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Amazon Bed Frame Reviews

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Amazon is known for their wide array of products, and when it comes to furniture, their steep discounts and fast deliveries. Amazon's most popular bed frames come mainly in low-cost options, including both metal bed frames and simple upholstered designs. Overall, customers find these options to be solid temporary solutions, but there are some mixed reviews around long term quality. We'll go through their options below to talk about what customers say about each!

Bed & Bed Frame Scores

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 8.4/10

Material Quality: 8.4/10

Design Options: 8.5/10

Ease of Assembly: 8.3/10

Price Value: 8.7/10

Price: $39-$7497

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Amazon Bed Frame Details

Amazon has a wide array of bed frames, including both platform beds and metal foundations that are designed to get your mattress or box spring off the floor. Because of the wide array of options, there is a wide range of price points available. That said, Amazon's most popular bed frames are more affordable than found at traditional furniture retailers. Overall, customers have fine experiences and enjoy the fast shipping offered, but there were some quality concerns mentioned by some shoppers.

For those that are looking for something stylish and long term, see our list of beds and bed frames for competitive options. Below we'll go through the Amazon options and discuss which get the best ratings from customers.

Most Popular Amazon Bed Frame Brands

When it comes to Amazon's bed frame options, their most popular options are usually budget-friendly and simple in design. Even though they may offer higher end models, their selection may be smaller than other major retailers.

First, we'll go through the most popular bed frame brand, Zinus Bed Frames:

Zinus is a well-known, very affordable brand of both mattresses, beds, and bed frames. They have simple metal bed frames and platform beds in both metal and upholstered / veneered wood options. Their most popular varieties are usually their simplest, including the 9-leg Support Bed Frame, Hercules Heavy Duty Platform Metal Frame, and 14'' Metal Platform Bed Frame. Customers, overall, like Zinus for their low prices and simple assembly. However, there were some problems, including issues with squeakiness and durability.

The next most popular option is Olee Sleep's Bed Frames:

Olee Sleep also offers affordable designs, including all-in-one platform foundations. Some of their most popular models include their 14'' Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame and 18'' Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame (which provides added storage space beneath), both of which have all-metal designs with slats on the top to support the mattress. These get good ratings from customers overall, but there were some that had issues with assembly and durability at the seams.

For a well-rounded brand that still offers a lot of discount, learn about Classic Brands Bed Frames:

The Classic Brands offerings include both upholstered and metal frames. They share some designs with Zinus, including the Hercules Heavy Duty Frame, but customers also commonly buy their affordable upholstered beds, like their Mornington Upholstered Platform Bed. Most customers like their beds for the low prices, but there were some mixed reviews with some models. Some customers found issue with the durability and quality control.

Next, another popular brand of bed frames from Amazon are the DHP Bed Frames:

DHP makes bed frames that are mainly upholstered, some of which offer storage drawers beneath the mattress area. At affordable prices, DHP's most popular Amazon bed frame is the DHP Rose Upholstered Bed, which offers an upholstered platform bed style with multiple fabric color choices. Customers like DHP's bed frames overall, but there were some that had issues with durability, including some issues with slat seams breaking down.

Lastly, for those that are looking for Amazon's own branded bed frame, look no further than AmazonBasics Bed Frames:

The AmazonBasics brand offers mostly metal-frames designed to support a box spring or mattress. Their most popular options include the 9-Leg Support Metal Frame and the Foldable Metal Platform Bed. Most customers like their AmazonBasics bed frames, but there are some that had issues with the designs and noise level.

Who Are Amazon Bed Frames Right For?

Amazon Bed Frames are perfect for those that are looking for affordable metal frames for a temporary solution. For those looking for more options and a longer outlook for durability, see our List of Top Rated Beds & Bed Frames for great alternatives.

Browse Amazon Bed Frame Customer Reviews

Love it

Sturdy and ridiculously easy to set up.

No assembly required, 10 second set-up, metal frame

Legitimately does not require assembly. I pulled it out of the box, and took of the plastic. there are two red tabs you take off the the hinges, unfold it and Boom. Done. It's actually sturdy, metal.

Good find

Bed frame easy and easy

Twin XL Bed Frame - Affordable and well made

It's been used for about a week now and it is sturdy. Seems well made.

Liked so much I purchased twice

This has been great product for the price, I have a twin xl memory foam mattress for Hip arthritis issues and have been pain free at night. It sits up high enough for comfort and GREAT hidden storage space. I just purchased a second twin xl frame and foam mattress to have as guest bed! (Zinus 8 inch memory foam mattress)



Worst bed frame to ever bed frame

Worst bed frame ever. I have been tossing and turning for months I changed my pillows, bought a mattress topper, moved my bed around my room. The one common denominator here is the flimsy ass bed frame. Absolute garbage. BUYER BEWARE!

no assembly required!

I bought this one over others based on the installation video. It was that easy. so far so good!

Easy assemble and sturdy

Holds a 230lb adult. Unsure of recommended weight, but in am able to lay in it fine with no give. Bought for my skinny teen. Holds him while wearing his baggy boxer showing jeans just fine.

Average product

Average product


I don’t think I received a twin. I think it’s a twin Xl or Full.

Good Quality

Good Quality


Does not squeek & feels darn sturdy.

great frame - easy to use.

love this product.


this is the second frame I have purchased and it is just as great as the first.

Very sturdy!

Excellent product! Very sturdy, took me 3 minutes to assemble it. Perfect to storage boxes or luggages below it.

Easy to assemble

It was easy to assemble.

Great bed frane

One of my best amazon purchases! Exactly what I needed for a spare bedroom strong comfortable and adaptable!

Scratched and teared my mattress

the steel wires are not properly molded and smooth at the ends thus scratching and tearing the mattress. I wouldn't recommend this and the competitors has not this flaw

Good quality and compact

I love this! Got it for one of my in-laws when he comes up for the holidays! Very sturdy, and very easy to store! I would 100% buy again!

Really Pleased!

I am pleased with this product. It is perfect for what I need - a basic, sturdy base for a bed that can be easily stashed when not needed, and perfectly comfortable and sturdy when it IS needed. I looked for a portable bed for weeks but couldn't find exactly the right thing. So I decided to get this base, and am using a folded high density foam pad on it of the same dimensions, as well as a 2-inch memory foam topper - SO comfortable! The frame took about 2 seconds to set up and is very sturdy and squeak-free. I highly recommend this based on my experience.

One person set up

It was easy to install, directions were easy especially for one person to do.

great purchase for a great price

I’m a college student so I didn't have much money to spend on a bed frame. I love it because it's not too tall, and its the perfect height. I'm also 5'4. It's made sleeping on my bed so much better. I feel like my back is really supported. iwhen college is over, I’m taking the bed frame back home!

as described

As described. I haven't set it up yet but seems sturdy.

Good thing

I really like this item brought them twice for my family i will buy them again

amazing bed frame

i’m a bigger person (260 lbs) and I was worried about finding a metal bed frame that wouldn’t break under my weight and this frame is awesome!!!! i read the reviews, decided to get it and have been sleeping great ever since. to anyone else worried about it holding your weight: unless you’re over 350 lbs this frame will most likely work for you!



Good frame, works well with Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

This unit was purchased with the Zinus Memory Foam queen mattress. Easy to assemble, lightweight, but sturdy. The cross pieces (slats) provide good support for the mattress. There is however, one downside; the mattress slides on top of the smooth metal frame quite easily. We are adding a thin foam layer for the frame to solve this problem.

Easy to assemble

Love it.

Great price, wonderful frame!

This frame is perfect for my foam mattress. Very comfy, much more so than my box spring. Assembly could not have been easier. It is very sturdy and easy to move around. Ample room for storage underneath . Very happy with this purchase.

So great

So happy I got this. Easiest platform bed to put together, took less than 5 mins. Sturdy too.

Great buy

I like them. Easy to assemble. No tools necessary. No squeak. Over $70 cheaper per unit than in any mattress store I checked and better quality.

fabulous bed frame

can be used as two single beds or one double. it is easy to assemble. storage is phenomenal.

Awesome bedframe

Love this frame! Would recommend to anyone looking for a great product for a great price

Very Easy To use..!!!

Perfect..!!! I'm purchasing a second one for a 3 Rd bedroom luv it.

Easy to assemble, just what I needed!

It was so easy to assemble, it comes in two separate pieces that unfold in the full size, then it comes with two pieces or screws that you can add to hold them together. It’s very sturdy and convenient. I bought the mattress in Amazon as well, it hadn’t fully deflated yet when I took these photos.

Platform bed legs need booties

The platform bed frame seem quite sturdy but has a significant short coming in my opinion. The legs are fairly narrow where they come in contact with the floor and could damage the surface. I am looking for something to attach to or put under the legs of the one I ordered.

Simple, easy, sturdy.

Super simple setup/installation. It seriously took like 3-5 mins.


Great alternative to box spring and frame


works perfectly. I have had none of the issues that previous reviewers have mentioned. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and holds my queen mattress without a box-spring well.

Make sure you are getting right size.

Great product but no exchange to return policy. So make sure you get the right size. I made a mistake on purchase twin but I needed twin XL.



Love the storage availability

I bought this because I recently moved in with my daughter and family and needed extra storage space in my bedroom. Now I can store items under my bed which are easy to get to. Moves easily for cleaning.

Sturdy and quick set up

Item is not as heavy as I anticipated, easy to assemble with two people. Very simple set up. Only thing is there are no corners of frame to keep bed on so get nonslip mat. Also i use box spring to protect my memory foam mattress from sinking and possible damage.

Yeah this is the one

Amazon got it right. It's sturdy, doesn't squeak and painfully easy to set up.

Frame bigger than standard full-size , Center legs too short

I chose this model because it has four legs each for front, center, and back (note: legs scratched my wood floor, will need protective felt pads). However, the middle four legs (intended for additional center support??) DO NOT touch the floor. They're almost a full inch too short - maybe this is the design to support the center when it has weight on it, but you hear those legs touch the floor each time you get into bed. I put 1" wood blocks under each. The frame itself is nearly two inches larger than a standard full size mattress, so the mattress does not stay centered on the frame. It also slides around easily since the frame surface is slick, coated slippery metal - will try to add a no-slip liner/backing. Very easy to assemble, just open and lock the legs. Much heavier than expected. Overall review, if I knew about all the tweaks it needed I would have spent a few bucks more for a better frame.

Solid for the price, but...

This holds a mattress well without needing a box spring, and is a solid solution especially in case of emergency. Loss of one star because it slides around on a hard floor like it's on a skating rink.

Rough spots

Super easy to put together and seems sturdy. Lots of room underneath for storage. The drawback is the rough edges as pointed out by previous reviewers. It really could tear your mattress. Amazon should look into the issue.

Good purchase

Easy to assemble and as described


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