. I tried it the first night and it wasn't ready. After 72 hours it was all fluffed up and super comfy.

Peaceful, comfortable nights rest

It was a great buy it was inexpensive yet made with good quality materials. Easy to set up and a lot of night of peaceful sleep. Best bed I bought so far, I have had this for almost six months and still feels like I pulled it out of the box on day one.

Drive in movie comfort

Fits great in the truck bed.

Too hard, no cushion

I thought I would give bed in a box a try and after researching several, this bed had the best reviews, last night was the first night I was finally able to sleep on it and it’s the worst bed I’ve ever had! My back hurts worse than before and even my ribs hurt! This bed is sooo hard, I’d rather sleep on the hardwood floor, it has no cushion at all! I have no idea how I’m going to ship it back

Like sleeping on a cloud

its Like I’m weightless I can stay in bed all day it’s firm but the thick memory foam at top cradles you. I’m a side sleeper and always have a sore shoulder or neck but not anymore. This mattress would be great also for elderly or people in nursing homes to avoid bed sores. I did a lot of research and I’m glad I bought the amazon basics mattress 12 inch thick

Extremely Comfortable

I bought this mattress after researching numerous similar mattresses and doing a cost and compare to value. The mattress is extremely comfortable and feels very thick when in bed. It’s a great value plus being delivered to my front door made it that much sweeter. I was needing a more soft mattress and I am so pleased with this purchase.

Great value

Can't beat the value. If you're very picky about your mattress you might find some things to dislike but fit the bill for me and great value.

Bugs! Little Beatles

I'm sorry this mattress is perfect except the bugs! Went to wash the sheets and there were these little Beatles under the covers on top of the mattress.

Very cozy

I love this bed! I have a hard time sleeping because of body pain. I sleep through the night so comfortably.


It is very comfortable, like sleeping on a cloud.

It's average at best.

It's average at best.

Still love it after two months.

Just as comfortable as the expensive 14" one we have at our beach condo. Inflated to full thickness, out to the very edges in minutes. There was a slight odor when we first opened the package but it was completely odor free when we went to bed the first night. Moving and opening it are, definitely, a two person job.

It will safe you money

Very good mattress and great price

Good for kids.

I bought these for our kids. I weigh 200 lbs, and I do sink down. But, for people under 100 lbs, this is an amazing mattress. It is very comfortable. Sooooooo soft!!!! Not firm at all.

Don't buy It gave me back pain.

Absolutely disappointed with this product. This has to be the worst product I have bought from Amazon till this date..Don't buy this product. Just in a month I am having a back pain issue.

I should have spent a little more

This is a very cheap mattress. I bought a couple of memory foam mattresses for my kid's bunk beds that are not the amazon brand that are much better. I should have purchased the same brand, but I thought they would all be similar for the low price. The foam layers on this mattress don't line up well, like they were not cut very precisely before they were glued together. And I don't think there is any memory foam in this mattress. The mattresses I bought my kids on amazon behaves like memory foam, but this one feels like regular foam. Oh well, I am not going to even attempt to return it, but I do wish I would have bought something else.

My 12yo daughter likes it more than her iPhone!

I gotta tell ya, I was honestly skeptical about anything amazon brand. But my 12yo daughter has been sleeping on this mattress for 4mo now and she tells me every day how much she loves it. And coming from someone who is 12 and more importantly likes nothing except for snapchat and facebook, this is very true review.


Amazing, enough said!

Like it a lot

We liked this matress for our camper

Being able to sleep on it before you buy it

It's comfortable but I'd rather not have bought it and had something else something I can lay on and test first before buying

Good for travel trailer

I ordered this for my dad to use in his travel trailer, and he seems to like it pretty well. It seems fairly squishy, but still somewhat firm. The only complaint that he has is that he wanted it to be even softer than it is, but he ordered a topper for it and seems to be happy with that.

Better for lightweight people.

I can't say I've been on a worse mattress. I weigh about 180 lb. I could feel myself sinking through the top softlayer and hitting the lower hard layer. It was really bad support on my spine. Maybe this is better for people who weigh less than 150 lb.

Better for lightweight people.

I can't say I've been on a worse mattress. I weigh about 180 lb. I could feel myself sinking through the top softlayer and hitting the lower hard layer. It was really bad support on my spine. Maybe this is better for people who weigh less than 150 lb.

Super comfortable


Very comfy

It's amazing! Both of my son's have one too and they love them!

Very soft, not supportive

Bought for my 2 year old daughter. The bed is comfortable, yet very soft. When you sit on it you sink down all the way to bed frame. I find it helpful for hip pain while laying on my side (9 months pregnant) The bed is probably too soft though and I can’t see it holding up over time for an adult over 100 lbs. It works well for my 2 year old though.

Soft and Mushy! Works great

Suits our needs! On the softer side ! But great comfort!

Great price and comfort

This mattress is a great value and really comfortable. I am surprised at the comfort for this price. I own a temperpedic and this is comparable.

Horrible bed/ Customer Service

My girlfriend and I bought the bed for our new apartment. Unfortunately, we were sent the wrong sized bed(got a King instead of a queen). In hindsight that’s good but when you bought a queen bed frame and box spring, it kind of ruins it. Long story short, the bed isn’t that comfortable and in fact hurts my lower back and upper traps area. My girlfriends neck is also tight from sleeping on it and we have only been sleeping on it for a week. We put in to have them come and get it and get a refund/gift card and talked to three different people. We were first told we could get a gift card sent via email within one hour of talking to them on the phone. That ended up being false and now we’re stuck without a bed unfortunately. It’s a little messed up but I should’ve seen it coming considering I work for a company that used to sell products on amazon(Via FBA) they always would mess up orders.

Shockingly great after several months

This was recommended by a co worker, I was not expecting much from a cheap mattress.. way better than my Serta mattress in my guest room. I like a firm mattress and this is both firm and soft at the same time. Just make sure you follow the recommendations of unpacking items and letting it sit for 2 days before using it allows it to return to shape.

Bed is perfect and is better quality than equivalent Ikea.

For the price and shipping included - this bed is perfect. The bad reviews for this all seem to be customer service centric problems. There really isn't much to know. 1. Buy bed. 2. Put box in room. 3. Undo box and let it expand. 4. Enjoy bed. No smell, no odd odor, nothing. It's a great bed.

Good value from amazon

Didn't have the highest expectations for this, but figured worth a try. Product is high quality, similar to my vastly more costly Casper matress.

My comfy bed

I am in love with my bed it sonsoft and comfy and it helps relieve the pain from my back and i sleep longer and better

Comfort with value

This is an amazing value for the price. We have had it for one month and it had held up wonderfully. If it lasts a couple years and fails I would purchase another to replace it. I am 250 pounds and my wife is 130 pounds and we are bother very satisfied with the support and comfort.

Firm mattress- not comfy memory foam.

From description, I expected the mattress to be much more comfortable and soft. It’s a pretty firm mattress.

Soft with firmness for support

I use to sleep on the mattress given to me by my student apt and it was terrible. I had joint issues and back issues . I can’t afford much but this mattress is perfect. I’ve gone to many mattress stores and they’ve told me based on what I was saying that a medium firm plush bed is right for me. This mattress is the closest to that. It’s memory foam feels great on my joints as it contours to them and there is support on my back. I will say tho that if I don’t move when I sleep I find my butt sinking in . It’s slightly uncomfortable but not a major issue cause I can just move. It’s a great mattress I recommend it but not to anyone who weighs 200+ only cause I don’t think the mattress could fully support the weight Ps it does smell like wet paint when I opened it

Actually really comfortable

Got this for my toddler, shockingly comfortable!

Comfortable, but softer than I was expecting, actually sinks down an inch or two when I sit on it.

I bought this mattress as well as two other different mattresses at the same time. I think this one is the softest because its the only one that is concave when I sit or lay on it. It sinks down a few inches. This can make you feel warmer than the mattresses that hold their shape better. I don't like hard mattresses, I wanted a soft one, it just feels like I'm sinking down into it when I lay on it. If you want a little more support try the Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress, or the PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress, 10'' or the Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus 10-Inch Memory

Super comfy

Works perfectly. It's super comfortable and easy to assemble.


Received as promised, when promised and it looks great! Pleasantly surprised how comfortable it is. Totally satisfied.

This mattress smells funny

It has a chemical smell. When I called Amazon, they want me to figure out how to get it to store (have car) or they will have someone come by and get it but I have to be home and cant be. I have enclosed it in a bag to help eliminate some of the smell but now the plastic crinkles when I sleep. I read where they told others to donate it or trash it. Not satisfied.

Very comfortable

Love it

comfy and easy to cut

I used this to replace an old nasty RV bed. I had to cut a corner and a bit off the side to make it fit but it was super easy. It comes with a nice cover that just unzips so you can cut the foam and replace the cover and it looks great.

Excellent price! VERY comfortable! Arrived fast!

Love this!we bought it for our camper and it’s super comfy!

Very soft but not comfortable to sleep in.

Too soft my back was hurting after a day in it.

It's a great matress

Like how this matress molds to my body and how it relieves any pain that I might have

Comfortable and easy to assemble

Comfortable and easy to assemble.

So comfortable

Works perfectly with our adjustable base

Changed My Life

This mattress is amazing!! Before I had this I would have constant back pain and had a very hard time sleeping through the night. Now all that is in the past and I have never slept better.

very nice for the money

not sure if it's the mattress or the foam topper, but is a very warm sleep..lots of sweating. Hopefully it's just the topper. But as far as comfort and back pain relief, it is awesome for the money


Sleeps great very comfortable

Great, Affordable Mattress

I was a little skeptical, but this is a great mattress! You sink right in to it! I do have a topper on it (because I already had one), but it would be comfy without it! Save the money on some of the more expensive options and buy this one!

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