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Allswell Mattress Reviews

Summer 2024 Updates: Allswell has sunsetted their direct-to-customer business and rolled out an exclusive retail experience with Walmart.

Allswell is a mattress brand that launched in 2018 to take on the direct-to-consumer mattress industry and introduce some new innovations. They offer five mattresses: the Allswell, Allswell Luxe, the plush Allswell Supreme, the firm Allswell Brick, and the luxury Allswell Organic. Each mattress features the adaptive and supportive benefit of pocketed coils with layers of foam or latex above for pressure relief. For those on a hunt for a bargain, Allswell's mattresses are definitely a brand to consider.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 7.9/10

Customer Satisfaction: 7.8/10

Price Value: 8/10

No Back Pain: 7.8/10

Price: $227-$997

Trial Period: 100 Days

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Allswell's Specifics

Allswell focuses on building a luxury hybrid mattress feel for a much lower price than many traditional mattress stores and customer direct brands. This is a big differentiator than other brands and they tend to deliver when it comes to initial comfort for most.

Quality of Materials

In terms of overall quality, these mattresses have aimed to do well with initial comfort, but may leave something behind when it comes to durability. However, due to the overall low prices of the mattresses, even if they are less durable than expected, they can be a major bargain versus the competition. Over the years, they have also launched higher end mattress options -- that are a bit more pricey but could be better options for the feel.

In terms of their offering, Allswell makes five mattresses: the Allswell, Allswell Luxe Hybrid, the thick and plush Allswell Supreme, the firmer Allswell Brick, and the Allswell Organic. Each of these mattresses feature foam and pocketed coil support systems. We'll walk through each mattress so that you know what to expect before buying.

Here's what makes up their mattresses:

Layer 1: The top layer of the mattress is the cover that is a polyester, spandex blend. It is moisture wicking and protects the body from heat. The Supreme option has a quilted top panel that facilitates a more luxurious feel. The Allswell Organic comes with an organic cotton quilted top cover layer.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a stitched in the quilted layer, which uses premium gel-infused memory foam. This should help with heat retention too while also relieving pressure. For a more plush feel, the Supreme features a built-in Euro Top that provides a lot of softness in the top layer. For the Allswell Organic, the first comfort layer features a fluffy layer of organic wool batting.

Layer 3: The third layer is somewhat different in each mattress. Whereas the Luxe Hybrid has a thin 1'' layer of high density foam to provide support, the Brick has a thicker 2'' layer of high density foam for increased back-relieving firmness. The Supreme has a cooling and pressure relieving layer that is made of copper gel infused foam, while the The Allswell Organic comes with a layer of organic latex that provides a supportive pressure relieving feel. Lastly, The Allswell skips this layer altogether and jumps straight into the pocket coil support layer.

Layer 4: The Luxe, Brick, and Allswell Organic mattresses use pocketed coil support systems for extra ease of movement while also cradling the spine properly. The Supreme features another 2'' layer of fast response memory foam for added cushioning support.

Layer 5: The Allswell, Luxe, Brick, and Allswell Organic have a last layer of higher density base foam that provides stability and structure to the mattress. Similarly, the Supreme has a pocketed coil system reinforced with 'Quantum Edge' coils for better edge support with a thin layer of base foam to keep everything in place.

Overall Comfort

Initial comfort is good overall for these mattresses, with most customers reporting a comfortable sleep. That said, those that have larger body types or need additional support may do better with the Brick mattress. There were some durability concerns reported in some instances.


Check out the chart above for details on the firmness ratings for these mattresses. Their mattresses are designed to be in the universal comfort range. That said, the Luxe Hybrid, with its higher profile will be experienced as more structured and somewhat 'softer,' while the Supreme is the softest offering with its thicker layers of pressure relieving foams. The Allswell Organic is also reported to be on the firmer side, while the Brick is the firmest mattress in their lineup.

Back Pain Relief

For medium-sized sleepers, these mattresses should do well for initial comfort for most sleepers. For those that are experiencing pressure point pain, the Supreme and Luxe will likely do better for you due to the added comfort layers. The Brick is the most supportive option, ideal for stomach sleepers.


Due to the copper gel memory foam layer in most of the Allswell mattresses, the initial layer will diffuse heat well for most, but some very warm sleepers may still experience heat retention through the night.

Who Are Allswell Mattresses Best For?

The Allswell offerings are great for those that are budget hunters and looking for a luxury style mattress for a great price. The Supreme option will do better long term for those that can splurge on its slightly higher price point. Also, the Brick is a nice option for those that need extra support.

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Nice and soft bedding

Super soft compared to my current mattress, yet firm enough to allow you to get back up and not hurt your back.

So comfy, like a dream!

Very comfortable. Just RIght: not too soft so that you sink in, not too firm -- perfect. Very relaxing and feels so natural for any resting position -- whether you prefer to sleep on your back, your side or your stomach. Love it! Also, love the fact that they can get rid of my old mattress when new one is delivered. The fact that you don't have to have box Springs if you don't want to is nice as well.

AllsVERYwell with the softer one

BEST. MATTRESS. EVER. Absolutely divine for side-sleepers like me.Once I tried it, I couldn't go back to the one I have at home. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

I love thismattress!

It is soft yet has the right amount of support that I desire


I didn't want to get up ! This mattress is so soft yet supportive feels like I'm sleeping on clouds

Nice and soft bedding

I really like how soft this mattress is. I could sleep on this forever.


This mattress is absolutely amazing! It feels like you're laying on a cloud. I fell asleep with in 15 minutes of laying on it. Definitely recommend!

Great for a soft mattress

Usually not a fan but this soft mattress is wonderful!

Feels amazing!

I'm usually a firmer bed person, but this feels so supportive and comfortable. It's got really nice memory foam that doesn't sink in too much but feels really supportive while laying down.

Heavenly Soft & Cozy

My Allswell is a dream come true! When I lay down at night with my fiancé I instantly fall asleep, stay asleep and have the best dreams. Its comfy, cozy & cool. We are both very satisfied!

Its like sleeping on a big fluffy cloud!

The most luxurious cumulus cloud does not hold a candle to my Allswell mattress.

But seriously, its the best sleep I've gotten since I was a kid.

Great Bed!

Allswell team stopped by the office and immediately fell in love with the bed. Purchased right away! Cannot wait to have so much better sleep.

LOVE it!

I was surprised how nice the mattress was! I feel like I will sleep so much better with it! So excited!

Super comfortable!

I tried out both the firmer and softer mattresses at a showroom and preferred the softer one because it was still firm but had some give, which made it supportive but also molded to my shape well. I was very impressed with the mattress and could see a couple sleeping great on it.

Better than casper

This mattress is so much better than casper. We just finished a trial with Casper and are so much happier with allswell.

Very Comfortable

The quality and feel of this mattress makes this price point an absolutely steal. The memory foam is just right and contours to my body. This would be a great bed for people used to sleeping on their sides.

Won't want to get out of bed

Very soft, great material, you sink right in

Super soft and comfy!

This mattress is amazing because you can just sink in and feel surrounded by comfort. I love the feel and how the memory foam contours. I feel like you get a lot of value from this mattress and would provide an amazing night's sleep.

So comfortable!

Loved testing this mattress. It's so soft, yet firm enough to provide the support I need to get a good night sleep. Would love to sleep on this every night!

Super comfy with extra cushioning

I tested this mattress and it was nice and soft on top with a lot of give. I have a memory foam mattress topper at home but with this mattress I wouldn't need it! I will definitely consider this mattress when I move next since it's quite affordable.

Soft and Comfy

This bed is perfect for someone who likes soft mattresses, but it also has firm overall support. It's super comfy and cloudlike without having a 'sinking' effect when you lay down. 100% would recommend.

Bed cuddles for days

I like to be obsessed with my bed. Not only do we spend so much time in them, but there is nothing better than weekend snuggles. Your bed should be something you love getting in every night, and hate leaving in the morning. This Allswell mattress is the perfect amount of snuggle// memory foam // and cradling. It supports your back, and at the same time, let's you sink in and feel snug. I am definitely going to have many great sleeps on this mattress!

Very comfortable!

The soft mattress is very comfortable and forms to my body. I am a side sleeper and it feels like it would provide me a very comfortable night sleep. I will definitely look into purchasing this mattress.

Heavenly soft

Very Comfortable and soft. Definitely something with coming back homend and sleeping on. Not extra bouncy which is good.

like sleeping on a cloud

It's either my current mattress sucks or this mattress is too great. Comfortable, soft, and everything else you'd expect from a mattress.


The foam mattress is super soft and feels like you're laying in a cloud. It aligns with your spine so it would be very helpful for anyone with back issues. Overall great mattress!

I would certainly take the soft mattress over the hard bed

The soft mattress not only feels durable, but has the right amount of softness to keep anyone happy. I feel this mattress would suffice for someone that has a soft or firm preferences. Feels more of a firm memory foam bed. Love it!

Great Bed!

This mattress is incredibly comfortable and I liked it a lot. It was nice on my back and great for sleeping on my side.

Wow feels like a cloud

Incredibly soft that molds to your body. Highly recommend

It feels like I am sleeping on a cloud

This mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever had the pleasure of lying on. It is extremely soft and comfortable but not too soft that you no longer feel supported. It is the perfect mixture of comfort and support. I would fully recommend to anyone contemplating buying this mattress!

Like sleeping on a cloud!

I typically don't like softer mattresses but this one has the right amount of support!

Great mattress for side sleepers

This mattress is quite soft, which is great for side sleepers like me. It doesn't give me too much pressure on my shoulders so my spine can keep straight. When sitting on the edge, it doesn't sink, which is important to me because I have a small bedroom and sit on my bed a lot.

I feel so supported

This bed is so comfortable. It feels like I'm floating on a cloud. This bed is soft yet firm and I love it!

So comfortable

When I tried out this mattress, I knew I had to return my Purple mattress. The mattress is super comfortable without being too soft or too firm, and I feel supported by the mattress. Overall, it's fantastic, and I can remember wait for better sleep!

Beyond cozy and comfortable

Laying down on this mattress simultaneously feels incredible while telling you all that's wrong with your current mattress. If you're looking for the perfect blend of comfortable and supportive, this is it!

Super Comfy

I have been searching for a great side-sleeper bed and I have found it!

Heavenly Soft

I'm usually skeptical about soft mattresses. I love the feel but you normally sink in too much. This Allswell soft mattress feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud yet still gives enough support for my back and legs. I love the construction of the mattress as well, double stitched and reinforced on the sides with a stretchy material on the gusset for durability. I feel like this mattress can last me awhile. This is so plush and wonderful to lay on and to sit up on when I'm dozing off or just waking up to catch the morning news.


This mattress is incredibly comfortable--feels like sleeping on a cloud and is great if you prefer a softer, less firm mattress. Definitely worth checking out and giving it a try! You rock, Allswell!

Softer than the rest (in a good way)

I've tried Casper, Leesa, and Brooklyn Bedding - and I've been trying tout find the mattress that will actually align my back. After trying out the Softer mattress, I think I, as have found what I'm looking for!

Best of both worlds

This has been my third mattress in adulthood and it is by far my favorite. I have upper back pain and I immediately felt myself still getting a good night's sleep even with the softer mattress. Before it'd always been a trade off between soft mattresses and a firm surface for my back, but with this mattress I get both.

Slowly Sink Into the Sleep of Your Dreams

You are never quite sure what will happen when you go to lie on a new mattress. This was a pleasant surprise! Your body slowly sinks into the soft top layer. I like soft mattresses and found this to be a good balance of soft and firm where my back still felt supported. I also like that is Certipur certified so I can avoid exposure to harmful chemicals. Would recommend!

Very Soft!

I tried this mattress out, and it was very soft and comfortable. Would totally recommend!

Great for non-firm option!

Definitely feels better than the firmer mattress. Very soft and conforms to your body when you lie in it. Would recommend to people who do not like firmer beds.

Wow! Like a marshmallow!

Super comfortable bed, but not too soft that it hurts your back. 12/10!

Super comfortable mattress

This mattress is really soft. I am able to fall asleep much quicker. I used to sleep on a spring mattress but will never go back.

Soft but not too soft

I normally like a firm mattress but this mattress is soft while still being supportive. The plush topper also makes it feel more luxurious than other foam mattresses. It doesn't have that dense feeling that some foam mattresses have.

Like youreal sleeping on clouds

Super comfortable mattress. Your really feel like you're floating or lying on top of a bunch of pillows. Soft enough with enough support to not fully sink in.

Very comfortable

Exactly what I was looking for. Firmness is accurate, and personally just right for me. Stitching is well done, bed is clearly well designed.

Good to have

I am introduced by a close friend who has purchase this mattress lately. And I tried it on site. Feeling really good even when I am laying down with the soda in my hand. It somehow fits into my back and I can feel the curvy slivery line between my back and this soft mattress.

Very comfortable and supportive

I laid down on the softer one and instantly felt enveloped in the bed. I have a sleep number at home and this bed rivals the comfort and experience that I'm looking for in a mattress, without the need for the extra padding that we added to the sleep number. The bed itself is cool to the touch and didn't get warm as I stayed on the bed. The Allswell pillows were also very comfortable and supportive on the neck, which is something I tend to struggle with when looking for a pillow. To be completely honest, if I were in the market for a new mattress, this bed would be on the top of my list.

Soft but firm

Not a fan of the typical soft (aka squishy) but this one holdshould very well and seeMs like they've addressed the hot memory foam issue.

Very comfy bed

This mattress was very soft and comfortable with the memory foam

Like sinking into a cloud

This is definitely one of the softest beds I have ever used! It offers a good amount of sink, while still providing support. The memory foam is very dense and feels high end.

Soft and super comfortable

The mattress is really comfortable and soft but you don't feel like you are melting into the bed.

Like the best hug ever...

This mattress holds your body and conforms around your curves perfectly. The firm structure adds that extra something that you need when getting ready for a great nights sleep. I owned and icomfort for years, and this surpasses that mattress on all levels. Do not think this is a typical boring mattress by any means. The support and comfort is beyond expectations.

Feels great but too soft for me

Feels like a high quality foamaterials mattress akin to a Casper or the like, but far too soft for me. The mattress sinks a fair amount when you sit on the edge. The fabric top is very plush and soft as well.

I'm going to call Leesa rn and try to return my mattres

i LOVE this mattress i wish i could take it home right now

Super soft!

Loved this super thick and very comfortable mattress. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes sinking in to a really nice and soft bed. No better feeling !

Suser soft and comfy!

Sleeping on this feels like sleeping on a cloud! So incredibly comfortable.. soft yet supports your body! I'be slept on a Casper before and this is way better ! Would definitely recommend!

I want to swap my mattress and get this one right now

It was like a marshmallow when I first sat on it , which made it feel too soft. When I actually laid on the bed it felt amazing, like a match made in heaven. I have back problems, which make me usually prefer softer beds (playing sports) but this one actually works. It's soft enough to make me relaxed but still fir, to support my back. Highly recommended bed. Also looks cool too.

Amazing mattress

This is hands down the most comfortable foam mattress I've ever laid on. It's incredibly soft, plush and feels very high quality. I doubt I'd be able to leave this bed in the morning it's so comfortable!

Refreshingly Different

This is a nice change of paceach from the soft or firm debate. Gives lot of comfort without swallowing you whole. I like it!

It's like sleeping on the cloud! ☁️

Amazing quality, the edge support is unmatched of any other memory foam mattress in the market! I've been having lower back pain and always thought I need the firmer mattress. After trying both the Softer and Firmer one in person, I'm loving the Softer one a little more! Both are great options, at the end of the day--it's really more about what you'll feel more comfortable in.

So plush and comfy!

Laying down on this bed was like falling into a cloud. So soft and airy, I felt like the bed was hugging me from all sides!! I had trouble with firm beds, they tend to make my muscles sore, but even though this bed is soft I don't think it'll do any damage to my back. Really nice balance when using the Allswell pillow, too!

I would buy this over the Casper Mattress

This mattress is super soft and will be a huge upgrade to my current mattress.

So comfy, like a dream!

Love this mattress! I've tried a few of the popular memory foam mattresses on the market and I like this one best. It's a bit firmer so provides more support and bounce and less of that "sink in" feeling. Like laying on a cloud..definitely recommend!

Just the right amount of firm

The bed is a perfect blend of plush and support. When sitting on the edge the bed is soft and once you lay down its just the right amount of firm. Unlike other mattress in a box brands Allswell makes it easy to buy highly attractive bedding that compliment a variety of personal styles. I highly recommend!

Truly great!

Is the perfect firm mattress. I've been using firm ones for a long time and I'm definitely very happy with this product.

Loved this mattress!

I loved the firm mattress. I often struggle sleeping on mattresses that are too soft, and this is a perfect fit. So excited to go to sleep!!

Very comfortable

It's not the firmeSt firm mattress I've slept on but it's pretty firm and very comfortable. Would recommend!

Comfy but not as firm as expected

The bed feels very comfortable and very supportive. A little too soft on the surface level for me, but you can tell that the underlying springs are supportive. Going to go with the softer one (even though I'm usually a firm bed person).

Surprisingly Firm!

It's cool because when you sit on it, it feels like a soft mattress, but then once your weight is more evenly displaced, it's like you're hovering on top of it. I really loved it.

Like a Firm Hug for my Back

A very comfy bed that definitely tends towards the firmer side but with a top layer that has enough give to make you feel like you're sinking in to fully relax!

Soft as a Frikkin Cloud

Feels incredible! Soft but not squishy.

Comfortable and firm

Slept on it for a nap for their demo. Was slightly smelly (like memory foam) but very comfortable

Super Comfortable!!!

This mattress has a soft pillow top but is still a supportive mattress! I am used to having firmer mattresses and I really loved the mix of firm support with the soft top. Will definitely recommend to family and friends!

Love it!

Haven't slept on it yet, just tried in the showroom but liked it enough to buy one. Can't wait to actually sleep on it!


Decided to purchase that day!!!

High quality and very comfortable!

The firmer one has a great feel, similar to the soft one along with some more support which I prefer! The quality is really high and makes the experience really good.

Changing mattresses

Having a firm mattress already which was not great, I was concerned about getting a new firm mattress but Allswell's firm mattress is miles ahead of other firm mattresses. The joined construction of foam and springs give a firm yet soft feeling and it's just the best.

Just right

After laying on the "Softer one" I tried the Firmer one, which is technically firmer but still has this nice give to it. Not too hard and not too soft. It was pretty fantastic!

Very Comfortable Mattress!

The response and firmness is on the medium level. It is a certainly comfortable bed and great for back sleepers. Edge of bed also offers great support.

Firm as expected

Very comfortable, firm enough but the top has some softness to it too. The blankets are very cool and nicely designed

Feeling supported :)

After too many years on a worn and sagging mattress, I love the feel of full-body support and comfort! This is perfect for me as a side sleeper (and general tossed and turner). I'm seeing many well-rested nights in my future!

Perfect for a side/back sleeper!

The firmer mattress felt perfect for me as a side and back sleeper (and a sleeper who moves around through the night). The top of the mattress is soft but there was adequate support for someone who likes a more supportive and firmer feel. Looking forward to a better sleep with this mattress!

Love this mattress

This mattress is one of Allswell's firmer ones, yet it had a upper lining that makes it feel soft and cozy as well. You basically get all the support and comfort you need in one mattress, no need for a mattress topper. Love it!

Best of both worlds

The mattress brings the best of both worlds - a firm coil base with a soft memory foam top. The body doesn't sink in like in many other memory foam tops and seems like a great option for people who have shoulder and back pain. Slightly on the expensive side but you spend a third of your life on a bed, sor might be worth it.

Need this in my life now

I love that the firm mattress has enough firm and softness to it. It's also doesn't sink my body weight which is really nice!

I would love to wake up in this bed

I can see myself waking up in the morning in this bed, and feeling incredibly well rested. I love this firm-neso level. Firm, but still so comfortable

Nice firm twin mattress

Great firm mattress that molds to your back and makes you feel comfortable instantly. Twin mattress is on the shorter end, perfect for a child or college student looking to sleep comfortably in a dorm.

Wonderful Mattress!

This mattress is extremely comfortable and is surprisingly soft. The bed itself is a firm bed, but it feels soft because the top is so plush. The bed is springy too so it doesn't feel like your bed is too firm. It's even more impressive that it comes in a box! This is definitely better than other mattresses that come in boxes like Casper and I would definitely recommend.

Firmly soft! Great for back pain

This is a great bed for any one with back pain and needs a frimer bed to keep your back straight. The best part is that it still feels soft

Firm mattress for the win

I tested this mattress in person and I am genuinely impressed. So many mattress companies promise a firm mattress but underdeliver. Allswell has actually launched a mattress that provides great support and is so comfortable. I laid on the mattress with a friend and when she tossed and turned, I didn't even feel it. Would highly recommend this product, it has great value and is a great mattress.

Deceptively supportive

When I first sat on the mattress, it sunk right in. But once I laid flat the mattress was just a perfect amount of plushyness and firmness. My shoulder and back felt well supported and comfy.

Love how comfortable these mattresses are!

This mattress is labeled "firmer," but the thing i like is that it felt more supportive than just firm. I sleep on my back, side, and stomach, and all are comfortable. Would recommend to friends and family. And compared to other mattresses on the market, this a great value! Quality and a great price.

I love firm mattresses, and this one definitely delivered!

Great, thick mattress with a firm, but not rock hard feel. I immediately felt comfortable when I laid down on it.

I love the thickness of the mattress!

I tend to sleep on my stomach, so I prefer firm mattresses with strong pressure relief. I love how thick this mattress is, because it makes my bedroom look more spacious! The pricepoint is very reasonable - Allswell is disrupting the mattress industry!

Firm but so soft!

It's firm enough that you won't sink at all but so soft on top, you get the best of both mattress types!!


Not too soft which gives you enough support. Meanwhile, soft enough to hug you makes you relaxed. It feels similar with Casper... Plus, good price!

Super comfortable and supportive of my back

When life isn't providing the support I need, this mattress steps in and reminds of its warm gentle touch. Ive never slept better.

one of the best soft mattresses I've ever been on

I'm not usually a fan of soft mattresses, but the all swell soft mattress is really, really comfy. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to my casper.

Most comfortable bed ever

Absolutely loved this mattress. Completely meets my needs!

Lying on this mattress makes me never want to get back up

It's comfortable, first of all, but firm enough to give my back the support it needs. Would highly recommend

So comfy!

I love this mattress! It's really supportive but also super comfy. I wish I could be in bed all day!

Surprisingly Comfortable!

I had a great experience trying this mattress and now I'm getting 2 twin size for my guest bedroom. Nice blend of firmness and softness. LOVED IT!!!

Extremely comfortable mattress!

The Allswell firm mattress makes for a comfortable, perfect nights sleep. As someone who generally takes a long time to get in a comfortable position before falling asleep this mattress feels like the perfect solution for laying down and immediately feeling situated. I would highly recommend this mattress for a great nights sleep!

Plush, yet firm!

I was so impressed with the plushness of the topper without sacrificing the firmness of the mattress. I need a firm mattress, but I hate having to sacrifice the "cozy factor". I was so pleasantly surprised to learn that this mattress is the best of both worlds. I didn't want to get up!

Really enjoy the firm mattress

The firm one supports my back gentally and makes me feel extremely relaxed. This is definitely a high quality mattress with soft texture.

Product is amazing

Tried the mattress out and the firmness is perfect. Back has been hurting but this mattress feels perfect.

Like sleeping on a cloud

I loved this mattress, great quality and firmness!

Firm but so soft!

I have a pretty bad back so I prefer mattresses that are firm, but still soft and this mattress is definitely perfect for that. The quilted fabric creates an even more pillowy foundation! Overall, amazingly comfortable and so nice!

Sleeping on a cloud!

This bed feels luxurious and wonderfulet. It is firm without being hard which is great and you can see that every aspect of the bed has been considered. Even the fabric that encases the mattress is soft and luxurious. This is a wonderful mattress and I'd highly recommend this to people who love a firm, well made mattress.

Paradise found! (in this mattress)

The firmer mattress is just what I was looking for! I couldn't decide between the softer and firmer, but went with the firmer since there are two people in the bed at night (me and my fiance) and I thought it would offer more support. The mattress offers the right amount of support but still feels really soft. I "sink in" JUST the right amount. Can't wait to see what the rest of the Allswell products have to offer!

Not too firm!

A very comfortable mattress that is not too firm! I have struggled with finding mattresses that are the right firmness and this seems to be right in between a firm and a "soft". Would recccommend!

Comfortable, firm and wonderful

This mattress provides great support. It is firm, but not too hard. I feel gently caressed, but not enveloped. It is the rock you need to steady you in the tumultuous sea of sleep. You will know why you it is called Allswell, because when you lie on it: all does feel truly well.

Firm and amazing

I have been living off of a $150 mattress for two years and didn't realize it was impacting my back. This mattress is a huge step up, I already feel back relief! Perfect for us side sleepers.

LOVE our new mattress

We recently decided to upgrade our mattress - we had heard great things about Allswell and setup our new mattress on Saturday. We are so happy with our purchase and will be replacing other mattresses with Allswell.

The setup was super simple - took maybe 5 mins.

And the mattress itself is extremely comfortable. It's firm and cozy for the two adults who sleep on it and sufficiently soft for the toddler who bounces on it.

Pretty Comfy

Feels very comfortable when you lie down on it. Wish it was a little firmer, but I tend to like overly firm mattresses.

Great firm but soft matress

I originally was looking for a bed that felt like a cloud. Last time the bed was too soft and gave me back pain if I slept too long (at 24). This bed is the perfect mix of a soft cloud, but firm enough.

Firm mattress

The firm mattress is great support. There isn't too much give like some other brands. They're also really high compared to other mattresses I have tried.

Since there are no Springs, there's no need to worry about too much change in the quality. The firm is also great for cosleeping!

High Quality Mattress

This mattress is really great. It's made of high quality materials and a worthwhile investment. The mattress is a great firmness level while still having a balance of a plusher top. The only thing to note is that the foam tends to generate warmth so might not be the best choice for hot sleepers. Otherwise, the mattress is durable, comfy, and supportive.

Great Mattress

I have had my mattress for a little over 60 days and I am in love. The memory foam feels great on my back.I feel comfortable recommending this mattress to anyone who is looking at replacing theirs. Based on the quality of this mattress I am sure that it will last as long as Allswell claims, and even if there are problems, I am sure that Allswell awesome customer service will take great care of me. If you are reading this wondering if you should take the chance on Allswell….do it….I did and have absolutely no regrets.

The perfect amount of firmness

I think this mattress strikes the perfect balance between firm & comfortable! As someone with back problems, I appreciate that this mattress is not too soft! Still, I was able to sink into it and feel cozy! Definitely recommend this item!

Comfortable and supportive

I tested on the firm mattress and it felt really comfortable. Really like the feel of the firm one. Not too soft but very supportive. Feel relaxed and no painful pressure after long time use.

Firm but not too firm

I struggle to find a mattress that gives me the support I need without feeling like I'm sleeping on a board. This mattress strikes a nice balance between support and comfort.

Solid mattress

It's a good mattress. I'believe had lingering back issues and a nice firm mattress helps.

Would recommend.

Perfect amount of support

This mattress provides support while also cushioning your body. It's perfect for those who would like to transition to a firmer mattress, but typically prefer softer beds. Hard bed sleepers will also find that they can receive the same amount of support with added comfort. It's the best of both worlds.

I won't lie, I'm going to be late for work.

Imagine a firm marshmellow and a cloud had a baby. The mattress baby would be called Allswell.

I currently have an 8 inch memory foam, and this mattress is at least 20 times better. I've been told I snore (yet to be confirmed) which is why I sleep on my side (for those interested), and this is perfect for side sleepers.

perfect firm mattress

I would buy this product. Totally worth the price!

Comfortable and affordable!

This bed is so convenient, comfortable, and excellent value at this price point. Laying down on this bed reminded me of spending the night in a fancy hotel, I felt totally pampered! Set up was a two person job but pretty seamless, love that it arrived at my doorstep in a box.

Firm but felt soft enough to my liking

For a firm bed, I was concerned it would be too hard. The pillow top is super soft and provides the right feel for my needs.

Love it ..

I am definetly changing my mattress with this new one

Super comfy mattress!

I was looking for a mattress to replace my son's very worn mattress. I looked in Consumer Reports and found the Allswell Luxe Hybrid was well rated. Although I had never heard of Allswell before this, I liked the idea of a hybrid mattress - a combination of coil springs and memory foam. The other appealing feature was the reasonable price. My son sleeps like a baby and says it's very comfy. The only downside? My son has a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings now because he loves his comfy mattress!

Good mattress for the price!

It is better than average. It needs a little more support on the outside and overall could be more firm. Overall it is a good mattress for the price.

Very Comfortable

It was super comfortable right out of the box. It's the perfect balance of soft/firm. I'm very happy with it. Only critique is that it does sleep a little hot.

Amazing Quality for the Price

100% happy with this mattress! I normally like a quite a firm mattress, and this feels like sleeping on a cloud - but in a good way.

Love my new allswell mattress!

I’ve had my allswell mattress for a few weeks and it’s been fantastic. I shopped around and I’m glad I made this choice. For the price and quality, it’s an easy decision!

Great value and comfort

Good comfort, rapid shipping, easy to unpack and set up. Exceptional value.

How did I not try this sooner?

This mattress is unbelievably comfortable. It's just firm enough to support my back while still letting me feel like I'm laying on a cloud. The first time I laid down, I could feel the tension releasing in my pressure points. Such an improvement from my old spring mattress!

10" hybrid mattress

I purchased my mattress and immediately began sleeping better feeling more rested than I have in a very long time. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a restful nights sleep.

Comfortable and medium firm!

Great bed quality and comfortable! Sleep I have been sleeping like a baby every night! The mattress is medium firm, and the hybrid spring/foam is nice!

Amazing quality

After months of researching different types of beds and comparing different ones I finally decided on the Allswell Luxe Hybrid and I’m very happy with my decision! I had no problems with ordering and the mattress came pretty quick. This mattress is definitely very supportive while still having that soft feel to it. I’ve only slept on it for 2 days so far and I’m still getting used to it since I’ve had my old mattress for so long I’m not used to sleeping on something so nice. But if you’re looking for a new mattress this is a great one to look into!

The Perfect Combo

Such a perfect combination of memory foam and spring. Don't wKe up with an aching back anymore from too firm memory foam.

Still on the fence

It’s way softer than the reviews stated. Still seeing if this is the mattress for me as I am used to a much firmer mattress.

So far so good

I was not sure what to purchase because i was on my old bed for much longer than i should have been and based on some of my research i figured id go with a hybrid as i really did not know what to expect from a full memory foam i decided on this mattress..I have a lot of joint pain and this mattress has seemed to help with back was a little stiff the first night..but no more after ..i was not sure if i needed a firm or soft mattress so i went for one in far so good..


This mattress has seriously given me the most comfort I’ve ever felt. I’m 20 years old (for reference) and I don’t wake up sore anymore like I used to (I was on an old mattress before). You can feel how it gives support around your hips but also is a bit less firm around your shoulders so you can be comfortable. It’s just so supportive/comfy I can’t explain it. Seriously, take a chance on this mattress, I stand behind Allswell 100%.

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid - Queen / Gray/White

Love this bed so much! I would consider this bed to me a soft medium. I can lay on back, stomach, and side very comfortably.

Worth the money

So far so good. The perfect amount of firmness. My back pain has improved a lot since switching to this bed. Great purchase.

Very Pleased

I am very pleased with the Luxe Hybird. Queen mattress. I wasn't able to open it until a couple weeks after it arrived, as I needed help moving it to the second floor. Thus, I have only had two nights to use it and last night I got over 8 hours of restful sleep. With my previous mattress, I usually got 5 to 6 hours of restful sleep.

Allswell Luxe hybrid

We have purchased 3 of these mattresses. Very impressed!! The quality is outstanding and the mattress is crazy comfortable!! Thank you!!

A Perfect Combination!

Absolutely love this bed! It’s the perfect combination of soft and firm and it doesn’t have the lasting indentation of a pure memory phone mattress. We’ve only had the mattress a short while, but we’ve really enjoyed it!

Very comfortable!

We bought this to replace our current Queen mattress and love the firmness of it!

It’s been a month, So far so good

We bought a queen size about a month ago. It’s a very comfortable bed so far. My husband prefers firm and I prefer plush. This mattress is a prefect compromise for us both.

Super comfortable bed for our guest room.

Hi there! I haven't actually slept on this mattress because its for our guest bedroom.. its for our inlaws/family who are all out of state and haven't been able to visit again yet with Covid hitting just as the mattress arrived.. But just quickly laying on it, it seems great!

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid

We purchased a king Luxe Hybrid king mattress last year (April 22, 2019). The ordering process and delivery were all as expected and setup was super simple. We did a lot of research on "boxed mattresses" to decide which would be best for our needs. I'm a bigger guy, 6'5 and weighing 275lbs we figured out a hybrid style mattress that has foam and coil construction would be best me, being a bigger guy. It was about 3-4 months after receiving that we noticed there was a slight recessed part where I would sleep...and its become more noticeable, not only from a visual standpoint but from a sleep standpoint.

Feel and Return

The bed was very nice. Shipping was very quick. I believe this would be a good bed if you weren’t sleeping in it nightly. But for a nightly bed after the first night my husband and I could feel the coils. Allswell was great with letting us reform the mattress.

Happy with the purchase

I decided to try a different brand after lots of research. So far, so good. I'm 5'7" and about 125lbs, and a side sleeper / back sleeper. Maybe I'm just not that sensitive of a person, or maybe this mattress is perfect? No complaints. And I've enjoyed great sleep. The value for the money is right, and the delivery process and communications were easy, friendly, and helpful.

Love love love this bed

Bought this in January and sleeping is a dream. Highly recommend to all.

Two thumbs up

Love it. Perfect firmness, and better priced than the competition.

Not for us but easy returns

Mattress was too soft for me and my wife. I am on the heavy side and she would keep rolling into me. We both agreed if we didn’t have to share the bed. It’s great and comfortable besides us rolling into each other. I’m still giving allswell 5 stars because the return process was a breeze. No trying to convince me to keep it or anything. I submitted the return request and the repose was that they were issuing a refund so if you’re questioning the return process. Go ahead and give them a try.

Quality Mattress

This is a quality mattress, but it is a little too soft and has more sink in for my liking. I think it would work wonderfully for someone who prefers this type of mattress. I think that the firmness rating for this mattress is on the low end of the scale. It would be nice to see two choices in the Luxe Hybrid category: one for those who prefer a softer mattress and one for those who prefer a more firm mattress. Again, I think this mattress is good quality, but just not for me. I also found the customer service to be A+.

Definitely Wouldn’t Buy Again

This mattress is not firm and for a foam/hybrid it’s so bouncy and moves a lot - even sleeping alone. My last mattress was a Tempurpedic - firm and little movement. This “firm” mattress is like sleeping on a squishy bean bag by comparison.

Man Now Gets Restful Nights, and its Allswell!

It is quite the soft landing when you first get into the Allswell mattress. I bought the mattress because I thought it would be a reasonable choice between the soft, spongy cover and the hard, coil surface. Having seen many 5/10 ratings for the soft/hard blend, I expected it to be harder surface than is. Also, the center portion of the mattress does cradle slightly toward the middle. Nevertheless, I apparently still get a good night's rest with it. I wake up in the same position as when I went to bed, and the bed sheets and blankets are not built into a 3 foot "beehive" at the bottom of the bed, as when I sleep poorly. Would recommend it if you undergo sleepless nights and suffer from constant “beehives.”

Wake up hurting

I've had this mattress since August 2019 and it has definitely failed me. This is not even close to medium firm; i'm 110lb female and this has no support whatsoever. Like other reviews are saying, no edge support at all, sink in and wake up with terrible back pain.

Allswell original mattress

This bed is really great for the price. We originally bought the luxe mattress which ended up being too soft for us. We returned the Luxe for the original allswell mattress and it was the best choice. It’s firm yet supportive and soft enough for a light side sleeper. We are definitely impressed with this mattress.

Good mattress to sleep. Bad for sitting

The luxe mattress has enough memory foam to make you feel a bit sunk in which I don’t mind. But it’s worse when you try to sit on side with your feet hanging. There is almost no support and you feel like falling off the mattress. Also when sitting inside you go deep into the mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions About Allswell

Is Allswell mattress any good?

Allswell is a well-rated affordable hybrid mattress brand with the Allswell mattress being the most popular. Those that desire a refreshing pressure point relief rate Allswell Supreme well overall. However, there are some concerns about durability for the brand in some cases.

Do you need a box spring with Allswell mattress?

No. Allswell mattresses do not need box springs. Solid foundations and those with slats 5 inches and under do best.

Is Allswell mattress toxic?

Allswell mattresses use CertiPUR-US® approved foams, which is a low VOC (volatile organic compound) standard. Also, they are made without PBDE flame retardants, mercury, ozone depleters, lead and other heavy metals, and formaldehyde. Those with chemical sensitivities may require those with more rigorous certification.

Which Allswell mattress is best?

The Allswell Supreme mattress is best for side sleepers due to its balanced pressure relief. Those that prefer something with more support will do best with the Luxe.

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