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Alwyn Home Mattress Reviews


+1.3x price value

+/- firmness

+/- lasting comfort

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Spring 2024 Updates: Alwyn Home mattresses continue to be sold and shipped through Wayfair. Some recent reviewers mention disagreements with firmness and mattress expansion.

Alwyn Home is a home decor and furniture brand with a focus on the bedroom. Well-known for being sold at Wayfair and other retailers, Alwyn Home offers sleepers competitively priced foam, latex, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses. Many customers are initially happy with these budget-friendly mattresses, however, there have been some disagreements when it comes to mattress firmness and long term comfort.


+1.3x price value
+/- firmness
+/- lasting comfort

Review data analysis vs. average comparable mattress

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.7/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.8/10

Price Value: 7.9/10

No Back Pain: 7.4/10

Price: $99-$3039

Trial Period: No Trial

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Alwyn Home's Specifics

Alwyn Home offers a variety of low cost mattresses and other home decor offerings. Their mattresses range in overall profile height from a very thin 4'' (ideal for trundle beds or when space is limited) to a 16'' thick mattress. Their products mostly get good reviews from customers when it comes to initial feel and quality, but there are some that had issues with durability and firmness with some models.

If you are looking for a quality mattress, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses. These include popular online brands that sell direct and offer good deals, generous trial and refund policies, warranties, and solid customer reviews.

Quality of Materials

We'll go through the details of Alwyn Home mattresses below so that you know the ins and outs of their designs:

Memory Foam: Alwyn Home provides memory foam mattresses that range from 4'' to 16'' tall and feature firm, medium, and plush varieties. They even carry two-sided mattresses which can be flipped to prolong comfort. When it comes to initial comfort, many customers find these mattresses to fit their needs initially. However, some sleepers who slept on the mattresses regularly described issues with durability and comfort concerns.

Gel Memory Foam: For those that are concerned about keeping cool at night, Alwyn Home has a selection of all-foam mattresses that feature gel-infused foams on the top layers. Similar to the memory foam versions, these mattresses come in a variety of firmness options to choose from. These mattresses get good responses from customers when it comes to cooling and initial feel, but there were some that disagreed with long term support.

Latex: Alwyn Home's latex mattresses provide a responsive and firmer support than the all-foam varieties. While these mattresses are quite price-competitive, latex is generally an expensive material, so please be aware that lower priced material means that you may experience quicker durability issues in some cases.

Hybrid & Innerspring: Alwyn Home also offers hybrid and innerspring mattresses. These mattresses have pocketed coils or traditional innerspring systems that keep the spine supported. With layers of foam above, most customers describe an evenly balanced unit, with the thicker versions being better equipped. However, there were some that disagreed with the feel and long term durability.

Overall Comfort

Most customers feel good on Alwyn Home's mattresses initially and they appreciate the multiple firmness options offered. However, some sleepers had issues with long term durability.


Alwyn Home mattresses offer firmness options in a wide range. Mattresses with a slimmer profile are generally firmer, while the thicker options will range from firmer to more plush (soft). Most customers can find a firmness that fits their body type, although some customers have mentioned issues with certain models being firmer than anticipated or that they did not reach their full mattress thickness when unboxed.

Back Pain Relief

Most customers describe good initial comfort from these mattresses. However, there were some reports about feel and durability issues, which means that some sleepers may experience lack of support and potential discomfort from their mattress over time.


The best rated options from Alwyn Home when it comes to cooling are their gel infused memory foam mattress options. While there aren't widespread complaints about heat with Alwyn Home's other options, some may find some heat retention in warmer environments.

Who Are Alwyn Home Mattresses Right For?

Alwyn Home mattresses are ideal for those that want a temporary solution and have a restricted budget. However, if you are looking for something that does well in lasting comfort, durability, is higher rated by customers and has a better trial and warranty, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses for strong alternatives.

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Great for furnishing apartments affordable

Very nice

Very nice mattress

most comfortable bed

It's the most comfortable bed we have ever slept on that came out of a box.

Loving it

Loving it ! Sleeps great!

My first memory foam

My first memory foam, came in a nice duffel bag, then it was kind of scary removing the plastic cause I thought it was going pop out too fast but I did it and found it to be a very comfortable mattress, good quality....More

The core is firm

The core is firm, but the top inch or so is quite soft. It's like a firm mattress with a pillow top. Comfortable as far as it goes, but if you like a firm mattress with no give, this wouldn't be for you. I would probably be happier with a solid latex mattress, but those are much more expensive. This would probably make most people happy since, with the soft top and the firm core, it ends up being medium....More

Excellent comfort value

Excellent comfort value for the price. Very soft covering and breathes well with good support.


Super comfortable!

eems a little to soft

Seems a little to soft. My 3rd try at a mattress online. Not sure I’ll buy again online.

Nice mattress

Nice mattress, a lot more comfortable than my previous inner spring mattress. Very firm, a little bit more firm than I like. Hardly anymore back pain, or heel pain. I am not sure how long it will last but for the price if it only lasts 3-5 years then I think it is worth it!...More

This mattress is great

This mattress is great. I sleep like a baby. the 10inch is great for low profile beds.


Its basically just a big bag of snakes.


nice and firm!

My husband has back issues

My husband has back issues and since we have gotten this mattress he loves it!

Ordered this for our 5th wheel camper

Ordered this for our 5th wheel camper. Very comfortable. Feels firm to lay on. Wake up feeling well rested. It does need a quality mattress pad to help with the heat it transfers to your body. Not to extreme but really need a thick mattress pad for total comfort....More

good quality

good quality mattress


so far so good


Excellent mattress and the price was exceptional!


It’s soo comfortable , I sleep like a baby!!

love the firmness

I love the firmness. I finally was able to get a good nights sleep!

My son loves it

My son loves it. Says very comfortable

This mattress is so comfortable

This mattress is so comfortable and light weight. It’s a real mattress in a box. I will be ordering another one in the near future.

very comfortable

very comfortable bed.


Great mattress

My husband really loves this mattress

My husband really loves this mattress. Much better than the prior one we purchased spending 3 times as much on the prior one.

I’ve used this mattress a year now

I’ve used this mattress a year now and I just love it !!! It’s soft it’s great for my back and u just gotta let it breathe the first few days because it has a weird smell. Otherwise, great for its price

way too heavy

It’s way too heavy

Too firm

Too firm for my liking but overall a nice bed

Great price

Great price for a good mattress, my husband loves it ! And it came rolled up in a box...that was cool to !

love it

I love it. A little too firm for my back problems.

very nice

It is very nice love it


Hated it


I love it so much


The mattresses is comfortable. Very glad to finally get to use it after moving into my new place. Just wish it was a little softer.

Perfect firmness

Perfect firmness not too hard or soft.

Very high quality

Very high quality mattress with enough firmness for individuals with back pain. Still very cushioned and the gel keeps you cool at night. Would highly recommend!


Very good


Good bed, for 2couple

Best mattress ever

Best mattress ever! Great nights sleep!

This mattress is amazing

This mattress is amazing. Nice and firm and fits our frame perfectly. I don’t feel my husband move around at all and he doesn’t disturb me when he wakes up first in the morning. It is heavy but we wanted a huge mattress so we got what we asked for. No complaints here!...More


As promised

Good price

Good price-good mattress.


Love it Great for my Bad Back Highly recommend


This mattress is wonderful. I don't know that I'd describe it as firm, but it works well for us, so I didn't let that influeTnce my rating. It's extremely difficult to remove the plastic wrapping w/o cutting the mattress cover. Beware!...More




Never slept better

still getting used to it

I am still getting used to having a new bed. So my body is still adjusting.

My cousin might make better mattresses

As a Yankees fan, I usually need a soft mattress. This one is very firm but also is a good box jump exercise height. My cousin might make better mattresses. I'll keep you posted.

I absolutely love my mattress

I absolutely love my mattress!! It is definitely firm but I have zero aches or pains and get great sleep.


Love it

I was a bit apprehensive

I was a bit apprehensive to buy a Gel Memory Foam Mattress,I am old school in this aspect, but boy was I wrong ,I love my bed

This mattress came on time

This mattress came on time no issues with the purchase and is so comfortable. Thank god it worked out I canceled my Sleep Expert mattress for this one and I’m glad I did.


Amazing!!!!! Sleep cooler. Firm yet molds to your body


The best sleeping mattress ever.

gave to my daughter

gave to my daughter. She loves it. too hot for me all foam. no air circulation so if you are hot at night this will make it WORSE

I hate this bed

I hate this bed. It looks beautiful looks like a high-end bed but it's supposed to be medium plush I feel like I'm sleeping in a Fred Flintstone bed and I've had this bed for almost two and a half years so I've given it it plenty of Break In Time if you buy this bed you better like VERY firm. I have been sleeping in my mother's 20 year old twin size bed rather than to sleep in that. I love Wayfair and I did not complain to them about it because there's no sense in it to return the bed is not worth it it's not an expensive mattress but they really should B a little bit more specific on the description.....More

Great Price

Great Price and fast delivery

Horrible Shape

My 60 lbs uses this mattress. It used to be our guest room mattress and was used only 2 times before my daughter started using it. She has slept on it for a year and it is in horrible shape. It is indented in the places she sleeps even thought we move it around often. She is only 60lbs!! I would think it would hold up better. It is in such bad shape that we need to replace it already....More


Very cool

my favorite

my favorite mattress

I purchased this mattress for my daughter’s guest room

I purchased this mattress for my daughter’s guest room. It has made our visits and her other guests much more comfortable.

Probably the best mattress

Probably the best mattress I’ve ever owned and inexpensive at that!

way too firm for me

I've slept on this mattress for a week now and it's way too firm for me. And this is from a woman who has always preferred a mattress that is firmer than most prefer. I'm not taking away any stars because if you read other reviews here, they all confirm what you're getting and I read them all. I am going to contact customer service to see if I can possibly exchange it although I can't imagine how I would get it back into the box. I was thinking that if I can't exchange it I'd put it on Craigslist to recoup some of the cost, but now that I think of it, if I can't exchange it, a plush mattress topper might do the trick. Because this mattress feels very substantial like it will last a good long time. If you look at the photo of this mattress, you see that topper portion? If that were just a bit more plus, the rest of the mattress would work just fine. I just need a little more give and I'd be good. So, let me head on back over to see if there's a topper I can purchase that might make a difference. The hassle of returning a mattress is just too much for me to wrap my head around at the moment. So, still a great mattress and well made, just make sure you understand this is a FIRM mattress. Even if you, like me, prefer firm, this is probably firmer than you can imagine. Like many of you shoppers, I am over 40 (48 years old to be exact) and I remember the not so good old days when buying a mattress meant a lot of running around, taking off shoes, hopping onto numerous beds in stores and trying to compare them. For reasons unknown to me, I'd already decided I wouldn't like any type of memory foam mattress. I am allergic to latex for one, and I also couldn't imagine sinking into a bed that molds to my body being a good thing. Boy, was I wrong! I noticed this bed has no latex and that's important to me. My mattress shopping habits have changed and I am so pleased I went with this luxurious mattress. I won't go into how surprised I was that this full size mattress came in the box that it did - many have already noted that. What I was pleasantly surprised by most was how luxuriously comfortable it is. It's genuinely like waking up in the finest hotel every single morning. I work in front of a computer every day from home and for the last several weeks my right shoulder has been bothering me. One night on this baby and I woke up truly shocked that my neck, back and shoulders were completely at ease. I usually sleep on my side and when I woke up this morning, I noticed that my right knee was gently hugged by the mattress. I didn't sink in so far that I felt smothered, just caressed all over in just the right places. I am not one to lounge in bed all day, even on the weekends, but this morning I honestly wanted to just hang out in bed for a few hours. This is definitely a firm mattress but not too firm for me; just enough to be supportive yet plush enough to cradle your body just right. Boy, did I hit the jackpot! The only reason I am giving this bed a 4-star rating is because even after allowing it to air out for more than the suggested 48 hours, it still hasn't fluffed up to 13 inches - it's barely 11 inches. No problem there, though. I made a phone call to the friendly Wayfair customer service staff and the issue was handled very cordially. I just can't say enough about having made this choice. Both Wayfair and this mattress have become my new favs. Great products backed by terrific customer support. I feel very comfortable buying from Wayfair and recommend it to anyone who will listen to me rave!...More

I have had this mattress for over a year

I have had this mattress for over a year. Pretty firm throughout, which is nice. Sags only slightly in the middle of the unit. Will probably replace it in a year or two. Make sure you allow a full day or two, if possible, to allow expansion and ventilation before use....More


Very comfy


Perfect ! I was nervous ordering a mattress online, we liked it so much we replaced our spare bedroom with the same one. You wont regret this purchase!

Surprisingly comfortable

Surprisingly comfortable given price and the fact that it's delivered in a box!


Very hard bed


Extremely comfortable!

Best mattress there is

Best mattress there is. Was a bit skeptical as it came rolled in a bag but when opened you’re in for a surprise. Firm but soft.

Good mattress

Good mattress, firm and good option for a guest room


Firm. Good quality

Bought this on sale

Bought this on sale. Got a great deal. Shipped right to my door. Set up was fast and easy. It didn't smell and has maintained its true form. Super comfortable and its not hot like others. i have 2 herniated discs, so I can't sleep on just any mattress. Definitely recommend....More

This mattress is super comfortable!

This mattress is super comfortable! Also, I never feel my husband moving around or getting in and out of bed. Im an extremely light sleeper so this is a huge improvement.


Very nice mattress

Great bed for the price

Great bed for the price. Have had it almost a year and it has held up well!

Really firm

Really firm and confortable.

Hoped for the best

Hoped for the best. Wasnt disappointed!


Luxurious and very soft! I am pairing it with the bifold box spring.

I was very skeptical

I was very skeptical of purchasing a mattress online without first feeling it. This hands down has to be one of my best buys. Im always on the go, but as of lately all I want to do is lay in my bed and enjoy its comfort. Its firm but soft, just the way I like it. You cant go wrong with this mattress and the height is just perfect for my platform bed. Beware to open mattress in an open room, preferably wherever you are putting the bed. It springs to life once opened. Lol....More


Best matteres ever after I got one my best friend got one and her son

I ordered this bed for a guest room

I ordered this bed for a guest room and it is very comfortable and thick. This was a great buy.


Wonderful perfects nights sleep


Perfect fit for my husband and myself. conforms to our bodies well,

Really amazing mattress

Really amazing mattress. You don’t feel the other person move next to you, it’s the perfect size. You need to get .


Amazing. So soft and comfortable. Best purchase ever.

Super comfy

Super comfy and a great deal

This bed is very comfortable...

This bed is very comfortable the only thing is I have a platform bed that doesn’t have enough slats on the bottom so I’ll be ordering a box spring soon for the support but it’s definitely very comfortable and not too hard or soft

I got my mattress

I got my mattress on Wednesday, we put it on the bed on Thursday afternoon we haven't sleep on it yet, we are waiting for the 48hrs to pass according to the tips from the unpacking introductions. But so far is not 12" and it has a type of stain which is kind of hard not idea what it is. I guess I'll give an updated once we sleep on it.

For the price...

For the price, it’s nearly perfect. It’s not as firm as I thought, but I’ll give it some time to acclimate.

This is a pretty good deal...

This is a pretty good deal. A 12in. California king mattress for under 400 dollars. Plus my fiancee, who wants an extra firm mattress, sleeps comfortably. Im use to a very soft mattress, and Im able to sleep on it without wakeing up in pain. Its not as soft as I thought it would be. Thats why Im giving it 4 stars, but this might be because we have had the mattress for less than a week. Ive read that memory foam mattresses have a break in period of up to 2 weeks.


Great and comfortable easy to set up )


Love. So comfy.

Great price

Great price ! Super easy to take out of the box. Took less than 24 hours for it to be fully plush. More of a mediumplush feel. Super happy with it !

Havent opened...

Havent opened it yet just moved in. Looks good tho.

The most comfortable spacious bed...

The most comfortable spacious bed I have ever slept on me and my partner love it. Slept like babies

Mattress feels really good

Mattress feels really good. It is a bit firm but definitely able to get a good nights rest. Exceeded my initial expectations.

very firm

It’s very firm, it didn’t take long to fully inflate.

I really like this mattress

I really like this mattress. Good quality for the price

Really nice mattress

Really nice mattress it is not to hard and not to soft.

So comfortable

So comfortable, I fell asleep within minutes. 1010


Love it. Looks great

This is my first time...

This is my first time I have purchased a foam mattress and I am very pleased with my order. It is very comfortable and I will buy these type of mattresses in the future when needed. Definitely recommend it to anyone.

Very comfortable...

Very comfortable mattress.

I was very impressed...

I was very impressed with packaging and how fastwell it “fluffed” I would honestly say it’s a smidge firmer than medium as stated, but so far I am very impressed. 4 stars ONLY because it’s a but firmer than expected but that is what you get when ordering a mattress online.

I got my mattress on Wednesday...

I got my mattress on Wednesday, we put it on the bed on Thursday afternoon we haven't sleep on it yet, we are waiting for the 48hrs to pass according to the tips from the unpacking introductions. But so far is not 12'' and it has a type of stain which is kind of hard not idea what it is. I guess I'll give an updated once we sleep on it.

Very firm

Very firm. My son has already asked me to purchase a new one. Will be buying memory foam to go overtop

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